michael_drem+Thought name  think host let ikp00:03
RadSurferwhats the name of the system update utility?00:32
RadSurferno1 can tell me that, eh?00:38
RadSurfernormally it runs at startup, but I may have disabled it00:38
RadSurferDOES anyone know the name of the Package-Updater that normally runs at startup?00:40
RadSurferI may have disabled it... need to run it manually. Tells of security patches etc00:40
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L3topRadSurfer: was your question answered?00:59
L3topIf not, what version are you on?00:59
urgodfatheris anyone familiar with getting a synaptics touchpad with gestures to function properly?01:05
josh___Hello, I'm having an issue getting into my ATI Catalyst Control Center (Administrative). I'm prompted for admin password, enter it, and it rejects it. Does anyone have experience on this issue?01:35
L3topjosh___: lspci -nn | grep VGA01:39
josh___what is this? I'm new to linux01:40
L3topIt is a command to be typed into terminal.01:40
L3topls is a generic prefix meaning list, pci means things on the pci bus. -nn means give me all numbers in the call. | is a pipe, meaning to pipe this output to another command. Grep is a tool which looks for specific patterns. VGA is the pattern I am looking for, it should be quoted but I am lazy.01:42
L3toplspci is NOT the same as ls, it is just a common prefix... to be clear.01:42
josh___Ah nice explanation! It kicked up some info01:42
L3topI need that info in here.01:42
josh___01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Juniper LE [Radeon HD 6700 Series] [1002:68bf]01:43
L3topI take it this is a different machine?01:43
L3topok great.01:43
josh___same machine01:43
josh___just can't tinker with my graphics card as it won't let me in01:43
L3topsudo apt-get install fglrx01:44
L3topin terminal01:44
josh___0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 8 not upgraded01:45
L3topapt-cache policy fglrx | grep -i installed01:45
josh___Installed: 2:8.960-0ubuntu101:46
josh___Hmm..is it worth mentioning this is dual boot installed in Windows? Perhaps that could be an issue.01:46
josh___Oh okay.01:47
L3topapt-cache policy fglrx-amdcccle | grep -i installed01:47
josh___same thing kicked up, INstalled: 2:8.960-0ubuntu101:48
L3topThen they are installed. You probably need to reboot.01:48
josh___Alright, I'll try it out. I didn't install anything prior to joining the channel01:49
L3topThere is also fglrx-amdcccle-updates, but... you probably dont need it...01:49
L3topOk.. wait...01:49
josh___waiting :)01:49
L3topI'm an idiot josh___. I misread your initial question. You just want into catalyst.01:50
josh___yes, it allows me into the basic configuration center, but not into the administrative center where I can truely tinker with the card01:51
josh___it prompts for password, but rejects my password. I verified that I am using the correct admin password.01:51
L3topsudo fglrx-amdcccle   I believe will get you what you want... though... someone should chime in with the gksudo equivilant in KDE.01:52
josh___says fglrx-amdcccle is not a known command01:53
L3topman what opens catalyst... I don't use it... one second.01:55
L3topso... whatever the KDE equiv of gksudo amdcccle is... you really dont want to open gui aps with straight sudo01:57
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> »  to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why.01:58
josh___kdesudo amdcccle works to open up the control center. I am, however, limited to what I can configure. Is this specific to linux in general or is the administrative control center more in depth? For example: GPU and fan settings02:00
josh___The admin center is the one giving me problems in regards to accepting my admin password.02:00
L3topty bazhang.02:01
josh___Yes thank you!02:01
L3topOpening it as administrator (kdesu) should not prompt you for pass to get into administrative josh___.02:01
josh___I have an odd issue lol.02:02
MiguelitoHello - I am trying to get my usb headset w/mic to work on kubuntu - i did something to get it to work on just ubuntu but dont remember what i installed02:41
