christelmorning lovelies06:30
* Monotoko stumbles in, and heads straight for the coffee06:44
Monotokolooks like a lot of spam has hit our mailing list06:55
DJonesMorning all07:02
DJonesMonotoko: Certainly has07:02
diploMorning all07:06
DJonespopey: Are you able to poke the mailing list to block and email address sending spam to the list, being sent by John P Taylor with no subject, 3 overnight07:08
DJonesOr AlanBell Daviey ^^07:11
Monotokowas all excited as well, thought there was loads of new mail to read! XD07:15
DJonesI didn't look at the links, just looked very spammy, wonder if its goat po rn or "enhancement tablets"07:21
MonotokoDJones, make billions of dollars from home or w/e it is07:24
Monotoko(using crap that we've just got randomly from free sources on the web!)07:24
popeyDJones, already did it07:27
AlanBellmorning all07:27
Monotokomorning ^_^07:28
DJonespopey: Thanks07:28
popeynow all we need is for people to stop replying to them07:28
* Monotoko is not guilty of that, at all...07:28
diploAlanBell: Invites seem fun :)07:28
DJonesHeh, yeah that would be sort of obvious really07:29
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Accomplishments Team Meeting - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/06/28/ubuntu-accomplishments-team-meeting/07:29
AlanBelldiplo: yeah, now people are inviting me to BBQs at their house in North California07:30
DJonesAlanBell: If they provide transport & accomodation, take them up on the offer07:31
diplolol :)07:31
AlanBellDJones: yeah, that is what most people said about my one07:32
diploI've gone as maybe, would like to meet up with you guys... and if popey still wants it I can bring the Virgin kit ?07:33
DJonesA bit too far for me, so I've declined07:34
DJonesWhat will you do if the other 379 invited people say yes and turn up?07:34
popeydiplo, the what?07:35
AlanBellhave a big party I guess07:35
DJonesHide the chickens07:35
diploVirgin HD + SD units we talked about some months ago that I totally forgot about till seeing them the other day07:35
AlanBellit would be a great party with Linus Torvalds, Will Wheaton and George Takei there07:35
Monotokoyou invited Linus Torvalds?07:36
DJonesHave you invited RMS07:36
AlanBellMonotoko: yeah07:36
DJonesMaybe he could try the extreme ironing challenge07:36
Monotokonice! It's a bit far for me sadly :(07:37
christelBIG PARTY \o/07:45
diploJust watching the video of the Google Glass sky dive thing, got to say it's great07:46
AlanBellSergey Brin isn't a great presenter, but he had pretty cool stuff to work with07:50
diploNo, got to tsay he sucks a bit :D07:51
popeySergey had no script07:52
popeyso in front of 6K people I would forgive him that07:52
AlanBellyeah, it was fine07:54
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
DJonesYummy http://wheresmysammich.com/picture/15347/kit-kat-chunky/ If a bit sickly trying to eat all of it08:07
Monotokotoo early for chocolate :P08:07
DJonesIts evening in some parts of the world08:08
Monotokotrue... but this is #ubuntu-uk ;)08:08
DJonesBut we don't restrict the channel to uk people08:09
DJonesWe have been known to let foreigners in08:09
davmor2morning all08:11
MonotokoDJones, you twisted my words :(08:14
Monotokomorning davmor2 :)08:14
DJonesMonotoko: Just a bit08:14
=== bigcalm_laptop is now known as bigcalm_
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm_laptop
bigcalm_laptopGood morning peeps :)08:24
matttmorning morning08:24
bigcalm_laptopAlanBell: can your garden cope with 380+ people?08:26
AlanBellbigcalm_laptop: it would be a little bit friendly08:30
bigcalm_laptopJust a touch08:31
diploPython gurus, time.sleep the best option to use in a python script I've used, basically want to wait 2 secs before trying to unmount a usb stick as we keep getting some errors about not being able to unmount09:00
bigcalm_laptopHey czajkowski, popey & diplo :)09:01
ali1234diplo: time.sleep, yes09:01
ali1234you are using udisks?09:01
diploFile "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/dbus/connection.py", line 630, in call_blocking message, timeout)09:02
diplodbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.09:02
diploKeep getting this on one site, others work fine as does my own tests09:02
ali1234you have to ensure the disk is mounted before you can unmount it09:02
diploWondering whether it needs a little delay before unmounting09:02
diploOK, I can test for that, but it's just finished copying files accross then checks what was used / space used etc then unmounts09:03
ali1234in my script it shows how to do it09:04
diploThe space part works fine, but unmount directly after fails09:04
diployeah just looking now thanks09:04
ali1234though i'm not sure why unmount would fail if it really is mounted, unless a file is in use or something09:04
bigcalm_laptopHow do I tell git to use a particular ssh key when cloning a repo?09:05
ali1234it should try all of them09:06
BigRedS'all of them'?09:06
BigRedSwhere does it look?09:06
ali1234it looks in ~/.ssh?09:06
BigRedSjust in ~/.ssh?09:06
ali1234make sure you are using the right username09:06
BigRedSbigcalm_laptop: check GIT_SSH in man git?09:07
BigRedSlooks like a convoluted way to do it09:07
BigRedSwrite a script that uses the right key, set GIT_SSH=/path/to/that/script09:07
=== StaffRingedSeal is now known as Myrtti
bigcalm_laptopThat is convoluted09:09
BigRedSor just link the key to something in ~/.ssh...09:10
bigcalm_laptopI have 2 ssh keys in .ssh09:10
BigRedSare either the one you want it to use?09:11
bigcalm_laptopYes, the 2nd one09:12
bigcalm_laptopAnd I've just added the public key to gitlab09:12
bigcalm_laptopBut when I try to clone, it's asking for the ssh password for the git user. Not what I want09:12
BigRedSI think that daft script is probably the best way...09:21
bigcalm_laptopBut that shouldn't be the case. Things should "just work"09:25
bigcalm_laptopI changed the order of my ssh keys and it worked09:27
