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SpamapSimbrandon: thats fantastic news about newrelic!04:29
lifelessSpamapS: what news?04:47
imbrandonlifeless: http://www.brandonholtsclaw.com/blog/2012/free-newrelic-for-aws-and-azure/04:56
imbrandondude, like tons of VIPs showing up tonight at the downtown ( smaller ) airport :)05:08
* imbrandon forgot the All Star game is only a day away, heh05:08
SpamapSlifeless: newrelic is a really nice example of a perfect subordinate charm. Just piggy backs onto PHP and/or others and makes it better05:22
SpamapSwell.. measures it better anyway :)05:23
* SpamapS is biased since they gave him a t-shirt :)05:23
* SpamapS is trying out install roundcube from EPEL on a CentOS 6 box just to see how much more annoying the old way is than juju deploy roundcube05:23
imbrandonheh i have a t-shirt AND a book :) heh05:23
imbrandonthey gave away "the lean startup" too at one time05:24
imbrandonugh rpms'05:24
imbrandonSpamapS: you see this ? http://cl.ly/Htjg05:25
imbrandon^^ my next blog-post will be featuring that i think05:25
lifelessSpamapS: I knew what it was, didn't know it was made into a subordinate yet ;)05:34
imbrandonahh yea, that was like the firast sub i made, like the day they landed05:34
SpamapSlifeless: both the generic system monitor and the php version are in the official list and maintained by imbrandon :)05:42
SpamapSimbrandon: VERY nice on the installer05:42
lifelessimbrandon: NICE05:44
imbrandonnice and tidy too, at under 100k uncompressed05:44
SpamapSHrm ok why won't dovecot log my auth failures.. :-/05:46
lifelessits not in authlog ?05:50
imbrandoncan go binarys be staticly linked ?05:57
imbrandone.g. if i was to redo that installer ( less than 100 loc ) in go, could i staticly link the binary so that i dont need to ensure the go runtime is on the osx box ?05:58
lifelesswrong question05:58
lifeless'can go use shared libraries' - yes, if you try hard.05:59
imbrandonhrm ok i'll bite05:59
imbrandonhum not sure i follow worded like that but ok /me digs a little05:59
lifelessits modelled after Google deployment requirements, which is single monolithic blob with no floating dependencies, to permit fine grained 'what rev was involved' in diagnosing failures.06:00
imbrandonahh i think i see now06:00
lifelessopinions vary on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.06:02
imbrandonyea i'm thinking before i unleash it on the masses that python or go will be the way , the main reason i had waited a few days is its in umm ... php now :)06:02
lifelessIts certainly very different to the general move to shared everything in the Linux space over the last 20 years ;)06:02
imbrandonya but very similar to the apple world06:03
imbrandonthats how all apps are on apple, well 90% of them06:03
imbrandoneverything needed to run the app, even full ruby or python runtimes are in the .app06:03
imbrandonthey CAN use the system version but to be included in like the App store, the app must include even the runtime06:04
imbrandoneven python apps etc, so its very normal there06:04
lifelessthe linux world has been building up the value of the distro06:04
lifelessfor security fixes etc06:04
lifelessapp stores push that back on the vendor, not the distributor06:04
imbrandoni totaly see both sides, has ups and downs06:05
lifelessI don't think any distro has really understood that yet, not at a deep level06:05
imbrandona .app like thing for linux would be kinda cool06:05
imbrandoninfact i think the .app spec its self actually can work06:05
imbrandonala gnustep06:05
imbrandonjust not done much06:06
imbrandonon apple it really shows with MacRuby, as there are alot of app store apps that use it06:07
imbrandonnice thing is its lightning fast compared to the normal ruby runtime tho so its a nice target VS learning ObjectiveC + coca06:08