MiguelitoAnyone help02:50
pietrowhat's the best simple FTP server to use on kuuntu?03:04
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pietro10and I wish konversation auto-identified...03:04
pietro10(on nick change)03:04
pietro10meh doing it through lighthttpd03:14
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:04
swnПривет всем!05:07
swnЁ-моё, работает05:07
L3top!ru | swn05:08
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swnНарод! А что тут делать то надо?05:10
Unit193!ru | swn05:11
ubottuswn: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.05:11
iHarpRunning Hardy -- Where can I find the config file containing PPA? I hav a bad PPA that is causing my update manager to crash05:36
kishrekonq is just rebranded firefox, right?06:31
kishoops it's not06:32
hateballthat would be iceweasel :)06:33
hanibanaHi. The "Show the Destop" widget does not work. why?06:59
noaXesswhat about a external graficcard and current kubuntu? http://www.j5create.com/jua230.htm07:18
noaXessdoes it work?07:18
StarryNightsorry never tried it07:20
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su_if any of you are awake, i'm wondering the best way to create a samba share. i can browse windows machine from linux, and can get the windows pc to see the linux box and log in successfully08:50
su_just don't know how to create a share from dolphin08:50
su_apparently i didn't have samba installed >_<09:07
AceKingEverytime I startup into my desktop, Nautilus starts up, along with the keyring unlock box. I searched everywhere, how do I get it to stop auto starting? I use Dolphin as my default browser.09:12
su_idk if i'm the best person to answer this but you could look in system settings>session management - I did not like programs autostarting so i told it to start with an empty session09:25
jarleAceKing: just make sure to kill Nautilus before you log out, so that it is not started again when your session is resumed at login...09:25
amichair_can anyone recommend a good firewall gui? guarddog was great, but no longer works on 12.0409:26
AceKingsu_:, jarle Thank you, I was just going to post what I found. Under session management, I had to click "Start with empty session"09:26
AceKingjarle: That was the funny part, I alwasy shut everything down before I shutdown.09:27
jarleAceKing: if you start with empty session it will not start any of the programs you had running when you logged out, if thats what you want...09:28
AceKingjarle: If my PC locks screen, would that also kill programs? I usually never logout09:29
jarleAceKing: no09:29
AceKingjarle: OK, cool. Thanks09:30
BluesKajHey all10:20
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amichair_can anyone recommend a good firewall gui? guarddog was great, but no longer works on 12.0411:18
BluesKajamichair_, ufw ?11:34
amichair_BluesKaj: gui?11:34
BluesKajamichair_, according to synaptic "front-end for iptables"11:35
amichair_BluesKaj: it's a cli frontend to an even worse cli interface :-)11:36
BluesKajok , amichair_ ...guess I should stay out of FW stuff , was merely making a suggestion11:37
amichair_BluesKaj: thanks :-)11:37
amichair_BluesKaj: (for your intentions, not for staying out of it ;-) )11:38
BluesKajamichair_, is a FW a requirement at your workplace or are you the cautious type ? Can't blame you if you are , but i'm just curious.11:39
BluesKajmorning mydogsnameisrudy11:40
amichair_BluesKaj: cautious type I suppose. I've got a bunch of stuff running here like vnc,mysql,postgres etc. which should never be accessed outside of localhost, alongside a webserver, ssh and others that should. I'd rather be safe than sorry...11:41
BluesKajyeah amichair_ sounds like you should be careful , with all those ports open11:42
qbitone good way to enhance security on web/database server if there is absolutely no anticipation for tcp connectivity is to turn it off in the database server configs and only have the web server connect through a socket11:44
qbitfirewalling is never really a bad idea either though  - I just have zero experience with firewalling in Linux or doing it with GUIs11:45