bigcalm_laptopI don't like that09:27
Monotokoohhh hell... we are about to turn into China :(09:30
Monotokothere are proposals to have an opt-out of content filtering online09:30
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...09:35
diploali1234: Sorry about that, yeah I'm wondering whether the usb device is still having some last few millisecond read/writes, so why I was going to try the time.sleep09:38
diploSeems I have taken my usb sticks/drives home though :(09:38
popeyNafallo, do datahop have somewhere on IRC where I can poke people?09:46
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:53
bigcalm_laptoppopey: did you consider my question?09:53
bigcalm_laptopdavmor2: you do realise that there are now other people in here? The noises you're making might get some odd looks09:58
davmor2bigcalm_laptop: and yet I still don't care :P10:00
popeybigcalm_laptop, didnt see it10:01
popeyone mo10:01
AlanBellhttp://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/06/28/mark_shuttleworth_live_chat/ have a chat with sabdfl10:06
davmor2czajkowski: PROD!!!!10:08
czajkowskidavmor2: morning10:09
MonotokoI feel proud... just helped a work colleuge who's been surrounded by Windows and ASP/Coldfusion debug a Linux server10:13
Monotokohe's been doing this a lot longer than I have :P10:13
BigRedSHaha, yeah10:27
BigRedSI remember when one of the senior guys here rang me up with a bind question10:27
directhexMonotoko, eek, coldfusion10:27
BigRedSI felt really proud until I asked him what on earth made him think I'd know the answer...10:27
MartijnVdSBigRedS: "Well you know unix"10:28
Monotokomy initial thoughts were right... he was like "something is taking up 95% of my disk drive"... I was tempted to reply with "rm -rf /var/log"10:31
Monotokonarrowed it down to the access.log for apache10:32
diplo Did you use find ?10:32
BigRedSMartijnVdS: we're all Linux here10:33
dwatkinsI'm not - well, I have a linux server but I'm not using it right now.10:33
Monotokonah, I used: du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 1010:33
BigRedSI always use du for that sort of thing10:33
Monotokogave me the evil file instantly10:33
dwatkinsdu and sort for the win etc.10:33
Monotoko... I'm on Win 7 right now, I feel like a minority in here :P10:34
dwatkinswell it is an Ubuntu channel ;) I'm using Win7 on my work laptop.10:35
diploI'm normally on Win7 in here as well :)10:35
dwatkinsI'm actually accessing this channel via a BSD server ;)10:35
diploMonotoko: Can also use du -sh --max-depth=110:36
diplohard core :)10:36
MonotokoWin7 is on my college-laptop... I was told that I can't take the OS off :(10:36
diploI use my VPS with irssi now10:36
dwatkinsdu -s *10:36
dwatkinsthat's handy for just getting summaries, beware of hidden directories, of course.10:37
MartijnVdSBigRedS: so why did he come to you for bind help?10:39
BigRedSsometimes the problem is a large number of small files10:39
BigRedSMartijnVdS: I think I'd made a disparaging comment about Virtualmin's Bind config thingy10:39
Monotokovirtualmin drives me up the wall >.>10:39
BigRedSI think the real reason was that everyone else was busy10:39
Monotokothe install script breaks :(10:39
diploCan't say I've ever used any of the min packages10:40
ali1234lol, the new nokia maps has a "feature" whereby when you are trying to use the maps it puts all your geotagged images on the map10:40
diploHow are you finding the *upgrade* so far ali1234 ?10:40
MonotokoNokia? It's been a while since I've heard of them... :)10:40
ali1234i guess that could actually be useful10:40
BigRedSI bet that sounded awesome in the meeting10:41
ali1234diplo: it's not as bad as i expected actually10:41
* Monotoko still has his 3GS10:41
ali1234they have removed pretty much every feature of the phone that i ever used and replaced them with angry birds and microsoft communicator10:41
MartijnVdSHmm Galaxy Nexus10:41
MartijnVdSCan't wait for jelly bean :)10:41
ali1234but apart from that it's pretty much as bad as the previous version10:42
MonotokoI had a lot of fun disabling useless launch daemons to get as much speed as I could from my 3GS last night >.> iOS 5 really weighs it down10:43
ali1234this photos on map thing could have really hilarious unintended consequences10:43
ali1234like you give your mate a lift home. put in his post code. "hey why are there loads of pictures of my wife"10:44
Monotokointeresting... we refuse to extradite a convicted sex criminal to the US... but will happily send hackers and copyright breakers10:45
directhexMonotoko, priorities10:46
MartijnVdSMonotoko: more bribes are paid for those10:46
directhexMonotoko, no businesses benefit from sex criminals. well, prisons do, but gang members are cheaper10:46
Monotokoeven worse... child sex offender, blocked because of the EU human rights... I mean WTF?10:47
ali1234nobody should be extradited to the US for any reason10:47
Monotokothis world is completely backwards10:47
ali1234i don't care what they've done10:47
oimonwhat's new in jelly bean?10:48
ali1234we should send their diplomats back though10:48
Monotokodo I detect any anti-US sentiment there ali? ;) :P10:49
ali1234only towards their government10:49
directhexextradition is reasonable for crimes committed abroad, to countries without torture or inhuman treatment10:49
n1md4ali1234: Re: Jelly Bean: More of Google spying on you !!! I'm hoping on Tizen.10:49
directhexthe US fails the criteria, tbh10:49
ali1234directhex: which rules out extradition to the US10:49
directhexn1md4, tizen won't go anywhere.10:50
directhexn1md4, it's a boondoggle10:50
oimonbut esriously, any decent features in JB?10:54
diploguess not a lot oimon :)11:04
diplonot looked myself as I haven't got a phone that can run it11:04
bigcalm_laptopdavmor2_ wants to spoon me :(11:59
davmor2_bigcalm_laptop: No I want to throw a spoon at you to keep you awake there is a difference12:00
