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unchroot_meHello all.03:24
unchroot_meI chrooted my HDD partition while on the liveCD (currently on it)03:25
unchroot_meHow do I umount the chrooted partition?03:25
L3topyou exit the chroot first03:37
L3topthen umount -lf /dev/sdXY03:37
L3topwhere X is the drive and Y the partition you mounted03:38
L3topyou literally type exit   to leave the chroot03:38
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surfnif I downloaded a .jar and wanted to put it in a directory, which one should it go in?  (keeping with Linux rules)07:04
TopGearHi. Is there a fix for Clementine, which ignores the mediabuttons, like pause/play?07:29
SmurphyTopGear: didn't find any ...07:37
SmurphyApparently it should work, but I never managed to get it to work.07:37
TopGearSmurphy: Hmm. That sucks... I do remember it working, though. I only don't recall when.07:38
Smurphyprefere Clementine to Amarok - but I need these buttons to work too :(07:39
TopGearSmurphy: I have Fn buttons on my laptop. They don't work but using Ctrl does.07:44
SmurphyTopGear: I have them all on my laptop and on my Keyboar connected to the Docking station of that laptop. Doesn't work.07:46
SmurphyAlso - on the Mac-Mini I have - connected through a KVM - it doesn't work either.,07:47
SmurphyAmarok works out of the Box though.07:47
TopGearSmurphy: Well, I'll go with Amarok for the time being.07:50
fouadHello, I am using linux-kubuntu on my dell inspiron 5030. My "Disable Touchpad" button (on my keyboard) doesn't work, how can i fix that?07:57
SmurphyTopGear: same here ...08:00
Smurphyfouad: I'm doing ti differently.08:01
Nicekiwihowdo i setup my workspaces to cover both my monitors for each workspace?08:01
Smurphyfouad: with this: Device=`/usr/bin/xinput --list | grep AlpsPS | awk '{ print $7 }' | cut -d '=' -f 2`08:01
SmurphyI identify the device which is the touchpad.08:01
Smurphyand with this: /usr/bin/xinput --set-prop $Device 144 008:01
SmurphyI can disable it.08:01
fouadSmurphy: I am new with kubuntu/linux, i don't get what you are saying08:02
fouadSmurphy: but i am trying to disable it using the button on my keyboard that disables/enables it08:03
Smurphyfouad: The Disable Touchpad button works under Windows, because Windows has drivers for it.08:03
SmurphyUnder Linux you don't have that driver.08:03
Smurphyso all you can do - is disable it thropugh other means.08:04
fouadSmurphy: but i remember i installed kubuntu or ubuntu on this same laptop and it worked08:04
SmurphyThey have changed the old way to configure keyboards/mice in the last 2 releases. They moved over to evdev drivers.08:05
SmurphyIt's not all as it was before.08:05
fouadSmurphy: i see08:06
fouadSmurphy: is there a way to only get this particular driver?08:06
Smurphyit's already there. The functionality is not yet implemented in the GUI.08:07
NicekiwiHowdo I make a workspace include BOTH my displays into one workspace? Only one screen is used atm08:08
fouadSmurphy: so there is no way to make it work atm?08:09
Smurphylike that, as beginner with no knowledge on how to writ a script ? no.08:10
fouadSmurphy: ah okay. Thanks a ton ^^08:11
Smurphyfouad: sorry... :}08:13
nandhuhow to join other channel08:44
nandhuex i need to join #net-snmp08:45
hateballnandhu: type /join #channel08:49
aetoxxMy kdialog save dialog don't work anymore. Is this a known problem? For example, when I click 'Save As' in okular, I get a nice greyish (unresponding) save dialog.10:38
Nicekiwi_i need helps with my video setup10:46
Nicekiwi_Howdo I make a workspace include BOTH my displays into one workspace? Only one screen is used atm10:47
Nicekiwi_i has Nvidia drivers installed10:47
BluesKajHey all11:01
Nicekiwi_Howdo I make a workspace include BOTH my displays into one workspace? Only one screen is used atm11:01
Nicekiwi_hey BluesKaj11:01