imbrandonbut its like 100+mb added to the .app06:08
imbrandonok, so back to the go, your saying that is the norm ?06:12
imbrandonlifeless: ^06:12
lifelessbut not 100mb :P06:12
imbrandonahh :) nice ok that will make it easy then06:12
lifelessits a bit stronger than norm in fact06:12
lifelessas far as I know there still aren't shared libraries for go components themselves.06:13
imbrandoncool, i like that idea06:13
lifelessbut IMBW, if you use gccgo for instance06:13
imbrandonyea i noticed there was a gccgo infatc the newest XCode ( preview version for 10.8 ) has support for it06:14
imbrandonnot looked into it tho06:14
imbrandonwell this might be a good dip my toe in go then, since its likely to be a) used by others so i'll get feedback and b) its less than 100 loc in PHP so its a small project06:15
imbrandoni could always go hipster and write it in node :) hahaha06:17
* imbrandon sticks with go 06:17
imbrandonso ... func add(x int, y int) int { ...06:31
imbrandonthe last int is the returned type ?06:31
imbrandonwtf is :=06:34
imbrandonoh wow, this si going to be intresting ...06:34
imbrandonmmm gobomb06:41
imbrandonfunc main() { for { }06:41
imbrandonGoose! I feel the need, the need for speed ...06:48
imbrandondeb https://region-a.geo-1.objects.hpcloudsvc.com/v1.0/73450381287323/mirror quantal main restricted universe multiverse06:48
imbrandonholly crap golang is hard to read, i thought that was one of the goals was to make the source readable06:58
imbrandonjcastro: btw i'm fairly certain the disk io is crap ...07:00
imbrandon# time ./mnt/scripts/mirror.sh07:00
imbrandonreal    95m45.364s07:00
imbrandonuser    0m30.710s07:00
imbrandonsys     2m14.328s07:00
SpamapSyaaay selinux just wasted another hour of mine07:54
* SpamapS wonders if its worth knowing how annoying it is to run his IMAP server on CentOS07:54
imbrandonheh apt-get purge selinux && apt-get purge apparmor07:55
imbrandonrm -rf /07:55
SpamapSAnd I want to use it "as it is intended"07:55
SpamapSmore about learning than having a rocking IMAP server07:55
imbrandoni hear ya07:56
imbrandonstill sux07:56
SpamapSselinux is denying roundcube (apache) from connecting to port 143 on ::1 and
imbrandonnice, use a 192 class a on a diff interface ?07:57
imbrandonoh and yea go is nogo for the installer, i started the boilerplate code and its more than the whole app is currently07:58
SpamapSit has nothing to do with the IP07:58
SpamapSapache is not allowed connect() at all07:59
imbrandonoh nice07:59
SpamapSwell I take that back, its allowed 330607:59
imbrandonnothing below 1024 likely07:59
imbrandondude, btw you see the 95m real above ?08:00
SpamapSor it may be dovecot protecting itself.. I can't tell yet because I don't understand selinux08:00
SpamapSdo people even bother leaving it on?08:00
imbrandoni dont08:00
SpamapSAppArmor is prety straight forward08:01
imbrandoni figure thats what firewals are for, if there is malicious code ON my box, i'm already hosed08:01
SpamapSit squawks, you edit /etc/apparmor.d/something .. you move on08:01
SpamapSimbrandon: well thats a weak security model you're talking about, but as long as you accept that its fine08:01
SpamapSimbrandon: defense in depth requires that there be something beyond firewalls08:01
imbrandonwell yea, but i dont run un sandboxed code either08:02
imbrandonthere is more to it, but i find selinux more a pita than a help08:02
imbrandonas long as the other bits are in place08:02
SpamapSimbrandon: Yeah, PITA security is no security because it gets turned off08:02
SpamapSwhich selinux is about to here08:02
imbrandonright, esp with mail servers, should be no running of code there anyhow08:03
imbrandonexternal that is08:03
SpamapSIts a webmail server08:03
SpamapSand procmail runs some gnarly stuff for me there too :)08:04
imbrandonphp-fpm is designed to run as a user08:04