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
BigRedSoimon: I'd heard it was mostly performance improvements12:12
=== mrevell_ is now known as mrevell
oimonBigRedS, did you hear about the linaro boys who inspected the code and got some massive improvements. hope it gets into CM12:34
BigRedSoimon: oh, no. Sounds good!12:36
oimon"What do you get when the open source community looks at Android 4? Up to twice the speed!"12:36
oimonThe speed of these demos is an improvement of 100% (60 fps versus 30fps) versus Googles stock Android 4.04"12:37
diploQuite an improvement :)12:44
diploJust watched the vid12:44
diploWonder what optimisations they could make if they didn't have closed GPU drivers etc12:45
diploThat was just for the panda board but still12:45
oimondoes the youtube captions get added by humans or machine?13:04
oimonthe linaro video, done by a machine surely13:04
oimon"quotes runs on an ethnic" - random quote13:04
MartijnVdSoimon: ETH NIC ?13:06
gordoimon: they can be contributed, but 99.9999% of them are automatically generated and are very very poor13:06
oimonit's like reading william s burroughs13:07
oimon"asically, parts of the Linaro code have been submitted to the CM9 gerrit and are currently awaiting approval. Once commited, these tweaks will be added to the main CM9 code, giving all supported devices a drastic increase in performance."13:09
gordits so humid :(13:09
oimonand warm and nice and sunny ;D13:09
oimonalthough very little sleep was had13:09
gordsunny is nice, humid is not13:09
gordits actually not sunny here either, overcast13:10
oimonon hols next week so need moar sun13:16
oimoncheck out the tablet in this video from 1994 http://www.androidauthority.com/apple-samsung-patent-war-69575/13:18
BigRedSanyone know vsftpd well enough to know if userlist_enable really does what it looks like it should do?13:20
oimon"When a developer publishes an app update, Google Play now only delivers the changes bits of the application rather then the entire APK.  This makes app updates much lighter and easier on your network data. On average, a smart app update is about 1/3 the size of the full APK update." - looks like the most useful update to 4.1 for me13:21
BigRedSAh, so nothing too major, then?13:23
BigRedSor are you just on a really restricted data tarrif?13:23
oimonno, but nothing else really affects me13:23
BigRedSAh, yeah, the former then :)13:23
oimonyep, although performance is welcome as i'm running a htc desire, now 2yrs old13:24
gordi'm running a two year old nexus one, can't say i really need more performance13:26
gordall i really use my phone for is email, phone and light web stuff, mostly checking news feeds13:26
BigRedSyeah, I've largely got myself over the need to do loads of stuff on it13:26
BigRedSI think I don't even have an ssh client on it any more13:27
gordwhen all you do is what i do with a phone, i find it hard to justify getting a new one. yay its pretty much exactly the same..13:27
oimoni'm very close to getting the giffgaff £5 per month deal13:27
BigRedSAh, I break mine about twice as frequently as my contracts expire :(13:28
oimondue to my low minutes13:28
diplooimon: You dont get the data with that package though do you13:29
diploBeen a while since I looked at it mind13:29
oimondiplo, pure data nothing else13:29
diploDon't do texts ?13:30
oimonno, google message instead13:30
oimonand irc :D13:30
diploI would do that but I don't think my mum/dad could cope13:31
diploThey have just understood texting13:31
diploRushing them may be an issue13:32
gordreally wish the android text messenger could send to email addresses, then i could sneakily replace my phone number with an email in friends and families contacts13:36
BigRedSI'm still bemused that it's non-trivial to send text messages from my PC13:39
BigRedSAbout eight years ago I decided that it should be really easy and we'd be able to do it soon13:39
bigcalm_laptopBigRedS: do you have an android phone?13:39
brobostigonthere is a prog to do such, i htink it is called mightytext or similer.13:39
bigcalm_laptopBigRedS: install AirDroid :)13:40
BigRedSoh wow13:40
BigRedS_everything_ has a web UI these days13:40
bigcalm_laptopI love AirDroid!13:40
bigcalm_laptopI've even got my Dad to install it :D13:42
oimoni like that GG actually tell me how many minutes i've used13:45
oimonbusy month this month :S 26 mins13:45
bubuanyone know how I can make a txt file which has numbers going sequentially up? so like a text file that starts at a0001 and goes through to a2000 ...?: )13:47
BigRedSis that all you're after, just numbers13:49
oimonfor i in $(seq 1 200); do echo a$i ; done13:49
bubuyeah, needs to be preceeded but a letter though 'a' for example13:50
oimonpreceded by leading zeros too?13:50
DJonesbubu: Not the most elegant, but a spreadsheet, a0001 cell a1, a0002 cell a2, and then just extend the range and save as a text file13:50
BigRedSfor i in {0001..2000}; do echo a$i; done > file13:50
bubuDJones, I know but even though ends up the same, id prefer a more elegant way of doing it! ;)13:50
bubuthx BigRedS and oimon :)))13:51
oimonBigRedS, has your answer13:51
oimonhow do you guys manage your passwords?13:51
oimoni seem to have 2 keepassX files and then there's chromium and firefox passwords i haven't put in keepass13:51
oimonits a mess13:52
gordheey spotify finally got a new adver... oh god its that simples meercat13:52
bubuBigRedS, your a star :)13:53
BigRedSbubu: haha, no worries. I was just amazed that I got the syntax right first time!13:53
bubuhah, you did!13:53
oimoninstalling groovy (2.0.0~beta2+isreally1.8.6-0ubuntu1)13:54
oimonugh ..ugly version name13:54
BigRedSgrub2 needs that sort of version string13:54
bubufunny story - just got a webcam (ipcam) so my gf can watch her bunnies when we are away. the manufacturer has its own in built DNS in there which you can turn off. a0001.cipcam.com for example13:54