peaceNicekiwi_: systemsettings => display11:01
peaceNicekiwi_: or krandr11:02
Nicekiwi_peace: that dosnt work if you have Nvidia drivers installed. (I do)11:02
BluesKajhi Nicekiwi_ , peace11:02
peaceNicekiwi_: so you need to use nvidia tool11:02
peacei guess nvidia-settings from konsole11:02
Nicekiwi_peace: that dosnt configure workspaces11:02
peaceBluesKaj: hey11:02
peaceNicekiwi_: you want one desktop displayed on 2 screens right?11:03
Nicekiwi_peace: I want one workspace displayed on 2 screens11:03
peacethat is configured via nvidia-settings11:03
Nicekiwi_peace: no its not11:03
Nicekiwi_peace: what do you mean by desktop?11:04
BluesKajwe had a guy who had 3 monitors running off nvidia , and for some reason the recommended driver did not send a video signal to any monitor ...very frustrating11:04
peaceBluesKaj: for those complicated stuff you need to edit the xorg.conf11:05
Nicekiwi_peace: it was working before i upgraded my videocard, now the options to set it up arnt there anymore.11:05
peaceNicekiwi_: downgrade the video driver11:06
peacei dunno how to help you11:06
Nicekiwi_peace: to what?11:06
peace!nvidia| Nicekiwi_11:06
ubottuNicekiwi_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto11:06
BluesKajsuspected a bad nvidia card at first...dunno what was wrong , never resolved the matter11:06
Nicekiwi_peace: I removed the nVidia driver and Kubuntu refused to boot11:06
peaceNicekiwi_: write some feed back to nvidia ...11:06
BluesKajthe nouveau driver didn't load or did you blacklist it?11:07
* peace uses intel video driver11:07
Nicekiwi_peace: i think Linus' remarks about nvidia put that idea to sleep11:07
Nicekiwi_BluesKaj: Ive used the Jocky tool, I havnt knowingly blacklisted nouveau11:07
BluesKajNicekiwi_, pk11:07
peaceshould be11:08
Nicekiwi_:P same tribe11:08
Nicekiwi_is jockey-kde11:08
Nicekiwi_how do I remove the nvidia driver and fallback to nouveau?11:08
peace!nvidia| Nicekiwi_11:09
Nicekiwi_peace: not helpful..11:09
peacei have to go now11:09
BluesKajdrop to a tty , stop kdm , remove the diver , probly nvidia-current then startx, the nouveau driver should reload. Nicekiwi_11:10
Nicekiwi_hmmm ok..11:10
Nicekiwi_BluesKaj: btw, do you know howto kick nicekiwi to i can rejoin with my name in here?11:10
BluesKajif kdm is running the driver is in use hence you can't remove it11:11
Nicekiwi_actually nevermind about the kicking11:11
BluesKajNicekiwi_, what ?11:11
nicekiwidw, i forgot i was logged in on both comps11:12
CptJoeis there any irc just for chatting bout nonsense?11:12
BluesKajCptJoe, #kubuntu-offtopic or if you prefer a whole lot more nonsense #ubuntu-offtopic ,11:13
BluesKaj#ubuntu-offtopic has more users11:14
nicekiwiBluesKaj: well.. it seems to have started with nouveau, but now what do I do? Last time i did this i couldnt been past grub11:14
BluesKajnicekiwi, run this , glxinfo | grep OpenG , you may have to install mesa-utils for that command to work11:19
BluesKajoops glxinfo | grep OpenGL11:20
BluesKajthat is an info command , it looks at which graphics module is loaded11:20
nicekiwiBluesKaj: ok, done11:21
BluesKajand what's the first line?11:21
nicekiwiBluesKaj: 0_o.. apparently its using the VMware driver...11:21
nicekiwiVender String: VMware, inc11:21
BluesKajoh now you tell me yoiu're on VMware11:22
nicekiwiBluesKaj: thats it, IM NOT!!! real hardware, intel cor2duo nvidia 550ti11:22
nicekiwietc.. :/11:22
BluesKajnicekiwi, pastebin the output of the OpenGL pls11:24
Nicekiwi_BluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/z8dLYFhQ11:25
BluesKajNicekiwi_, try the command again, that was my fault , I dropped the L by mistake , glxinfo | grep OpenGL11:27
Nicekiwi_BluesKaj: same result11:27
BluesKajOpenGL instead of OpenG ?11:28
Nicekiwi_BluesKaj: yup11:28
