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MokmeisterHello everybody!19:56
Victor9098Huzzah all!19:57
MokmeisterHello Victor909819:58
MokmeisterHi ebel19:58
MokmeisterMeeting at 9?19:59
Victor9098That is the plan19:59
ebelwe'll hang on a few mins, see who turns up19:59
MokmeisterGood good19:59
ebelagenda is here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/441/detail/20:00
Victor9098Bother, forget it was live UUPC night.  Will get the podcast tomorrow20:00
Victor9098Ubuntu UK Podcast20:01
Victor9098If you have not listened to them before I highly recommend. The website is http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/ all the past shows are there20:02
MokmeisterYeah, will check it out, thanks.20:03
ebeli've heard of it, but haven't listened to ti20:04
ebelI used to listen to LugRadio at lot. that was good20:04
Victor9098I have only listened to Lug a few times, and tried getting into the Linux Outlaws but did not take20:04
MokmeisterI've only ever listened to stuff hap hazardly, never really followed any of these things20:05
Victor9098But UUPC every two weeks and Full Circle Magazine both put out quality shows, good clean fun and all that ;)20:05
MokmeisterI'd look st fcm from time to time, never listened to the podcast20:07
MokmeisterWill check it out.20:07
ebelright, reckon we should sorta get moving20:07
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* ebel is chairing the meeting20:07
ebelPlease say "PRESENT" if you're here and paying attention.20:07
ebelas mentioned the agenda page is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/441/detail/20:08
ebel#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/441/detail/20:08
ebel#agenda Website20:09
ebel#topic Website20:09
ebelright, the ubuntu-ie website hosting on blacknight has expired.20:09
ebelit being 1 year since we renewed :)20:09
ebelSo what do we want to do?20:09
airurandoBlacknight have very kindly sponsored two years hosting now.20:10
ebelWe could (a) ask blacknight to please donate another year of hosting (as they have done very kindly for 2 years) or (b) tell them we don't need it anymore20:10
Victor9098What sort of traffic did it get? Is it worth keeping up or will the loco.ubuntu do (with twitter/G+ accounts etc.)?20:10
airurandono website20:10
airurandono need for a host20:11
ebelVictor9098: there is no website. No-one has created or set up or maintained the website.20:11
tdr112we never use it20:11
ebelHence why I'm leaning towards cancellation.20:11
Victor9098ok...thats that then :D20:11
tdr112we have had it for 2 years and not done anything20:11
MokmeisterSeems reasonable.20:11
Victor9098I always go to and link to the loco.ubuntu20:11
tdr112ebel: call a vote on it20:11
ebeltwas a nice idea. Alas nothing happened20:11
ebel#vote should we cancel website?20:12
meetingologyPlease vote on: should we cancel website?20:12
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:12
ebeler +1 for 'yes cancel it' -1 for 'no ask for another year'20:12
meetingology+1 received from ebel20:12
meetingology+1 received from Victor909820:12
meetingology+1 received from tdr11220:12
meetingology+1 received from zmoylan20:12
MokmeisterWhere is my plus sign?20:12
meetingology+1 received from Mokmeister20:13
ebelconsensus seems clear…20:13
meetingologyVoting ended on: should we cancel website?20:14
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:020:14
meetingologyMotion carried20:14
ebelpoor old airurando's internet is poor…20:14
Victor9098We really do not need to be paying for hosting, plenty of options to get the message out and raise awareness20:14
ebelanything else on the website?20:14
ebelVictor9098: aye, we have a good bare minimum now20:14
tdr112ebel: can we email blacknight and thank them20:15
ebeltdr112: yes, I'll do that.20:15
tdr112for the hosting so far so we leave on good terms20:15
ebelyes, it was very kind of them to do that for us.20:15
MokmeisterShould we thank them publicly?20:15
ebelMokmeister: yes.20:16
airurando2awful shame we never got up and running with a website on blacknight.20:16
ebelairurando2: aye.20:16
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ebel#topic CDs20:16
ebelright, we (i.e. I) have the ubuntu ie loco set of CDs for this release.20:17
ebelThey are from canonical, professional pressed CDs, and for promotion of ubuntu within ireland20:17
ebelif you think you can help with that, send me a SAE and i'll send you some CDs.20:17
tdr112we could give some out at makerfaire20:18
ebeluptake has been… slow… there are loads of CDs left.20:18
ebelsuggestions welcome…20:18
Victor9098I just upgraded all the fam over the web (and always have a LiveUSB on me :D )20:18
ebeltdr112: good idea. I was tempted to go to that. P'haps I should hand you over some CDs shortly just in case20:18
MokmeisterEbel, as I said, I've put out an ad at work, have 12 requests already.20:19
ebelMokmeister: kewl. yep saw them emails. Good to see interest20:19
MokmeisterDid you get the sae yet? Probably not20:19
MokmeisterI only sent it monday20:19
ebelMokmeister: not yet20:20
ebelany other ideas wrt CDs?20:20
ebelairurando made a good point (ages ago) that since this is a LTS, it'll be useful for years for people.20:21
tdr112have another ubuntu hour in late july20:21
ebelSo there's no rush to get rid of these soon. They won't be obseleted in a few months20:21
airurandoI think the life long learning festivals in Cork and Limerick could be a good place to use these CDs20:22
MokmeisterThe lifelong learning festival in limerick was in may though I thought?20:23
airurandopeople from both Nexus cork and MilkLabs Limerick have expressed initial interest20:23
tdr112maybe if we hit up some coder dojos20:23
airurandoMokmeister indeed, I'm thinking 201320:23
