eagle_eyeKRomo: nice!00:00
rezadatakid , you try grep with -i "?00:00
nutsry im from the south00:00
escottmoonpie, really hard to say. is it connected to a usb extension hub, or directly to the computer?00:00
rezanut, are you implying people from the south are stupid by nature?00:00
moonpieescott, directly to the computer.00:00
escottmoonpie, might it be a power issue? is the drive independently powered or does it rely on usb hub power?00:01
escottmoonpie, are you running on AC or battery00:01
nutno but all n all if u r use a phone or to me a pc talking to ppl i kinda like to use short hart or whatever they call it00:01
KRomoanyobe use ubuntuone? I cant see whyto use it over dropbox00:01
anadonI need to retrieve a specific file from a backup.  How do I do this?  I didn't use any encryption.00:01
escottanadon, what backup system did you use?00:02
moonpieescott, it relies on usb power. computer plugged in00:02
anadonescott: deja-dup00:02
eagle_eyenut: is English a native language for you?00:02
KRomois there a way to have a secondary hd mount at boot?00:02
xangua!u | nut00:02
ubottunut: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.00:02
escottmoonpie, are you running on AC or battery? do you have a lot of other usb devices connected that need usb hub power?00:02
nutit is how it is man00:03
datakidreza, I don't think it's the case sensitivity that00:03
datakid's  the problem00:03
datakidit's the wconfig output00:03
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lkjsomething to do with Unity blah blah blah. You know the fucking drill.00:03
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moonpieescott, computer is plugged in. i have nothing else connected to the computer except for this ext hd with two partitions. i can't drag and drop files into the partition but i can copy them onto the computer.00:04
escottanadon, thats one thing i dont like about deja-dup is that seemed harder to restore a single file verses the whole kit-and-kaboodle. theoretically the files it creates are just tarballs so if you can find the right tarball, but its probably easier to do a full restore to a selected directory if the gui doesn't give you a better option (sorry just dont know deja-dup)00:04
anadonlkj: Watch it.00:04
anadonescott: I just want one small document--my resume...FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU00:04
escottmoonpie, the whole "drag and drop" is a few steps ahead of us at the moment. i want to know why your disk was spontaneously ejected from the system00:04
moonpieescott, sorry. yes.00:05
anadonescott: Is there much rhyme or reason to the storing mechanism?00:05
escottanadon, don't assume that i know everything about deja-dup. it may be possible. its not the tool i use00:05
anadonescott: Sorry.00:05
moonpieescott, according to nautilus its connected00:05
nuti justmwould like a little help trying to get a laptop hard drive up and running again but it is saying womething about a missing super-block in the filesystem00:05
nuti hate this keyboard00:06
escottanadon, all methods have advantages and disadvantages. if you need a backup system that allows you access to one off files i would recommend rsync. doesn't help your current problem though00:06
moonpieescott, this is sooo weird, indeed. and thx for your help. you really know how to troubleshoot.00:06
eagle_eye!ot | nut00:06
ubottunut: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:06
escottmoonpie, why dont you eject the disk. remove it. replug it, and then try those commands i sent you earlier00:06
moonpieescott, ok00:07
escottmoonpie, sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/; ls -la /mnt; sudo touch /mnt/test_file_creation_root ; touch /mnt_test_file_creation_nonroot; ls -la /mnt; whoami00:07
anadonescott: Well, HD died, got a 20G SSD.  It worked at the time, but not now.  My backup is larger than my disk...00:07
nutim still using xubuntu to try and fix it00:07
nuti dont understand the prob??00:08
gvonut have your tried e2fsck?00:08
nutin google or terminal??00:08
gvonut in terminal.00:09
lgcHi, is it possible to just sync certain folders in my Ubuntu One cloud?00:09
nutk no i havnt i dont know all the commands00:09
gvonut what device are you getting the error on?00:09
nutit gave mck a bunch of gibberish back i havnt figured out what all i need to type00:11
MeXTuXI'm using command line svn client and everytime I enter a command this warning appears ---> WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-lm7o0e/pkcs11: No such file or directory00:11
moonpieescott, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027801/ same exact print out. and the  ext hard drive is connected!00:11
gvonut pastebin the gibberish00:12
escottmoonpie, did you issue the mount command first?00:12
nutits a western digital 60 gb hd it was like a passport or something lie that but the case broke a while back but is still good00:12
moonpieescott, nooo. ugh!00:12
escottmoonpie, dont give me last test this test. give the pure unadulterated session00:12
escottmoonpie, from the moment you plug it in, and dont click anything in the gui00:12
lgcHi, is it possible to just sync certain folders in my Ubuntu One cloud?00:13
escottMeXTuX, you have an invalid GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL environment variable. are you running in an xterm? are you running as the same user who owns the xsession?00:14
bazhanglgc you might try asking in #ubuntuone00:14
bazhangGapSpark, stop that00:14
GapSparkbazhang ?00:14
GapSparkhello people00:14
FloodBot1GapSpark: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
lgcbazhang, I did, but didn't get any answer.00:14
bazhangGapSpark, dont test your irc client here00:14
GapSparkbazhang huh?00:15
Kornkage4he think someone here is using norton antivirus..00:15
nuti cant get it to paste here??00:15
bazhangGapSpark, the keylogger commands. that has nothing to do with ubuntu support so stop it00:15
MeXTuXescott: in fact I'm using Xubuntu 12.0400:15
KRomois there a really pretty tetris game for linux?00:15
ubottunut: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:15
nutoh in ubuntu community00:16
moonpieescott, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027810/00:16
marc_12314Hi, newb here with raid stuff…  I have four 2tb drive, my motherboard say it allow raid 0/0+1/1, so no raid 5… but I read that mdadm is software base raid, does it means that I can still put my drives in raid 5 instead of two raid1 array?00:16
escottMeXTuX, not sure how that is relevant. if you dont want to use the gnome-keyring you should just unset the variable in your shell. perhaps you started the keyring and then killed it, but your shell got the variable?00:16
nutwell how can i in the terminal check the disk for errors and fix them??00:17
escottmoonpie, i see you are trying to mount sdb, you want sdc. i was modifying your original commands and didn't notice the change.00:17
MeXTuXescott: How can I check that?00:18
schnufflenut: the tool is e2fsck but the partition needs to be unmounted00:18
gvonut I'm done.  You don't answer the questions, I can't help00:18
moonpieescott, ok doing it all over. lol...i didnt notice either00:18
ruDErzmning al00:18
escottmoonpie, try "ls -la /media/backup1010ext4; sudo touch /media/backup1010ext4/test_root; touch /media/backup1010ext4/test_nonroot; ls -la /media/backup1010ext4; whoami00:18
nutit doesnt even show unless i go to gparted and look at it00:18
escottmarc_12314, mdadm should support raid5 personalities00:19
escottmarc_12314, do not use motherboard intel fake-raid not real raid no battery backup wont boot stupid idea raid00:19
OliverWDoes anybody know how to change the time to suspend (found in power settings) from the command line? I'd like to schedule a shorter time for the evenings and longer times during the day.00:20
toafan_OliverW: what, so scripting?00:20
schnufflemarc_12314: softeaid supports rai5 but for booting from only raid1 is supported afaik00:21
hiloIs there a tool similar to rsync for backing up locally?00:21
OliverWtoafan_, yeah, just schedule it with cron00:21
escottOliverW, check gsettings00:21
schnufflehilo: duplicity00:21
gvohilo rsync can write to a local file system00:21
nuti found some help on it00:21
escotthilo, the most similar tool to rsync for local backups is rsync00:21
hiloescott: do I leave out the ssh stuff for local or just do it all the same?00:22
sacarlsonhilo: I think you can use it same as cp for local00:23
escotthilo, as long as its a valid "url" which could be an "ssh://" protocol specification or an absolute or relative path specification. rsync doesnt care. it just parses the path00:23
gvohilo: rsync -a /home/me/all/*  /var/tmp/backup00:24
escotthilo, now im curious what happens if you say "rsync ssh://host1/path1 ssh://host2/path2" but i dont see why that wouldnt work00:24
jagginessgvo, rsync -av /source/ /target/   (-v shows whats being copied)00:25
gvojagginess: So?00:25
jagginessgvo, /source/* not the same as /source/00:25
gvojagginess: I know00:25
gvojagginess: Nor is it the same as /source00:26
marc_12314Well, maybe you guys can give me some advices, I have ubuntu server installed on two 40gb IDE drive (raid1), used it for 1 year, works great so far. I use it for our media/file server…  I had two 2tb drives, but no backup, since I don't want to loose all the kids movies and have to rip all those dvd again (I just hate dvd, always end up loosing the one the kids want to watch anyway)…   so, I decided to buy two more 2tb drive and was planning to00:26
marc_12314create two raid1 array, but just learn that raid5 would give me the same security and give me more space (6tb instead of 4tb right?)…   anything else I should know about? other raid options? do you recommend to buy a 50$ raid card from an online store to have hardware raid instead?00:26
JDuke128hello , when i install ubuntu on my server  , i got broken screen after installation , i can't enter anywhere , i see something like this : http://postimage.org/image/ux6gy26at/00:26
JDuke128someone know why ?00:26
escottbooo rsync doesn't support both source and destination being remote. why cant i be stupid if i want to. what happened to freedom00:26
jagginessgvo, so if you're wrong don't feel insulted. you talk like an ass00:26
moonpieescott, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027822/00:26
compdocfreedom? I want some00:27
JDuke128please how can i fix the issue ?00:27
JDuke128someone know solution ?00:27
OliverWescott, thanks, that works great :)00:27
schnuffleJDuke128: video driver problem00:27
gvojagginess: I didn't feel insulted  I just didn't understand why you had to say what you did00:27
JDuke128schnuffle , how can i fix ?00:27
escottmoonpie, left out the crucial ls /media/backup1010ext4 but it seems to be working00:27
jagginessgvo, because you're wrong.00:27
* jagginess ignores gvo00:28
schnuffleJDuke128: what graphic chip do you have00:28
escottmarc_12314, not sure i see the advantage of converting personalities just for a few terabytes. you could just buy another disk. there are advantages to a 1+0 structure in that you can split the mirrors. if you do decide to go with a card, be sure to get one that has a battery backup00:29
schnuffleJDuke128: paste lspci | grep VGA00:29
randomDudemarc_12314: don't use raid5 if you care about the data00:30
schnufflerandomDude: Any proove to backup your statement?00:30
randomDudeschnuffle: the write hole?00:31
moonpieescott, its there.  ls -la /media/backup1010ext400:31
escottso now try and copy with the gui a file into /media/backup1010ext400:31
mefistofeleshey, how should I run a command when the X server (or lightdm) starts?00:32
escottmefistofeles, what command do you want to run?00:32
gvoschnuffle: http://www.recoveryforce.com/articles/185-raid-5-is-your-data-safe00:32
mefistofelesescott: xinput set-int-prop "AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint " "Device Enabled" 8 000:32
faryshtaHow do I set an image as background on libreoffice presentation?00:33
mefistofelesit needs X, so that's why I think it must be inside lightdm autostart or something00:33
escottmefistofeles, perhaps in /etc/X11/Xsession.d somewhere00:34
gvofaryshta: #liberoffice perhaps00:34
gvoor #libreoffice00:34
moonpieescott, "Error while copying to "external hard drive". The destination is read-only. argh!!!!!! same error! doesnt make any sense at all!00:34
garmonboziaOkay, so I have a pretty sill question. I was trying to install Java and found myself going through tutorial after tutorial only to find out I only needed icetea6. But now I get this: Errors were encountered while processing: oracle-java7-installer00:34
jagginessmefistofeles, if you find out how for just a particular user account let me know, i know how to do for all users though (/etc/xdg/autostart).. i couldnt find a document for this either (I know i can for gdm/gdm and before lightdm was released)00:34
escottmoonpie, what gui tool is this and who is it running as?00:35
gvoSince I can't spell in English;00:35
moonpieim using nautilus. and im running as homer.00:35
mefistofelesjagginess: I see, though I need it for all users, thanks for your comment gonna try it00:35
faryshtagvo, I posted my question there already, no answers.00:35
marc_12314I thought that on four 2tb drive, raid5 would give me 6tb instead of 4tb with raid1… and that raid5 was as safe as raid 1… I'm wrong? (then anyone have a good website to explain the details, seems that those I found might not be the best info :P)00:35
wa5qjhQuickie, Can I upgrade 11.10 to 12.04 without loosing all I've put into 11.10? if so, is there a web page I can goto for details ?00:35
escottmoonpie, ps aux | grep nautilus; lets see what that says00:35
jagginessmefistofeles, you make a .desktop file, there are other .desktop files there that are vital and shouldn't be blindly moved outta their place..00:36
mefistofelesjagginess: sure, thanks00:36
escottmarc_12314, there is a write-hole problem in raid5 where data may not make it to the correct disks in the right way before a power failure00:36
KRomois there a really pretty tetris game for linux?00:36
gvomarc_12314: Raid 5 is somewhat risky http://www.recoveryforce.com/articles/185-raid-5-is-your-data-safe00:37
garmonboziahow do I get rid of this error. It happened because I used this tutorial: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu.html00:37
moonpieescott, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027829/00:37
jagginessescott power failure? raid is never good without battery backup i think everyone knows this (including me!!)00:37
escottjagginess, yes.. which is why i was telling marc_12314 that00:37
escottmoonpie, screenshots of what you are doing. thats all i can think of at this point00:38
escottmarc_12314, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID_5_write_hole00:39
moonpieescott, ok! here we go! but one last thing before i do that. the permissions i have set up for the ext hd: backup1010...were changed that homer is the only person who can read and write on the disk. how can i change it so anyone can read and write on the disk?00:40
marc_12314oh, I see… didn't read that in the info I found… good to know… then I'll stick with raid1 I guess… So raid5 won't work unless a broken disk is replaced right?  but with raid1, the system continue to work?00:40
mefistofelesjagginess: http://pastie.org/4041400 this should do it?00:42
gvomarc_12314: The folks around here that really want raid to work right are stuck on raid10.00:43
jagginessmefistofeles, i dont know about that, maybe you need an execparam= or whatever.. but you can use a .sh file in the Exec= line .. also there's a .desktop thing to not show a terminal box if calling an .sh file ..00:43
escottmoonpie, so for directories the only permissions that make much sense are 7 (full access to that folder meaning creating, renaming, and deleting files) and 5 meaning (list the contents of the folder-- reading the files is controlled by the files permissions). so 777 means anyone can modify the folder contents 755 means only you can modify the contents but anyone can read them, and 770 means that you or your group can modify the contents00:43
escottbut other cannot see it at all. see !permissions for more examples. chmod 777 /media/thatfoldername00:43
faryshtaHow do I set an image as background on libreoffice presentation?00:44
reisiofaryshta: #libreoffice00:44
escottmarc_12314, either could continue to run in a degraded mode, but thats discouraged00:44
moonpieescott, do you think that might make a difference? im gonna try, anywhich way!00:44
jagginessmefistofeles, there's another .desktop file there that says it, it has 'terminal*=' something as the config word00:44
hiloHow can I figure out which physical hard drive (by serial number or something like that) corresponds to which logical device (/dev/sdx or UUID)?00:44
mefistofelesjagginess: ok, gonna check it, thanks00:45
reisiohilo: /sbin/blkid00:45
escottmarc_12314, also disk failures are HIGHLY coorelated by environmental factors. so when one disk in a case fails be thinking "I have 2 days until every disk fails"00:45
escottmoonpie, it shouldnt make any difference00:45
gvohilo try blkid00:45
bazhanghttp://ask.libreoffice.org/question/1308/easier-to-apply-background-in-impress   <------- faryshta00:45
jagginesshilo, blkid<enter> or ls -la /dev/disk/by-uuid00:45
escotthilo, "sudo blkid"00:45
BlackshirtHilo, first primary was sda, second primary was sdb..i think like that00:46
hiloWhen I use those commands, it prints out all the UUID's but how do I associate which ones belong to which drive? There are multiple controllers with many drives.00:46
marc_12314escott: well, it takes usually 2 day for my shipping to arrive :)  and it's only for my home media server…00:46
jagginesshilo, there are symlinks..00:47
jagginesshilo, find /dev/disk/00:48
faryshtareisio, I already asked on #libreoffice but the channel is dead.00:48
bazhangfaryshta, I gave you the answer00:48
hiloI ran this command: "sudo blkid -o full" and the output did not include all the drives that I am using (they are members of the linuxraid).00:50
faryshtabazhang, I see. Thanks.00:50
marc_12314thanks a lot for your help guys, helped me a lot understand raid better…   last question … I have two Western Digital (same model) and two Samsung (same model also)…  should I raid1 two drive of the same model, or should I put a WD and a Samsung together?   (might be a little far fetch, but I'm guessing if a WD fail, the other WD would have more chance to fail since it's the exact same model)00:51
gvomarc_12314: If they are bought at the same time, sure.00:52
faryshtabazhang, It worked. Do you know how to gave a transparency to the BG image?00:52
cipher__i've lost all sound, and all options under gnome-control-center for sound are grayed out00:53
Jordan_Umarc_12314: That's the standard thought, yes.00:53
bazhangfaryshta, no idea. try on the ask.libreoffice site, or the irc libreoffice channel00:53
escottmarc_12314, its not that far fetched. i sadly (and stupidly) at one time had two hitachi deathstars. will never make that mistake again00:53
moonpieescott, http://imagebin.org/21543800:53
cipher__last time changing my kernel fixed it00:53
cipher__i don't recall which version it was, nor how :(00:54
marc_12314escott: they broke at the same time?00:54
Nerduswhere are plugins of audacity ?  thanks.00:54
escottmarc_12314, pretty much00:54
moonpieescott, http://imagebin.org/21543900:55
marc_12314escott: that sucks :P   alright, I'll go and rebuild my array with different model… only took 14h for 2tb anyway o_O00:55
escottmoonpie, can you send me the "mount" output one more time00:55
faryshtabazhang, the #libreoffice channel is dead. Let me try ask.libreoffice00:55
bazhanghttp://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/plugins Nerdus00:55
moonpieescott, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027853/00:57
dontknowi have gnome do 0.9 file duplication issue00:58
GirffeI'm trying to install NVIDIA drivers (GTX 680) on my ubuntu 12.04 x64 machine, and I need to stop the X server to install the driver. However, when I run 'sudo stop lightdm', it brings me to a red screen instead of a terminal, and none of the combinations I tried (ctrl+alt+number, ctrl+alt+esc, others) did anything. Does anyone know what's wrong?00:59
escottmoonpie, i dont know00:59
sacarlsonGirffe: maybe try nomodeset ?01:00
Girffesacarlson: I don't know what that is, can you elaborate?01:00
moonpieescott, do you think if just get a new ext hd. connect this one to a diff linux set up and then transfer the files over to the new hd there will be no problem? sorry. i thinkim loopy from spedning like 3 hours trying to troubleshoot this.01:00
dontknowgnome do duplicate files for example one of them is like "~/documents/anyfile" other one is "file://~document/anyfile" why is it like that?01:01
moonpieescott, i mean copy files from the ext hd thats acting weird onto a new hd. or will the permissions on the new for the files be the same?01:01
escottmoonpie, its really confusing with the number of external disks you have plugged into that system, but (if im looking at the right devices) it should be working. i dont know what to tell you01:01
HrdwrBoBmorning all01:01
moonpiei have 1 ext hd with two partitions01:01
=== chris_ is now known as Guest46669
escottmoonpie, if the drive were to suddenly fail in some way it should drop to read only and should appear that way in mount01:02
moonpieescott, i have one ext hd with two partitions01:02
escottmoonpie, no you have three different disks. sdb, sdc and sdd01:02
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kizzyi did a total reinstall and no crashing of system now01:02
escottmoonpie, unless you dont have three disks plugged into this machine?01:02
HrdwrBoBI've just installed Xen 4.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 but it just reboots after the initial (XEN) messages01:02
moonpieescott, what is the sdd? i have two partitions on my internal hd? is the the sdd?01:02
moonpieescott, one of those?01:03
forbidden404Hey, guys, is there a way to add a repository... "smoothly" ? Like when I type sudo apt-get -y01:03
escottmoonpie, your mount output lists: /dev/sdb2 on /mnt type ext4 (rw) /dev/sdc2 on /media/backup1010ext4 type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks) /dev/sdd2 on /media/backup1010ext4_ type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)01:03
forbidden404sudo apt-add-repository -y works for it?01:03
toafan_moonpie: partitions on main drive would be sda1, sda2, etc01:03
escottmoonpie, that says to me that right now you have THREE different disks in THREE different cases attached to the computer01:03
scar3crowhelp setting my boot to display the splash image pls, nvidia card (online faq and grub-customizer do not work)01:03
sacarlson!nomodeset girffe01:04
toafan_moonpie: if it comes to copying files off the drive, you might try re-formating it after backingup01:04
sacarlsongirffe http://askubuntu.com/questions/83642/nomodeset-installation01:04
roastedQuestion - anybody running nginx? I tried installing it but it didn't put anything in /var/www. In fact, it didn't even add the "www" dir like I thought it would. Anybody running it by chance?01:04
ubottuTo change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.01:04
faryshtaHow do I create a custom gradient on libreoffice?01:05
datakidany good guides or tips on data collection via cli? Am writing a small bash script to measure web connection using ping, mtr, output redirection and cron...but I'm not sure how best to structure the output to make it easy to parse later01:05
moonpieescott, what is the sdd2? where did that come from? i only have one backup1010ext4. what is this  /dev/sdd2 on /media/backup1010ext4_ type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)?01:05
forbidden404I'm doing a pos-installation script for my Ubuntu, so one of the command lines is about adding repositories, is there a way to make it automatic? Without the need to press <enter>? Like when I type sudo apt-get install -y, this works for add-apt-repository?01:05
escottmoonpie, sdd2 is the second partition on the 4th drive attached to the computer. sda is your first drive (your installed system) sdb is your first (external unless you have multiple internals) drive, sdc the third, and sdd the fourth. if you only have the one external drive then thats our problem. i dont know how you got into this state, but thats the problem01:06
sacarlsonforbidden404: you could have your script edit the /etc/apt/sources.list maybe with the sed editor01:07
moonpieescott, that is the problem! i only have one ext hd with two partitions attached to this computer. what on earth went haywire? how can i erase this sdd2?01:07
forbidden404sacarlson: Just adding the ppa lines on /etc/apt/sources.list?01:07
sacarlsonforbidden404: ya that would be one option just append the lines01:08
escottmoonpie, i would just reboot at this point. and then plug in the disk. eject it in nautilus. remove it. plug it in again, eject it. do that a couple times, and then post the dmesg output01:08
JohnTeddyI plugged in a USB WiFi adapter.. though my original WiFi PCI-e adapter built-in to my laptop keeps turning back on. I did 'ifconfig eth1 down', it goes down... after several seconds though it comes back up...01:08
JohnTeddyHow can I put eth1 down, and keep it down?01:08
escottmoonpie, the kernel is clearly confused about this device so trying to figure it out from the current state will be hard, maybe from a clean reboot something in dmesg will explain what is happening01:09
sacarlsonforbidden404: you would also have to add apt-get update; to your script after you modified the list01:09
forbidden404sacarlson, sudo sh -c must works, but I thought I will have to add a lot of lines D: I don't know a lot of bash scripting, is there a way to end a line with sudo sh-c ?01:09
moonpieescott,  dmesg | tail -n 100 this command?01:09
forbidden404sacarlson, I did this already01:09
escottmoonpie, yeah but with multiple replugs we may want tail -n 20001:10
roastedQuestion - anybody running nginx? I tried installing it but it didn't put anything in /var/www. In fact, it didn't even add the "www" dir like I thought it would. Anybody running it by chance?01:10
moonpieescott, okie dokie. thanks very much for your help. i hope i dont have to come back.01:10
sacarlsonforbidden404:  echo "line to add to list" >> /path/to/list ;01:10
moonpietoafan_, thanks too01:11
forbidden404sacarlson, this is my script http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027866/ | I know that echo, but that way I'd add two lines deb and deb-src01:11
forbidden404sacarlson, like echo "line" >> /path; another echo "line" >> /path01:11
sml1226Any ideas as to why my wireless doesn't show up (no networks, no eth1, doesn't appear to be there), but the driver scanning found the card and installed drivers?01:14
sirriffsalot_Hey! Any recommendations for dark themes that don't make things difficult to read et cetera for Xfce4?01:14
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sacarlsonforbidden404: why not just add all the repository list into the wget?  or is that just so you can modify it without change to your wget list01:15
sml1226XFCE questions are probably more likely to find an answer in the xubuntu room. I used to know some, but I haven't used XFCE in over a year now. Can't remember any of them01:15
sacarlsonforbidden404: if you want a new line added there is the "\n"  that I think should add lines into your list also01:16
forbidden404sacarlson, I don't know that urls from those ppas, but I will look01:16
sirriffsalot_sml1226: cheers, asked there too:)01:16
forbidden404\n would work in echo? I'm afraid of it write something like "blabla \n blabla"01:16
sacarlsonforbidden404: look at a list after you add one to find out01:17
forbidden404sacarlson, I will do this01:17
roastedQuestion - anybody running nginx? I tried installing it but it didn't put anything in /var/www. In fact, it didn't even add the "www" dir like I thought it would. Anybody running it by chance?01:17
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sml1226sirriffsalot_ Whatever the default was for Karmic (I think) was a pretty good one.01:18
MameManedWolfcan someone help me?01:18
bazhangMameManedWolf, ask a question to the channel01:18
ceti331_which is the linux channel most concerned with desktop effects01:18
bazhangceti331_, #compiz01:19
MameManedWolftoday, i installed ubuntu 12.04 minimal. I added the elementary repos and installed elementary os. ater, i realized that upstart fails to start network-manager, so i have to mnually start it. anyway to get it to automatcially start?01:20
bazhangMameManedWolf, what are the elementary repos01:20
MameManedWolfbazhang - elementary os on #elementary-dev lets just say i installed a desktop environment and nm does not start so i have to manually start it01:21
bazhangMameManedWolf, then ask the elementary OS support group/irc channel; it's not supported here01:21
MameManedWolfno, it has to do with ubuntu and upsatrt i believe01:22
bazhangMameManedWolf, rad the upstart wiki, elementary OS is not supported here01:22
MameManedWolfit ubuntu01:22
MameManedWolfwith elementary01:23
bazhangMameManedWolf, lets see your sources.list01:23
forbidden404sacarlson, adding a http://ppa.launchpad.net/deluge-team/ppa/ubuntu/ $(lsb_release -sc) to wget will add this one on the output, right? I guess this will take more code, I want to make this clean01:23
sml1226I had my wireless working in 8.04, 9.04, 10.10 (X)Ubu, now (12.04) no variant of the drivers work. Any ideas? (Broadcom B4311 using STA drivers as I did before)01:23
alexhairymanIs there an application that will do the same thing as realpath, but that is included on the system by default01:24
Madpilotalexhairyman, what does realpath do?01:24
bazhangalexhairyman, what does realpath do01:24
alexhairymancoreutils utility to print out the absolute path for an application01:25
MameManedWolfbazhang - http://pastebin.com/zcKww89X01:25
sacarlsonforbidden404: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/abogani/ppa/ubuntu lucid main01:26
alexhairymanI think readlink -f will work, I'm not sure though01:26
bazhangMameManedWolf, there's not any elementary repos in that. perhaps you meant Precise repos01:26
MameManedWolfelementary repos are ppas01:26
xanguasacarlson: looks like that ppa is no longer aviable01:27
sacarlsonforbidden404: so I think yours might at least be missing main at the end01:27
bazhangMameManedWolf, PPA are not supported, whats the real issue with the Precise install01:27
xanguaforbidden404: ooh it's a nick :P01:27
forbidden404sacarlson, so I must add this to the /etc/apt/source.lists using echo, like sudo echo "deb http://... \n deb-src http:// \n deb http://another-one"01:28
MameManedWolfbazhang - I installed ubuntu minimal, then a desktop environment and network-manager doesnt start unless i do it manually01:28
forbidden404xangua, haha lol01:28
sirriffsalot_What is the name of the default theme in ubuntu karmic?:P01:28
escottforbidden404, you might need echo -e. i would use two echo commands01:29
escottforbidden404, also sudo echo >> does not work you must use tee01:29
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Madpilotsirriffsalot_, Ambience, apparently01:29
sacarlsonforbidden404: that might work, ya but as escott says I would just make them into different lines for at least easy reading01:29
sirriffsalot_Not a very special one, lol. It is the default now too it seems01:30
KRomolinux and osx are both unix based right?01:30
escottforbidden404, be wary of echo and special characters. you run something in dash and it uses the dash builtin echo which doesn't support that special character interpretation and things break01:30
bazhang!ot | KRomo01:30
ubottuKRomo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:30
moonpieescott, if you are still here, i could actually drop a file in the ext hd after restarting it 3x. omg. and the sdd2 vanished! so the kernel just got superconfused. hmmm. just gonna say ive never had a buggier exp with ubuntu than this lts. 10.04 thru 11.04 worked. when i ever i leave the computer more than a day lots of utilities go haywire. i guess my ext hd went haywire and went into the rabbit hole of 12.04.01:31
forbidden404sacarlson, escott, I just want this to... run while i'm doing other things, so I don't want to be back on the pc just to tap enter, I think D: So I'm afraid about using echo or stuff01:31
escottforbidden404, command 1; command 2; or command 1 && command 201:31
dontknowgnome do is awesome01:32
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moonpieescott, really thanks for your help too.01:32
forbidden404escott, I just don't want to press enter all the time, so doing echo ... && must work01:32
sacarlsonforbidden404: you can test your echo adds before you do any damage just try it and do apt-get update; to see if the adds worked01:32
forbidden404sacarlson, I will test it now01:33
escottforbidden404, this echo command is going to take a second to execute. im confused why you cant just run it now and see. perhaps im missing something01:33
forbidden404escott, I'm creatin a script01:33
sacarlsonescott: did you see his script above?01:34
forbidden404escott, I don't plan to use it now, but when I reinstall Ubuntu or something, I'd run it and it will make the basic, like remove & add apps, mount drives and stuff01:34
MameManedWolfdoes anyone know why network-manager does not start when i boot ubuntu?01:35
escottforbidden404, i would take all the "sudo" out of that script. and just run "sudo myconfigscript.sh"01:35
escottforbidden404, the other thing that might be easier would be to install etckeeper, and merge your custom etc into the default etc01:36
sacarlsonMameManedWolf: try run it in a term or start it in term to see error01:36
escottforbidden404, easier if you know a version control system that is01:36
MameManedWolfsacarlson - i have to manually start it01:36
BashmetimCan I fish for some emergency help with eCryptfs?01:36
sacarlsonMameManedWolf: oh then it's a time thing wrong sequence start01:37
MameManedWolfsacarlson - how can i fix that?01:37
sacarlsonMameManedWolf: install a real ubuntu will fix it01:37
MameManedWolfuhh, i installed ubuntu minimal01:37
tioxI asked about this before and received no response; Prior versions of Ubuntu (up to 11.10), my AT&T Mercury could establish a connection and I could be online with that, but with Ubuntu 12.04, I cannot. Anything I can do to resolve this issue?01:38
BashmetimMy sister fucked up her computer by deleting something in .ecryptfs, but I told her her data was still there...01:38
escottforbidden404, then you can take out this crazy sh -c "command >> file" business01:38
sacarlsonMameManedWolf: do a diff on your configs with a real ubuntu01:38
tioxIt's a 3G modem that use to work until the newest Ubuntu.01:38
BashmetimI should still be able to access it if I have the password, I just need to figure out how to fix what she did.01:38
tioxBefore that, an AT&T Quicksilver worked with Ubuntu 10.10.01:38
MameManedWolfmaybe il go get the working configs and put them on here01:38
forbidden404escott, I will look this etckeeper, see if I can understand how it works01:38
escottforbidden404, also line 57 all kinds of wrong :)01:38
forbidden404escott, Why? It worked the first time I used01:39
escottforbidden404, if you never used git or mercurial or svn or anything then dont use etckeeper01:39
forbidden404escott, I never used them ): I use Linux... since december01:39
tioxActually, might have the name fo teh devices wrong. No matter; 3G dongles by AT&T use to work with Ubuntu.01:39
D-coym4v, r u there?01:40
ubuntu_anyone able to help me out with a simple question?01:41
sacarlsonMameManedWolf: I think the files that would control the sequence would be in /etc/rc*01:41
MameManedWolfk thx01:41
forbidden404ubuntu, We all are able, since we know the question01:41
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Bashmetimununtu__ I might01:41
ubuntu_I kicked windows out01:41
BashmetimGood for you01:42
BashmetimThen what?01:42
ubuntu_and I have a second hdd i use in my ultrabay, im just going to use this for vmware images01:42
escottforbidden404, sudo sh -c "echo 'echo 'OFF' blah blah '" is going to parse as echo ['echo '][OFF]['blah blah'] not echo ['echo 'OFF' blah blah'] and then will output "echo OFF blah blah" so you are dropping some of the ''s that you presumably wanted. its caused by your having multiple echos and these subshells. you dont need them. run the script as root and remove the sudos and subshells inside it01:42
ubuntu_so i dont really want to mount the second hdd as /home01:42
ubuntu_can I just set it as /virtualmachines? and its simple as that?01:43
BashmetimI believe you could, though it would make me wince if I saw it.01:43
chemist_I am having a problem with my monitors. I ubdated my system but prematurely restarted the computer. I had to select an old setting to get my monitors to work again but when they did, only one was working. I tried going to system, preferences, monitors and tried going to that route. The monitors appear as unknown and when I try to detect nothing happens. I have unplugged the cables and plugged them back in and the monitors were work01:43
BashmetimYou can set up any mount point, really.01:43
chemist_In the upper left corner of the screen is a second unknown monitor box but I am not able to select it01:44
ubuntu_can it be say /home/virtualmachines?01:44
tioxAnyone wanna help me with this, or does the Ubuntu developers not believe anyone uses a 3G modem to get access to the internet anymore?01:44
ubuntu_and if i had to swap it out for a cdrom drive01:44
escottforbidden404, in this case you don't need the OFF quoted 'OFF' is the same as OFF but you are setting yourself up for something broken the way you are doing things01:44
ubuntu_keep my home dir but lose the /vm dir01:44
BashmetimYou can mkdir /home/vms01:44
Bashmetimand then add this hard drive to /etc/fstab01:45
forbidden404escott, look what I got using that two sh -c #! /bin/bash01:45
forbidden404echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch, so now I removed those ' ', but is there a way to put " " using echo?01:45
Bashmetimand set /home/vms as its mountpoint01:45
BashmetimI believe that would do the trick.01:45
escottforbidden404, another way of creating multiline files in shell is to use cat. cat <<EOF > newfilename then the body contents, and finally a line that is just EOF01:45
ubuntu_alright, i can prolly look that up on my own, that seems like a good way to go about it01:45
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sacarlsonforbidden404: I'm not sure but \"  might work01:46
chemist_can someone answer some questions I have about my second monitor not working?01:46
sacarlsonforbidden404: to add " in your echo01:46
NeedHelpHello, I have inserted a audio CD and it plays fine. Another program is complaining that /dev/cdrom doesn't exists. How do I fix that ?01:46
Bashmetimchemist_ is the "Displays" gui not working for you?01:46
chemist_Bashmetim_ I don't completely understand your question01:47