BluesKajNicekiwi_,well , looks like you xorg.conf is using the default graphics used by VMware ..I'm not familiar with that situation ..dealingf with VMware isn't in my aresenal11:34
aetoxxBluesKaj, my kdialog window never opens completely anymore; I have to terminate it. Do you know what that is?11:34
Nicekiwi_BluesKaj: hmmm ive removed VMware driver, gonna restart x and see if it picked up nouveau11:34
BluesKajnicekiwi, you can try to locaye nouveau to make sure it's not in your blacklist file11:36
nicekiwiBluesKaj: hmm normal boot just froze just past grub again :(11:36
BluesKajkdialog window , aetoxx ? I'm not sure what you mean11:36
aetoxxBluesKaj, you get those when you try to save a document in any KDE application.11:37
BluesKajnicekiwi, can you get to a tty ,?11:37
nicekiwiBluesKaj: not from that point no11:39
BluesKajaetoxx, you mean the dropdown dialog in the menubar ? for example when you click on "file"?11:40
nicekiwiBluesKaj: how do i check if nouveau is blacklisted?11:41
aetoxxBluesKaj, no, I mean the component which shows a directory listing and where you can press 'save'.11:41
BluesKajnicekiwi, , got the live-cd or usb11:41
BluesKajnicekiwi, use the locate command11:41
aetoxxBluesKaj, the save file dialog.11:41
aetoxxBluesKaj, I think it runs in a separate process.11:42
aetoxxBluesKaj, called kdialog.11:42
nicekiwiBluesKaj: ive booted into the UI in recovery mode with the VMware driver :/11:43
nicekiwithe command finds a lot of nouveau files11:43
BluesKajaetoxx,  so you mean after editing a document , and saving11:43
aetoxxBluesKaj, for example.11:44
aetoxxBluesKaj, but for a pdf document no editing step is needed.11:44
aetoxxBluesKaj, so, it's just open pdf document in okular, press Save As and see it break.11:44
BluesKajnicekiwi, look for a file with blacklist in the list11:45
nicekiwiBluesKaj: the xorg.conf file says nvidia is STILL the default driver :/ ive chnaged it to nouveau.11:45
BluesKajif it's not there then it's not blacklisted11:45
nicekiwiBluesKaj: its not there11:45
BluesKajnicekiwi, if you can't get to a tty , how can you edit the xorg.conf file ?11:46
nicekiwiBluesKaj: i said when I try to boot normally i cant, im in recovery mode atm11:46
BluesKajnicekiwi, you said you could n't get to grub11:47
BluesKajor past grub , now I recall , ok11:48
nicekiwiBluesKaj: ya11:49
nicekiwiBluesKaj: gah, still cant boot past grub :(11:50
BluesKajnicekiwi, back to the recovery kernel , run, modprobe nv, at the root prompt11:53
nicekiwiBluesKaj: FATAL: module nv not found11:58
BluesKajnicekiwi, what's listed in jockey/additional drivers ?12:01
aetoxxAre bugs ever fixed based on number of votes?12:04
nicekiwiBluesKaj: when I could get to it, only nvidia drivers12:05
BluesKajaetoxx, I followed your example , but I had no problems withe the save dialog12:07
BluesKajnicekiwi,  install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau12:07
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aetoxxBluesKaj, it seems the bug has already been reported: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30229512:08
ubottuKDE bug 302295 in general "Unavailable NFS makes dolphin unusable" [Critical,Unconfirmed]12:08
aetoxxBluesKaj, I think some other bug is exactly the same and has >360 votes.12:09
aetoxxBluesKaj, that other bug is 3 years(!) old.12:09
nicekiwiBluesKaj: grrr i cant install stuff :(12:12
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BluesKajcan you login with the recovery kernel , nicekiwi12:13
nicekiwiBluesKaj: how do i do that?12:13
BluesKajaetoxx, which kubuntu version are you running12:13
nicekiwiBluesKaj: i can get to root prompt, but it wont let me install stuff12:14
aetoxxBluesKaj, 4.8.90 is my KDE version12:14
aetoxxBluesKaj, but it has been a problem since forever.12:15
nicekiwiBluesKaj: it keeps trying to load the graphics drivers and gets stuck12:15
BluesKajheh , 4.8.90 is in devel , one must expect bugs12:15