qbitI use PF in FreeBSD and just hand edit the rule set11:45
amichair_qbit: true, that's how I have mysql configured. but there are still a bunch of other stuff, and in general I'd prefer having a gatekeeper rather than being vulnerable to human error, upgrades, bugs and app-specific security11:46
amichair_and until now, with guarddog, it was pretty painless11:47
amichair_I've done some lower-level iptables configurations before... I'd just rather not, since it's harder to maintain (or recommend to anyone else, for that matter)11:47
eagles0513875hey guys and gals im running kubuntu 12.04 netbook desktop layout and I was wondering is it possible ot make the top menu bar automatically hide itself because the menu's for mysql workbench get hidden by it11:48
BluesKajeagles0513875, in system settings>workpace behaviour> choose different widgets for each desktop, then in the workspace dashbooard , choose an independent widget set ..dunno if this works , but it might11:55
eagles0513875i dont want to remove the widgets all together though11:55
BluesKajcan you drag one panel or the to the side or bottomn of the scrn11:56
BluesKajor the other11:56
eagles0513875the independent widget set would require me to go to desktop layout for kde which i honestly prefer :D11:57
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BluesKajinteresting how kvpnc kicks me off IRC12:38
BluesKajgoodbye kvpnc12:39
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simplewis there any mirror with a more recent kde version like the one that exists in ubuntu repos 4.8.3 ?13:10
simplewlet me rephrase13:10
simplewis there any rrepository  with a more recent kde version?  in ubuntu repos theres 4.8.313:11
Sentynelsimplew: the ubuntu repos have 4.8.413:14
simplewSentynel: wht repo are you refering?13:15
CyberSixthe ubuntu one13:16
simplewCyberSix: i just asked which one is that, becaus ei have the ubuntu repo and i only have 4.8.313:17
Sentynelsimplew: it's currently in proposed as far as I can see13:17
Sentynelit's also available from the kubuntu ppa as usual, and 4.9 beta is available from kubuntu beta backports13:18
simplewSentynel: whats the url of the repo?13:18
simplewSentynel: thats not the url13:20
Sentynelwhat url do you want, exactly? the launchpad page? https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ppa13:21
simplewSentynel: ah thats a kubuntu repo, thats not ubuntu repo13:21
Sentynelthat's the ppa13:21
Sentynelit links to the 4.8.4 packages in ubuntu proposed though13:22
simplewthis is very weird, i just tried to change an application association to change default browser and i was told that the file ~/.kde/share/config/filetypesrc belongs to root, how can this be?13:25
simplewSentynel: i just see that there are others, how can this be possible?13:26
simplewin ~/.kde/share/config/ i hve 5 files root owned13:27
Sentynelprobably you ran an application that alters those as root13:27
simplewSentynel: theres no application doing such thing13:28
CyberSixnot now13:28
simplewso this is some done in the packages install13:32
Sentynelthose files aren't created by package install, they're created by the programs when they're run13:33
Sentynelat some point in the past, you must have run some program that alters those files as root, causing the files to be owned by root13:33
simplewSentynel: well some changed it but i dont know what did it13:36
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Pupeno_WWhich was the last version of Kubuntu to ship with Koffice?13:45
Pupeno_WI mean, the good old KOffice with a kword that could open .kwd files.13:45
hateballCalligra should open .kwd13:47
hateballBut as for the latest version... dunno, check packages.ubuntu.org13:48
hateballcom, obviously13:48
hateballit would seem oneiric13:50
Pupeno_Whateball: calligra doesn't open .kwd and it won't.13:53
utusancalligra could not even open a simple xcel file13:53
utusanwhy bother with calligra? OO and LO is best option13:54
Pupeno_Wutusan: can they open .kwd? no, they can't either.13:55
