jrgiffordthafreak: you're talking about the essentials cert? i probably know most of that stuff... i wonder where I could find/take the exam.12:29
thafreakjrgifford: any pearson vue testing center i think13:52
thafreakthat's where all the lpi cert exams are taken13:53
thafreakThe closest ones near me are all in akron though...but i saw quite a few up towards cleveland13:53
paultagcleveland rocks13:53
thafreakpaultag: stop spreading lies13:53
thafreakcleveland is a hole13:54
thafreakakron rocks13:54
thafreakmedina rocks13:54
thafreakakron is also a hole13:54
paultagcleveland rocks13:54
thafreakdriving there is horrible13:54
paultagcleveland rocks13:54
thafreakare you drew carey or something13:54
thafreakwow tri-c has a pearson vue testing center...didn't know that13:55
paultagjust sayn'13:55
jrgiffordyeah, i'll see if i can get in there13:58
jrgiffordoh look paultag - bootstrap!13:58
paultagI use way too much bootstrap13:58
jrgiffordsame here. i'm starting to use zurb foundation more13:59
paultagjrgifford: mmm14:05
paultaglooks interesting14:05
paultagexcept it's not a fucking "MIT" license14:06
paultagplus their license file is shit14:06
paultagthere's no such thing14:06
paultagit's fucking *EXPAT*14:06
dzhooh, haha, I see what you mean there14:22
dzhoIt says "MIT-LICENSE" on the tin, but there's no license in the file14:22
dzhosounds like a bug to me14:22
dzhogithub's requirements are just "your source must be public" not "you must have a certain kind of license" right?14:23
dzhoIOW, different from sourceforge that way.14:23
dzhojrgifford: seems like you'd want to get that sorted out before you go deeper?14:24
jrgiffordpaultag: look at the bottom of the readme.15:09
jrgiffordit says MIT and has the license in it15:10
paultagjrgifford: that's not MIT15:11
paultagthere's no such thing as  MIT15:11
paultagThere's MIT X/Consortum and Expat15:11
jrgiffordthen wat the heck is this - http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php15:11
paultagthe most commonly used MIT license is Expat15:11
jrgiffordit says "The MIT License (MIT)"15:11
paultagjrgifford: that's Expat15:12
paultagit's wrongly named.15:12
paultagMIT is legally meaningless without the text15:12
paultagjrgifford: you can read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License15:12
paultagthere are two, and I hate when people call it the "MIT" license15:12
paultagit's fucking stupid15:12
paultagCompared to the Expat License,[2] the X11 License[3] and the "MIT License" chosen in 1998 for ncurses by the Free Software Foundation[5] add[dubious – discuss] this clause:15:13
paultagExcept as contained in this notice, the name(s) of the above copyright holders shall not be used in advertising or otherwise to promote the sale, use or other dealings in this Software without prior written authorization.15:13
paultagoh yeah and XFree86 MIT15:13
paultagcrap I have to blog15:14
jandruskPlease watch the language15:24
canthus13paultag: please censor yourself. XFr**86 will be sufficient.15:25
paultagjandrusk: sorry?15:27
MaskedDriverpeople not be liking the f-bombs it appears :(15:28
canthus13just spotted it. :)15:28
paultagthe horror :)15:28
paultagtime to get back to changing the world15:29
jandruskpaultag: thanks15:29
paultagjandrusk: for what? Leaving?15:29
MaskedDriverpaultag: you make me so angry, I want to punch a baby!15:29
MaskedDrivercanthus13: yeah, I had to re-read through everything again. I don't even notice them15:30
=== paultag changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-oh to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! | See the calendar for event details! | LoCOhio rocks! | Join us at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio | Do it! | Learn more about us at <http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/>
