brycehRAOF, why do I see my → but not your smart quotes or á/à/ú/ù ?00:30
RAOFI don't know. I don't see your ???s, either.00:30
brycehRAOF, to me you are full of ?'s00:30
brycehRAOF, I want my € back :-)00:33
brycehRAOF, what keyboard layout do you use?00:33
Azelphurʞɔɐq € s!Ⴁ sʇuɐʍ әႡ00:34
AzelphurRAOF: that's interesting, I use en(colemak)00:34
RAOFIt's most likely to be encoding related.00:35
RAOFAlso likely: that my smuix-server hasn't got the right encoding set :)00:35
brycehRAOF, http://www.bryceharrington.org/files/xchat_raof_q.png00:38
RAOFThat's likely my fault.00:38
brycehRAOF, aha yeah could be filtering things out00:38
AzelphurI see exactly the same as bryceh in pidgin00:38
RAOFLet me restart stuff...00:38
brycehAzelphur, thanks00:39
Azelphurhehe :)00:39
brycehminutes posted00:42
brycehbetting is now open for how long until a summary + something rude appears on phoronix.00:43
RAOFbryceh: Does this shów üp çõrrectly™?00:45
Azelphurdoes for me00:45
bryceh<RAOF> bryceh: Does this shów üp çõrrectly™?00:46
RAOFAlso roundtrips correctly00:46
SarvattSNA is actually selectable in xorg.conf now and is still breaking daily, i'll turn it on by default and put a note about how to go back to uxa for people that want to actually use intel in tomorrow's upload01:36
Sarvattsorry I missed the meeting earlier, didn't know it was happening!01:36
RAOFSarvatt: !!! It was in ubuntu-x@, and we've talked about it a couple of times here :)01:38
RAOFSarvatt: SNA on 2.19 seems to be *reasonably* usable here.01:38
RAOF(Says the gen7 user)01:39
Sarvattyeah 2.19 is good, it gets fixed up decently just before releases :)01:39
RAOFApart from some missing rendering.01:41
Sarvattubuntu-x posts get lost in the hundreds of ubuntu-x-swat mails that come in, need to fix my darn filter rules it01:41
brycehSarvatt, :-(  what mail client?01:54
brycehSarvatt, as in, got procmail?01:54
Sarvattgmail, i just had it set up stupid01:54
Sarvatti got it all fixed up now, wont miss the next one!01:55
brycehSarvatt, I posted a summary to ubuntu-x and ubuntu-desktop, feel free to reply with any feedback you have01:58
hyperairSarvatt: SNA is selectable in xorg.conf?02:00
Sarvatthyperair: as of sometime last week yeah02:02
Sarvatthyperair: except you need to enable SNA then make UXA the default via configure flags and I haven't made that change in edgers yet, but i just made a hook so tomorrow's update will support it02:03
Sarvattguess its time to package up glamor too02:04
RAOFDoes anyone have any objections to moving to xserver 1.12 post A1? It'll make system-compositoring easier, as xwayland's based on 1.12.02:04
Sarvattnone at all here, i'd like to do it just in case 1.13 doesn't pan out actually02:06
brycehRAOF, since we have some other things planned to switch with A1, maybe give a week or so beforehand, so we have a gap to isolate bugs against?02:06
hyperairSarvatt: i see. i haven't been using edgers recently though.02:06
brycehI don't feel super strongly about that though, so if you're anxious to get it in immediately post-A1, I'm amenable02:06
hyperairglamor sounds interesting. =p02:06
RAOFbut still slower than UXA :)02:09
RAOFbryceh: I can wait a bit, but it'll make it much easier for robert_ancell to start on the lightdm work if it's easy to get at.02:12
brycehwell we've not seen very much in terms of bug reports up til now, and based on history I really don't expect to see much feedback until after A2.02:13
brycehRAOF, so, use your judgment.  If there's definite value plugging it in right after A1, go for it.02:14
RAOFActually, doing all the work and dumping it in a PPA would be just as useful to me. Uploading to quantal-proposed and then copying to quantal can be done at leisure, then.02:23
tjaaltonno objections to 1.1205:22
mlankhorstRAOF: No objections here :)07:55
tjaaltoni'm fed up with apport not being able to collect the relevat info when asked to do so09:08
tjaaltonrelevant too09:08
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seb128tjaalton, like?09:28
