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mandelfacundobatista, rye, can I have a very simple review for a branch that fixes a couple of bugs: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/reactor-new-line/+merge/11253510:35
facundobatistamandel, yeap10:36
mandelfacundobatista, thx, is a very simple branch10:38
gatoxgood morning11:09
mandelgatox, morning!11:25
gatoxmandel, hi11:25
mandelgatox, and 'tiron de orejas' for not reading my descriptions ;)11:25
gatoxmandel, i read it..... but that seems to be IRL, and i wanted to know if i can run the tests..... the u1-client only without installing anything11:26
mandelgatox, then point to the python lib from the other project11:26
gatoxmandel, also..... the code seems REALLY similar to mine.... it needs to be different things.... or should we merge them?11:28
mandelgatox, I wanted it to merge once you landed yours.. but is taking to long11:28
mandelgatox, the code is only similar in the notifier, the rest is diff11:28
mandelgatox, take into account that is using a twisted factory to talk with the daemon11:28
mandelgatox, tests are diff etc..11:29
gatoxahh ok ok11:29
mandelgatox, take a look at the code and you'll see is a lot simplre11:31
gatoxmandel, AHHHHHHH  jejjejeej sorry, you are right.... i didn't read the last part of the description11:34
gatox:P i read everything else, except the test part11:35
mandelgatox, no problem :)11:35
mandelgatox, I know I do the same hehehe11:35
gatoxmandel, the code review i did it yesterday (when i thought: OMG they are going to make refactor everything again), and it seems fine11:36
gatoxs/make/make me11:36
gatoxthis stop being fun...... 2 refactors ago :P jeje11:37
mandelgatox, only problem is the notificator, the rest is diff :)11:37
mandelgatox, which can be shared, but that is a very small part, maybe 300 lines?11:37
gatoxmandel, the code is a +1 for me (already there)...... now going back to try to finish this refactor11:38
mandelgatox, superb, did you manage to run the tests?11:39
mandelgatox, by setting the python path I mean11:39
mandelgatox, also, can I have a super simple review: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/reactor-new-line/+merge/11253511:39
gatoxmandel, no, i did the code review part11:40
gatoxmandel, about lines:11:42
gatox30-FilesystemMonitor = filesystem_notifications.FilesystemMonitor11:42
gatox31-_GeneralINotifyProcessor = filesystem_notifications._GeneralINotifyProcessor11:42
gatoxweren't we using that from somewhere else?11:42
gatoxor that definition was unnecesary?11:42
gatoxmandel, just curious......11:43
mandelgatox, it was diff line 911:46
gatoxyes, but this one is missing: FilesystemMonitor11:47
* gatox downloading and using meld11:47
gatoxah i see11:50
gatoxmandel, +111:51
mandelgatox, thx :)11:51
mandelgatox, I managed to get the daemon to be launched as root on the mac when you start the machine :)12:25
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mandelgatox, not sd but the fsevents daemon :)12:25
gatoxmandel, COOL!12:25
mandelgatox, so right now, the only thing we have to do in the packaing is copy a file to a location and tell launchd to start it, should not be too hard :)12:27
ralsinagood morning!12:29
mandelralsina, morning!12:29
gatoxralsina, hi12:30
mandelralsina, so before I go, I have a fist launchd integration where we pass the domain-socket as a parameter to the daemon (via xml) and have fsevents at boot time :)12:30
ralsinamandel: nice :-)12:30
mandelralsina, it means that the installer just has to copy the xml to the correct location and tell launchd to start using it12:30
mandelralsina, was probably the last piece we needed to have a first alpha release working12:31
mandelralsina, gatox, super simple MP that explains how to set you mac to have the daemon running at boot time: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-fsevents-daemon/start-boot/+merge/11255412:35
mandelmainly xml and fixing a small bug in the command line parsing12:35
ralsinamandel: will try it after my call that starts in a few minutes12:35
mandelralsina, ok, no problem :)12:35
mandelralsina, also, the reactor issue in control panel and sso should be fixed by https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/reactor-new-line/+merge/11253512:36
mandelralsina, so we might be able to see things running very soon :)12:36
ralsinamandel: wasn't mmcc doing that?12:36
ralsinadobey: did we ever release anything with versions 3.1 or 4.1? I am guessing no, right?12:38
mandelralsina, yes/no the issue was that the reactor was being dragged by the filesystem_notifications that was imported in platform12:39
ralsinamandel: ok12:39
ralsinamandel: that thing has been a pain in the ass since we started the qt migration, so good to finally see it fixed12:39
mandelralsina, probably an error when refactoring things in ubuntuone-client, no filesystem_notifications is not in the init and therefore the reactor is not installed12:39
ralsinamandel: instead of the monotonic pile of workarounds we had12:40
mandelralsina, well, it was 'fixed' and then we moved things and broke it hehe12:40
mandelI'm off to have lunch12:40
gatoxalecu, ping13:09
ralsinaargh, I am tempted to replace invalid characters in windows with "{{{NAMEOFINVALIDCHARACTER}}}"13:15
dobeyralsina: no, that's just the version we used in trunk at the time, so that nightlies/trunk are always newer13:19