=== rdponticelli_ is now known as rdponticelli
utusanPupeno_W: if calligra is just a renamed Koffice and can't open kwd then nothing does13:56
Pupeno_Wutusan: calligra is not a renamed koffice.13:56
freeetownGreat. After fighting with Precise for three hours, I can finally get on here to complain about the blooming alternative-installer iso aka d-i14:33
freeetownbut before i bash d-i, i wĺl have a go at kdm first14:33
freeetownhow come it cannot handle special characters in the password!?!?!?14:34
PiciI'd be rather surprised if that was the case.14:35
Picihrm.  I see a few people complaining of the same issue, but no bugs about it14:36
genii-aroundPici: I imagine it's more of an annoyance for people than something they would report as a bug. But yes, I had same issue14:37
freeetownPici: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?58623-Can-t-login-via-KDM-after-upgrading-to-Precise/page2&s=fd65d942f2134473f29f4881c514442514:37
freeetownbugs? there was somethign on launchpad.14:37
L3topThat is definitely a bug, and should be reported14:38
eagles0513875how can i find all sym links on my system?14:38
Picifreeetown: that "answer" is completely unrelated.14:38
Picieagles0513875: find has an argument to search for symlinks.14:38
L3topd-i = debian installer and is not under the control of *buntu14:38
PiciSomeone who actually runs KDE should submit a bug.14:38
Pici(i.e, not me)14:39
L3topI will try and reproduce, and file a bug.14:39
freeetownL3top: well, that is the only way to install root on a lvm-on-raid setup14:40
LinkmasterI can attempt to reproduce, though I'm not experienced in bug filings =P (I insist that my computer simply develops new and interesting features)14:40
L3topI understand that d-i is used... what specific problem did you have?14:40
freeetownand d-i just adds another pain to deal with after installation14:40
L3topfreeetown: what character were you trying to use, to save me time14:41
freeetownL3top: x-session-manager was set to /usr/bin/gnome-session although i did not pick gnome or ubuntu-desktop14:41
freeetownL3top: i had #$ and the one above 614:41
L3topwhat was in /etc/X11/default-display-manager ?14:41
L3topcat ^14:41
freeetownexcuse me while i try to fix the keyboard settings14:41
freeetownL3top: kdm14:42
L3topthat is a bit confusing...14:43
freeetownL3top: eh?14:44
L3topfreeetown: I am looking at some stuff.14:46
L3topone moment14:46
freeetownL3top: i was referring to /etc/alternatives/x-sesssion-manager. After solving the kdm don't like no special characters, logging on would end up with a message about not finding gnome with only the option to log off14:48
L3topRight... there is a sort of complicated flow to get to DM... I am just rediscovering it all, and trying to figure out how this could occur.14:49
freeetownall in all, that Alternative Installer CD for Precise is going to get people changing over to a console to fix14:49
DaemonWitchI try to install ubuntu on my laptop which has 2 gpu's (1 integrated and 1 discrete) and the screen remains black. Is there a way it can detect both of my cards? Or at least tell it to use the discrete gpu?14:50
L3topthat should be a symlink14:50
L3topfreeetown: that should be a symlink that hits /usr/bin/startkde14:51
L3topwhat was it pointing to?14:51
L3topDaemonWitch: check out bumblebee14:51
freeetownL3top: yes, and it was erroneously pointed at gnome-session by d-i although gnome nor ubuntu-desktop were picked for installation14:51
L3topDaemonWitch: I am assuming you have an intel integrated and nvidia discrete... there are other combos with other solutions...14:52
DaemonWitchL3top, yes thats it14:52
BluesKajL3top, some actaully use intel and nvidia14:53
L3topThat was what I said BluesKaj lol14:53
BluesKajoops ..misread your post ..14:53
L3topbut some actually use intel/intel ati/ati intel/ati14:53
DaemonWitchL3top, any link?14:53
BluesKajyeah, these old eyes are playing tricks on me14:53
DaemonWitchL3top, after i have installed it the screen is black14:54
DaemonWitchand i text login14:54
L3topvga switcheroo is better for non optimus stuff14:54
