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ochosifinally published some screenshot of the thunar breadcrumbs i did last night: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-KIXN7z_gwns/T9CPRQaw56I/AAAAAAAAAZk/woxQ5p2tuS8/s888/thunar-breadcrumbs.png11:47
ochosi(there's an accompanying g+ post)11:47
martinphonedo you have plans to develope an easy and fast way to change proxy settings systemwide?15:13
pleia2any details I should be telling people when they ask about our lack of an alpha1, aside from "we just don't have one this time"?16:44
GridCube"alpha1? like in the power rangers? "16:45
* pleia2 is too old to understand power rangers references :\16:45
GridCubeyou are too old to have been a teenager in the 90's?16:47
davmor2sure there is only one power ranger and his name is "Walker"16:47
* GridCube flies to offtopic ~16:47
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cody-somervilleDid Xubuntu not do alpha 1 release?19:39

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