bubuwritten a script to do a reverse lookup on all those dns records, pass that to nmap to scan13:55
bubuthere thousands open with no auth at all!13:55
bubuim sure this has been covered before but still ridiculous!13:55
oimonremember that there's images you cannot unsee13:56
bubuheh, im counting on it oimon ;o)13:56
diplooimon: KeepassX is all I use now13:56
oimonand most will be behind nat13:56
oimondiplo, how do you import the password?13:56
diploI'm just very good now as soon as I sign up to a site I add it straight away13:56
bubumost have port forwarding\13:56
bubuso can see externally13:56
bubufrom the ones ive tested13:57
oimonpost any good ones here :P13:57
diploImport the password from a current site ?13:57
bubuwill do!13:57
oimonclean ones of course13:57
AlanBellbubu: what camera?13:57
diploI've manually input all of mine id rhats what you mean13:57
oimontrying this: http://lifehacker.com/248702/how-to-import-saved-firefox-passwords-into-keepass13:57
diploOh right, I just dod it manually :)13:58
diploDidn;t take that long tbh13:58
diploAlso updated a lot of the sites with better passwords as I went through oimon13:59
bubuAlanBell, eBay jobbie13:59
bubucipcam.com is the domain13:59
bubudumping all the brute forced reverse lookups to a sql lite 3 db now14:02
oimonthinks bubu will be disappointed14:02
diploheh me 214:02
bubuprobably oimon14:02
diploCan do the same with Axis Cameras14:02
bubuwoth a punt though14:02
bubuive seen the same being 'exploited' before14:02
diploDid it a few years ago when I set up a network of them for work14:02
diploAs oimon said, their are some that can't be unseen14:03
AlanBellI was thinking of getting a new webcam, the colour on my logitec is unstable14:03
oimoni have some webcams but never used them14:05
diploheh I have them in PC's at home/work and laptop14:05
oimoni should use them with my rasbpi killer14:05
diploAnd I've used them 3/4 times in the same amount of years14:05
buburasbpi killer?14:06
oimonlinksys slug14:06
oimonslugs eat my raspberries14:07
oimonhaven't found a secure way to get my passwords out of chromium yet :-\14:18
gordi was under the impression than putting passwords into a webbrowser was inherently insecure14:18
oimoni mean a way to export them from chromium without running a random windows app14:19
ali1234make a website that spoofs the websites that you want the passwords for, and then log what passwords chrome sends to it14:22
popeyAlanBell, I have a Logitech pro 9000 which seems pretty good14:23
ali1234webcam? get a logitech C91014:24
BigRedSAny PHPites able to shed light on this? http://paste.debian.net/176825/14:24
gordpopey: seriously? thats the exact webcam i have. we might as well just share amazon/ebuyer accounts, we buy all the same stuff anyway14:25
popeythe only flaw with it is it has started to uh.. droop14:25
gordhave you tried out the webcam software it has for windows? it will put a pigs nose on your face, it is excellent.14:26
popeynot for some years14:28
diploPro 9000 is what we use for meetings between us and Nottingham14:31
diploOnly thing that used to let us down was the bandwith14:31
diploAnyone let me know command in irssi to display list of users in a channel14:34
diploMy battery just died and going through webpages is proving a bit slower without the mouse :D14:34
brobostigon /names14:36
diploI was trying to guess, but names didn't come to me :)14:37
diploand it seems google foo sucks14:37
brobostigondiplo: i might have suggested looking on the irssi site.14:37
diploI did, but was taking forever to go through links etc14:38
diploWell I've got a red light back on mouse now, see if that lasts till 5 :)14:40
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
AlanBellpopey: mine is Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Pro 500014:45
AlanBellso does the logitec C910 work well in google hangouts and skype?14:53
gordmy logitech 9000  works fine in hangouts and skype14:54
popeyi have had no issue with my 900014:57
AlanBellC910 is a bit of a different beast though14:57
czajkowskihttp://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/6793/50483  has just started if you fancy listening in to Mark baker15:02
ali1234AlanBell: yes it works fine15:03
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mucka15:27
bigcalm_laptopYay home time!15:54
christelczajkowski: i have put a picture of david's first rugby-related injury on facebook!15:58
christel(since i know you love eyeing up small people)15:58
Songtaohi guys,16:04
Songtaowhat is the easyest way to move existing ubuntu system to a brand new drive ?16:05
MartijnVdSSongtao: using an Ubuntu CD or USB stick16:06
nperrydd :D16:06
Songtaohow to using ubuntu CD ?16:06
Songtaohard drive diffrent size16:07
Songtaodd /  ?16:09
Songtaowill work ? dd /16:09
MartijnVdSSongtao: you just install it?16:10
MartijnVdSoh move an existing system16:10
Songtaoexisting harddrive will fail soon, so need replace it with a brand new one16:12
Songtaoclonezilla will do ? thanks, I will google it now16:12
czajkowskichristel: awww cute16:12
MartijnVdSSongtao: popey was happy with it, I think16:12
popeyyeah, clonezilla is good for taking a snapshot16:13
MartijnVdSpopey: moving it to a new HD/PC too, right?16:13
Songtaocan you use that snapshot on different size drive ?16:14
MartijnVdSSongtao: You can always resize the partition/file system later if it can't resize the partition16:14
MartijnVdSbut I think it should work16:15
Songtaothanks a lot, I will try16:15
popeyyou cant restore onto a smaller disk though16:16
AlanBellcan you shrink the partition first, then snapshot then restore then expand again?16:17
popeyi wouldn't on a failing disk16:21
Songtaono worries, upgrading, new drive always bigger than old one.16:25
=== dogmatic69_ is now known as dogmatic69
Songtaoso I can not just tar the existing system, and then untar it on the new drive root.16:26
dwatkinsclonezilla might be useful for copying the root drive, Songtao16:28