=== paultag changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-oh to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! | See the calendar for event details! | LoCOhio rocks! | Join us at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio | Do it! | Learn more about us at <http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/> | no swearing allowed
MaskedDriverreminds me of this15:31
MaskedDrivermust.. respect.. paultag. He's got +o powah15:32
paultagI rarely kick people15:32
MaskedDriverso there I was in this hallway right15:32
paultagand almost never if they just have some silly little hate for me, but are being generally civil15:32
MaskedDriverubuntu/member can do what they want15:33
paultagMaskedDriver: did you hear, I just need my account created and I'm a debian developer, just passed all my tests :)15:33
paultagpassed AM/FD, waiting on DAM15:33
MaskedDriverpaultag: gratz :)15:33
paultag(oops, Debian Account Manager, don't want to think I'm swearing)15:33
paultagMaskedDriver: thanks :)15:34
MaskedDrivercareful paultag, I'll tell an op on you15:34
paultagMaskedDriver: but yeah, https://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2012/05/msg00019.html15:35
paultaggilbert and I will slowly begin the takeover shortly.15:35
MaskedDriverca.debian.org isn't a trusted CA? sigh15:36
MaskedDriversunlightfoundation.com eh?15:38
paultagMaskedDriver: yep, I'm loving my job :)15:38
paultagMaskedDriver: http://sunlightfoundation.com/15:38
MaskedDriveraye.. I'm there15:38
paultagMaskedDriver: http://sunlightlabs.com/ / https://github.com/sunlightlabs/openstates15:39
paultagMaskedDriver: I work on http://openstates.org/ / https://github.com/sunlightlabs/openstates15:39
MaskedDriverwhat CMS is this?15:39
paultagMaskedDriver: None? Django + MongoDB15:40
paultagnot even Django's ORM / CMS15:40
MaskedDriverwait.. I don't think we're talking about the same thing lol15:40
MaskedDriverthe website15:40
paultagMaskedDriver: half of our org are hackers, and we're all pretty good at what we do15:41
paultagMaskedDriver: most of this stuff is written to just do what we need it to do15:41
paultagand do it perfectly. No one here likes CMSs15:41
paultagIt's a sad truth :)15:41
MaskedDriverwell if none of them work for you15:41
MaskedDriverI'm just anti-reinvent-the-wheel15:42
canthus13Anyone have experience with OwnCloud?15:42
paultagMaskedDriver: what wheel do you know that can host, serve and provide an API to data that didn't exist before we started this15:42
paultagMaskedDriver: we have over 200 scrapers that load in a DB, to provide an API that we consume for the site15:42
paultag(as well as public)15:42
MaskedDriverpaultag: that's not reinventing the wheel then, right? lol15:42
paultagMaskedDriver: no, there's no wheel that existed :)15:42
paultagthe static text lives in templates15:43
paultagwhich is just for the presentation layer15:43
paultagand a CMS would just be holding templates anyway15:43
paultagwhy add a layer of confusion?15:43
MaskedDriveryou wouldn't15:43
paultagright :)15:43
paultagergo → no CMS :)15:43
MaskedDriverbut I'm sure if a system existed already that already did what you needed it to do, you'd use that15:44
paultagbut we tend to do stuff no one else is doing :)15:44
MaskedDriverscary stuff ;)15:44
MaskedDriverwe're a php shop where I work. I'm the ground-up dev and we have another guy that does Drupal stuff15:45
paultagMaskedDriver: we f/oss all our stuff so that other people can use what we do :)15:45
paultagwell, php :)15:45
MaskedDriverI'd take offense if the better I got at it, the more I see problems that would be much easier to take care of with Python or something15:46
MaskedDriverif not for*15:46
paultagheh :)15:48
MaskedDrivertrying to write OO code in PHP is like banging your head against a desk15:49
MaskedDrivernot hypothetically speaking.. I've literally done it15:49
MaskedDriverPHP is a great starter language, but when you start getting to complex functionality, it sucks15:50
