xakahello there! i have service A and B, and i want A to be running when B starts. the problem is that i can't modify A's config file. what can i do?14:00
xakai know i could use "start on A" in B config file, but i dont want to start it automatically when A starts14:02
lnykrynwhy can't you modify A?14:44
xakait's provided by ubuntu (the package) so i can't/don't want to modify it14:46
xakai need someting like "REQUIRED" in rcNG or "dependencies" in SMF14:46
lnykrynxaka: so you can't override it by override file14:46
xakanope, because that means i would have to maintain it for ever14:47
xakai just need to start A if it's not running when i start B14:47
lnykrynanother ugly solution would be to start a with pre-start stanza14:49
xakathat is what i'm looking at at the moment :) but that is really ugly, agree14:50
xakait's like how packaging works - if you install B and it depends on A, apt-get will install A, but B wont be installed if only need A14:50
mitsuhikohey everybody. how do i run jobs under a specific user?21:31
jYmitsuhiko: what version of upstart?22:00
mitsuhikojY: whatever comes with ubuntu precise22:00
jYsetuid and setgid22:02
jYsetuid username22:02
jYfor example22:02
mitsuhikojY: i apparently fail very much at googling. where do i find docs for this?22:03
jYit is new in 1.422:04
mitsuhikojY: i guess it would make sense to remove the wiki at this point22:06
mitsuhikothe stuff there is heavily outdated22:07

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