jparktonis there a way to connect to my launchpad accout with eclipse ide?01:00
jparktonis there a way to connect to my launchpad account with eclipse ide?01:06
lifelessjparkton: if you install eclipse-qbzr you can drive bzr operations from within eclipse. I'm not aware of bugtracker integration yet.01:20
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michaelhHey, my bzr pushes seems to be taking a long time today.  Any ideas?04:21
mwhudsonmichaelh: move to london04:24
lifelessmichaelh: just checked and no known load issues.04:24
michaelhmwhudson: ah, I see you're channeling lifeless there04:24
lifelessman, I work so hard to change my reputation04:25
lifelessmichaelh: are you perhaps pushing new branches ?04:25
michaelhbzr push lp:~michaelh1/gcc-linaro/core-adddi has been running at ~2kB/s for ~45 minutes.  It's been like that for the afternoon with multiple pushes.04:25
michaelh~50 line patch, stacked branch, ~9 MB total which is mainly the tree/keys.04:26
michaelhPing is the normal 300 ms.  It normally goes up at ~100 kB/s.04:26
lifelessI don't believe we've changed anything in this area recently.04:29
michaelhHmm.  I'll see if it's the same tomorrow.  I wonder if it's bzr 2.5.1 related.04:31
mwhudsonmichaelh: i just pushed a new launchpad branch with a simple change, it went fairly quickly and peaked at 300 odd kB/s04:34
michaelhtcpdump suggests quite a bit of packet loss against crowberry04:35
michaelhmwhudson: bzr --version?04:35
mwhudsonmichaelh: 2.5.104:36
spmmichaelh: mtr giving any indications of where the packet loss is?04:37
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sbtehi, can anybody explain to me what goes wrong here: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/109138438/emesene-team-emesene-master.log08:49
jelmerhi sbte08:49
jelmersbte: that looks like a successful import08:49
sbtejelmer, it isn't08:49
sbteif you look here https://code.launchpad.net/~emesene-team/emesene/master it says partial succes08:50
sbteand it didn't import the latest commits08:50
jelmerit's probably better to use the git:// URL - I've updated it08:52
sbtejelmer, ok thanks08:53
sbtewe'll see08:53
sbtejelmer, that totally worked, thanks08:54
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mterryI'm having troubles using the Python LP API.  It's returning what seems to be bogus values in the source package publishing history object.  https://api.launchpad.net/1.0.html#source_package_publishing_history15:09
mterrySpecifically, a source is saying there aren't any binaries associated with it.15:09
mterryOh, hm.  Maybe because getBinaries isn't part of the official API and getPublishedBinaries is returning [] because the quantal version is dep-waited15:11
mterryIs there a way to see all binaries that a source has, regardless of whether they are published or not?15:13
dobeymterry: hrmm, if it's dep-wait, it probably hasn't built yet, and i don't think lp knows about binaries until they are built, right?15:18
mterrydobey, bummer15:20
dobeymterry: yeah and i'm not sure there's an easy way to get the contents of debian/control(.in) to search for "Package:" lines in15:21
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RobinJcan anyone help me? i can't get my ppa to build16:19
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LasallRobinJ: which ppa?16:25
RobinJjust hi retry, lets see what it does16:27
Lasallit seems to me you have missed some dependencies, but I'm not sure if thats the right channel for that16:29
czajkowskijelmer: vila mgz can you help RobinJ16:31
vilaczajkowski: EOD here and dentist appointment :-}16:36
czajkowskivila: k16:37
jelmerczajkowski: I'll have a look16:38
jelmerRobinJ: that build seems to be happening - what's wrong with it?16:38
RobinJjelmer; i hit retry, that's why. i'll see what it does this time16:39
Lasallits a packaging issue, you have missed dependencies RobinJ16:40
RobinJyeah, but how do i figure out which?16:41
LasallRobinJ: http://askubuntu.com/questions/152685/quickly-packaging-errors16:45
RobinJLasall; quickly package works though16:45
LasallRobinJ: your package builds on my local system, but with pbuilder precise i386 it fails with same error as launchpad builder16:46
RobinJ"I figured out the reason:16:47
RobinJTurns out, Quickly scans your python code to generate a list of dependencies. If you have half-written modules with syntax errors, quickly package will fail (even if you haven't imported the offending modules anywhere.)"16:47
RobinJthat's not really something i can act upon... as i don't have a clue what it means16:47
Lasallyou got it RobinJ ?17:28
RobinJi don't have  clue which dependencies it's talking about17:28
Lasallactually it compiled successfully in sid environment17:28
LasallI added libglib2.0-bin as build dependency17:29
Lasall(for glib-compile-schemes)17:29
RobinJi already did that :/17:29
RobinJor i thought i did17:29
Lasallit's working in precise too here17:29
jelmerLasall: it should be glib-compile-schemas, is that what you're using?17:30
