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angsI loaded ubuntu desktop image for beagleboard-xM. when I am connected it through the serial cable, I get this output http://paste.ubuntu.com/1064274/ and I have waited more than 30 min, it does not proceed. When I pres the user button, I get the same output from the beginning. If I press the enter during the boot, I get the following output http://paste.ubuntu.com/1064278/   . I inserted video cable, mouse, keybord, I do not see any output on the13:30
angs monitor. I use 5V, 2.5A power supply to power the board. Can anyone tell me what is my problem13:30
ppisatiangs: your board is not booting at all13:31
ppisatiangs: did you change anuthing in env vars?13:32
angssorry, what is env vars?13:34
janimoogra_, did you get to test the new 3.1 kernel in the archives?13:35
angsI downloaded the image http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-server-armhf+omap.img.gz   the md5sum matches of the downloaded image matches. then I typed     zcat ./ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap.img.gz |sudo dd bs=4M of=/dev/mmcblk0 ; sudo sync13:36
angsafter loading finishes, I inserted the sd card and powered the board13:37
ogra_janimo, nope, but i just grabbed my test ac100 from the basement :)13:37
angsshould I load the image again?13:37
ppisatiangs: but your board is not booting at all13:38
ppisatiangs: OMAP3 beagleboard.org #13:38
janimoogra_, ok. I did not test the images yet, I thought I will when you're done with the obvious things that you know need fixing13:38
ppisatiangs: this is u-boot prompt13:38
ppisatiangs: what happens if you type boot there?13:38
ogra_janimo, well, i dont really feel like adding console= and with the new flash-kernel thats not as easy anymore13:39
angsppisati: it works fine with the default OS (angstroms dist). when I type boot, it boots and shows the same output that I had before (Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel).13:39
angswhat could be the reason that it does not boot the ubuntu image that I have13:40
ppisatiangs: the image you pasted doesn't show the board booting13:42
ppisatiangs: what does it happend if you insert the sd card and type boot?13:43
angsppisati, the sd card is already inserted. should I take it off then insert it again?13:44
ppisatiangs: no! i said "what does is happen if you type "boot"?13:44
angswhen I type boot, it outputs http://pastebin.com/pRXPZHej13:45
angsit stucks on the last line13:46
ogra_this looks all fine, but it should move on into the installer from there13:48
ogra_(given thats a server image)13:48
ppisatii bet it's resizing13:48
ogra_well, in fact it should first print some stuff about resizing the partition and *then* reboot13:48
ppisatiangs: what's the size of your sd card?13:48
ogra_ppisati, it doesnt do that quietly on the server image13:48
ogra_there is a lot of output by default13:49
ogra_i assume he doesnt even get through the initrd13:49
angs4 GB, I use the SD card that comes with the beagleboard13:49
ogra_if he reaches that at all13:49
ppisatiangs: ok then13:49
ppisatiangs: mount your ubuntu sd card somewhere13:50
ppisatiangs: the copy *only* the text content of boot.scr in a new file called boot.cmd13:50
ppisatiangs: if the "quiet splash" parameters are presente, remove them (shouldn't be your case though)13:51
ppisatiangs: and add "console=ttyO2,115200"13:51
angsthis is the boot.script > http://paste.ubuntu.com/1064315/13:51
ogra_they are by default13:51
ppisatiangs: then execute "mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n "Ubuntu 10.10" -d ./boot.cmd ./boot.scr"13:51
ogra_console is set by default too on the server image13:52
ogra_so definitely drop the quiet ...13:52
ogra_splash shouldnt matter on a serial image13:52
ppisatiangs: and copy the new boot.scr over the old one (maybe backup the old one somehwre - you never know)13:52
ppisatiangs: put the sd card back in13:52
ppisatiangs: reboot13:52
angsppisati: should I remove the whole line (root=UUID=12093961-64a9-4225-a5a9-2200080a8ab4 fixrtc quiet splash) ?13:55
angsor (        setenv bootargs ro elevator=noop vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@60 mpurate=auto root=UUID=12093961-64a9-4225-a5a9-2200080a8ab4 fixrtc quiet splash)13:56
ppisatiangs: just those 2 params13:56
ppisatiangs: and add the console one i told you above13:56
