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Riddellmorning friends08:20
tsdgeoshow does one fix the conflicting ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt and update-manager-kde ?08:47
tsdgeosRiddell: ↑08:47
Riddelltsdgeos: dpkg --force-overwrite for now08:47
Riddellneeds a versioned conflicts/replaces/breaks/something on it08:48
jussidarkwing: ping08:49
Riddellafiestas: what's the state of akonadi-facebook08:58
jussihello Riddell08:58
Riddellhi jussi, we missed you at the rest of akademy08:59
jussiRiddell: yeah, I missed you all, unfortunately other things conspired against me09:02
afiestasRiddell: usable09:14
afiestasat least for contacts09:14
Riddellafiestas: worth having in kubuntu?09:22
Riddellafiestas: and is it your branch we want?09:22
afiestasRiddell: nope, pushed everything into upstream09:23
afiestasand yes, worth having09:23
Riddellafiestas: this one? https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/pim/akonadi-facebook/repository09:24
afiestasRiddell: yes09:29
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apol_echidnaman: ping10:46
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BluesKajHey all11:01
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echidnamanapol_: pong12:23
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genii-aroundIs lightdm-kde-greeter some kdm replacement?14:11
BluesKajRiddell, is it working ?14:16
genii-aroundRiddell: Is it recommended to go to that, or keep kdm if you already have it? I seem to be having some dependency issues ( 12.10 ) but not sure if it's related to this or plasmaactive/startactive instead ( wants to uninstall plasma-desktop and other stuff )14:18
Riddellgenii-around: either way, both work14:19
genii-aroundOk, thanks14:19
Mamarokre, safely at home15:11
Mamarokeverybody made it home alright?15:11
Riddellwell done Mamarok, sorry I didn't see you before you left15:12
MamarokRiddell: yes, we missed each other, sadly.15:17
Mamarokwill see the doctor here tomorrow, first time to change the dressing15:19
RiddellMamarok: I hope the estonian hospital took good care of you15:20
Mamarokyes, they did, the doctors are as competent as elsewhere, just the communication was a bit difficult sometimes15:22
MamarokI shouldn't have ditched Russian lessons when I was in college :)15:22
* Tm_T huggles Mamarok15:38
Mamarokthanks Tm_T :)15:39
Tm_TMamarok: were you on russian part of the city or?15:39
Mamarokno, just that apparently 50% of Tallinn still speaks Russian and the percentage is higher in the local hospital15:39
Tm_Tyeah well there's large minority that speaks only russian15:40
Mamarokmind you, Estonian is even more exotic to me than Russian, at least in RUssian I can order tea and say thank you, etc.15:40
Tm_Tin the whole country, not just Tallinn15:40
Tm_TMamarok: "it's almost like finnish except different" (;15:40
Mamarokit's not that high in the country over all, seems specific to Tallinn15:41
Mamarokwhat is great in Estonia is that everywhere you have free WiFi15:41
Tm_Thmm, only quarter per this, I thought it was close to third: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estonia15:42
RiddellScottK: libkolab and libkolabxml for your new perusal16:06
ScottKOK.  Will try to get to it in a bit.16:07
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1020336] plasma-desktop crashed with SIGSEGV @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1020336 (by Simon Andric)16:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1020336 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "plasma-desktop crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:58
shadeslayermarkey: bloop17:30
shadeslayerfwiw I won't be around for a couple of days, exhaustion + charging adapter broken17:30
shadeslayermarkey: those toenails look shiny17:31
* ScottK guesses exams too.17:33
Mamarokshadeslayer: get well soon and take care!17:38
Mamarokwas nice to meet you :)17:38
shadeslayerScottK: no exams :P17:38
shadeslayerJust a bit of bad luck17:38
shadeslayeranyone know JavaScript hackers?17:41
ScottKIs the security issue mentioned on packagers only if you build without webkit?18:10
jtechidnaonly if you build with webkit (if not defined KDEPIM_NO_WEBKIT) double negative -> positive, I think.18:12
ScottKWhich it looks like we do.18:27
ScottKSo it affects oneiric/precise/quantal.18:30
ScottKI got the kdepim thing covered.19:20
Riddellthanks ScottK 19:21
ScottKRiddell: I did grep -ir copyright * on libkolabxml and wept.19:26
Riddelloh dear, I do not like bringing sorrow to the channel, have a tissue19:28
ScottKThe XML schemas aren't GPL.19:33
ScottKAt least the iCal ones.19:34
ScottKAlso there's reference to public domain works in the source that needs to be mentioned in debian/copyright.19:35
ScottKRiddell: No COPYING file in libkolab.19:39
ScottKSorry.  zero for two.19:40
ScottKRiddell: win on colord-kde though.19:43
ScottKThe copyright format header needs to be updated to format 1.0 and it's missing our Vcs-* foo, but those aren't blockers.19:43
jtechidnaI liked libkgapi's copyright situation. Only had one copyright holder across all the files19:57
ScottKcolord-kde binaries accepted too.20:55
ScottK"Someone merged master to KDE/4.9, no clue if anyone is working on fixing it, but just thought you'd want to know KDE/4.9 is broken, you probably don't want to commit there untils it's fixed."20:59
darkwingjussi: pong23:11

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