escottforbidden404, it would have to be an escaped thing. my point is none of this is necessary. this script should be run via "sudo scriptname.sh" and then 56/57 become cat <<EOF > /etc/init.d/vgabootup.sh    #!/bin/sh     echo 'OFF' >  /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch    EOF01:47
BashmetimThere's a program that comes with gnome, called Displays. That's how I dork around with second monitors, and it usually works just fine.01:48
BashmetimIs it not working for you?01:48
forbidden404escott, sacarlson, I removed all the sudo's, and \" worked, but I will test cat <<EOF > now, thanks for the help :D01:49
chemist_I am not sure if I have that01:49
BashmetimSearch for it under 'settings' or 'system settings' maybe?01:49
escottforbidden404, but having lots of sudo's in the same script WILL fail eventually. someday the network will be slow, and downloading rhytmbox will take 2 hours, and by the time line 15 completes the sudo session in terminal is marked invalid so 16 sits and waits for a password01:49
BashmetimI'm not using gnome right now, else I'd check for you.01:50
chemist_when I go to system preferences and try to detect the monitor, a box named unknown pops up, but I am not able to select it01:50
escottforbidden404, so basic rule. never have sudo in a script. sudo is ONLY for interactive usage01:50
BashmetimALSO I am trying to save a 16 year old girl from data loss at the hands of ecryptfs! Can anyone help me out?01:51
escottBashmetim, you should tell us what is in the ecryptfs folder01:51
escottBashmetim, and ideally what was removed01:51
Churchescott: when i needed redirection to work IIRC i used sudo sh -c "comand | command2 > whatever"01:51
escottChurch, which is fine for interactive usage. just dont put it in a script01:52
chosendescentHello Everyone! I was wondering if someone could please help me install webcam?01:52
BashmetimNo .ecryptfs in there D:01:52
escottChurch, you can also use tee which avoids running command and command2 as root. unpriv | unpriv | sudo tee -a filename so only "tee" runs priviliged01:53
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Bashmetimls -a /home/erin/.ecryptfs says "too many levels of symbollic links"01:53
forbidden404escott, I took off sudo already =o Thanks for the tip, now I will give a nice look at cat <<EOF > and then look etckeeper01:53
BashmetimThere is data in ~/.Private01:54
BashmetimLooks like 5 directories, random data.01:54
forbidden404escott, so I will stock etc using etckeeper in git, as if it was a software, and then I will run it and will "upgrade" my default /etc/?01:56
escottBashmetim, sounds like a recursive symlink01:56
BashmetimI believe that with her password, there should be a way to unlock this data, I just need some help.01:56
Kornkage4considering that i cannot increase my 1280x800 resolution in my laptop, can i decrease the size of the menus(not just the side icons) ?01:56
Churchescott: imho you overblow issue a bit. there are many many ways to gain privileges with abusing sudo and in stuff that is run by it by eg. shellescaping. it's just that i usually use sudo for giving some extra permissions instead of root account for some dumb developers that have little skills/clue to abuse it, as in using sudo in role "some security is better then none or all"01:56
jrib!encrypt | Bashmetim01:56
ubottuBashmetim: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory01:56
Churchany security decisions are compromises between actual security and usability. my choice is to not limit usability to anal bofh-ish levels :)01:57
BashmetimI have been there, thanks jrib01:57
escottforbidden404, if you used etckeeper then you could have a patch or branch that you pull changes from. if you are comfortable with git that might be easier01:57
escottChurch, i have no idea what you are talking about. im not talking about any security issue.01:58
BashmetimI actually agree with you Church.01:58
escottChurch, im talking about putting an interactive program into a non-interactive script01:58
BashmetimShe is new at this. She says she only tried to delete that file because she wanted to make extra space on her computer ;_;01:58
jribBashmetim: ok, that site details how to access encrypted homes01:58
BashmetimReturns "Encrypted private directory not set up properly"02:00
forbidden404escott, I will learn how to use it, thanks for the tips and thanks sacarlson too, see you o/02:00
mefistofeleshi, is there a way to "restore" /home default permissions? I think a friend of mine screwed things up with /home permissions02:00
escottoh dear... i just sent someone to climb everest and all he has is a daypack02:00
BashmetimWhich makes sense becase she deleted /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs02:00
Bashmetim(Or something)02:01
jribmefistofeles: what did your friend do exactly?02:01
dontknowhow can i disable auto copy behavior (highlighting text copies automatically and using middle click paste it)?02:01
mefistofelesjrib: not sure, and he doesn't know either (kind of new with ubuntu)02:01
jribdontknow: why? (that's probably not easy)02:01
jribmefistofeles: erm...02:01
mefistofelesin home Im getting drwxr-x---02:01
dontknowjrib, it is disturbing02:01
mefistofelesfor the users home dir02:01
escottmefistofeles, whats wrong with that?02:01
tioxSo I am having these connection problems right? An LG Turbo paired with an AT&T contract. I would like to be able to establish a connection with this device, like I was able to do with no fuss in 11.10, but in 12.04, no such luck.02:01
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mefistofelesescott: that's what I'd like to know haha, he apprently did sudo chmod -R 750 /home02:02
dontknowjrib, why do you think it is not easy to disable it?02:02
mefistofelesescott: would that be wrong?02:02
tioxFor people who rely on a 3G modem and haven't upgrade yet, it's the worse thing one can ever so as it seems to break functionality that was present in 11.10. How can I who made the mistake of mindlessly upgrading to 12.04 LTS fix this?02:02
escottmefistofeles, no that is bad. things will break. ssh for one will not accept a private key that is readable to anyone other than the user02:02
tioxone can ever do*02:03
sacarlsonmefistofeles: I think my defauts are drwxr-xr-x   but I seem to have changed my most used to drwxrwx---02:03
jribdontknow: because I don't know about it :P  But really I would learn to embrace it.  It's a nifty feature and makes copying things much faster than the ctrl-c ctrl-v way.  I guess you could run one of the clipboard daemons and have it keep that clipboard empty all the time as one way to "disable" it02:03
escottmefistofeles, having home directory being 750 is ok. but having files in there as 750 is not good. not to mention all the files that are marked executable which arent02:03
mefistofelesescott: but it's 750 so no rwx permissions to others02:04
mefistofelesescott: I see02:04
escottmefistofeles, ssh is not going to like the 5. it wants to see 60002:04
tioxPLus whoever answers it here gets +100 rep; http://askubuntu.com/questions/143989/3g-usb-modem-not-working-in-12-0402:05
mefistofelesescott: I see... an how to fix that? is there a way?02:05
mefistofelesI don't even use ubuntu,just helping someone02:05
Bashmetimecryptfs-recover-private requires a 32 character passphrase which she never wrote down02:06
nubs_I'm having a problem with my sound, can anyone help?02:06
escottmefistofeles, im paranoid about something breaking randomly in the future because permissions are wrong and having to spend hours dealing with it. so i would just create a new user. and then migrate the files over. data files are easy and should pretty much all be 600-644 so nothing really tricky with them02:06
mefistofelesescott: yaeh, I think that's the best option02:07
CrashKyleHi Guys!02:08
escottBashmetim, there are some examples on dustin kirklands blog where a brute force attempt over a smaller space of passwords can be used to get access to the wrapped passphrase. its not an attack on the full ecryptfs passphrase just the wrapped one02:08
nubs_I'm having a problem with my sound, can anyone help?02:08
BashmetimI won't need a brute force, I have her passphrase.02:08
escottBashmetim, then just unwrap the passphrase?02:08
NighthwkCan anyone help with Diablo 3 on Ubuntu 12.04. It install correctly and work fine and my system did an update and now it freezer every time on authicating02:09
BashmetimThat gave me an error, hold on02:09
escottBashmetim, unless you dont have the wrapped passphrase anymore02:09
tiox1nubs_: Stupid temp solution, but if it's through your stereo jack, go into alsamixer and bump up the speaker volume.02:09
tiox1Yes, it works.02:09
nubs_My system is showing that I don't even have speakers. I can't adjust the volume, but I have it.02:09
tiox1I know; I have a stereo system hooked up to my laptop and it refuses to put out sound even when the Headphones volume is maxxed out.02:10
CrashKyleSomeone know any distro linux that use KDE 3.5.X? if not know that works Trinity Desktop Distro?02:10
Bashmetimstat: too many levels of symlinks02:10
BashmetimWhat a mess.02:10
tiox1I'm just gonna give up and go back to 11.10 at this point.02:10
CrashKylebad desktop Unity!!!02:10
nubs_I just want my system to allow me to adjust my volume again D=02:11
BashmetimIt says it's used with a file, which file?02:11
CrashKyleUbuntu 10.04 Lucid forever! :D02:11
BashmetimCrashKyle 10.10!02:11
CrashKyleGuys... some IRC client for terminal????02:12
CrashKyleBashmetim GOD!!!02:12
CrashKylecommand to use to call the attention of some user?02:13
nubs_Can anyone help me so I can adjust my volume again? I have sound, but I can't turn it down.02:13
escottBashmetim, are you using ls -H ? or something. im consfused why ls would care about a recursive symlink02:13
CrashKylenubs_ ALSAMIXER commands!!02:13
BashmetimI have no clue, actually.02:14
nubs_Can you walk me through that Kyle?02:14
BashmetimI've never gotten that complaint before.02:14
escottBashmetim, what is the exact ls command you are giving02:14
Bashmetimls, cd, ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase02:14
escott!paste | Bashmetimpaste your session02:15
ubottuBashmetimpaste your session: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:15
Bashmetim~/.ecryptfs is giving them all grief02:15
BashmetimI'm on a seperate computer... Was that wholly unacceptable?02:15
CrashKylehelp me!02:16
nubs_Is it a command line or is it a program?02:16
BashmetimCrashKyle read the man pages?02:16
CrashKyleyes guys02:16
CrashKylexCHAT use!!!02:16
BashmetimIt's a program, controls volume02:17
CrashKyleGUI software02:17
nubs_Ohh ok. I'll check it out02:17
d8bhattaeach time when I login into ubuntu, i have to update my /etc/resolv.conf file with nameserver server_ip ,  and  next time when I restart computer, the entry I made is gone now....02:17
CrashKylehelp me?02:17
CrashKylehow do I draw the attention of some user?02:17
nubs_That works! Thank you!02:17
CrashKylesomeone command?02:17
escott!enter | CrashKyle02:18
ubottuCrashKyle: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:18
xanguad8bhatta: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/05/setup-static-dns-servers-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/ just use gksu instead of sudo if you use gedit or a graphical app02:18
CrashKyleok, sorry... i'm noob! :D02:18
Bashmetimescott has all the answers.02:18
CrashKyle!escott read me?02:18
ubottuCrashKyle: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:18
sacarlsonCrashKyle: if you type the name of who you want to bring attention too it will highlight it02:19
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palionusing ubuntu 11.04; my entire screen froze on me and i switched into a terminal using ctrl+alt+f1. switching back to the gui with ctrl+alt+f8 results in just a black screen with a cursor (that's movable). is there anything i can do to get back my gui without restarting?02:19
CrashKyleJoFo hi!02:20
JoFoIs there anybody who uses UIM on Ubuntu 12.04?02:20
escottBashmetim, its going to be hard to figure things out. but i think your symlink problem is because you are running: ls /path/to/something where "something" is a symlink to /path/to/something so its recursive. and by asking ls /path/to/something you are asking it to run through the symlinks. you can do ls /path/to and it should list something -> something02:20
CrashKylesomeone teaches me to make a user to draw your attention?02:21
sacarlsonJoFo: I don't use it but I think pidgin supports it02:21
BashmetimIs ~/.ecryptfs supposed to be a symlink? Something must be broken about that...02:22
sacarlsonCrashKyle: I'm not sure what your goal is02:22
JoFosacarlson:  I don’t need Pidgin, but I didn’t succeed to use UIM. I’d need some help.02:23
BashmetimJust keep talking, we can all see you...02:23
CrashKyleI read your lines of red, as I do that?02:24
BashmetimWhen I say your name02:24
BashmetimIt highlights it.02:24
x_chrHowdy. This may be too specific for this channel, but I have an .xlsx file from years ago and can't open it. I think it's password protected. Any advice on getting my data (or a more specific channel)?02:24
escottBashmetim, i dont remember the structure or what its supposed to be. there are a couple of variants from a full $HOME encryption where .ecryptfs contains all ciphertext and is loopmounted onto ~. to these .Private folders which contain ciphertext and are mounted onto ~/Private02:25
escottx_chr, its off topic for this channel. don't know about specific02:25
CrashKyle<Bashmetim> i read ok?02:25
escott!alis | x_chr02:25
ubottux_chr: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:25
xangua!language | CrashKyle02:25
ubottuCrashKyle: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:25
roastedI can echo *.jpg | wc in terminal to get a list of how many jpgs I have. The output was this -       1  667593 17063818. I'm confused by the 2 numbers. Do I have 667k or 1.7m?02:26
CrashKyleBashmetim read me ok?02:26
x_chrescott: Ya, I figured. #openoffice.org is dead. I'll keep looking. Thanks02:26
BashmetimWell, it's keeping ecryptfs utilities from working, and I need to get my sister's mistakes rectified.02:26
NighthwkIs anyone playing diabloe 3 on 12.04?\02:26
Jordan_Ux_chr: What happens when you try to open the file with LibreOffice?02:26
BashmetimCrashKyle nice and red.02:26
dj_segfaultroasted: Use wc -l02:27
triplcHi all02:27
zykotick9roasted: try "ls *.jpg | wc -l"02:27
CrashKyleBashmetim thanks!02:27
reddit-ftw(12.04) Having trouble with changing localhost folder. Have the instructions changed since 10.04?02:27
CrashKyleBashmetim what distro use?02:27
BashmetimI use Arch.02:27
BashmetimMy current issues are on an ubuntu machine though.02:27
CrashKyleI'm use Backtrack 5 R102:27
triplcWhere (repo ?) to get the mysql-cluster for 12.04 ? I saw mysql-cluster for 10.xx 11,xx, but not for 12.0402:27
x_chrJordan_U: I have to choose a format. Nothing results in anything other than an empty spreadsheet or "General input/output error."02:27
BashmetimBacktrack users...02:28
Bashmetimleet hackers up in here!02:28
roastedzykotick9, argument list toolong. dang.02:28
roastedzykotick9, I think I have too many things in a single folder. :(02:28
CrashKyleBashmetim no!!!02:28
CrashKyleBashmetim i'm not a hacker02:29
CrashKylei'm a security profesional02:29
triplcWhere (repo ?) to get the mysql-cluster for 12.04 ? I saw mysql-cluster for 10.xx 11,xx, but not for 12.04 (repost)02:29
Jordan_Ux_chr: If it's not encrypted and there was human readable text in it then "strings /path/to/file | less" in a terminal should present you with some text, if not then that's a good sign that it *is* encrypted somehow.02:29
zykotick9roasted: something for xarg - sorry don't know the details...02:29
CrashKyleBashmetim only use backtrack for crack WEP Wireless key! =D02:29
escottroasted, ls | grep *.jpg | wc02:30
CrashKyleand theese?02:30
escottroasted, and thats 667593 files02:31
escottroasted, the 1.7mil is the number of characters in all filenames foo.jpg is 7 characters02:31
x_chrJordan_U: I get gbberish, but at least it's ascii chars. Well, mostly gibberish, thought I do see 'Sheet1', 'Worksheets', 'Microsoft Macintosh Excel', and my name.02:31
roastedescott, ah gotcha. thanks!02:31
CrashKyleMacintosh is very private OS! =$ puaj!02:32
Jordan_Ux_chr: It's ASCII chars because "strings" is a command which basically filters out everything which doesn't look like a string.02:32
x_chrJordan_U: yep :) I realized that as soon as I wrote that.02:32
CrashKylebecause in Ubuntu 12.04 is the command used to compile GCC on Ubuntu and 10.04 g + +?02:33
xangua!ot | CrashKyle02:33
ubottuCrashKyle: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:33
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personwithbooksi think that ubuntu is officially now my favorite linux distro! :)02:35
reisiopersonwithbooks: out of which ones that you've tried?02:36
reisiobesides Windows Vista02:36
BashmetimMein gott...02:36
personwithbooksi tried the mac os x one the solaris one and the freebsd one.02:36
BashmetimDon't even window$ers hate vista?02:36
zykotick9personwithbooks: those are all unix :p02:37
BashmetimNone of those use the linux kernel....02:37
personwithbooksur right, i should probably change my ctcp version :)02:37
sirriffsalotAre themes restricted in use to the desktop environment in use? Or can for instance a gnome desktop environment be used in XFCE?:P02:37
zykotick9personwithbooks: well, bsd technically02:37
=== gryllida is now known as gry
personwithbooks2012 is finally the year of desktop linux!02:37
xanguasirriffsalot: you can use gkt themese on both02:37
Bashmetimsirriffsalot no... You can't use one DE inside another DE02:37
digitaljlol yeah right02:38
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xanguagtk themes* sirriffsalot02:38
sirriffsalotxangua: mind explaining the difference?:)02:38
zykotick92011/2012 the year of the linux phone, maybe.02:38
sirriffsalotBashmetim: wasn't the question;D02:38
digitalj2012 is the year of the last02:39
Bashmetim"Or can for instance a gnome desktop environment be used in XFCE?:P" A GTK theme is a way of controlling the appearance of GTK applications, and02:39
sirriffsalotdigitalj: 10 E says you're wrong;D02:39
Bashmetima Desktop environment is a Desktop environment02:39
Kornkage4soon it will be the linux year !02:39
xanguasirriffsalot: that both gnome and xfce use gtk; pretty much the icon themes also...never had any problems with gnome-look.org icons or themes on xfce02:39
digitaljbut its fun to pretend02:39
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BashmetimKornkage get geeks to stop playing video games and linux will go big.02:39
sirriffsalotxangua: cool, will try it! Any comments on Conky?02:40
digitaljlinux needs a consolidated marketing platform02:40
NeedHelpHello, I have inserted a audio CD and it plays fine. Another program is complaining that /dev/cdrom doesn't exists. How do I fix that ?02:40
personwithbookslinux will never go big because the desktop computer is dead02:40
xanguasirriffsalot: Conky Colors is one of the easiest setups you can find, also on gnome-look.org02:40
BashmetimMarketing for free software?02:40
digitaljand more driver support02:40
xangua!ot | personwithbooks Bashmetim02:40
Bashmetimthe desktop computer is dead?02:40
ubottupersonwithbooks Bashmetim: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:40
sirriffsalotxangua: are we talking about the same thing? Conky is as far as I know a system monitor tool?02:40
Kornkage4Bashmetim if valve gets linux support for the big titles, i'm sure linux will start to become more used over time02:41
xanguasirriffsalot: and conky colors is a collection of conky scripts easy to configure02:41
zykotick9personwithbooks: it's ms not gnu/linux that has to worry about the "death of the pc" - gnu/linux is huge server/workstation so has nothing to fear ;)02:41
BashmetimRight. Support.02:41
sirriffsalotxangua: aah, I see. Will check that out too02:41
sirriffsalotxangua: cheers!02:41
rhizmoehow can i control what apps are controlled by my keyboard's multimedia keys?02:41
BashmetimDo I tell my sister she's fucked and just set up a new user for her?02:42
xangua!language | Bashmetim02:42
ubottuBashmetim: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:42
BashmetimOr can I unlock ecryptfs even though the directory is broken.02:42
BashmetimSorry, not used to language being a problem in IRC... I'll watch it.02:42
digitaljSo hard for me not to swear now lol....02:44
escottBashmetim, two things i would do. (a) create a new user with an encrypted home and see what it is supposed to look like. (b) check out dustin kirklands blog. lots of good stuff on that02:44
CrashKyleI'm Use   a i r c r a c k - n g    software :D and i have free iNet02:45
digitaljCrashKyle: Good for you02:45
Bashmetimhttp://blog.dustinkirkland.com/ this guy?02:45
PhantomPhreak53When I open a home folder in Unity, it lists Music, Videos, ... How do I add/remove some of those from that list?02:45
escottBashmetim, yes02:45
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MadpilotPhantomPhreak53, far as I know, you can delete or rename any of the "standard" directories02:46
BashmetimI'll go away and come back if I'm in an emergency situation that needs personal help...02:46
xanguaPhantomPhreak53: you mean from nautilus sidebar¿ just drag them02:46
PhantomPhreak53Madpilot: yeah I renamed a folder from Music to Music2 to test something then deleted Music2. Now Music2 still shows there and I tried renaming my folder to music2 then renaming it and its stuck at Music202:48
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PhantomPhreak53xangua: just tried02:48
xanguaPhantomPhreak53: ooh sorry, just go to Bookmarks menu and you can edit them, remove, add any directory you want02:49
PhantomPhreak53xangua: you are the man! I didn't even see that option!02:49
PhantomPhreak53oh wait maybe not02:52
PhantomPhreak53It doesn't even list music2 and I can't seem to add any02:52
ironfoot495Hello can someone help me install zend studio on ubuntu 10.04.3???02:52
fellayaboyim curious to know the command ... touch 'date +%F'.file  ..will not 12-06-06.file instead it'll date +%F.file02:52
Dr_Willis!find zzend02:53
ubottuPackage/file zzend does not exist in precise02:53
Dr_Willis!find zend02:53
ubottuFound: libzend-framework-php, libzend-framework-zendx-php, zend-framework, zend-framework-bin02:53
fellayaboyim viewing an old tutorial with bash 2.something02:53
ironfoot495can Zend  Studio be installed on ubuntu??02:53
Dr_Willisfellayaboy:  got the  quotes wrong is my guess02:53
fellayaboywhat do u mean dr willis02:54
=== gary_ is now known as Guest15619
Dr_Willisfellayaboy:  web sites often mess up ' " and  the  backtick02:54
Jordan_Ufellayaboy: ` != '02:54
Dr_Willisi think in  your case you want "   not '02:54
fellayaboyooh im using ' not `02:54
fellayaboythat was my error02:54
Dr_Willisbacktick is special...02:55
fellayaboythanks dr willis.02:55
Dr_Willis$(command) is easier to read then using backticks also02:55
fellayaboywow didnt even know that backtick was allthe way over there in the keyboard...wooow..im crazy02:55
fellayaboyi tried that but didnt work02:55
Dr_Willisi cant even  do  a backtickhefre.. this android keybord isent wwending them to my irc client02:56
fellayaboyok thanks for the help..cleared up much confusion02:56
fellayaboyha lol02:56
CoJaBoFun Fact: You cannot type ` on an iPhone :P02:56
jrpare the chat logs for this channel available in plain text anywhere?02:56
CAPITALISMUSits allways the ussuall suspects02:56
fellayaboyso cool u can use ur phone02:56
Dr_Willis $(command) should  be same as backtick command backtick02:56
fellayaboyim sshed right now into a remote pc using the commandline program irc...so cool..02:56
Dr_Willisii cant send a tilda either02:56
Dr_Willisusinf android phone, ssh, then  wee chat here02:57
fellayaboyi tried touch ${date +%F).file and didnt do as expected...02:57
hilohello! I am about to initiate a reformat of my storage array since I recently switched to Ubuntu based from Windows, and the filesystem is still NTFS. Could anyone ring in on what filesystem would be best and what factors I should take into account when choosing?02:57
Dr_Willisnot {}   but ()02:57
fellayaboynever mind02:57
Dr_Willisdetails man....02:57
fellayaboyit did02:57
fellayaboyim making too many typos lol02:57
fellayaboygotta put on the glasses02:58
Dr_Willisbigger fonts02:58
fellayaboylike working with microbiology..02:58
Dr_Willis40 in monitor with 30+ size fonts02:58
fellayaboywheres that microscope..lol thanks dr willis..02:58
fellayaboywow thats one big tv02:58
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Dr_Willisgot a 40 in tv now as my pc monitor. ;)02:59
=== ^ is now known as [|][|][|]
Dr_Willisthen i use my little phone all day at work..  big  differance02:59
fellayaboycool i use to use my android alot for irc02:59
fellayaboyits awesome02:59
Dr_Willisamazing how well ubuntu and X/linux handles these monitors. not as many issues as i  recall in  the  past03:00
fellayaboyi just stopped cuz those dang touch screen keypads make me typo too much03:00
fellayaboyyeah ubuntu is awesome03:00
Dr_Willisbluetooth keybords are  resonable priced if you can find hem on sale. ;)03:00
fellayaboyhavent been using windows for a loong long time..years03:00
fellayaboyoh thats true..u could use a keyboard for the android huh03:01
fellayaboyvery smart03:01
Dr_Willisi  have a BT keybord+touhpad thats the  size of my phone.03:01
fellayaboypretty soon your phone will be a portable pc where all u need is to connect a monitor and keyboard...and the cpu will be ur phone with ram etc03:02
Dr_Willisand a full  sized tablet  keyboard that works03:02
fellayaboyyou have a link to that device dr willis03:02
Dr_Willisfellayaboy:  allready been done. :) nist not common03:02
Dr_Willisfellayaboy:   got  it off amazon  for $2003:02
fellayaboyi desperately need one cuz im horrible with touchscreen typing03:02
Dr_Willisfound $80 Motrolala keybords on blearance for $13 at staples last month.  bouight 303:03
fellayaboywow good deal03:03
fellayaboyclearance ;)03:03
Dr_Willisnow i need a good   ssh client to use on  android03:03
fellayaboyconnectbot is awesome03:03
fellayaboyi use it alot03:03
Dr_Willisits what i have now.. it has issues03:04
fellayaboyit works really well03:04
sacarlsonDr_Willis: I have an ssh client on android, I'll have to get you the name03:04
fellayaboywhat problems03:04
Dr_Willisno tilda or backtick key for one.03:04
fellayaboyoh u have to change your keyboard03:04
CeresI'm looking for some help. My internet connection stopped working after installed updates and then rebooted.03:04
Dr_Willisim using a real physical  keyboard.  ;)03:04
CeresI've looked online for fixes, but can't find a solution.03:04
fellayaboydownload and install hackers keyboard on the google play market03:04
Dr_Willisfellayaboy:  allready have.03:05
fellayaboyooh so it doesnt support it at all then i guess03:05
fellayaboyid have to look into that03:05
Dr_Willisits annoying when the software keyboard you use affects your real  one03:05
sacarlsonDr_Willis: I've got my android phone also working as the remote control for vlc that is cool,  it's now a tv too03:05
meneedshelpif I have a text file that is 4 columns c1:c2:c3:c4 and I want to extract printing the lines where c3 is less than or equal to 4 what would be the code for that03:05
fellayaboythat app makes it easy sacarison i know what ur talking about ..it works flawlessly almost03:06
escottmeneedshelp, gawk -F:03:06
fellayaboygood night dudes...dr willis thanks again for your help..03:07
escottmeneedshelp, gawk -F: '{ if $3 <= $4 then $0 }' roughly you'll have to lookup gawks if and test operators. its roughly C syntax03:07
fellayaboyreally appreciate it..helped me out tons03:07
sacarlsonmeneedshelp: I would write it in ruby03:07
edbianI bought a IDE -> usb adaptor and I can't mount this hdd with it :(  output of dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027957/03:07
meneedshelpthank you03:07
edbianwhat is mmcblk0   ??03:08
CeresDoes anyone have a good idea of where I should ask or look?03:09
escottedbian, ssd, mmc, mini-sd etc03:09
sacarlsonedbian: I've had similar problem with a usb to ide for laptop disk,  I think the disk doesn't get enuf power off usb to power it03:10
Dr_Willisedbian:  mccblk is normally a internal sd card slot on a laptop. not a usb hd.03:10
escottedbian, www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/faq/general.html03:10
Dr_Willisedbian:  chek output of 'sudo blkid' to see what device the drive is03:10
sacarlsonedbian: I used old laptop disk that probly take more power then newer ones03:10
Dr_WillisI have a universial usb-:ide/sata/laptop ide. - it has its own power supply03:11
edbianDr_Willis, not showing up in blkid output03:11
edbiansacarlson, It is very old and it is relying on USB power03:11
sacarlsonDr_Willis: ya that's what I think I should try a separate power supply like that03:11
edbianescott, reading...03:11
Dr_Willisi would guess its power. but  i  recall dmesg pringint out messages befor about  lack of power.03:11
FidelixDid anyone have problems with the bind9 update?03:12
Dr_Willisthat univerial usb adaptor has been so handy. best $20 i spent. ;P03:12
th0redbian: you might try running it through a four port hub that has an external power supply03:12
edbianth0r, I don't have that!03:12
edbianstupid old hdd's03:12
sacarlsonDr_Willis: edbian: but I thought it would be cool if that small box would just plug into a laptop or ?? and instant have 50gb03:12
edbianIt did basically the same thing on my debian desktop (actually connected to a netbook right now)03:13
Dr_Willisive also seen hd-usb cords tht plug into 2 usb ports for moar powar03:13
edbiansacarlson, ... what?03:13
edbianDr_Willis, MOAR POWER03:13
sacarlsonedbian: ya I think they need more power,  maybe just a usb hub with it's own power might help03:13
edbiansacarlson, stupid everything03:14
edbianI'm gonna try a regular 3.5" IDE hdd03:14
edbian(so that I can plug in a molex)03:14
edbianmake sure it's not the adapter or the host machine or something03:14
sacarlsonedbian: I know the laptop disk was good I got an adapter to plug it into a normal ide plug and it worked, so it's the usb to ide on my side that's bad03:15
edbiansacarlson, good to know03:16
Dr_Willisyou are going usb to a big ide to laptop ide03:17
holmescnExecuse me everyone, I have a Q, and I have google for a long time. But I don't get the A. Two of my PC have different SSH versions, so I cannot connect them by public key. Is there some solution?03:17
edbianDr_Willis, what?03:17
Dr_Willisa big ide to laptop ide. does not passthrough power does it03:18
escottholmescn, that should not be the case unless one is buggy03:18
sacarlsonDr_Willis: who me?  no there are connector adapters that plug direct to your ide inside a normal pc03:18
PhantomPhreak53When I open a home folder in Unity, it lists Music, Videos, ... How do I add/remove some of those from that list? The ones listed under Computer. I have a folder listed there that doesn't exist03:18
edbianDr_Willis, I'm not sure what you're asking.  I'm going to try using a regular 3.5" IDE drive with this IDE -> USB adaptor because I can plug in the molex03:18
sacarlsonDr_Willis: those small ide for laptops to standard big ide to plug a laptop hd into a standard pc03:19
holmescnescott: I hope so, but when I see ssh -v, it said "we send a public key wait for reply."03:19
Dr_Willismy usb hd adaptor has 3 ports. sata. big ide. and laptop ide03:19
_schism_does anyone in here happen to know much about virtualbox?03:19
NoVoteLosshey anyone know anythign about the new ivy processors coming out03:19
NoVoteLossi think ivy is the nam03:19
edbianDr_Willis, my usb hd adaptor is the same03:19
sacarlsonDr_Willis: ya and it's about 4lb instead of 4 oz03:19
escottholmescn, what are the versions03:19
NoVoteLossdates etc03:19
escottNoVoteLoss, released. check wikipedia for model numbers03:20
NoVoteLossthanks escott!03:20
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:21
holmescnescott: On my laptop, OpenSSH is 5.9; on the server it is 4.3.03:21
escottholmescn, both ubuntu03:21
_schism_Dr_Willis, yeah I have an issue that google cant point me to an answer to03:21
sacarlson_schism_: I use virtualbox alot it's cool03:21
tjayh913I was looking up how to change how quickly GRUB automatically boots the first option, and found instructions to use /boot/grub/menu.lst but it appears it no longer exists? Is there a new file to use?03:21
holmescnthe laptop is, the server is redhat03:21
_schism_sacarlson, yeah I do as well unfortunatly it started closing as soon as it opens and I cant figgure out why03:22
sacarlson_schism_: did you look in /var/log/syslog ?03:22
holmescntjayh913: /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:22
sacarlson_schism_: my guess is you upgraded and failed to compile the needed drivers or you change kernel and the same03:23
edbianhow old would you expect a HDD to be such that it would require more power than USB provides03:23
_schism_sacarlson, it was doing it on the old version and I upgraded to the new one and it does the same thing and I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it numerous times03:24
escottholmescn, could be the redhat ssh bug. there was an old version of redhat that did the protocol wrong and would hang up on debian. could also just be the sshd_config in redhat which is more locked down03:24
SolarisBoysacarlson: you should check out vagrant for vbox its yummy03:24
sacarlson_schism_: do you use the one direct from orical?03:24
allquixoticThought it would be worth mentioning that Ubuntu 12.04 installs and boots properly on a pure UEFI system (Ivy Bridge motherboard and CPU) in a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7-UEFI, whereas Fedora 17 fails to boot in the same scenario. Nice job on UEFI for Ubuntu 12.04 relative to your friendly competition from RHEL. Signed, a satisfied user/developer03:24
sacarlsonSolarisBoy: what's better about vbox over virtualbox?03:25
edbianDr_Willis, do new 2.5" HDDS require more power than a USB port provides?03:25
NoVoteLossescott, reccomend anywhere i can look for linux support and the new processors?03:25
holmescnescott: but my VPS which is running ubuntu 10.04 meet the same problem03:25
_schism_sacarlson, I think so it downloaded a .deb from within vbox03:25
tjayh913Would "GRUB_TIMEOUT=10" in /etc/default/grub be the number of seconds it waits for an input?03:25
SolarisBoysacarlson: virtualbox == vbox , i was talking about vagrant though. It's a tool for spinning and autoconfigure vm's in vbox/virtualbox03:26
sacarlson_schism_: well check the logs to get an idea what is wrong03:26
tjayh913oh now I notice a comment on how to get instructions on the file03:26
_schism_sacarlson, yeah trying to figgure out which one it is now03:26
escottNoVoteLoss, ivy engineering samples were given early enough that 12.04 should be supported03:27
=== sixdahs is now known as gh0sted
SolarisBoytjayh913: i believe it is the amount of time it will wait for you to select an option before it loads the default kernel03:27
Jordan_Utjayh913: Yes (while displaying the menu). Note that Ubuntu's grub overrides this and hides the menu with no timeout if Ubuntu is detected to be the only OS.03:27
SolarisBoythat too03:27
escottholmescn, it would have to be a really old RHEL. i remember reading about this like 8 years ago03:27
sacarlsonSolarisBoy: I'm not sure what spinning and autoconfigure is,  but I have seen that you can now boot real hard disk partitions now03:28
NoVoteLossescott if i could give you a dollar i would. thanks a lot!03:28
sacarlsonSolarisBoy: I guess it's just a mater of time before they can also use the gpu to accelarate graphics03:28
Dr_Willisbooting and accessing a 'real' partition directly in vbox. can be risky from what i read in their docs03:28
SolarisBoythat would be nice03:28
tjayh913holmescn, SolarisBoy, Jordan_U, thank you for your help03:29
SolarisBoysure tjayh91303:29
Jordan_Utjayh913: You're welcome.03:29
SolarisBoysacarlson: http://vagrantup.com/03:29
escottholmescn, you may want to try ssh -vv or -vvv to get more details03:29
holmescntjayh913: you're welcome.03:29
holmescnescott: ok03:29
holmescnescott: the redhat is not that old.03:30
_schism_sacarlson, any idea what the in use thingie in here means?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1027972/03:30
escottDr_Willis, i think the main concern is simultaneous access from host and guest03:30
allquixoticescott, NoVoteLoss: I'm currently running Ubuntu 12.04 with no patches / custom hacks on an Ivy Bridge "Z77" motherboard with a Core i7 3770K processor, and also using the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 on the CPU, and it's all so wonderful that I've never in 15 years of using Linux seen anything as seamless and tidy and stable as this.03:30
allquixoticIt even installed to UEFI on the same hard drive as Windows with no issues dual booting into either OS as I please03:30
holmescnescott: actually it is scienticfic linux 5.5 which is based on redhat 5.5.03:30
SolarisBoy_schism_: it means the object is locked in vbox03:30
allquixoticNever has a system worked so well out of the box03:30
NoVoteLossallquixotic where did you get your processor?03:31
_schism_SolarisBoy, okie dokie off to google to see how to fix it03:31
allquixoticNoVoteLoss: I ordered it off of Amazon.03:31
SolarisBoy_schism_: what are you actually doing when that occurs?03:31
allquixoticIvy Bridge desktop hardware components have been for sale in major electronics retail channels for several weeks in the US and Europe at least03:31
allquixoticlaptops are a few weeks behind and JUST starting to show up this week03:31
_schism_SolarisBoy, click the icon to load vbox it starts I can see the selection screen then it closes03:31
SolarisBoy_schism_: it looks like you have a stale vdi03:32
phillip69I am new at this03:32
escottholmescn, try with -vv and -vvv. goodluck03:32
SolarisBoyor a possible unclean shutdown which left some type of lock03:32
_schism_SolarisBoy, stale as in bad?  and should I just delete it to make it go away?03:32
holmescnescott: I give ssh so many vvvvvv, and I got the same msg.03:32
SolarisBoyyou can edit the xml and remove the stale resource03:32
SolarisBoybut you have to make sure that there is no instance of vbox running or it will overwrite it due to lack of saving the change03:33
SolarisBoy_schism_: even if you delete it it's still in the xml03:33
_schism_SolarisBoy, will the config file be in the .Virtualbox dir or the data dir?03:33
_schism_SolarisBoy, think I found it03:34
scientesunity crashes, now do i restart it?03:34
Dr_Willisunity --replace     i belive03:34
SolarisBoy_schism_: 'cannot be closed because it is still attached to 1 virtual machines' the lines that say that are the crux of the issue03:34
scientesDr_Willis, unity-2d-shell: [CRITICAL] Another instance of the Shell already exists. Quitting.03:34
sacarlson_schism_: oh ya and in the future run vitualbox in a term to see errors also03:34
SolarisBoythose resources are the problematic ones, or technically the VM(s) which attempt to mount them03:34