MokmeisterI think the coder dojos would be a great idea20:23
ebelaye coder dojo is a good idea20:23
tdr112ok how about i take up the job of contacting some of them20:24
MokmeisterYeah, I could contact some in Limerick, Clare, maybe Kerry area20:25
ebelthat would be very helpful20:25
ebelsince we need to knock on their door20:25
ebelyeah, email em all20:26
tdr112i will contact some of the dublin ones20:27
MokmeisterI was only looking into coder dojos there the other day (my kids are 8 and 7), and of the ones I liked at seem to be contactable electronically20:27
airurandoIf there is a meetup in Dublin soon i'd like to take some.20:28
MokmeisterI'm doing this from my phone, you'll have to forgive me!20:28
ebelthanks guys20:28
ebelanother ubuntu hour is prob a good idea, sometime20:28
ebelso if the coder dojos say "yes please", what do ye wanna do? Just send them my address? I can do the stuffing envelopes? Something else?20:30
ebel(likewise lifelong learning, will people (who?) do the same again?)20:30
airurandoI'll try to keep a track on Lifelong Learning20:31
airurandofor 201320:31
ebelcool, thanks airurando20:31
ebelye all know my address to give out? If not ping me, i'll send it to ye.20:33
ebelany other thoughts on CDs?20:34
MokmeisterCan't think of anything at the moment20:36
tdr112just had someome screem ubuntu out of a moving car20:36
airurandocould we call meetups or UHs in areas for say 4 weeks time to distribute some?20:36
airurandonice tdr11220:36
ebelairurando: good idea20:36
ebel#topic another ubuntu hour?20:36
airurandonoot too soon20:37
airurandoplenty of time to promote20:37
Victor9098If anybody is in Vue Dublin at 5am on 20th July I will be happy to have an impromptu UH (Batman fan ;) )20:37
* ebel could maybe do early afternoon on sat 28th july, busy in evennig, maybe all day…20:39
Victor9098+1 on early afternoon20:39
airurandois the August bank holiday the first monday?20:39
ebel20th I'll be away20:39
ebelairurando: aye. mon 6th aug20:40
ebelso maaaaybe 28th from me…20:41
airurandoebel: are you suggesting 20th or are you available on 28th?20:42
ebelnot available 20th20:42
ebelmiiiight be available 28th20:42
airurando28th I think maybeeeee also for me20:42
ebelcould go for sat 4th aug?20:42
airurandobank holiday weekend20:43
tdr112grand by me20:43
airurandonot sure20:43
airurandogeeknic last bank holiday was poorly attended20:44
Victor9098I already have other plans that weekend20:44
ebeldoodle poll…. ?20:44
airurandowhat about the 11th or 18th of August20:44
airurandoI don't like the idea of a doodle poll20:45
Victor9098Anything other then the bank holiday suits me20:45
airurandothere is no real rush in this20:45
airurandoI reckon mid to late August would be fine if people are available?20:45
ebellast 2 weekends of august no good for me (away on honeymoon)20:46
ebelmay need to be away one weekend in aug20:47
airurandoohhh sorry20:47
ebelwell i dunno20:48
Mokmeister Congrats! I'm going top a wedding mid August too, good time to get married!20:48
* ebel got married a month or so ago20:48
* ebel doesn't understand why you'd go honeymoon straight after the wedding :)20:49
airurandoebel dead right20:49
airurandogo when you choose20:49
ebelanyway, dunno when to have UH20:49
ebelhence suggesting doodle poll, then we can sort out when lots of people are free?20:49
airurandoaye but if you are not free there is little point20:50
airurandoyou have the CDs20:50
airurandoso you call the date and time20:50
ebeloh good point20:51
airurandoI just ask for a fair amount of time to promote20:51
airurandoIf it goes to Sept so be it!20:51
ebelwell find the best time when (a) I'm free and (b) more other people are free ?20:51
MokmeisterI'm not sure about cds for uh. Isn't it like bringing beer to a pub?20:51
MokmeisterJust putting the question out there20:52
airurandogood point Mokmeister20:52
zmoylanbut some of the attendees might have a user in mind for the disks?20:53
ebelah "preeching to the choir" sorta?20:53
ebelwell those people might know people?20:53
ebeland get past the backlog of me?20:53
Victor9098Yes, no broadband out where I live, so the CDs are really handy20:54
MokmeisterBut yeah, people might have ideas alright.20:54
ebelok, i'll make a doodle poll of when I'm free, and send that to the mailing list? please mark your preferences, and we'll see from there?20:54
ebelsome weekend afternoon in dublin city centre?20:54
tdr112ebel: if you cant be there i will meet you the week before and get them from you20:55
Victor9098Sounds good20:55
ebeltdr112: yes, we could that aswell20:55
ebel#topic Any other Business?20:55
Victor9098Should have given out the cds at the wedding... ;)20:56
airurandoMokmeister had a good point on IRC a week or so ago regarding reviving the LoCo but as we are approaching an hour I think we should finish20:57
MokmeisterYes actually, things are quiet.20:57
airurandoMokmeister solid topic for August?20:58
Victor9098Must be due to this glorious weather20:58
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jul  3 20:58:46 2012 UTC.20:58
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airurandoebel availability in august?20:58
ebelthanks all for coming!20:58
Victor9098Thanks for chairing!20:59
MokmeisterHa ha ha! For a duck!20:59
airurandoebel are you around early Aug20:59
ebelairurando: fly away on 24th aug, back 3 weeks later20:59
ebelairurando: so yes, available for the first part20:59
airurandoI really hope you have a great time20:59
airurandomight have a meeting before then if thats OK?20:59
ebelyeah, there's roughly 2 month gap between now and then21:00
airurandowon't have it on the 23rd so :-D21:00
MokmeisterGnite even!21:08

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