mlankhorstI should give my trees names, 3 trees called linux aren't helping matters much :)09:36
tjaaltonseb128: like on bug 100886409:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1008864 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software center crashes when clicking pay apps" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100886409:41
seb128tjaalton, what info did it fail to collect?09:42
tjaaltonseb128: whatever ubuntu-bug xorg would collect09:44
tjaaltona lot of stuff09:44
seb128tjaalton, the bug was reported against s-c not xorg09:44
seb128why would it collect xorg infos?09:44
tjaaltonuh, right. so no way to force it to collec the right one09:45
tjaaltonit has xorg component opened too09:45
tjaaltonat least it's some hybrid setup with nvidia, so probably just a nouveau bug09:45
tjaaltonanyway, that was a bad example, there have been other bugs too like that :)09:47
tjaaltonwould be nice if apport-collect could allow a package argument in addition to the bugnum09:50
seb128tjaalton, apport-collect -p xorg ?09:54
tjaaltonseb128: the manpage at least has no such thing09:58
seb128tjaalton, apport-collect --help is what I used09:59
tjaaltonsigh, the manpage should be updated then10:00
mlankhorstthen launchpad died underneath me, sigh :P10:01
seb128tjaalton, patches are welcome I guess10:01
seb128mlankhorst, they do inline update, that's usally around 10am and for a minute or so10:01
mlankhorstah k10:01
mlankhorstyep you're righ,t, back up10:02
tjaaltonseb128: just filed a bug for now10:10
seb128tjaalton, k10:10
tjaaltonseb128: thanks for pointing that out though, wonder how many times it would've been helpful in the past to know that :)10:11
mlankhorsttjaalton: oh hey can I get a patch in kernel 3.4? Upstream commit a6a17859f1bdf607650ee055101f54c5f207762b10:12
tjaaltonmlankhorst: quantal will have 3.5 soon anywa?10:14
tjaaltondon't think they'll even do 3.4 uploads anymore10:15
tjaaltonwould this be good for 3.2 too?10:16
tjaaltonsounds like it would10:16
mlankhorsttjaalton: was a regression in 3.4 i think10:17
mlankhorstso many changes between 3.2 and 3.3 i dont know what fixed it for nouveau10:19
mlankhorstI'm guessing those 3 for v3.2: 6322175530c89ab719cea28202f96a3660491727, c8435362f2211086b34ce871fa9c3fcc7ca79ff9, a6a17859f1bdf607650ee055101f54c5f207762b10:23
tjaaltonif you have fixes for nouveau that'd be great10:23
mlankhorstI could pick those to v3.2 and see10:24
tjaaltonthe first one is quite old, but not in 3.2?10:24
tjaaltondoesn't look like it10:25
tjaaltonthe procedure for getting fixes in10:26
tjaaltonmight be easier to get them via v3.2-stable10:27
tjaaltonyou can see what's been proposed already http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/bwh/linux-3.2.y-queue.git;a=summary10:29
tjaaltonhah http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/bwh/linux-3.2.y-queue.git;a=commitdiff;h=443b53442f77382a0de81d58154ec2187a21279a#patch10'10:31
tjaaltonthat's going to help a lot10:31
jcristaui sent that in after bugs.debian.org/67502210:43
tjaaltonah, ok10:49
mlankhorsttjaalton: Yeah I'll try upstream first. :-)10:52
tjaaltonmlankhorst: if you have bug refs that would make it easier to get accepted, i guess10:53
tjaaltonand after that, it's a walk in the park getting pulled in precise :)10:53
tjaaltonwithout all the paperwork10:53
mlankhorstWe'll see, I never had to refer someone else's patches for stable though.10:54
mlankhorstif this works i might try to get some other nouveau fixes through -stable too11:00
tjaaltonhmm, disabling fbc should be possible to get in the current -proposed kernel11:11
tjaaltonit's a oneliner and no fear of regressions..11:11
mlankhorstlike all one liners11:16
mlankhorstI think after another exa patch gets in I'll probably push the ddx14:01
seb128tjaalton, I'm unsure if apport-collect look at the launchpad package or the Package: in the reported bug, but you get at least an Xorg.0.log.old which shows an intel Xorg segfault in the bug you pointed earlier14:18
tjaaltonseb128: ah, fun14:21