scienteseven with --replace03:34
SolarisBoy_schism_: you may be able to delete them with vboxmanage command03:35
Dr_Willisscientes:  you re using unity 2d then?03:35
scientesDr_Willis, yes03:35
scientes3d will break things more03:35
SolarisBoy_schism_: another thing you can check is if there is some stale vbox process lingering03:35
_schism_SolarisBoy, is it the arch vm causing it?03:35
Dr_Willisthen you wnt unity2d --replace perhps?03:35
Dr_Willisi dont use unity 2d03:35
SolarisBoyi am not sure it references the uuid of the vm03:35
NoVoteLossallquixotic i know you already raved about it, but you think the ivy's are worth it?03:35
_schism_SolarisBoy, would a process linger after a cold boot?03:35
mrguserHello is there ny103:35
SolarisBoy_schism_: nope03:36
SolarisBoy_schism_: but lock files and pid files would03:36
_schism_then dont think that could be it03:36
SolarisBoy_schism_: and some programs don't deal with that well03:36
_schism_ugh this is getting above me.  would that last over a remove and reinstall?03:36
SolarisBoyin some senses it makes the program think a stale process persisted a reboot when it obviously can't .. but said prgram does not know that03:36
SolarisBoy_schism_: thats not needed03:37
SolarisBoy_schism_: look at the two things i told you, vboxmanage, and the XML file that vbox uses to define resources03:37
allquixoticNoVoteLoss: If you have a Sandy Bridge system already, I don't think an Ivy Bridge system is that big of an upgrade. It's a very large upgrade for the integrated graphics processor, but the CPU performance is either the same or very slightly better.03:37
_schism_SolarisBoy, I had allready done that before I came in here bugging you guys03:37
SolarisBoy_schism_: you probably didn't remove the dependant resources then03:37
allquixoticNoVoteLoss: If you have anything older than a Sandy Bridge, then Ivy Bridge is a VERY nice upgrade. Even for something recent-ish like Nehalem03:37
SolarisBoymeaning the VM as well03:37
SolarisBoyif the VM is still attaching objects you removed... then naturally..03:37
SolarisBoyanother thing you can _try_ is mv the xml elsewhere03:38
New0hi everyone. i just install xampp. and i can't select a workspace for eclispse on /opt/lampp/htdocs and i tried symbole link to ~user/home/www but can't access it. any idea?03:38
SolarisBoyim no too sure what that will do though - i assume vbox would try to write a clean one with no vm's,, where you can then just import the stuff one by one03:39
SolarisBoy_schism_: when you list your vm's do the uuid's look familiar to those in the errors?03:39
_schism_SolarisBoy, nope moving the xml didnt work03:39
tjayh913Also, how do I get the file address/where would I find in the directories a program like text edit (need to run it with sudo)03:40
=== dbgster_ is now known as dbgster
SolarisBoythere is another file also - VirtualBox.xml-prev03:41
SolarisBoybe sure your changes aren't over written..03:41
sacarlsonNew0: I don't see xampp in the standard ubuntu distribution,  you might want to stick with the what the dist already has setup03:42
sixdahs_tjayh913: sudo vi?03:42
sixdahs_tjayh913: or you just want to know where a program is located?03:42
sacarlson!lamp new003:42
New0!lampp new003:42
New0!xampp new003:43
bazhangNew0, xampp is not supported here. use lamp03:43
bazhang!lamp | New003:43
ubottuNew0: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:43
New0well my Q is about ln command03:43
New0and how can i access it?03:43
Rthomso5Hi, anybody able to help me with an issue involving sguil0.7 and squert0.9.203:44
CoyoteIf my hardware has no graphical issues with one version of Linux, should it work with all other distributions, as well?03:44
bazhangNew0, you're trying to get xampp support, it's not supported here03:44
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: yes but what distros were you thinking?03:45
New0i am trying to get support on "Symbolic Links" unless you don't support this subject here03:45
sacarlsonNew0: you problem with ln sound like a security problem try sudo ln03:45
bazhangNew0, thats not ubuntu specific03:45
New0ok tnx03:45
CoyoteMysteriousdarren: Well, I can boot up Debian just fine, but my laptop has previously had trouble with Ubuntu.03:46
CoyoteMysteriousdarren: And I'm looking at trying to install it again.03:46
Rthomso5Help with a sguil squirt issue on Ubuntu server03:47
bazhangRthomso5, try #ubuntu-server03:47
CoyoteMysteriousdarren: I had suspicions that my previous iso was improperly burned.03:48
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: What problems? just specifically graphics? Its usually just drivers and those are easier to do now.03:48
sacarlsonCoyote: you might try a usb flash or if you already have debian installed with grub2 maybe just try add a grub2 boot direct an iso03:49
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I kept getting black screen with Ubuntu. I could hear but not see it. Anyway, out of a continued desire to try Linux, I burned a bootable USB drive of Debian, and it works just fine.03:49
NoVoteLossallquixotic im coming from years of mac, and never completely customizing my PC, im building a computer this summer and have been waiting to see whatsup with these ivy's and also the linux side of them. so, i think im going to get one03:49
bazhang!ot | NoVoteLoss03:49
ubottuNoVoteLoss: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:49
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: how did u try installing? usb? and what distro? regular ubuntu?03:50
NoVoteLossbazhang i know! i use ubuntu as my main OS now and i want to get an Ivy processor! lol03:50
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I tried 32 and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu through Wubi, CDs, and USB.03:51
bazhangNoVoteLoss, this is not the chat channel ;#ubuntu-offtopic for that03:51
Coyotemysteriousdarren: This was back in February, I believe, so whatever distro that was.03:51
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: did u try the alternative install?03:52
drewbertI have two nvidia gt 430's configured to use nouveua, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting windows to drag between the two screens03:52
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Alternative install?03:52
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: I had trouble with all of those and the alternative did me through03:52
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Are you also running a Toshiba Satellite 'top?03:52
New0ok i did sudo -s and enter root and ln /folder/source ~/dest but still can't touch the permission. why?03:53
ssfdre38is there a wiki page to get a custom service started at startup03:53
New0the permission of the /dest_folder03:54
tjayh913sixdahs_, I don't really understand how to use vi, and would rather work in text edit, but I need to run it with sudo03:54
bazhangNew0, for xampp?03:54
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: http://mirrors.melbourne.co.uk/ubuntu-releases/12.04/03:54
New0bazhang, yes. but how it's got to do with it? does the folder permission of xampp maybe have something to do with it? or it's just Symbolic Links03:55
sacarlsonNew0: it could be that the directory is located in on a disk with read only access03:55
osvinHi, somobody use evolution mail client with exchange 2010?03:55
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Now, someone else already pointed me to a driver that they say should fix the problem, and I'm downloading the latest release before I try that, but if drivers are really the same for all distros, then that can't be the problem.03:55
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: I have an old dell inspiron 700m along with several newer dells( less than a year old). They all needed to be installed like that.03:55
sacarlsonNew0: I should say the disk may be mounted read only03:55
New0sacarlson, ok tnx i will check that03:55
bazhangNew0, You are asking for support of xampp here. it's not supported. please stop asking for support03:55
bazhang!xampp | New003:55
ubottuNew0: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.03:55
CAPITALISMUS007 uses ubuntu03:56
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: so its for sure a driver? the install worked correct?03:56
bazhangCAPITALISMUS, and?03:56
CAPITALISMUSso ubuntu is spygrade linux03:56
New0bazhang, ok i will stop asking if it's wrong here. maybe i dunno much about linux and permission or i dunno. sorry i asked03:56
sacarlsonbazhang: I don't think failure to create a link should be connected to xampp,  people need to learn stuf03:56
bazhangCAPITALISMUS, got an actual support question?03:56
CAPITALISMUSi beg your pardon?03:57
drewbertIt's an randr issue, I hear, but xrandr will only detect the display i run it from03:57
Coyotemysteriousdarren: That's what I'm trying to figure out; because if all drivers are the same across the board for Linux, and I can boot up Debian (also remembered that I booted up a six-year old distro of Knoppix), then the driver cannot be the problem.03:57
drewbertso I don't understand how to join the two displays03:57
bazhang!permissions | New0 have a read03:57
ubottuNew0 have a read: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:57
Ceres_3I've got a problem: Should I wait to ask it, or is now fine?03:57
bazhangCAPITALISMUS, this is ubuntu support only. chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here03:57
New0sacarlson, and yes you right. tnx for mention that.03:57
New0bazhang, tnx :)03:58
tjayh913sixdahs_, nevermind, I found a way to get it by dragging and dropping icon03:58
bazhangCeres_3, ask, if someone knows , they will answer03:58
neo1691i, i have installed compiz-settings-manager but whatever changes i do it never gets implemented actually03:58
New0bazhang, wow tnx man :) i am looking for this kind of info long time. (just back to use ubuntu again)03:58
Ceres_3I just installed updates on my ubuntu box, rebooted, and now networking doesn't work.03:58
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Also, can I do a LiveInstall with the alternate install? (As in, boot it up and try it out before actually installing).03:58
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: no its for for a non graphical install, sorry.03:59
Ceres_3I've been searching online, but can't find any info. I'm new to Linux, and this is driving me crazy.03:59
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Ah. Because, honestly, I have yet to actually get to use Ubuntu. Kinda wanted to try it out a bit before repartitioning my drive.04:00
SolarisBoyCeres_3: can you elaborate on your network how it was configured and what you expect to occur? did you check the current settings on the nic(s)?04:00
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I think I'll try the driver fix that the other guy recommended, and if that doesn't work, I'll check out this alternate install.04:00
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: did any of the live cds work for you?04:01
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: for trying it out?04:01
drewbertthe mouse moves across 'em fine04:01
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Nope. I could hear every one of them booting, but no video.04:01
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: well I always had that trouble and did the alternate.04:01
Ceres_3Okay. I have my box wired directly to the router. It was connecting to the internet before rebooting, now it can't even ping the router's ip: "Network is unreachable"04:01
Ceres_3I don't know what you mean by "current settings on nic(s)"04:01
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Alright. Also, when I booted Debian, I couldn't access my Wifi. I assume I'll need a driver for that, too?04:02
SolarisBoyCeres_3: when you type ifconfig -a what do you see can you pastie/gist it?04:02
Ceres_3When I do "$ ifconfig -a" I only get a local loopback, it doesn't even show eth0 anymore.04:02
SolarisBoyok thanks04:02
SolarisBoyCeres_3: give me a second.04:02
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: yes do you know your card? or is it a seperate card in the computer?04:02
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: external?04:02
Coyotemysteriousdarren: My card is not external. I believe I know what card it is, if I was looking at the right thing in connected devices.04:03
grendal-primeso if i upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 is it going to upgrade to the unity shell ?04:03
tjayh913there, finally figured out that "sudo gedit /etc/default/grub" was the command I wanted04:03
SolarisBoyCeres_3: do you see the devices in lspci output?04:04
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: I'm going to reboot and doublecheck that. That may be the result of some of the tests I tried to do after reading other websites (like "$ networking stop")04:04
SolarisBoyCeres_3: i dont think rebooting is helping anything04:04
SolarisBoyor atleast until you diagnose the issue properly..04:04
warsme too04:04
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: so your connected through Ethernet?04:04
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Ooops. Well, we're back to the desktop. I'll run ifconfig -a and lspci now.04:05
Ceres_3I was mistaken. eth0 is showing up.04:05
Coyotemysteriousdarren: No. Right now I'm over Wifi. I'm on Windows 7 right now, where my card works just fine.04:05
SolarisBoydoes it have an ip address?04:05
warsifconfig eth004:05
grendal-prime12.04 from 10.04  does it upgrade the deskto to unity shell?04:05
SolarisBoyCeres_3: does it have an ip address?04:06
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: I don't see one.04:06
Coyotemysteriousdarren: But since it didn't work on Debian, I am assuming it won't work on Ubuntu, either.04:06
SolarisBoyCeres_3: what is the response from ping please?04:06
SolarisBoyno need to paste the whole thing ofcourse =)04:06
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: What should I ping?04:06
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: well i'd find the driver in win7 and go for there and try to find the right one. How old is that debian?04:06
SolarisBoyyou said you were pinging your gateway correct?04:06
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I just torrented it today.04:06
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Corrent04:06
Coyotemysteriousdarren: But don't I need Linux drivers? The Windows driver won't do me any good.04:07
SolarisBoywhat was the response when you did that?04:07
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: connect: Network is unreachable04:07
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: well if you know what driver it is, you can always look on the manufacturers website and find the linux one.04:07
SolarisBoyCeres_3: OK . question for you, are you statically or dhcp assigned?04:08
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I believe this is my card Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless Lan 802. 11n PCI-E NIC04:08
SolarisBoyCeres_3: also how do you generally configure your network Network Manager (the gui) or interfaces file?04:08
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: did u google it?04:08
tiox'Sup guys. I am on 11.10 live right now and my 3G modem is working. Any way I can transfer settings over to my 12.04 installation to get my modem working there?04:08
tioxI plug it in, it is seen, and it works. Just don't get why it's not the case in Ubuntu 12.04.04:09
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: I was statically before the first reboot, when everything stopped. After the reboot, I put the file /etc/network/interfaces back to it's default state.04:09
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I got strange websites. Maybe I should actually check the realtek website :/04:09
mysteriousdarrentiox: clean install? or upgrade to 12.04?04:09
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: When I had it set up for static ip, I edited the file. I don't know how to do it via the gui.04:09
SolarisBoyCeres_3: can you post that pastie for that file?04:09
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: yes I am looking too04:09
tioxDude, this is a fresh install.04:10
Ceres_3In four lines:04:10
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=21&PFid=48&Level=5&Conn=4&ProdID=272&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true04:11
Ceres_3auto lo04:11
Ceres_3iface lo inet loopback04:11
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: sorry for no short link04:11
Ceres_3[blank line]04:11
Ceres_3iface eth0 inet dhcp04:11
Ceres_3That is all.04:11
SolarisBoyi think auto defines what gets turned up on boot04:11
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I must have looked at the wrong device; these are audio drivers.04:12
SolarisBoybut whatever can you try to manually bring it up? ifconfig eth0 x.x.x.x netmask x.x.x.x up04:12
tioxNevermind, balls to it. I am going to install Ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop as it seems to have no sound issues and just works.04:12
SolarisBoyCeres_3: replace the x with proper values04:12
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: yes it looks so my mistake as well.04:12
tioxRather, on my hard drive I am using it from.04:12
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: so "ifconfig eth0 netmask"?04:13
SolarisBoyCeres_3: is that the ip address you intend to have on that box? are you sure thats not what your router defaults to (it doesn't have to but im saying)04:13
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Do you know where to find the card on Windows?04:13
SolarisBoyif you then yes, but dont forget the up at the nd04:13
SolarisBoyifconfig eth0 netmask up || but make sure that ip is not a conflict...04:14
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: So the first x.x.x.x is what I want to have, and the second x.x.x.x is the address of my router?04:14
SolarisBoyCeres_3: ok assume you wanted the ip address and also assume that you are on a class C so then, ifconfig eth0 netmask up04:15
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Okay, done.04:16
SolarisBoyok now do ifconfig eth0 and confirm it was taken04:16
=== harry is now known as Guest83652
SolarisBoyare you _sure_ thats not the router ip? i dont want to have a back to back fail run =)04:16
SolarisBoybut anyway you did .50? or .1 ?04:16
=== rumaging_pinz is now known as rumaging
Guest83652so what04:16
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I'm at a loss :/04:17
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: The command took. The ip I chose was .108, the router uses .104:17
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: so this is for sure the right card? or We are both wrong?04:17
SolarisBoyperfect - so _now_ you need to add a gw so do this.. route add default gw
Guest83652i have problem with ubuntu04:17
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I think I found my audio card.04:17
=== rumaging is now known as pinz
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: I don't know what Bcast: means. I figured I'd throw that out there if it was important to you.04:17
mysteriousdarrenGuest83652: whats the problem?04:17
=== pinz is now known as rumaging_
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: well are u looking under the right place?04:18
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Done.04:18
SolarisBoyCeres_3: it means the broadcast ip for your network, which is not commonly used but if it iwere and you pinged it and enabled broadcast pings, it would ping everything on your network04:18
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I'm not sure where to look.04:18
SolarisBoyCeres_3: works or not?04:18
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: win7? debian?04:18
Ceres_3The internet is not working.04:18
Ceres_3I'll try pinging the router.04:18
Coyotemysteriousdarren: I thought I had said I was on Windows 7, sorry. Yeah, the Debian was just on a flash drive. Never installed.04:19
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Pinging the router is working.04:19
Ceres_3(I think, it's doing something at least)04:19
SolarisBoyCeres_3: then that means your router isn't04:19
=== rumaging_ is now known as rumaging
mysteriousdarrenCoyote:I'll check quick just wait04:20
SolarisBoyso check there - your router is most likely a nat router, and if you can ping that and not get to the internet, it implies issue on router04:20
Ceres_3Okay. Other computers on the network can access the internet.04:20
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Okay.04:20
SolarisBoyok fine. can you ping another device on your network?04:20
Ceres_3I'll check the router's table and see if I have an conflict. There was none last I checked, but let's give it a try.04:20
MaskilPDXHello phillip6904:20
phillip69Does anything about wicd04:20
SolarisBoyCeres_3: good idea04:21
SolarisBoyCeres_3: if its a linux based router try arp -an04:21
SolarisBoywhat did you set as netmask Ceres_3?04:22
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: I can ping other computers.04:22
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Well, I'm in Device Manager, and there are three things under "Network Adapters". The one I gave you, that turned out to be an audio card, was under there.04:22
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Netmask was set to
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: what are the other two?04:22
bethebunnyAnyone know what the gnome-power-manager and gnome-volume-manager binaries were renamed to for 12.04?04:22
SolarisBoyCeres do this : netstat -rn04:23
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Point of info, my computer is now showing up on the router with it's name and the correct ip address.04:23
SolarisBoyCeres_3: do you have a line like :         UG        0 0          0 eth004:23
Coyotemysteriousdarren: "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" and "Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller".04:23
SolarisBoyCeres_3: ok04:23
SolarisBoyCeres_3: what were you trying to do to test the inet?04:24
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Yes, I have that line.04:24
SolarisBoyseems about right - and still no inet? what are you testing on the net? a name or ip?04:24
Ceres_3I am opening Firefox and trying to navigate to pages I don't normally visit (to try and get around cache issues)04:24
SolarisBoyping something by ip and see what you get please try
SolarisBoyalso try tcptraceroute if you have it installed maybe tcptraceroute -n google.com 8004:25
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: well that realtek driver is toward the bottom and its a networking driver for linux04:25
Ceres_364 byptes from icmp_req=20 ttl=53 time=28.9 ms04:25
SolarisBoythat means your online04:26
SolarisBoycheck your FF04:26
Ceres_3Well, this is better than an hour ago :)04:26
SolarisBoydid it switch itself to offline mode?04:26
Ceres_3Just checked. No.04:26
SolarisBoyCeres_3: try this... in a terminal hopefully you would have it installed.04:26
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
SolarisBoyCeres_3: curl -I http://google.com04:27
SolarisBoydont need to paste it but if you get 200OK again, check your browser stuff04:27
Ceres_3Nope. Couldn't resolve host "google.com"04:27
SolarisBoythat is your issue rather dns04:28
SolarisBoyCeres_3: you said you do caching correct? do you autostart your cache daemon after reboot?04:28
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Which one is a network driver? I'm not seeing it.04:28
SolarisBoyand is it working listening on 53 and responding properly? because browsers work best by names and they imply weird things when dns is not working04:28
Ceres_3I meant I didn't want to get a cached version of a page in my firefox. I don't understand what a cache daemon is >_>04:28
SolarisBoyCeres_3: heh - ok04:29
SolarisBoyCeres_3: try this then.. cat /etc/resolv.conf |grep nameserver04:29
thesebwhy ubuntu one says "File Sync Disabled" all the time even after pressing the enable button a bunch of times?04:29
Bower^hey. i'm downloading ubuntu right now and i'd like to install it onto my spare hard drive. if i set my spare hard drive as my primary hardware will grub install any files to my current drive? i remember it used to do this and i really screwed me over when my ubuntu installation messed up04:29
SolarisBoyCeres_3: whatever is returned if anything are the servers you do resolution with04:30
Coyotemysteriousdarren: There are only two drivers and they don't say what they're for; just that they are Linux drivers.04:30
zivesterdamn you linked in, leeking our passwords04:31
Ceres_3The command executed with no text afterward.04:31
Ceres_3No debug output.04:31
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: the top one usually, and that is for your card. I am not good on installing linux drivers :(04:31
Ceres_3Also, navigating directly to opens google.04:32
SolarisBoyCeres_3: you have none configured , which is normal considering the manual way you did network up04:32
bethebunnyAnyone know what the gnome-power-manager and gnome-volume-manager binaries were renamed to for 12.04?04:32
SolarisBoyCeres_3: do this echo > /etc/resolv.conf || this is a test04:32
SolarisBoyand then ping google.com04:32
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Now, I can install this driver from inside Windows, right?04:32
SolarisBoyonce you do that,, and confirm that it works, update interfaces and add auto eth0 and bounce the network so it comes up dhcp, then when you reboot you should be ok04:33
Ceres_3I must not be entering the command correctly.04:33
Ceres_3bash:/ /etc/resolv.conf: P{ermission denied.04:34
SolarisBoyhaha - this actually echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf04:34
D-Chymerahi guys, why won't nautilus let me open files from over the network with say leafpad? no matter what I do it defaults to my browser :-/04:34
Ceres_3this: command not found.04:34
SolarisBoywithout the this part04:34
SolarisBoyas root04:34
SolarisBoyor if you can't do it as root - this || echo 'nameserver' | sudo tee -a /etc/resolv.conf04:34
=== diluted is now known as info
=== info is now known as diluted
Ceres_3I tried the first one with sudo and still got permission denied. I'll try the second one now.04:35
SolarisBoyyea its a funny thing about updating root owned files =)04:35
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Or do I just run it from inside Linux+04:35
Coyotemysteriousdarren: *?04:35
SolarisBoythe last one will work because its called by sudo04:35
Coyotemysteriousdarren: Because Windows can't execute it. It's a GZ file.04:36
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: nameserver
SolarisBoycool Ceres_3: now you can verify the file? cat /etc/resolv.conf make sure that line is there04:36
Ceres_3ping google.com now works.04:37
=== Guest56860 is now known as kizzy
SolarisBoyCeres_3: update interfaces file properly04:37
Ceres_3As does navigating to google.com in firefox. I'll check to make sure that the file is good. One moment.04:37
SolarisBoyits ok if it now works04:37
SolarisBoyjust add auto eth0 into interfaces so it comes up on boot04:38
Ceres_3The line "iface eth0 inet dhcp" exists in the file /etc/network/interfaces.04:39
Ceres_3Is that what you mean?04:39
SolarisBoyCeres_3: that doesn't mean it will come up like auto lo brings up the loopback =)04:39
SolarisBoyyou need a seperate line i think on top of that to bring the interface _UP_ at boot time or network initialization04:39
Ceres_3I don't understand your last sentence, but the happy face makes me feel good.04:39
SolarisBoyjust put 'auto eth0' on top of the line you pasted just now04:40
SolarisBoybottom line04:40
Ceres_3"On top"? So after it, or before it?04:40
Ceres_3Oh, I think I understand what you mean.04:40
Ceres_3Should I reboot now and make sure it still works?04:40
phillip69Does anyone know anything about wicd04:41
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:41
bethebunnyphillip69: What do you want to know about it?04:42
phillip69Whenever i try connecting my wireless card it says Connection Failed Bad Password04:43
Ceres_3It is working now. Thank you for the help. To be honest, I'm afraid of updating now. I don't want to have to do that every again :/04:43
SolarisBoyi dont think an update would do anything like that04:43
bethebunnyphillip69: That could be because you fat-fingered the password, or it could be that you selected the wrong security protocol.04:44
SolarisBoyyour welcome however =)04:44
SolarisBoythats what i was thinking also @ that bad password message04:45
bethebunnyHow do I start the gnome-power-manager and gnome-volume-manager from the command line?04:45
phillip69Which protocol is for WEP 128 is that it04:45
SolarisBoyphillip69: wep04:45
SolarisBoythats it04:45
SolarisBoyso your probably fat fingering04:46
phillip69Okay ill try again thanks04:46
rhizmoehow do i ensure that my mounts are established upon login? my music player scans for missing files and every time i start it up after rebooting i watch as it tries to remove everthing from my library.04:46
Ceres_3SolarisBoy: Mind doing me the favor of navigating to this link?:
rhizmoenautilus lists them, but doesn't seem to bring the mounts up until they're accessed04:47
SolarisBoysure ill curl it04:47
Ceres_3That's my node.js server address.04:47
bethebunnyrhizmoe: Your music is stored on a separate partition from your home directory that isn't automatically mounted?04:47
Ceres_3I just want to make sure we're back up and running.04:47
SolarisBoyreally? hmm ok lets see04:47
Ceres_3If you see anything at all besides a server not found or 404, then we're good.04:47
SolarisBoyCeres_3: its up04:47
Ceres_3You should see some websocket errors. I've got it attempting to connect to local host at the moment.04:48
SolarisBoyall black login screen04:48
SolarisBoyno errors04:48
Ceres_3Thanks so much for all the help.04:48
mysteriousdarrenCoyote: you'd install it inside linux after ubuntu is installed.04:48
SolarisBoyrhizmoe: what type of mount is it?04:49
bethebunnyHow do I start the gnome-power-manager, gnome-volume-manager, and skype from the command line?04:52
slayerhello all04:52
sacarlsonwhy don't I see the lamp-server package in ubuntu 10.04 anymore?  did they rename it?04:52
thesebwhy ubuntu one says "File Sync Disabled" all the time even after pressing the enable button a bunch of times?04:52
slayeri'm running gkrellm and i can see an avg upload roate of 200K, how can I find out which app is uploading something on eth0?04:53
slayeri have no browsers running, the only app online is xchat which i just started after observing this behaviour for 10 mins04:53
slayerrunning netstat -nlp shows me a list of sockets, but beyond that?04:53
SolarisBoyslayer: you can try netstat to see what has connections open..04:53
SolarisBoyslayer: you want --tcp04:53
SolarisBoyslayer: netstat -pone --tcp04:54
slayerSolarisBoy, thanks, i see pidgin, mpd and samba04:54
slayerso perhaps one of those04:54
SolarisBoytheres also a tool iftop but it really shows more so endpoints for traffic than processes causing it04:54
SolarisBoyslayer: perhaps.04:55
SolarisBoyslayer: do you have a lot of pidgin chat accounts?04:55
slayeri just killed pidgin, the traffic continues04:55
slayernope, only 204:55
SolarisBoyslayer: how are you determing this traffic surge?04:56
slayerSolarisBoy, i can see it in gkrelllm04:56
slayerSolarisBoy, also in gnome's system monitor where it shows net traffic04:56
SolarisBoygot it04:56
slayerSolarisBoy, think it might be incorrect?04:57
SolarisBoyslayer: ever use tcpdump or wireshark?04:57
slayerSolarisBoy, doh, of course, lemme fire up ethereal04:57
SolarisBoynot so much incorrect as inaccurate but not by much04:57
SolarisBoyslayer: torrents?04:57
slayerSolarisBoy, nope04:57
SolarisBoyyea the best i can say is try to open wireshark or tcpdump and grab you some tea04:58
SolarisBoyyou can use iftop its pretty cool maybe you can look at the endpoints and figure out what it is04:58
slayerSolarisBoy, ah seems to be all smb04:58
SolarisBoyslayer: interesting04:59
SolarisBoySolarisBoy: is it smb client? or are you running a samba server from there?04:59
slayerSolarisBoy, yeah, have a windows laptop that is connected now to this box, was copying files over yesterday at this time, strange that it should show so much activity now04:59
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest36059
slayerSolarisBoy, a server, sharing some folders05:00
OrukusakiWindows server 2008 channel any help05:00
SolarisBoyslayer: server/client stuff does a lot of communication05:00
SolarisBoyespecially things that work between windows and linux05:00
SolarisBoycould be keep alives/ beacons/ etc05:00
SolarisBoyanyway bounce the mount and see if that helps05:00
slayerSolarisBoy, yes, that seems to have fixed it, thanks05:02
SolarisBoycool anytime05:02
slayerSolarisBoy, never expected to see so much traffic, almost as if someone were streaming a movie off it05:02
SolarisBoywindows is bat poop crazy its not surprising05:02
SolarisBoyit badly fubar's standardized implentations.. like tcp/ip05:03
slayeroh well, glad it's fixed05:04
bethebunnyHow do I start the gnome-power-manager, gnome-volume-manager, and skype from the command line?05:05
cipher__pulseaudio is not running correctly, gnome-control-center is not showing any hardware / input /output available under sound, nor can i adjust the sound levels. (only alsamixer works directly) ... I need pulseaudio for mixing and such.  "cipher@panodora:/etc/pulse$ start-pulseaudio-x11 ..Connection failure: Connection refused..pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused"05:09
SolarisBoycipher__: pulseaudio --start ?05:10
cipher__cipher@panodora:~$ pulseaudio --start05:10
cipher__E: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.05:10
SolarisBoycipher pulseaudio -vv05:11
SolarisBoydont paste that one..05:11
rhizmoeSolarisBoy: what kind of mount, you mean via fstab?05:12
rhizmoeor is there a better way to know?05:13
SolarisBoycipher__: have you recently modified anything pulse related?05:13
rhizmoethis is from mount: /dev/sdc1 on /media/Data type ext3 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)05:13
SolarisBoyrhizmoe: what kind of mount is it that you would like to persist reboots? external hard drive like usb or such? network mount like nfs/samba, something else?05:13
cipher__a haywire package went through seemingly randomly removing half my packages05:14
rhizmoeoh, these are just other hard drives in my box. after install they appear to be automounted05:14
cipher__it corrupted my sound, and bumblebee :(05:14
rhizmoe(partially/dynamically, as it turns out)05:14
SolarisBoyE: [pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to load module "module-ladspa-sink" || seems to be the thing doing it05:14
SolarisBoycipher__: try this. mv .pulse .pulse-old05:15
=== zz_arejay is now known as arejay
bethebunnyrhizmoe: You're going to want to set up an entry in fstab05:15
cipher__start-pulseaudio-x11 didn't throw any errors this time05:15
rhizmoebethebunny: ok, that's fine. should i do it uuid style, or is the traditional method ok?05:16
SolarisBoyrhizmoe: is the disk mounted to /media/Data what you wanted to automount and is not happening?05:16
cipher__should i reboot?05:16
SolarisBoydoes your pulse work?05:16
rhizmoeSolarisBoy: it automounts in that it is listed in nautilus, but my music player doesn't seem to think it's connected until i access it some other way.05:16
bethebunnyrhizmoe: I generally use the traditional method for non removable media. UUIDs are useful if you want to set up persistant rules for how to deal with specific removeable media, eg. a portable hard drive.05:16
SolarisBoyyea correct - like bethebunny said put it in fstab =)05:17
rhizmoegreat, thanks!05:17
cipher__yes, after relogging it did05:17
cipher__SolarisBoy, feel like working on bumblebee lol?05:18
SolarisBoyhave no idea what that is05:18
cipher__the last stop in my road to recovery :p05:18
cipher__okay, it is software for optimus setups05:18
SolarisBoyoptimus cameras?05:18
SolarisBoyoptimus prime?05:19
rhizmoeis the uhelper bit important for fstab purposes?05:19
cipher__integrated and dedicated  gpu's05:19
SolarisBoyoh boy05:19
cipher__it helps switch between them, and for power management05:19
cipher__i am trying to just switch to my dedicated gpu 24/705:19
SolarisBoywow - have no experiece with it05:19
rhizmoeoptimus was also the radio shack brand for some electronics05:19
SolarisBoysounds cool05:19
cipher__but my horrible bios, has no such option05:19
cipher__yay, the tornado finally passed05:20
SolarisBoyif it requires a bios option you dont have its pretty cut and dry no?05:20
cipher__*leaves basement*05:20
SolarisBoywow tornadoes? thats very scary05:20
cipher__this was some high action, intense, dangerous, linux fixing05:20
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
cipher__yeah, there is like 5 inches of hail now05:21
tnm_how can i opene mounted network location in terminal?05:21
SolarisBoytnm_: cd05:21
=== Jordan__ is now known as jcrza
SolarisBoycipher__: woa thats insane05:21
cipher__does anyone know how i can change my default gpu? (optimus laptop xps15z) ..  and yeah it was sort of loud lol05:22
piecemakerdoes someone knows some sort of fast, free and easy way to install ubuntu on Android device? :)05:22
tnm_SolarisBoy, cs to what location?05:22
SolarisBoytnm_: the path to the network mount. e.g. if it's mounted at /mnt/video then cd /mnt/video05:23
piecemakercipher__: in most cases you can't change the built-in gpu05:23
ryshtnm_: use df to see what's mounted05:23
tnm_SolarisBoy, well the network path is mounted through nautilus but there's no folder in /mnt/ ...05:24
SolarisBoyif your looking to "open" it like in nautilus then you need to know where it is. if it's not under your $HOME it will likely be somewhere on the "filesystem" link05:24
Chuck_Norriscipher__: what is the issue?05:24
piecemakerdoes someone knows some sort of fast, free and easy way to install ubuntu on Android device? :)05:24
SolarisBoytnm_: use mount command05:24
SolarisBoytnm_: just type 'mount'05:24
SolarisBoyand you should see those network shares and where they are mounted05:25
cipher__Chuck_Norris, bumblebee stopped working. I seriously want to give up on it and change my default gpu to the nvidia one.05:25
cipher__Need it for opengl 4.x05:25
tnm_SolarisBoy, i found that there's a network folder under the /home/user/.gvfs folder05:26
SolarisBoytnm_: thats not it05:26
Chuck_Norrisbut this notebook have only one GPU and that is a nvidia 525 ¿right?05:26
rhizmoemy notification bar fonts have a cyan blur to them05:27
cipher__and the integrated one05:27
tnm_SolarisBoy, well i'm looking at the content of this network folder...05:27
cipher__which it defaults to05:27
Chuck_Norrisye,  are you using the proprietary driver?05:27
SolarisBoythats not it05:28
