SamuraiAlbaPeep this...00:20
SamuraiAlbagood bacon!00:20
InHisNameon machine A I type: nslookup homedomain.co.cc ns3.afraid.org and get a good IP response.04:36
InHisNameOn machine B the SAME command gives a different IP response.   What/where do I look to find cause of problem?04:37
InHisNameall 25 of you, including pleia2 are asleep already ?04:48
JonathanDhey SamuraiAlba11:00
InHisNameon machine "A" I type: nslookup homedomain.co.cc     ns3.afraid.org and get a good IP response.11:12
InHisNameOn machine "B" the SAME command gives a different IP response.   What/where do I look to find cause of problem?11:12
LordOfTimeInHisName:  figure out which DNS servers are being used on each machine11:13
LordOfTimemake sure the machines are using the same lookup server11:13
InHisNameHow to figure that out?11:13
LordOfTimei dont use nslookup, I use dnsget, but i have the raw output spit out11:13
* waltman *YAWNS*11:13
LordOfTimein there is the IP of the lookup server11:14
InHisNameI thought that putting ns1.afraid.org was putting that dns to search.11:14
LordOfTimei dont use nslookup so...11:16
LordOfTimeInHisName:  is it homedomain.co.cc you're looking up?11:17
LordOfTimeone moment11:17
LordOfTimeInHisName:  https://pastebin.com/Dc53rEb411:18
LordOfTimewithout https11:18
LordOfTimeeverything there look correct?11:19
InHisNameThat is what Machine "A" shows - that's the good answer.11:20
LordOfTimethis is google's dns: http://pastebin.com/Eyrkguq711:20
LordOfTimesame lookup, but through google's dbs11:20
InHisNameI've just installed dnsget here and will try it with same command for comparison11:21
LordOfTime(looks like it hasnt propagated globally)11:21
LordOfTimeand this is Level3 DNS: http://pastebin.com/8xb3x8ma11:21
LordOfTimestill looks like it  hasnt propagated11:22
InHisNamethe afraid.org  zone has 'error' complaining "found domain delegation errors"11:23
InHisNameMight be why not propagated.11:23
LordOfTimeprobably means the main nameserver changes for the domain havent propagated11:23
LordOfTime*that* will probably take time11:23
LordOfTimeup to a day11:24
InHisNameBut I need to understand that error, and their help for it hasn't been enough.11:24
InHisNameI am not delegating any subdomains of that.   Not sure what other delegations I am in charge of, yet.11:25
LordOfTimewell "delegation" can sometimeis be the nameserver changes11:27
LordOfTimethis happens whenever i reg a new domain and send it to the new third-party DNS, I get DNS delegation errors until DNS globally propagates11:27
LordOfTimethe difference may be one system is caching DNS info11:28
LordOfTimecan't be fully certain why, though, you may want to contact them to see why its returning that11:29
LordOfTimebut having the third=party (myself) show you what i'm seeing in the DNS lookup helps to affirm that Machine A is right and Machine B is screwy11:29
InHisNamehere is display of results of test & error, not sure if error visible here though.   http://pastebin.com/BqFLZXbx11:30
LordOfTimeFound domain delegation errors  [ Check Delegations ]  <-- DNS delegation error, similar to ones i get when the nameserver changes havent propagated to the universe11:32
LordOfTimethe dns lookup server(s) are broken11:32
InHisNameI think it 'broke' because a power cycle rebooted the server from Win2008 into ubuntu server for a few months.  So no web site.11:32
LordOfTimethat may be the case11:32
LordOfTimeit may be caching11:32
InHisNameSo, should I just delete homedomain.co.cc from afraid.org and start over ?   Do I need to wait 24 hrs to make a new one?   Should I remove the hooks from homedomain.co.cc that refer to nsX.afraid.org ?  In which order if so.11:36
LordOfTimei'd wait 12 hours and do the lookup(s) again11:36
LordOfTimeif that still doesn't work, redo the dns zone i'd say11:36
LordOfTimeand if the dns nameservers change then edit the ones from homedomain.co.cc that refer to the afraid.org nameservers11:37
InHisNameI've been working all day on this yesterday, its been 12+ hours since last change, if I made a change.11:37
LordOfTimeDAMN i'm going to be late11:37
LordOfTime*runs out the door*11:38
SamuraiAlbamorning rmg5112:21
rmg51morning SamuraiAlba12:58
SamuraiAlbahow is it going?12:58
rmg51I'm at work of that tells you anything13:10
SamuraiAlbaI need to find a way to Philly soon13:12
SamuraiAlbagot this computer here, ya see?13:13
* SamuraiAlba points to 45lb monster13:13
jedijfPennsylvania Arch users | RTFM | Arch Corner at FOSSCON needs volunteers (contact passstab)15:56
LordOfTimeInHisName:  any progress?16:29
InHisNameLordOfTime: yes, somewhat.   I deleted the NS records from afraid.org.  A few hours later the records disappeared from the NS servers.   Now I've created a "new" domain and need to wait 24+ hours for overnight checking.  Done for all "new" added domains.  THEN it begins the propagation.  At least that is what I hope happens.17:42
MutantTurkeyafraid.org rocks17:51
MutantTurkeyused it for quite some time17:51
InHisNameYea, it was nice until I lost power in Jan and server lost running Win2008 and rebooted automatically in ubuntu server.  I didn't realize that the web server went offline until early yesterday.  afraid marked their NS tags as broken since Jan.17:56
SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!18:46
JonathanDHowdy SamuraiAlba18:46
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going?18:46
JonathanDit is going well18:47
SamuraiAlbacool beans18:47
SamuraiAlbaI stubbed my tow on the server LOL18:47
JonathanDlovely :D18:47
JonathanDI should see if hive has come to a conclusion about it.18:47
SamuraiAlbago check :)18:47
SamuraiAlbaI can drop the VM software on it if u like18:48
JonathanDthere has been an ongoing debate about noisy server vs not-noisy server18:48
SamuraiAlbaIt isn't noisy18:48
JonathanDI got myself a new server, personally, today.18:48
JonathanDthe one they have is noisy, thats why they don't use it.18:48
SamuraiAlbaI had one18:48
JonathanDbut I have a basement18:48
JonathanDyou have seen my basement, no?18:49
SamuraiAlbano :(18:49
JonathanDI actually recieved a network today, more accurately.18:49
SamuraiAlbaDungeon?  *bats eyelashes*18:49
SamuraiAlbalol jk18:49
JonathanDThe next room over is the holodeck. This is the hardware it runs on.18:49
SamuraiAlbay so much?18:49
JonathanDI like the sound of server fans.18:50
JonathanDI find it relaxing.18:50
JonathanDThey're all ESXi'd up.18:50
SamuraiAlbawhere u gets?18:50
JonathanDretired equipment from an old job18:50
SamuraiAlbaooooh :)18:50
JonathanDI used to work as a consultant, for an IBM business partner.18:50
SamuraiAlbaI need a better job :(18:51
SamuraiAlbaBoss being douche18:51
SamuraiAlbaWants me to reschedule ALL my classes for AFT 5:30pm and NOT on weekends18:51
SamuraiAlbatwo classes are ONLY saturday18:51
SamuraiAlbaREQUIRED for Cyber Security major :(18:52
JonathanDProLiant DL360 G4p18:52
pleia2JonathanD: will this fix the holodeck? there was another glitch http://princessleia.com/temp/phl_love_in_disney_sf.jpg18:52
JonathanDonly 1GB18:52
SamuraiAlbaI had a 5th gen18:52
JonathanDpleia2: not without more memory.18:52
pleia2tsk :)18:53
SamuraiAlbayou need a 42U rack?18:53
JonathanDoh no.18:54
JonathanDI couldn't get one down there.18:54
JonathanDand I don't have rails anyway.18:54
SamuraiAlbaI can get 4 from North Jersey for $100 each18:54
JonathanDalso got a rack mount LTO2 and 24 port gbit switch18:55
JonathanDand a PIX18:55
JonathanDThese guys are moving out so they gave me their network18:55
SamuraiAlbaI have that 48 port Cisco and the m0n0 box18:55
SamuraiAlbaDid you read this http://www1.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/tresor  ???18:57
JonathanDI like mono18:58
JonathanDwell, thats interesting.18:58
SamuraiAlbawhat is?18:59
JonathanDyour link.18:59
SamuraiAlbausing registers to store up to 256bit keys :)18:59
SamuraiAlbaI have an i7 lappy.  I should use TRESOR :)18:59
SamuraiAlbaHow hard would it be to patch Ubuntu with that code?19:07
MutantTurkeyno idea21:25
SamuraiAlbaI restarted my RS acct21:26
SamuraiAlbagot it back and restored :)21:26
MutantTurkeynice lol21:34
InHisNamehi SamuraiAlba, no going to hive tonight after all?23:04
InHisNameDid you say the server was 42 lbs ?   That's pretty heavy23:05
SamuraiAlbanot able to go23:05
JonathanDInHisName: hive was last night.23:05
SamuraiAlbadang money...23:05
SamuraiAlbaand I dont think they are open tonight23:05
JonathanDopen house is every weds23:06
InHisNamehive is only one night?  I thought they had the rooms 24x7 for members ?23:06
SamuraiAlbaThose are the BDSM rooms23:06
SamuraiAlbaI avoid thos :)23:06
InHisNameUuuuhhh, I'm a bit afraid to ask what that acronym stands for.....23:07
SamuraiAlbadont ask23:07
SamuraiAlbaDONT GOOGLE!23:07
JonathanDInHisName: they do.23:09
JonathanDInHisName: for members, anyway.23:10
SamuraiAlbaI ordered Chinese food :)23:10
SamuraiAlbaHow much is membership?23:10
JonathanDcan I have some?23:10
JonathanDSamuraiAlba: there are 3 levels.23:10
SamuraiAlbaAnd... can I live there?23:10
SamuraiAlbalike... I hate my house23:10
* SamuraiAlba gets mini fridge packed up23:10
JonathanDheh :)23:11
JonathanDtheres a mini fridge there.23:11
JonathanD    Core Membership: $100 a month, for heavy users of the space23:12
JonathanD    Basic Membership: $50 a month, for most people23:12
JonathanD    Friend of Hive76: $15 a month, 'nearly' a member. Also commonly known as 'dismembership'23:12
SamuraiAlbaI went and read :)23:13
SamuraiAlbaI wish I could afford $100 :)23:13
SamuraiAlbaSounds AWESOME23:13
JonathanDSamuraiAlba: I am not a member, myself. I honestly don't have the time, mostly.23:13
SamuraiAlba2 jobs here, 18 credit hours, a Comp Sci/Sociology/English tutor, and... sleep?23:16
JonathanDsleep is overrated.23:17
SamuraiAlbaAt least my school transcripts will be awesome23:18
InHisNameGood gpa23:20
SamuraiAlbaGot a B in Networking Fundamentals23:20
SamuraiAlbaA in English 10123:21
SamuraiAlbawe wont discuss Algebra... LOL23:21
InHisNamemy grades for those classes might be A net, A Alg, C- on a GREAT day for English23:23
SamuraiAlbaI used very pretentious language23:31
SamuraiAlbaProfessor loved it23:31
SamuraiAlbaI took English 102 with the TOUGHEST prof at Uni just for the challenge next sem :)23:31

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