surfnhey, I want Lubuntu to play a sound when it's finished loading - how do I do that?02:42
keithclarkWow, quiet. I guess no problems are being had?04:10
haddimanIs installing "ubuntuone-client-gtk" still the best way to get support for Ubuntu One or is there a better/alternative method?04:41
Unit193Thought it was just ubuntuone-client since ubuntuone-client-gtk doesn't exist.04:43
Unit193!info ubuntuone-client-gtk04:43
ubottuPackage ubuntuone-client-gtk does not exist in precise04:43
haddimanUnit193, I was going off of this http://askubuntu.com/questions/36117/ubuntu-one-on-lubuntu . I noticed that the Lubuntu Software Center install the ubuntuone-installer package when installing Ubuntu One. Does anyone know what package I'm better off using?04:50
seekwillHi. I just installed 12.04. All the fonts are really big :(04:56
seekwillErr, all the fonts of the apps / WM are big. Fonts in Chrome is fine.04:57
hpuser23422how to disable mouse wheel desktop switching in lxde?09:55
hpuser23422& disable touchpad desktop switching in lxde?09:55
kanliothpuser23422, edit the openbox config10:03
hpuser23422i want to disable mouse wheel/touchpad desktop switching only, when the mouse is hovering over the desktop.  Not within an application window.10:11
kanliotwell try the openbox method see if it works10:15
kanliotsearch for GoToDesktop10:15
hpuser23422OK.. I found "GoToDesktop" in /home/user1/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml10:22
hpuser23422i suppose i delete that section??10:22
hpuser23422oops that's ctrl alt left..  I'm looking for middle mouse button desktop switch10:23
hpuser23422I think i fixed it.  Deleted a bunch of desktop/mouse stuff from that file..restarting desktop10:42
silverarrowI'm downloading lubuntu 12 for ibook G415:03
silverarrowit's from 2005, but still runs smoothly15:04
silverarrowis anyone using 12.04?15:05
silverarrowI haven't upgraded since 1115:05
silverarrowso noone with linux on old macs15:06
silverarrowI'm trying morphOS too15:07
silverarrowbut I would really like lubuntu15:07
silverarroweverybody on vacation?15:08
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silverarrowanyone by the computer?15:19
silverarrowis biohazard still here?15:25
silverarrowand ikonia15:26
TheLordOfTimeikonia is everywhere.  no clue if they're alive.15:26
TheLordOfTimeand this 'biohazard' you speak of is not here.15:26
silverarrowbioterror I mean15:26
silverarrowthanks for the info15:26
TheLordOfTimehe's here in the sense he's connected...15:27
TheLordOfTimebut... he shows as away15:27
TheLordOfTimeikonia's away too15:27
* TheLordOfTime returns to lurkmode15:27
silverarrowthanks for the info15:28
silverarrowit is summer, and people are outside15:28
IdleOnesilverarrow: it is usually easier to just ask your actual question15:28
silverarrowI did, but ...15:29
silverarrowI was wondering how well lubuntu goes on a G4 ibook15:30
silverarrowI am about to try15:30
IdleOneI'm going to guess it runs pretty smooth15:30
silverarrowvery slow download on 12.0415:30
IdleOneuse the torrents15:30
silverarrowwhich will be ideal15:30
silverarrowoh, yes torrent,15:31
IdleOneDon't be greedy, be leech-y.15:31
IdleOnerather seed-y15:31
IdleOneanyway, use the torrents.15:31
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smilebye :)18:31
ben_sayshowdy all... powerpc build of lubuntu 12.04.   can't get xscreensaver to work, or updated.  so i uninstalled.   does it work?  is there a better way to have a slideshow like screensaver?19:04
bioterrorjust dim the display, powersave is always better ;)19:27
ben_saysnever mind19:39
silverarrowI'm having trouble with the filecheck sum for 12.0420:17
silverarrowi have down loaded it twice, and get the same sum but not correct20:18
silverarrowwhich is weird20:18
bioterrorsilverarrow, how did you download it?20:24
silverarrowfirst time direct, second torrent20:25
silverarrowor mirror I suppose they call it,20:25
silverarrowI'm trying  to figure out where I mess up20:26
bioterrorare you using windows?20:26
bioterroror what20:26
silverarrowohh, codes match20:30
silverarrowyes windows20:30
bioterrorwell, nothing then if you got already matching md5 checksum20:30
silverarrowso for burning20:34
silverarrowI'm back to lubuntu20:34