cipher__sudo apt-get install nvidia-current* ... if that didn't do it, not sure what will. though actually under bumblebee.conf if i change the default driver to nvidia, it wont run at all. atm it reverts to software rendering05:28
SolarisBoygvfs is a fuse mounting system - if you type df you will see it, its mounted to a .file under your home, it may contain things that you notice - its not where you should try to interact with them at05:28
Chuck_Norriscipher__: ye that command install 295.40 which is bugy, you should install 295.5305:29
Chuck_Norriscipher__: open Dash and type: nvidia, and see your driver version05:29
cipher__Is Dash a terminal emulator? Also i typed nvidia in sakura, and "command not found"05:30
Chuck_Norrisin main menu (Dash)05:30
Chuck_Norriscipher__: type: nvidia, and you will see an icons called "Nvidia Xorg Setting" or some like that05:31
Chuck_Norrisclick on it, and you will see ther drivers version05:31
cipher__yeah, i actually dont have that anymore, since that corrupted package ate half of mine on install05:31
bethebunnyDash is a debian-developed implementation of the posix shell, and is what is invoked in ubuntu if you run /bin/sh. The official name for the ubuntu menu is the "HUD".05:31
Chuck_Norriscipher__: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade05:32
cipher__no way in hell :P05:33
cipher__i am not upgrading05:33
SolarisBoyhes shellshocked =)05:33
Chuck_Norrisas you like05:33
cipher__i spent 20 hours non stop getting 11.10 bootable05:33
cipher__no mouse, no keyboard ,no wireless05:34
cipher__no anything05:34
SolarisBoyfun stuff05:34
Chuck_Norrisoh! man, upgrade to 12.04 a lot of improvement05:34
cipher__that will repeat05:34
* SolarisBoy no comment05:34
piecemaker12.04 iprovement at what? :D05:34
Chuck_Norriseverything for me05:34
cipher__let me screen shot my desktop05:34
SolarisBoyi think there has been varying success with that05:35
bethebunnypiecemaker: They finally got rid of banshee and went back to a good music player :P05:35
Chuck_Norrisand a lot of performance05:35
sacarlsonChuck_Norris: what about nautilus that seems missing a bunch of features and gedit that no longer can encrypt or decrypt file anymore in 12.0405:35
piecemakerfor me every ubuntu 9.04< is getting worse05:35
SolarisBoyeveryone at my work place that upgraded had it rough in the beginning but we use these weird laptops anyway so i think that was the real issue with nvidia stuff05:35
Chuck_Norrissacarlson: xD05:35
SolarisBoy<-- 11.10 for a while05:35
Chuck_Norrissacarlson: do you know about "nae" (Nautilus Action Extras) ?05:36
Dr_Willisgnome devs changeing things is not a reflection on the ubuntu devs...05:36
sacarlson<-- 10.04 with backports for a while for me too05:36
piecemakeri.e. bluetooth don't work, setting up gpu acceleration was a big struggle05:36
SolarisBoywoa thats a blast from the past05:36
rysh<--- Linuxmint 3 since yesterday ... And not going back05:36
bethebunnyI actually haven't had any major problems with 12.04. I just installed awesomewm and never looked back at unity >.>05:36
sacarlsonChuck_Norris: no I didn't nae?  I'll check05:36
Chuck_Norrisi have installed nae so maybe by default there is some missing stuff but... i have all i want and i love 12.0405:36
SolarisBoyubuntu is awesome i never really was into the spin offs i dont see the point or difference05:36
Dr_Willisunity lens have saved me a lot of time.  hud also saves me time.05:37
Chuck_Norrissacarlson:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nae-team/ppa ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions-extra05:37
SolarisBoyi just dont upgrade easy - is all, with anything though05:37
ryshjust like the gui more05:37
SolarisBoyDr_Willis: those too make me want to accept the upgrade always - alway hear good things about them05:37
piecemakeri am really thinking about switching to gentoo05:37
sacarlsonChuck_Norris: oh maybe that's why I failed to find it in ppa05:37
Chuck_Norrissacarlson: https://launchpad.net/~nae-team/+archive/ppa05:37
SolarisBoypiecemaker: thats crazyness05:37
bethebunnyDr_Willis: Unity was awesome, until it 100% broke alt-tabbing and workspaces. I think this was in 11.04 when they chunked it.05:37
piecemakersolarisboy: why?05:38
Dr_Williscant say that ive noticed any issues with alt tabing orrrr workspaces bethebunny05:38
Djangowhat ubuntu version suits best for a rockie just gettisg started at it?05:38
Jordan_U!ot | piecemaker SolarisBoy05:38
ubottupiecemaker SolarisBoy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:38
mohadibhello, i am trying to get a virt interface to come up at boot time, but it does not start, does my interfaces file look incorrect?  http://pastebin.com/Wn2Bfp7q05:38
Chuck_Norrissacarlson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028078/05:38
bethebunnypiecemaker: Gentoo is fun, until your portage tree gets too dirty and you have to fight tooth and nail to do basic security updates.05:38
SolarisBoywomp womp05:38
phenriqueanyone knows where i found ebooks (such as Silberschatz, Tanenbaum) for download?05:39
Jordan_U!ot | bethebunny phenrique05:39
ubottubethebunny phenrique: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:39
cipher__Chuck_Norris,  http://i50.tinypic.com/5unshu.png05:39
Dr_Willisphenrique:  a lot of publishers have their older books for free on their sites. thats tthe legal way to get them'05:39
SolarisBoymohadib: you can't have a different network on the alias05:39
sacarlsonChuck_Norris: I don't see pastebinit added to nautilus in the nae, that's a big missing for me05:40
mohadibSolarisBoy: what do you mean?05:40
Djangowhat is Debian GNU/Linux?05:40
mohadibSolarisBoy: it works if i use ifup, just not at boot time05:40
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:40
Jordan_UDjango: Try asking in #debian. This is #ubuntu.05:40
SolarisBoyit works with that gateway line also?05:40
cipher__wow, what a run around.05:40
sacarlsonChuck_Norris: still no encrypt/decrypt added in nautilus for pgp gpg05:41
Chuck_Norrissacarlson: if you have the pastebin script you can easyly move into the nautilus scripts folder05:41
SolarisBoymohadib: how about auto eth0?05:41
bethebunnyDr_Willis: Try maximizing a window in a workspace, with two other small floating applications in an adjacent workspace. Now, you can alt-tab once to switch workspaces! Even better, when you press alt-tab again, you don't get back to your original program, you switch to the third one!05:41
cipher__i wonder why i get x86_64 three times in my uname?05:41
ryshDjango: Or you maybe can google for it?05:41
doc|homeanyone got suggestions for a decent FPS that's in apt? I'm looking for a way to kill some time.05:41
SolarisBoyi had no idea you could do that but now that i think of its how most cisco's work05:41
* doc|home misses enemy territory05:41
mohadibSolarisBoy: that was my next thing to try, but i was scared i would lock myself out of the box :s05:41
DjangoJordan_U: The Thing Is That I'm Planning On Getting Started To Ubuntu Linux But Im Not Quite Sure Wich Version To DOwnload05:41
sacarlsonChuck_Norris: I looked breafly into that posibilty of adding scirpts but failed to figure out how to pass values05:41
DjangoAnd I'm A Bit COnfused05:41
doc|homeDjango: that's an odd use of capitalisation05:41
SolarisBoymohadib: thats your line in?05:42
mohadibSolarisBoy: in this case, i got have an unused eth1, think ill just make use of it, thanks05:42
mohadibSolarisBoy: yes05:42
sacarlsonChuck_Norris: but I'm sure they will at least have those fixed in 1 or 2 years when I can upgrade to 12.0405:42
SolarisBoythat would be optimal rather than create a single point of failure on an unrelated interface =)05:42
bethebunnyDjango: Unless you really want KDE or are using a very old (6+ years) laptop, you should probably install 12.04 64-bit desktop edition.05:42
Djangodoc home: what are you annonymous or something? xD05:43
doc|homeDjango: hmm?05:43
mohadibSolarisBoy: yep :)05:43
mohadibok, thanks again05:43
OrmieI have a problem with Ubuntu 12.04 Internal error I'm running Ubuntu version 12.04 When I am about to download virtual box package I get the following output: "Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error message but I expected it to work normally05:43
SolarisBoywhy do those ips look so familiar?05:43
skramer_I just noticed that some packages on my laptop are installed both, i386 as well as amd64. Could somebody explain why this is?05:43
SolarisBoyskramer_: i think thats normal some packages require both05:44
OrmieOh and, problem type: Crash05:44
SolarisBoydependancies and such pull them in also05:44
cipher__well, i am running an optimus laptop with broken optimus software (bumblebee), if anyone can try to troubleshoot with me, i'd immensely appreciate it05:44
ShdwdrgnI just upgraded a machine from natty to oneiric, and I'm having an issue with ipv6 services.  Machines on the local ipv4 network can connect to ipv6 services (such as ssh) immediately, but machines outside of the ipv4 network hang for several minutes before connecting.  Any ideas?05:44
Dr_Willisskramer_:  some apps use the ia386 libs for comptability05:44
Shdwdrgnand no, this was not an issue right before the upgrade.05:44
Djangobethebunny: and if im running a clone with windows 7 ultimate (hopping to change it for linux)...Hardware: i5, 8GB Ram, HDD750GB, INtegrated Video05:45
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: disable ipv6?  I assume your isp is just ipv405:45
skramer_I see... Perhaps I just did not notice before ;-)05:45
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, I use ipv6 services through an HE tunnel05:45
SolarisBoyskramer_: most likely =)05:45
bethebunnyDjango: Then you absolutely want 12.04 64-bit desktop edition ;)05:46
SolarisBoyShdwdrgn: are you accessing those services by name or ip addies?05:46
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, currently testing by IP address05:46
SolarisBoyhmm ok05:47
Shdwdrgnhowever the results were the same by name05:47
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: so you have dual stack ipv6 + ipv4 on local but only ipv6 wan?05:47
SolarisBoyit reminded me of something else but that was dns related like cycling through ipv6 and v4 tries but if it's the same for both thats more than likely not the case for you05:47
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, I have both ipv4 and ipv6 access through wan05:48
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: also you can force ipv6 or ipv4 on ssh client with -4 or -605:48
Net_Shadehello has anyone else have a problem with setting a password with file roller?05:48
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, the two services I'm working with right now are ssh and dns... both are responding the same way05:48
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, ipv4 access to the machine is working normal, it is only the ipv6 access that is being delayed05:49
SolarisBoyShdwdrgn: have you tried debugging options on your commands?05:49
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: well if ipv6 is delayed and it falls back to ipv4 if you just -4 it will skip that step05:49
SolarisBoyand someone stated it but you can use -4 on a lot of commands and -6 as well to just use that version ip proto05:50
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, such as?  For example, I can ssh to this server from another server in my dmz with no problems, but when I try to ssh to the server from my desktop, it hangs for several minutes before the connection is made.05:50
SolarisBoysuch as ssh -vvv? dnstracer?05:51
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: try both -4 and -6 on the slow one to see if that fixes it then if so make a alias for it05:51
SolarisBoybut also like said -4 and -6 sound applicable to you05:51
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
Shdwdrgnwhen I test using dig, it tells me which IP it gets the reply from.  I can get an ipv6 reply from another server in my dmz, but trying to dig from my desktop, I get a timeout05:52
SolarisBoyyea but you didn't trace the time out or what happend is what im saying05:52
GekiritZHey everyone05:52
SolarisBoycan you try -4 and -6?05:52
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: it could be some kind of routing problem or other that could also fix it but this will at least isolate the problem05:52
GekiritZI have an issue - it's partly hardware related, but it's a complete mystery to me on a software level as well05:53
Shdwdrgnok when I try "dig -6", it is defaulting back to the ipv4 address for the reply05:53
Shdwdrgn(from my desktop)05:53
SolarisBoyssh -4 or ssh -605:53
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: I setup a ipv6 only network that converts all ipv4 to ipv6,  that might be another solution for you05:53
SolarisBoydig uses your resolver file/setup anyway05:54
Shdwdrgn"ssh -4" goes right through... I'm still waiting on -605:54
SolarisBoyso problem is isolated05:54
GekiritZLong story short - I was given a laptop with a busted screen - I hooked up an external display, booted Ubuntu 12.04LTS from USB, installed properly, rebooted from HDD with the external display05:54
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, if I do "dig -6" from another server within my dmz, the query replies immediately05:55
phillip69Does anyone know anything about wicd05:55
SolarisBoydig uses your resolver/setup05:55
Shdwdrgnhowever my point still remains... all of these ipv6 commands were working just fine a couple hours ago before I upgraded to oneiric05:55
SolarisBoyare you saying those servers have the same setup on top of being in the same lan?05:55
GekiritZRan update manager - it failed somewhere at 80% down the line - I wasn't really concerned, most updates (255) seemed trivial and I decided to take my losses (didn't check where it failed)05:55
GekiritZNo more external display05:56
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: you can also point dig to a server with dig @
GekiritZAnd no more boot as far as I could tel either05:56
SolarisBoyotherwise its using your resolver configuration....05:56
SolarisBoyso if its hanging,, you should probably check it05:56
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, yes that is how I am providing the ipv6 address in my dig commands05:56
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: some bind9 or other dns servers will only listen on ipv6 or ipv405:56
GekiritZTried FN-fkey combos, no avail - tried booting from USB, nothing - tried booting from optical, jack05:56
Shdwdrgnbind9 is configured to listen on both ipv4 and ipv605:56
GekiritZComplete and utter darkness05:56
GekiritZis there a key combo or sequence on boot I'm missing?05:57
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: by default your correct but you can config bind9 to listen on just one or the other05:57
gh0ul /part05:57
Shdwdrgnoh, also of note... my other servers (also providing ipv6 services) were upgraded from natty to oneiric last week, and none of them are having this problem05:57
GekiritZfiy - external does not work on POST or BIOS afaik05:57
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, yes it *can* be, but mine is specifically configured to listen on both05:58
GekiritZSo when it's sitting there, idling, with no HDD activity or noticeable processes going on, I have no idea what it's doing05:58
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: firewall settings?  you said it's different in dmz05:58
SolarisBoyso one server out of many is exhibiting this issue Shdwdrgn?05:58
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: did you set forwarding for ipv6 ?05:59
GekiritZI swapped out the HDD with another one to get some idea of what's going on - but it's basically ubuntu refusing to boot05:59
GekiritZBlack screen05:59
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, I did restart shorewall6 (firewall is a physically different machine) just in case, but that did not corredct the issue05:59
GekiritZAnyone have any idea?05:59
SolarisBoyi would look at the _one_ server in the dmz having the issue for differences05:59
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: check ipv6 forwarding settings on your router05:59
SolarisBoydidn't you say another or other servers in the dmz work?06:00
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, correct - one server out of four.  All four have now been upgraded to oneiric, but this is the only one giving me a problem.06:00
SolarisBoysounds pretty obvious to me06:00
piecemakerGekiritZ: try unplugging the HDD and boot from usb06:00
SolarisBoyi dont see why you would look elsewhere06:00
GekiritZpiece: will do that... didn't think of approaching it from that angle yet06:00
sacarlsonSolarisBoy: Shdwdrgn: if some work it's probly because they have tunnled to ipv6 throught ipv4 and ipv6 is not forwarded06:00
SolarisBoyi would check that server in comparison to a working one especially assuming they are same/similar || specifically netowkr etc06:01
GekiritZI just reinstalled ubuntu on the original hdd plugged in another laptop06:01
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, I would assume the same thing... the only thing that has changed tonight is that I upgraded this particular machine, and now ipv6 is having problems.  I can only assume this machine is the source of the problem06:01
GekiritZand it's booting on fine06:01
piecemakerGekiritZ: what kind of gpu you have there?06:01
SolarisBoyShdwdrgn: i would agree - especially granted that v6 and v4 works on other ones in DMZ right?06:01
GekiritZI have no clue - the laptop was given to me by a friend who is as computer savvy as a fried potato06:02
SolarisBoyso yea - compare _THAT_ server to a working one - specifically network configurations06:02
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, yes both v4 and v6 services have all been working fine on the other machines since upgrading06:02
SolarisBoyor start pasting some valid data..06:02
GekiritZAs far as any designation on the casing goes, I can only tell you it's a Compaq laptop from the CQ62 series06:02
SolarisBoyto paste bin06:02
Shdwdrgn# dig . @2001:470:8388:10:0:100:53:1006:03
GekiritZexact type was visible during installation, but at the time didn't figure it would horribly die on me like it did06:03
Shdwdrgnwhen I do that from another server, it works fine06:03
Shdwdrgnwhen I do it from another machine, it hangs and times out06:03
piecemakerGekiritZ: intel or amd cpu?06:03
SolarisBoyits not helping your situation06:03
SolarisBoythats a client your not debugging06:03
GekiritZYou just made me realize something XD06:03
GekiritZThe other laptop I installed it on right now is AMD06:04
GekiritZthe original one with the external display issues is Intel06:04
SolarisBoyyour just getting  a timeout - you can make no assumption to why - use debugging options or commands specifically for debugging06:04
GekiritZIs ubuntu designed to handle a carryover?06:04
SolarisBoyi said ssh -vvv || and also dnstracer06:04
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, well obviously the new server is responding to it's IPv6 address, and bind9 is responding to queries on the machine, so it seems that eliminates a networking issue06:04
=== Michael is now known as Guest87497
geeky_bitsiancan anyone please explain me the terms 1.) pinned perf counter,  2.) nonpinned perf counter, 3.) flexible perf counter ?06:04
SolarisBoyShdwdrgn: the issue was never the not receiving or receiving of a response was it?06:05
piecemakerGekiritZ: carryover?06:05
SolarisBoyit was a latency in multiple prototocls on one machine no?06:05
SolarisBoyor am i mistaken?06:05
GekiritZthe compaq I want to get running an external display on ubuntu is an Intel celeron06:05
GekiritZYeah, carryover - installed on hardware config A and then moved to hardware config B by means of swapping harddrives06:05
piecemakerGekiritZ: so it has intel gmaXXXX gpu06:05
GekiritZIt most likely does, piece06:05
phillip69How do i get wicd to work properly on xubuntu06:06
Guest87497I just installed Ubunto in my labtop Lenovo 3000 N100 but I restarted the laptop, I get black screen with a cursor blinking at the top left corner. Any help to fix this problem?06:06
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, good point, let me check if the machine actually receives the queries in a timely manner06:06
SolarisBoyyea - run debugging commands dude06:06
SolarisBoyill brb06:06
gr33n7007hphillip69, whats the problem06:06
piecemakerGekiritZ: hmm, good question :)06:06
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, ok queries are received via ipv6 immediately06:07
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | Guest8749706:07
ubottuGuest87497: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:07
phillip69whenever i try to connect to my wireless card it says Connection Failed Bad Password06:07
SolarisBoyso whats the problem? it seems you have a very polymorphic issue thats constantly changing06:07
SolarisBoydoes ipv4 work and ipv6 work?06:07
Guest87497when I boot from the flash disk it is working fine06:07
gr33n7007hphillip69, what security protocol is it06:08
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
MrCleanWithHairIs anyone in here familiar with sikh?06:08
gr33n7007hphillip69, what interface are you using wired wireless06:08
phillip69wireless through alfa network card06:08
conflagranthi  all06:09
Guest87497but when I boot from the hard drive I get the blank screen with blinking cursor06:09
gr33n7007hphillip69, do an ifconfg in terminal and determine the interface06:09
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, ipv4 works fine, there are no issues there.  When I dig via ipv6 from another local server, I get the replies.  When I query from a machine from another network, the server receives the query, but the client never gets a reply06:09
Guest87497I am a Windows guy and I just formated my Windows 7 and install ubunto.06:09
Dr_WillisGuest87497:  and your video card is a?06:10
shanky_tyMrCleanWithHair: wat is sikh?06:10
SolarisBoyso the lan can resolve ipv4 and ipv6 but something is blocking something else going back out06:10
SolarisBoyand it has nothing to do with one server is what your saying?06:10
CookieMGuest87497 and what are first impressions?06:11
Guest87497I do not know what is my video card but when I boot from the flash drive, ubuntu wroks fine06:11
SolarisBoydo you have your gateways set properly?06:11
siva4080Gmail and some Bank pages is not opening on Firefox with Wi-Fi connection (all other websites are opening fine). But When I use wired connection , all pages are opening fine including Gmail and Bank pages..  What could be the problem with Wi-Fi ?06:11
shanky_tyMrCleanWithHair: ne links..?06:11
phillip69I tried that and it is picking up but whenever I go to the internet it says Connection Failed Bad Password06:11
MrCleanWithHaironly heard rumors about the sikhs06:11
SolarisBoyShdwdrgn: is that a "complex network" ? i see you have a dmz, it kind of implies you enforce rules to get in and out...06:11
Dr_WillisGuest87497:  so.. try the nomodeset option as stated earlier.. then try to install any extra drivers your card needs06:11
MrCleanWithHaircan't verify anything06:11
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | Guest8749706:12
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, I would think it has everything to do with the server that just got upgraded, which is also the server running bind, ssh, etc.  However I don't understand why this one is having troubles, when I can still query bind on the other servers that got upgraded.06:12
Guest87497what is !nomodeset and how can I start it?06:12
gr33n7007hphillip69, is it WEP hex or WEP passphrase06:12
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, yeah, fairly complex... however the firewall has not been changed, only the server06:12
shanky_tyMrCleanWithHair: i thought u were talking about religoun lol06:12
phillip69WEP passphrase06:12
SolarisBoyShdwdrgn: have you started doing comparisons yet?06:12
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, the server itself has no iptables rules06:12
gr33n7007hgo to preferences in wicd and make sure it WEP passphrase06:13
MrCleanWithHairshanky_ty, do you know about sikh?06:13
GekiritZpiecemaker: We're about to find out if it does handle a carryover :P06:13
SolarisBoywhat about gateways - but im confused again - your saying you can't query dns from the dns server itself? it would really help if you put some of the data on a pastie so we can see it06:13
piecemakerGekiritZ: :D06:13
GekiritZpiecemaker: just put the HDD back... booting now06:13
=== setkeh` is now known as setkeh
Guest87497I can not use my laptop anymore. Can someone help me? I am very new to Ubuntu06:14
SolarisBoylike have you tried to tcpdump dns traffic while its happening?06:14
GekiritZpiecemaker: Works!06:14
ShdwdrgnSolarisBoy, here's something from syslog that might pertain to the issue?  I see a lot of "imuxsock begins to drop messages from pid..."  The pid in question is slapd, but google search seems to point to imuxsock errors being related to ipv6 issues?06:14
* piecemaker dances :D06:14
shanky_tyMrCleanWithHair: only a religioun06:14
* GekiritZ dances along06:14
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: I note that I see this #net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1  in /etc/sysctl.conf so by default ipv6 is not forwarded06:15
phillip69Ive tried it and its set  right06:15
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | Guest87497  the bot may be down.06:15
ubottuGuest87497  the bot may be down.: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:15
GekiritZNow - I'll have to see what caused it to fail horribly06:15
MrCleanWithHairshanky_ty, have you used sikh before any sikh religion or program related to ubuntu that I might beed help with?06:15
GekiritZI ran a full range of updates from update manager06:15
GekiritZ255 updates total, that failed - rebooted - dead06:15
shanky_tyMrCleanWithHair: nop06:15
GekiritZThat's the only lead I have06:15
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, I do have net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1 uncommented, but thanks06:16
* GekiritZ crosses fingers06:16
siva4080Do anyone knows why gmail is not working/opening on Wi-Fi ?06:16
* piecemaker crosses too06:16
Guest87497I do not think I have any problem with the video card because when I boot from the flash drive, Ubuntu works fine.06:16
gr33n7007hphillip69, on your network go to properties06:17
gr33n7007hin wicd06:17
=== eddie is now known as Guest65095
Dr_WillisGuest87497:  try the nomodeset option on the instaolled system...06:17
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: so what is the value at your system that routes for sudo sysctl  net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding ?06:17
gr33n7007hwhere it says encryption what does it say06:18
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: the one that has the firewall the creates the dmz?06:18
Shdwdrgnsacarlson, "net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding = 1"06:18
Shdwdrgnoh, checking firewall now06:18
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: so much for that idea then06:18
Shdwdrgnfirewall also =106:18
GekiritZpiecemaker: I'm not sure - should I reattempt those updates, facing the danger of reliving that nightmare? :P06:18
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: oh ya not on your system the firewalled system06:18
Guest87497I do not see the menu to select or type any command to go to nomodeset . When I use the flash drive, it goes directly to ubunto desktop06:18
piecemakerGekiritZ: it's your choice ;)06:19
Shdwdrgnoddly, my other servers which were upgraded have that value =0, even though they are resolving ipv6 just fine06:19
sacarlsonShdwdrgn: only the router has to forward not the clients06:19
Shdwdrgnah ok06:19
Dr_WillisGuest87497:  you read the forum post the bot gave you?06:20
Shdwdrgncould this be causing an issue, since this is the only server that has that value set =106:20
GekiritZpiecemaker: At least I can safely say that you can carry around a HDD based installation of Ubuntu to other hardware setups06:20
gr33n7007hphillip69, have you tried manually connecting to your network?06:20
[|][|][|]KacoDCC: Why are you sending TIME and VERSION CTCPs?06:20
GekiritZIt adapted on the spot06:20
[|][|][|]Who are you trying to hack?06:21
GekiritZchecking drivers atm06:21
* KacoDCC rolling on floor06:21
piecemakerGekiritZ: that's because the kernel itself is compiled to support wide range of devices06:21
nocturnal_hello computer; im hacking into the system06:21
KacoDCChello what TIME is it??? ..... HACKED!!!!06:21
[|][|][|]Well, yes.  It's quite easy to exploit someone's client if you know what version they are using.06:22
KacoDCCok please exploit me06:22
[|][|][|]Just make a script that versions all the users in a channel to see if they are using a vulnerable client.06:22
[|][|][|]And voila06:22
nocturnal_KacoDCC: what ubuntu do you have?06:22
KacoDCCnocturnal_, Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion06:23
nocturnal_KacoDCC: perfect i'm hacking you now06:23
KacoDCCyes you can try :)06:23
KacoDCCand you didn't even need a CTCP06:23
KacoDCCjust a polite ask :-D06:23
nocturnal_KacoDCC: okay i'm in. now i'm deleting all teh files06:23
Dr_Willistake it to OT please...06:23
KacoDCC[|][|][|]: why are you using 3 vaginas as a nick?06:24
piecemakerKacoDCC: can you please give me a password to your account?06:24
KacoDCCpiecemaker, check privmsg06:24
KacoDCClol is this a hacking club or an ubuntu channel? :)06:24
[|][|][|]I guess no one here knows about DCC exploits.06:24
KacoDCCnobody cares06:24
[|][|][|]Not surprising06:25
rhizmoeyeah, we're dumb like that. totally new to irc.06:25
KacoDCCit might be worth to hack to a bank ... not some guy with ubuntu on irc06:25
Dr_Willisyea. only been ircing since college..06:25
Dr_Willistime to gt back to topic..06:25
* KacoDCC client restart, brb06:26
rhizmoei've got a font problem in unity2d (and 3, i think): http://i.imgur.com/y0cXZ.png ...cyan halo on the top line06:26
KacoDCCok since most IRC clients are paranoid about CTCP, I've added such feature to my IRC as well ... it will scream on CTCP :)06:27
sliktsthings that don't work well in this os: alt-tab06:27
Dr_Willisalt tab seems to work fine for me..06:27
sliktsoften I can't alt-tab from chrome/chromium, and the target app just shakes the icon in the dock06:28
Dr_Willisthers always the super+# method to change apps also06:28
sliktsDr_Willis: just… no06:28
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:29
Dr_Willisi did see an issue in beta where chromium having several windows open . would only have one recognized by the unity panel06:29
Dr_Willishavent noticed that since release06:29
sliktsother things that don't work: rearranging dock. I click and hold a dock icon, and nothing happens06:30
sliktsone more annoyance: when showing desktop and then restoring, all windows get maximized06:30
sliktsquality assurance process for unity is probably called "wishful thinking"06:30
Dr_Willisslikts:  cant say that i can recreate the problems. anyone else confirm or deny the same issues?06:31
Dr_Willisrants are for other channels. if you want actual support then  act accordingly06:31
sliktsDr_Willis: good for you06:31
OrmieThrough my experience today, you shouldn't mess with compiz.06:31
Dr_WillisOrmie:  ;) you break things playing wwith ccsm?06:31
sliktsDr_Willis: maybe I could look for support, but I need to debug why X process is hogging my CPU06:31
sliktsI have a fast cpu, so it can't be normal that X stays at 10% and often goes to 30-4006:32
Dr_Willisslikts:  theres been bug reports about X and nvidfia drivers sucking down cpu. ive seen it on my own system. latest batch of updates seems to have fixed it here. but  i havent   been at the pc to test it much this week06:32
sliktsDr_Willis: I have intel gpu06:33
=== Guest65095 is now known as eddie_
OrmieDr_Willis, now the water effects sticks with my cursor all the time!06:33
Dr_Willisseen 1 core get 50% ussed in spikes for some reason by X. a restart of the X server fix's it. for a few hours.06:33
sliktsX has now used 80 hrs of cpu time for me in one week06:34
Dr_WillisOrmie:  ;) i think theres a key combo to toggle that06:34
testiI have the impression that unity uses the CPU for calculating transparency, slowing down the user-experience . In the old compiz days transparency was calculated on the GPU, so I wonder what's actually going wrong now: I grab a window move it around and while moving I press the Super-Key until the dash help appears. It then looks like as if the dash helps from time to time updates the underlying content, but extremely slow. It actually remin06:34
testids me of the fake-transparency of for example Eterm. I doubt the textures join on GPU I think they are composited earlier. Anyone knows?06:34
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Dr_WillisOrmie:  now you know why theres been discussion of removeing ccsm ;)06:34
Guest28028Dr_Willis: mine mapped to 4-S-q06:34
sliktsI try to have a conservative setup, using compiz etc, but there's still tons of problems, sometimes introduced by updates06:35
sliktserr, not using compiz but unity 2d06:35
OrmieDr_Willis, Now I messed with it and, unity is gone :(06:35
sliktslike one day window resizing just getting broken, the resize grip areas being 1px wide06:36
Dr_WillisOrmie:  some of the 'tweak' tools had options/buttons to reset gnome/unity/compiz back to defaults. theres commands to do it also06:36
curiousxOrmie: unity --reset06:36
sliktsthere is no way I could recommend ubuntu to nontechnical users after this06:36
sliktsmaybe 10.1006:36
sliktsor whichever was the LTS release before unity06:37
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Dr_WillisOrmie:  i recall the webupd8 site having 33 commands in a posting that reset gnome, unity, and compiz06:37
rhizmoei just upgraded to 12.04 from 10.10 24hrs ago06:37
Dr_Willisslikts:  again.. rants are ot for here.06:37
sliktsDr_Willis: no wonder06:38
Dr_Willisyes.. we do wonder...06:38
sliktseh? I mean no wonder you don't want rants, since an os this broken makes people rant a lot06:39
pavel_slikts: :)06:39
OrmieSetting Update "run_key" and nothing happens?06:39
Dr_Williswe wonder why the idea of 'this  is a support channel not a ranting channel' is so hard to understand..06:39
pavel_slikts: I admit you're right06:39
sliktsDr_Willis: I understand it, but just don't care06:39
Dr_Willistake it to the ot chsnnel if you dont care.06:39
sliktsit's not like you're going to fix the os even if I provide details etc06:40
Dr_Willisyou would just find somthing else to complain about.06:40
sliktsgood one06:40
Ormieu know what, i think i broke the system again.06:40
Dr_WillisOrmie:  what do you mean run-key?06:40
sliktsdismiss my problems as personal06:40
Dr_WillisOrmie: you bad boy.06:40
GekiritZpiecemaker: Alright... now... rebooting06:40
OrmieDr_Willis, No06:40
GekiritZpiecemaker: triplechecked as much as I can... Just hoping it will work now06:41
Dr_WillisOrmie:  you could reset all your user settings. but thats a bit extreme06:41
GekiritZpiecemaker: We have liftoff!!!06:41
OrmieDr_Willis, It says "Setting Update "run_key" and nothing happens06:41
sliktswhat is the unity launcher doing that it takes so long to show?06:41
Dr_WillisOrmie:  what did you do that said that?06:41
Ormieunity --reset06:41
Ormiewhile on unity06:42
Dr_WillisOrmie:  did the panel flash then close then comeback?06:42
vadimkolchevhi all. got a problem with sound. I've got acer aspire one and my microphone is not capturing anything. In sound preferences it is greyed out. What can be done about that?06:42
Dr_WillisOrmie:  that command will not reset compiz however.06:42
Ormiewhere is my woobly windows?06:42
sliktswobbly windows is luxury I've given up on long ago >>06:43
Dr_Williswobbly windows made my wife puke.06:43
sliktsyour wife is bugged06:44
sliktsif it was possible, I'd have wobbly everything06:44
Dr_Willisshows the 3 commands to totally reset unity, compiz and gnome i belive06:45
toafan_is "the list of changes is not available, please use launchpad" on the update manager just me, or is it a bug?06:45
vadimkolchevhi all. got no input in sound preferences, therefore my laptop microphone is not working. Can anyone help me with that?06:46
OrmieI hate blur windows in compiz.06:47
Quackmac3000hey, this is teh support chat for ubuntu, yes?06:48
Dr_Willisi find the trend in having transparent effects/windows/dialogs - makes things less readabvle for me.06:48
Dr_Willislooke like theres somthing on the screen.. oh wait. its the image under the  dialog box showing through..06:49
Dr_WillisOrmie:  you got the system back to sanity?06:49
OrmieDr_Willis, yes. and I am messing with compiz again.06:49
Dr_WillisOrmie:  and now ya know how to reset it. ;)06:50
BatshuaHey guys?06:50
BatshuaI'm using xfce. Where do I find the flash settings?06:50
Dr_WillisOrmie:  neat trickis to use the window-placement plugin to set dialogs like the file copy  box to be 'always on top' ;)06:50
OrmieDr_Willis, My computer was usable enough when after I did "unity --reset" so I enable CTRL+ALT+Backspace. That's the way out :D06:51
sliktswhy don't you use unity 2d?06:51
sliktscompiz is problematic06:51
=== meatwad is now known as Guest35511
Dr_Willisunity2d is getting phased out in the  next reelease i belive.06:52
sliktswell, fuck06:52
Chuck_Norriswhy don't use gnome shell :D06:52
sliktsI guess that's the last straw for switching06:52
sliktsno way I'm going back to compiz06:52
Dr_Willisi belive there was some keynotes/summary of whats to be 'done' in 12.10 somewherre i saw that mentoned.06:53
Quackmac3000could you guys help me out? i need to format an encrypted drive on a computer i lost administrative privilages too06:54
OrmieDr_Willis, I enabled the desktop cube effect and when I go to workspace switcher I get desktop wall instead. Where can I see desktop cube06:54
Quackmac3000nightmare situation here06:54
ehmatthesCan anyone help troubleshoot a networking issue?  I'm trying to telnet using port 5000 (telnet rendezvous.heroku.com 5000), but I get a 'no route to host' error.06:54
sliktsDr_Willis: google says that 2d is going away in 12.10 as well06:54
SolarisBoyehmatthes: is port 5000 listening or is their a firewall on that host?06:55
sliktsthis makes me sad, there is no place for people like me who like docks and linux06:55
Chuck_NorrisQuackmac3000: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX06:55
BatshuaQuackmac3000: I'm not sure that's fixable without using a LiveCD and wiping everything?06:55
BatshuaOr… Chuck_Norris might know something I don't.06:55
Chuck_Norrismaybe :D06:55
Quackmac3000I WANT to wipe it, i dont care about anything on the drive06:55
sliktslinux world is dominated by non-dock troglodytes06:55
ehmatthesSolarisBoy: I disabled the firewall on my modem, if that answers your question.06:56
Quackmac3000i just want to boot another system and be done with this06:56
SolarisBoyehmatthes: no route to host on a port connection is common of the port not being up or a reponse from a firewall06:56
