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head_victimEvening all09:51
benonsoftwareEvening head_victim 09:59
* benonsoftware has just remembered about the meeting09:59
benonsoftwareMeeting is now correct?10:03
head_victimShould be10:04
spik3first timer I hope if you don't mind if I just sit and watch?10:07
head_victimspik3: feel free, the more the merrier10:07
head_victimDoesn't look like a lot on the agenda tonight10:07
benonsoftwareYeah, not much10:07
sagaciso start?10:09
sagaci#startmeeting Ubuntu-AU June meeting10:09
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sagacihi all10:09
head_victimEvening sagaci 10:10
benonsoftwareEvening sagaci 10:10
spik3hi sagaci10:10
benonsoftware'ello spik3 10:10
sagaciweird being 8pm, last meeting for me was April or March, which would have been before daylight savings10:10
benonsoftwareI'm glad the meetings are at this time now10:11
head_victimThey've always been this time for me ;)10:11
sagaci#topic Workshop/open day events10:12
sagacihead_victim: ..10:12
head_victimI just wanted to point out there seemed to be a good reception to the idea but far from overwhelming in the response in the call for volunteers.10:12
spik3any down in Tassie I can go to?10:13
head_victimIs anyone considering running an event in their area?10:13
* benonsoftware is tempted to10:13
sagaciyep, I'm scheduling one for the July or perhaps August weekend10:14
sagacilocal event, so not in Sydney10:14
benonsoftwareOh, and I got a response from O'Reily books10:14
benonsoftwareIf anyone is holding a event and wants to give away some ebooks vouchers from them just email me and I can get you some10:14
sagaciit's hopefully going to be a introductory/live-demo on a projector with space for about ~20 people or so10:16
head_victimSounds pretty much perfect10:18
benonsoftwaresagaci: Do you want the vouchers to give away or something there?10:21
sagaciprobably not since it's a very basic introduction thing10:22
sagaciotherwise if it was more technical I would10:22
head_victimI'm hoping toget one going in Brisbane but I don't have the time to do it all myself10:23
md_5oh just in time10:27
head_victimOk, seems a little slow tonight10:30
* md_5 whips everyone along10:31
head_victimSo md_5 are you contemplating a local event?10:32
md_5no.. I'm a bit young for that10:32
head_victimFair enough, doesn't seem like there was much else on the agenda10:33
benonsoftwaremd_5: Mind me asking what state you are in?10:34
md_5vic benonsoftware 10:35
* benonsoftware high fives md_5 ;)10:36
* md_5 high fives back10:36
* md_5 grabs a hot beverage10:36
spik3as a newbie, and not up to date with tech, however if some one is running one up in the north of Tassie I will help10:38
sagacinot really ubuntu but if you're into python, pycon-au is in hobart this year in mid August. That's the closest tech-related event I can think of10:42
spik3Ok, I will keep it in mind10:44
sagaciI think the general course is to run a release party to gauge interest and then a similar open day follow up with the release party members. If you're willing to go to a release party, it's not much more to help out as a secondary with an open day10:44
chuAnyone coming to linux.conf.au later this year?10:46
sagaciin saying that, it's a bit disappointing running a release party and getting a whole of three including myself in a place like Sydney10:46
sagaciin Canberra, yep10:46
chuANU :D10:46
* benonsoftware should've gone when it was in VIC :P10:47
sagacianything else?10:56
head_victimSeems we're done10:56
head_victimNo one else had any items to bring up?10:56
spik3not here10:58
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head_victimThanks for running it sagaci, I'm very much in and out tonight :/11:08
sagaciyep, I'm booking lca flights11:10
sagacieven though registration isn't open yet :s11:10
head_victimI'm trying to find a replacement camera for the one we've had that's gone awol :/11:11
head_victimThere are too many choices11:11
sagaciwhat price range are we talking11:12
head_victimaround 200 for a point and shoot11:12
head_victimMost important factor is image quality, a "nice to have" is the usb charge ability.11:12
head_victimDebating Canon ixus 310, Panasonic FH8 or SZ111:13
* benonsoftware would go with the Ixus 31011:14
head_victimI'm leanign towards the panasonics as they usb charge11:24
benonsoftwareI'm out for tonight folks11:27
benonsoftwareSee everyone later11:27
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md_5|awaypanasonics are good head_victim 11:34
head_victimmd_5|away: we're replacing an old panasonic so it's sounding likely11:36
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