L3topDaemonWitch: can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:55
DaemonWitchL3top, i got intel integrated and nvidia discrete14:55
DaemonWitchwhat do i need?14:55
L3topDaemonWitch: you said you installed bumblebee?/14:56
DaemonWitchL3top, no14:56
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DaemonWitchL3top, after i installed the system all i had was text login and startx didnt work. So i uninstalled it. What should i do now?14:56
L3topDaemonWitch: What you would do is install the system, then follow the steps for bumblebee... a google search should get you what you need. It is not supported here, but it is what you need. Your chipset has been disavowed by nvidia on linux. In the future try and avoid unsupported hw in linux.14:58
stripeHow do I download thew extra codecs in Kubuntu 12.04 64bit, cheers14:58
L3topsudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras I believe stripe14:59
stripeL3top: thanks mate14:59
BluesKajstripe, install kubuntu-restricted-extras and look at the medibuntu repos for other multi media related15:00
DaemonWitchL3top, so there are no drivers for linux?15:00
DaemonWitch(btw livecd works)15:00
ikonialivecd uses vesa15:00
DaemonWitchi have graphical environment in live cd15:00
ikoniayes, it uses vesa15:01
DaemonWitchL3top, thing is i have no ethernet right now15:03
DaemonWitchso i have to connect from wifi15:03
DaemonWitchand my wifi is enabled with fn+f3 which i think needs a special program15:04
DaemonWitchfor this combination to work15:04
BluesKajDaemonWitch, which make and model laptop?15:05
DaemonWitchBluesKaj, acer 5742zg15:06
BluesKajatheros wifi ?15:06
L3topwell.. you could create an xorg.conf with Xorg -configure and use the vesa/fbdev driver, then copy it over from ~/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf to get to desktop, and then do what you need to do... from there... but... how are you getting internet?15:07
L3topWhat is your internet connection type DaemonWitch?15:08
genii-aroundDaemonWitch: According to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1678081 you have to press it twice to enable and 3 times to disable15:08
BluesKajok , my old acer extensa uses atheros ...so nothing similar there , altho BCMs usually work from the get go.15:09
DaemonWitchgenii-around, i have pressed it many times and it didnt work15:09
DaemonWitchL3top, i will make a xorg with Xorg -configure copy it to /etc/x11 and see what happens with the wifi from there15:10
DaemonWitchbtw right now my windows 7 occupies the HDD. Can i resize the partition with gparted or do i risk losing data?15:11
LinkmasterDaemonWitch: defragmentation(possibly multiple times), and backing up is highly recommended15:12
DaemonWitchk thanks15:12
BluesKajalways back up your data if possible , before partitioning15:12
Linkmasterthe backing up..oh15:12
genii-aroundDaemonWitch: So long as you have run chkdsk recently and the filesystem is marked clean, should be no issue resizing from gparted15:13
L3topWhile I agree with genii-around, there is always a RISK of losing data when resizing a partition.15:17
L3topThis is why everyone is telling you to backup.15:17
L3topfreeetown: I am still looking at stuff.15:17
* L3top is trying to figure out how you are symlinked to a file that should not exist15:18
L3topand what d-i has to do with it]15:18
freeetownL3top: er...i don't know what d-i defaults are but gnome-session was installed (but no gnome heh) and then symlinked to instead of startkde15:20
freeetownand d-i is involved because i used the alternative install cd - only way to install  on lvm15:21
L3topI will have to download the alt installer to figure this out. That isn't going to happen atm. I have a very poor connection and netflix is being used elsewhere in the house15:24
freeetownL3top: no worries - i doubt that you get very many people that moan about d-i15:25
L3topWell... it is entirely possible that d-i is being used incorrectly... not that d-i is the root of the problem... and THAT would need to be fixed.15:26
L3topI will just recreate your condition on a dev box and see how it goes.15:28