SolarisBoyif you can ping it , its likely not a route thing06:56
Dr_WillisOrmie: the cube and unity are known to conflict with each other. ;)06:57
pidgin-surabayahow to connect my pidgin to this channel ??06:57
SolarisBoypidgin-surabaya: add your irc account to pidgin06:57
Quackmac3000I need a way to do it with a usb flash drive, too, because im useing netbooks06:57
ehmatthesSolarisBoy: Can you suggest any settings to adjust on my modem?  I have poked around in the modem interface, googled, with no results.  I called the ISP, and they are not blocking any ports.06:57
SolarisBoyehmatthes: can you confirm port 5000 is actually listening?06:58
Chuck_NorrisQuackmac3000: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/06:58
Quackmac3000what do i do, just boot up again?06:58
OrmieDr_Willis, you mean the whole "unity" is conflict with cube?06:58
ehmatthesSolarisBoy: Is that a netstat command?06:59
Dr_WillisOrmie:  enabling cube can break unity06:59
sliktsOrmie: why do you hate yourself? trying to use those features can just cause pain >>06:59
Chuck_Norrisin these link, there is a tutorial for installing ubuntu into the usb flash drive06:59
Dr_WillisOrmie:  the webupd8 or omgubuntu blog site has a guide on using the cube in unity. if you  want to experiment07:00
Quackmac3000i know how too install linux, what i need to know is wither or not that will format a encrypted harddrive.07:01
BatshuaI have no idea, I have never tried.07:01
BatshuaIt's worth a shot?07:01
Chuck_NorrisQuackmac3000: try it, i solved it one time with an HP notebook that has some recovery partitioins that's don't let me install ubuntu on it07:02
Chuck_Norrisi solve it with: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX07:02
Quackmac3000earlier today i started useing ubuntu. i made myself sole admin, and i encrypted the harddrive.07:03
Quackmac3000i locked myself out by deleteing my password07:03
Quackmac3000and now i cant do anything with the damn thing. i tried loading another distro and it didnt work.07:04
Chuck_Norriswith a live cd and the partition that you wanna to format unmounted, there is no admins previlegies07:04
Chuck_Norrisprivileges* =P07:05
Quackmac3000well, i know that. i only mention that as the reason for me doing this in the first place.07:05
sliktsalso, what happens to computers without hw acceleration if unity 2d is removed? that means virtual machines, for instance07:05
Chuck_Norriswell, a flash usb live i meant07:05
ehmatthesSolarisBoy: Sorry, how do I check if port 5000 is actually listening?  btw, I took my laptop to work today, and I could run this command on that network.  So I don't think it's my computer, I think it's my modem.07:05
questionHello, I need help hardening my ubuntu install.07:06
SoniQ<Chin> ehmatthes, $ netstat -an | grep 500007:08
OrmieI promise (or even swear) you guys I will Never use compiz again. It made my system unstable.07:09
reisioOrmie: nonsense07:10
reisioit might have made your window management unstable07:10
OrmieNow I have to do fresh install :(07:10
reisiouh, no, no you don't07:10
reisiofresh installs are for closed source OSes07:10
ehmatthesSolarisBoy, SoniQ: I get nothing from that command. The only change I've made is connecting to my home network instead of work network.  Does that change what is listening?07:10
Ormiehey, i um... i think ubuntu should make the built-in version upgrade system better, though.07:13
swattorhi all07:15
swattori just got a fresh bunch of updates from -proposed - and it's saying that there are untrusted packages in there :-/07:16
reisioswattor: what version of Ubuntu?07:16
reisioOrmie: lot of room for improvement07:17
swattorreisio: 12.0407:17
Dr_Willisgiven how old the apt system is.. its amazing in how well it works.07:18
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
=== [|][|][|] is now known as Erika_Mustermann
Dr_Willispackagte mangement is an amazingly complex task :)07:19
jernejdoes anyone here use gitolite on ubuntu ?07:21
neo1691Hey guys, i have installed ccsm but the changes that i do in that have no effect on ubuntu and also when i click on myunity it says Your Ubuntu 12.04 is running in 2D mode.07:22
sliktsapt system doesn't work well since it doesn't allow local packages07:24
sliktsit also makes packaging too complex, and you can't easily have multiple versions of packages07:25
Dr_Willisneo1691:  that makes sence.. unity2d does not use compiz07:25
neo1691Dr_Willis, how to switch to 3d then?07:25
Dr_Willisneo1691:  at the login screen there should be a unity/ubuntu and  a unity2d item in the menu. assuming you have your proper 3d drivers installed it should be that simple07:26
neo1691Dr_Willis, There are two options ubuntu an ubuntu2D, but i always log in using ubuntu, not ubuntu2d07:27
Jon--Since moving to Ubuntu 12.04 with gnome-session-fallback, I have no battery indicator in the notification area. How can I fix this?07:27
Jon--I am running on battery power at the moment.07:28
Dr_Willisneo1691:  its kicking into 2d mode - most likely because you dont have your video drivers set upo right.07:28
proyI have two identical systems with mdadm raid5, both having 4 x 2TB disks. One the second system RAID5 goes for a resync often when the machine reboots. Any idea what could be the reason. using 12.0407:29
fastaIs there some firewall builder tool which is just as easy to use and featured as Windows Firewall?07:29
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.07:29
Dr_Willisfeaturesets will be differnet - because thee 2 os's handle firewalling in very differnt ways.07:30
neo1691Dr_Willis, Should i use the nvidia X driver?07:30
Dr_Willisneo1691:  if you have an nvidia card.. yes.07:30
neo1691I do have an nvidia 2gigs geforce card07:30
StarryNightme 207:31
Jon--Since moving to Ubuntu 12.04 with gnome-session-fallback, I have no battery indicator in the notification area. How can I fix this?07:31
fastaDr_Willis: how can I use custom paths for the programs to block in the firewall?07:32
Dr_WillisJon--:  ive seen alternative battery/power indicator applets at the askubuntu.com site in their 'list of indicator applets' posting. but i dont  use  the fallback mode. so no idea what ones work in it07:32
fastaDr_Willis: that's something Windows firewall can do and apparently gufw cannot.07:32
Dr_Willisfasta:  Huh?07:32
Jon--Dr_Willis, Fallback is gnome-classic-no-effects07:32
fastaDr_Willis: trust me: what I said makes sense.07:32
Dr_Williswindows blocks on a per app basis i belive vs linux blocking on a port bassis. differnt ways of doing firewalling.. if i recll some firewalling guide i read ages ago.07:33
fastaDr_Willis: so, you basically didn't answer my question?07:33
Jon--The default is fine, no idea why it's not there. The package for it is installed.07:33
Dr_Willisbeen ages sinve ive had to mess with firewalls in linux.   Linux blocks on ports.. windows blocks on per app. is about all i recall from what i read 3+ yrs ago07:33
fastaDr_Willis: so, next time, do not answer.07:34
Dr_Willisfasta:  grow up.07:34
fastaDr_Willis: If you were one of my machines that I trained in the lab to respond to user questions, I would think of you as a failed experiment.07:34
Dr_Willisagain.. grow up..07:35
fastaDr_Willis: learn to read, I'd say.07:35
NaemdarSo doing the 12.04 upgrade, *crosses fingers*07:36
Jon--fasta, Custom paths? You want to block based on a proc name?07:36
Dr_Willishello benjo07:36
fastaJon--: no, based on a path.07:36
benjohi Dr_Willis07:36
fastaJon--: so, /foo/bar/baz is started, and then everything coming out of port 10230 for that program should be blocked.07:37
=== zz_arejay is now known as arejay
Jon--Or do you mean a path as in SMB?07:37
fastaJon--: a path has had the same meaning since at least 20 years.07:37
Jon--fasta, Fix your problem yourself then smartass.07:38
fastaJon--: you are the one asking stupid questions.07:38
Jon--fasta, I am the second person you have disrespected as they try to help you. You're clearly too arrogant for me to bother. Figure it out.07:38
hbrooh man, I take one look at this channel and already there's a flame war abrewing :p07:39
fastaJon--: ignorant person, but yes.07:39
abhilashDoes anybody know the solution for DNS DDoS attack?07:39
abhilashVERY URGENT07:39
Dr_Willishbro:  its a slow day07:39
fastaabhilash: pay Amazon.07:39
abhilashPLEASE HELP ME07:39
reisioabhilash: reliable hosting07:39
fastaabhilash: or some other large company; for $100K you should be fine.07:39
Dr_Willisabhilash:  we cant  without details. and its not clear on how this is ubuntu relateed.07:39
reisiodoesn't take money, just simple countermeasures07:39
hbroabhilash: strict iptable rules?07:40
proy+1  Dr_Willis07:40
hbroDr_Willis: true that, not quite ubuntu-related07:40
abhilashyeah.. Its a attack from chineese IP's07:40
fastareisio: simple counter measures? Very doubtful.07:40
OliverWhbro, exactly... ask fasta about it... he's great with iptables :P07:40
abhilashgetting PING drop frequently on the server07:40
hbrowell now, I feel quite at home here07:40
=== Guest69143 is now known as r3becca
Ormieabhilash, do you know how to DDOS?07:40
fastaOliverW: I read a few hundred pages of documentation on iptables.07:40
hbrotoo bad Linux helpdesk is not my job07:41
abhilashI used IP table rules, but its persistsing07:41
fastaOliverW: I know exactly how it works; I just think it is a broken system.07:41
* Dr_Willis wonders how a dns ddos attack differs from other ddos atttcks07:41
abhilashits come from different IP's07:41
WomkesHey, what would you guys recommend I use to mirror data on two servers? I currently have 1 server in a data center with vmware on it. But I have two identical servers at home I wish to replace my setup with. I would like to have a low-tech failover/mirror setup. I would like to use some kind of visualization technology like Xen or KVM. And I was thinking I want to use LVM volumes for the virtual machines and somehow keep the data in sync between se07:41
Womkesrvers. Would DRBD be a good solution for this? Please advise.07:41
sliktsdns ddos floods port 53?07:41
Jon--fasta, iptables has a --pid-owner. Use that.07:41
abhilashthats why we can't prevent through IPTABLES07:41
fastaJon--: that's not what I originally asked.07:41
r3beccadoes extundelete stand any chance of working on a ecryptfs encrypted home directory?07:41
fastaHow hard can it be to just say 'No, Ubuntu is inferior to Windows 7 in this regard.'?07:42
Jon--Yes it is. You're a smart boy. Learn to grep ps aux for the pid on that port and learn iptables. Giving people like me attitude means we're not going to help you figure that out.07:42
fastaOr to say 'Use program X.'?07:42
abhilashslikts :: yes its 5307:42
Jon--Now you're just trolling.07:42
Ormieabhilash, PM07:42
Bower^i've just installed ubuntu. it's really nice but there's one problem. i keep receiving a notification that "wired network disconnected". does anyone know why this is? it happens quite frequently and the connection seems fine07:42
fastaJon--: no, I am not trolling. You are spinning around the question.07:42
reisioit's pretty simple to block requests of a certain frequency and origin07:43
sliktsI know nothing about preventing ddos, but I imagine there could be some adaptive firewall that automatically blocks abusing ips based on some heuristic07:43
fastaJon--: it has a very definite answer. So far, Windows Firewall has been superior to any GUI tool presented to you from Ubuntu.07:43
ActionParsnipfasta: In some cases, Win7 is better, it's the nature of all software..07:43
hbroreisio: indeed07:43
OliverWfasta, I'm scrolling back a bit... you want to block a certain program on a certain outgoing port?07:43
Jon--fasta, Key words are "GUI tool". If you want GUI tools for networking tools and firewalling, go back to Windows.07:43
Dr_Willisabhilash:  theres those tools like fail2ban and otheres that can automatically setup filters07:43
ActionParsnipJon--: what's wrong with firestarter?07:44
fastaActionParsnip: now, if someone would just have said that right from the start, there wouldn't have a need for an annoying 'discussion'.07:44
sliktsfor all its faults, windows has many features more advanced than *nix, like ACLs, filesystem (ntfs) etc07:44
reisionot simple enough for Freenode staff, of course07:44
ActionParsnipfasta: tried firestarter as a GUI?07:44
fastaslikts: Linux also has ACLs.07:44
sliktsfasta: you're an acl07:44
ActionParsnipfasta: or switch to ufw and use gufw....07:44
Jon--ActionParsnip, I have no experience with GUIs to iptables tbh. apparently ufw doesn't have an option to block on pid. I didn't confirm.07:44
reisioslikts: you just said ntfs is more advanced, so, your talking privileges have been revoked :p07:44
sliktsreisio: ntfs is pretty advanced07:44
hbroActionParsnip: +107:44
reisioslikts: sure it is07:45
reisiojust like slugs07:45
fastaslikts: it is also pretty slow.07:45
fastaslikts: it gets ass kicked on most benchmarks.07:45
fastaJon--: I said that gufw has no such option.07:45
fastaJon--: perhaps ufw does, but it still doesn't change the original statement.07:46
sliktsI actually don't know what I'm talking about07:46
reisioslikts: that is shocking07:46
angshow to check ABI version?07:46
angswhat is the command for it07:46
sliktsreisio: esp since you're in #ubuntu07:46
Jon--fasta, 1) enter #ubuntu 2) call people idiots for asking questions to clarify your question (by the way, referring to anything in the Unix world by its path, and then mocking us when we ask what you mean, does make you the idiot. It's all based on the proc id on Unix systems). 3) Continue to be arrogant to those trying to help you.  Yep, us free tech support guys are really going to be motivated to look into that problem fo07:46
Jon--r you.07:46
reisioslikts: especially07:47
bkerensa!offtopic | fasta07:47
ubottufasta: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:47
* Dr_Willis hands Jon-- some sootheing hot coco07:47
Jon--Thank you Sir07:47
sliktswho wants to be slapped by a big trout07:47
bkerensaAlright lets calm it down a bit07:47
Jon--I'm not mad at all, I just find it entertaining.07:47
fastaJon--: not really; anyone with the slightest intelligence would understand. Now, just accept that someone crushed your ego and live on.07:47
Jon--Obvious troll is obvious. +b please?07:48
OliverWfasta, you're dick07:48
CoreyThat's about enough.07:48
reisiobeing a dick isn't the same as being a troll07:48
bkerensa!coc | OliverW07:48
ubottuOliverW: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv07:48
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.07:48
fastaI just asked a question; I cannot help it that nobody can read.07:48
* reisio contemplates a !spam07:48
bkerensaLets please calm it down07:48
Coreyreisio: No need.07:48
ActionParsnipfasta: ^07:48
Jon--Am I the only one who can see he's purposely trolling the channel? Come on ops now, wake up...07:49
reisioCorey: not to notify ops, just to mock the spam their bot commands generate :p07:49
hbrobkerensa: +107:49
* sauvin notes wrily that mockery is often poorly appreciated07:49
angsdoes anyone know what is the command to check ABI version of my distribution?07:49
fastaActionParsnip: guarddog isn't in my repositoty.07:49
ActionParsnipfasta: are you using kde?07:50
Dr_Willisangs:  clarify for me what ABI is..  its 4 am here.07:50
fastaActionParsnip: I also use kde.07:50
ActionParsnipfasta: tried ufw?07:50
reisiosauvin: that's like the narrator describing his own delivery dude ;P07:50
proyangs: what is ABI ?07:50
fastaActionParsnip: ufw seems to be more of a command line tool.07:50
ActionParsnipfasta: gufw exists....07:50
fastaActionParsnip: but gufw doesn't allow custom paths to block programs.07:51
fastaActionParsnip: like I explained 10 times now.07:51
sauvinApplication Binary Interface, iirc. The "as-compiled" interfaces bewteen applications and the libraries they call or the underlying kernel.07:51
Jon--Does it allow you to specify a PID?07:51
fastaJon--: do you even know what a PID is?07:51
Jon--Yes I do07:51
Coreyfasta: That's about enough of the attitude, please.07:51
fastaCorey: I am getting spammed by noise.07:51
ActionParsnipJon--: the pid may be different each time a process is spawned07:51
NielsMknhey guys07:51
NielsMknHow do I try this out?07:52
Jon--I was going to suggest a script, but if it's killed the PID would change07:52
Jon--Probably not the best solution anyway.07:52
CoreyJon--: Eh, pgrep can work around that potentially.07:52
fastaJon--: no, not the best solution. Please, just go idling or something.07:52
ActionParsnipfasta: does the process us it's own port or is it random?07:52
CoreyJon--: Alterately, you can reinvent the wheel with ps piped to awk or cut. :-)07:53
fastaActionParsnip: it could be random.07:53
hbroseems the other side of the DDNS problem earlier is here07:53
ActionParsnipfasta: is it possible to make it static?07:54
fastaActionParsnip: please don't try to change the problem.07:54
fastaActionParsnip: I was semi-happy with the 'Windows 7 is better in this regard' answer.07:54
ActionParsnipfasta: but it makes sense to set it to some high port number and static then block that port, doesn't it..07:54
fastaActionParsnip: no07:54
NielsMknActionParsnip, can you tell me how to get 3.2.0-11.19 kernel?07:54
ActionParsnipfasta: maybe but we are dealing with the issue in Ubuntu, this isn't a contest, it's dealing with the issue at hand07:55
=== setkeh` is now known as setkeh
ActionParsnipNielsMkn: you'll need the debs07:55
fastaActionParsnip: it's really simple: if I ask a question, I want to have that question answered, not some question you or anyone happens to know the answer to.07:55
NielsMknhmm, and will it work if I have a higher version already?07:55
bkerensa!attitude | fasta07:56
ubottufasta: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:56
Coreyfasta: Again, you might want to tone down your approach a smidgen.  We try t be a happier, friendly channel. :-)07:56
fastaActionParsnip: if nobody knows the answer, fine.07:56
ashankarHi all, running kubuntu 12.04, how do I install debug packages for /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.5 (owned by libkdeui5) and /usr/lib/libkcmutils.so.4 (owned bykdelibs5-dev ) ?07:56
ActionParsnipfasta: then I have no other suggestions. I have given a possible solution which is quite simple. Your call07:56
NielsMknActionParsnip, this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/PreciseJackDetectionTesting says that audio detection is available for that kernel version. Will the detection be there for higher versions as well?07:56
fastaActionParsnip: well, then thanks for trying, but just saying 'I don't know' would have been better for my needs.07:56
ActionParsnipfasta: why, it doesn't solve the issue. I gave a solution which will work07:58
fastaActionParsnip: no, it doesn't.07:58
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic07:58
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 31 kB07:58
ActionParsnipNielsMkn: Precise has a later kernel than you said, is it not in that too?07:59
ActionParsnipfasta: why won't it work?07:59
fastaActionParsnip: because it was a random port, remember?07:59
fastaAlso, Jon-- starts to spam me with" I can't believe none of the ops can see you're trolling. Pretty fucking obvious. You're either a windows fanboy or you run another distro with a distaste for Ubuntu. Either way, don't waste the time of those here to help people. It's classless.07:59
ActionParsnip08:54 < ActionParsnip> fasta: is it possible to make it static?08:00
Jon--That was a whisper08:00
NielsMknno idea ActionParsnip, but jack detection doesn't work as of now.08:00
fastaNo, Jon--: you are an ignorant clueless person. Please just accept that you are.08:00
Jon--I didn't say it in here because the language is inappropriate.08:00
ActionParsnipfasta: make it a static port, then block that08:00
Agrajag-hi, after installing 12.04, my monitor goes to "no signal" shortly after grub (way before X though). i can get it to work by adding "nomodeset" to the kernel params but then the nouveau driver doesn't work because nomodeset disables KMS. i'm not entirely sure what's going on here, how do i get it to work without nomodeset?08:00
fastaActionParsnip: that would involve modifying the program.08:00
CoreyThat's enough of that.08:00
WomkesWas it a careless whipser Jon--  ?08:00
ActionParsnipfasta: is there not a setting for the app?08:00
ActionParsnipfasta: what app are you trying to block?08:01
hbrofasta: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/120 ?08:02
hbrothe "owner" module of iptables has a --pid-id argument08:03
Dr_Willisbeen readin g some neat info at --    http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/15476/configure-linux-to-allow-network-activity-based-on-binary08:03
hbroDr_Willis: looks interesting from the url alone08:03
ActionParsnipfasta: what app / service is it please?08:03
Dr_Willishbro:  goes into details and sort of explains   where i got the 'windows and linux approach firewalling from differnt directions' idea08:04
r3beccadoes extundelete stand any chance of working on a ecryptfs encrypted home directory?08:05
hbroDr_Willis: interesting conclusion too08:06
hbro"Unix is based on user-ID: if you want security isolation, use a different UID. This resource is cheap."08:06
hbrobest solution anyways08:06
hbror3becca: http://gimi.name/snippets/undelete-ecryptfs-encrypted-files/ ?08:08
hbrono personal experience though08:08
stuengwhats the offf topic channel please?08:08
DJones!ot | stueng08:09
ubottustueng: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:09
NielsMknbtw pulseaudio 2 is awesome :D08:09
Dr_Willis2x better then pulse audio?08:10
r3beccahbro: cool link, thanks! :D08:11
hbror3becca: quick google did the trick ;)08:11
dazeI set my default video player to GNOME Mplayer in Ubuntu 12.04 All Settings -> Details -> Default Applications.  Nothing happens. Mplayer is still the default :/08:11
ActionParsnipdaze: gnome-mplayer is just a GUI for mplayer, it achieves the same thing surely.08:12
dazeyeah, but I like the gui better :)08:12
dazeand some key bindings are different08:12
Jon--Since moving to Ubuntu 12.04 with gnome-session-fallback, I have no battery indicator in the notification area. How can I fix this? Last crack at getting a hand before bed08:12
geirhadaze: You've likely overridden it on given filetypes08:13
dazeand where are these set?08:13
NielsMknDr_Willis, not sure. But it does sort a lot of my problems :D08:13
NielsMknok gtg later08:14
hbroJon--: right click -> add applet or something?08:14
Dr_Willisacutallyu isent it alt or ctrl right click now?08:15
Jon--hbro, the notification area is on the panel, no battery inside of it08:15
Dr_Willisi never use the fallback mode. its got some differances then the one gnome08:15
hbroDr_Willis: not sure, using kde here08:15
Dr_Williscould be the battery is not seen. is why its not showing08:15
Jon--Dr_Willis, If you're familiar with gnome-classic, AFAIK they're nearly identical. Fallback disables compiz and enables metacity, that's about the only diff08:16
ActionParsnipJon--: alt+shift+right click maybe what is needed, could just use xfce, its got the gnome2 smell08:16
Dr_WillisJon--:  theres some little changes like the right click needing a metga key i recall seeing in here.08:16
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
Jon--It's <Suoer> + <alt> + right08:16
Jon--For classic on 12.0408:16
Jon--In any matter, the panel app that should have the battery is on the panel (notification area, unless I'm missing a different one?) and I have nothing.08:18
Jon--network status is there, for example08:18
Dr_Willisdo the cli tools show the battery stgatus?08:18
Jon--Dr_Willis, apci works fine08:18
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »08:18
ActionParsnipmay help Jon-- ^08:18
Jon--Eh, whatever the cli is08:18
Jon--ActionParsnip, Did not fix the issue.08:19
Jon--Removed my xchat from there too :( I'll have to re add that manually now.08:19
tioxSome unusual news from the 3G front; I was able to trick my modem into being used in 12.04. And it's a dirty trick.08:21
Dr_Willisit reset the indicatop-applet/systray item ;)08:21
Jon--Oo, interesting.08:21
tioxI habe 12.04 and 11.10 on the same hard drive. zI first boot into the 11.10 installation, and I establish my 3G connection, blah blah blah, it works... well, except this time it didn't.08:22
Jon--there is an indicator-applet-complete that contains the battery. The regular indicator-applet (the default) does not.08:22
tioxBut, whe I have "Mobile Brnadband Enabled" on, then I reboot and go into the 12.04 installation, something must either still be in memory, or in the hard disk (swap possibly) that tricks the selection to pop up in the Network manager there.08:22
tioxI enable it, I select my device, and I can use it.08:23
ActionParsniptiox: can you pastebin the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; lsusb08:23
tioxI am too damn tired.08:23
tioxMaybe tomorrow.08:24
hbrotiox: dirty trick indeed08:24
Jon--Now the only issue I have with the panel is what I believe to be a glrx one. Panel transparency is not found in applets like menu, notification-area, indicator-applet, etc. Instead of getting settings from panel, they get it from the theme. And there is nothing in the gtkrc for the theme that I can see to fix it. :(08:24
tioxWhen i wake up, if somebody leaves a PM for me to do so, I'll do it.08:25
ActionParsniptiox: we'll need the output to help. When you are ready we'll be here :D08:25
tioxThat or it'll just come to mind.08:25
hbrosleep over it, that usually works for me08:25
tioxSo, lsb-release -a, uname -a and lsusb huh?08:25
ActionParsniptiox: all 3, it's one command08:25
Jon--Gah, too many binary names in linux. Not glrx but... Something GNOME related, tired and failing at name.08:25
OrmieI think ubuntu should improve the version upgrade system. Burning CD/DVD is not a green solution08:26
tioxI have it in a notepad on WIndows, I will see it first thing.08:27
Jon--Ormie, USB is an option08:27
DJonesOrmie: You don't need to burn a cd/dvd to upgrade, thats done over the internet, or you could use a live usb08:27
tioxThen Ill do it and paste the output to interested parties.08:27
ActionParsnipOrmie: you can mount the ISO then run the upgrade there08:27
Jon--Ormie, And if you're referring to upgrading, there's always do-release-upgrade. Unless you are purposely clean installing.08:27
ActionParsnipOrmie: a physical CD and an ISO are the same difference is Ubuntu...08:27
Anomie21I followed this guide here to try and find out if my server was sending out any spam. http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-log-emails-sent-with-phps-mail-function-to-detect-form-spam  -- I created the mailtest.php as suggested at the bottom of the guide but nothing appeared in my mail.log. Should using the same exact commands here work in Ubuntu 11.10?08:28
OrmieJon--, Some BIOS doesn't support boot from USB08:30
ActionParsnipOrmie: there uis a floppy image on pendrivelinux to boot to which will then boot USB08:30
Jon--Ormie, Burn one disk, install Ubuntu, turn it into a PXE server, keep it upgraded..... Just kidding ;). Your best bet is what ActionParsnip recommends.08:31
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
OrmieActionParsnip, You are a weird person (in a good way.)08:32
OrmieActionParsnip, What do you do to get a wiki for yourself?08:33
=== shanky_ty_ is now known as shanky_ty
freddy__Hi - I'm having problems with my ubuntuone. http://pastebin.com/V3Aj3BwZ08:33
ikoniafreddy__: the $DISPLAY variable is not set08:35
ikoniafreddy__: that normally happens when you issue the command using the root account, but it doesn't look like you are doing that here08:35
ActionParsnipOrmie: access the page then click Edit to edit it and make it (if memory serves)08:35
Ormiethat is so simple.08:36
freddy__ikonia: i have a ssh from another machine .. is that a problem ?08:36
ActionParsnipOrmie: sorry, 'Create new empty page'08:36
ikoniafreddy__: yes, I suspect that is the core issue08:36
ActionParsnipOrmie: most things in Linxu are dude ;)08:36
ikoniafreddy__: it needs a gui/wants an X11 environment08:36
freddy__ikonia: ok - I'll try from there and ask again a bit later ..08:37
ikoniafreddy__: also look at ssh -X08:37
ActionParsnipfreddy__: or:  ssh -X -C username@host08:38
freddy__ActionParsnip: ok - thanx ... and in /etc/ssh/ssh_fig uncomment the Forwardx yes.. right ?08:39
OrmieI am going to build an app for ubuntu and show it in the app store, I know "quickly" is an option but I want to make a Command line user interface app. How?08:39
Ormiereplace make to publish08:40
ActionParsnipfreddy__: X forwarding is default enabled in Ubuntu08:40
Dr_Willis'quickly' ?08:40
JoFo_How can I add support for KMFL on IBus? (Ubuntu Precise)08:40
freddy__ActionParsnip: ok - thanks08:40
ActionParsnipfreddy__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028222/08:41
hbrossh tunneling ftw08:41
hbrobye bye work proxy and fw restrictions08:42
freddy__ActionParsnip: ah ... yes :-)08:42
Dr_Willisi need to learn more tunneling fu skills and vpn basics. )08:43
OrmieOh and I saw a spelling mistake in ubuntu website.08:43
Dr_Willislike if i set up openvpn on my ubuntu box. and set my android to use it. I go to McDonalds where they gor their wifi very blocked.. will it still get 'full' acccess to the internet via the vpn?08:44
KartagisOrmie: where?08:44
OrmieKartagis, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade08:44
hbroDr_Willis: depends on your setup, but I'd imagine so08:44
OrmieBefore you start the upgrade, we recommend that you read the release notes for Ubuntu 12.04, which which include workarounds for any problems you might encounter.08:44
KartagisDr_Willis: as long as you transfer DNS, yea08:44
Ormie"which which"08:44
Ormiewhy are there to which?08:45
hbroshould start getting a more vpn-ish setup too, not just ssh tunneling08:45
Dr_Willisdns is not automatically transfered eh? or may be an option i guess..08:45
freddy__ubuntuone ... now I get this error, anyone have seen this before? http://pastebin.com/XYDjzysn08:45
Dr_Willisbeen looking at some of the proxy/btguard/vpn type tools and services out there.08:45
=== railsraider__ is now known as railsraider
Dr_Willisseems like  a cheap way to gain some nice features and more security08:46
=== Eugene_ is now known as Guest68934
JoFo_In the software center I see scim-kmfl-imengine but I see no kmfl-imengine for IBus : http://colson.eu/Capture_du_2012-06-07_05:22:03.png . What could I do?08:46
KartagisOrmie: yea, error08:47
Dr_Willisso if you have pc1 set to use a VPN, can you still ssh to it via its ip#? or must you also connect to the vpn then ssh to it from pc2 ?08:47
Dr_Willisif both  are on the same lan.08:48
KartagisDr_Willis: http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/documentation/howto.html#redirect08:48
=== niek is now known as Roerganger
KartagisDr_Willis: you could also use ssh tunneling, that's what I am doing because of subnet restriction08:49
Dr_Willisvpn is just such a 'complex' new thing. im ued to the old skool stuff ;) hard to get a 'big picture' of how it works ;)08:49
Kartagisssh -D and proxy08:49
Dr_Williswas going to get a comercial vpn for a month or 2 to play  with. then perhaps try openvpn.08:50
taquterDr. Bruce WIllis.08:51
Dr_Willisgotta love reading sites wherre every other term is some  marketing buzzword that you are not clear on  the meaning. :) and wouldent add any value to the  information if you did know what it ment.08:58
tiox3GActionParsnip: So I cannot sleep and did it anyway.08:58
tiox3GIs it such a problem when 12.04 was installed, that lsb-release was not installed?08:58
tiox3GCannot seem to be found at all, according to the 12.04 terminal.08:58
ActionParsniptiox3G: no need to become root, users can run the commands08:59
Stopihi, got a strange issue with internet connection08:59
tiox3GAnd yes, I am on 12.04, using my 3G connection. When I disconnect and reconnected before it worked, but then when I physically disconnect it from USB I cannot get it back.08:59
ActionParsniptiox3G: lsb_release   not lsb-release08:59
ActionParsniptiox3G: there is a difference..08:59
Stopifirefox get connection but not thunderbird (using same proxy settings)09:00
sliktsdoes it happen for others too that if you use the Inspect function in Chrome or Chromium and then try to use Alt-Tab, the window doesn't change?09:00
Stopiany idea ?09:00
sliktsat least in Unity 2D09:00
Dr_Willisjello legoff09:01
ActionParsniptiox3G: is it an LG 3G device?09:01
tiox3GAlso, it's trhe same result as thre 11.10 output anyway; No LSB modules.09:01
tiox3GI'l; fix and re-post anyway.,09:02
ActionParsniptiox3G: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkManager/Hardware/3G   search for vendor=0x1004   just need to change the product to: product=0x614109:03
Dr_Willisi thought you had to give lsb_release -a  option to get all the info. :)09:03
Dr_Willisnever seen it givve  any info without some option09:03
=== yashshah_ is now known as yashshah
Dr_Willisi woild think there would be some default option  like -a by default. ;)  but im just an old neck-beard so what do i know.09:04
tiox3GActionParsnip: Could I just like, use the Network Manager PPA and use latest trunk?09:04
ActionParsniptiox3G: its not network manager, its the driver module09:05
tiox3GBalls. Well alright, I'll see where I can find to change the stuff I need.09:05
tiox3GOKay ActionParsnip I am too tired to care.09:08
tiox3GWhere exactly do I go to change the device info from 0x1004 to 0x6141?09:08
=== zz_arejay is now known as arejay
ActionParsniptiox3G: you will need a config file in /etc/modprobe.d09:09
tiox3GAnd how do I produce this file, if not already existent?09:10
|ntegra|tiox3G: hi what are you doing?09:11
ActionParsniptiox3G: read the guide, it'll tell you everythng09:11
freddy__I would like to ask how to solve ubuntuone problem with one of my machines. nautilus hangs when using ubuntuone, and synching does not seem to happen.. its a 5 GB sync so it should take long but not SO long. It has taken weeks and is not done yet. I get many errors when using cli commands on it, fx: http://pastebin.com/XYDjzysn09:11
tiox3GOhm okay,.09:12
djglobalbotfreddy__: install xfce4-notfiyd and add dbus to your daemon array and reboot09:12
ikoniafreddy__: looks like it's hung as the connection has dropped09:12
rossoLast oneiric update seems to have broken the packages nginx-full and nginx-light: "The following packages have unmet dependencies:  nginx-full : Depends: nginx-common (= 1.2.0-1ppa1~oneiric) but 1.2.1-0ubuntu0ppa1~oneiric is to be installed09:13
freddy__djglobalbot: what is xfce4-notfiyd ?09:13
auronandacerosso: we don't support ppas here09:13
djglobalbot!give freddy__ xfce409:13
theadminrosso: You have PPAs in your system, which is not something we support. Third-party repos are unofficial and potentially dangerous.09:13
ubottudjglobalbot: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:13
theadmindjglobalbot: The Ubottu "give" syntax is "!factoid | person"09:14
theadmin!xfce4 | freddy__09:14
rossoauronandace, theadmin ups - failed to recognize that. Cheers.09:14
theadmin!xfce | freddy__09:14
ubottufreddy__: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:14
theadminThere we have it.09:14
theadminfreddy__: xfce4-notifyd is a notification tool Xfce uses to inform users about various important events. Basically, tray popups.09:15
freddy__ubottu: yes ... but I have gnome and is satisfied with that ...09:15
Dr_Willisyou are talking to a bot freddy__  ;)09:15
freddy__Dr_Willis: he he thanx ... not so smart :-)09:15
theadminIs this the right place to ask a question about apt-fast? Guessing not, but...09:16
jitaHow can i capture a screenshot and publish it onto ubuntu one or imgur using gnome-screenshot ?09:16
freddy__ikonia: how do I find out why the connection drops ? I can go on internet with the thing all the time w/o problems ?09:16
JoFo_Could anybody help me to install ibus-xkb? (https://github.com/ibus/ibus-xkb)09:17
theadminjita: Just hit Printscreen, save the file and upload it to the respective hosting.09:17
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.09:17
jitaCan't it be automated ?09:18
Dr_Willisi dont have a printscr button on this keyboard.  :) android bluetooth09:18
Dr_Willisjita:  depends on the details.. thisis linux.. verythings possible09:18
ActionParsniptiox3G: echo "options usbserial product=0x6141 vendor=0x1004" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/3g.conf > /dev/null09:18
jitaDr_Willis, I know shutter that can do, but i don't want to install new app for it09:18
ActionParsniptiox3G: should do it09:19
ActionParsniptiox3G: http://wiki.debian.org/Huawei/E220   should help, you may need the wvdial.conf define there too09:19
tiox3GIf I lose connnection after the first series of commands, I'm just gonna give up until I get some sleep, lol09:20
yenicitürkçe bilen birileri varmıdır09:21
djglobalbot!factoid ubuntu tiox3G09:22
ubottudjglobalbot: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:22
=== djglobalbot is now known as globalbot
tiox3GUHm ActionParsnip I don't have a wvdial.conf file in /etc.09:24
ActionParsniptiox3G: yes, you may need to make it, you can make files in /etc you know09:25
eutheriais there a system load indicator for unity?09:26
tiox3GWell, I am going to see if this first thing worked. If it doesn't, then neh, I'll persue it lateert.09:26
tiox3GI'll nag you about nit to help me, ActionParsnip09:26
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
tiox3GAnd as you can see from my typing my lucidity is rather low,.09:26
globalbot!factoid wiki09:27
globalbot!factoid wiki Y_Ichiro09:28
ubottuglobalbot: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:28
ikoniaglobalbot: what are you doing ?09:28
GNS3TalkGents, VNC is sluggish with Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04! The refresh rate is horrible and it's nothing compared to Windows RDC. Is there an alternative to VNC that I could use on Ubuntu?09:28
globalbotGNS3Talk: is it on a ssh line?09:28
=== JGJones_ is now known as JGJones
GNS3Talkglobalbot: it's on my home network! no security envolved.09:29
hbroGNS3Talk: TeamViewer, FreeNX, x11vnc?09:29
theadminGNS3Talk: There's ssh, there's also TeamViewer (which is what I use, a great app, however it's closed-source (if that matters for you...))09:29
ikoniaGNS3Talk: have you looked at the vnc settings and optimised your connections09:29
globalbothmm thoughput shouldnt matter - allothough you 8should* not forward x unless on a tmux session09:30
|ntegra|teamviewer is good09:30
globalbot|ntegra|: its not.09:30
hbroGNS3Talk: http://www.mynitor.com/2010/02/07/15-remote-desktop-solutions-for-linux/09:30
GNS3Talkhbro: Isn't TeamViewer similar to LogMeIn? I tried x11vnc but it's no different to the built-in VNC server.09:30
globalbottightvnc + ssh > teamviewer anyday09:30
theadminEh, there's no "good" or "bad" software (except IE, that's bad), matter of taste, that's all09:30
GNS3Talkikonia: it's the built-in VNC server, there is not much setting I can do!09:31
theadminGNS3Talk: Yeah, TeamViewer and LMI are somewhat similar, except TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use09:31
hbrowhat theadmin said09:31