paultagI loved PHP for a long time15:50
paultagand I used it's OO so much15:50
MaskedDriverthen you learned python15:50
paultagit resulted in some pretty sweet stuff15:50
paultagbut then I found out how easy django was15:50
MaskedDrivergo to the MI channel and ask rick_h_ what he thinks about django15:51
MaskedDriverthen run15:51
paultagMaskedDriver: I've talked with him in person about it at PyCon a few months ago15:51
paultaghe's using it now15:51
MaskedDriverlol he's still talking a lot of smack about it though lol15:51
paultagI was hacking on the same table as him when he was working on bookie15:51
MaskedDriveryou have a talk at PyOhio?15:52
paultagMaskedDriver: I don't, why?15:52
paultagI'm in Boston these days15:52
MaskedDriveroh right15:52
MaskedDriverI always forget that15:52
paultagit's tough to get back to the promised land15:52
paultagotherwise I'd be all over it15:52
paultagmight give a lightning talk @ a boston python meetup, though15:53
paultagnot decided yet though15:53
MaskedDriverso you're not gonna make it to OLF?15:53
paultagI want to, but I havn't made plans yet15:53
MaskedDriveryeah, I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it15:53
paultagMaskedDriver: this was my homepage, but this will become my presentation template :) - http://static.pault.ag/homepage/#/step-115:53
MaskedDriverI believe it falls on a weekend I'm on call :(15:53
paultagI should  book tickets15:54
MaskedDriverbet this site works awesome in IE6 ;)15:55
paultag(that's all HTML / CSS / Javascript)15:55
paultagit needs CSS3 transitions :)15:55
MaskedDriverimpress uses CSS3 transitions right?15:55
MaskedDriverbet it'd work great in IE7 and 8 too ;)15:55
MaskedDriverhey, you can't leave out everyone15:55
MaskedDriveryou make a website that isn't cross-browser compatible, it's worse than swearing15:56
paultagMaskedDriver: have you seen zed shaw's website?15:56
MaskedDriverlink it and I'll check it out after lunch15:56
paultagjandrusk: cover your ears15:56
paultagMaskedDriver: http://zedshaw.com/#/fuck15:56
paultaghe wrote the webserver that inspired node.js15:57
paultaghe also wrote that blog post about ruby being a ghetto15:57
MaskedDriverlol so true15:57
paultagMaskedDriver: no, zed is like a well known rubist15:57
paultagthat was a big deal15:58
paultagand it was way harsh15:58
MaskedDrivercan't be any harsher than the PHP bashing you posted to15:58
paultagnah, that was civil15:58
paultagMaskedDriver: http://www.zedshaw.com.sharedcopy.com/rants/51489cec9386f7c13f69b3a58cd50b02.html15:59
MaskedDriverwill read after lunch15:59
MaskedDriverbe back later15:59
canthus13...fuck. I don't code... that bitch page about php makes php look like a monty python skit. :/16:00
canthus13oh. oops. f8ck16:00
paultagcanthus13: it's so absurd16:00
paultagit's the one place where everything that's wrong with PHP is documented :)16:01
canthus13paultag: I get turned off the second I see .ini used in reference to anything.16:01
canthus13..which is silly, but it reminds me of windows.16:01
paultagcanthus13: I mean, .desktop is nearly the same thing16:02
paultagbut at least it's not .ini16:02
paultagpeople should write code that looks like it was designed for that platform16:02
paultagnot just a port16:02
paultagbut actual integration16:02
paultaguse a .desktop parser, be happy.16:02
* canthus13 nods.16:03
* canthus13 wonders if php is any worse than intercal...16:07
MaskedDriverpaultag: that's quite the rant16:51
MaskedDrivernot sure I'd like that guy much though16:51
MaskedDriverpaultag: django seems pretty intuitive to me (I've never used any python web frameworks17:55
MaskedDriverjust running through the tutorials on the site17:58
paultagMaskedDriver: it's sweet.18:17
paultagMaskedDriver: and people are dying for django folks18:17
paultagMaskedDriver: and zed shaw is a brilliant, brilliant man.18:17
paultagI see a lot of myself in him18:17