BluesKajnicekiwi, well , you seem to be getting hung by a faulty xorg,conf ... if possible , wipe it out ..probly affecting your nvidia driver12:17
nicekiwiBluesKaj: nvidia drivers not installed atm12:18
BluesKajxorg.conf can help , but once it's corrupted it can be a real pain12:18
BluesKajdo you have a livecd available , nicekiwi ..I asked before12:19
nicekiwiBluesKaj: ive deleted the xorg.conf12:20
nicekiwihow do i reconfigure the xserver? theres a command i cant htink of12:20
nicekiwiBluesKaj: i do have an ubuntu disk somewhwhere12:20
BluesKajnicekiwi, yeah , hang on12:20
BluesKajsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg, nicekiwi12:23
nicekiwiBluesKaj: cheers :)12:24
BluesKajnicekiwi, or , sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , but I think this repairs an existing xorg.conf , and sets up a rudimentary file12:26
nicekiwiBluesKaj: still dosnt boot properly on normal boot12:27
BluesKajnicekiwi, try a hard boot12:27
nicekiwiBluesKaj: i have been12:28
nicekiwiBluesKaj: damn it! its still using that VMware driver in recovery boot D: *RAGE*12:29
nicekiwiBluesKaj: how do I remove it form the kernel? the packages arnt installed12:30
BluesKajshort of a clean install without VMware , I can't think of anything else12:30
BluesKajor removing VMware12:30
nicekiwiBluesKaj: VMware is NOT installed12:31
nicekiwiI initially installed the OS inside VirtualBox, VMware was never used.12:31
BluesKajthere must be some config files left over from previous vmware install12:38
BluesKajor VB is using the same driver as VMware , I don't know much about virtiuals as I said earlier , look like it mucked up your setup , nicekiwi12:41
nicekiwiBluesKaj: :( defected form the start12:41
BluesKajwhy the VB , is it necessary for work ?12:42
nicekiwiBluesKaj: no, i didnt have any blank DVDs to make a install disk or a USB drive. So I mounted the HDD in VirtualBox in my other computer and installed Kubuntu on it then put it back in my computer12:43
nicekiwiworked until now :/12:44
BluesKajwell now different hardware was probly detected , hence the probs12:45
nicekiwiBluesKaj: not reallly.. it still used the same driver and all :( just a newer nvidia card was added :(12:45
BluesKajI'm surprised it worked at all in your pc12:45
nicekiwiBluesKaj: why?12:46
BluesKajnot just the graphics , it may be some other problem with hardware the API is looking for12:47
nicekiwiBluesKaj: :/ but nothing else changed...12:47
nicekiwiBluesKaj: ive installed the Nvidia driver again and all is as it was before, but i still cant setup both screens to be one workspace12:48
nicekiwiBluesKaj: one screen as one workspace on it and you can swap between its virtual workspaces, the other screen just has an empty workspace on it12:48
BluesKajnicekiwi, I don't know anything about multiple screens , the nvidia settings GUI should give some options in conjunction with your settings in dispay and monitor12:51
BluesKajI use a large screen monitor (our plasma tv) so I have no need or experience with multiples12:53
BluesKajmaybe if you install , nvidia-settings-updates and nvidia-current-updates , you can keep witht changes without breakage , nicekiwi12:55
nicekiwiBluesKaj: yeah... they dont offer the same things12:55
BluesKajnicekiwi, did you run sudo nvidia-xconfig or did you use the jockey to install the driver just now ?12:57
OerHeksnicekiwi, i never used nvidia drivers in Virtual Box, add guest additions and  "Enable 3d acceleration" is ticked under Settings -> Display12:58
OerHeksmultiple screens might work if the host can use 2 screens.12:59
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone12:59
OerHekshi phoenix13:00
nicekiwiBluesKaj: Jockey13:00
BluesKajhi phoenix_firebrd13:00
phoenix_firebrdOerHeks: hi13:00
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi13:00
