ochosiahoi everyone08:03
ochosimadnick: ping08:36
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skratool_hi all, who's responsible for icon themes? (elementary xubuntu dark)12:06
mr_pouit(fyi, elementaryXubuntu is obsolete, you should use elementary-xfce or elementary-xfce-dark)12:23
mr_pouityou can file a bug on launchpad at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-artwork12:24
mr_pouitif you only want to discuss about the theme, here is fine (ochosi usually takes care of the theme, and he's in this chan)12:24
ochosiskratool_: me12:39
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knomemörhh. can somebody shed some light into FF version numbering17:49
knomewhat is 13?17:49
knomeis 3 newer or older than 13?17:49
knomeoh, it's older17:49
knomeoh but17:50
knomewhat is 3.7?17:50
davmor2knome: it used to be that it went 3.1 3.2 etc now it's every 6 weeks a new version and the point releases are just important fixes so 13 is the current17:55
davmor2knome: everything else is old17:55
davmor2knome: basically they are following that release system used by chrome in effect17:56
knomeaha, kthx17:56
knomedo you happen to know if there's an extension for 13 that enables colors for bookmarks, ala mail tags in TB?17:56
knomelooks like there was one for 3 but.. yeah, that's 317:57
davmor2knome: just use the add ons search17:58
knomei did, but i'm not positive there is any17:58
davmor2colourfullytabs 12.417:59
davmor2ah sorry you want bookmarks17:59
knomewhen i say bookmarks i mean bookmarks! ;)17:59
davmor2knome: so it doesn't look like it :( sorry18:01
knomeyeah, np18:01
knomenot your fault.. :)18:01

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