angsppisati: thank you13:57
angsshould it be fine like this http://pastebin.com/ruzchCa413:57
ogra_lool, urgh, flash-kernel is really unhappy on ubuntu-desktop ... we need to add a umount function, the desktop automounting the SD somewhat causes odd results14:13
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loologra_: flash-kernel is lower level than the desktop automounting; it would make more sense to fix this in the desktop images surely?14:53
ogra_lool, well, flash-kernel cant handle it if partitions are mounted while it should imho14:54
ogra_no matter how the mounting happened14:54
loologra_: it should deal with already mounted partitions fine; I think I had tried it14:56
ogra_well, i always end up with partitions mounted twice14:56
ogra_and then flash-kernel quits with an umount error14:56
ogra_lool, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1064425/ .. the prob is that udisk mounts with nosuid nodev and so on ...14:58
loologra_: Ah it's mounted as a different user14:59
ogra_lool, right, so i think forcing an umount is essential15:00
loologra_: I think we need to find a way to prevent the mounting from happening15:00
ogra_(i will surely hack back in the hiding of the boot partition, but would like to see that bug fixed nontheless)15:01
looleither at Ubuntu install time or with some generic rule for this or that devie15:01
ogra_yes, we did that in the old flash-kernel through adding a special LABEL15:01
ogra_udev then automatically hides it15:01
loologra_: BTW I know why the mv complain (albeit they probably succeed) -- it's because the files can'tbe chown-ed to root -- but I'm still puzzled why umount fails15:02
loolright, so here you want to avoid the SD card from being automounted in exactly the same way, it should fix the mv warnings and the umount error; I don't understand why umount fails though15:02
ogra_i dont see any umount in "functions"15:03
ogra_only for cleanup15:03
ogra_ogra@osiris:~/Devel/packages/flash-kernel-3.0~rc.4ubuntu4$ grep -r umount *15:06
ogra_debian/flash-kernel-installer.postinst:umount /target/dev || true15:06
ogra_debian/flash-kernel-installer.postinst:umount /target/dev || true15:06
ogra_functions:umount "$boot_mnt_dir"15:06
ogra_functions:# if umount fails15:06
ogra_and cleanups isnt called until we exit15:07
loologra_: cleanups() is run when flash-kernel exits and umounts the /tmp/xyz location where the firmware space was temporarily mounted15:26
loologra_: in the case where this FS is already mounted on the system, a bind-mount is created automatically by mount or by linux and unmount should work just fine15:26
ogra_right, but there is no umount before it attempts to mount the device to a tempdir15:26
lool(No idea why it doesn't work there, perhaps due to special mount options)15:26
loologra_: But that's normal15:26
ogra_i didnt know mount is that clever15:27
loologra_: mount + umount usually works in both cases, whether it's already mounted or not15:27
ogra_ah, learned something new :)15:28
ogra_i know i see two mounts, i didnt know the subsequent ones are bind mounts by default15:28
angsI loaded ubuntu desktop image to another SD card and inserted to another beagleboard-xM rev C1. I have *** Warning - readenv() failed, using default environment     and some error/warnings during boot time then it stucks on the last line http://paste.ubuntu.com/1064586/  has anyone else experienced the same problem?16:30
ogra_thats exactly the right behavior for ubuntu-desktop16:33
ogra_after printing that line it switches to the monitor16:33
ogra_only ubuntu-server doesnt do that16:33
angsapproximately how long do I need to wait to see the monitor output?16:35
angsdid you see any problem on the output that I pasted?16:35
angsok, thank you. So, I will wait some more to see an output16:41
angsI still have not got any output on the monitor and the line after (Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.   ), is it normal to wait long for the boot procedure?16:50
angsis there anything that I can do for it?16:54
ogra_apart from using an image that does the install on serial you mean ?17:02
angsI do not have a monitor output and all I can see on the serial output is "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel." it seems like it stucked. I guess I do something wrong in the image loading, because the board works fine with the default OS in the image.17:09
