qwebirc44665Sorry if this has been asked and answered...  I see the current myth version is .25.1 but I don't see anyway to get it for mythbuntu.  Am I missing something?01:12
tgm4883qwebirc44665, did you enable the 0.25 repository in mythbuntu control centre?01:14
qwebirc44665yes, I am running .25 (should have mentioned that) .  My current build is 2:0.25.0+fixes.20120706.1d41f74-0ubuntu0mythbuntu401:15
tgm4883qwebirc44665, ok, you are running better than 0.25.1 ;)01:16
qwebirc44665ok, thanks.  How would I know that when it says .25.0?01:16
tgm4883qwebirc44665, well, somebody forgot to change the number01:17
tgm4883qwebirc44665, but just FYI, 0.25.1 is just a point in time on the 0.25 fixes branch01:17
qwebirc44665ah.  ok, then I'm not going bonkers then :-)  As I recall in .24 days it did list .24.101:17
tgm4883yea, I'll fix that now01:17
tgm4883but it's just a cosmetic fix01:18
tgm4883our builds are from the 0.25 fixes branch, so there isn't really a need to say 0.25.1, other than to lessen confusion01:18
qwebirc44665ok, thanks much.  Now that I know it is just an oversight I understand it is just a cosmetic thing.  btw - great job on keeping the distro going I really appreciate it01:18
qwebirc44665we are 100% myth here in our house.  All of our media services run through myth01:19
tgm4883qwebirc44665, fixed, should be in the builds in the next day or so01:21
qwebirc44665awesome.  Thanks!01:23
fluvvelltrying to update a friends mythbuntu, he's on 0.24.2+fixes and trying to do apt-get update gives 11% [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers]01:30
fluvvellis launchpad down or something?01:30
fluvvellIt was the same condition about 13 hours ago. Hoping somebody can shed some light on it01:31
fluvvellok launchpad is not down, it just seems to be on this machine02:00
BDProductionsDoes anyone in here know if it is possible to use a BlackMagic Decklink Studio card for capture and playback?17:05
tgm4883BDProductions, Probably not17:32
BDProductionsWhy would that be?  I'd think the data could be piped to it given it ships with a linux driver.17:34
BDProductionsIt's just a broadcast quality capture and playout card.17:34
BDProductionsI was really hoping someone had actually tried allready, and hopefully figured it out.17:36
tgm4883BDProductions, if you are planning on using the HDMI for capturing, then it probably won't work. As with other Blackmagic cards, it would probably be uncompressed video17:36
tgm4883which makes it unfeasible to capture17:36
BDProductionsI was thinking of using the S-Video ins and out for good chroma/Luma.17:38
BDProductionsWhat's wrong with uncompressed video given a fast enough raid array?17:38
BDProductionsI just need to be able to play out 9 hours of videos back to back per weekday, and 3 hours on weekends..17:39
BDProductionsnever need to record and play back before enough time has elapsed to recode to MPG2.17:39
BDProductionsthere can be no black space between videos in a playlist.17:40
BDProductionsMy budget is quite large for the hardware.17:40
tgm4883BDProductions, I hope so17:41
BDProductionsI have a $10000.00 failing video server at a low power TV station that needs to be replaced with something less proprietary.17:41
tgm4883well blackmagic stuff doesn't seem to be less proprietary17:42
BDProductionsIt ships with a well documented Linux driver17:42
BDProductionsthat's a step in the right direction17:42
tgm4883BDProductions, it looks like they spit out in a special blackmagic video codec17:43
tgm4883which sounds pretty proprietary17:43
BDProductionsit has a genlock sync input which allows up to switch to and from it without any video tearting.17:43
BDProductionsAre you guessing?17:44
tgm4883BDProductions, before I get too deep in something that I am remembering/reading of past blackmagic discussions, it's probably better for you to ask in #mythtv-users17:44
BDProductionsbecause the decklink cards all do hardware accelleration17:44
BDProductionsdidn't know the channel existed, I came here from http://www.mythbuntu.org/support17:45
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] Support | Mythbuntu17:45
tgm4883yep, and for most discussions it's the right place, but you have a specific hardware question, which will get more exposure in the other channel17:45
tgm4883since the other channel is all mythtv users, not just ubuntu17:45
BDProductionsThank you17:45
BDProductionsgot you17:45
tgm4883yw, I'm in that channel too so I'll see the response17:45
tgm4883good luck17:45
BDProductionsI already have some experience with Ubunto Studio, which is why I thought Mythbuntu might work.17:46
BDProductionsthank you17:46
tgm4883BDProductions, not saying Mythbuntu won't work, just that question on support in both linux and mythtv is better for that channel as you might get more people familiar with that hardware17:47
tgm4883you might have to go to the mailing list though17:47
Patrickdkhmm, must try mythbuntu 12.0420:32
Patrickdkis it not possible to put the mythbuntu iso onto usb?20:48
Patrickdkkeeps failing20:48
Patrickdkannoying, no iscsi installer support :(21:23
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