ekurHi there!13:12
ekuri'm looking for some instructions to install ubuntu stuudio using the mini.iso netinstall image13:13
ekurdoes studio have its own repositories to point to during install?13:13
ekurso yes my question is: Does ubuntustudio have its own repositories ? or do13:25
ekurwe use the normal ubu repo's13:25
holsteinekur: you can just search "ubuntustudio" in the package manager of your choice13:56
holsteinyou can install *any* of the *-desktop packages, and install any or all of the ubuntustudio metapackages, or just install the software you want to use13:57
holsteinubuntustudio *is* ubuntu... all the software is in the repos13:57
ekuralright holstein that's perfectly clear14:16
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