globalbotso is tightvnc and ssh and its more secure.09:31
hbroalso true09:31
GNS3Talktheadmin: But with such apps, your connection has to go through their website so latency will be an issue.09:31
hbroI'll shut up now, nothing much usefull to say :p09:31
theadminGNS3Talk: It can work through LAN.09:31
theadminGNS3Talk: (make sure to enable that on *both* sides, though)09:32
GNS3Talktheadmin: I will give it a go. Thanks!09:32
theadminGNS3Talk: On the other hand, if you just need terminal access, ssh is the best choice09:33
ikoniaGNS3Talk: built in ?09:33
madzikhello is anyone here familiar with pjsip?09:33
ikoniaGNS3Talk: the servers and clinets availavbe to ubuntu have many configuration options09:34
eutheriacan i move an indicator to the far left on the top panel?09:34
globalbotyou can.09:34
eutheriahow? :)09:34
GNS3Talktheadmin: Yeah I've been using SSH, but sometimes GUI is easier to use.09:34
ikoniaglobalbot: stop it09:34
theadmineutheria: Unity's panels aren't really configurable. If you're on an older Ubuntu version, though (with GNOME 2), sure -- just right-click it and choose "Move".09:34
ikoniaglobalbot: he does not need xrandr to change a desktop pannel09:34
GNS3Talkikonia: Are you referring to the built-in VNC server or the x11vnc?09:35
ikoniaGNS3Talk: what built in vnc server ?09:35
ikoniaGNS3Talk: you install the vnc server09:35
eutheriatheadmin, oh :) i was trying to make unity more like how things used to be just with the extra screen you get09:35
theadminikonia: Ubuntu comes (or used to come) with a built-in VNC server which could be enabled or disabled through "Remote Access" in the Preferences menu.09:35
GNS3Talkikonia: There is an option in12.04 called Desktop sharing!09:35
eutheriai don't like that dashboard thingy overlay andf the side panel09:35
ikoniaahhh the desktop sharing thing, ok, that makes more sense09:35
eutheriai am happy with just the top bar :)09:35
globalbotoh. man. aptitufe in stall tightcnv09:35
=== Dorito is now known as Guest40953
ikoniaGNS3Talk: I'm sure there will be a config option for that, in truth I've never really used it, or had a problem with it so don't know09:36
ApplesouceHey I have a question, is it possible to stream my Wifi to my Mobile Devices via Ubuntu?09:36
ApplesouceLike when my Android teathers his mobile connection to my Laptop, just in the other way09:37
ikoniaApplesouce: do you mean share the connection with your mobile device ?09:37
ikonia!ics | Applesouce09:37
ubottuApplesouce: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing09:37
Dr_WillisApplesouce:  streaming audio/video  to a android on the network is easy09:37
theadminDr_Willis: That's not what he wants, lol, he wants to share the internet connection09:37
Dr_WillisApplesouce:  teatheringis getting acces to the internet through the other device09:37
GNS3Talkikonia: The configurations are minimum compared to x11vnc but both applications weren't really responsive even in a gigabit point to point connection!09:37
theadminglobalbot: Stop already.09:38
ikoniaGNS3Talk: that is quite concerning09:38
ApplesouceYes Yes I know, I want to share the internet connection of my xubuntu Notebook09:38
ikoniaApplesouce: check out the link ubottu sent you09:38
globalbotyes, i forget i hit the arrow up button my mistake, sometimes i thnk people miss it for some reason.09:38
Dr_WillisApplesouce:  what has internet? the pc or the phone?09:38
Applesouceyes I'm now, I just wanted to make clear that I don't want media streaming xD09:38
ikoniaDr_Willis: a good question09:38
ikoniaI may have jumped the gun in my understanding09:39
GNS3Talkikonia: I tried it on different hardware with all the apps up to date, but it was exactly the same!09:39
ikoniaGNS3Talk: what client are you using ?09:39
Dr_Willisandroid phones cant do ad-hoc as far as i know.09:39
GNS3TalkI'm installing teamviewer now, so we will see how it goes.09:39
ApplesouceDr_Willis: My Notebook is plugged into the wall and I want to share the Connection with my iPad and Galaxy Nexus09:39
Dr_WillisApplesouce:  easy solution - get a cheap wifi router09:39
GNS3Talkikonia: On my Mac OS X, I'm using ChickenVNC.09:39
dreamer000Dr_Willis: they can.09:39
dreamer000Dr_Willis: but as I saw only rooted...09:40
ikoniaGNS3Talk: silly question but do you have the the mac remote desktop application client ?09:40
Dr_Willisdreamer000:  i never could.  but that may be because my phone is a year+ old09:40
ikoniaGNS3Talk: or grab "tight vnc"09:40
GNS3Talkikonia: I will give it a go in a sec. BRB.09:40
fastaWhere is the /etc/inittab file on Ubuntu?09:40
theadmin!upstart | fasta09:40
ubottufasta: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/09:40
Dr_Willisdont think there is a /etc/inittab since we are using upstart09:41
ApplesouceDr_Willis: Damn I have a Wifi Router, at the moment I'm on Wifi with all my devices, and no it wasn't cheap. When I'm somewhere else I've got no Wifi Router so .... please just answer my questions and don't bring solutions like that if you don't know the situation09:41
theadminDr_Willis: There isn't indeed09:41
fastatheadmin: I searched for getty and inittab on that page, but it didn't return anything useful in the faq.09:42
Dr_WillisApplesouce:  as i mentioned not all android phones can do adhoc networking. so you would need to somehow set up as a router/ics with  the dhcp server  and so forth.09:42
theadminfasta: Explore the Upstart configurations under /etc/init to see how that's handled. Runlevels are configured in the .conf files there.09:42
theadminErr, /etc/init/09:42
ApplesouceDr_Willis: I've also said, that I want to stream to my iPad09:43
theadminApplesouce: "stream" isn't valid for internet connection really, you're confusing people... "Tether" at least.09:43
Dr_WillisApplesouce:  youare usign thaat term stream again.. when you mean  share the internet./. you set the pc as a router. andwifi  devices connect to it. as if it was a router09:43
Dr_Willisteather is a special sort of connection.  not quiet the same.09:44
fastatheadmin: why didn't they switch to systemd?09:44
ApplesouceDr_Willis: I'm sorry that I'm not an american, I do the best I can here09:44
fastatheadmin: that's even faster, AFAIK.09:44
theadminfasta: I dunno, yeah systemd is great, I think you can set it up on Ubuntu, but well09:44
fastatheadmin: it's not some evil conspiracy?09:44
fastatheadmin: (that was a joke.)09:45
Dr_Willisi saw some articals on why no sysremd yet..  i think in short. they dident want to switch away from upstart so quickly09:45
globalbotok folks i would just like to extend my tanks for allowing me to sit here for the past 30 minutes - GoodNight.09:45
globalboterr s/tanks/tahnks09:45
Dr_Willisand systemd had some other requirements09:45
theadminfasta: Isn't the whole Linux world nowadays an evil conspirancy? Unity, Gnome 3... All that drives people insane from what I see >.<09:46
globalbotcare take care all09:46
theadminglobalbot: We get it :p09:46
fastatheadmin: yeah, that's why I use kde4.09:46
theadminfasta: Heh, decent choice :)09:46
fastatheadmin: kde4.8 is awesome.09:46
ashankarunity is coming along nicely. kde is good right now09:46
ActionParsnipLXDE :)09:46
fastatheadmin: when you say something I hear it via my speakers.09:46
curiousxgnome shell :D09:47
fastatheadmin: now, I only need something to turn speech into text.09:47
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
ashankari used kde until it hit kde 4.0 - that was terrible. then switched to ubuntu gnome, now switched again to kde.09:47
ashankarbut ubuntu unity 12.04 is pretty good :)09:47
Chuck_Norrisi used KDE 3.5 on BT 4 :D09:48
dreamer000I think about kicking network manager and use gnome-ppp and wicd instead :(09:49
Chuck_Norristhis was mah BT 4 http://img61.xooimage.com/files/d/6/a/matrix-2673d92.png :D09:49
hbroawesome-wm ?09:49
ActionParsnipChuck_Norris: I had that back onMandrake :)09:49
ActionParsnipon Mandrake, bad spacebar09:50
Chuck_NorrisActionParsnip: cool :D i use to love Kwin :D09:50
theadminOfftopic much?09:50
freddy__ubuntuone is not working on one of my machines - u1sdtool -c gives this:http://pastebin.com/gGEP8G89 but it never seems to start ... can anyone help with this - the other machine I have is working nicely ..09:55
Dr_Willisthere is the  #ubuntuone channel freddy__  they should know more then in here.09:58
Dr_Willisor was it #ubuntu-one09:59
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=== nome_utente is now known as Erika_Mustermann
Chillanceok, so my win7 machine is connected to work through VPN. however, I cant access it from this machine using rdesktop. if I disconnect the other PC from the VPN, I can connect to it. What should I do?10:03
KartagisChillance: tell VPN to transfer YOUR DNS10:08
ActionParsnipChillance: can you ping the server?10:08
=== hugodes is now known as hugodes_afk
nimesh_accenturewhat is the fourcc format of framebuffer?10:12
curiousx!es | raquel10:15
ubotturaquel: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.10:15
raquel¿Cómo puedo instalar Ares en Guadalinex?10:15
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Chuck_Norrisraquel: con wine, primero tenes que instala wine despues hacele doble click al .exe del ares y se instalara: http://i.imgur.com/bIHdh.png10:16
Dr_Willisthat dosent nake sncse  about the framebuffer10:16
dazewhat about defragmentation in Ubuntu?10:21
ActionParsnipdaze: no need for journalized file systems10:22
Chuck_Norrisdaze: it's dosn't needed10:22
dazeoh, ok. thanks :]10:22
ActionParsnipdaze: or do you mean defrag FAT32 etc?10:22
dazewill read about journaling10:22
dazenope, ext410:22
ActionParsnipthen it's not needed ever :)10:22
dazegood :]10:22
llutzdaze: in e2fsprogs is /usr/sbin/e4defrag10:22
NaemdarHours to unpack the 12.04 upgrade?10:23
NaemdarThis is the strangest upgrade process I have ever seen.10:23
ActionParsnipNaemdar: how do you mean 'unpack'?10:23
Chuck_NorrisNaemdar: ye depend on the internet conection as well, that's the reason why i just do a clean install10:23
Naemdarits on the installing the update phase10:23
NaemdarGranted a bulldozer processor isn't the most efficient thing on the planet but its not that slow10:24
Chuck_NorrisNaemdar: are you upgrading at 12.04?10:25
ActionParsnipNaemdar: depends on PC spec and the drive the OS is installed to10:25
Naemdarits a 4 core 4.2 gig am3+ with 16 gigs of ram10:25
largerthanlifeI need to run a commands at startup and shutdown, how should I do this?10:26
reisiolargerthanlife: why do you need to10:26
Naemdarit is 2 gigs or so worth of binaries so I guess it could take a while lol10:26
DarkSimIf someone wants to spend a good amount of time with me, I'm cheap for the hour10:26
DarkSimnah kidding, I have problems with WINE, Steam and Dota 2. Would appreciate some help10:26
largerthanlifereisio: they need to some information out on the INternet10:27
reisioDarkSim: 'Wine'10:27
=== nair0lF_ is now known as nair0lF
DarkSimSomething wrong?10:27
Chuck_NorrisDarkSim: did you try POL?10:27
DarkSimafaik it doesn't support Dota 2 either10:28
Chuck_Norrisyou should10:28
Anomie21Is it possible to run redsnow on ubuntu10:28
ChillanceActionParsnip, I have it here at home in the LAN, so yes10:28
Chuck_Norrisidk about dota but... POL config and install all dependences needed for a particular app or games, otherwise you have to know the dependences and config10:29
MonkeyDustAnomie21  what's redsnow?10:29
DarkSimI found a guide on WineHQ10:29
NaemdarDoes the updater dl the whole os or just the files it needs to change?10:29
DarkSimbut I was unable to follow it fully10:29
Anomie21DarkSim: A tool used for jailbreaking iPhones10:29
largerthanlifeActionParsnip: is away i guess10:30
Anomie21DarkSim: Isnt that a scam?10:30
DarkSimI dunno, I don't support Apple10:31
DarkSimThat's the only jailbreak thing I know of though10:31
shapeHello, I have windows 7 installed alongside ubuntu and yesterday it booted from grub perfectly. And today, after some updates, I select it at boot and it won't load. It returns back to grub. I tried updating and reinstalling grub from ubuntu and even tried the windows startup recovery disk which detected no problems. I am out of ideas :(10:31
NaemdarI still have an ipod, but my mac book pro I have had for 5 years died.  sad but don't really need to replace it10:32
roshamblesHi, I asked my question in the #xubuntu channel but have no answer. Has anyone got compiz to work in it? I would really like my abillity to zoom in. No matter what key combo I use it won't work.10:32
NaemdarI heard it works but havn't tried to myself.10:32
MonkeyDustroshambles  use ccsm to configure compiz10:32
Chuck_NorrisJailbreak with "Absinthe" http://greenpois0n.com/10:33
NaemdarI may put compiz on 12.04 when the upgrade finishes.10:33
NaemdarI plan on upgrading security a ton as well.  :)10:33
Chuck_Norrislinux pakage =P https://sites.google.com/site/greenpois0nabsinthe/absinthe-linux-2.0.4.tar.bz210:33
ActionParsniproshambles: if you log in to XFCE then press ALT+F2 and run:  compzi --replace    what happens?10:34
roshamblesmonkeydust: yes, I have used the ccsm to configure compiz, that's why I'm saying no matter what key combo I program the zoom in/out function, it won't do it.10:34
NaemdarIt will be interesting to see how well ubuntu plays with 256 bit hd encryption, secure browser extensions, and such.10:34
largerthanlife ActionParsnip  I need to run a command at startup and shutdown, how should I do this?10:34
ActionParsniproshambles: is the plugin enabled?10:35
ActionParsniplargerthanlife: does the command need root access?10:35
roshamblesit stopped at "zoom out key"10:35
largerthanlifewget command ActionParsnip10:35
roshamblesoh, and alt+tab has stopped working10:35
largerthanlifeno it doesn;t10:35
Naemdaris there a way to connect to the tor network with out using the live disk os?10:35
Chuck_Norris!info tor10:36
ubottutor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (precise), package size 762 kB, installed size 2136 kB10:36
MonkeyDust!tor| Naemdar10:36
ubottuNaemdar: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl10:36
largerthanlifewho wants tor?10:36
Chuck_NorrisNaemdar: install tor and vidalia10:36
Naemdarthank you much10:36
Chuck_Norris!info vidalia10:36
ubottuvidalia (source: vidalia): controller GUI for Tor. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.15-1 (precise), package size 2595 kB, installed size 5206 kB10:36
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.10:37
roshamblesactionparsnip : do you want me to copy and paste what it says? I can't give you a tes or no answer10:37
largerthanlifedont use it to connect to irc, they ll disconnect you immidiately10:37
shapeHello, I have windows 7 installed alongside ubuntu and yesterday it booted from grub perfectly. And today, after some updates, I select it at boot and it won't load. It returns back to grub. I tried updating and reinstalling grub from ubuntu and even tried the windows startup recovery disk which detected no problems.10:37
largerthanlifestop flooding please10:37
NaemdarTor may be a bit overkill but I will at least run disk encryption and secure browsing extension for firefox10:37
mi3largerthanlife, for search engines, use ddg :D10:38
mi3its fast and awesome, largerthanlife :D10:38
EeeksDoes any one have recommedation on English to Hindi Dictionary translator?10:38
largerthanlifemi3: ddg?10:38
mi3largerthanlife, duckduckgo.com10:38
mi3largerthanlife, its privacy enhanced, and its fast, and secure10:39
largerthanlifelol yea i use it sometimes10:39
ActionParsniplargerthanlife: you can add it in the startup apps, it will run as soon as you log in10:39
Naemdarheard good things about ddg as it runs in https10:39
mi3largerthanlife, you even get an ssl/https version, what more do you want ?10:39
mi3HI ActionParsnip !!10:39
mi3!cookie | ActionParsnip10:39
ubottuActionParsnip: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!10:39
ActionParsnipmi3: hi....10:39
mi3ActionParsnip, long time, no see :D10:39
roshamblesactionparsnip: Compiz is running, it says integration is true, but now alt+tab doesn't work, how do I fix that? I really depend on that shortcut10:40
ActionParsnipmi3: yeah, just got my new eyes put in. Full vision now :)10:40
mi3ActionParsnip, what ?10:40
ActionParsniproshambles: do other plugins work ok?10:40
ActionParsnipmi3: its a joke10:40
NaemdarI still have the visor10:40
mi3hahahahaha ok ActionParsnip LOL10:40
roshamblesactionparsnip: Other plugins? I'm not sure what you mean10:40
ActionParsniproshambles: like wobbly windows etc10:41
largerthanlifemi3: are you work with ddg?10:41
mi3largerthanlife, what ?10:41
largerthanlifedo you work with ddg*10:41
mi3largerthanlife, no, I dont10:42
largerthanlifethings you wrote back there , gave me this impression10:42
largerthanlifelol ok mi310:42
roshamblesactionparsnip: I just brought up the ccsm and the corner of it is obscured by the top bar and I can't move it. What does compiz --replace do?10:42
mi3largerthanlife, what impression ?10:42
largerthanlifethat you work with duckduckgo10:42
mi3largerthanlife, no, I dont work for it, I just suggested you !10:43
largerthanlifemi3 thanks :)10:43
mi3largerthanlife, you are welcome ! :D10:43
mi3largerthanlife, also try https://startpage.com10:43
mi3largerthanlife, or https://hidemyass.com10:44
ActionParsniproshambles: replaces xfwin4 with compiz.10:44
ActionParsniproshambles: if you hold ALT you can drag a window from anywhere on the application window10:45
roshamblesactionparsnip: Yes! The zoom is working with the scrollwheel and super button. But now my windows don't have the top bar, I can't move any windows nor can I alt+tab10:45
ActionParsniproshambles: do you use an nvidia GPU?10:45
EeeksIs anyone have any recommedation on language translators? I badly need an Hindi to English translators!10:45
ActionParsniproshambles: again, you can hold ALT and drag from any part of the window10:45
largerthanlifethanks mi3 for the latter one10:46
largerthanlifethat was cool10:46
mi3largerthanlife, ok10:46
roshamblesactionparsnip: I click alt and drag, it doesn't want to, and double clicking doesn't resize it either10:46
ActionParsniproshambles: tried the other alt key?10:46
dreamer000roshambles: you need a theme manager part of compiz or something like emerald10:47
ActionParsniproshambles: do you have the move plugin enabled in ccsm?10:47
ActionParsniproshambles: do you use an nvidia video chip..10:47
fastainitctl reload gives me initctl: missing job name.10:47
fastaAll I want is to run getty from tty8 for which I configured a tty8.conf file.10:48
fastaWhy can't it give a decent error message?10:48
ActionParsnipfasta: better than most windows errors :)10:48
fastaActionParsnip: I think it's just the faq which was wrong.10:49
roshamblesactionparsnip: Just tried some other smaller im windows and nothing happens. I'll check. Yes, nvidia ion10:49
fastaActionParsnip: it's initctl reload-configuration.10:49
MonkeyDust!tab| roshambles10:49
ubotturoshambles: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:49
Chuck_Norrisroshambles: what is your driver version? 295.40?10:50
roshamblestab is not working Monkeydust, but thanks, is that a limitation of xchat? Chucknorris: My driver version is whatever the latest stable driver is for nvidia on xubuntu. Actionparsnip: I can't find the move command, what catergory is it under?10:51
=== basti_ is now known as basti
Chuck_Norrisroshambles: open the nvidia control panel and see what is the version please,'coz if it's 295.40 is bugy10:53
ActionParsniproshambles: you may need an xorg.conf and add the options: http://pastie.org/404358710:53
ubottuI have no seen command10:53
ActionParsniproshambles: so run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig; gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf    add that under the: Driver "nvidia" line10:54
fastaActionParsnip: what's wrong with this configuration for starting Debian in a chroot? http://paste.kde.org/494558/10:54
roshamblesUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".10:55
roshamblesVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.10:55
roshambles                  Device section "Default Device" must have a Driver line.10:55
roshamblesBacked up file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' as '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'10:55
roshamblesNew X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'10:55
FloodBot1roshambles: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:55
roshamblesdid floodbot prevent you from seeing that? Said data was incomplete in file xorg.conf10:56
quixotedonroshambles: don't know why but recently you can't paste several lines together, and when you press return key, it just feels like you are sending several times, that's what floodbot is doing, checking several messages altogether to assume that you're flooding10:57
NaemdarSo https everywhere, ddg ssl default search, and tor browser bundle, its amazing how easy and fast it is to secure a browsing experience.10:57
amanthakurHi guys, i have made a daemon program to be run at system startup. I have added its script tp /etc/init.d and its running fine with the service command but it not coming up at system startup. Can anyone suggest me a way to achieve that?10:58
quixotedon*you = we = all users10:58
Naemdarthe more I play with and learn about linux the more I love it.10:59
morsnowskiNaemdar, i can relate to that :)10:59
roshamblesI try to right click on the text to copy and paste it but I don't even have a copy command anymore. My desktop is more broken than before. I think I might just reinstall ubuntu at this rate and work around it's new interface that I don't like, compiz just worked then.10:59
NaemdarJust have to locate a good hd encryptor tool10:59
roshamblesalthough the zoom does work now I've lost things like minimise/maximise/close, can't move windows and can't alt+tab and I do not see those options in the CCSM11:00
fastaWith what rights does the stuff from upstart run? root?11:00
Naemdarthe fact that linux scares people that only know windows is a great way to keep strangers off my computer :)11:00
ActionParsnipNaemdar: my GF thinks its fine, although its setup well :)11:01
amanthakurActionParsnip, any ideas about my problem :) ?11:01
roshamblesIf I uninstall compiz, will I get basic functionality back, like being able to move and resize windows, plus alt+tab?11:02
ikoniaroshambles: if compiz is causing the problem, sure11:02
amanthakurHi guys, i have made a daemon program to be run at system startup. I have added its script tp /etc/init.d and its running fine with the service command but it not coming up at system startup. Can anyone suggest me a way to achieve that?11:03
ikoniaamanthakur: have you intergrated it into upstart11:03
ikoniaamanthakur: eg: put a "depends" line in or something to trigger it11:03
amanthakurikonia, no i have not done anything like that yet11:04
ikoniaamanthakur: I'd suggest that would be the most likley issue11:04
amanthakurikonia, please put some more light over that11:04
ikoniaamanthakur: instead of run levels upstart uses triggers11:04
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:04
NaemdarWhere do I extract this tor browser pack to?11:05
thebrassehi! anyone know why i see only one sink with pacmd but i can see three audio cards, one being my usb headphones? the sink i'm seeing is the built-in speakers in my laptop.11:08
ActionParsniproshambles: looks fnie, the file is made11:08
thebrassei have changes my window manager, and since then i'm having all kinds of troubles getting stuff to work properly...11:08
ActionParsnipfasta: not something I've used, sorry11:08
amanthakurikonia, i was making the daemon generic for all linux distros, so will it work on all platforms? if i use upstart?11:08
ikoniaamanthakur: no, not all distros use upstart11:09
ikoniaamanthakur: remember, the init system is not the daemon11:09
amanthakurikonia, yeah11:09
ikoniathe daemon will work on all distros (if you've built it correctly) but the init script will need to be setup for different distros11:09
ActionParsnipNaemdar: could put it in /opt then symlink the binary to /usr/bin11:09
fastaHow can I get NFS mounts to time out a lot sooner when booting?11:09
amanthakurikonia, so is there an ideal way to achieve that?11:10
fastaIf it's not mounted with 3 seconds, it's just offline.11:10
ActionParsnipNaemdar: I ran that once, took forever to load11:10
fastaNo need for it to try for 60 seconds or longer.11:10
ikoniaamanthakur: yes, write the daemon, package it for different distros and include the correct init script in the distro package11:10
fastaAlso, it appears that mounts are not done in parallel. Why not?11:10
amanthakurikonia, and is there any other way to do that rather than using the upstart11:10
ActionParsnipfasta: could add the option 'noboot' in fstab then add:  sudo mount -a &    in /etc/rc.local11:10
ikoniaamanthakur: upstart is the correct tool for ubuntu,11:10
amanthakurikonia, i didn't wanted to use the upstart11:10
amanthakurikonia, ok i will use it then thanks a lot :)11:11
ActionParsnipfasta: soem mounts may need the previous ones to be mounted first11:11
MonkeyDu1tdarn cinnamon11:11
roshamblesactionparsnip: I'm uninstalling compiz. I'll be reinstalling ubuntu on this system later on I just don't feel like going through the whole backup rigamarole right now11:11
fastaActionParsnip: I will try that. Sound like a plan.11:11
kramer3ddoes anyone know how to see a history of pdfs opened in chrome?11:11
ActionParsniproshambles: you have the xorg.conf file, just add the 2 lines and you are done...11:11
amanthakurikonia, upstart-udev-bridge is it the command?11:12
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
ActionParsnipfasta: bit of a hack, but should work11:12
ikoniaamanthakur: errr no, it's not 1 command11:12
ActionParsnipkramer3d: press CTRL+H and search for PDF in the search box, may work11:12
fastaActionParsnip: it does one thing not exactly like I want still. If I do mount -a, it should also not take a long time.11:12
kramer3dguess chrome doenst save it :/11:12
amanthakuroh ok11:12
fastaActionParsnip: but I suppose I could change the order :)11:12
fastaActionParsnip: still, I think these things should be done in parallel.11:13
cache_zai think pdfs are downloads11:13
ActionParsnipkramer3d: maybe there is an extension...11:13
cache_zaso ctrl+j search pdf11:14
ActionParsnipfasta: it should be an option ;)11:14
roshamblesactionparsnip: I used the sudo nvidia-xconfig; gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf but gedit hasn't come up11:15
vadimkolchevhi all. I'd like to know the following - is it normal, that apt-get update constantly downloads 13 megabytes of data, even if I run it 3 times in a row?11:16
ActionParsniproshambles: oh yeah its xfce:  gksudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:16
kramer3dActionParsnip, nvm got it :D11:17
OrmieIs it ok if I make my own ubuntu based distro and put unity in?11:17
kramer3dthey are saved as webpages11:17
kramer3dor pages11:17
kramer3din history11:18
fastaOrmie: except for trade marks, sure.11:18
MonkeyDustOrmie  why not, but why bother, there already about 150+ ubuntu forks (more or less)11:18
=== lubmil is now known as lub`
fastaOrmie: there are all kinds of conditions and for personal use you can do anything with it.11:18
fastaOrmie: e.g. if you want to create a holy burning of Ubuntu, you can do that.11:19
fastaOrmie: never mind.11:19
bitabithello I have a local network and if the computer with shared folders is connected afterwards those shared folders dont appear. it needs to be the first turned on computer...is there a way to fix this? ubuntu 11.04 both thankyou in advance11:19
Naemdaryea yea update done.11:23
ActionParsnipbitabit: if you add them as bookmarks in nautilus, does it help11:23
Naemdarand collusion scares me11:23
ActionParsnipbitabit: is the sharing service running ok11:23
Naemdarit will make you afraid to search the net seeing how many sites share info lol11:23
bitabitadd them as bookmarks? they are not stayed!11:24
bitabitI am a noob buddie11:24
bitabitso think easy11:24
MonkeyDustbitabit  that was the easy way11:25
bitabitI go to places network and nothing there11:25
ActionParsnipbitabit: when you acces the share, click 'bookamrks' and add the bookmark11:25
bitabitonly if the other computer is switched on first...shared folders appear11:25
bitabitto go to network folder?11:26
bitabitI did nothing appears11:26
MonkeyDustbitabit  yes, that is correct, using bookmarks is the fastest and easiest to load remote folders, when the local pc is switched on second11:27
OrmieMy battery life is really short! Thanks to that ol' crappy windows 7. Now I use ubuntu. I seem to have problem installing granola and granola-gui from apt-get, what shall I do?11:27
ActionParsnipbitabit: get to the folder so you can see the data within one of the shares then add it as a bookmark11:27
bitabitsooooo...switching it on first?11:27
MonkeyDustbitabit  or using bookmarks11:28
MonkeyDustthat's how i do it, too11:28
ikoniaOrmie: what's the issue11:28
bitabitbookmark to go to the shared folder? I CANT SEE IT11:28
MonkeyDustbitabit  access to remote folder, then bookmark it11:29
Ormieikonia, it seems that granola and granola-gui was removed from repo, I want it back.11:29
ikoniaOrmie: then you need to log a bug/wishlist11:29
Ormieikonia, i just want to add the app to repo11:30
ikoniaOrmie: you can't11:30
ikoniaOrmie: you don't control the repo11:30
MonkeyDustOrmie  canonical adds apps to the repos11:31
OrmieIf canonical can, why can't we?11:31
ikoniaOrmie: it's their repos11:31
Ormieon their server?11:31
ActionParsnip!info granola11:31
ubottuPackage granola does not exist in precise11:31
bitabitI dont get it...If I bookmark a shared folder it only add a bookmark in the computer the shared folder is...how am I supposed to open it from another computer11:31
MonkeyDustOrmie  because if you can, an evil-doer can, too11:31
Ormieis the repo store in cannonical's server?11:32
Drajwerhow do I fix my missing eth0 in ubuntu 12.04 ?11:32
Ormiesudo ifconfig eth0 up11:32
bitabithey missing eth in 12.04 here too!!11:33
DarkSimAny easy way to restore Ubuntu to how it was when I first installed it?11:33
bitabitI think it is a hot bug11:33
DarkSimLike a restore point or something?11:33
MonkeyDustDarkSim try janitor or bleachbit11:33
ufkhow do i configure in /etc/fstab to mount with specific uid ? when i add uid=1000 it says unrecognized mount option or missing value11:34
Drajwerbitabit: it looks like kernel module is missing or smth11:34
DarkSimNone of them seems to support precise11:34
aykoolahi guys11:34
aykoolai have a 12.04 installation question11:35
aykoolacan anyone help me?11:35
ActionParsnipDarkSim: you can use your backups I guess11:35
CookieM_aykoola shoot11:35
LordOfTimeaykoola:  asking the question is better11:35
LordOfTime!ask | aykoola11:35
ubottuaykoola: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:35
DJonesaykoola: Ask your question, until you do that, people won't know i they can help11:35
kaphehello, i am using pan 0.133 and it keeps saying "connecting"! does it mean to my provider or the queud tasks?11:35
DarkSimWhere do I find those?11:36
JackShephardkde goes great with the effects of kwin, gnome without a composite manager is scarce. If I install compiz, then I have no problems with kwin. interferes with the kde desktop effects11:36
Chuck_NorrisOrmie: http://grano.la/support/linux_enterprise.php11:36
Ormiei ask to ask a question to catch people's attention :D11:36
ActionParsnipDarkSim: you make your own backups11:36
DarkSimThen I have none11:36
DarkSimWas hoping to skip the reinstallation process11:37
Drajwerhow do I fix my missing eth0 in ubuntu 12.04 ?11:37
MonkeyDustDarkSim  consider a backup a restore point11:37
Drajwerlshw -C network does not list ethernet device other than wlan0 (ath9k_htc) and tun (vpn conn)11:37
ActionParsnipDrajwer: if you run:  dmesg | grep eth0    is there any output?11:37
Drajwernope ActionParsnip11:37
ActionParsnipDrajwer: does the system have a make and model?11:38
Chuck_NorrisOrmie: http://grano.la/software/download_granola.php11:38
aykoolaOH.Sorry. Well, my installer crashed numerous times, it was that ubiquity error that a large topic was on the forums. I've tried everything, upgrading, alternate install media (the text based one) and a normal one on DVD as well as USB. every single one crashed on me. Now someone suggested to remove the slideshow from the live media, but i'm wondering, is this action any different from using the text based installer? And, will the im11:38
aykoolanot only me experiencing the problem?11:38
ActionParsnipaykoola: have you tested your RAM>11:38
JackShephardkde goes great with the effects of kwin, gnome without a composite manager is scarce. If I install compiz, then I have no problems with kwin. interferes with the kde desktop effects11:38
ActionParsnipJackShephard: what is the question?11:38
Drajwerasus p55A11:39
ActionParsnipDrajwer: tried restting BIOS to failsafe default?11:39
Drajwernow I see why I switched to Mac11:39
Drajwerno, i think kernel module is missing or something?11:40
ActionParsnipDrajwer: worth a try, does it work in an older kernel?11:40
Drajwerit used to work on 10.0411:40
Drajweri cant remember11:40
aykoolahow exactly do i do that? :) test the ram that is...Otherwise Debian install and Fedora and Ubu 11.10 work fine...11:40
ActionParsnip!memtest | aykoola11:41
ActionParsnipaykoola: its part of the install media11:41
ActionParsnipDrajwer: if you have the lucid liveCD, boot to that and see what module it uses.11:41
Drajweri just transfer some gigabytes via wlan which is working11:41
DarkSimBeing Windows in a Linux world is not easy11:42
JackShephardactionparsnip i want install compiz on natty, but if i start kde session is incompatible wiht kwin? i want use compiz in gnome, but, i use both DE11:42
ActionParsnipJackShephard: compiz will replace kwin11:42
JackShephardactionpasnip but compiz is a windowmanager11:43
bitabitDrajwer: I tried  Changing [ifupdown] managed=false to true in /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf resolved the issue. it only worked with 11.10 but after upgrading to 12.04 the problem is on again11:43
GNS3TalkEveryone, how do I change the resolution of a headless 12.04 PC? I'm accessing my machine remotely and there is no monitor connected to it!11:43
aykoolaOh, ActionParsnip, i forgot to mention that i otherwise checked the md5cheksum according to instructions, and checked the install media in the installer, and it was all OK...11:43
DrajwerI have no /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf11:43
ActionParsnipJackShephard: yes, so is kwin11:44
=== jfroma_ is now known as jfroma
CainHK   好多淫11:44
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:44
JackShephardactionparsnip, can i use both? kwin in kde, e compiz in gnome?11:44
ActionParsnipaykoola: did you try updating ubiquity in the liveCD, then install11:44
bitabitDrawjer the file has a different name in 12.04 I cant find the thread I read it on....sorry11:44
aykoolano. what's the command for that?11:44
aykoolaso i can write it down11:45
ActionParsnipJackShephard: sure :)11:45
deepspeedMy pc isn't recognizing my blackberry's sd card, but windows picks it up.  How do I fix this?11:45
deepspeedI'm running lucid11:45
ActionParsnipaykoola: boot to liveCD and then run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ubiquity11:45
JackShephardactionparsnip, but you write about compiz will replace kwin..11:45
ActionParsnipJackShephard: I thought you wanted compiz in both11:45
JackShephardactionparsnip, i don't  want delete kwin11:46
aykoolai'll try it and post the results11:46
Kowalczykhi... I get this error when I boot from the ubuntu cd: error prefix not set. and last install I juyst got a butch of 9999999 over the screen when it tried to boot ubuntu... redownloaded the iso and burned again. I still get the prefix not set. but will see if it can boot it afterwards11:46
Kowalczykubuntu 12.04 amd 6411:46
GNS3TalkEveryone, how do I change the resolution of a headless 12.04 PC? I'm accessing my machine remotely and there is no monitor connected to it!11:46
Klompzjust a quick question 4 now: does this channel also have more quite times, or less busy? i might check in by that time11:46
stevegjacobs#join openstack11:47
ActionParsnipKowalczyk: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?11:47
JackShephardactionparsnip, i have both sessions. kde and gnome, but i want use compiz in gnome e kwin in kde11:47
ActionParsnipKlompz: it varies wildly11:47
Dr_WillisKlompz:  totally depends on the day of the week and time of day11:47
ActionParsnipJackShephard: that's fine and should happen11:47
Klompzim flexible11:47
Dr_WillisKlompz:  on release day ive seen 3000+ in here befor11:47
Kowalczykno I didnt... will try that11:47
phanindrarameshhai all, I want to print the 7the field and then the 1st field in all the lines from a file. How can I do it using cut command?11:47
MonkeyDustKlompz  depends of the timezone you're in, too11:48
Dr_WillisKlompz:  its 8am in the usa. so id say this is getting to be the bussier time for the next 12 hrs or so11:48
Klompzmaybe i should check in when it late in the night in the usa11:48
* Klompz dutch11:48
Dr_WillisIts decently quiet in here right now. :)11:48
MonkeyDustKlompz  -6h in new york, -9h in LA11:48
=== alfredo is now known as wollowizard
OrmieE: Unable to locate package granola-connect :(11:49
ikoniaOrmie: you know why11:50
ActionParsnip!find granola11:50
ubottuPackage/file granola does not exist in precise11:50
ikoniaOrmie: it's not in the repo as you told us11:50
Ormieikonia, I followed the instructions from the official website.11:50
Ormiestill not work  :(11:50
Klompzok, i go for it even though busy channels make me a bit nervous to be honest: i burned 12.04 to disc and loaded it, but i wont get passed the ubuntu logo screen, on the other, this, laptop it goes to the next screen where u can choose run from cd or install11:50
ikoniaOrmie: what have you done11:51
Klompzusb is not an option, i have none11:51
ActionParsnipKlompz: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?11:51
KowalczykActionParsnip: I ran md5 sum on it now11:51
KowalczykMD5 (ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso) = 128f0c16f4734c420b0185a492d92e5211:51
Kowalczykis what I got11:51
* Klompz googles md5 test11:51
ActionParsnip!hashes | Kowalczyk11:51
ubottuKowalczyk: See http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/12.04/MD5SUMS for the md5sums of the latest Ubuntu release11:51
phanindrarameshhai all, I want to print the 7the field and then the 1st field in all the lines from a file. How can I do it using cut command?11:52
MonkeyDustKlompz  have you asked in #ubuntu-nl ?11:52
KowalczykActionParsnip: that looked the same11:52
Kowalczykwill see now..11:52
Ormieikonia, http://grano.la/support/linux_enterprise.php?download&os=linux11:52
Ormie!find sl11:53
ubottuFound: aisleriot, curl, dh-translations, docbook-dsssl, docbook-xsl, e2fslibs, e2fslibs-dbg, e2fslibs-dev, erlang-ssl, fetchmail (and 482 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=sl&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all11:53