ralsinadobey: we did put a 4.1 in trunk?13:19
dobeyralsina: 4.1 is currently the trunk version number, yes13:19
ralsinadobey: I thought trunk was 3.99.x also13:19
ralsinadobey: oh, ok, good to know we don have time-traveling users :-)13:19
dobeyman, being able to use only one monitor sucks :(13:21
gatoxalecu, are you here??13:40
alecuGatox: my isp seems to be fully broken.13:44
alecuI'm using my phone, but I hate typing here13:44
gatoxalecu, :S i just wanted to let you know that i fix the darwin3 branch....... and i added a comment regarding the EVENT_CODES13:45
alecu(SwiftKey makes it a bit more bearable, but still...)13:45
alecugatox: ack13:46
gatoxalecu, phones with actually qwerty keyboard FTW :P13:46
gatoxfor me is really difficult to type on screens13:46
mandelalecu, if you are going to use eng you can always dictate, which is a little better :)13:55
alecuMandel, do you use that to write code comments?13:59
alecuSo... Google works, YouTube works, the isp website works. The rest is dead.14:00
mandelalecu, hehehe no, I use my phone ;)14:00
alecuNet neutrality....?14:01
gatoxmandel, alecu so.... i've updated darwin3 and darwin4.... i review the comments and docstrings inn darwin4 to avoid the same problems as darwin3.... the only thing missing is the thing about EVENT_CODES that i answered to alecu in darwin3 (and reviews)14:02
mandelalecu, at least you can watch google IO :P14:06
mandelgatox, ok, if you are not too busy,  can we give reviews to mmcc?14:06
gatoxmandel, yes..... my main concern right now is to have reviews :P so i can do reviews too14:07
gatoxmandel, ok, i have mmcc branches here..... i'll start reviewing them14:08
mandelgatox, thx :)14:08
mandelgatox, I'll take a look at yours once I'm done with his14:09
gatoxmandel, can you review darwin4 before you leave to pycon please?14:09
gatoxmandel, thx!14:09
ralsinamandel: did you see the latest comment in bug #1017916 ?14:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1017916 in Ubuntu One Client "[windows] Does not download files with newlines (\n)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101791614:10
mandelralsina, no, looking14:11
ralsinaalecu: you are in telecentro, and it's dead, right?14:12
ralsinaalecu: want to push the team call for tomorrw? I'm ok with that.14:13
alecuralsina: +114:13
alecuralsina: you on telecentro too?14:14
mandelralsina, people must think I'm stupid and don't test code before I propose it.. the code uses {LINE SEPARATOR} and not {VERTICAL TAB}14:14
ralsinadobey: can I get a rereview of https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/u1db/cmake2/+merge/112392 before it starts getting conflicts? :-)14:15
alecuralsina: Google and YouTube work fine... perhaps we can hangout instead of mumbling.14:15
ralsinaalecu: let me comb myself first then!14:16
ralsinaalecu: and get on the plane with my fancy glasses ;-)14:16
dobeyralsina: sorry, new bzr breaks tarmac. made a branch to fix that real quick14:17
ralsinadobey: sure, that looks much more important indeed :-)14:17
ralsinathisfred, dobey, gatox, alecu, mmcc, briancurtin, mandel: anyone against doing a team hangout?14:18
ralsinaalso: anyone knows how to *do* a team hangout?14:18
dobeyralsina: i am against14:18
gatoxralsina, nop14:18
briancurtinno idea how, but i'm up for a try14:18
mandelralsina, that I don't know how to use the bloody thing.. but I don't mind14:18
thisfredno, I have no idea if it'll work with my firefox, but I'm willing to try14:18
ralsinadobey: any particular reason, and, are you more or less against it than against a team  mumble?14:18
ralsinaI will try to start one and invite you guys14:19
dobeyis the plug-in packaged in ubuntu?14:19
ralsinadobey: no idea14:19
gatoxralsina, oh.... i'll need the other computer..... thx again alienware14:19
dobeywell, not like i have video anyway, so whatever14:21
thisfredralsina: please invite my gmail address, not my canonical one14:23
thisfredI don't intend to use that on g+14:23
ralsinathisfred: which one is it?14:23
thisfredralsina: it's thisfred :)14:23
ralsinathisfred: ack!14:23
mandelralsina, I need to get 3g for that14:23
mandelralsina, give me 5 mins and then feel free to invite me14:24
* mandel runs for the 3g modem14:24
ralsinaanyway, it's not call time yet :-)14:24
ralsinathisfred: seems like I can't invite you for some reason14:25
ralsinaAhhhh can't invite you twice14:25
ralsinaanyway, this seems to work14:26
thisfredralsina: alecu invited me14:26
ralsinaahhh ok14:26
ralsinaanyway, let's do this again at call time ;-)14:26
* briancurtin -> quick coffee run14:27
thisfredare we using yield from everywhere already? It's been out for more than a day!14:31
thisfreddobey: new in python 3.314:32
dobeyit removes yield?14:32
thisfredit allows subgenerators14:32
thisfreddobey: no it introduces 'yield from'14:33
thisfredso you can yield from something else that is a generator.14:33
thisfredyield from range(10)14:34
thisfredfor instance14:34
mandelgatox, ralsina any idea why would the qt ui get blocked after calling load?14:38
gatoxmandel, that use to happend when we had issues with the backend14:38
gatoxlike being None or something14:38
ralsinamandel: blocked as in showing the overlay? Usually you have an exception to go with it14:39
mandelralsina, gatox, shows the overlay, does nothing after14:40
