AzendaleI have a directory that I ran bzr init in and since have made quite a few commits. Now I need to make a branch (I think that's the right word) of that directory (I'm making changes that may break it). From what I found on the web, you need a repository to do that?00:30
AzendaleIf so, how do I change my directory into a repository?00:30
thumperAzendale: if you ran bzr init, then that director is now a branch00:31
AzendaleSo, I guess I'm trying to make a branch of a branch? Is there a way to do that?00:35
thumperbzr branch00:35
thumperhowever, what are you actually trying to do?00:36
AzendaleMostly, have two different versions of the same thing. One with a feature and one without. Somewhere down the road maybe be able to take some improvements/changes from the plain version and add them to the extra feature version00:38
AzendaleMaybe I don't totally understand how having different versions of the same thing work. Do you just switch versions and the directory gets changed, just like when you do a bzr revert?00:44
AzendaleOk, I think I just figured it out. You do bzr branch and you get a second directory with the different version.00:51
keesjelmer: saaay, is there an upload planned for quantal? LP: #963769 has bit me there and now bzr is useless on my non-auth chroots05:35
kees(i.e. over http)05:35
spmheya kees05:38
keeshi spm! :)05:42
jelmerkees: I was planning on doing another upload once beta2 is released08:42
jelmervila: what are your plans for 2.6 wrt quantal? should we just ship a beta?09:51
vilajelmer: quantal should get 2.6b1 as it has already been released09:52
jelmervila: it already has b1, though there are some fixes in trunk that would be relevant too (see kees' messages from earlier this morning)09:53
vilaoh, yeah, sry misread rmadison09:53
vilaso yeah, 2.6b2 needs to be released, https://launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/2.6b2 reveals a few bugs that need to be either fix released or retargeted09:54
jelmervila: Should we do a proper 2.6.0 (with fewer betas) or just ship a beta with quantal?09:55
vilaI'd say betas for now and a proper 2.6.0 in due time09:55
jelmervila: in due time being before quantal is released, or after that?09:55
vilalike we did for other 2.x.009:56
jelmervila: okay, works for me :)09:57
jelmerit most certainly is13:19
ggherdovHi all, trying to get the extmerge plugin working on my bzr 2.1; it shows up nicely if I do "bzr plugins", but then "bzr extmerge" gives an error. details here http://bpaste.net/show/S5oCeADfMNiQheflCc2v/ . Any gotcha ?13:36
ggherdovI installed it just wget-ing the two py files into $HOME/.bazaar/ from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zindar/bzr-extmerge/trunk/files13:37
ggherdov$HOME/.bazaar/plugins/ I meant13:38
jelmerggherdov: they should be in a extmerge directory13:38
jelmerggherdov: rather than directly in ~/.bazaar/plugins13:38
ggherdovjelmer: ah that makes sense :-) thanks a lot, trying it.13:39
keesjelmer: okay. it'd be nice to get it in asap since not having bzr is breaking all my regression testing runs on quantal currently14:46
jelmerkees: I guess we could do another upload to fix just this, though ideally I'd just pull it in with the next beta14:50
jelmervila: still there?14:50
jelmervila: what sort of timeframe do you have in mind for b2?14:50
vilalet's talk about releasing 2.6b2 during tomorrow standup14:51
vilaand if we agree, I can freeze it tomorrow14:51
keesjelmer: I can go either way. other people are running regression tests too, so I can wait. :P15:06
jelmervila, mgz, jam: https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-gtk/remove-bzr-notify/+merge/11399015:26
vilahey ! I'm using that !15:27
jelmervila: really?15:28
vilayeah and I don't have trouble with it15:28
jelmervila: it's causing various issues for ubuntu users who just happen to have bzr-gtk installed15:28
vilaThere was thatn shadow window stuff I encounter once or twice but never to the point I could really reproduce and adiagnose15:28
jelmerit hasn't worked for me in a long time15:28
vilaCan't you just disable it ?15:28
vilareally ?15:28
vilawhat is broken ?15:29
jelmeranyway, if you think we should keep it then we should at least disable it by default I think15:29
vilayeah, disabling sounds better15:30
jelmervila: what do you use it for though? it only notifies about local stuff these days anymore, unless you have somehow fixed bzr-avahi (and have somebody else that uses it too nearby?)15:30
vilafor now I use it for local commits indeed15:31
jelmervila: it just notifies for commit though, how is that useful? you're the one doing the commits :)15:31
vilacome to think of it, it works on my laptop but not my desktop15:31
vilait also gives feedback when I'm updating15:32
jelmerah, okay15:32
jelmerokay, let's disable it by default then15:36
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jelmervila: any chance you can follow up to say you're still using bzr-notify on that mp?15:55
jelmerCurtis just replied to it to15:55
vilayup just refreshed the page to do so and saw curtis answer15:56
jelmervila: replied :)15:59
jelmervila: reconsidering, we have a limited capacity for maintenance and bzr-notify in particular seems to require quite a bit16:01
jelmerif it's going to blow up for this many users, I think we should either fix it or get rid of it completely16:02
vilaif it's disabled by default why should it blow ?16:03
vilagtg, up to you, bbl16:03
jelmervila: it will still blow for those people who attempt to use it16:03
vilathis logic is flawed: you're implying that code that doesn't run everywhere should be removed16:04
jelmervila: I'm implying that it breaks for a large number of people, and as such does more harm than good16:05
jelmernew users who try it out will be disappointed, and we don't really have the capacity to fix this16:06
jelmercombined with the fact that bzr-notify isn't particularly useful in the first place, especially now that bzr-avahi is broken16:07
jelmerthe other thing is that it is the main (only?) thin that uses bzr-dbus16:08
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