ogra_well, you cant do anything wrong with these images17:10
ogra_if you use the server image it will immediately show output on serial after the kernel booted17:10
angsI will load the server image then try it again.17:12
ogra_are you actually sure thats a beagle XM you have there ?17:13
angsbeagleboard xM is printed on the board and the box. I just bought it couple days ago.17:15
GrueMasterangs: Is your monitor capable of HDMI or DVI-D input?17:17
GrueMasterOr are you using a dvi-cga converter?17:17
angsif I am the only one who has problem with it, I should do something wrong17:17
GrueMasteroops.  vga17:17
angsI am using hdmi to dvi-d cable17:17
angsand the monitor has dvi-d port17:17
angsI am using 5V, 2.5A power supply.17:18
GrueMasterOk, that should work, provided the monitor can handle the signal predefined in the kernel boot parameters.  Does your monitor have an info mode that shows incoming signal?17:19
ogra_GrueMaster, even the preinstalled server images stop for him17:19
ogra_after unpacking the kernel17:19
GrueMasterYou should see video even if your Beagle is getting power via mUSB.17:19
angsmonitor does not show any signal.17:19
GrueMasterangs: Do you have a linux desktop/laptop?  Looks like you will need to modify the boot parameters on the SD to see what is happening.17:21
angsyes I am using ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop17:21
GrueMasterBefore trying that, does it boot the test image that should have come with the board?17:21
angsGrueMaster: Yes, it boots fine with the image that comes with the SD card (angstrom dist)17:22
* GrueMaster can't remember if they still ship a 1M uSD preloaded or not.17:22
GrueMasterOk, excellent.17:22
GrueMasterSo, let's modify the boot image.  On your laptop, put the SD in a card reader.17:23
angsI am umounting the image before I load the SD image, is it correct to do it? I loaded the server image http://paste.ubuntu.com/1064664/   I am going to boot it17:23
angsok thank you17:23
GrueMasterYes, unmount the SD before raw writing a new image to it.17:24
GrueMasterIf you haven't started overwriting the SD yet, we can modify the boot parameters to see if we can root out the issue.17:24
angsI inserted the SD card and umounted it17:25
GrueMasterOk, in a terminal, type "sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt" (assuming the SD is mmcblk0)17:26
angsit is mmcbblk0, I typed the command17:26
GrueMasterNext, type "sudo dd bs=72 skip=1 if=/mnt/boot.scr of=boot.script"17:27
angsfdisk and mount outputs if you would like to see > http://paste.ubuntu.com/1064678/17:28
angs3+1 records in17:28
angs3+1 records out17:28
angs284 bytes (284 B) copied, 0.00177282 s, 160 kB/s17:28
GrueMasterNow you should have a boot.script you can edit.  Remove the "quiet splash" lines and add "console=ttyO2,115200"17:28
ogra_i wonder if the mpurate thing might get in the way17:31
GrueMasterYou need to strip the binary header before editing it (or you can delete it while in the editor).  Hence the dd above.17:31
ogra_GrueMaster, thats the resulting file ;)17:31
ogra_it already has console and friends17:31
GrueMasterIs it?  Looks like he just edited the boot.scr with nano (see pastebin).17:32
GrueMasterThe u-boot header needs to be regenerated.  It is a checksum.17:32
angsyes  I just edited it with nano17:33
GrueMaster(hence why you can't just edit a boot.scr file).17:33
GrueMasterI need to get back to my day job.  Here's the detailed instructions:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/EditBootscr17:35
angsGrueMaster, ogra_: thank you very much for the help17:35
angsbtw, the server image works fine without any problem17:36
ogra_oh ?17:36
ogra_so you get into the installer etc ?17:36
ogra_on the serial console17:37
angsyes it asks me the location and time info17:37
ogra_well, then just run through it ...17:37
ogra_it will also offer you to install the desktop packages if you want them17:37
angsthank you :)17:38
angswhat is the default password of the ubuntu image?17:48
angslog in password17:48
angsand user name17:48
angsroot@root, admin@admin did not work17:48
GrueMasterangs: You should see oem-config on the serial console that will walk you through setting up locale and user info.17:50
GrueMaster(until this is run, there is no default user/password.17:50
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