head_victimEvening all how are we tonight09:55
md_5not bad09:56
sagacijaddi due soon...?09:56
head_victimNot sure, I've been crazy busy lately and haven't heard from him since the membership app09:57
spik3yer so so09:58
sagaci#startmeeting July team meeting10:00
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sagaciagenda: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/392/detail/10:00
sagaci#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/392/detail/10:01
sagacithere's not much on the agenda but if you'd like to register your attendance, say hello!10:02
head_victimJust to put irc nicks to emails, spik3 are you mick on the mailing list?10:02
spik3yes I'm the one10:02
head_victimGood stuff, nice work with the school btw10:03
md_5ah spik3 nice to see you10:03
spik3Cheers to all10:03
grizzlysmitoh do I have to put the ! there10:04
md_5no.. you just need to say anything10:04
head_victimHah, nah it just counts attendance by people who contribute lines to the meeting10:05
head_victimSo really, anything will do :)10:05
sagaci#topic Team Direction - Jared Norris10:05
head_victimWell just to kick it off I thought I should point out that team activity as a whole seems to ahve died down a lot lately10:06
sagacihead_victim: ^10:06
head_victimI realise we all have jobs to do and other things in our lives so I'm not going to even begin to suggest anyone should be doing anything better specifically but as a team we need to find a way to get moving again so to speak10:07
head_victimIt's all well and good to have regular meetings and social events but unless we start up the real world and online events again we're going to risk being unapproved again next approval period.10:07
sagaciah, reapproval on the horizon again :P10:08
head_victimIt's 12 months away but still worth considering10:08
head_victimWe're at the mid point so wanted to use it as a point of reflection10:08
head_victimspik3: things like you approaching the school are great! Hence why I was hitting you up to document it. As a team I think we need to more in this regard.10:09
sagaciI've been pretty inactive lately especially since the translation effort is over/done, concentrating on other ubuntu-related projects. I haven't really been keen to write team reports since I'm not particularly aware of anything epic in the last couple of months10:10
spik3my saying  how do we get people to see the light without windows 10:10
head_victimIf we want to become a social meeting point and assist local users as a support group that's great but unless we keep up the advocacy we're not really a "loco"10:11
spik3I've started to put some thing on paper when done I get it to some one to check10:11
head_victimsagaci: exactly, we need to have more things to report on :)10:11
sagacichicken and the egg thing?10:12
head_victimspik3: great :) I'm hoping publicising it will encourage others to do the same10:12
spik3 now sh**ing bricks10:12
head_victimI am going to be the first to admit my time is stretched thin and if anyone has a bit of time to invest in the team I'm more than happy to mentor anyone but I'm struggling to find time to be a main driver altely10:13
head_victimTrying to get events off the ground is also proving difficult.10:14
spik3in Tassie very small and I'm a newbie10:15
sagacithat's a negative of having a nationwide loco10:15
head_victimspik3: if you're wanting to host events I'm more than happy to assist you with what to expect/how to run them10:16
sagacinot that having 8 separate state locos would make it much better but at least you'd only have to worry or think about events in your own state10:16
spik3But we can approach schools and sell as a teaching aid as well as acomplete OS10:16
head_victimspik3: and that's awesome work. 10:17
spik3Get back on that one, head_victim10:17
spik3as to we download gear for the young right up to Uni10:18
head_victimSo we spent a bit of time a while ago setting up a mission statement (that is at the top of the website ubuntu.org.au ) but I think we could be doing more to work towards it as a group10:18
head_victimSo I'm not here saying "go do more" I'm trying to be here to say "how can we as a team do more".10:19
head_victimSo basically, open to suggestions :)10:19
spik3And schools can adapted it to there environment and get the teachers involved10:20
head_victimspik3: did you get much feedback good or otherwise when you went to see them?10:20
head_victimIn my experience schools don't seem to want to invest in learning the new way of doing things in a different OS.10:21
md_5spik3 a bit offtopic, but might I ask how old you are, I myself am I young ubuntu user10:21
spik3They will get back however they did like the educational side of things10:21
sagaciasking for release parties on the mailing list was pretty useless last cycle - I'm not sure what else we can do10:21