dobeyman people ask for the craziest things in software14:40
ralsinamandel: start it with --debug ande U1_DEBUG=1 and see if you get an exception in stderr14:40
mandelralsina, ok14:40
gatoxmandel, i've started to debug that.... it wasn't really clear where the problem was... but then i needed to keep working on the fsevents branches and i couldn't see what was going on14:41
dobeyit's like if they went to a chevy dealer and asked if they can have a mustang engine in a new corvette14:41
gatoxs/i've started/i started14:41
mandelgatox, no worries, is just that I want to see everything working in my machine14:41
mandelralsina, --debug where? for the bin/ubuntuone-control-panel-qt?14:41
ralsinamandel: yes14:42
mandelralsina, seems not to have that option14:42
ralsinamandel: then just setting U1_DEBUG14:42
gatoxmandel, i was doing it with U1_DEBUG14:42
dobeyi miss my other monitor14:44
mandelgatox, ralsina, so, it can be that the signal CredentialsNotFound is not received because the sso process is killed before is done something that does no happen on windows because it is never killed14:47
mandelgatox, ralsina nothing to do with the reactor etc..14:47
ralsinamandel: maybe we want it not to die on darwin either?14:48
mandelralsina, well as a quick fix yes, as the proper way to fix it is to keep track of the signals to send and wait 'til they are done14:49
mmcccatching up, just remembered to say hi. good morning folks14:50
ralsinamandel: yes14:50
gatoxmmcc, +1 to this one: v14:54
mandelgatox, I have concerns about that one14:54
mandelI don't think that is needed14:54
gatoxmandel, what?14:54
mandelgatox, the reactor branch from mmc14:54
gatoxmandel, why is not needed?14:54
mandelgatox, testing right now with contorl panel trunk but AFAIK the ui is shown with no problems14:55
mandelgatox, if it is not needed on windows, why is it on darwin?14:55
mmccmandel: if what is not needed?14:56
mandelmmcc, create the Qapp first14:56
mmccmandel, oh right - I have no idea. I'd love to figure it out, but in irc a couple of days ago alecu suggested that maybe we shouldn't poke the tiger by changing working code on windows14:57
mandelmmcc, what was the issue?14:58
mmccI believe that if we just did the same thing on windows as I do on darwin in that branch, it'll work fine. the tests with it that way work fine on windows...14:58
mmccthe issue was that, if you install the qt4reactor first thing, it will create a QCoreApp for you. this breaks UI on darwin, but not on windows, for some reason14:59
briancurtinralsina: so to prep for hangout, what should i be doing right now? do we have canonical plus accounts now? (i dont remember seeing one)14:59
mandelmmcc, but how did it break the ui on darwin?14:59
ralsinammcc, mandel, gatox, dobey, thisfred, alecu, let's hangout14:59
mmccmandel: shows the overlay then hangs, showing no animation. no gui events are sent15:00
dobeyhow many nerds does it take to make a g+ hangout work15:00
mandeldobey, too many..15:00
mmccoh yeah, hangout, what do i do? please invite michael.mccracken at gmail..?15:00
* mmcc puts on a shirt15:00
dobeyralsina: also, gmail address for me too, don't use canonical address on g+15:00
mandelmmcc, os, that is not due to that, is because there is an error from sso to control panel and gets frozen like that15:00
mandelmmcc, I'm looking on how to do a quick hack to fix that15:01
mmccmandel I'm pretty sure we're seeing different things15:01
mmccin my testing I do get the credentials_not_found back from sso, it hangs after that15:01
mmccwhen is this hangout? on the 9th green at 9?15:03
mandelmmcc, yo do get an message saying that, but you don't see the stderr from twisted telling you it did not manage to send the signal15:03
briancurtinmmcc: we're in there now15:03
ralsinammcc: didn't you get the invite?15:03
mandelralsina, or me15:03
dobeyfor varying definitions of "we"15:03
* mmcc not one of the cool kids15:03
mandelralsina, did you see my private msg?15:04
mmccralsina: no, I got no hangout15:04
ralsinamandel: yep, invited you15:04
ralsinammcc: so need an invite?15:04
mmccer, no hangout invite15:04
ralsinammcc: what's your preferred gmail?15:04
mmccralsina: yes plz, to my michael.mccracken@gmail15:04
mandelralsina, ok, installing plugin, few sec15:05
dobeyla la la15:06
* mmcc refreshes... 15:06
dobeywhere do these invite things show up?15:06
ralsinadobey: google + I suppose15:06
dobeyi thought g+ had circles15:06
dobeyand etc15:06
mmccdobey, on other people's computers, apparently15:06
ralsinadobey: yep, that too15:07
* dobey is too cool for hangouts15:07
briancurtinhangout is hilarious15:08
ralsinaI expect it to get boring soon15:08
* dobey already bored15:08
ralsinadobey, mmcc: are you having trouble?15:08
dobeydefine trouble15:09
dobeythere is no invite, and i don't see anyone else hanging out in my stream15:09
mmccralsina: I was, apparently there's some plugin that I am now downloading, but there was no message about that15:09
ralsinammcc: ok15:10
mmccI just randomly clicked on the "Hang out" button and then it told me15:10
ralsinadobey: I invited you on the canonical address. Should I use another one?15:10
dobeyyes, gmail15:10
ralsinadobey: which one?15:10
dobeysee /msg15:10
mmccokay, well I have the plugin now but still no invite15:12
briancurtin9th green at 915:12
* mmcc thinks he hears sprinklers15:12
ralsinammcc: I'll try again15:12
ralsinammcc: invited again15:13