nicekiwiBluesKaj: but all is well now, i tried a diff option than i normall use in nvidia-settings and its doing what i want now :)13:01
nicekiwiBluesKaj: thanks for all yr help :)13:01
nicekiwiOerHeks: totally misunderstood what we were tlaking bout, but all g now.13:01
OerHeksoke, have fun13:02
BluesKajnicekiwi, heh , I was just told you don't need an xorg.conf file with multiple screens ."multiple screens should be supported by X.Org without the need for an xorg.conf" .over at #kde13:04
nicekiwiBluesKaj: interesting...13:04
BluesKajnicekiwi, ok , dunno how much help I was , but you're welcome13:05
nicekiwianyways, 1am and TASpring at a ultrahigh gfx setting confirms GFX are working as they should. I bid thee Good Night.  xD13:05
nicekiwiu did well :)13:05
BluesKajg'nite nicekiwi13:06
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FloodBotK1administrator: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:27
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Tygarhi, is someone around who knows about sis graphics driver?15:40
LynoureTygar: I only know it exists and if I remember right, is old.15:45
LynoureTygar: so you might want to ask your actual question, someone might be able to help you.15:45
Tygari have a "harvested" barbone PC with onboard SIS graphics chip. the driver seems to work, but i get some weird horizontal lines flickering over the screen, especially when i move the mousecursor15:48
Tygari tried "NoAccel" "1" at the xorg.conf, but that didn't help, now i'm looking for some advice15:49
Tygarund wenn jemand auf deutsch antworten könnte wäre ich extrem begeistert ^^'15:50
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LynoureTygar: you could try  Option "DRI" "0"15:59
LynoureTygar: but I'm gone now, good luck15:59
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TygarLynoure: didnt work too :/16:22
c2tarunhi, do anyone have any idea about httpfox?17:01
BluesKajc2tarun, idea?... what's the issue ?17:02
BluesKajc2tarun, idea?... what's the issue ?17:02
c2tarunBluesKaj: Please look at this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2019402 this is my thread17:03
c2taruncan you help me with this. little bit of hint or any tutorial will also do.17:04
c2tarunBluesKaj: ping, there?17:06
BluesKajc2tarun, are on a router with access to settings, most routers have username and password store options17:10
BluesKajare you on a router17:10
c2tarunyeah I am on a router but that username and password setting are for router protection.17:11
c2tarunI want to write an script which can do automatic logon to my ISP.17:12
BluesKajno I mean access to internet settings that the ISP gave you when you installed the router17:12
BluesKaj your internet service account setings17:13
c2tarunno we can't give username and password for my ISP to my router. I have to enter it manually each time I try to connect to my ISP.17:13
genii-aroundBluesKaj: There are some systems like Cisco routers, or some semi-public wifi which bring you first to a webpage where you have to plug in a name/pass then it opens up the dns and lets you go elsewhere17:13
BluesKajno options for storing them in the router ?17:13
c2tarunyeah genii-around said right. I have to enter my username and password and then I can connect to internet.17:14
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Not usually17:14
genii-aroundc2tarun: Why not just tell firefox to remember your username and password for that site?17:15
BluesKajreminds me of dialup on windowes 9517:15
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Sort of the same, yeah17:15
c2tarunPlus a big problem is my ISP is pretty bad, it gets disconnected now and then, so I want to write an script that try  to login to my ISP at an interval of every half an hour. so that in case I leave some big download.17:15
c2tarungenii-around: for that also I need to at least click the login button.17:16
