rick_hsnap-l: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/684/00:36
widoxrick_h: http://vimium.github.com/01:02
snap-lrick_h: Thank you.01:06
rick_hsnap-l: np01:08
derekvyea, mistakes i've made ... one is not taking everything cool ive ever gotten to work and making it a script and stashing it somewhere02:43
shakes808Good morning11:52
rick_hman is it nice out, I want to play hookie like no other today12:47
snap-lGood morning12:57
snap-lYeah, no kidding12:57
snap-lgetting a late start today.12:57
snap-lPython: The languge of consenting adults13:02
snap-lI think that's the QoTD13:02
rick_hthat's a good day13:03
snap-lWondering what the catch-phrases of other languages would be.13:04
snap-lJava: Don't touch that13:04
MaskedDriverPHP: Be gentle... it's our first time.13:05
rick_hhttp://lab.cubiq.org/css3mad/ kind of cool13:05
snap-lPerl: Even we don't remember the safe word13:05
snap-lrick_h: That is pretty sweer13:05
snap-lsweet, even13:05
MaskedDriver5035 lines of CSS13:08
MaskedDriveror 700 lines of js13:09
snap-l“@freerobby: on the bright side, we finally have an answer to the question, “what won’t LinkedIn send me an email about?””13:12
shakes808What is going on with the cubiq.org site? In IE it is all over the place. I am assuming that is the point? Fine in Chrome.13:38
brouschI had an Ubuntu miracle last night13:43
brouschI took the SSD with Kubuntu 12.04 64bit installed out of my 6 year old Dell D630 laptop and put it into my 3 year old MBP and it booted and ran fine13:45
brouschJust had to install some wifi drivers and it was perfect13:45
MaskedDriverbrousch: so you're one of THOSE people13:46
brouschHell yes13:50
brouschUnity and I don't agree on how things should work. Kubuntu lets me set it up how I want it13:50
brouschBut I was amazed that I could move the whole drive into such a different laptop and it would just work13:51
brouschNow I need a big sticker to cover the glowing apple13:52
rick_hupgrading the wife's machine from 10.04 to 12.04...this shold be fun14:00
brouschI thought she was on Windows14:01
rick_hher laptop is dual boot14:01
rick_hwindows is just for work14:01
MaskedDriverthat's a huge upgrade14:03
MaskedDriverI did an upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 with little problem14:03
rick_hreinstall really14:03
snap-lYeah, I'm going to reinstall my machine from 11.04 to 12.0414:08
snap-ljust have to find a spare drive to install to14:08
snap-land by spare, I mean purchase.14:08
brouschI'm all 10.04 servers and 12.04 desktops/laptops now14:09
brouschrick_h: You hear from PyOhio about your talk yet?14:10
MaskedDriverI use CentOS for my server infrastructure14:14
brouschWhy do you hate yourself?14:15
MaskedDriverI had Ubuntu as servers for awhile but I ran into trouble during upgrades quite a bit. Switched to CentOS and all my problems went away14:16
brouschWhy would you upgrade servers?14:17
brouschServers are meant to sit there and run the same way forever14:17
MaskedDriverseems like a very insecure philosophy14:18
brouschThose are just security updates14:18
MaskedDriverprobably wat happened to linkedin14:18
rick_hbrousch: no, I think new talks just closed this week right?14:18
rick_hI'm assuming it's accepted and figure I'll start July1 and spend the month working on it14:19
MaskedDriverI see what you're saying now14:19
MaskedDriver*shrugs* just always had issues with any debian server build I've had14:20
MaskedDrivermight just be me.. idk.. CentOS works the best for me14:20
rick_h*cough* ubuntu *cough*14:20
MaskedDriverubuntu on the desktops/laptops (except my gaming rig, obviously)14:21
MaskedDriveruse what works for you. That's my philosophy14:22
MaskedDriverI'm not diehard anything... except diehard anti-iDevice14:22
snap-lIf Apple keeps stopping devices from being shipped, I'm going to be very anti-Apple14:23
snap-lGetting tired of patent wars14:23
MaskedDriverthey're scared14:23
devinheitmuellerI'm waiting for one of the Android vendors to successfully block the iPhone from being imported.14:23
MaskedDrivermore Android devices are getting shipped with stuff that is better than what they can do. And that scares them14:24
brouschdevinheitmueller: Didn't they get the iPad blocked somewhere?14:24
devinheitmuellerI think the injunction got waived.14:24
MaskedDriverChina and I don't think it has anything to do with Android14:25
MaskedDriveroh wait... Germany by Motorola14:26
MaskedDriverbut it didn't work14:27
devinheitmuellerIf Apple can patent the damn rectangle, you would think those other vendors with hundreds of patents in RF technology would find *something* to block the iPhone on.14:27