imbrandonunlike before mod_php08:04
imbrandonso the web part is safe(er)08:04
imbrandonnow procmail hehe08:04
SpamapShrm yeah08:04
SpamapSnot realy tho08:05
SpamapSmod_php never runs as root08:05
SpamapSso that bit is equal08:05
imbrandonright but it runs as www-data08:05
imbrandonand alot of times thats got far more permissions that a dedicated php user08:05
SpamapSthats pretty weak08:06
imbrandonits the falling point of many shared php setups :)08:06
SpamapSI see your point, but its really not a big deal or a reason to use fpm08:06
SpamapSshared PHP is the failing point of many shared php setups08:06
imbrandonhahaha true08:06
SpamapSin this day and age with several container technologies available...08:07
imbrandonyea, seriously :)08:07
imbrandoni just learned today that you can embed perl code into the nginx.conf files ... my wheels been spining on that one08:08
imbrandonsuprised its not uses/abused more08:08
imbrandonwell perl or lua, but i never really _got_ lua, maybe because thats what World of Warcraft UI and addon's are coded in ( lua )08:12
imbrandonSpamapS: ok if you wanted to in the simplest but fairly foolproof way to execute a shell script , wait for it to exit, then goto 10 ( e.g. loop continusly ) , what comes to mind, a small python wrapper mainloop run my upstart or ...08:15
* imbrandon is drawning a blank but seems like this should be fairly simple08:15
imbrandoni want to exe a shell script over and over08:16
imbrandonbut not before the last exe stops08:16
imbrandonrun , wait for exit, run wait for exit, etc etc etc08:16
SpamapSwhile script ; do true ; done08:16
imbrandonhrm, yea see told ya i was being dumb08:17
SpamapSmaybe do sleep 0.1 to keep it from going berzerk08:17
imbrandonright in front of me08:17
imbrandonheh yea08:17
SpamapSoh man08:17
SpamapSjust had an atari flashbac08:17
imbrandoni LOVE that game, demon attack too08:17
imbrandoni can hear the little dudes lazers08:17
imbrandondont hit the walls :)08:18
imbrandondude your old ... hahaha j/k08:18
SpamapSyeah I'm old and I need to go to bed08:19
SpamapSbut this is pissing me off08:19
* SpamapS gives up and reboots with selinux disabled08:28
SpamapSwell that fixes basically everything08:31
SpamapSdamn, except roundcube08:32
SpamapShelps if you start the imap service08:32
imbrandonfind a rails webmail ?08:32
* imbrandon runs08:32
SpamapSroundcube is great08:33
SpamapSI found it a while ago08:33
imbrandonyea it actually is, i used it use it pre gmail08:33
imbrandonvery slick ui08:33
SpamapSI need webmail about once every 6 months08:34
imbrandondamn google owns everything ... heh08:34
SpamapSsup takes care of me otherwise08:34
imbrandonyea i use Sparrow or gmail web ui , more sparrow than gmail until reciently08:35
imbrandonno sparrow for Ubuntu :(08:35
SpamapSKeeping email in console has kept me more focused with it08:36
SpamapSless shiny things08:36
imbrandonyea i tried mutt a while back, then quickly went to pine/alpine ... then back to sparrow08:37
imbrandonsparrow is like iOS mail for the desktop, so its real sparce but great for multi accounts/unified inbox08:37
SpamapSsup is what you'd get if you married mutt to gmail08:38
imbrandonhehe :)08:38
imbrandoni never got used to the keybindings, kept doing crap wrong when i just wanted to write a email08:39
imbrandon( in mutt )08:39
imbrandonpine worked out well due to the same keybindings as pico/nano08:39
imbrandonalready muscle memory08:39
SpamapSsup has the gmail keybindings08:40
SpamapSits author has bailed08:40
imbrandonbut no inline attachments and such kinda sucked for me, i get alot of screenshots and ui mockups in email08:40
SpamapSand there's no fork/resurrection08:40
SpamapSyeah if I didn't anything visual I'd probably go insane w/ sup08:41
imbrandonits ok if there is like 1 per email, but that never works out in reality08:41