genii-aroundYou can always go to console4 to see the output with the alternate15:31
DaemonWitchhey i got a usb with kubuntu installed on it. I need to load the vesa video driver, what parameter should i append at the kernel line at grub boot?15:34
genii-aroundDaemonWitch: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Changing_the_CD_Boot_Option_Configuration_Line15:35
genii-aroundDaemonWitch: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VESA_BIOS_Extensions#Linux_video_mode_numbers is what the vga=XXX numbers mean in screen resolutions15:36
DaemonWitchgenii-around, are the -- necessary?15:37
genii-aroundI don't think so15:38
DaemonWitchgenii-around, the resolution i have now (win7) is 1366x76815:38
DaemonWitchx32bit can i load this?15:38
genii-aroundNo, only the vesa resoltions if you use vesa vga=XXX15:39
DaemonWitchi dont see this combination at wiki15:39
DaemonWitchgenii-around, i need to use 800x600 then15:39
genii-around1366x768 is not a standard vesa resolution15:39
DaemonWitchgenii-around, what is the next resolution i can use after this?15:40
Linkmasterthats definitely a laptop resolution =P thats mine as well xD15:40
Linkmaster1024x600 maybe?15:41
genii-aroundLinkmaster: Yes, but not ( yet) in the list of standard vesa ones15:41
Linkmasterohh, well, I don't have the standard vesa resolutions memorized =P It looked like a nice resolution on my listing though, so I thought it was15:42
DaemonWitchlets see15:42
DaemonWitchgenii-around, so if i want to use vesa i just use the vga=xxx option?15:42
genii-aroundDaemonWitch: Maybe 1280x102415:42
DaemonWitchdont i need to enable anything else?15:42
genii-aroundDaemonWitch: That's the idea15:42
DaemonWitchkk ty15:42
michaelukploi9 e4 oi9 r 4 i7u e r416:23
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* genii-around makes more coffee16:42
kurumincomo instalr16:43
kurumincomo instalr16:43
Linkmaster_I'm actually getting myself some now, genii-around16:43
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.16:43
kuruminnternet, gerencie arquivos e visualize documentos em um único programa cheio de recursos.16:43
kurumincategoria: navegadores16:43
kurumin14/10/2010     Linux X1116:43
FloodBotK1kurumin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:43
kurumincomo instal propramas no lçinux16:43
TheLordOfTime!br | kurumin16:44
ubottukurumin: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.16:44
geoff__how does IRC work?17:23
BluesKaj!irc | geoff__17:24
ubottugeoff__: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines17:24
geoff__but I was more curious about the etiquette17:25
BluesKajthat depends on the server/chatroom. the Code of Conduct if restrictive will usually be posted at the top of the cleint with guideline links etc17:26
geoff__so people don't just join channels, and begin talking into the void?17:27
BluesKajgeoff__, for ubuntu https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IRC/Guidelines17:27
geoff__but where do active chats happen? like http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/05/05/%23kubuntu-devel.html17:31
BluesKajgeoff__, you can talk intothe void if you have a support question , but general chit chat should be done in #kubuntu-offtopic17:31
reclockhola cual es el canal de ubuntu español17:40
reclockjoin ./ubuntu.es17:42
reclockno recuerdo como conectarme17:43
BluesKajreclock, /join ubuntu-es17:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:44
leonard_/join #xbmc17:44
genii-aroundone /17:44
leonard_strange client17:44
yoyoor click on #xbmc17:45
leonard_did i type 2 slashes?17:45
BluesKajguess i should have specified  /join ubuntu-es in the server textbox17:46
jamil_1hi all17:53
jamil_1wonder why Xorg process is eating 80% cpu and plasma-desktop is eating 40% cpu17:53
jamil_1how can I reduce this load ?17:53
d0c_u have a fresh install?17:53
jamil_1~ 6 months old17:54
jamil_1or perhaps more17:54
genii-aroundjamil_1: alt-shift-f12 turns off windows effects. They often chew up a lot of resources17:54
d0c_maybe some bug with a theme17:55