gatoxmmcc, let me know when you add the test that mandel request here: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-1018614-darwin-raise/+merge/11249315:13
mmccwhere should I be looking again? it shows up as an email? or in google plus? right now, neither one has anything new15:14
dobeythe big problem is dev-tools15:19
dobeynice mandel15:37
briancurtin+1 to hangout from now on. better audio quality, optional video with monocles and scuba goggles, and mandel puppet show15:38
dobeyok, need to get lunch; bbiab15:42
mmcc briancurtin: agreed, it seemed to work pretty well. Not sure why it felt necessary to put "Michael McCracken hung out" on my timeline, shared only with myself... it's like, I was there, so...15:42
mmccanyway, mandel - I'll add tests for calling raise_ only on darwin. I agree with ralsina that it shouldn't hurt on other platforms but I don't know how to prove that :)15:43
mmccalso mandel, can you paste a U1_DEBUG listing from the credentials not found issue you're having?15:43
ralsinammcc: get it running on ubuntu and windows with raise_ and see it does the same thing as before15:43
briancurtinmmcc: it's for the record in case you need an alibi, just share yourself with the police and you're covered15:43
ralsinammcc: I can do ubuntu for you :-)15:44
ralsinammcc: just to avoid platform-specific behaviour if it's unnecessary15:44
mmccralsina: ok I'll test it all out. I have the code on both running vms15:44
briancurtinoh and FYI - it's my review day, i'll keep an eye on my inbox but feel free to directly ping me for reviews15:44
mmccralsina: I was mostly concerned with unintended other consequences15:44
ralsinaaaaaaand lunch!15:45
mmccbrb, garage door broke apparently?!15:46
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mandelmmcc, I'm looking closer to see if I get the bloody thing to run :)15:52
mandelmmcc, gatox, turns out that because we do set #!/usr/bin/python the stupid python path was wrong..15:53
__lucio__mandel, ralsina, in win32, files come as bytes or unicode or what?15:58
__lucio__verterok, ^^15:58
mandel__lucio__, withint sd everything is bytes, that is, we convert to unicode to talk with windows, get unicode, return bytes to the state machine15:59
mandeldoes it make sense?15:59
__lucio__mandel, so windows always returns unicode?15:59
__lucio__we make it bytes in utf-8, but for we always get unicode from the platform16:00
mandel__lucio__, we allways pass bytes in utf-8 outside ubuntuone/platform16:00
mandel__lucio__, in the windows modules that interact with windows we use unicode (since listdir(unicode) returns unicode and listdir(bytes) returns bytes)16:01
__lucio__mandel, so, we interact with windows using unicode? or bytes?16:01
mandel__lucio__, unicode16:02
__lucio__verterok, ^^16:02
mandelverterok, don't be shy, you can ask me ;-)16:02
mmccmandel, where was the shebang hurting us?16:05
mandelmmcc, in ubuntu-sso-login16:05
mandelmmcc, it gets launched by the ui so it uses the wrong python16:06
mandelmmcc, that solves some but not all the problems16:06
verterokmandel: and we algo get unicode from the win-inotify (don't remember the name of the module)?16:06
mandelverterok, yes, we get the path from the fs in unicode and we pass them to bytes utf-816:07
mmccmandel I'm still not sure what problems you're seeing. perhaps it's the different environment we use? I have been using the buildout python to test controlpanel, and the mac-env script from the buildout16:07
verterokmandel: kk16:07
mandelmmcc, have you tested sso without the --login parameter?16:07
mandelverterok, FYI is under ubuntuone/platform/filesystem_notifications/windows.py16:08
mmccmandel, I think so, let me check my notes16:11
verterokkk, thanks16:11
mandelmmcc, ok, just tested the thing, you are 120% right with the reactor..16:14
mandelmmcc, I think we should do it both on win and darwin and not just on darwin16:14
mandelon win there should be no problem16:15
mmccmandel, this is about installing qt4reactor after the uniqueapp init?16:15
mandelmmcc, yes16:15
mmccok, yeah I agree. in fact if anything it'll avoid creating an unused qcoreapp on windows...16:16
mmccI'd like alecu's opinion here, since he was the one who suggested leaving windows code alone16:17
mandelmmcc, AFAIK there is not diff and the correct way per docs of the qtreactor is the way you did it in darwin16:19
mmccok mandel, for the other issue, can you tell me exactly what you're doing? I don't understand why not having --login with sso makes a difference16:20
mandelmmcc, it calls the backend, just remove the --login param and try to run the thing to create a new account16:21
* gatox lunch16:21
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
mmccoh right, I have done that directly in the past, but doing that from control panel wasn't working for me last night16:21
mandelmmcc, is because of the python path16:22
mandelat least in my system16:23
mmccok, I think dobey's change broke this for us. I can't run sso directly anymore either16:25
mmccwhat I see: when I run bin/ubuntu-sso-login-qt, it gets to the point of trying to run ubuntu-sso-login and that dies, unable to import pyqt16:27
mmccit's the change in r97816:27
mandelmmcc, exactly, that was what I got, simple way to fix it is changing the path16:27
mandelmmcc, but is not the right way to do it :(16:27