dwatkinsit will create an image file of the hard drive.16:28
Songtaothanks I will try that16:28
dwatkinsyou'll need to boot the clonezilla ISO16:29
popeyyeah, stick the iso on a usb stick..16:32
dwatkinsit might even manage resizing, although that's easy enough with resize2fs etc.16:32
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=== dogmatic69_ is now known as dogmatic69
dogmatic69Does anyone know what the little LED's on a cat5 connection mean?17:06
dogmatic69my internet keeps dropping and when it does it seems like the yellow one is flashing and green is solid17:06
BigRedSI want a single-page of wiki that requires a captcha for people to edit the page. Any recomendations?17:09
popeyi saw a nice one on the datahop contact us page17:10
popey"click on the circle"17:10
BigRedSAh yeah17:11
BigRedSthat's quite good17:11
dogmatic69BigRedS: http://areyouahuman.com/17:11
BigRedSah, no, I'm after the wiki bit that needs a captcha rather than just a captcha17:11
dogmatic69ah, not to sure what you mean17:11
BigRedSI want a single page that acts like a wiki17:12
BigRedSsuch that anyone can edit it, but I don't need a whole wiki with pages and searching and the like17:12
dogmatic69ah ok17:12
BigRedSbut I also don't wnat people to need to log in, just pass a captcha17:12
BigRedSand I'm not sure I can be bothered to take a single-page wiki and add a captcha17:12
BigRedSyeah, not really bothered what it's written in if it saves me writing it :)17:13
dogmatic69ok, so looking for complete solution then17:13
BigRedSelse I'll bodge a horrific nearly-captcha onto an existing single-page one17:14
BigRedSbut I've been meaning to do that for weeks now17:14
dogmatic69BigRedS: how about "what is 10 + 32 [   ]"17:15
dogmatic69if($_POST['foo'] != 42) {throw new ...}17:15
jacobwi can't believe it's not friday17:22
BigRedSdogmatic69: yeah, that sort of thing17:27
BigRedSAnyone know of a single-page wiki written in Perl to reccomend? :)17:28
bubuanyone here running opernwrt with pptp?17:28
jacobwWhy Perl?17:34
* bigcalm returns!17:36
jacobwI hate Perl17:37
jacobwPython for the win17:37
bigcalmPoor Perl doesn't get much love these days17:38
jacobwCamels are smelly17:39
BigRedSjacobw: 'cause I know it17:39
BigRedSand I've written far too much PHP recently for me to want any more17:39
BigRedSI think I've settled on foswiki17:39
BigRedSI've certainly downloaded it17:39
n1md4I hate ubuntu :(  it always annoys me in little ways like nothing else can ....17:42
dogmatic69n1md4: nothing stopping you from using windows17:43
n1md4I like Debian though ...17:43
BigRedSn1md4's not someone to get into constructive discussions about Linux with :)17:44
bigcalmn1md4: if you hate Ubuntu, then you are in the wrong channel :)17:44
n1md4Because I'm in the same office as kirrus and bigreds ;)17:44
bigcalmTrolls will not be fed in here :)17:44
BigRedSI can unplug his network if you like?17:45
n1md4:@ !!!!!17:45
* n1md4 has had a long day17:45
jacobwall days are of equal length17:46
bigcalmAnd some are more equal than others17:46
BigRedStwice as long in unicode17:47
* bigcalm tootles off to Dominos :D17:47
Azelphur39c, new record for my room \o/17:50
* Azelphur wonders how hot it's actually safe to exist in17:50
jacobwpeople exist in up to 60c17:52
jacobwi've heard it's not actually possible to tell the difference between 50 and 6017:53
jacobwwikipedia tells me that 57.8c is hottest temperature recorded on earth17:55
jacobwin aziziya, libya17:56
jacobwthe hotttest in the UK a chilly 38.5c17:57
=== issyl0 is now known as Guest13419
jacobwwhat does paste.ubuntu.com run?18:30
* jacobw wraps MartijnVdS in cling film and throws in a river18:32
* MartijnVdS gives jacobw the coc to read18:32
MartijnVdSand a pm :P18:32
jacobwi think that might be against the CoC :)18:34
MartijnVdSjacobw: it's a friendly pm, those are allowed :)18:34
jacobwi want a pastebin on my network, i'm failing to find a deployable implementation18:35
dobby156is this a casual IRC or strictly on topic? if not does anyone have any dominoes pizza 2 for one vouchers codes?18:36
jacobwi could probably write one given a weekend in a quiet room18:36
jacobwit's casual chat about anything techies are interested in18:36
dobby156jacobw: well as a techie I definitely like pizza18:37
dobby156so you don't have one?18:37
jacobwi have a frozen pizza in my freezer :)18:37
dobby156what toppings?18:38
dobby156that sounds gross18:42
jacobwit's the football soon18:42
jacobwwhich isn't a popular topic on this channel and only popular with me because i'm living outside of the UK right now18:43
dobby156that and football is boring18:50
bigcalmBack once again18:51
MartijnVdSbigcalm: renegade master?18:52
bigcalmD4 damager18:52
MartijnVdSbigcalm: with the ill behaviour18:54
bigcalmPower to the people18:56
bigcalmAnd that's it18:57
directhexdobby156: those codes are usually per-store19:22
MartijnVdS.......: spotify:album:7Lczo6oXOkBjudsdYJKWss19:27
dobby156directhex: oh20:10
lmgeri ran into a nasty lightdm bug and installed gdm. i run 12.04 without unity. i have xfce and MATE installed. How can i hide users from GDM on 12.04???20:13
* bigcalm awakens20:50
AzelphurEVERYBODY HIDE.20:50
* Azelphur dives behind a wall20:50
samuelaha, so people DO talk here!20:51
Azelphurbut only when nobody is looking.20:51
bigcalmI talk during office hours or when I am awakened by notification :)20:52
diploevening all20:53
samuel<jealous>how which irc client are you using</jealous> xchat has not delivered me notifications since i installed 12.04 and started using unity :(20:54
AzelphurI use pidgin but I go by sound notifications rather than visual20:54
samueli never quite "got" using pidgin for irc, xchat reminds me of the old days with mirc and the like20:55
samueli just wish it had a notification area icon like it does in gnome shell20:55
samueli use gnome shell on linux mint (dont hate me!) but at home i have stuck with good ole unity20:57