jamil_1not that Xorg and plasma-desktop hog cpu at all times, but when they do, pc becomes barely useable17:55
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amr_hi everybody18:15
anon__Hi. I have a generic question please. I have a folder which contains many (100+) subfolders, each containing a few subfolders of their own, etc. Is there a quick way to gather all the files (not folders) in a single folder?18:30
L3topfind ./ -f * --exec mv {} /path/to/folder         may work.18:32
L3topfind ./ -f '*' --exec mv {} /path/to/folder may work.18:32
anon__ '*' will not also move folders?18:33
anon__will try this though and report back, thanks :)18:33
anon__find: unknown predicate `-f'18:35
L3toper... one second18:37
L3top-type f18:37
L3topfind ./ -type f '*' --exec mv {} /path/to/folder may work.18:38
Piciyou don't need that '*' there.18:38
anon__with '*', I get this error:18:39
anon__find: Arguments to -type should contain only one letter18:39
L3topyeah... probably not...18:39
anon__and without '*'18:39
anon__I get this:18:39
* L3top should test gibblets like that before giving to people... esp with exec...18:40
anon__find: unknown predicate `--exec'18:40
Pici-exec only has one dash18:40
L3topone -18:40
Piciand you may want to change -exec to -echo to make sure it looks like its doing what you want.18:40
* L3top is all over the place... sorry18:41
Piciyou need \; at the end as well.18:41
anon__I also tried with one dash (after consulting man)18:41
L3topscript fail.18:41
* genii-around makes a very strong coffee, makes sure L3top drinks it18:41
L3topty Pici18:41
anon__ok let's try with -echo instead of exec and a \;18:41
anon__still, unknown predicate '-echo'18:42
anon__here's my command:18:42
anon__find /Desktop/users/user/ -type f -echo mv {} /Desktop/users/user/all \;18:42
L3topthat will create a loop18:43
L3topoh no nm18:43
* L3top drinks coffee18:43
Picihrm... echo might have been deprecated.  use -print18:44
anon__I'm down my first bottle of white wine, brb till I bring the second one, it's going to be a long night :)18:44
Klaus_Dieterhello world18:44
anon__find: paths must precede expression: mv18:44
anon__Usage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-Olevel] [-D help|tree|search|stat|rates|opt|exec] [path...] [expression]18:44
Piciand yes, that will create a loop. use -maxdepth=1 if you didn't want to decend down any subdirectories in /Desktop/users/user/18:44
anon__(after using -print)18:44
Picione monet18:44
lordievaderHey everyone18:44
Picihrm... looks like find has removed -echo, but now theres -ok18:45
Klaus_DieterI am running the current kubuntu release and I am happy with it. however every time kalender pops up a reminder I also get this popup that a module called "Z protocol source" could be installed but it is never found for the install. what exactly is missing here?18:46
Klaus_DieterPici: isn't that print0?18:46
Klaus_DieterPici: also -exec echo {} \; does the trick... but it probably is a hell of a lot slower18:46
PiciKlaus_Dieter: thats what I wanted18:47
PiciI think *I* need the coffee now.18:47
Picibeen a long day here.18:47
Picianon__: sorry for the confusion.18:48
* genii-around makes a fresh new pot of very strong coffee for everyone18:49
anon__genii-around can I have a turkish coffee please?18:50
anon__Pici np, just got a bit lost, what would the command look like now?18:50
* genii-around slides anon__ a turkish coffee, just right for drinking18:50
anon__(wow given that I'm receiving commands all day long at work, feels good actually command...)18:51
Picianon__: find /path/ -type f -exec echo mv {} /other/place/ \;18:51
anon__ok let's try this18:51
Piciand then just make sure it looks good before you remove the echo from that.18:51
anon__find: missing argument to `-exec'18:52
Klaus_Dieterhmm I am not sure this is space safe18:52
Piciits technically not.18:52
anon__space safe?18:52
PiciIf you have spaces in your filenames.18:53
Klaus_Dieterif you have spaces / special chars / newlines in your file names this will break18:53
Klaus_Dieterif you only want -maxdepth 1 why don't you use shell globbing?18:53