MaskedDriverbut they're not stupid sue-crazy like Apple14:28
MaskedDriverthey're turning into another Monster14:28
brouschHeh, yeah, that's where I want to run my Linux servers http://linux.slashdot.org/story/12/06/06/2150202/microsoft-to-run-linux-on-azure14:48
snap-lWow, didn't know Rick Copeland also left Sourceforge15:51
snap-lI think Dave Brondsema is the only python developer I know there.15:52
snap-lGod bless the internet: http://thesquirrelboard.com/forums/index.php16:51
shakes808lol WTH16:53
greg-gsnap-l: this was one of my profs in grad school: http://ylime.people.si.umich.edu/mySquirrels.html17:05
greg-galso, there is a whole club at U-M (started by a classmate of mine, heh): http://www.michigansquirrels.com/17:06
snap-lThat's nuts17:26
* brousch groans17:27
brouschI need to search a file for a string and replace every occurance of it17:30
jrwrenhaha... that's nuts, hahhaha i see what you did there.17:32
jrwrenpep8 is too strict17:33
snap-ljrwren: line length?17:33
jrwreni'm very non pep8 wiht shitspace after ( before ) same wiht [] and comma.17:34
jrwrenlinelength is fine. I like 80cal17:34
rick_hjrwren: wrong!17:42
jrwrenI just installed pep8.vim and my fix-it experience is much nicer now17:43
jrwrenbut 80+ issues is a lot17:43
rick_hyea, need to have editor integration to mkeep at it until you're trained17:43
jrwrenwhat do you use?17:43
rick_hjrwren: not really, the only issue is long error strings/etc17:43
jrwrenI'd prefer red squiggles.17:43
rick_hI'm trying out syntastic with flake817:44
rick_hI used to just use ,M mapped to pep8 %17:44
jrwreni've been doing syntastic with pyflakes17:44
rick_hyea, pyflakes doesn't cover pep8, flake8 is supposed to combine both17:44
jrwrenmaybe i should try flake817:44
rick_hbut it's a bit fugly17:44
rick_hjrwren: but I do run extra jenkins builds that run pep8/pylint and the violations plugin so I can track errors/issues17:48
jrwrenpypi slow for anyone?17:53
rick_hcan't tell, whole network is slow due to wife U1 syncing17:53
rick_hyou pulling packages or just using the website?17:53
rick_hif pulling packages, setup mirrors in your config ot drop crate.io since it's s3 based17:54
jrwrenpulling packages.17:55
jrwrendrop crate.io ?17:55
jrwrenmust have been issue here. its fine now17:55
rick_hsorry, typing faster than it's displaying17:55
rick_hcrate.io is a pypi service thing that hsots packages you can fetch from17:55
rick_hit's backed by s3 for serving the files, so pretty quick17:55
jrwreni'll check it out, thanks.17:56
rick_h% cat ~/.pip/pip.conf                                                                                                                                                            (rharding@toraken:..as/branches/trunk/)17:57
rick_hindex-url = http://simple.crate.io/17:57
rick_hjrwren: also check out: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pep381client17:59
brouschAh, that was fun. Sed isn't so bad18:19
rick_hsed ftw18:21
rick_hor just vim18:21
brouschI had about 40 files in various depths of folder hierarchy18:21
rick_hyea, sed to the rescue then18:22
brouschTricky part was that it wouldn't let me change in place. I had to copy the file and output to a different file18:22
rick_hgrrr, U1 is irritating me.18:26
brouschLAN Sync FTW18:27
brouschAnything less is uncivilized18:27
snap-lrick_h: It's probably the slowest way to sync two machines18:30
snap-lhands down18:30
rick_hmeh, just trying to set her up with something that backs up18:31
rick_hdogfood a little I guess18:31
rick_hand it's built in vs setting up dropbox for her, she doesn't know the diff really18:31
snap-lIt's gotten a little better in 12.04, but it's still not magic like Dropbox18:32
rick_hyea, her expectations are lower, which is sad...but oh well18:32
* rick_h goes on a U1 bug submission frenzy18:34
snap-ljust hang out in #ubuntuone and bitch there18:34
greg-grick_h: nice18:35
rick_hthis is kind of retarded, I mean really. So log into the website, hit the big files button, and 2/3 of my screen is crap on the bottom for ToS, Developer, About Us, etc18:36
greg-g:) oh legal18:36
rick_hyea, well just lists and lists of menus that takes up 4px my actual list of folders/files18:37
rick_hat least collapse it18:37
rick_hseriously... ok so tell me which project to file "sharing email is useless" under? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone/+filebug18:39
brouschrick_h: Heh, that's the problem I have submitted half of my bugs to Ubuntu. What do I file it against?18:40