paultagor him in myself, not sure who's older.18:17
MaskedDriverbrilliant but lots of qq18:17
MaskedDriverwell when he wrote that article, he'd been deving for 21 years, 15 professionally18:17
MaskedDriverso I'd assume older18:17
paultagI've been deving professonally for 1018:18
paultagok, that's not right. 818:18
MaskedDriverthe article was written in 2007 it looks like18:18
MaskedDriverso 15 years in 200718:18
paultagok, so I'm a little zed shaw18:18
MaskedDriverpaultag: I just read the best line of any doc ever in the django tutorial18:58
MaskedDriverBecause the URL patterns are regular expressions, there really is no limit on what you can do with them. And there's no need to add URL cruft such as .php -- unless you have a sick sense of humor, in which case you can do something like this:18:58
MaskedDriver(r'^polls/latest\.php$', 'polls.views.index'),18:58
paultagMaskedDriver: :)18:58
MaskedDriverI think I'm going to write an app that uses .aspx18:59
MaskedDriverpeople would say, "What version of IIS are you using?"18:59
MaskedDriverI'd reply, "Django"18:59
MaskedDriverthey'd cry18:59
MaskedDrivermy life would be complete19:00
MaskedDriveroh oh.. I should have finished reading: 'But, don't do that. It's silly'19:00
MaskedDriver... exactly19:00
MaskedDriverpaultag: my python is not very good yet, so can I ask you a quick question?19:05
paultagMaskedDriver: sure19:05
MaskedDriverreturn HttpResponse("You're looking at poll %s." % poll_id)19:05
MaskedDriver%s obviously returns the poll_id. that % poll_id at the end tells that return line what the %s is?19:05
paultagMaskedDriver: have you used printf?19:06
MaskedDriversame idea?19:06
paultag"Hello, %s" % ( "MaskedDriver" )19:06
paultagso, rather then:19:06
paultagprintf("Hello, %s", "MaskedDriver");19:06
paultagyou can use that anywhere in a string with the % operator19:06
MaskedDriveroutstanding. thanks. I've been seeing that a lot in my reading and just wanted to ensure that it was what I was thinking it was19:07
MaskedDriverappreciate it19:07
paultagyep brah19:07
MaskedDriversyntax is the hardest thing for me sometimes19:07
MaskedDriverthe logic is never a problem19:08
MaskedDrivernot sure I like the templating system19:19
MaskedDriver{% for poll in latest_poll_list %} looks gross to me19:19
paultagMaskedDriver: why?19:20
paultagMaskedDriver: it's better then {% for ( poll = 0; poll < len(latest_poll_list_); ++poll %}19:20
MaskedDriveridk.. guess it's not really any different from jumping in and out of php19:21
paultagpython can use for like that19:21
MaskedDriverno.. not the syntax19:21
paultagforeach ( key => val in foobar ) { // IIRC19:21
paultagwhich I think looks grosser19:21
paultagand to print19:21
MaskedDriverfor(foo in bar) { } would work too btw in PHP19:21
paultagrather then {{ foo }}, you have to do <?php echo $foo; >?19:22
paultag?> *19:22
paultagmm *19:22
paultag{% works great.19:22
paultagMaskedDriver: if you don't like it, you can change the templating engine19:22
MaskedDriverpaultag: I'll get used to it19:22
paultagwhich is also easy (and not something you can do in PHP) :)19:22
paultagyou can even make a fake php interp :)19:22
MaskedDriveryes you can :) you can use one of the millions of templating systems out there19:23
paultagjinja2 is the best, imho19:23
paultagI use it for everything19:23
MaskedDriverfor django?19:23
paultagI tweeted how to render a template from vars in a JSON file19:23
paultagfor anything, it's default in flask19:23
paultagpeople change the templating engine for Django into jinja2 sure19:23
MaskedDriverI tend to keep html code inside of the PHP whenever possible19:24
MaskedDriver{% for poll in latest_poll_list %}19:24
MaskedDriver<li><a href="/polls/{{ poll.id }}/">{{ poll.question }}</a></li>19:24
MaskedDriver{% endfor %}19:24
paultagthat looks fantastic19:24
MaskedDriverthat seems unnecessary to jump in and out for something as simple as that19:24