anon__btw, should there be a space between /place/\;  ?  (before \;)18:53
Klaus_Dieterfor i in *; do mv "${i} /some/place/else; done18:53
anon__Klaus_Dieter: because of two reasons: A) I don't know what -maxdepth is, and B) I have no idea what globbing is, if it hasn't a sexual connotation18:54
Klaus_DieterI wasn'T aware of a sexual connotation... not a native speaker18:54
Klaus_Dieterthe shell will expand * to filenames18:54
anon__neither do I, just sounds like a sloppy blowjob18:54
Klaus_Dieterok so let's just note that if I had meant a sloppy blowjob, I would have said "sloppy blowjob" and move on then ;)18:55
Klaus_Dieteranon__: so what exactly are you hoping to achieve?18:56
genii-aroundPlease remember to try and be family friendly in this channel18:56
Klaus_Dieterok. I am trying but apparently not very good at it. sorry.18:56
anon__Klaus_Dieter: assuming I have /folder with a large structure of subfolders, sub-sub-folders, each containing some files. I also know for a fact that there aren't two similar filenames,18:56
L3topIt will not break on spaces.18:57
anon__I need to move all files into a single folders18:57
anon__L3top: I am almost sure there aren't any spaces, but there could be some special characters.18:57
anon__ah I (may) have an idea, can wget work on local folders?18:57
Klaus_Dieteranon__:  are spaces in the filenames or directories?18:58
anon__Klaus_Dieter: in filenames *probably*18:58
Klaus_Dieterwell since L3top has now established that what Pici  wrote will not break on spaces (also I tried locally) I don't see why this shouldn't work19:01
L3topyou would want to use rsync over wget probably... but find will work. You should check in #bash with what you have for further tweaking.19:01
L3topI dont know about special characters, but I cannot see why it would be a problem with find19:01
anon__well I have stock installation (Penguin)19:01
L3topfind finds special chars.19:01
Klaus_Dieteranon__: don'T worry this will work19:01
L3topthat might cause a problem19:02
anon__ok just so I can eliminate the possibility of typo, would anyone please type me the final command, and I will only replace the paths?19:02
Klaus_DieterL3top: I just tried with spaces19:02
Klaus_Dieteranon__: you are only exchanging the risk of you making a typo for the risk of someone else making a typo19:02
L3topyeah... me too with whitespaces19:02
L3topbut... umlaut or something...19:02
L3topor !19:03
L3topcould do some weird stuff19:03
anon__Klaus_Dieter: isn't this why I came to the experts channel?19:03
Klaus_DieterL3top: didn't try with newlines though19:03
L3topanon__: for this #bash are the beasts19:03
L3topfilename with newlines?19:03
L3topwho would do such an evil thing19:04
anon__L3top: nope, no newlines19:04
Klaus_Dieteranon__: well... no. Coming here does not rid you of the responsibility for your system19:04
anon__okk I'll see with #bash, will report back here if there's any success19:04
Klaus_Dieterhowever Pici  has already typed out what you need19:04
Klaus_Dieterfind /path/ -type f -exec echo mv {} /other/place/ \;19:05
Klaus_Dieterto execute, only get rid of the echo19:05
anon__we have the answer19:10
anon__finish your drink and look at this:19:10
anon__find /path/from -type f -exec mv -t /path/to {} +19:10
anon__the man placed the + sign at the end to note that he's GOOD19:11
anon__thanks for everyone, have a great evening19:13
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L3toproot@dcerouter:~/Desktop# find ./ -type f -iname '*' -exec cp {} /home/$USER/Desktop \+          <=-------- was one of my experiments before figuring out that spaces weren't a problem.19:16
L3topalmost there...19:17
* L3top supposes the 30 or so failures over here still indicate he ISN'T good19:18
activus1Can't "identify" -- I don't know password -- can someone help?20:08
Linkmasteractivus1: #freenode20:08
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Guest1083looking to download previous version 11.10 ----- where would i do that?23:45
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