spik3md_5 two years with ubuntu10:22
head_victimsagaci: exactly my thinking. I'm trying to lower the bar and make it easier to do things, but still not getting very far.10:22
md_5spik3 age..10:22
head_victimSo I thought I'd just throw it open to see if anyone had any other suggestions I hadn't thought of.10:22
sagaciI'll still run the Sydney one again and I'm sure the Brisbane one will happen but aside from that, it's a bit vague shooting at dead targets10:22
spik350 and feeling it10:22
head_victimI am getting the feeling that Ubuntu has matured more and so the advocacy part of ubuntu is no longer "exciting" as it once was.10:23
md_5spik3 I'm 15, now how about you?10:23
sagacimaybe an email to the mailing list detailing how to set up the event on loco.ubuntu.com and linking to jono's youtube video explaining the same thing10:23
spik3after the meeting md_510:23
grizzlysmithmm there weren't many of us at the Sydney release party 10:24
sagacimd_5: try looking around #ubuntu-youth10:24
head_victimsagaci: hmm I get the feeling it's more organising the real world aspect rather than the online portion but fair call, I might even try to write a web article on it if I can find the time.10:24
spik3can we approach some learning centres as well as school and mention that it good for andriod as well10:25
sagacihead_victim: ok, but you can't do much more for people than to ask them to organise one and post it to l.u.c10:25
spik3for the phones apps sorry10:25
md_5spik3 so you want to market it as an development platform?10:26
spik3you hit it on the head10:26
md_5spik3 the one issue I have with that is stuff like android app dev is platform independant10:26
spik3as well as learning as well10:26
md_5I mean my primary language by far is java, that doesnt really affect me. But stuff like c++ is a different story on linux vs windows10:27
head_victimsagaci: I guess it's more about trying to find a way to make it more enticing that anything10:27
head_victimBut I guess you're right, at least by raising ideas someone of them do gain traction.10:29
spik3has any got any suggestion that others may build on10:30
spik3any-one I meant10:31
grizzlysmitno sorry short on ideas just now10:31
head_victimThat's ok, I just did want to raise the idea to get people thinking. 10:31
head_victimAnd to let people know I'm more than willing to assist with getting ideas off the ground.10:31
spik3can we come up with a small project and try take small steps at the start and build from there10:32
sagacireal events are the most importantt things we can do as a loco, nearly everything else can be lumped under another project or the main ubuntu project10:33
head_victimsagaci: yes, as well as online events can contribute to the other main community projects which are also very useful10:33
sagacijaddi and I started to figure out a short podcast using google hangouts but so far we've only tested to see if it works (it does) so until we get some time to focus on it, it's a project to-be10:34
head_victimAs a team we're relatively strong in carrying out online events but struggle with real world ones.10:34
head_victimsagaci: nice work, you can always put a shout out to the team on the ML or via the social media pages for help if you need more help10:34
sagaciyep thats right but generally stuff like user days, development weeks, etc etc aren't loco specific10:34
head_victimspik3: starting small and building is a good idea, that's why I began bugging you about documenting yours. Your small step can lead to larger ones int he future10:35
spik3I will put something down plus what other feed back I get from parents and friends of a primary school10:37
head_victimspik3: yep the feedback would be very useful10:37
spik3It has started getting my editor to look at it10:38
head_victimSo if we can all get our thinking caps on that would be great. We don't have to figure it out perfectly now, I just wanted the issue raised for some pondering :)10:38
head_victimSo does anyone else have any other topics?10:38
head_victimOr can we continue to meander? Or? 10:38
spik3I'm open10:39
sagacinah, I'm looking forward to other real events happening around the country10:39
sagacibut can only be so optimistic10:39
head_victimsagaci: yep, I tried to get a tech event off the ground and found so little support I've shelved it for now. I just don't have the time to run one myself for now.10:40
head_victimIt was interesting to see a Ubuntu shirt in my first class of Uni for 10 years though. That is a good thing.10:40
spik3I would wear one if there was an Aussie theme to it10:42
head_victimspik3: feel free to design one and take orders :)10:42
head_victimThere's a project in itself10:42
sagacithere's the ubuntu-au loco but I doubt people would recognise the ubuntu part of it10:42