RobinJi see the problem....17:30
jelmer(rather than glib-compile-schemes)17:30
Lasallsry I can't remember those names, thx jelmer :)17:30
LasallRobinJ: but you should check lintian warnings, there are many...17:30
RobinJi've using quickly to push it to my ppa, and quickly simply overwrited the debian/control file17:31
Lasall… never used quickly17:31
RobinJLasall; i'd reommend you keep it that way17:31
RobinJit's nothing but trouble17:31
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RobinJLasall; it's built18:57
RobinJonly... E: Unable to locate package gtkreddit18:57
LasallRobinJ:  Note: Some binary packages for this source are not yet published in the repository.18:59
Lasallit's currently uploading18:59
RobinJit has just finished building, and finished uploading an hour ago19:00
LasallRobinJ: should be there now19:02
dobeyRobinJ: it takes time between build complete, and being published.19:05
RobinJwhat is this garbage >.<19:07
RobinJinstalled it from my ppa, now it doesnt launch19:08
RobinJrobin@RobinJ:~$ /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/gtkreddit/bin/gtkreddit19:08
RobinJTraceback (most recent call last):19:08
RobinJ  File "/opt/extras.ubuntu.com/gtkreddit/bin/gtkreddit", line 45, in <module>19:08
RobinJ    import gtkreddit19:08
RobinJ  File "/opt/extras.ubuntu.com/gtkreddit/gtkreddit/__init__.py", line 26, in <module>19:08
RobinJ    from gtkreddit import GtkredditWindow19:08
RobinJ  File "/opt/extras.ubuntu.com/gtkreddit/gtkreddit/GtkredditWindow.py", line 26, in <module>19:08
RobinJ    gettext.textdomain ('gtkreddit')19:08
RobinJNameError: name 'gettext' is not defined19:08
LasallRobinJ: please use nopaste service for terminal output19:09
dobeyapparently it is trying to use gettext without first importing it19:09
RobinJi didnt put that there19:09
dobeyperhaps you should be asking in #quickly most of these questions. :)19:10
RobinJfrom gettext import gettext as _19:10
RobinJgettext.textdomain ('gtkreddit')19:10
RobinJi don't see what the problem is19:10
dobeythe problem is it isn't doing "import gettext"19:11
dobeyonly _ is defined in that context19:11
dobeybut these questions aren't really related to launchpad.19:12
RobinJSuccessfully uploaded packages.19:16
RobinJ... why doesn't this thing appear in my build list19:21
RobinJah there it is19:21
RobinJbuild time just keeps increasing...19:22
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dobeyRobinJ: yes, freely available shared resources are not always instantaneous19:31
RobinJdobey; didn't say it's unbearable, but just have limited time at the moment >;<19:31
LasallRobinJ: you should give pbuilder a try!19:32
Lasalllook in ubuntu wiki :P19:33
RobinJnah why bother :p it'll be at least another month before i ever need python or quickly again19:33
leo-unglaubhey, i have a short question about launchpad recipies20:04
leo-unglaubis it possible to to an nest or nest-part from an git repository?20:05
jelmerleo-unglaub: hi20:05
jelmerleo-unglaub: yes; you'll have to register a code import for that git repository first though20:05
leo-unglaubhmm, also not just nest-part packaging git:git.github.con/some-person debian debian20:06
jelmerleo-unglaub: no, it has to be a branch on launchpad20:10
leo-unglaubso i have to pull down the git repo on my disc into an bzr project and push there??20:11
jelmerleo-unglaub: no, you can have launchpad import the git repository into a bzr branch for you automatically20:11
leo-unglaubjelmer: where is this option, i don't find this on my code site20:12
leo-unglaubwhere is this button?20:12
jelmerleo-unglaub: if you go to https://code.launchpad.net/YOURPROJECT, there will be a "Import a branch" link20:13
leo-unglaubah, so ist must be on a project?20:14
leo-unglaubnot possible on +junk =20:14
jelmerleo-unglaub: no, not possible on +junk20:15
jelmerI don't think recipes are possible on +junk either20:15
leo-unglaubrecipies are..20:16
leo-unglaubthat was my confusion20:16
leo-unglaubis there a sandbox?20:16
leo-unglaubso i can try the git import?20:16
leo-unglaubor do i have to create a real projct for trying?20:17
jelmerleo-unglaub: you'd have to create a real project; alternatively, you can try on staging.launchpad.net, which can be used as a sandbox (and changes there are regularly discarded)20:19
leo-unglaubjelmer: thank you !20:19
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leo-unglaubjelmer: one more question. how often is lp checking the git repos for updates?20:22
jelmerleo-unglaub: yes20:22
leo-unglauband is lp doing a merge or an import? so if i modify some imported files, are there merges that run? or will lp override all changes i do to the imported repo?20:24
dobeyleo-unglaub: you shouldn't try to make changes to the bzr repo if it's an import from an external source. the changes should happen on the external source20:25
leo-unglaubhmmm, okay20:26
leo-unglaubso the import from githup into one repo on lp, and another lp for the debian directory and than merge in the recipy?20:26