paultagwhat do you mean jump in and out?19:25
paultagI don't understand.19:25
MaskedDriverfor example in php, I'd echo that entire <li> line19:25
paultagMaskedDriver: you can't translate shit like that easy19:25
MaskedDrivernot if you're bad ;)19:25
paultagthere are so many reasons why printing html in code is bad :)19:26
paultagjust leave it to the template19:26
paultagdon't even *think* about the view in your logic19:26
paultagjust get the vars into the template context19:26
paultagwho cares if it's HTML, JSON or gopher19:26
MaskedDriveryeah I guess *shrugs*19:27
MaskedDriverfucking php ruined me19:27
paultagyeah man19:27
paultagI didn't even do shit like that when I was doing php :(19:27
paultagview code belongs in the view :)19:27
MaskedDriverooo is the swearing nazi still in here? :(19:28
MaskedDriversorry whoever that was19:28
paultagjesus, no need to harrass him19:28
paultaghey oda19:29
* oda just learned the difference between buffered and unbuffered memory19:29
odano boot :(19:29
MaskedDriverok so since you just schooled me and made me feel inferior, back to the tutorial ;)19:29
paultagMaskedDriver: :)19:30
MaskedDriverdoes the order of the imports matter?19:31
paultagMaskedDriver: no, it shouldn't. I usually order by length of the string19:31
MaskedDriverlongest to shortest or shortest to longest?19:31
paultageither way, whatever feels right. Usually longest to shortest19:31
paultagbut whatever the file is19:31
MaskedDriverthanks again19:31
paultagnp dude :)19:31
MaskedDrivertell ya what though, django sure does spit out VERY useful errors19:34
paultagMaskedDriver: just wait until you find django-debug-toolbar19:34
MaskedDriveris oda Odameyer?20:42
paultagMaskedDriver: yeah20:43
MaskedDriverthe one in the banlist?20:43
paultagthere's no way I banned him for real20:43
paultagMaskedDriver: if he is, feel free to remove him from the banlist20:44
MaskedDriverwould if I had the ability20:44
paultagoda is awesome20:44
paultagHe's super funny20:44
MaskedDriverOdameyer!*@* banned by zelazny.freenode.net on 3/13/201220:44
MaskedDriversame time as everything from and supybot20:45
MaskedDriverthat IP address is from Missouri20:46
paultagI'm sure it's no big thing anymore20:46
MaskedDriverwhy's supybot blocked? I like supybot ;)20:46
yanohave you guys ever heard of jenni?20:46
paultagbecause we don't need any bots in here MaskedDriver :)20:47
MaskedDriverjenni from he block?20:47
MaskedDriverbut bots make me happy20:48
MaskedDriveryou say funny things to them and they break20:48
MaskedDriverOhio State University OS Club eh?20:49
MaskedDriverhow are things in c-bus?20:49
paultagI saw someone in OSU gear and I yelled at him20:49
paultaghe was like 5020:49
paultagno, older - 6020:50
paultagand he yelled right back "IO!"20:50
paultagit was great20:50
MaskedDriverin Boston?20:50
MaskedDriverthat makes it much better20:50
paultagit was on the mass transit system20:50
MaskedDriverI love walking around MI with my OSU gear on20:50
MaskedDriverget so much crap for it20:50
MaskedDriverI don't even think about it. Toss on my OSU hoodie (trying to get shot) and ball cap and head to Meijer20:51
MaskedDriveryou didn't answer my question though yano.. How are things in c-bus?20:52
MaskedDriveron the 17th, it'll be one year since I've been there last20:52
paultaggod, I miss Cleveland :(20:52
paultaglike, a lot20:52
MaskedDrivergo brownies20:52
MaskedDriverthis is where I bark20:53
MaskedDriverI walk around in my browns hoodie too. people up here don't like me very much :(20:53
MaskedDriverI know how you feel though.... You spend enough time in a place you love, you just want to go back20:54
MaskedDrivermy home is here now, but I still get homesick for C-bus20:54
MaskedDriverwondering what building or road OSU is rennovating this spring20:55
yanoMaskedDriver: good :-)21:32

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