SpamapSwow finally I think I can turn off my old centos 5 Xen after 6 months of procrastinating08:42
imbrandonSpamapS: http://cl.ly/HwVE sparrow08:46
SpamapSlooks very busy08:46
SpamapSI liked apple's regular mail client actually08:46
SpamapSI feel like Thunderbird has just been driving more toward working like it for the last year08:46
imbrandonits not good at multi account unified inbox, but actually apples iOS client is08:47
imbrandonand sparrow takes after that08:47
imbrandonalso the faces and color coding is nice, but thats avail in the gmail web ui too08:48
imbrandonSpamapS: yea , alot of that too is i get ALOT of email , so its hard not to be busy08:49
SpamapSI have about 4000 unread, unkilled emails right now08:50
SpamapSand I intend to 0 it all by noon tomorrow :)08:50
imbrandoni try to keep my inbox at 0 , the rest 0 be weeks end or they get killed08:50
SpamapSYeah I got way behind last week08:53
SpamapSbut sup is pretty damn efficient08:53
SpamapSso I expect I'll kill 75% of those threads quickly08:53
SpamapSok, not sleeping now would be foolish08:57
* SpamapS bids the internets adue08:58
jamespagemorning all!09:01
imbrandonmornin :P09:01
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jamespagejcastro, video of juju talk at europython now up - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlGDP92dlfY10:35
imbrandonohhh /me goes to peep it out10:35
jamespageimbrandon, enjoy my accent :-)10:40
imbrandon:) cant be worse than mine when excited heh10:42
imbrandonjamespage: btw you may like this, looks similar to what your using http://bholtsclaw.github.com/html5slides/templates/ubuntu/index.html10:42
imbrandonhahaha and i wrote the php one ( just got to that part ) :P10:43
jamespageimbrandon, nice10:44
jamespageI know who to blame now :-)10:44
imbrandonjamespage: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~imbrandon/charms/precise/nginx/trunk/view/head:/hooks/lib/install10:47
* jamespage shudders10:47
imbrandonis quite nice once abstrated like that heh10:48
jamespagereminds me - I'm mid review on that one10:48
jamespagemust complete this week10:48
imbrandon:) i just merged the only other thing that was in the queue10:48
imbrandona few minutes ago10:48
imbrandonjamespage: btw if you did not see http://www.brandonholtsclaw.com/blog/2012/free-newrelic-for-aws-and-azure/10:49
jamespageimbrandon, just ready10:49
imbrandoncool, okies foooooood brb :)10:50
jcastroadam_g: whoa cool, new incoming charm, RIAK!14:53
jcastroadam_g: it's your week this week btw.14:53
SpamapSMmmmm Riak15:12
jimbakerthe riak charm looks nice; curiously in the juju tests, riak is the standard peer service we use there (all dummy of course)15:31
SpamapSI'd be willing to bet that juju's peer relations are not sufficient to do it fully automatic15:42
SpamapSwithout some kind of "leader" election ability, it just doesn't work.15:43
jimbakerSpamapS, agreed, really need to add that functionality15:43
SpamapSceph suffers from this too15:43
jimbakeralmost having it is sadly not sufficient15:43
hazmathmm.. not sure if riak needs that15:43
SpamapSthe only answer is to deploy the first node as one service, and then a second service for all the rest15:44
hazmati ended up using riak in the tests for all peers, because its nice15:44
jcastrohazmat: you're back at work this week?15:44
hazmatjcastro, i am15:44
SpamapShazmat: does it have its own ability to sort out which of the known nodes bootstraps the data store?15:44
jcastrohazmat: excellent ... hey so .... openstack provider ... *whistles*15:44
jimbakerhazmat, riak does its own leader election (or otherwise just works)?15:44
hazmatjcastro, its also our first upstream nosql charming15:45
jcastroyep, I noticed that too15:45
jcastrohopefully the review goes smooth and I can send them shirts soon. :)15:45
jcastrolooks like they don't have an https source either. :-/15:45