mmccchanging the shebang line in teh script?16:27
mandelmmcc, yes16:28
mandelmmcc, if you do that it works + your reactor branch16:28
mandelmmcc, I'm even going to report a ui bug \o/16:28
mmccmandel, great.16:29
mmccok so alecu - any opinion on moving the qt4reactor after uniqueapp on windows too? it'll be a quick change, the tests you asked for yesterday are already there16:29
mandelmmcc, gatox_lunch first funny ui bug 101891816:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1018918 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "Scrolling shares on darwin does not work" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101891816:34
mandeloh and ralsina ^16:35
gatox_lunchmandel, juazzzzzzzzzzz16:35
mandelgatox_lunch, have you seen the video, wtf?16:35
gatox_lunchmandel, yes!16:35
gatox_lunchmandel, it seems that they were attached to a diff parent or something16:36
mandelgatox_lunch, also added bug 101891916:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1018919 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "There are blue highligts in the lists" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101891916:39
gatox_lunchmandel, yes, that's because we are not overriding the mac default for that16:40
gatox_lunchohhh issues that i enjoy more!!16:41
* gatox_lunch is happy to see these things16:41
mandelgatox_lunch, and this bug 101892116:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1018921 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "Selected checkboxes are blue in darwin" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101892116:41
alecuhello, all!!!!16:41
mmccwelcome back alecu16:42
mandelmmcc, I have tested the reactor branch from mmcc I think we have to do the same on windows16:42
mandelalecu, ^16:42
alecumandel: why so?16:42
mandelalecu, because is what the qtreactor does say16:43
mandelalecu, it was wrong that we did it this way, it just works on windows, the other way QApp before reactor is better and works in all platforms16:43
alecumandel: sorry, I'm catching up with the backlog. Where does it say so?16:43
alecumandel: if it does work fine on windows, let's move ahead.16:44
mandelalecu, let me get you the docs16:44
alecumandel: I had some issues with the qt4reactor initialization previously, so I was not convinced about touching those bits on windows.16:44
mandelalecu, well, we can leave it like that, I don't think is needed16:45
alecumandel, mmcc: but if we test all that IRL  under windows and it works fine, then let's move ahead.16:45
mandelanyway, if you look at the backlog, is working :)16:45
alecumandel: awesome then.16:45
mandelalecu, other more important issue is the problem with the python path, but is just hurting use because we use the brew one16:45
alecumandel: what's the issue with the windows path?16:46
alecumandel: I saw some relative imports with ../16:46
mandelalecu, is in shebangs paths that are broken, at least for use with the python buildout16:47
mandelalecu, points to /usr/bin/python and we use /usr/local/python, I think is fixable if we execute the scripts using python path and not just path16:48
mandelalecu, but is a minor PITA for developers, the packaged version should work ok16:48
alecumandel: oh, I see. I don't mind using "python bin/script" at all.16:49
alecuso yeah: very minor pita. A very small sandwich you'll make with that pita.16:49
mandelalecu, hehe16:49
mandelalecu, so, all the rest works :)16:50
mandelall, shares, details, sso, sd work16:50
mandelwe might have some bugs when we start sd (I cought an already running error) but seems that we just have packaging left!16:50
mmccmandel, how are you editing the path to the backend scripts now? where are you adding 'python' exactly?16:51
mmccmandel is such an optimist :)16:51
mandelmmcc, I just changed the shebang, the smart way would be to tell the runner to use python + path and not just path and you are sorted16:52
mandelmmcc, is latet here, so I won't be able to fix that yet I'll add a bug :)16:52
mandelmmcc, alecu bug 101892416:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1018924 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "Scripts are not ran because the shebang points to the wrong path" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101892416:57
mmccmandel: ok, add the bug and assign me, I'll do it16:57
dobeyplease do not change those back to /usr/bin/env16:57
dobeythey cannot be that16:58
mmccdobey we're not going to do that.16:58
mmccthe idea was to change the code that invokes them to say 'python backend-bin'16:58
mandeldobey, that wont be touched, is the way we launch them :)16:59
mmccalthough it needs some thought, since of course it's different when packaged and I want to be sure it does the right thing on windows16:59
mandelmmcc, indeed, you are the one that will have to deal with it :)17:00
dobeymandel: what launches them?17:00
mandeldobey, they are subprocess from control panel and sso, lets make the call as python script and not script and is fixed17:01
mandeldobey, the a rnner code somewhere in sso-utils17:01
mmccmandel, and that runner code is only used on windows and darwin right?17:02
dobeycalling "python script" from subprocess is nasty17:02
dobeyand it will break ubuntu17:02
mmccit's the protocol buffer stuff17:02
mandelmmcc, yes17:02
mmccso won't break linux17:02
mandeldobey, it wont break ubuntu it will just be done in darwin17:03