sagaciubuntu lanyards, beanies and shirts are far more effective10:43
grizzlysmitsounds good10:43
head_victimPrevious efforts at Ubuntu-AU artwork is available https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/Artwork and also on spreadubuntu.org10:43
spik3sagaci: how can we get the Au logo out there I will help10:44
sagacipersonally I'd rather the ubuntu logo and art10:44
head_victimI generally just use the stuff from shop.ubuntu.com10:45
head_victimThey both end up at the same place :)10:45
sagacior wait til you go to UDS and avoid paying shipping!10:45
head_victimHah yeah, I just can't afford the time off work for a UDS now10:46
spik3the school ask if there local support? if we spun it an have and have a Au feel for with design you never know 10:47
head_victimspik3: there is heaps of support, paid and free. Depends on what sort of support they're after really10:47
spik3fair enough10:47
sagacidesktop vs server support10:48
spik3I will get of my backside and ask again10:48
head_victimIf they want hands on, onsite support you may find someone in your local LUG who might volunteer but realistically it's going to cost. If they just want a forum or mailing list to ask a question on then it would easily be free.10:49
head_victimAlrighty, well ont hat note I have to make tracks.10:53
head_victimFeel free to continue the discussions and if you think of anything you forgot tonight please ask on the mailing list :)10:53
spik3I will get on with the report10:53
head_victimspik3: no worries :) Thanks heaps for sharing Ubuntu with your local school.10:54
spik3md_5: are you there? if the meeting is over?10:56
md_5imma here10:56
md_5I wanted to talk to head and sagaci a bit after10:57
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spik3ok go for it catch ya when done10:57
md_5spik3 you go ahead10:57
spik3just wanted to hear your thoughts as the youth is your the future and I think Ubuntu will be part of that10:58
md_5oh.. hmm10:59
md_5spik3 you are also youth.......?10:59
spik3No old fart10:59
spik3but I 2 rug-rats10:59
md_5spik3 I thought you were the student on the mailing list?11:00
* md_5 wasnt following this meeting enough11:00
spik3I have 2 rug-rats11:00
spik3No I'm on the mailing list not the youth slide11:01
spik3md_5: if you got an Idea let me know and I will give a go on my two if it is an education thing11:03
md_5anyway I wanted to ask people like sagaci and head_victim what they do for ubuntu outside of this loco11:03
sagaciI did most of the en_AU translation, not hard work at all but took a while to get right. I'm usually on the development release testing things and filing bugs as they come otherwise I just muck around with python and c++.11:05
md_5sagaci whats special about en_AU fron en_GB. surely its only a string here and there>11:06
sagaciI'm not into computers by trade but enjoy mucking around with ubuntu and free software in general11:06
sagacigenerally yes but now it's done it allows for better customisations as to whether a localised version of ubuntu ever happens11:07
md_5sagaci I ask because I am perhaps lookign to get a bit more involved in ubuntu11:07
md_5I've been using it full time for months now, so was looking for maybe something to do other than sit in the loco channel :P11:07
sagacido you have decent internet and quota?11:08
md_5sagaci the first part, not the second11:08
md_5unlike 98% of people my age I dont pirate / torrent etc etc11:08
sagaciare you on an unmetered ubuntu isp?11:09
md_5I do get unmetered access to the ubuntu mirrors11:09
md_5so yeah11:09
sagaciwell that helps slightly11:09
md_5sagaci I can get nearly for 4 megabytes a second to the local ubuntu mirrors11:09
sagacithe easiest non-technical thing you can do it write documentation11:10
md_5sagaci well I am far from technically illiterate... I was looking at maybe doing something upstream at debian with regards to package maintenance11:11
sagacione of the best ways to help out11:11
spik3md_5: can I speak to you later or can you email me? 11:13
md_5spik3 I'm always on irc11:13
spik3excellent I will talk you another time then?11:13
md_5yep, as I said on irc 24/711:14
head_victimmd_5: I'm sorta not really at the PC but saw your comment walking past, I have a fair bit on my wiki about what I do - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JaredNorris11:14
md_5I'll take  a look11:14
jaddi27apologies from me for the meeting11:16
tomasparksI also missed the meeting :(11:19
sagacialways the mailing list or the next one11:19
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jaddi27sagaci, I meant to be there, but things have not really been usual at home for the past week11:26
jaddi27just trying to get back into my usual routines11:26
sagaciyep fair enough11:28
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