silverarrowwith a better laptop20:34
silverarrowand old mac and dual boot on the hp20:34
silverarrowsome suggested morphOS if lubuntu would not runs smoothly20:35
silverarrowthough I really like lubuntu20:35
bioterrorI wonder who was it20:35
silverarrowsome of the guys at a mac forum20:36
silverarrowcannot remember who20:36
silverarrowthough, I am not intersted in updating osx20:36
silverarrowmorphOS is totally new to me, haven't downloaded it yet20:38
bioterrorit costs money20:38
silverarrowthe ibook runs fine, no problem just needs something more updated20:38
bioterrorand morphos is20:38
silverarrowyes, and they have trouble with osx at work, with printing schematics and that20:39
silverarrowkind of thing20:39
silverarrowthe lines and text get out of place, and they have been working at it for over a year20:39
silverarrowthey call apple and are told it can easily be fixed, but it never is20:40
silverarrowwhich is a bit weird20:40
silverarrowthe IT guys are ususally competent at most stuff20:40
underHi how Can I see windows shared folder with lubuntu?21:44
KM0201is it shared via samba?21:59
KM0201open up file manager, and smb://windows.ip.address21:59
silverarrowis anyone used to mac? I'm booting a 12.04 for mac and it boots os x every time22:10
silverarrowwith the lubuntu cd installed22:10
wxlsilverarrow: depends on which mac you got, specifically. tell me the EXACT model22:11
silverarrowibook G422:11
wxlhold down c while booting22:12
silverarrowA1134 200522:12
silverarrowreally old22:12
silverarrowcool, thanks22:12
wxlsilverarrow: apple + opt + o + f will get you into open firmware22:13
wxlthat's a more hardcore approach if that fails22:13
silverarrowi get lubuntu text22:13
silverarrowI have only 512RAM22:14
silverarrowmight have to get mroe22:14
silverarrowit seems to boot22:14
silverarrowmy main goal is to get a lubuntu computer22:15
silverarrowor at least buntu22:15
silverarrowI have been very happy with lubuntu before22:15
wxllubuntu is about your only hope for that machine22:15
wxlunless you do arch22:15
silverarrowI was recommended morphOS22:16
silverarrowI have downlaoded it but have no idea about it22:16
wxlhaven't tried22:16
wxlthat's the amiga OS copy right?22:16
silverarrowand I think puppy linux might have a version tweaked for mac22:16
wxli'd rather build my own distro22:17
silverarrowhowever, my main goal is to get lubuntu going22:17
wxl(and i don't want to)22:17
silverarrowerror messages22:17
silverarrowfiirmware file b43ucode5.fw22:17
silverarrownot found22:18
wxli haven't succeeded in installing on my powerbook22:18
wxlhaven't given it much attention22:18
wxli've had other things going on22:18
wxlso i'm not going to be a HUGE help with the nitty gritty, but if you don't mind googling your way through little issues like that we can get you on and going22:18
wxlehternet suffice for now?22:19
silverarrowI've booted lubuntu on, HP, fujitsu, dell, and packard bell, worked fine22:19
silverarrowI will google22:19
wxlfor the time being stick in the ethernet cable and get everything else going22:20
wxlone thing i know-- no chromium OR firefox22:20
wxlthere's no chromium for ppc22:21
wxlnever has been22:21
wxlthere has/is with ffox but i guess canonical repos are like in between versions or something and the ppc version isn't there22:22
wxlwaiting from upstream22:22
silverarrowI think it got stuck22:22
silverarrowi like it when everything runs smoothly22:22
wxlme too22:23
silverarrow"starting to save udev log and update rules22:23
silverarrowand it stopped there22:23
silverarrowit it the last ibook model22:24
silverarrowpowerbook after that I think, and airbook22:24
silverarrownow everything is stuck, I cant get the cd out22:25
wxlyou can hard shut down22:26
wxljust hold power22:26
silverarrowis there a key command for cd rom eject22:26
silverarrowthanks it shot down22:30
silverarrowI have rebooted with the cd, but still get stuck in the boot up process22:40
silverarrowI don't even get as far as the CD verifying optioin22:40
silverarrowI am trying to boot lubuntu on a ibook G4 A1134 from 200523:25
silverarrowany ideas?23:25
silverarrowthere really should be a clever way about this23:27

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