AzelphurSo, who wants to play ridiculous / borderline insane x.org config? I'm trying to set up 4 monitors, 2 screens, one on GTX 570 nvidia proprietary, one on AMD 5870 (Radeon)16:04
Azelphurhttp://collabedit.com/pqyaj is what I have so far, the nvidia stuff works, but the AMD stuff isn't doing so well16:04
Azelphurit's only pulling up one monitor, and compiz/xfce don't start properly :(16:04
mlankhorstAzelphur: You'll have more luck to pull that off with nouveau16:09
AzelphurI could start off with nouveau, but I like playing games under wine and nouveau doesn't do too well at that16:10
mlankhorstI mean nvidia makes you unable to use other drivers at the same time16:11
Azelphuroh wow, that's annoying16:11
Azelphurbut then how is the radeon even up, the radeon is up and has one display running16:12
Azelphurjust not very well16:12
mlankhorstany gl to it will probably fail16:12
Azelphuryep, that's pretty much what I'm getting16:12
Azelphurcompiz is just falling over and dieing16:12
Azelphurok so I'll try with nouveau :)16:13
mlankhorstI'm guessing ati card was using r600?16:14
AzelphurI dunnod16:14
Azelphurhaha, changed nvidia to nouveau now I have ATI up (mirrored) and no nvidia16:15
Azelphuror is the driver name for nouveau nv?16:15
mlankhorsterm no, nv should die off. :p16:15
Azelphurah :)16:16
mlankhorstis the nouveau module loaded¿16:16
Azelphurin lsmod? nope :(16:16
mlankhorstprobably have to reboot after removing nvidia16:17
Azelphurused jockey to remove the nvidia driver and rebooting now :)16:20
Azelphurstill the same, mirrors on the AMD and nothing on nvidia, http://pastebin.com/kNHMiqcz is my xorg.conf atm16:22
Azelphuroh hey but opengl stopped failing16:23
tjaaltona great way to gpu-hang ivybridge; open the session menu from lightdm login screen...16:24
tjaaltonno need to open either, just hovering over the icon is enough16:24
tjaaltonfixed in 3.4 at least16:29
tjaalton3.3.7 too16:31
tjaaltonbut it's slow to navigate the menu.. laggy as hell16:32
tjaaltondb099c8f963fe656108e0a068274c5580a17f69b drm/i915: gen7: work around a system hang on IVB16:38
tjaaltonwhy yes16:38
cndmlankhorst, it looks like you forgot to push the changes to the synaptics ubuntu branch when you uploaded the last release to quantal16:56
cndlet me see if I can figure out how to sync16:57
cndlooks like the only change was the bump from UNRELEASED to quantal17:00
cndmlankhorst, ok, I fixed it up :)17:02
mlankhorstcnd: I don't have push rights, so wasn't me :)17:03
cndit says you're the committer17:03
mlankhorstI mean i did the branch, but I didn't upload17:03
cndI see17:04
cndwho uploaded it?17:04
Azelphurmlankhorst, so, I've got radeon up with opengl, but the nvidias arn't coming up, and the radeon is just in mirror mode17:04
seb128cnd, Signed-By: Bryce Harrington17:04
seb128cnd, from the -changes email17:04
mlankhorstAzelphur: nouveau module loaded to kernel at least?17:04
Azelphurmlankhorst, doesn't show up in lsmod, but Xorg.0.log says it loaded it17:05
cndwell, it wasn't difficult to sync this time at least :)17:05
cndI've left things in worse states before17:05
mlankhorstAzelphur: grep -r blacklist.*nouveau /etc/modprobe.d17:05
Azelphur/etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-current_hybrid.conf:blacklist nouveau17:06
Azelphur/etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-current_hybrid.conf:blacklist lbm-nouveau17:06
mlankhorstremove that file, then restart17:06
Azelphurboth of them?17:07
mlankhorstit's one file17:08
Azelphuroh yea, silly me I just realised that17:08
Azelphurrebooting now \o/17:08
Azelphurprogress :D17:12
Azelphurboth cards are now mirroring17:12
mlankhorstso just have fun with xrandr now17:12
Azelphurnice, can i make xrandr settings perm somehow?17:13
brycehAzelphur, either in xorg.conf or .gnomerc or the like17:13
mlankhorstpersonally i stuff it in krandrrc but that's for kde only17:14
AzelphurI think I broke it :(17:22
tjaalton'5d031e5b633 drm/i915: Remove use of the autoreported ringbuffer HEAD position' fixed the lightdm menu hang17:42