Azelphursamuel: pidgin is not the best of IRC clients, I use a bouncer so I can do IRC multiple presence, whenever I need to do power user stuff I just fire up pidgin.20:58
Azelphurfire up xchat*20:58
brobostigonohdear, looks like they are going to ditch mock the week, for the tennis, :(20:59
samuelbetter write in to points of view then21:00
samuelyou never know, you might be the first to moan about it and get your letter read out ;)21:01
brobostigoni think, mock the week, will make more people happier, and laugh, than the tennis will.21:01
brobostigonyep, they just announced, mock the week is ditched, :(21:01
* brobostigon shakes fist.21:02
bigcalmIt's had a good run21:02
bigcalmAnd shall live forever on Dave21:02
brobostigonthe tennis yes, it should be ditched.21:03
brobostigonbigcalm: it is a new series of mock the week, not old.21:03
bigcalmOh, sorry. Phew :D21:03
bigcalmbrobostigon: my fault for not reading21:03
brobostigonbigcalm: no worries.21:04
ali1234never mind, total recall is on itv221:05
ali1234it just started 5 minutes ago21:05
Azelphurali1234: ever since I reassembled my G19 it hasn't boot looped, :D21:05
brobostigongood idea ali123421:06
Azelphuryay for accidentally fixing things21:06
samuelwatch total recall instead21:06
ali1234Azelphur: you mean after you switched back to the proper power supply21:06
Azelphurali1234: no, because the whole point of the new power supply was to stop the boot looping21:07
Azelphurit was boot looping before on stock, now it's not21:07
AzelphurI think I had 2 issues, a loose connection inside the G19, and then adding the new power supply just made things worse with it's loose connection21:07
samuelget your a$$ back to mars!21:08
ali12345 minutes in arnold is already making silly noises21:08
ali1234i love this movie21:08
samuelso what is everyone running? as in right now what you are typing here from?21:09
AzelphurXUbuntu 12.0421:09
samuelhardware and sw21:09
brobostigondebian unstable.21:09
Azelphursamuel: bit of an old photo, but https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/2010-03-31%2022.36.43.jpg21:10
AlanBellsamsung R530 with core i3 chip, 8GB ram and a 240GB SSD21:10
samuelhow is quantal so far? i have a spare netbook that i like to use for testing21:10
AlanBellquantal is a lot like precise21:10
Azelphursamuel: i7 950 oc'd with water 12GB DDR3 1600 ram, ssd + 4 hdds, gtx 570 xD21:10
samuelazelphur, nice battle station!21:10
Azelphurty xD21:11
christelwho was it that thought me plumbing in here that time21:11
Azelphurthought you plumbing?21:11
AlanBellchristel: gordonjcp mostly I think21:11
samuelwell i'm typing this from a HP DM1 with AMD E450 and 4gb ram21:11
AlanBellhave you broken something christel?21:11
samuelseriously considering swapping my hdd for an ssd, recommended?21:12
AlanBellsamuel: do it! dabs have a good offer today21:12
christeli have a Leaking Tap21:12
christelor rather, i have a POURINg tap21:12
christelit suddenly wont turn off!21:12
AlanBelloh dear. Does it have an isolation valve under it?21:13
christelno idea, how do i tell?21:13
samuelbig performance boost? does an ssd run any cooler?21:13
christel(thank jebus i am not on a meter, i'd end up with a water bill to rival that guys vodafone bill)21:13
ali1234isolation valve? la-dee-da21:13
samuelubuntu only turns my laptops fan on full blast when it gets over 65c :/21:13
AlanBellfollow the pipes down and see if there is something that might be a valve, might be a screwdriver to turn it21:13
AlanBellchristel: might look like http://www.screwfix.com/p/15mm-full-bore-isolating-valve/46860?cm_mmc=GoogleBase-_-Datafeed-_-Heating%20and%20Plumbing-_-15mm%20Full%20Bore%20Isolating%20Valve21:14
christelwill it be inside my tap?!21:15
AlanBellno, it will be in the cupboard below the tap21:15
ali1234it's like another tap further down the pipe21:15
=== iDLEoNE is now known as IdleOne
ali1234usually known as a stop-tap by normal people21:16
samuelAllanBell, did you have any trouble with the function keys on your laptop? or the backlight?21:16
christeloh, then n21:16
christelit is a bathroom tap21:16
AlanBellbath or sink?21:16
ali1234there definitely will be one somewhere21:16
christelso under the sink there are PIPES, there might be a thingiewotsit valve inside the sink (!?) but that would involve breaking it to check21:17
christeland then i'd get water everywhere!21:17
AlanBellyeah, don't do that!21:17
christelalso, my new house confuses me21:18
christeli appear to have 3 stop cocks21:18
christelis this normal?21:18
* AlanBell resists typing something suggestive21:18
AlanBelldunno, how new is the house?21:18
christelnot new new but not super old21:19
AlanBellsame as mine, old enough if the plumbing is original (mine isn't)21:19
christelwith a more recent extension, in which two of the stopcocks live21:19
AlanBelloh, right that explains why they are there then, to isolate that area21:20
AlanBellare the taps on flexible connectors like this? http://www.screwfix.com/p/flexible-tap-connector-with-valve-15mm-x-3-4/67794?cm_mmc=GoogleBase-_-Datafeed-_-Heating%20and%20Plumbing-_-Flexible%20Tap%20Connector%20With%20Valve%2015mm%20x%203%2F4%2221:20
christelthere is also one in the downstairs loo, which i think was created after the kitchen was moved to the extension21:20
christel(and where the leaking tap is)21:20
AlanBellthe isolation valve might be at the bottom of the flexible part if you are lucky21:20
christelno :(21:21
christelthey are just taps.. coming out of the sink, out of which water comes, constantly21:21
christel(i am not very useful am i?) :D21:21
AlanBellgot a photo of the underneith bit?21:22
christelbut i cant see the underneath bit21:22
christelsurely that is inside the sink?21:22
samuel_whoops, did i miss much?21:22
* christel goes investigate21:22
samuel_so you say that dabs have special offers on ssds, better than ebuyer you reckon?21:23