dobeyperspective broker17:03
mmccthanks dobey, d'oh17:03
mandelmmcc, in windows we call the .exe so we have to do something similar17:03
dobeywhich reminds me17:03
dobeybriancurtin: we can't just simply switch to nose or something else, for running the tests. we're not just using plain trial, but u1trial which does a bunch of extra stuff we need for various tests17:04
briancurtinso we port u1trial or something as well17:05
dobeyi should break up the dirspec stuff i was doing into smaller branches.17:07
dobeywell, it's small as-is, but doesn't work exactly on both 2 and 3, and is being really annoying17:07
mmccmandel - ok to set status to approved on that reactor reordering mp? you +1ed but left it17:10
mandelmmcc, before I go, I have this for review: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-fsevents-daemon/start-boot/+merge/11255417:10
mandelmmcc, let me check17:12
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
mandelmmcc, yes, I just approved in case you wanted to make more changes17:12
mmccmandel, ah ok. I have no other changes17:12
mandelmmcc, usually the global approve is done by the person that proposes the mp, just in case :)17:13
mandelmmcc, feel free to land it17:13
mmccmandel, oh i didn't know that. someone told me it was usually the 2nd approver...17:13
mmccmandel your branch looks fine but i can't tell what changed in main.m. are my eyes failing me?17:13
mandelmmcc, optional to required argument17:14
mandelmmcc, and no argument for help17:14
mmccyeah i just noticed that but what about line 80 of the diff?17:14
* mmcc needs to get better sleep17:14
mandelmmcc, typo!17:15
mmccah there it is! ok thanks17:15
mmccmandel +117:16
mandelok, then EOD for me, I'll me off next week but feel free to ask for help over twitter or if I'm here :)17:16
mandelyou might be ignored :P17:17
gatoxmandel, go away!17:18
* mandel goes to pack etc..17:18
mmccok mandel have a great trip.17:18
* mmcc couldn't think of a joke about mandel 'meing' off17:19
mandelmmcc, hehe17:19
mandelstupid fingers :P17:19
gatoxalecu, i don't know if you have a  decent internet connection now... but i've submitted the changes of the events code to darwin3 already :D17:22
alecugatox: great17:26
alecugatox: I do. Telecentro got their issues sorted up.17:26
gatoxalecu, good for you!! \o/17:27
dobeyralsina: so how do i install stuff to a destdir, under the right prefix, using cmake?17:53
ralsinadobey: I am doing the install now in the next branch17:55
ralsinashould be ready a bit after the previous one merges17:55
dobeyah ok; so what are the limits of what this branch does exactly?17:56
dobeyit just builds and that's it?17:56
ralsinadobey: yep, it builds and runs tests17:57
ralsinadobey: trying not to do things like installing before I knew what the heck to install ;-)17:58
dobeyralsina: any specific reason to build the static lib by default instead of the shlib?17:59
ralsinadobey: it's easier to run the tests in place17:59
* dobey hugs libtool18:00
ralsinadobey: hehe, it sure needs loving :-)18:00
dobeyhow do you dist a tarball with cmake?18:02
ralsinadobey: well, I could use cpack18:05
ralsinadobey: I suspect this is going to be annoying to package in that there is a library and a python package18:07
dobeyit's not annoying with autotools18:07
dobeyit's quite simple18:07
ralsinadobey: I am sure it is18:08
ralsinaI wonder why the heck is setup.py installing u1todo when it's not in the package list18:13
dobeydon't know18:17
ralsinadobey: lp:~ralsina/u1db/cmake3 supports "make install", "make install-python" and "make package" that creates a tarball18:17
ralsinayou need to do "make install-python package" if you want a package that has both the library and the python package18:18
ralsinaor can do python setup.py install to just install the python stuff18:18
dobeythat seems weird18:19
ralsinadobey: the logical way to install a python package is by using setup.py18:20
ralsinathe logical way to install a C library is make install18:20
ralsinathis is just both things in the same folder18:20
dobeyi don't see what installing has to do with making a tarblal distribution of the source18:20
ralsinamake package OTOH is a gross hack I will remove soonish ;-)18:20
dobeyand mixing build systems is always pain18:21
dobeythe logical way to install anything is to use a single system to do installation (which should be a system which can also do uninstallation)18:21
ralsinadobey: it's two completely separate things. The only reason they are together AFAICS is because the tests for the C library run from python18:22
dobeywell, it's more the tests for the python running against the C library18:23
dobeyand because they are part of the same tree18:23
ralsinayes, but there is no reason why the C library could not be in a separate tree, really. It's all a bit promiscuous.18:23
ralsinaSo to install the library: "cmake . && make && make install" is enough and works18:24
ralsinaAnd for the python package, "python setup.py install" is enough and works18:24
dobeywhy does make install not install both?18:25
ralsinaAnd there is a tricky "make check" that builds both and runs the tests for both and installs nothing18:25
ralsinadobey: because they will not be the same package?18:25
dobeyyes they will?18:25
ralsinadobey: why?18:25
dobeywhat do you mean by "package" there?18:25