mlankhorstbryceh/raof: i still have to see if i can get some upload rights this cycle, is it possible I help out with the X 1.12 upload?19:17
brycehmlankhorst, don't worry about rushing to get upload rights this cycle; there's plenty of us who can do uploads for you.  but most of the work is getting packages ready for upload, as you've been doing19:20
mlankhorstbryceh: ok so I'll just continue on that and maybe put up a ppa?19:20
brycehmlankhorst, yep that's a great idea19:20
mlankhorstperfect have something to work on tomorrow then :)19:21
brycehmlankhorst, if you get bored, there are plenty of bugs that need looked at, or if you'd rather look at code, you could go through the proposed patches and give your opinion - https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+patches19:21
mlankhorstbryceh: I'll probably just enable vdpau for the ppa so I can verify mplayer won't break at least19:22
mlankhorstbryceh: but when I get bored I sometimes just spend some more time on nouveau vdpau for fun, I'm trying to get some patches for nouveau in linux stable. :)19:30
brycehthere are also a lot of bugs needing triaged19:36
brycehin fact I'm wondering if we ought to switch to a team model for triaging (i.e. everyone spend N hrs / week triaging)19:37
mlankhorstbryceh: Problem is that sadly a whole lot of bugs are hardware specific :(19:41
jcristaua whole lot of bugs are probably pebcak19:42
brycehmlankhorst, triage != fix19:42
brycehjcristau, extraordinarily true19:42
bryceh50% of bugs reported to X aren't X bugs19:42
jcristaumlankhorst: user doing something wrong.19:43
mlankhorstjcristau: or user wants to uninstall nvidia :-)19:43
brycehanother quarter are inane junk like not knowing how to configure things19:43
mlankhorstI'm so tempted to write something that tests it19:43
mlankhorstload glxinfo -> results sane? load glxinfo32 -> results sane?19:44
mlankhorstgrep blacklist.*nouveau /etc/modprobe.d/*19:44
brycehthen there's 24% which may be legitimate bugs but the user hasn't reported them properly.  So we have to coach them through some debugging19:44
mlankhorstand the 1% that's so insane but with a hint of truth that you can't help but wonder what's going on in their minds? ;)19:45
brycehmlankhorst, if you dummy up a script, I may be able to transliterate that into our apport hook to run during bug reporting.19:45
mlankhorstbryceh: the problem is getting glxinfo and glxinfo32 at the same time19:46
mlankhorstbut I spend some time in #nouveau figuring out bugs, sometimes it helps figuring out bugs filed against nouveau early. :)19:49
tjaaltonsweet, fbc disabled for snb in precise master-next20:32
tjaaltonthat was quick20:32
bdmurraybryceh: can you provide some insight regarding bug 924909?20:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924909 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Windows have grey traces in Ubiquity" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92490920:52
brycehbdmurray, only occurs through VM?20:58
bdmurraybryceh: looks like hardware to me20:59
brycehbdmurray, I would guess cjwatson's right that it's a window manager compositing issue.21:04
brycehbdmurray, are all the commenters using metacity's compositing functionality?21:04
bdmurraybryceh: yes they are either at the try screen or did choose install ubuntu so not a full desktop21:27
brycehbdmurray, so metacity compositor update bug probably.21:34
bdmurraybryceh: so a metacity task then?21:34
brycehI'd seen something similar with remote desktop not repainting a while back with compositing enabled, but that affected the whole screen not just the background21:34
brycehbdmurray, yup21:34
brycehbdmurray, well, make sure to confirm they're all running metacity as the window manager.  I *think* that's what xfce uses but am not 100% certain.21:35
jcristauxfce uses xfwm21:36
jcristaumetacity was gnome221:36
brycehbdmurray, there you go.21:37
bdmurraywhat does composting get you if you are just installing anyway?21:40
jcristautrouble, probably21:41

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