christelok, AlanBell you win -- i have a underside thing! (i am not sure where i thought the taps came from but i was convinced that the only thing under the sink was the pipes!) -- it appears to be a thick fairly solid threaded "thing" with a plastic nut at the top and a metal nut where thethreaded bit joins the smooth pipe thingie21:24
AlanBellI always knew you had an underside thing21:24
christeloh photo.. shall i go take a photo?21:25
bigcalmchristel: do you take requests?21:26
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
AlanBellyeah photo would be great21:26
christelbigcalm: :P21:26
bigcalmchristel: ;D21:26
=== james_w` is now known as james_w
Azelphuryay, things are finally cooling down21:30
Azelphur"cool" = 30c in this room xD21:30
directhexthe ssdnow v200 is a couple of generations old, which is why it's cheap21:31
AlanBellyeah, would still perk up an unexciting laptop21:34
christeli even include one of the LEAK!21:35
bigcalmchristel: is the white pipe copper or plastic?21:36
diplochristel: That will be the seal inside the tap if the tap doesnt turn off21:36
christelbigcalm: copper it is just painted21:37
bigcalmchristel: the collar possibly just wants tightening21:37
christeldiplo: do you now want a picture of INSIDE my tap!?21:37
christel(how do i thingie the seal or tighten the collar?)21:37
diploNeed to turn water off to taps21:38
diplonormally a screw on top or as bigcalm says a collar21:38
diploundo that and a rubber seal inside will more than likely be flatand degraded21:38
dogmatic69If I have my dns set as x.x.x.x should traceroute show x.x.x.x as the first entry?21:39
dogmatic69it does not show at all.21:39
directhexdogmatic69: no21:39
christelok -- so if i turn it off on the stopcock and it stops er, leaking then i what, remove the actually turny bit that i use to turn water on/off and look for a thingiewotsit inside it?21:39
diplohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR6vnfNLr-8  christel21:39
AlanBellyeah, off at the stopcock as there is no isolation valve21:39
directhexdogmatic69: it's not part of the actual route. dns resolution happens first, then the route is traced after21:39
AlanBellthat looks like original aged plumbing21:39
diploGives you the general idea21:39
brunogirindiplo: that's the one I was going to post :-)21:39
dogmatic69directhex: is there a way to check the dns is correcly used?21:40
directhexdogmatic69: you could try nslookup www.google.com :p21:40
diploIt's honestly really easy to do21:41
dogmatic69directhex: thanks21:41
dogmatic69directhex: that only shows the first dns server used21:41
diploJust pop to local B&Q/Wickes and the rubber washers come in an assorted pack normally to fit all tap sizes21:42
directhexdogmatic69: ... right? that's how DNS works. you make the request to the first server. you'll only go to the backup if the primary says it can't fulfil the request21:42
directhexdogmatic69: and the dns server's job is to obtain any missing results & cache them21:42
brunogirindogmatic69: you can do dnslookup <site> <server> to force a particular server to answer21:43
dogmatic69directhex: ye, but I have a local dns that forwards most addresses21:43
christelwill it be messy?21:43
AlanBellnot if you turn off the water21:43
directhexdogmatic69: okay, so you only ever get results from the local dns. those forwards are reported by the local. so your client gets results from the local21:43
diploBest thing is turn tap on and then turn stop cock off, just to maek sure all water has gone21:43
diploShould be fine then :)21:44
dogmatic69directhex: I need to establish that the router/bt dns is not used at all21:44
christelam i likely to have a cold water tank?21:44
dogmatic69pc -> local dns -> -> website is what I want21:44
AlanBellchristel: yes21:44
bigcalmchristel: yes21:45
directhexdogmatic69: so why aren't you looking at the local dns's logs?21:45
dogmatic69there are none :/21:45
directhexdogmatic69: is the router in /etc/resolv.conf?21:45
dogmatic69nslookup google.com <routerip> works21:45
christelwill i have to empty that before the water stops/how long will that tak21:45
directhexi'm going to bed.21:46
dogmatic69directhex: the dns server has 'supersede domain-name-servers,;' in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and the pc has 'supersede domain-name-servers;' which is the dns server21:47
dogmatic69router is btw21:47
bigcalmchristel: it's normal for taps down stairs to come straight off of the mains water supply. Taps upstairs generally are off the water tanks. So turn off the water supply (wherever it is), turn on the taps upstairs and let them run dry21:47
directhexand if you dig www.google.com who is resolving?21:47
bigcalmI'd like somebody to back me up on that statement please :)21:48
AlanBellthere might be a valve somewhere christel that means you don't have to drain it21:48
christelso if i then go upstaris and just turn on both the baths and both the sinks it might run dry quickish?21:48
dogmatic69directhex: so the dns21:48
AlanBellbigcalm: certainly kitchen tap is always from the rising main21:48
AlanBellchristel: and flush the toilets21:48
dogmatic69directhex: and from the dns, it is so I guess it is correct21:48
AlanBellif you can't find a valve that stops it quicker21:48
diploI always turn mains off christel and then as others suggested turn all the taps on to make sure :)21:48
bigcalmIn this house the bathroom cold tap is off the mains. Same in the last house I had as well21:48
diploBetter safe than sorry21:48
christelshould i turn off all the stopcocks?21:49
AlanBellchristel: maybe take this opportunity to find out what each one does21:49
AlanBellrun all the taps, turn off stopcocks see what happens21:49
* bigcalm nods21:50
AlanBelland make notes21:50
* diplo agrees with AlanBell 21:50
AlanBelltoilets are taps too remember21:50
christeloooh this is like a game :D21:50
christeldo i need any special tools?!21:52
Myrttipoor christel21:52
