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mazalAfternoon all10:22
mazalAnybody that can answer me on questions regarding updates on Ubuntu server ?10:27
confluencyWhat kinds of questions?  Don't ask if you can ask; just ask.10:39
confluencymazal: ^^^10:40
mazalI sommer put it in the email list , think that would be easier10:47
mazalSo you guys will see it there thanx10:47
mazalI am so up and down that I am gonna talk in too much "payment" here :P10:48
confluencymazal: you *can*, and it *should* work, but obviously make backups and stuff.  If you have a lot of custom config in /etc, you may need to do a bit of manual admin to merge it with any new changes introduced in updated packages.10:57
superflymazal: I just replied to your e-mail.10:58
confluencyI'm personally underwhelmed by the way this is handled by teh upgrade -- I think that whatever you pick it will save the other file in the same directory with a suffix, but it doesn't *tell* you this.10:58
confluencyAnd it doesn't let you do a custom merge on the spot (I think), so you have to go back to do it later, which is annoying.  You should write down all the config files that are affected, because I don't think it keeps a record.10:59
confluencyIn an emergency, I think you can do a locate on whatever the suffix is.10:59
confluencyYou know what?  I should paste all that into an email.11:00
superflyconfluency: I agree. I'd prefer to get the new config file, but I'd like to know what changed, or at least the diff between my file and the incoming one.11:07
confluencyI find it really annoying that you can't do a merge immediately.  I've usually just added one or two lines, and it's super simple to fix.11:08
mazalThank you guys11:27
queerynone of my bootable devices want to work16:01
queeryI got the ISO form ubuntu.com16:01
queeryand not my CD nor my Flash want to boot prop16:01
queeryactually at all....16:01
queeryMaaz: coffee on16:02
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:02
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!16:06
queeryMaaz: ty16:06
MaazYou are welcome queery16:06
queeryMaaz: botsnack16:06
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well16:06
Kiloshi superfly smile psydroid inetpro nuvolari and other lurkers17:21
superflyhi Kilos17:22
Kilosanother day without power17:22
smilehi ;)17:22
Kiloshopefully escom will soon have the whole country wired and not need to switch off for 2 days to make a new connection17:23
Kilosinetpro, is dit al koud genoeg vir jou??17:27
psydroidhi Kilos17:30
psydroidhoi smile17:30
psydroidsmile, snakker du norsk?17:31
smilepsydroid: nein! :p17:31
psydroidsmile :)17:31
smilepsydroid: bedoel je: versta je noors?17:31
psydroidthe grammar of norwegian is about as simple as that of afrikaans17:32
psydroidsmile, spreek je noors?17:32
psydroidførstår du norsk?17:33
psydroidis volgens mij wat jij bedoelt17:33
smilepsydroid: nee, ik spreek geen noors. wat zei je dan? :)17:33
psydroidsmile, nog niet veel :P17:34
psydroidik moet later maar weer eens een keer met WASDx gaan praten in het Zweeds :)17:35
smileoke! :)17:35
psydroidmaar hij praat alleen maar over eenden17:39
psydroiddus dan wordt een uur praten wel een beetje langdradig17:39
Kilostoo cold to sit at pc. i go have a hot bath and bed. night all. sleep tight17:51
smilebye :)18:37

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