achianghello, i have a private LP project and i set the contact email to a mailman mailing list. now, when people submit merge proposals, i have to approve each mail on the list due to: "Reason:  Message has implicit destination"20:28
achianghow can i fix this?20:29
dobeyleo-unglaub: yes20:29
dobeyleo-unglaub: well, nest probably is easier20:30
leo-unglaubhmm, right..20:30
leo-unglaubdobey: thanks, i think now i got it :)20:30
achiangnm, i found a mailman option to turn off Bcc: filtering20:39
andi2hi, set recipe to be build for precise and quantal, then I get error: "File gupnp_0.18.3-2~68~precise1.tar.gz already exists in dev, but uploaded version has different contents". I'm not sure how to solve it..., could you help?20:44
RobinJwhy the hell does launchpad keep messing with my code?22:09
jelmerRobinJ: how do you mean?22:09
RobinJon my system the app works fine. i push it to the ppa, wait for 2 hours, and install it from the ppa. i try to launch it, and the thing crashes because launchpad insists on removing `import gettext`22:10
lifelessRobinJ: Launchpad doesn't know how to do that.22:12
lifelessRobinJ: there must be something else going on.22:12
RobinJwhatever it is, it's driving me nuts22:12
lifelessRobinJ: such as, perhaps you haven't commited before you pushed to bzr. (If you're using bzr).22:12
lifelessperhaps we could have a look, if you tell us the PPA?22:12
RobinJurgh what a nickname. seems like i'm insulting someone every time i use it :p22:20
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lifelesssorry, got distracted22:23
lifelesslooking now22:24
lifelessRobinJ: which import gettext is missing ?22:25
RobinJthe one in gtkreddit/Gtkthingy....py22:26
RobinJon launchpad it seems to be there, but the files it installs from the ppa don't have it$22:26
lifelessRobinJ: its commented out in your upload22:28
lifelessRobinJ: how are you building this - what commands do you run to upload it and build it ?22:28
lifelessRobinJ: I downloaded the the package source from https://launchpad.net/~robinj/+archive/gtkreddit/+packages22:33
lifelessgtkreddit_12.07.7ubuntu4.tar.gz (540.8 KiB)22:33
lifelessand looked in there, where gtkreddit/GtkredditWindow.py has #import gettext22:34
RobinJlifeless; in my new upload, it is22:35
RobinJlifeless; dput22:35
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lifelesswhat version is your new upload ?22:36
RobinJlifeless; this is my new attempt. just comment everything out that needs that line22:36
RobinJubuntu4, i think22:36
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lifelessthats the one I downloaded22:36
RobinJyeah, it'd ubuntu3 i'm talking bout22:36
RobinJubuntu4 still needs to be built and i hope this will work22:36
lifelessso in ubuntu422:36
lifelessyou have:22:36
lifeless#import gettext22:36
lifeless#from gettext import gettext as _22:36
lifeless#gettext.textdomain ('gtkreddit')22:36
lifelessimport gettext22:37
lifelessis that what you expect?22:37
RobinJit should just have import gettext at the top, but it doesnt. so in ubuntu4 i'll just try to comment everything out that has to do with it22:38
RobinJStart in 10 minutes << that's what it said 15 minutes ago too...22:41
lifelessyou can check what is going to be built before you upload it22:46
lifelessjust look inside the tar file that would be uploaded22:46
StevenKRobinJ: 'Start in 10 minutes' is an estimate. There is a queue for things to be built.22:47
RobinJi know22:47
RobinJbut the time just keeps increasing22:47
StevenKThen people keep uploading things that are higher priority than your build. :-/22:48
lifelessRobinJ: so, my suggestion is to examine it locally, You're uploading things that are broken. It will save you time.22:48
RobinJi'm not uploading things that are broken, as they run fine locally22:49
RobinJyay it's building22:50
RobinJis this site trying to piss me off?22:57
RobinJNote: Some binary packages for this source are not yet published in the repository.22:57
StevenKThe source has been built, it now has to be processed. It is not an instant process.22:57
RobinJi know22:58
RobinJit's a terribly slow one22:58
lifelessit's not designed as a build-test-debug cycle tool; its designed for publishing software. You're using it to debug a problem that is demonstratable locally, by examining the tarball that dput uploads.22:59
lifelessyou can use pbuilder, or debuild to build-test locally as well.22:59
lifelessWe would love it to be faster and lower latency22:59
RobinJthe problem does not exist locally23:00
lifelesshow are you testing locally ?23:00
RobinJ`quickly run`23:03
lifelessso, that doesn't test the same thing I described23:07
lifelessI described building a package from the sourcepackage that you have been uploading with dput.23:07
lifelessbecause you are testing with a different mechanism, its possible you will see things work that the package approach won't see work.23:08
RobinJcan someone try installing gtkreddit from ppa:robinj/gtkreddit?23:11
RobinJit works! hell yeah!23:13

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