bigcalmFor for testing things21:52
diploWhen undoing the tap have a rag around what ever you use to loosen it off if you don't want it scratched21:53
samuel_thanks for the link AlanBell,  i will have to check the read/write speeds of that though21:59
samuel_i will bookmark it, then if natwest ever give me my wages i might be able to buy one :P21:59
AlanBellsamuel_: yeah, as directhex noted it isn't a high end SSD, it just seemed like a good budget price one21:59
AlanBellthe speeds on some SSDs require sata3 to get them22:00
brunogirinsamuel_: having bought a basic SSD for an old laptop a few years ago, I can heartily recommend it: it gave it a second lease of life!22:00
samuel_i have seen ocz ones with almost identical read/write speeds that cost about the same though22:00
samuel_but i wonder if it will make any difference anyway22:01
AlanBellthey are falling in price all the time22:01
samuel_yeah, i'm not bothered about it wearing out or not having enough space, by the time those are issues i will be able to economically replace it, or i wont be using the same laptop anymore22:02
popey\o/ SSD22:02
samuel_i was considering getting an ssd for my netbook before i took it on holiday with me22:02
samuel_ants started to live inside it so in my infinite wisdom i decided it would be a good idea to cover the keyboard in insecticide22:03
samuel_which melted the surface of the keys22:03
AlanBelldas keyboard netbook22:03
samuel_yah, so now every bit of fluff sticks to the keyboard22:04
diplosamuel_: Take it off and clean it ?22:04
samuel_but even before that i had somehow managed to break the power switch, and the only way to switch it on was with a cocktail stick22:04
samuel_the surface of the keys has a different texture now, it attracts fluff like velcro22:05
christeli think  may do Plumbing tomorrow! :p22:05
diploSounds like a new keyboard from ebay ?22:05
diploI say that's sensible christel :)22:05
christelindeed! hehe22:05
diploCan call one of the Alans when you get stuck then22:05
samuel_i use it as a file server now :D the battery will go for 9 hours so even if some idiot pulls the plug out my file shares and torrents can still be active all day :D22:05
* AlanBell will call christel next time there is plumbing to do22:06
diploGoogle I/O talked me into trying Chrome Canary22:07
samuel_my old netbook is a samsung n15022:07
samuel_gave me many tears regarding hardware compatibility22:07
samuel_but i dare say it taught me alot about patching the kernel and blacklisting drivers22:08
samuel_but the realtek wireless chip on it has always been junk regardless of which kernel22:08
AlanBellwonder if I should do a das keyboard ultimate layout for onboard22:09
AlanBelltheme rather22:09
samuel_i have never been a fan of floating keyboards as an input method22:10
samuel_only perhaps as an accessibility tool22:10
samuel_i tried an acer iconia with windows 7 which has a floating keyboard, it was a right pain to type with compared to android tablets with the more embedded keyboard22:12
ali1234"Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer."22:12
AlanBellI have not tried onboard on a touchscreen, I would like to22:12
AlanBellali1234: give them a call22:12
samuel_the gnome shell onscreen keyboard is excellant22:13
ali1234the procedure for downgrading this symbian involves flashing 4 different firmwares22:13
ali1234i think it's working this time, cos last time i just got a white screen at this point22:13
samuel_it can be set to appear when you click in a text box and goes away when you click anywhere else22:13
samuel_the only trouble is, like with onboard, if the text area is near the bottom of the screen your kinda screwed22:14
AlanBellonboard can do that too22:14
AlanBellif the text area is at the bottom of the screen you can drag onboard to the top :)22:15
AlanBellI think onboard needs to grow the little letter thumb things that pop out of the key when you press it, people like those on phones22:16
samuel_yeah the problem is, on a tablet you want to type with your thumbs, if you cant keep the onscreen keyboard in one place you cant get any meaningful typing done22:16
samuel_what would be better is if the onscreen keyboard temporarily takes over the screen, that would allow you to type a good amount22:17
AlanBellI would like it to be integrated into unity really22:17
samuel_so text always appears here and keyboard always appears there, consistancy is good22:17
samuel_yeah me too! at the moment gnome shell with a few mods is better on a touch device than unity22:18
AlanBellso it pops up like the HUD or something22:18
AlanBellthough possibly at the bottom of the screen22:18
samuel_i think on a tablet a capcitive or hardware button for HUD would be favourable22:18
AlanBellgord: have you stopped stealing the alt key from virtual machines yet? I might turn the HUD back on if that is fixed.22:19
samuel_if you look at what android does, that is a good example of how the onscreen keyboard can be implemented22:19
AlanBellBug #93876422:19
lubotu3Launchpad bug 741869 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #938764 Unity/compiz intercepts Super and Alt keypresses from grabbed windows like VMs." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74186922:19
samuel_when you click on a text box in a website you get a screen with text entry at top and keyboard at bottom22:20
AlanBellsamuel_: yeah, I installed the hackers keyboard on android22:20
AlanBellBug #74186922:21
lubotu3Launchpad bug 741869 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Unity/compiz intercepts Super and Alt keypresses from grabbed windows like VMs." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74186922:21
samuel_i wonder if we will get HUD and unity panel integration on libre office in 12.1022:22
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
ali1234downgrade successful23:31

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