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n1ckn4me09876543i reformated a 2Gb usb drive to fat16/fat32 with gparted now when i click the icon on the folder, it wont mount, then when i click EJECT it says "Daemon is inhibited"03:03
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chalcedonyhi i have a friend running lubuntu on an old laptop, but chromium is't letting him click on links, and flash and java don't seem to be working04:57
chalcedonyno speed tests work04:58
holsteinchalcedony: i would try chrome04:58
holsteinnot sure about "clicking on links"04:58
chalcedonyholstein, i'm not sure if he's got both04:58
chalcedonythat would be common behavior no?04:59
holsteininstalling and trying chrome is a good way to get flash out of the equation04:59
holsteini would try logging in as another new user05:00
chalcedony*hugs* TaraJo :)05:00
chalcedonyholstein, not an expert i am05:01
TaraJo<--- is upgraded to ubuntu 12.04 and has had NO problems with it05:01
TaraJo*computer goes boom*05:02
chalcedonyi'm not even sure where to find a terminal.. he's got things in a bar at the bottom05:02
holsteinchalcedony: i would send your friend to https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser05:02
Unit193chalcedony: Menu > Accessories > LXTerminal.05:03
wxlchalcedony: also ctrl-alt-t should get you there05:03
TaraJooh sweet, i never knew of ctrl+alt+t lol05:04
chalcedonythank you :)05:04
wxlTaraJo: look in the <keyboard> section of ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml05:04
wxlyou can define your own, too05:04
Unit193wxl: Heh, couldn't remember if I added, or was default. :P05:04
wxli have ctrl-alt-shift-s set to turn the screensaver on, for example05:04
wxlUnit193: that's what comments are for silly ;)05:05
wxlall of mine are under a little <!-- misceallany --> section05:06
wxli even have a fairly sophisticated one that opens a terminal, starts tmux, ssh's to a remote server and re-attaches a nested tmux running there which is incidentially where this irssi is running ;)05:06
chalcedonychrome works for my friend but is there a way to move the plugins and stuff?05:13
chalcedonyit didn't work to synchronize them05:14
wxlit should05:14
chalcedonycouldn't find the other browser(s)05:14
Unit193If you want a really lightweight one, xxxterm is vimlike, but great.05:25
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smilebye :)10:07
pioneergot an issue, not sure how to solve10:11
pioneerwhen i run skype it doesnt have any window controlls, so i cant move the chat window about.10:11
bioterrorpioneer, try right click the border of the chat window10:12
bioterrorit should prompt you a selection box where you can put back the title bar or something like that10:13
bioterrorif you mean that10:13
bioterroror press alt and click the window10:13
bioterroryou should be able to move it with alt + left click10:14
pioneerbioterror, doh, Alt click works :)10:14
pioneerbioterror, feel a bit special now lol10:14
bioterrorold good alt+click10:15
pioneerim more a command line guy10:15
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GrorbabragHi, anyone mind helping me with a technical issue?14:43
skaetwxl, phillw - Lubuntu desktop amd64+mac - do you want that image released?   Bugs have me wondering if its safe or not.14:43
skaetsimilarily with the Lubuntu desktop powerpc.    thoughts?14:44
GrorbabragWhere should I install my bootloader?14:46
smile4everbye :)14:47
Grorbabraganyone here?14:48
skaetwxl, ping?15:17
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wxlskaet: what bugs are you referring to?16:37
* wxl hasn't been paying attention unfortunately16:37
TheLordOfTimewxl:  he didnt state any16:38
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wxlTheLordOfTime: um, keep observation?16:38
TheLordOfTimeif i see the bugs pop up as links, i check em xD16:39
* TheLordOfTime does that out of habit, since he checks most bugs that end up on his screen16:40
wxlwell i know one outstanding one is that there's no web browser16:40
TheLordOfTimeperhaps skaet is referring to these bugs?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/lubuntu  or other bugs on packages that are used by lubuntu, but i dont have a complete list of?16:41
raphaelleHello @ll,  can someone tell me what could be changed to avoid this message on windows partition access through PCManFM ? (dual boot Lubuntu) : "Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened." This is my fstab line : UUID="7A40B19440B15799" /media/HDD ntfs-3g  rw,user,auto,gid=100,uid=1000,nls=utf8,umask=002,exec 0 016:44
wxlraphaelle: Lubuntu is a pernicious automounter.16:46
wxlthat being said, did you check to see if it's not already mounted? ;)16:46
raphaellewxl, it is mounted, and I can access it through terminal AND pcmanfm shortcut :/16:50
raphaellethe trouble is using pcmanfm left bar link16:51
wxlyou might want to get rid of the fstab line16:51
wxlif something's automounted, it will in general conflict with fstab lines16:52
raphaellewxl, OK but this was the only way to use a desktop shortcut...16:55
raphaellecan automounting be disabled somehow ?16:55
wxlheh, doesn't seem like it's working eh? ;(16:55
raphaellewell, desktop shortut works, but crashes PCManFM internal left bar link to the fstab mounted partition16:59
raphaelle"Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.16:59
raphaelleThe volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which16:59
raphaellecould be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command.16:59
wxli fail to udnerstand why you need an fstab line for a desktop shortcut16:59
raphaelleme to ! but without the fstab line, the shortcut would only work if partition has already been reached through PCManFM before clicking on the shortcut !17:01
wxlgo to PCMan > Preferences > Volume Management and unclick all the auto-mount options17:02
wxlyou may need to restart for those changes to bve evident17:04
raphaellethanks wxl, I'll try this later on.17:05
smile4abye :)18:11
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