ActionParsnipKlompz: what video chip do you use?11:53
Ormie!find virtualbox11:53
ubottuFound: virtualbox, virtualbox-dbg, virtualbox-dkms, virtualbox-fuse, virtualbox-guest-dkms, virtualbox-guest-source, virtualbox-guest-utils, virtualbox-guest-x11, virtualbox-ose, virtualbox-ose-dbg (and 12 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=virtualbox&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all11:53
ikoniaOrmie: please pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list and anything in /etc/apt/sources.list.d11:53
MonkeyDustOrmie  use /msg ubottu to perform finds11:53
KowalczykActionParsnip: hmm didnt do anything.. I just get a page with L 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 all over11:53
Klompznot always enough peeps around, MonkeyDust , and no idea ActionParsnip , im only a simple n00b ;)11:54
deepspeedGuys, how do I get lucid to show my phone's sd card?  usb mass storage is enabled, and winblows picks it up fine.11:54
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  you are using the LILO boot loader?11:54
* Klompz installs md5sum11:54
ActionParsnipKowalczyk: is the RAM healthy?11:54
KowalczykDr_Willis: I had that on slackware. but I formated the partition. so shouldnt be any problem11:54
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  formating a filesystem does not erase the MBR boot loader.11:54
deepspeedI can't see it in thunar or the stock file manager, and it's not in /media, either.11:54
Kowalczykok.. I see... hmm... I should delete the partition? and create it again=?11:55
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  it definatly looks like LILO is booting. You can 'dd' the mbr and zero it out then repariton if you want to.11:55
phanindrarameshhai all, I want to print the 7the field and then the 1st field in all the lines from a file. How can I do it using cut command?11:55
Dr_Willisthere may be vbetter/safer ways to erase lilo from the mbr.11:55
deepspeedthe MBR isn't on the partition, iirc.11:55
KowalczykI know.. so not sure why it crashes with it. hmm11:55
Dr_Willisthe MBR is whats booting and showing that L99 99 99 99 error mesage11:55
deepspeedit's at the start of the hdd, I thought.11:55
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: you can use awk, do you want them outputing side by side?11:56
aklsI would like to share one connection between three computers, so all these pcs are connected to the switch and internet works, but whenever there are three connected pcs one of them keeps disconnecting from time to time(1 time per 3 seconds). what's the problem? then network is kinda busy11:56
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: or one after the other11:56
Dr_WillisI definatly seem to recall old lilo error codes. and L  99 99 99  ment it couldent find somthing.11:56
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  is the hard drive empty?11:56
phanindrarameshActionParsnip, I want the output side by side11:56
KowalczykDr_Willis: no.11:56
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: gimme a sec then :)11:56
KowalczykI have one swap, and one / and one /home11:57
Kowalczykso I just formatted the /11:57
phanindrarameshActionParsnip, ok. Thank you:=)11:57
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  you aer going to boot this hard drive? or is some other drive booting?11:57
Ormieikonia, this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028458/ and this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028460/11:57
Klompzscrew, peeps at the door, i'll come back later, i hope11:57
deepspeedCan anyone help me access my micro sd with lucid?11:57
Kowalczykim gonan boot this harddrive. its just one drive in it. I got ubuntu installed.11:57
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  well for some reason GRUB did not install like it should to the MBR and erase lilo.11:57
Kowalczykok. hmm11:58
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  id follow the 'fix grub' guides and reinstall grub.11:58
ikoniaOrmie: what's in misuerware.list ?11:58
Kowalczykok. will try. have never done it before though11:58
Kowalczykbut using the live cd I assume11:58
Kowalczykhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows ?11:58
Dr_Willismy link is like the first link ont he one you gave. :)11:59
Ormieikonia, deb https://download.miserware.com/linux/deb precise main11:59
Kowalczykwill do it through the live cd then. at least try11:59
ikoniaOrmie: sudo apt-get update12:00
KowalczykDr_Willis: thank you.. booting from live cd now. will see if it works12:01
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102846612:02
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: not graceful but should work12:02
* Ormie is doing what ikonia says12:02
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: you could use it as a script, or just change $1 for the file to mess with12:03
Ormieikonia, it's working! thanks alot.12:04
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)12:04
siva4080How to create the Adhoc Network in Ubuntu-12.04 ?12:05
siva4080I did not find any option for that on Ubuntu-12.04..12:05
ActionParsnipikonia: they updated the Maverick folder on 19th Mar 2012...very strange12:05
MonkeyDustOrmie  if you didn't know apt-get update, my advice is to not try and create a new distro12:05
ActionParsnipsiva4080: network manager can do it12:05
morsnowskisiva4080, there is actually an option called "Create new wireless network"12:06
KowalczykDr_Willis: configuring grub-pc. it ask me if I want to remove the grub 2 files. hmm12:06
Kowalczykshould prolly say no to that?12:06
Kowalczykaha. nwm12:07
siva4080morsnowski: Oh..  where ?12:07
morsnowskijust click on the network manager upper right hand corner next to the speaker icon12:07
morsnowskiwell that is under gnome12:08
OrmieMonkeyDust, I know about it, But I used it and it looked useless, so I forgot about it.12:08
Dr_Willisgrub-pc is grub2....12:08
ActionParsnipsiva4080: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc12:08
ActionParsnipsiva4080: simple websearches find guides online, dead handy12:08
* ActionParsnip shrugs12:08
ikoniaActionParsnip: who/what/where, wasn't watching sorry12:08
phanindrarameshActionParsnip, that worked:). Thank you12:09
ActionParsnipikonia: on the PPA12:09
Ca11umHey guys, I'm having troubles installing the package libreadline5-dev for 12.04 - full explanation: http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=106&t=4412312:10
ActionParsnipikonia: https://download.miserware.com/linux/deb/dists/12:10
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: its not too graceful but you get the idea12:10
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: did you use the $1 as I gave it?12:10
ikoniaActionParsnip: I see what you're saying12:10
ActionParsnipikonia: strange, might email them later :)12:11
SajjaDhello every one. How can i set my mic? it doesn't work12:11
KowalczykDr_Willis: thank you so much :) that worked12:11
ActionParsnipSajjaD: what apps have you tried (please don't say skype)12:11
=== hugodes_afk is now known as hugodes
SajjaDthe default app of ubuntu12:11
ActionParsnipSajjaD: sound recorder?12:11
SajjaDActionParsnip: yes12:11
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  weird that the installer miss-installed grub12:12
ActionParsnipSajjaD: if you run:  alsamixer    are all levels cranked and unmuted?12:12
SajjaDActionParsnip: i have to run it in terminal?12:12
siva4080ActionParsnip: Can I see my adhoc network on Windows Laptops also ?12:13
KowalczykDr_Willis: ya... but at least it worked..12:13
Kowalczykthank you :)12:13
ActionParsnipsiva4080: if you scan for the new network it should be seen12:13
ActionParsnipSajjaD: yes12:13
ActionParsnipSajjaD: cursors to select and change levels, M to un/mute and ESC to exit12:14
_raven_has anyone experience with KDENLIVE in ubuntu 12.04? need some help and #kdenlive is silent12:14
=== shanky_ty_ is now known as shanky_ty
SajjaDActionParsnip: you are right.the mic levels where disabled12:15
phanindrarameshActionParsnip, that worked:). Thank you12:15
OrmiePlease help!12:15
MonkeyDust!repeat| Ormie12:15
DJones!repeat | Ormie12:15
ubottuOrmie: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:15
Dr_WillisOrmie:  its also a good idea to at least summarize the issue along with the paste.12:15
OrmieAh, I am afraid the question is not obvious enough12:15
ActionParsnipphanindraramesh: sweet you can do it with multiple files now outputting first the 7th then 2nd colomns12:15
SajjaDActionParsnip: why it has 2 front mic option and 2 rear mic option?12:15
ActionParsnipSajjaD: is the system a desktop PC?12:16
MonkeyDustOrmie  not many people are familiar with granola12:16
Dr_WillisI eat granola with my Yougart. :)12:17
morsnowskidoes anybody know a small antivirus distro?12:17
_raven_has anyone experience with KDENLIVE in ubuntu 12.04? need some help and #kdenlive is silent12:17
ActionParsnipmorsnowski: you can install clamav in the live environment and scan stuff..12:17
Kowalczykhmm. ubuntu cant find my other screen..12:17
Dr_Willismorsnowski:  ive seen some of the AV companies have their own live-cds, and theres clamav live cds also i think.12:17
SajjaD ActionParsnip: yes12:17
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  what video card?12:17
morsnowskithanks guys12:17
OrmieI GIVE UP12:17
ActionParsnipOrmie: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/granola-improves-your-netbooklaptop.html12:17
KowalczykNvidia Quadro NVS 29512:18
ActionParsnipGranola is not open-source   - boo12:18
ActionParsnipKowalczyk: try the boot option:   nouveau.blacklist=112:18
OrmieActionParsnip, I don't need the source! I just want to download it :(12:18
Dr_WillisOh that Granola... I found that tool to be rather.. well... incorrect about a lot of its info.12:18
Kowalczykok... in grub.conf=12:18
ActionParsnipKowalczyk: no, you will edit /etc/defaul/grub    in the liveCD you add them slightly differently12:19
Dr_WillisOrmie:  so whats stopping you?12:19
phanindrarameshActionParsnip, I have a file that contains the letter "(double quotes) in each line. I donot want to print that letter. How can I do that?12:19
Kowalczykim not in live cd now12:19
SajjaDActionParsnip: yes it is desktop pc12:19
ActionParsnipOrmie: the page shows how to install it...12:19
ha1dfohi, I'm checking this documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SingleSignOn , and i'm missing the user management part. With this setup (krb5+ldap) do I need to add users in the ldap and then create principals for them with kerberos as well?12:19
MonkeyDustOrmie  it's a 3rd party, non-open source, inaccurate tool12:19
ActionParsnipSajjaD: with front and rear audio?12:19
Dr_WillisAnd the granola download link is dead. ;)12:19
Dr_Willisand the comments on that Page are rather harsh on granola. and that page is over 2 yrs old.12:20
edgyHi, I have precise dual boot with windows and now wants to install quantal alongside. I will create an lv_root, lv_home and then boot from the liveCD and choose the / and /home to point to the previouse volumes, is that OK?12:20
SajjaDActionParsnip: thanks.12:20
KowalczykActionParsnip: ok. just need to find out where I should put it :D12:21
divanshuHi, is anyone working on kernel programming ?12:21
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  so the system is not booting right?12:21
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.12:21
Kowalczykyes it is12:21
Dr_Willisyes it is booting right.. or yes it is not booting right>12:22
Kowalczykit just find one screen.. gonna add the blacklist stuff. I add it to the grub_cmdline_linux_default ?12:22
Kowalczykits booting:)12:22
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  you installed the nvidia drivers yet?12:22
Kowalczykbut just find one display12:22
Dr_Willisyou rebooted afterwards?12:22
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  you ran the nvidia-settings tool?12:22
Kowalczykor it found the nvidia driver in the additional drivers12:22
Kowalczykhmm no12:22
Dr_WillisKowalczyk:  there ya go.. You dont use the normal monitors/display tool with nvidia drivers. You use the nvidia-settings tool12:23
Kowalczykaha.. lol :D thanks. yeah..12:23
lmaokidGuys. How do I add Ubuntu to the Windows Bootloader? Just installed ubuntu, but the Grub didn't install properly, it's not showing up12:23
Kowalczykim used to slackware. hehee.. dont remember how to do it from gui :D:D hehe12:23
Dr_Willislmaokid:  you did a WUBI inside windows isntall? or a normal "booted the cd" and installed type install?12:23
Dr_Willisnvidia-settings tool works in slackware last i tried it. :P12:24
edgyphanindraramesh: you can sed for that12:24
lmaokidClean Alternate install12:24
Kowalczykyeah I didnt have to use it though.. I fixed it in xorg :D hehe12:24
phanindrarameshedgy, got it using cut and paste. thank you12:24
Dr_Willislmaokid: if you are dual booting, then you should boot a live cd and reinstall grub. that will be easier then trying to get windows to boot the ubuntu install.12:24
WomkesIs it ok to crosspost on ubuntu-users mailing list and also make a topic on the ubuntu forums, or is this now allowed?12:25
lmaokidWindows is intalled on a different HDD12:25
tailfdoes anyone know the 64 bit equivalent for this location? im trying to add the setting 'GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1' to somewhere useful but it seems this is the wrong path (as the file doesnt exist): usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer12:25
Dr_Willislmaokid:  live cd and  boot-repair tool - is handy. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair12:25
Dr_Willislmaokid:  so  You dont see a grub meniu at all? If so. then you MAY be booting the wrong hard drive12:25
KowalczykDr_Willis: that did the trick :D12:26
Ca11umActionParsnip: Looking at that Granola link, the download link is broken?12:26
Ca11umFor the deb12:26
Dr_WillisCa11um:  :)  i said that earlier..12:26
Dr_WillisCa11um:  and its got rather poor comments about the tool.12:26
lmaokidThere's no GRUB.12:26
lmaokidLike I've told you, The OSs are installed on different HDDS12:27
Dr_Willislmaokid:  when i use 2 hds i normally put grub on the ubuntu HD and set the bios to boot that hd.  leaving the windows HD totally untouched12:27
Dr_Willislmaokid:  so there CAN be a grub. on the other hd.12:27
lmaokidOk, I'll set the Ubuntu HDD to boot first then12:27
lmaokidThanks mate, gonna try now :)12:27
Ca11umDr_Willis: Know of any alternative tools that do the same job? I've been looking for a while for software that shows the annual cost and power consumption of a laptop/desktop, and ways of saving energy.12:28
darrenloobyWhen mounting via fstabs - is there something I need to restart?12:28
Dr_WillisCa11um:  the comments on the page suggest that the kernel is allready doing the exact same thing. except for the 'fake' power reports. :)12:28
jribdarrenlooby: no/be more specific12:28
MonkeyDustdarrenlooby  after you modified fstab, type /sudo mount -a12:29
Dr_Willisdarrenlooby:  edit the fstab. sudo mount -a, or mount /media/whatever12:29
Dr_Willis'AFAIR Granola uses powernowd (and thus cpufreq) to reduce the frequency of the CPU. So in the best case it does exactly what Linux does already'12:29
darrenloobyThanks MonkeyDust and Dr_Willis12:29
darrenloobyjrib, thanks. Got the answer I was looking for, despite being a little too vague.12:30
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:30
ActionParsnipCa11um: find an alternative is all I can suggest12:31
OpenTokixHello, how  does the 12.04 LTS work with upgrades. Will the upgrade liks kernel version? or just patch it? How about software, will it get new version, or patch them for feature, or just patch for security?12:31
aykoolahi, me again. I'm planning on wiping my entire disk with dban (someone said it might work). how can i format my usb drive and will dban work using netbootin? + i would like to know if bios and that stuff stays intact on my computer? thank you!12:33
Dr_Willisaykoola:  why are you doing this wipeing12:33
phanindrarameshHow can I make all letters in a file capital??12:33
jribphanindraramesh: you can use tr12:33
Dr_Willisphanindraramesh:  awk/sed/tr :)12:33
edgyphanindraramesh: tr12:33
Dr_WillisIn a FILE or in a Files NAME?12:34
aykoolasomeone told me that because everything failed (every type of ubu install + one opensuse install) that i should try it, and then try to install the system...12:34
Dr_Willisaykoola:  i dont follow that logic.. but a simple 'dd' the drive to zero it out.. and trying to reparition. would most likely be just as good...12:34
aykoolawhat's dd? (sorry, not trying to troll, really dont know)12:35
darrenloobyI'm getting a timeout error when mounting network folders... after running the command "sudo mount -a". Where should I look for error logs regarding this?12:35
MonkeyDustaykoola  or use gparted to delete / re-create the partition(s)12:35
Dr_Willisa command to do fancy 'data dumping' ;)12:35
Dr_Willisim not sure if gparted has a 'zero the drive' option12:36
aykoolaso i just enter dd into the terminal?12:36
wollowizardhow can I see how many threads running on my system? I'm interested in threads created by one or two processes12:36
ActionParsnipCa11um: cd $HOME; wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/installer.bash; chmod +x ./installer.bash; sudo ./installer.bash12:36
ActionParsnipwollowizard: pstree    should do it12:36
Dr_Willisaykoola:  read the wiki page.. a typo with dd can = erased wrong hard drive12:36
Dr_Willisaykoola:  example ussage -> From the wiki page      dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M12:37
zykotick9wollowizard: in might also want to check out htop (if you want realtime viewing)12:37
Dr_Willisaykoola:  just to be extra safe.. id unhook any hard drives with data you want to keep. :)12:37
ActionParsnipCa11um: I just used dropbox to make wget a bit easier :)12:38
aykoolaDr_Willis - thanks - i don't need any data, and a couple of documents are already stored on a dvd.12:39
aykoolaDr_Willis how do i format my usb key? there's nothing there on right click :(12:39
ActionParsnipaykoola: use gparted12:40
Dr_Willisaykoola:  you partion, then format the paritions...12:40
Dr_Willisgparted can do all that12:40
aykoolaok guys12:40
aykoolathank you all!12:40
ActionParsnipCa11um: any better?12:41
MonkeyDustisnt dd 'dataset definition' ?12:42
Dr_WillisThe name dd is an allusion to DD found in IBM JCL, and the command's syntax is meant to be reminiscent of it;[4] in JCL, "DD" stands for Data Description.[5]12:43
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: it can be 'data destroyer' if you get it wrong :)12:43
SajjaDActionParsnip: me again. the mic don't work yet12:44
Dr_Willisdata dump  seems more generic :)12:44
SajjaDmy mic don't work even when i put it in 100 in alsamixer from terminal?12:46
ActionParsnipSajjaD: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh12:46
zykotick9SajjaD: are you using F4 to get to Capture in alsamixer?12:47
SajjaDActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=765af6a9abc07755c1142f3484441ce7e126612012:49
OpenTokixI will try my question again: How  does the 12.04 LTS work with upgrades. Will the upgrade liks kernel version? or just patch it? How about software, will it get new version, or patch them for feature, or just patch for security?12:49
zykotick9SajjaD: you don't happen to be a EEE1005 and the internal mic by chance?12:50
Dr_WillisOpenTokix:  ubuntu basically does 'security and major bug fixs' in its upgrades.12:50
ActionParsnipSajjaD: you have no als lib version..12:50
OpenTokixDr_Willis: So during the LTS five year life, there will be no version upgrades for packages?12:50
ActionParsnipzykotick9: gigabyte M52S-S3P12:50
Dr_WillisOpenTokix:  normally they dont jump to the next version of an app or kernel except in some cases12:50
SajjaDzykotick9: ididn't get your q12:51
Dr_WillisOpenTokix:  you got it. thers some exceptions. theres a url/factoid on it.12:51
dimori've recently installed 12.04 and i'm having problems connecting to l2tp/ipsec vpn, i get "Maximum retries exceeded for tunnel X.  Closing." messages, and every once in a dozen times i manage to actually connect the vpn. is anyone familiar with such behaviour?12:51
OpenTokixDr_Willis: do you have that url?12:51
zykotick9ActionParsnip: thanks.  i have a crazy set left to 90 and right to 10 - in order to get my mic on my eee working (very weird).12:51
hippiehackerwhere are tasks defined as the Packages.gz is built?: curl http://ftp.utexas.edu/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz | zgrep Task:12:51
hippiehacker 12:51
ActionParsnipSajjaD: try: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa; sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*      Wait 10 seconds then reboot12:52
=== yashshah- is now known as yashshah
Dr_WillisOpenTokix:  the bot has it. but i cant rember it.12:54
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »12:54
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:54
OpenTokixDr_Willis: thanks, I will check those three myself. - Thanks alot12:55
unixabg_Greetings, is anyone build live ubuntu images with live-build?12:56
Dr_Willisseems the bug where X starts sucking down lots of CPU is still affecting m,e. ;(12:56
Dr_Willisjumping from 10 to 50% ussage12:56
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: in all desktops?12:56
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  affected every desktop and window manager.. even seems to affect lightdm12:57
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: hmm, could try switching to gdm to test12:57
Dr_Willisif i restart the X server it goes back down.  to normal 0-3%  just idling on irc.12:57
Dr_Willisit did it with jwm, lubuntum and openbox also.12:58
thebrassewhat is the name of the audio settings dialog executable?12:58
NaemdarTrying to make a xbox 360 controller work with unbuntu is there software that allows that?12:58
Dr_Willishtop shows  /usr/bin/X sucking down the cpu.12:58
ActionParsnipthebrasse: could use gnome-alsamixer12:58
=== fernando is now known as Guest7607
edgysirs, I have precise dual boot with windows and now wants to install quantal alongside. I will create an lv_root, lv_home and then boot from the liveCD and choose the / and /home to point to the previouse volumes, is that OK?12:59
ActionParsnipedgy: quantal is supported in #ubuntu+112:59
Dr_Willisis quantal even in a useable state? :)12:59
edgyActionParsnip: my question is not about quantal. it's about installing two ubuntus together12:59
ActionParsnipedgy: you can share swap but not sure about home asthe settings may clash and cause issues12:59
JohnDDDhello people, i have screwed my fstab and in recovery mode it is read only. How can I correct my fstab in writeable mode?13:00
deepspeedI have a phone that shows up with lsusb, but not with fdisk-l.13:00
OrmieAny alternatives to granola in GUI?13:00
deepspeedHow do I mount it?13:00
ActionParsnipedgy: you could make another home and symlink the casual userdata like images, but keep the config folders separate13:00
edgyActionParsnip: my main concern now is the grub boot loader and /boot13:00
edgyActionParsnip: would grub recognize the old linux and windows and add an entry?13:00
Dr_WillisOrmie:  there are other cpu power settings tools/indicator applets.  askubuntu.com had a list of indicator applets. I think i got it bookmarked at  http:/delicious.com/dr_willis13:01
edgyActionParsnip: do I need to create a /boot or is it ok to have it in /13:01
OrmieAnyone else?13:02
OrmieAny alternatives to granola in GUI?13:02
thebrasseactionparsnip: hmm.. that one would have the same features as alsmixer i guess? i want to select audio output device and alsamixer failed to do that correctly.13:02
Dr_Willischeck out the cpu/power setting indicator applets?13:02
Dr_WillisOrmie:  there are other cpu power settings tools/indicator applets.  askubuntu.com had a list of indicator applets. I think i got it bookmarked at  http:/delicious.com/dr_willis13:03
sacarlsonJohnDDD: I"m not sure how bad your fstab or system is I guess you can boot a live usb or cd and correct the file you modified13:03
thebrassei have changed window manager and now lots of stuff has just stopped working.13:03
OrmieCan't find it13:03
MonkeyDustthebrasse  not every wm supports every functionality, i guess13:04
thebrasseactionparsnip: i have been able to select my usb headphones as output before i changed the window manager.13:04
sacarlsonJohnDDD: or try this first http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/1288/remount-root-in-read-write-mode.13:05
thebrasseactionparsnip: i was hoping that i would be able to select the headphones as output again if i could just get the audio display settings dialog running again..13:05
OrmieDr_Willis, I can't find anything like "CPU Usage"13:05
thebrassemonkeydust: yes, i guess so. my compose key stopped working, for example..13:05
JohnDDDsacarlson: thank you for reply, it is not bad, I remember what went wrong. will try, thank you13:06
ActionParsnipedgy: should do as far as I know, my grub skills are basic13:06
Dr_WillisOrmie:  righ there on first page of the indicator-applet list at askubuntu.com   http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available13:07
Naphatulhow do i make ubuntu search through the mounted partitions?13:08
MonkeyDust!info cpulimit| Ormie13:08
ubottu'Ormie' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable13:08
Ca11umIs there no simple way to delete all files and folders in a directory?13:08
MonkeyDust!info cpulimit | Ormie13:08
ubottuOrmie: cpulimit (source: cpulimit): tool for limiting the CPU usage of a process. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4-1 (precise), package size 11 kB, installed size 54 kB13:08
ActionParsnipNaphatul: using what app?13:08
Ca11umWithout loads of rmdirs and rms13:08
=== zz_diddledan is now known as diddledan
NaphatulActionParsnip, the unity lens13:08
Dr_WillisCa11um:  rm -rf  is rather simple....13:08
=== root is now known as Guest68009
edgyActionParsnip: and no need to create a non-lvm /boot?13:08
OrmieMonkeyDust, Is it GUI?13:08
Ca11umThanks Dr_Willis13:09
MonkeyDustOrmie  havent tried it13:09
ActionParsnipCa11um: rm -r /top/most/folder13:09
sacarlsonCa11um: rm -r /path/to/dir13:09
Dr_WillisCa11um:  bash basics. ;)13:09
ActionParsnipedgy: ive not used lvm13:09
edgyActionParsnip: ok thanks, I will try13:09
ActionParsnipNaphatul: not used that to be honest. I use find and locate to search13:09
ActionParsnipNaphatul: sudo updatedb; localte nameofthing13:10
ActionParsnipwithout the spelling mistake, obviously13:10
davidcalleActionParsnip, afaik updatedb doesn't go through mounted disks.13:10
Dr_Willisdepends on where they are mounted to. :)13:11
dimori've recently installed 12.04 and i'm having problems connecting to l2tp/ipsec (openswan) vpn, i get "Maximum retries exceeded for tunnel X.  Closing." messages, and every once in a dozen times i manage to actually connect the vpn. is anyone familiar with such behaviour?13:11
Dr_Willisyou can use custome databases for locate to scan just a mounted 'data drive' for example.13:11
ActionParsnipdavidcalle: really, maybe its set in a config file..13:11
davidcalleActionParsnip, probably, yes13:11
Dr_Willislocate by default does not index stff from /media/13:11
OrmieMonkeyDust, CPU limit is a good program, No GUI, though. :( actually I am making a similar software to that! That is the key to my idea. thanks.13:11
ActionParsnipdavidcalle: guess it makes it faster for if you mount large network shares ;)13:12
ksbalajiWhat is this in my places dropdown menu?(I am not able to see the dropdown menu in applications!) assertion `priv->root != NULL13:12
MonkeyDustOrmie  if you're skilled enough, make the gui app, make a ppa of it and hope someone picks it up13:12
ActionParsnipksbalaji: are you the owner of ~/Dropbox and below and are you the owner of ~/.dropbox13:13
davidcalleNaphatul, lenses are on your disk only, but... regarding the Videos lens, it's an issue I'm aware of and will try to solve it in
* Dr_Willis wonders whats wrong with some of the apps at -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available13:14
OrmieDr_Willis, I am checking on it13:14
Dr_WillisIndicator applet for displaying and changing CPU frequency on-the-fly. It provides the same functionality as the Gnome CPU frequency applet, but doesn't require Gnome panel and works under Unity.13:14
Dr_Willisi mentioned it earlier. :) theres several others.13:14
ksbalajiActionParsnip, I own the PC!13:14
Spider-PorkHi. I have a problem with cryptsetup. I'm trying to crypt an external USB disk with cryptsetup 1.4.3 on my kubuntu 11.04. The problem is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028517/ the kernel is 2.6.38-15-generic-pae13:15
Spider-Pork Any idea? Thank you13:15
Ca11umWould this work exactly the same for Ubuntu? http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Building_MTASA_Server_on_GNU_Linux#Running_on_a_64_bit_Linux13:16
Ca11umI did it, as it says, but I still get the error as described13:16
MonkeyDustDr_Willis  offtopic discussion: that's why I said earlier: Canonical should focus on apps, not on a shiny fancy interface13:16
ActionParsnipksbalaji: there are several accounts on the system, so the fact that you physically own the system doesn't mean your username owns the data13:16
OrmieMonkeyDust, I can make a GUI but I have problem with using the grid layout in glade and having problem with running every and any GUI program from python13:16
dewey|onhey, anyone knows where i can find the smbldap-config mentioned in the first reply? https://bugs.launchpad.net/serverguide/+bug/100801913:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1008019 in Ubuntu Server Guide "Missing file in samba-ldap documentation" [Low,Triaged]13:17
MonkeyDustOrmie  the hardships of a developer ;)13:17
ActionParsnipksbalaji: it's good to run:  sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME      to make sure :)13:17
Dr_WillisOrmie:  ive seen 'example/generic' indictor applet code on some sites. :) who needs a fancy gui.13:17
Spider-PorkEhm, i can't crypt my disk13:20
JohnDDDsacarlson: thank you, but I cannot remount, i got "not mounted or bad option"13:20
Naphatulso there is no way to make lenses search other partitions? i got 2 other 1 with windows installed and the other with just data13:21
OrmieIs it ok for canonical If I tweak or deeply configure ubuntu to the desired state that a user wants. I am making a program named "Ubuntu Tools"13:21
sacarlsonJohnDDD: I guess you will have to live boot13:21
Dr_WillisOrmie:  id come up with a better name. :) thats too generic13:21
OrmieDr_Willis, What would be a good name?13:21
JohnDDDsacarlson: thank you, will try it, but i don't have usb key, so i was looking for other options, if there are any13:22
Dr_WillisOrmie:  YetAnotherUbuntuTweakingTool13:22
LjLOrmie: to simplify, you can mostly do what you want with Ubuntu as long as you release the sources when you release binaries, but there can be issues with names including "Ubuntu" because of trademarks, so you may want to investigate different names13:22
JohnDDDsacarlson: the only i had i lost somewhere :(13:22
deffragWhenever i put my laptop to sleep and the next time it starts it never connects again, i hav to restart the hole system..again. Is there any other better way?13:22
OrmieDr_Willis, I can have this on: print("Created by: Suttiwit Sukpinit and people in #ubuntu.")13:22
Dr_WillisDo we really need another ubuntu tweaking tool? :) i can name 3 i belive...13:23
Naphatuloh and how can i disable front panel jack detection?13:23
sirriffsalotHey! My entire home directory is read-only, creating lots of problems obviously.. is there a way to fix this?13:24
Ormiesirriffsalot, Not talking to you, though.13:24
OrmieDr_Willis, yeah13:24
LjLsirriffsalot: is it on a separate partition?13:24
sirriffsalotOrmie: what did I ever do to you? o.O13:24
sirriffsalotLjL: nono, it's in the local partition13:25
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: is it on it's own partition?13:25
ksbalajiActionParsnip, I tried your suggestion and this is the result: balaji@balaji-desktop:~$  sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME[sudo] password for balaji: chown: cannot access `/home/balaji/.gvfs': Permission denied balaji@balaji-desktop:~$  :(13:25
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: boot to liveCD and fsck the partition13:25
Dr_WillisToying with gnome-shell, the way you can get extensions for it via the web browser and use https://extensions.gnome.org/local/    is very.. nifty13:25
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: just run fsck in the terminal with sudo and that's it?13:26
Ormiesirriffsalot, Um... You asked a yes-no question. and I happen to say "Yes" to another person.13:26
sirriffsalotOrmie: oh lol, sorry:)13:26
Spider-Porkanyone know why cryptsetup return that error?13:27
ActionParsnip!fsck | sirriffsalot13:27
ubottusirriffsalot: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot13:27
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: hmm, ok13:27
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: to add some additional information, cause I might be wrong, if I run virtualbox (not as root) it says "Error opening file for reading: Permission denied"13:28
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: are you in the vboxusers group (I think it's that)13:29
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: How do I check?13:29
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: if I run it as sudo it works fine, so I suppose it's something to do with filepermissions13:29
sirriffsalotBut I don't want to keep running everything as root..13:30
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: don't run GUI apps with sudo, you will wreck file ownerships13:30
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: might be why you are getting the issue13:30
dupmailIf any knowledgeable person can hive me a hand, i just need to understand the linux directory structure. I13:30
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: but I got the issue before I did that...13:30
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: if you run:  groups     you will see what groups you are the member of13:30
dupmailI'm trying to get my netbook to boot off ssd, but have the majority of the file structure on a SD card.13:31
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: you run GUI apps with gksudo :)13:31
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: sirriffsalot adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare13:31
davidcalleNaphatul, what you can try, is to fiddle with updatedb.conf ( http://askubuntu.com/questions/60202/updatedb-locate-command-problem-files-from-external-hard-drive-are-no-longer ) It should help with the files lens. The videos lens will also require you to put a symlink of the drive/folder where your videos are, in the ~/Videos folder.13:31
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: ah13:31
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: there you go, not in the group, let me get the command13:31
dupmailWhat is required on the ssd in order to boot? i presume /boot ...and what else?13:31
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers $USER13:32
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: What do you mean I'm not in the group??13:32
sirriffsalotHang on13:32
davidcalleNaphatul, not a clean solution, but it's being worked on.13:32
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: what's -a -G for?13:32
MonkeyDustdupmail  http://binwaheed.blogspot.be/2010/11/linux-directory-structure.html13:32
sirriffsalotkate_r: hey!13:32
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: -a is to (a)dd and the -G is to add to a supplementary (g)roup13:32
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
kate_rwhat default font and monospace font are you guys using? Ubuntu 11 for default and Ubuntu Mono 13 looks wierd to me.13:32
dupmail@MonkeyDust will check that out quick...thanks13:33
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: ok, hang on:)13:33
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
geirhabetter to use adduser13:33
ActionParsnipgeirha: achieves the same end, how is it better?13:33
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: still get the same error message:/13:33
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: you need to log off and on13:34
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: ah, hehe.. brb!):13:34
geirhaActionParsnip: easier syntax13:34
impmasterHow are there only this many messages if there are 1721 users?13:34
ActionParsnipimpmaster: people idle13:34
benhelpsHey all. Trying to install 12.04 server with scant luck. Posts tend to hint it's buggy and needs a retro install via CDROM, or via first installing 12.04 desktop to generate the usb installer. Any word on whether 12.10 will fix this?13:34
geirhaand it does the "right" things when creating users13:34
MonkeyDustimpmaster  not all users are at their desks13:34
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
benhelpsOr how many versions back I need to go for it to work?13:35
ActionParsnipgeirha: usermod makes a world of sense imho13:35
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: Error opening file for reading: Permission denied still... :/13:37
benhelps(Tried multiple usb sticks - all fail. Tried other distros with said usb sticks - they work and install on the machine in question. Tried regetting 12.04 few times - no diff)13:37
sirriffsalotThe program runs, but I just don't like seeing error messages:P13:37
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: i'd ask in #vbox13:37
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: cheers:)13:37
Naphatulwhats the shortcut for changing keyboard input languages (like alt+shift in windows) ?13:38
ActionParsnipNaphatul: eI believe you can set it in the keyboard prefs13:38
dupmailMonkeyDust: in a nutshell, my netbook cant boot off of the memory card, and the ssd is increadibly slow. So what i'm looking for is to know what (minimum) must be on the ssd so that grub can load sufficiently and then access the rest of the system files from the memory card (SDHC card)...So pretty much having everything on the memory, what do i have to put on the SSD, I presume /boot, do i have to have anything else? I tried it once befo13:39
NaphatulActionParsnip, i can't find it it keyboard shortcuts13:40
ActionParsnipdupmail: there is ubuntu-minimal which install kernel + drivers + boot loader + simple packaging tools and some basic tools13:40
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: every time I start a terminal now I see above the usual line the following: "groups: cannot find name for group ID 125"13:40
ActionParsnipdupmail: sorry misread13:40
ksbalajiNo contact after Dr_Willis typed:..extensions for it via the web browser and use https://extensions.gnome.org/local/    is very.. nifty  ... am I still connected?13:40
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: what have you done?:D13:40
