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sassas123guys, could you help me with non-working ethernet on my notebook?03:02
vn-heya, I'm trying to setup a projector as my monitor on xubuntu precise, but im limited to 1360x768...how can I get 1080i res? ty03:40
well_laid_lawnvn-: what does xrandr in a terminal tell you the options for resolution of the projector are?03:45
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cheetah97anybody here?06:22
xubuntu325how to resett my passwd in xbuntu08:28
xubuntu246excuse me I have a problem with xubuntu, long ago, I set the proxy and now I would like to remove on xubuntu but not the file apt.conf else as I do?08:33
roryyxubuntu246: according to askubuntu.com here http://askubuntu.com/questions/86638/xubuntu-11-10-proxy-server-settings   you set a "system-wide" proxy via editing .bashrc.08:38
roryyxubuntu246: i don't understand what you mean by proxy, exactly, but that is one place to set a proxy08:39
xubuntu246so if I did not want to set any proxy server entry and portnumber which values ​​should I put?08:45
xubuntu246I intend to proxy the proxy to the network08:45
well_laid_lawnin a terminal   export http_proxy=""   should clear it afaik08:52
Formalhi, I have a question about the network manager12:18
Formalwhen I start up I can only get my wireless connection working if I put up a lan cable12:19
Formalthen the network manager starts working12:20
Formalmy question is: why do can I have only an wireless connection through this method12:20
Formalsecond: why does the network manager start very slowly12:21
Formalit even crashes12:21
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Chad___I have a simple question. In Thunar, is it possible to open a shell script in a text editor by default (rather than executing it)?14:19
ochosiChad___: yes, right-click the script, go to "open with other application" and select a text-editor (and tick "use as default")14:31
Chad___ochosi: I've done that. It makes it the default text editor, but when I double-click the file, it still executes instead.14:34
Chad___ochosi: I'm using XFCE 4.8 (the default that ships with Xubuntu). Perhaps I'll have to wait for 4.10's MIME Type Editor?14:37
ochosiChad___: no, it should work in 4.8 as well14:37
ochosiChad___: unfortunately i can't test it now and here, because i'm using 4.1014:37
Chad___ochosi: Hm....okay. Thanks for the help anyways :)14:38
ochosiChad___: np14:39
MathsterkChad___: right click on the file, properties, open with *select*14:51
Chad___Mathsterk: The properties menu only displays "General", "Emblems", and "Permissions". I have a feeling this cannot be solved.15:15
Mathsterkit's under the "general" tab15:16
Chad___The "General" tab just shows information about the selected file, that's it.15:16
Mathsterkhere is how it looks like for me: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-07072012-051840pm.php15:20
xubuntu831hello, can somebody help me with connecting xubuntu 12.04 to internet? (no wifi, no lan after upgrade from 11.10)16:45
deltheh, this almost worked, i'm surprised :D :D17:01
deltrunning xubuntu from a chroot within slack17:01
deltby refining a bit, i bet i could do it17:01
deltthe problem is, with the separate X server running "outside" the chroot, xubuntu apps can't connect to unix sockets with it....17:03
deltbut when i run the Xserver within the chroot, it pukes something about the nvidia driver.... :/ perhaps if i copy the kernel modules over?17:03
delt...anyway, running a xubuntu desktop on a separate X server within slack, would be the best!! :D :D17:05
deltthat way i could run all the apps that don't run directly throught the mount point, without rebooting between the two distros17:07
deltDUH, different versions of the nvidia driver.....17:47
delt<--- ritardid :)17:47
deltWhat's the config file that prevents ctrl+alt+backspace in xubuntu?18:21
Sysialtgr prntscrn K is 201218:22
deltaltr, print...screen... ???18:23
SysiAlt plus PrintScreen plus K18:25
Sysito restart Xorg18:25
deltah, yeah just noticed.... didnt even know that :D18:26
Sysiit's the new standard, been around a while already though18:27
deltyeah, less chance to accidentally hit it :318:30
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cousteaucould someone tell me the result of   echo "$DESKTOP_SESSION"   please?19:35
cousteau(maybe I should move this to off-topic since it's not exactly support or at least not important one)19:35
Mathsterkjust double checking or something?19:36
cousteaunope, don't have xubuntu on this machine19:36
deltheh, now i just need to figure out how the chroot and "real" environments can communicate via dbus ... if only there was some kind of "dbus-fs" .....19:43
SysiI use virtualbox..19:43
deltother than symlinking the "real" dbus directory into the chroot env....19:44
deltyeah but emulation is waaay slower than running the software directly19:44
deltand it's kind of ridiculous to emulate your own cpu19:44
Sysimy cpu has virtualization support, no emulation19:44
Sysibiggest bottleneck should be I/O19:45
deltcpu level virtualization hmm... lets see what that is19:46
Sysiintel vt or amd-v19:48
delt.... is there a way to mount the same tmpfs at 2 or more mount points19:49
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Marzatawhy ntp is not working on xubu 12.04?21:06
knomei don't know, but that isn't a very good support question. try with "what can i do to troubleshoot why ntp doesn't work in 12.04" - and no, i don't know21:10
Marzatabut thanks!21:21
mongycheck the logs?21:23
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deltHEH THIS IS AWESOME!! i'm booted into my regular (slackware) system, and i'm running my whole xubuntu desktop on a separate X server :D :D :D21:41
deltusing just chroot, no virtual-machine stuff21:42
Mathsterkdelt: cool21:42
deltquestion: the other day i had to change my graphics card, since then openGL apps (like that neat OSX style dock) always have a solid white background instead of transparent21:43
deltsame thing happens right now, from the chroot-ed xubuntu21:43
deltsame dock running normally in slackware is fine....21:43
deltand 3d games work fine in both systems (except sound in quake3 when actually booting to xubu)21:44
deltnow the os-x style dock (it's called "cairo") has a solid black background (in the xubu desktop) but otherwise it seems to be working fine21:45
deltexcept it's rather annoying because it's always in the front (normally transparent when unused) which right now causes an opaque rectangle always covering the lower 2 inches of the screen21:47
deltweird thing is, running on the slackware Xserver (even from the xubu root) works fine.... must be a config issue with the Xserver itself21:48
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mongydelt, how did you do that other distro in another X ?22:02

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