ralsinathe python stuff works just fine with no C18:25
ralsinadebian package18:26
ralsinathe python package doesn't use the C library at all18:26
ralsinaand viceversa18:26
dobeybinary package is irrelevant. if i grab a tarball, and build and install it, it should install everything18:26
dobeynot half the stuff18:26
ralsinaI can make it do that, probably18:26
dobeyactually, setup.py install probably does install the cython extension18:26
ralsinabut why would someone that only wants the C stuff install the python stuff and viceversa18:26
ralsinano it doesn't18:27
dobeythough it would be really nice if it didn't18:27
dobeyit used to18:27
ralsinaI made it not do it18:27
dobeythen they can install the libu1db-1.0-1 package from ubuntu or whatever18:27
ralsinadobey: installing both together makes as much sense as installing your vala and the js implementation together18:27
dobeyif they were in the same tree, it would make perfect sense18:28
ralsinawe have divergent understandings of "perfect" :-)18:28
ralsinaBut sure, I'll give it a shot18:29
dobeyit's like pulling the entire mozilla tree, to install libnss3.so18:29
ralsinain a much smaller scale of course18:29
dobeyand besides, both the C and python of u1db are incredibly tiny18:29
ralsinaif it wasn't for the weird testing dependency, they belong in separate tress, I suspect18:29
dobeyi don't know about that. it's good that they're in the same tree18:30
dobeyit makes it easier to ensure consistency18:30
ralsinaok, back to making it do what we want18:31
dobeyand u1db is small enough that it probably won't hit the same issues that ubuntuone-client did/does in this regard18:31
dobeyoh right18:31
* dobey wonders if alpha2 image is done18:33
ralsinadobey: does a tarball like https://pastebin.canonical.com/69104/ after "cmake . && make && make package" look reasonable?18:44
ralsinadobey: there are a bunch of missing bits in the setup.py which cause READMEs and license files not to be installed yet18:45
dobeyralsina: no, that's installed files, not the source tree18:48
dobeytarball needs to be roughly equiv to what setup.py sdist does for python, and make dist does in autotools18:49
ralsinadobey: yes. To get a tarball of the sources, just tarball the sources. Or am I missing something?18:49
* ralsina has yet to see a sdist that creates something that later builds a package though18:49
ralsinadobey: 99.99% of the sdists in python are broken18:50
dobey100% of ours are not?18:50
ralsinadobey: Trust you in that, have not checked!18:50
dobeyralsina: well, we'd be hard pressed to have any users at all on ubuntu, if it didn't work :)18:51
ralsinadobey: that should be a tarball with the generated Makefiles in it, right?18:51
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
dobeyi think so, but i don't know what the standard faire for cmake is18:51
ralsinadobey: ok, will research18:52
dobeyfor autotools it includes Makefile.in files and configure script, which builds the Makefiles18:52
dobeyi think some of the unity stuff uses cmake18:53
dobeyso maybe some of those guys have a remote idea about it18:53
ralsinafound a recipe for it18:56
ralsinaSo, in autotools it's the post-autogen status?18:56
ralsinathere, make dist produces this: https://pastebin.canonical.com/69105/18:59
ralsinaready for cmake && make18:59
gatoxpeople (specially ralsina ) i need to leave a little bit early today, it's my mother birthday, and she is not living at 3000km anymore, so i need to buy a gift :P19:17
ralsinagatox: pollerudo19:17
gatoxralsina, :(19:17
ralsinagatox: sure man :)19:17
ralsinagatox: go ahead, I would do the same thing :-)19:18
gatoxralsina, i don't buy gift since 6 years ago...... so........ jejej19:18
gatoxit has to be kind of special19:18
ralsinaso, she's getting a car, right?19:18
gatoxralsina, yes, this one: http://www.collectobil.com/images/items/3739.jpg19:18
ralsinago man, moms always come first19:19
gatoxok.... i'm off see you tomorrow!19:19
beunoclearly we don't have the same mothers19:19
ralsinabeuno: sure bro!19:20
* ralsina tries to say it like Desmond from lost19:20
beunosometimes I wonder how we haven't filled the internet yet19:22
dobeyyou should start all your comments on reddit that way19:22
dobey"Sorry brotha, but you're an idiot."19:22
ralsinathe accent just doesn't translate19:23
ralsinamaybe in italics... Sorry *brotha* ...19:23
beunoI think you need an h in there, brohtha19:24
ralsinabeuno: we have not filled the internet because we keep making it larger, of course. Beware of the upcoming internet real estate bubble when people realize we have much more storage than we really need.19:27
dobeybrothah more likely19:27
beunothere you go, dobey solved it19:28
dobeyyay irish accents19:29
ralsinadesmond was a scotsman19:30
ralsinaalthough all the time traveling may have altered his accent. Or all the nosebleeding.19:30
ralsinathe guy from riveshaft was the token irishman, IIRC19:31
ralsinaor perhaps the token hobbit19:31
alecuralsina: there's another hobbit that has of lately turned into a special agent. A bear one.19:37
ralsinareally? he does the voices?19:37
ralsinayes he does!19:38
dobeyian holm?19:38
ralsinaI never got over Sean Astin appearing as a steroid user in 50 first dates19:39
ralsinadobey: Sean Astin19:39
* ralsina imagines Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan in hobbitware singing "(You All) Everybody"19:41