hazmatSpamapS, as long as they all agree on the ring name and know each others addresses15:46
hazmatSpamapS, dunno15:46
jimbakerjcastro, my only concern when i looked at the codebase is that the readme.md was really just a stub15:47
jimbakerbut i didn't do a full review15:47
SpamapShazmat: the problem I've run into with a few of the services is that they need a few bootstrap things to happen only one time...15:47
SpamapShazmat: the only answer has been to just not add-unit until that is done.15:48
jimbakerSpamapS, which is not a very good answer15:48
SpamapSwith the MPI charm I tried to make, I just have a 'master' service and 'slave' service.15:49
SpamapSand I think I'll do the same w/ ceph15:50
SpamapSit works, but it sucks because it makes that one special15:50
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jcastrohazmat: hey so ... openstack provider. :)16:06
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hazmatjcastro, virtual sprint atm16:18
hazmatjcastro, but noted16:18
jcastrohazmat: ah ok, no worries then16:18
bkerensajimbaker: looking forward to your talk next week :)16:26
jimbakerbkerensa, thanks :)16:39
jimbakerare you a jython user by chance? or simply curious about the capabilities of the jvm?16:40
bkerensajimbaker: simply curious :)16:42
jimbakerbkerensa, sounds good to me!16:43
negronjl'morning all16:44
jimbakernegronjl, good morning!16:47
negronjljimbaker: 'morning16:47
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jcastrohey so is the verbosity of the ec2 and s3 api calls being not authenticated necessary?17:06
jcastrojamespage: etherpad-lite works great, thanks for the look.17:15
jcastroI think I'm going to demo this one17:15
benjiHey all.  I found the "ubuntu" charm very helpful for a project I'm working on, but not having it available in the charm store is a bummer.  Any chance of getting it back in there?17:26
jcastrobenji: it's a problem with the store, someone is investigating, but yeah, I find that I would love to use it more and more17:27
SpamapSjcastro: its a bit more verbose than it should be. There's an open bug to resolve that..17:27
jcastrobenji: it's like a great "I need an ubuntu server now" command17:27
benjijcastro: exactly; we're using it to run integration tests for some software that wants to make system changes and it is great to be able to conjure up a fresh box to run them on17:29
SpamapSjcastro: bug 101249717:29
_mup_Bug #1012497: Juju should only give security warnings on bootstrap <security> <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1012497 >17:29
jcastroSpamapS: taa17:29
jcastroSpamapS: yeah I am just concerned during demos it spams the console17:29
SpamapSjcastro: it only does that when you're doing things unsafely17:30
jcastroI am doing things default-y17:31
SpamapSjcastro: and I hope in the Go version we'll change the default of ssl-hostname-verification from false to true.17:31
jcastrounless I am missing something in my config?17:31
SpamapSperhaps even in pyju since we're moving toward "0.6"17:31
SpamapSjcastro: if you create a new environments.yaml, it adds 'ssl-hostname-verification: true'17:31
SpamapSjcastro: and yes you have forgotten to specify ssl-hostname-verification. :)17:32
jcastrowow, you sent the mail in april17:33
jcastroI've been bad17:33
SpamapSjcastro: it should have been accompanied by a docs update. I don't know that the docs even have ssl-hostname-verification mentioned17:33
jcastroit does not according to a google search17:34
jimbakerand not in docs source17:35
jimbakeryes, that definitely would be a good thing to add17:35
SpamapSjcastro: done. r53 :)18:43
SpamapSand fixed formatting, r54 ;)19:15
jcastrook so I made a new juju video19:30
jcastrothat is easy and explains what we are19:30
jcastrochopping it up now and editing it ....19:30