brouschAlso, my tense not so good18:40
greg-ghilarious, that filebug page is worthless18:42
brouschAnother password leak? http://www.last.fm/passwordsecurity18:42
greg-gway to hate your users, U118:42
greg-gbrousch: yep18:42
MaskedDriveroh ffs18:42
greg-gbrousch: just go ahead and update ALL your passwords everywhere every month, like god himself does.18:43
MaskedDrivercause it appears a new leak happens hourly18:43
brouschBut I don't even login to linkedin or last.fm every month!18:43
MaskedDriverso every 15 minutes, you must change your passwords across the board18:43
greg-gbrousch: but if you don't change your password, the service will log you out.18:43
greg-ger, wow, brain weirdness there, that's not what I meant to say.18:44
* greg-g goes to get something to drink18:44
brouschI have a couple of sites where I don't even bother with remembering a password. I login so infrequently that I just request a password reset every time I go there18:45
rick_hhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/375566 *sigh* I feel better now18:48
greg-grick_h: wow, over 3 years old18:50
rick_hgreg-g: yea :/ and it's not like it's an "ignore me" issue18:51
greg-gyeah, ugh18:51
rick_hoh well, two news bugs and one affects me, a good day's work reporting crap that'll never get fixed.18:56
brouschGeez, I think I hit that email bug back when jjesse and I tried U1 at WMLUG when it first came out18:57
brouschI remember you never got the share email18:58
brouschBut a few days later it worked18:58
rick_hI did get the email in this case, but it's retarded and doesn't mention activating the share at all18:58
rick_hand there's no UI that says I've got pending shares to accept/etc in the clietn or the webui18:59
rick_hso it really is a black hole of sharing fail18:59
brouschrick_h: Try rebooting the U1 servers19:00
brouschAll of them19:00
rick_hlet me get those logins19:00
greg-gjust use your magic number generator button!19:01
rick_h*access denied*19:02
greg-gworth a shot19:02
brouschOK, I actually snorted at that one19:02
rick_his it friday yet? I'm toast19:02
brouschThere's a little booger on my alt key now19:02
jrwreni'm evaluating solutions, anyone know what ubuntu cloud server's competition is?19:26
jrwrenlol, no19:33
brouschOracle is building the bestest cloud evar19:37
brouschYou're so picky19:44
rick_hjrwren: you have to define cloud to find the compitition19:45
jrwren"ubuntu cloud server" isn't that a definition?19:47
snap-lYeah, it's like asking what's the best shoes out there?19:47
snap-lbrousch: I hope a crocs truck explodes on your front lawn19:48
brouschI have a pair of crocs19:49
jrwrenis Crocks a cloud software thing?19:49
brouschI will wear them for your enjoyment19:49
jrwreni googled and got crocs.19:49
snap-lThat's it's own punishment19:49
snap-ljrwren: It's just that brousch not only has incredibly bad taste in footwear, but also can 't spell it either19:50
brouschSpeling ees ovarated19:51
jrwrenhttp://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.eggproxy  nom nom19:59
snap-lThis is how you do a password breach: http://www.last.fm/passwordsecurity20:00
MaskedDriversnap-l: you'er about 2 hours behind. brousch already linked to that ;)20:02
brouschYeah, you need to upgrade your Internets20:02
snap-lThat means I have to stop ignoring brousch20:04
snap-ltoo hard20:04
brouschAh ha!20:05
jrwrenbookie just let me add a dup. https://bmark.us/jrwren/recent20:59
jrwrenpylint is stupid.21:21
jrwreni don't care about docstrings on my unittest classes and methods.21:22
snap-lO'reilly now will sync with dropbox21:25
jrwrenpylint W0141 wtf21:32
rick_hjrwren: well you do want that though because the test runner will use that for output to help on failing tests21:38
rick_hjrwren: it's not unusual to have different classes with similiar commented test methods, etc21:39
rick_hjrwren: thanks for the heads up, issue added: https://github.com/mitechie/Bookie/issues/15621:40
jrwrenis there a way i can get python library docs as manpages?21:45
jrwreni do for php and perl ahs perldoc.21:45
rick_hI use a plugin called pydoc I think that loads python docs in vim splits21:46
rick_hjrwren: you can also use your repl bpython/ipython21:46
rick_himport os; help(os)21:46
rick_hwill output the docs for os module21:47
jrwrenah, maybe that is waht I want.21:47
jrwrenjust need to get better at using it.21:47
rick_hyea, help and dir I use a ton in repl and pdb for things while debugging/dev21:47

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