dobeyoh, Martin Freeman is Bilbo in the hobbit19:41
briancurtinralsina: looks like 3.0.2 is updated on the web server19:42
ralsinaMorgan Freeman would be much more fun19:43
alecudobey: he does look like a younger Iam Holm, though.19:43
dobeyalecu: indeed, if slightly taller19:44
mmccralsina, briancurtin a quick review for you guys: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix-1018614-darwin-raise/+merge/11249319:44
ralsinammcc: got it!19:44
briancurtinmmcc: looking in a min19:45
alecudobey: what are the chances of having a tarmac for python3 running a twisted from a non-official bitbucket branch?19:47
alecuperhaps we can do it on a jenkins instance instead, and it would be safer.19:47
ralsinaalecu: I am intrigued by your request ;-)19:47
alecuralsina: I've just seen python3 running the trial from https://bitbucket.org/pitrou/t3k19:48
dobeyalecu: trial from there works, with reactors and everything?19:48
alecuralsina, dobey: that means that *some* reactor is working too19:48
dobeyi have a local branch of twisted with trial that does --help, but plug-ins aren't getting loaded19:49
alecuFAILED (skips=1483, expectedFailures=14, failures=69, errors=1226, successes=4808)19:49
ralsinahis irst milestone "almost done" includes trial19:49
briancurtinmmcc: approved that branch. it just needs mandel's approval after his Needs Fixing20:23
mmcc briancurtin: thanks. I guess it can wait until he gets back. seems unlikely to acquire conflicts...20:32
ralsinammcc: my real monocle is at the monocle-polisher's shop, sadly.20:34
mmccralsina: hah. hard to find a good monocle polisher these days. they always want to use that synthetic monocole polish20:39
dobeyyeah, i only ever use stuff made from dead stuff20:41
dobeyralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-infrastructure/tarmac-tweaks/+merge/112648 <- is that correct?20:47
ralsinammcc: yeah, and polishing with one's foulard is just not the same20:47
ralsinadobey: looking20:47
ralsinadobey: yep20:48
* mmcc looks up foulard20:48
dobeyralsina: cool. feel free to approve it then :)20:48
mmccralsina: ah, see if you'd said cravat I would've known. foulard is just too fancy for me.20:49
ralsinammcc: je suis francophile20:49
ralsinadobey: I am EODing in a bit, so after that one merges can you set cmake2 to approved?20:50
dobeyralsina: well, after the tarmac instance gets updated with the new config20:51
ralsinadobey: sure20:51
ralsinadobey: CMake claims to be able to build .deb packages on its own but I suspect without tweaking the quality will not be acceptable20:53
ralsinadobey: but it does accept tweaking20:53
dobeyit's possible with autotools too, but i don't want to go there20:58
ralsinadobey: guessed as much, those things are usually not very good21:06
* dobey wonders what status to set for bug #101901321:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1019013 in Ubuntu One Client "Client dont save the disconnect " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101901321:12
mmccanyone know if there's a builtin constant for environment variable separators? ie, ':' on unix and ';' on win32? obviously it's simple to do myself, but so is os.path.sep and we have that convenience...21:22
briancurtinos.pathsep is all i'm familiar with21:23
briancurtin(os.path.sep is the separator between folders, e.g, '\\' on win)21:23
mmccyeah, me too. a quick search thru os didn't show anything21:23
dobeyyeah, os.pathsep21:26
ralsinaos.pathsep and os.path.sep ... someone did not think that very clearly.21:32
ralsinainstead of os.path.sep use os.sep :-)21:32
mmccpathsep could have been envsep, maybe21:33
ralsinaI always used it as os.sep. Now that I know about os.path.sep I am going to have to check every time I see os.pathsep21:39
alecumandel: if you have not left for pycon, please abstain in this review: https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntu-sso-client/py3-winreg/+merge/11172521:53
alecubriancurtin: pylint coughed a few errors in: https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntu-sso-client/py3-urllib/+merge/11242922:01
alecubriancurtin: also, this one breaks in 2.7: https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntu-sso-client/py3-StringIO/+merge/11244322:07
dobeyah crap22:08
dobeyit has to be "cmake ." not "cmake"22:08
alecubriancurtin: 3 approves, 2 needfixins22:09
ralsinadobey: yeah, sorry :-(22:10
ralsinajust noticed it22:10
briancurtinalecu: my mistake on the stringio branch, i probably ran it then looked in another window since i have 100 command prompts...getting out of hand22:14
briancurtinwindows pylint didnt complain about those lint issues you mentioned :/ that sucks, easy to fix though22:15
briancurtinor rather, it complained about the ones that i fixed with disable/enable comments (until i ended up fixing them). seems like i have to apply those everywhere22:16
dobeyok, i need to run22:19
alecubye dobey22:19
alecubriancurtin: ack22:19
dobeyralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-infrastructure/tarmac-tweaks/+merge/112662 to fix the cmake to cmake .22:20
dobeyhave a good evening all. i'll finish up the sso sru in the am22:20
briancurtini'm heading out as well. see everyone tomorrow22:22
mmccok, going for dinner now. will be back again later tonight.22:34
* alecu leaves as well...22:56
alecubye all!22:57

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