cjohnstondaker-cloud: ping04:04
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dakeryo cjohnston12:41
cjohnstondaker: I fixed a bunch of the issues and replied12:42
dakercjohnston, i saw your email12:42
dakercjohnston, 2- Done.. Still doesn't work.. Secondary div's don't need active because the12:45
dakerbecause the ?12:45
cjohnstonsorry.. they don't appear on the page that you clicked12:46
cjohnstonhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/using-locodir/ is a secondary nav link, but there are no links in the secondary nav on this page12:46
dakerah yes12:46
dakercjohnston, the links are orange on the Secondary nav because they are redefined in newstyle.css12:48
dakerwe should remove those12:48
dakera {12:48
daker    color:      #DD4814;12:48
dakera:visited {12:48
daker    color:      #b12a10;12:48
cjohnstondaker: pushed12:53
hallino1Good afternoon :)14:25
hallino1s-fox, hey also here :)14:34
hallino1Hello world, my name's Mirko and i'm an italian boy who love program web.. I actively participate in web team of ubuntu-it.org and I'd like to join in web team here.. Can someone explain me principal requisite that i need to have please? :)14:40
dakerhallino1, welcome14:47
dakerhallino1, you should know html/css14:48
hallino1daker, yeah i know it :)14:48
hallino1daker, I can write my personal website here14:48
dakerif you know how to write python code that's good14:49
dakerwe use django which is a python framework that help you create website14:50
dakerit's like symfony14:50
hallino1daker, so, I don't know very well python.. But i'm learning it by myself.. It's easy because i know also c++ and php :)14:51
hallino1daker, but i know syntax used by python14:51
hallino1daker, but i can read python script :)14:52
dakeractually we have to project14:52
dakerwe have loco.ubuntu.com and summit.ubuntu.com14:52
hallino1daker, already know this :)14:53
hallino1daker, welcome back :)16:08
dakerhallino1, sorry, lost internet ツ16:08
hallino1daker, no problem :)16:09
hallino1daker, you were talking about two project.. loco.ubuntu.com and summit.ubuntu.com and i said i know this :)16:11
cjohnstonhallino1: those two sites, plus a couple other smaller ones are really about all that the community does16:24
hallino1cjohnston, oh ok :)16:25
cjohnstonif you are good with CSS, we are always looking for design help16:26
hallino1cjohnston, sure, i'm always doing my best :)16:45
cjohnstonwe are doing our best, which many times isn't very well.. :-( atleast when its coming from me16:46
cjohnstondaker hates reviewing my CSS merges16:46
hallino1cjohnston, :)16:46
steveedwardscjohnston: You're too modest, sir.16:48
cjohnstonsteveedwards: my css is horrible16:49
cjohnstonsteveedwards daker wont approve my changes for loco.ubuntu.com  heh16:49
steveedwardscjohnston: Ha!16:49
hallino1Poor cjohnston :)16:49
dakercjohnston, i am just trying to make it better ツ16:50
* cjohnston points daker at steveedwards for making things better16:51
hallino1daker, cjohnston so there is a page or whatelse for watch e do 'initial point for join' if I can do this? :)16:52
cjohnstonhallino1: you don16:52
cjohnstondon't really have to join anything16:52
cjohnstonthe only team that we have is for commit access16:53
cjohnstonwhich you can get access to after a while of working with us16:53
cjohnstonbut pretty much, pick a project you would like to work on and go from there :-)16:53
hallino1cjohnston, ahh.. For example with web team of ubuntu-it.org have to ask for join and hope good :)16:53
hallino1cjohnston, good, where can I see project? :)16:54
cjohnstonya.. with us, it isnt like that16:54
cjohnstonlaunchpad.net/summit is summit.ubuntu.com16:54
cjohnstonlaunchpad.net/loco-team-portal is loco.ubuntu.com16:54
hallino1cjohnston, ok thanks :) I need also to request to join here? Or not? :)16:55
hallino1cjohnston, request -> On both page of Launchpad16:56
cjohnstonhallino1: no..16:58
hallino1Mhm oke fantastic16:58
hallino1cjohnston, thanks for all and sorry for many questions :)16:59
cjohnstonno problem..16:59
cjohnstonpretty much, if you find a bug you want to work on, fix it, propose a merge, and then someone will review it and merge it in16:59
hallino1Thanks you very much :)17:00
hallino1cjohnston, i'm on loco-team-portal launchpad page.. I can't see any project around O.o17:08
hallino1cjohnston, or blueprints are the project? Sorry we don't use so much LP :)17:11
dakerhallino1, here is a small bug 100684117:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1006841 in LoCo Team Portal "UI bug on event detail" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100684117:34
hallino1daker, thanks.. I was reading about django.. It's cool!17:35

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