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: does the vboxusers group exist?13:41
ActionParsnipsirriffsalot: this may be the issue. I suggest ou try a reboot first13:41
sirriffsalot*cough* forgot I have uninstalled vbox, hang on, gonna install it lol13:41
deepspeedwell thar's yer proble13:42
Spider-PorkHi. I have a problem with cryptsetup. I'm trying to crypt an external USB disk with cryptsetup 1.4.3 on my kubuntu 11.04. The problem is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028517/ the kernel is 2.6.38-15-generic-pae. Any idea? Thank you13:42
dupmailActionParsnip: thanks though =)13:42
MonkeyDustdupmail  there's this, but mind: it says 8.04   https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/hppa/partitioning.html13:43
benhelpsAny idea which versions of ubuntu server are ok to install via usb. Forums say 12.04 doesn't work without workarounds - does 11.10 work?13:44
dupmailMonkeyDust: Thanks =) I'll check it out..much appreciated13:44
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: brb, reboot just in case13:45
ActionParsnipdupmail: do you have a floppy drive?13:45
dupmailActionParsnip: Lol no...13:45
kRushhm, I ran some updates and got a notification that grub-pc wants to install a new config file, I chose to have the differences shown but it never did.. how the fuck do I find out what was changed?13:45
ActionParsnipdupmail: dang13:45
Spider-PorkHi. I have a problem with cryptsetup. I'm trying to crypt an external USB disk with cryptsetup 1.4.3 on my kubuntu 11.04. The problem is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028517/ the kernel is 2.6.38-15-generic-pae. Any idea? Thank you13:45
Zally666No everybody has usb13:45
dupmailActionParsnip: Ha ha =)13:45
jribkRush: was this in the terminal?13:46
ActionParsnipdupmail: there is a floppy image to boot USB :)13:46
kRushjrib,  no13:46
jribkRush: was the old one kept or the new one installed?13:46
h00kkRush: also, please keep the langauge appropriate13:46
Tm_TkRush: language, please13:47
Zally666Why would usb break?13:47
sirriffsalotActionParsnip: nope.. still the same error.. waiting for reply in vbox:)13:47
benhelpsZally666: to me? Dunno but it fails for me with a can't find cdrom error. Forums have hinted its a bug with misnamed files in pool/l files13:48
benhelpsZally666: first version I recall having the problem13:48
kRushjrib,  I have no idea.. I do not know what file it was referencing (didn't show). the dialog just went away, the update completed as far as I can tell. /boot/grub has mod. dates from today /etc/grub.d/ has not13:48
Zally666Maybe a sabotage?13:49
jribkRush: my guess would be /etc/default/grub13:49
benhelpsZally666: heh spose anythings possible13:49
NetshoHey guys. just installed ubuntu and nvidia drivers. Ran sudo nvidia-xconfig and now I am stuck with 640x48013:49
Dr_WillisNetsho:  ran nvidia-settings yet?13:50
kRushjrib, if so it wasn't altered13:50
Zally666Try remastersys to cd or usb13:50
Netsho640 and 320 available13:50
BentheplantguyNeed help mounting external drive.  No /media/external mount point.  fdisk -l  not showing device13:50
jribkRush: you can reinstall the package (and possibly pass confask to dpkg)13:51
Dr_Willisif 'sudo fdisk -l' or 'sudo blkid' dont show the device.. id check dmesg for errors, andperhaps reboot and see if the bios shows the device13:51
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bcurtiswxwhats the best UPS software for Linux/Ubuntu ?13:51
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  what sort of device is it?13:51
BentheplantguyWD external HD13:52
NetshoDr_Willis: I've followed this ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1857772&highlight=edid ) thread, but I can't get that EDID thing13:52
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  then you plug it in, check dmesg output.13:52
Dr_WillisNetsho:  al ive ever had to do with my nviia cards is  install drivers, run nvidia-settings and save the new xorg.conf.13:52
OerHeksBentheplantguy, did you use " sudo fdisk -l " ??13:53
Netshoyeah. But the resolution is f up13:53
MonkeyDustBentheplantguy  what OerHeks says: don't forget sudo13:53
BentheplantguyDr_Willis: what is check dmesg command?13:54
dupmailG2g...thanks for eveyone's help13:54
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  run 'dmesg' look for errors a few moments after plugging in the drive13:54
nina666hi... my laptop keeps hanging and freezing... im really getting annoyed, what should i do???13:54
Dr_Willisplug in, count to 10, run tail dmesg13:54
Bentheplantguyi used sudo fdisk -l, didn't list device13:54
MonkeyDust!details| nina66613:54
ubottunina666: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:54
NetshoGuess I'll go back to my sweet Windows. Linux is way to hard to configure13:55
Dr_Willisi find it easier to convigure then windows..13:55
MonkeyDustNetsho  i use linux because win ios too hard to configure13:55
Netshothen help me guys with the resolution13:55
* Dr_Willis also hates having to spend hrs defragging/scanning for viruse and so forth. :)13:55
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: I don't have to configure much here at all, works all OOTB :)13:55
NetshoI'd like to stick with linux13:56
Spider-PorkHi. I have a problem with cryptsetup. I'm trying to crypt an external USB disk with cryptsetup 1.4.3 on my kubuntu 11.04. The problem is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028517/ the kernel is 2.6.38-15-generic-pae. Any idea? Thank you13:56
Dr_WillisNetsho:  more details would be handy. like your exact video card.. but iuf you are going to just give up easially ........13:56
ActionParsnipNetsho: what are you configuring?13:56
bcurtiswxI have a new APC UPS system, what software supports that system?13:56
Dr_Willisbcurtiswx:  check the package manager. should be serveral in there13:56
nina666sry aabout that... im running ubuntu 12.04, the freezing happens frequently! (few times per hour)... without any particular reason. and everything gets stuck i cant even do a Ctrl+Alt+del or go to tty Ctrl+Alt+F1,...13:56
NetshoDr_willis: 8500gt, ActionParsnip: My resolution is way too low13:56
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MonkeyDustnina666  unity with the cube effect etc?13:57
Dr_WillisNetsho:  so was teh res correct befor you installed the nvidia drivers?13:57
benhelpsNina666: hardware failing? Eg video card13:57
Netshothe max was 1024*76813:57
=== mfisch` is now known as mfisch
ActionParsnipNetsho: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current; sudo nvidia-xconfig13:57
nina666MonkeyDust, yes its running... although the cube does not actually work but i think i previously set it in compiz settings13:57
Bentheplantguyplugged in device, ran 'dmesg', didn't see errors13:57
nina666benhelps, how to check that?13:57
NetshoActionParsnip: did that already13:57
=== mfisch is now known as Guest83117
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  you waited a few moments? then ran it? try again a few secconds later13:58
Bentheplantguy10 sec13:58
MonkeyDustnina666  my advice is to disable some or all of the effects13:58
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  if dmesg is showing NOTHING about that device.. then you got somthng very weird going on.13:58
Dr_Willisit could at least show usb device inserted.. or similer...13:58
nina666btw, maybe i should also mention that recently I upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 16GB and i feel the freezing is more frequent than before..13:58
NetshoActionParsnip: my problem is close to this I guess: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1857772&highlight=edid13:58
ActionParsnipNetsho: then you'll be playing with xorg.conf a little. I can send you mine if you want to try...13:58
Bentheplantguyno, no.  it shows long list of info.  but not sure what i'm looking for in all of it13:59
ActionParsnipNetsho: sounds like a junky display :D13:59
Dr_Willisheres my xorg.conf for a Nvidia 520, on a 1080p monitor --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028620/13:59
ActionParsnipNetsho: http://paste.ubuntu.com/102862113:59
nina666btw, maybe i should also mention that recently I upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 16GB and i feel the freezing is more frequent than before..MonkeyDust13:59
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  at the end, it should mention some* devices14:00
ActionParsnipnina666: have you tested the RAM using memtest?14:00
Dr_Willis sd* devices. :)14:00
nina666MonkeyDust, should i disable my opengl as well?14:00
nina666ActionParsnip, no. let me do that..14:00
ActionParsnipnina666: well if the new ram caused the issue, isn't that he first thing you'd suspect....?14:01
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  similer to -->  [45781.487869] usb 2-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 11 using ehci_hcd14:01
Dr_Willis[45782.598648] sd 5:0:0:0: [sdg] 3913728 512-byte logical blocks: (2.00 GB/1.86 GiB)14:01
LucidGuyI have the following in my sudoers   DEVELOPERS      ALL=(micedev) NOPASSWD: ALL      yet the users within the DEVELOPERS user_alias still are prompted for a password when they attempt "su micedev"  sudo -u micedev works fine.14:01
Bentheplantguy"[ 1292.952107] usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 3" ?14:01
nina666ActionParsnip, the ram didnt cause it actually. i feel it increased abit after the upgrade..14:01
ActionParsnipnina666: its worth isolating out. If you run: uname -m   what is output?14:02
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  notice the 'sdg' - thats the device in my case.14:02
Bentheplantguy[ 4219.289871] usb 1-3: USB disconnect, address 314:02
Dr_Willisdisconnet? Hmm. the drive hung up/disconnected14:02
nina666ActionParsnip, x86_6414:02
ActionParsnipnina666: good :)14:02
Bentheplantguyimproper unmounting?  how can i fix?14:02
OrmieCan SOme one think of a name for my software for ubuntu?14:03
ActionParsnipBentheplantguy: boot to liveCD and fsck if it's an internal partition. Or if its USB / SD card based then fsck there.14:03
arianaOrmie, what is the soft for? what does it do?14:03
ActionParsnipOrmie: how do you mean?14:03
OrmieDr_Willis, What are the 3 names you can think, that you said long ago?14:03
nina666ActionParsnip, btw, i should install memtest86 or memtester?14:04
MonkeyDustnina666  as for me, i use no desktop effects at all, works smoothly14:04
Dr_Willisperhaps write the software first.. then worry about the software. :)  OrmiesYetAnotherTweakerTool14:04
ActionParsnipnina666: hold shift at boot and select memtest14:04
nina666MonkeyDust, how about opengl?14:04
mneptokOrmie: please stay on-topic, which is technical support.14:04
Spider-PorkHi. I have a problem with cryptsetup. I'm trying to crypt an external USB disk with cryptsetup 1.4.3 on my kubuntu 11.04. The problem is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028517/ the kernel is 2.6.38-15-generic-pae. Any idea? Thank you14:04
DJonesOrmie: Thinking of a name for software might be a better question for #ubuntu-offtopic14:04
Dr_WillisOrmie:  other ubnut tweaking tools? theres Ubuntu-tweak, MyUnity, and Gnome-tweak-tool   I belive.. there may be others14:04
nina666ActionParsnip, ok. noted :) then I'll have to restart and come back tell u..14:04
ActionParsnipOrmie: why not just contribute to one of the already standing aps.14:05
nina666ActionParsnip, MonkeyDust, brb...14:05
Bentheplantguyhow do i boot to liveCD when i have no control over the device?  aside from finding th port where it says "disconnected"?14:05
ActionParsnipOrmie: instead of making new, help with one that already exists14:05
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  whens the last time you ever used that external hard drive? in any OS.14:05
ActionParsnipBentheplantguy: sudo fdisk -l    will show the available partitions14:06
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  if its disconnecting automatically. that points to some issue - perhaps in the hardware/cable/power/ports14:06
ActionParsnipBentheplantguy: if its external, EVERY TIME you disconnect it, remember to use the 'safe remove' feature. It's in all modern OSes14:06
Bentheplantguysudo fdisk -l only shows internal HD partition14:06
BentheplantguyDr_Willis: fist used a year ago, haven't been able to connect since.14:07
=== MartinS is now known as Guest63438
Bentheplantguyyeah i know safe remove.  but i'm running ubuntu on a very old dell.  it freezes and crashes from time to time14:08
Dr_Willissoubnds like that drive may be dead to me....14:08
Dr_WillisI need to return a dead drive also... gotta do that this week14:09
xun1lhello guys, how can i see the source code of the driver for usb mouse ??14:09
nina666ActionParsnip, ok this was interesting..14:09
ikoniaxun1l: look in the kernel14:09
nina666ActionParsnip, how usually the results of memtest should be?14:09
ikoniaxun1l: (assuming you mean the driver the kernel is using)14:09
ActionParsnipnina666: no red output14:10
xun1likonia: yup14:10
ikoniaxun1l: check the kernel source then14:10
xun1lcan u be more specific, new to this..14:10
xun1lwhere to find that ??14:10
ActionParsnipnina666: if the screen stays blue and the top progress abr just moves, the ram is ok, if you get red scrolling in the bottom right section you have bad ram14:10
nina666ActionParsnip, i didnt get any red input, but everything was done very fast, less than 10 secs (is that normal?) it started scanning and quickly reached 100% and suddenly reset..14:11
shanky_tyxun1l: google it14:11
xun1lshanky_ty, chup ho ja saale14:11
nina666ActionParsnip, then i think was ok, the only weired thing for me was that why everythink was so quickly with a quick reset without any prompt..14:11
shanky_tyxun1l: dude this is english channel ..14:11
ikoniaxun1l: kernel.org has the base kernel source14:11
nina666ActionParsnip, i expected a success/error message to appear14:12
nina666ActionParsnip, but suddenly turned off and reset back14:12
sipiorxun1l: you'll probably want to start here if you'd like to get involved in the community: http://kernelnewbies.org/14:12
shanky_tyxun1l: lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/hid/usbhid/usbmouse.c14:13
nina666ActionParsnip,  ok now, should i disable my opengl?14:13
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ikoniashanky_ty: please don't14:14
xun1lshanky_ty: thnx  :P14:14
BentheplantguyWhen mounting, can I use something like '[ 4399.636033]' instead of a name/location like /dev/sdb1 ?14:14
shanky_tyikonia: ??14:14
ikoniaBentheplantguy: you can mount a device on any valid mount point14:14
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OerHeksnina666, when your pc resets during memtest86, i say it is a hardware failure, probably memory.14:15
dorganok i know doing    command > file   put the output of the command into the file   but is there a way to append to a file?14:15
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  untill the os gives the hd a proper /dev/sdXX  you are not going to be doing much of anything with it.14:15
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  that ##### is a timestamp of the kernel logging  i belive14:15
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
pokkosdorgan: command >> file14:17
BentheplantguyThanks Dr_Willis.  is there a way to flash the drive and mount from scratch?  if i mkdir /media/external, will that alter the recognition of fdisk -l?14:18
Dr_Willisdorgan:  check some bash docs on > >> and  'command output redirection'14:18
dorganpokkos: perfect thanks14:18
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  if the os is not giveing it a  /dev/sdXX name.you cant do much of anything with it...14:18
Dr_Willisits as if its not even plugged in14:18
=== kish is now known as whatarush
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:   id check the cables and listen to the hd and be sure its even spinning up14:19
Bentheplantguyit spins up, and it's a brand new USB 2/3 cable.  i think i just corrupted the drive when my computer crashed14:20
MonkeyDustKornkage4  wrong channel, not he14:20
=== griselda is now known as spex971
ActionParsnipBentheplantguy: could try plugging it into a windows box14:29
Dr_Willishard drives are the weakest link in hardware these days it seems14:30
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: true but you can make it bearable. 24 SSDs in RAID ;)14:30
Dr_Willisi dont even own a single sdd. yet.. :)14:31
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: me neither14:31
Dr_Willisbeen watching them go on sale every so often.. but $100 for a 100gb SSD is nice.. but still way to tiny for me ;P14:31
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: just put /usr os the SSD and the rest on playyer based :)14:32
Dr_WillisI dont have a raid.. i got a 'Reduant Stack of External USB hard Drives' ;)14:32
=== Rallias is now known as Guest94519
ActionParsnipjust one here for backup14:33
ActionParsnipplus dropbox for my configs and scripts14:33
Dr_Willisi got backups of my backups. ;)14:33
Dr_Willismainly wifes videos for her Media Watching Needs..14:33
Dr_WillisSo i got one Media Server, and then backups of the videos its serving. just in case.14:34
=== Guest94519 is now known as Gasseus
vmesonMy system was trashing this morning. kern.log says: INFO: task jbd2/sda3-8:936 blocked for more than 120 seconds.14:36
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: fileserver + usb backup every week14:36
ActionParsnipvmeson: are you doing any HDD intensive tasks?14:37
vmesonThis is not reproducible, should I still file a bug report?14:37
BentheplantguyDr_Willis: HD recognized on mac.... ?14:37
vmesonActionParsnip: no.14:37
Dr_WillisMy New TV - i can attatch 3 external USB hds to it. :)14:37
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy: you are asking a question?14:37
vmesonActionParsnip: well, I did a back-up yesterday  but the problem started hours after that when I was away from my system.14:38
Bentheplantguyhaha, well if it's recognized there, then the drive isn't flawed from improper unmounting.  so why isn't my OS recognizing it?14:38
Dr_Willisi would guess cable, or port, or power.14:38
ActionParsnipvmeson: have you rebooted since?14:39
vmesonfirst sign of trouble: 22:23 ET,  checked system at 10:00 and it was very slow to respond and the disk io light was flashing like mad.14:39
vmesonActionParsnip: yes.14:39
ActionParsnipvmeson: does top show any high CPU usages?14:39
ActionParsnipvmeson: anything using lots of RAM which wil then use swap?14:39
tom_Hey is there a way to remove a launcher that I created and droped on the applet bar14:40
vmesonActionParsnip: quasselclient - ~5%14:40
vmesonyes, I blame chrome and my addition to tabs...14:40
vmesonoom-killer should have visited in that case...14:40
Bentheplantguycable/power all the same.  safe eject on Mac, moved USB to port i just used to print document.  still doesn't recognize14:41
Bylythere are any option to force the user to set a passphrase in his public key?14:41
ActionParsnipvmeson: if you kill chrome, is it ok?14:41
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  what filesystem is on that hard drive?14:41
vmesonActionParsnip: it's okay after a reboot..14:42
xanguavmeson: just happened the same with a hundred tabs on firefox jum14:42
Bentheplantguyi'm not sure, i've only booted it twice now.  i tried force mounting before with fat 16/32 and ntsf commands, but neither got me anywhere14:43
vmesonxangua: yeah...  linux/ubuntu needs a mechanism to kill tabs in web browsers when memory is low..14:43
* vmeson googles to see if someone has done that yet...14:43
auronandacevmeson: that would be the wrong way of going about it14:44
jarubyhI'm trying dual boot 12.04 with Windows XP, but gParted says the minimum size for the XP partition is pretty much my whole disk. I've tried mounting it and 'df -h', and apparently only 20% is used. Any ideas?14:44
* vmeson finds: http://www.chromium.org/chromium-os/chromiumos-design-docs/out-of-memory-handling14:44
vmesonauronandace: why?14:44
auronandacevmeson: if the browser is using too much resources the browser is at fault, not the kernel14:45
ActionParsnipvmeson: each tab in chrome/ium is a process, helps for killing them off :)14:45
Dr_Willisjarubyh:  you may want to have windows scandisk and defrag befor you try to resize with gparted14:45
jarubyhDr_Willis: Thanks, is there a tool in Windows I can use?14:45
vmesonauronandace: the process should monitor for low system resources, or run in a container I suppose but14:45
vmesonauronandace: in extreme cases, there should be: initially a notification from the kernel that it's gettign trigger happy, later oom-killer should take out an easily restored tab/process.14:46
jabesI'm having trouble setting up netbeans c/c++?14:46
kyle__Two things changed at once: 11.10->12.04 and unity2d->unity, and now my system is unstable.  Has anyone else experienced this?  It's a core-i5 lenovo with a run-of-the-mill intel chipset integrated everything.14:47
kyle__jabes: Errr, how did you install netbeans?14:47
jarubyhjabes: Expound.14:47
auronandacevmeson: if you fork that responsibility off to the kernel then you are encouraging browser makers to be lazy14:47
skausing 12.04 and  RTL8111/8168B card. I installed the r8168-dkms, but system will not wake on lan.14:47
vmesonauronandace: I prefer belt and suspenders: process try to behave, the kernel needs an oom policy.14:47
jabeskyle__: i download it with just the java compliers and installed the c/c++ plugin14:48
jabesthen i download the c dev libraries14:48
skaAny ideas on wake-on-lan fix?14:48
kyle__ska: It may need bios settings as well.  Also, if it's not an integrated nic, you may need to hookup a WOL cable from the nic to the mobo.14:48
jabesjarubyh: what's Expound?14:48
kyle__jabes: So under plugins, it shows c/c++ in the installed tab?14:48
kyle__jabes: And there's a green circle with a checkmark by it.14:49
jabeskyle__: yeah i think its not find the library14:49
skakyle__: It worked before i upgraded from 10.0414:49
kyle__ska: Ooh.  then all that stuff should be taken care of.14:49
kyle__jabes: Under options, is there a c++ section?14:50
jabeskyle__: which options?14:51
skakyle__: I'll double check the bios, but I don't thing it was changed.14:51
jabesunder tools?14:51
miscffi installed utily-2d, but i can not see utily-2d when i login to X with lightdm.  how to use utily-2d?14:52
jabeskyle__ yeah there's a c/c++ section14:52
kyle__jabes: Under one of the menus, there's an options selection.  It brings up a window where you can set general settings editor keymap etc... Also there should be a C/C++ section where you tell it what compiler to use.14:52
BentheplantguyDr_Willis?: what do you think about reformatting in FAT through OSX?14:52
=== lub` is now known as lubmil
kyle__jabes: If there isn't a tool collection, click add, setup one for the gnu compiler & tools14:52
jabeskyle__ yeah i have it set to use gcc14:52
xanguamiscff: clic on the little ubuntu icon next to your user name, and select it14:53
xanguain the login screen*14:53
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  Why do you need it to be fat?14:53
kyle__jabes: Hum.  Then I don't know what to tell you, since it's always worked for me, if I have the plugin and the compiler specified, it works.  What isn't working for you?14:53
Dr_WillisBentheplantguy:  you could just delete the paritons. and then plug it back in and see if linux sees it.14:53
jabeskyle__ i think the problem is the C dev library isn't included some how14:54
jabeskyle__ i had to use synaptic to down the library14:54
ilovezoohi, i want to install another linux distro. my computer already has  4 primary partitions (3 are for Windows7, one is for linux). how do i install another linux distro?14:55
Dr_Willisilovezoo:  you will need to somehow convert one to a logical to hold extended paritons.. or use a differnt hd14:56
MonkeyDust!install| ilovezoo14:56
ubottuilovezoo: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:56
ilovezooDr_Willis: i only have one hard drive (in my laptop).14:56
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
vmesonilovezoo: or use a virtual machine.14:56
Dr_Willisilovezoo:  guess you go the first way then...14:56
* Dr_Willis has a laptop with 2 hds. ;)14:56
Dr_Willisand weighs a ton....14:57
ilovezoovmeson: doesn't using virtual machine mean slower experience? my computer is not very powerful14:57
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: is it a quosmio?14:57
Dr_Willisilovezoo:  given the other option is some major redoing of the hd.14:57
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  yep a X50514:57
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: what a guess!!14:57
kyle__jabes: When you say the c dev library are you referring to ubuntu's or netbeans'?14:57
Dr_Willismy brother has it now :) its using it as his main game machine.14:57
jabeskkyle__ ubuntu's14:58
Dr_WillisThing + its Power supply and case = like 20lbs.. :)14:58
kyle__and sorry for the lab, It's daddy day so I'm constantly running off to make sure the kiddos aren't injuring eachother.14:58
SajjaDi got this error when i want to install everything. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028746/14:58
jabeskyle__ ubuntu's14:58
kyle__jabes: if you install the build-essential metapackage you should get everything needed.14:58
ilovezooCan I hand my 2nd linux distro to the same partition as my first distro (which is already installed)?14:58
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: my D420 is 3.17lbs with 4 cell battery :)14:59
ilovezoohand --> have14:59
Dr_Willisilovezoo:  most likely.. no.14:59
ilovezoooops. i mean "Can I add"14:59
jabeskyle__ build-essential metapackage? is that with the plugin section?14:59
Dr_Willisilovezoo:  what 2 disrtos are you using?14:59
ilovezooDr_Willis: 2 ubuntu flavors14:59
ilovezoomint and linux14:59
ilovezoooops. i mean mint and ubuntu15:00
Dr_Willisilovezoo:   dare i ask.. why bother. ;)15:00
ActionParsnippretty much15:00
kyle__jabes: No in ubuntu.  If you install that metapackage, you have all the libs and binaries ubuntu needs.  That + netbeans + c/c++ plugin should be all you need.15:01
Bentheplantguyin disk utility, it only recognizes the main partition "my book" and wont let me delete that.  i say fat because it only offers me that or Mac OS Extended file systems.  i don't know how to format manually to ntfs.15:01
SajjaDi got this error :15:01
SajjaDdpkg: error: /var/lib/dpkg/info/format is corrupted, it should contain a database format version (an integer)15:01
SajjaDE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)15:01
SajjaDwhat is it about15:01
Ormieis there a way to revert everything back since after i did a clean install of ubuntu15:01
ActionParsnipSajjaD: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028756   try that15:02
jabeskyle__ ok I'll go look for it thanks15:02
OerHeksOrmie no, unless you made a snapshot.15:02
OrmieOerHeks, What is the maximum range of data I can restore up to?15:03
OerHeksOrmie, restore?15:03
isleofmandanApologies if this info exists somewhere obvious (I've looked and can't find!) but does anyone here know how to get my Galaxy Nexus phone to talk to Ubuntu 12.04 ?  I just want to transfer some files and neither PTP or MTP is working for me.15:03
OerHeksOrmie, restoring data has nothing to do with the ubuntu install.15:04
ActionParsnipisleofmandan: http://askubuntu.com/questions/87667/getting-mtp-to-work-with-a-galaxy-nexus15:04
ActionParsnipisleofmandan: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-connect-your-android-ice-cream-sandwich-phone-to-ubuntu-for-file-access15:05
OrmieOerHeks, Let's make this clear again15:05
jabeskyle__ build-essential for creating debian packages?15:05
OrmieOerHeks, What is the maximum range of settings or/and data I can restore up to?15:05
auronandaceOrmie: thats not clearer15:06
kyle__jabes: Wait, you want to create .debs?  That's a whole different set of packages, and I'm not familiar with them :/ sorry15:06
jabeskyle__ no I'm asking because that all i could find called  build-essential metapackage15:07
isleofmandanActionParsnip:  Thank you!15:07
brodroDoes anyone know if it15:07
brodrois it possible to access steam and games like portal 2 on ubuntu?15:07
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kyle__jabes: Stupid question, did you make a simple c program and comile it from the command line?  Did it work?15:08
kyle__jabes: Make sure there isn't something more basic going wrong.15:08
Dr_Willis!wine | brodro15:08
ubottubrodro: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:08
jabeskyle__ yeah that worked fine15:08
Dr_Willisbrodro:  steam and some games work with wine15:08
OerHeksOrmie, ubuntu has no restorepoints, so you should backup your system or data yourself.15:08
kyubutsuuse dejadup, works15:09
jabeskyle__ i'm sure netbeans isn't finding the library which i why it's giving me 'can not find file' errors15:09
kyle__jabes: I think it's time you checked with the #netbeans folks, sorry :/15:09
jabeskyle__ okay thanks, but can you do me a favor? in c/c++ tab can you look in code assistance and post the directories?15:10
Dukaalguem pode judar com : Change your OpenPGP keys15:11
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:11
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.15:11
dr3mrohello does rebuilding apps with apt-build realt boost performance ?15:11
mschhey, in 12.04 it seems there's no longer a /boot/grub/menu.lst where do i set kernel parameters now?15:11
abdoI need some help for LAMP15:11
DJones!grub2 | msch15:12
ubottumsch: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:12
kyle__jabes: sure.15:12
gits1225Is there a way to integrate terminal into nautilus? like on the bottom or something?15:12
mschDJones: thanks!15:12
sacarlsonabdo: to do what with lamp?15:12
DJonesmsch: That last link should be the most helpful15:12
ActionParsnipgits1225: http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/nautilus-terminal-embed-linux-terminal-to-nautilus-file-browser/15:12
abdoto translate my bank statemnt to chart15:13
ActionParsnipmsch: you set boot options in /etc/default/grub15:13
wdpHey. I just installed linux-image... 3.0.0-20-generic-pae.. After reboot, nvidia was not properly working anymore. A re-install of nvidia seems to not work at all.15:13
ActionParsnipmsch: run:  sudo update-grub   after adding them, the default options are: quiet splash15:13
thiagomdsGood Morning my name`s Thiago, I`m from Brazil15:14
mschActionParsnip: ah perfect15:14
wdpIs this a known bug or something?15:14
abdocan i put my data to openofice  then move to my sql15:14
thiagomdsI need to help for install GPC15:14
gits1225ActionParsnip: Thanks!15:14
ActionParsnipwdp: try running:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install dkms15:14
ActionParsnipgits1225: all I did was websearch....15:14
thiagomdsI need to study Pascal but i don`t have in my computer compiler GPC15:14
gits1225ActionParsnip: But when it comes from someone who knows what he is talking about, it makes a world of difference. Google is not human :P15:15
mschalso does anyone have any ideas why changing the resolution via fbset doesn't work?15:15
MonkeyDust!info gpc | thiagomds15:15
ubottuthiagomds: Package gpc does not exist in precise15:15
sacarlsonabdo: not directly as far as I know,  maybe with ruby or other programing language, might be easier to create coma delemited then import into mysql, but what to use to display mysql data?15:15
MonkeyDust!find gpc | thiagomds15:16
ubottuthiagomds: Found: claws-mail-pgpmime, libgpcl-dev, libgpcl015:16
ActionParsnipgits1225: http://duckduckgo.com/?q=nautilus+terminal&kp=1   is all I did15:16
wdpActionParsnip, not working; "Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.0.0-20-generic-pae (i686)"15:16
jabesI installed "C dev library" using synaptic. what is the path to the library?15:16
gits1225ActionParsnip: no comeback there...15:16
ActionParsnipwdp: probably the issue then, do you have the headers for the kernel15:16
Urkman1|FFXIIHello all15:16
wdphow do i check?15:16
ActionParsnipwdp: dpkg -l | grep linux | grep head15:17
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unkn-error|znchow can I change hostname in ubuntu precise?15:17
thiagomdsso have i to install my computer this tree things15:17
unkn-error|zncis there a easy way, whitout having problems?15:17
thiagomds claws-mail-pgpmime, libgpcl-dev, libgpcl015:17
wdpActionParsnip, yeah. headers are installed (2.6.32* 3.0.0-20* and generic-pae)15:17
ActionParsnipunkn-error|znc: run:   gksudo gedit /etc/hostname &       then run:  gksudo gedit /etc/hosts      and edit BOTH files, then save them. Don't edit either til they are both open.15:17
ActionParsnipwdp: hmm, not sure then. Are there any bugs reported? Is there a dkms log in /var/log ?15:18
abdoto apply for visa  to the uk bec its reqired the bankstament15:18
abdoi want to write a Pargraph of my bank statement15:19
MonkeyDustthiagomds  guess only the gpc libs15:19
wdpActionParsnip, no dkms there; the make.log says "unable to determine the target kernel version" and in /usr/src/ is no folder called "linux" as i know it from different distributions.15:19
wdpActionParsnip, probably thats the reason15:19
sacarlsonabdo: how about export your spread sheet to pdf and just publish that on your web page15:19
ActionParsnipwdp: sounds liekly, are there bugs reported. You've found some pretty good stuff so far15:20
mschhow do the kernel vga parameters work? how can i say i want 1920x108015:20
OrmieWhen you have the normal ubuntu desktop, you get to a mode that runs the graphic mode, right?15:20
r0thamsch: click the windows key15:20
abdoIm learning english and want to write a pargraph about it15:21
MonkeyDustOrmie  yes, the default is Unity15:21
wdpActionParsnip, thats why i'm asking here :) no i haven't checked for bugs yet (hence i asked if there are any known ones) anyway, does your ubuntu have /usr/src/linux? if yes, what would i need to install to get the kernel unpacked there?15:21
mschr0tha: what?15:21
r0thasearch from display i believe those setting will be there15:21
dr3mrohello does rebuilding apps with apt-build realt boost performance ?15:21
OrmieAnd I uninstall unity, How do I switch to the mode that runs the terminal right when you start?15:21
ActionParsnipmsch: change: #GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480   to: GRUB_GFXMODE=1920x108015:21
mschActionParsnip: ah so no vga=whatever, thanks again :)15:21
ActionParsnipmsch: you can use hwinfo to see if you can use that res using framebuffer, or it may not show15:22
OrmieI am not attempting it for real, I am making a tweaker.15:22
ActionParsnipmsch: didn't the text in the file kinda give it away..15:22
MonkeyDust!text| Ormie15:22
ubottuOrmie: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode15:22
abdook i ve to go thanks alot SACARLSON15:22
mschActionParsnip: didn't look at it, i didn't expect linux to actually be that easy to configure. i remember setting vga=...15:22
OrmieMonkeyDust, Can I switch while being in the terminal instead?15:23
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ActionParsnipmsch: its very easy :), mostly text files15:23
MonkeyDustmsch  "15:55 < Netsho> Guess I'll go back to my sweet Windows. Linux is way to hard to configure" ;)15:24
mschActionParsnip: yeah last time i used linux on the desktop it wasn't that easy :)15:24
MonkeyDustOrmie  havent tried15:24
wdpActionParsnip, any idea?15:24
mschMonkeyDust: i disagree :) i fixed a compilation bug in a proprietary kernel module just now and i could never have done that on windows :)15:24
* msch feels proud15:25
ActionParsnipwdp: all I can suggest is report a bug will all that stuff you found15:25
wdpnah. i'll just go the manual way then.15:25
OrmieAnyone else?15:25
dr3mrohello does rebuilding apps with apt-build realt boost performance ?15:25
ActionParsnipdr3mro: could try it with an app or two15:26
dr3mroActionParsnip, did any one here try it out .. it's said to boost performance on debian !!15:27
mneptokdr3mro: my experience is that with "boost performance" it usually means "over the entire life of the machine, the time gained in the performance boost is offset 476593652986% by the time spent recompiling stuff." why bother?15:28
MonkeyDustdr3mro  try with an app and report in the channel, for future reference15:28
dr3mroMonkeyDust, OK15:28
ActionParsnipdr3mro: tried it ages ago tbh, can't remember. Give it a try15:29
OrmieI want to switch to the text-only mode on terminal, how?15:31
jribOrmie: why?15:31
xangua!text | Ormie15:32
ubottuOrmie: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode15:32
MonkeyDustOrmie  ctrl-alt F1, perhaps?15:32
Ormiejrib, I am not gonna do it for real, I am making a tweaker.15:32
jribOrmie: I have no idea what that means15:32
OrmieMonkeyDust, SOmething that will run text all the time.15:32
MonkeyDustOrmie  something like ubuntu-tweak?15:32
Ormiea clone of that15:33
BentheplantguyI formated a WD external HD to FAT in OSX.  but ubuntu still wont recognize device (sudo fdisk -l).  ideas?15:33
Ormieand probably better15:33
JuJuBeeI need help.  I cannot get to jquery.com from my computer,  I checked using http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ and it is up, but I cannot access it.  I use google for dns ( but changed to others and same problem.  Any help?15:33
Ormie3 helps pending15:33
MonkeyDustOrmie  don't forget to apt-get update15:33
OrmieMonkeyDust, That is age old, now I am asking you are question15:34
Ormiedoes It use "init 3" the same as openSUSE?15:34
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ActionParsnipJuJuBee: can you ping ?15:34
JuJuBeeActionParsnip: all other sites I try load fine15:35
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: are you fully updated?15:35
SajjaDActionParsnip: i got errors on lines 14,17,18,19 when running this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028756.15:36
SajjaDthe result is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028787/15:36
JuJuBeeActionParsnip: no, still using 11.1015:36
SajjaDActionParsnip: what to do now?15:36
LmAtWhere can I find a list of the possible parameters to fg?  (job id)15:36
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: thats fully supported, as long as you have the latest packages for Oneiric you are ok15:36
ActionParsnipSajjaD: can you pastebn the errors please15:36
nOStahlwoot fixed my 1.8 inch 30 gig zif drive and fired up my old eeepc 901 with ubuntu 12.0415:36
SajjaDActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1028787/15:36
nOStahlhows everyone doing today15:36
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: what IP do you get for jquery.com ?15:37
LmAtn0cturnal: fine.  Are you ready to answer my question?15:37
LmAtoops, I meant nOStahl :)15:37
OrmieI shall flood my desktop with compiz water effect, then15:37
nOStahlwhat queston15:37
WeissLehrerWhat do I do when /proc/sys/net/ip_forward dows not exist? <o>15:38
Onixs12.0.4 on my powerbook15:38
LmAtnOStahl: Where can I find a list of the possible parameters to fg?  (job id)15:38
nOStahlgoogle? :P15:38
LmAtnOStahl: crap.  It worked !15:39
LmAtnOStahl: Right