jimbakerthat's quite the image i now have for the new juju video ;)19:32
cereal_barshi all, am I the only one with issues with the css on juju.ubuntu.com?19:52
cereal_barshttp://d.pr/i/B4zv http://d.pr/i/iove19:53
SpamapSits under investigation19:53
SpamapScereal_bars: ^19:54
cereal_barsaok, great :)19:55
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robbiewSpamapS: hazmat: so with jitsu+juju+maas, is it possible to deploy a service to the bootstrap node...or does that cause a paradox thrusting me back in time21:38
SpamapSrobbiew: I think the deploy-to command hazmat wrote can do that21:43
robbiewSpamapS: yeah, I mean I used it already...just wasn't sure if the bootstrap node was "special"21:43
robbiewguess there's one good way to find out! :P21:43
SpamapSits only special because zookeeper runs there21:44
SpamapSso just don't deploy zookeeper to it ;)21:44
hazmatrobbiew, its not22:03
hazmater. 'local' or deploy-to works for that case22:04
imbrandonSpamapS: how did the nginx-proxy relations look ? had a chance ?22:55
SpamapSimbrandon: I did not. Looking now.22:56
imbrandoncool cool22:56
SpamapSimbrandon: they look simple enough. What is http-proxy though?22:57
SpamapSimbrandon: shouldn't that also just be http ?22:57
imbrandonwell i guess, thats kinda what was messing me up22:58
imbrandonso the website relation should only fire when new lets say wordpress to make this easy22:58
SpamapSimbrandon: proxies will almost always require/provide the same thing unless they are a translating proxy22:58
imbrandonget related22:58
imbrandonso my upstream loop will add wordpresses pub ip's the way its setup and ignore other nginx-proxies22:59
SpamapSimbrandon: yeah, you probably want to use just changed/departed/broken there btw, joined is a bit irrelevant since you're not doing any relation-set's22:59
imbrandonyea gonan symlink them22:59
SpamapSimbrandon: also broken is tricky because relation-get doesn't work anymore22:59
SpamapSimbrandon: the trick is to name any state files using $JUJU_RELATION_ID23:00
SpamapSso you can rm -f /etc/nginx/conf.d/$JUJU_RELATION_ID* on broken23:00
imbrandonwell relation id is  set in common23:00
imbrandonand service name23:00
SpamapSrelation-list also doesn't work in broken23:00
SpamapSand broken is what is called when somebody does 'remove-relation' or 'destroy-service'23:01
imbrandondoh, so much for symlinking then23:01
SpamapSimbrandon: you can do the symlink thing if you do a full-regen every time, which you appear to do23:01
imbrandonbased on the template23:01
SpamapSimbrandon: you just need to loop over all the relation-ids too23:01
SpamapSsince in theory you might want to proxy to multiple backends23:02
imbrandonright, well thats what the units do23:02
imbrandoni thought23:02
SpamapS(this is where we need some new fields in the http interface so you can identify a frontend hostname, btw)23:02
imbrandonor did i miss something23:02
SpamapSyou can have multiple collections of units related to one relation23:02
imbrandonwell not really23:03
imbrandonthey would serve diffrent content23:03
imbrandonthat cant happen23:03
SpamapSfor relation in `relation-ids` ; do for unit in `relation-list -r $relation` ; do relation-get -r $relation - unit ; done ; done23:03
SpamapSThey might serve different content..23:03
SpamapSbut how would you select it without knowing the Host: header to choose?23:04
SpamapShence my point.. http needs a new field23:04
imbrandonroght thats why there is only one block23:04
SpamapSright, so you can just say "behavior is undefined with multiple relations to website"23:04
imbrandonit needs to assume that they all serv same23:04
imbrandonwell that was my thinking , adding something like that to the readme23:05
imbrandonthat all relations need to serve the same content23:05
imbrandonso you could stick say 4 instances of summit behind it23:06
imbrandonor whatever23:06
SpamapSSo yeah, in that case, since you're writing everything to the default site, you need to regen all relations, not just all units23:06
SpamapSI do think at some point relations will need a 'max relationships' spec of some kind so you can say 1 or many.23:06
imbrandonnot sure i see what you mean then23:07
SpamapSsince it makes no sense to give wordpress two dbs23:07
imbrandonwhat does all relations give me vvs all unity23:07
imbrandonright but thats handeled by the wpcharm23:07
imbrandonthis isnt a sub23:07
SpamapSimbrandon: juju deploy nginx-proxy ; juju deploy wordpress --constraints mem=8g fat-wordpress ; juju deploy wordpress --constraints=2g skinny-wordpress ; juju add-relation skinny-wordpress nginx-proxy ; juju add-relation fat-wordpress nginx-proxy23:08
SpamapSimbrandon: what would you expect that to do?23:08
imbrandonadd both public ips to the backend {} block23:08
imbrandonof skinny and fat23:08
SpamapSin your example, it would not23:08
imbrandonahh ok23:08
SpamapSit would be a race23:08
SpamapSwhoever changed last23:09
imbrandonahh ok thats wheve i messed up then23:09
SpamapShence needing to loop over `relation-ids` *or* use $JUJU_RELATION_ID in a file and concat them together.23:09
imbrandon$units = split(trim(`relation-list`),' ');23:09
imbrandon^^ ??23:09
SpamapSthats fine23:09
SpamapSyou need one more loop23:09
SpamapS$relationships = split(trim(`relation-ids`),' ');23:10
SpamapSand you need to pass -r $relid to relation-list and relation-get inside your loop23:10
imbrandonok, i'm stull not really sure on why tho is the twister23:10
SpamapSsee my example above23:10
SpamapSbecause "relations" can have multiple "relationships"23:11
imbrandonohhh ohhh ohh23:11
imbrandonok clicked*23:11
SpamapSwhich are confusingly identified by "JUJU_RELATION_ID" .. should have been "JUJU_RELATIONSHIP_ID" imo23:11
imbrandonok crap23:11
imbrandonhrm yea i see exactly what ya mean now23:11
SpamapSimbrandon: to be fair, I'm pretty sure 99% of charms do this wrong because relation-ids only landed in March. :)23:12
imbrandonwow that is a mess23:12
imbrandonok so i need to loop relations , relation get all the units inside of THAT loop then write out with the combined results23:13
imbrandonto do how i said i wanted23:13
SpamapSimbrandon: I really do want to add an 'endpoint-host' field to http, or something like that, so backend servers can inform the frontend of their intended endpoint, and vice-versa,23:13
imbrandonyea that would make this much easier23:13
SpamapSimbrandon: right makes it a bit more tricky but you got it. :)23:13
imbrandonmaybe it can be the posterboy for testing that later23:14
SpamapSI'm trying to focus on this generic monitoring solution right now23:14
SpamapSI got it sort of working but in too complex of a way last week, so I'm starting over with a simpler design.23:14
imbrandonrockin, i'm gonna change that up and toss this up for full review23:14
imbrandonyea that will be very nice23:15
SpamapSimbrandon: sweet (also remember to change that http-proxy interface to 'http', and relation-set hostname/port on it)23:15
SpamapSimbrandon: that way you could put something else in front of this proxy.. and chain them23:15
imbrandonahh ok23:15
imbrandongood call23:15
SpamapSlike say a mod_security proxy23:15
imbrandonyea or that nginx firewall thing23:16
SpamapS(tho I'd guess that mod_security would go behind nginx.. not the other way around. :)23:16
SpamapSok time to go afk for a bit23:16
imbrandonkk ty ty23:17
jimbakerlooks good re relation ids23:18
imbrandonthere we go, once i understood that was simple enoguh to add23:28
imbrandonSpamapS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083617/23:28
imbrandonno for the other bits23:29
imbrandonwow whats up with juju.ubuntu.com ?23:50

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