BluesKajgenii-around, interesting , what's your suggestion for a script ?17:16
genii-aroundc2tarun: Wait.. is your ISP using dialup, or is some something like DSL/cable17:16
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I'm thinking now he may have PPP dialup17:16
c2tarungenii-around: its a wi-fi connection. They have a modem at the roof which is connected to my lappy via a router. when I try to connect to any website first I have to enter a username and password and after that I can access Internet.17:17
c2tarunits a broadband connection.17:17
BluesKajyeah same here genii-around...iirc there used to be a small app that would would run when a browser was launched17:18
BluesKajwhat about network manager , can't it be configured to do some such17:19
c2tarunis it possible to access some data from httpfox and create a html request and then send it to my ISP's IP17:19
c2tarunBluesKaj: I dont think so.17:20
BluesKajhe left ...but it's hard to find an example on google that reflects his situation , genii-around17:32
giantpunehi, i have a usb device that ubuntu thinks is a modem, but it actually isnt, and it keepts trying to use it as one and connect to it.  does anybody know how i can tell it not to do that?17:47
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Looks like he might need some method more like http://linux-journal.blogspot.ca/2005/04/curl-examples.html where it says "Sometimes your HTTP access is only available through the use of a HTTP proxy. This seems to be especially common at various companies. A HTTP proxy may require its own user and password to allow the client to get through to the Internet."17:48
genii-aroundgiantpune: What sort of device is it?17:49
giantpuneit is an android cell phone which is set to a special diagnostic mode.  kubuntu is trying to set it up using cdc_ether17:50
giantpuneim trying to write my own driver for this diagnostic mode, but its really hard to debug with all the traffic kubuntu is creating as it tries to use it as a modem17:51
BluesKajgiantpune, the phone is being recognized as an internet AP , it makes sense17:57
genii-aroundYes, usually that or mass storage device is what it will see phones as17:57
genii-aroundgiantpune: You're not using something like Eclipse and the ADB stuff?17:58
giantpuneis there just a simple way i can disable the CDC modem driver or give it the vid/pid and tell the network stuff in kubuntu never to try and use that?17:59
AknotI added my own wallpaper but after logout it resets back to the default one, if i use one which i got from "get more wallpapers" it wont reset18:00
genii-aroundgiantpune: Conceivably you can try to find it's vendor/device in /lib/udev/rules.d/ files and remove from or or blacklist18:02
giantpunei want it in the udev rules, i just dont want it treated as a modem18:03
AknotAlso i created shortcut to my other hdd but it disappeared aswell after logout18:03
genii-aroundgiantpune: Do you know what driver it is using ?18:04
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »18:04
giantpunedmesg is spitting out a bunch of stuff with cdc_acm and cdc_ether18:05
genii-aroundAknot: Perhaps your desktop is loading a saved session which does not include the hd shortcut or new wallpaper18:05
Aknotno, i just installed kubuntu and everything is default18:05
Aknotand i checked that its set to restore previous session, not saved one18:05
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genii-aroundgiantpune: cdc_ether seems to be a module but bot cdc_acm18:07
genii-aroundgiantpune: Something like: sudo lshw -C network     might show you what driver the thing is using under the section that starts with "configuration:"18:15
genii-aroundApologies on lag, work is requiring me often right now18:16
giantpunethis is the relavent portion of the output.  http://pastie.org/private/lcs1r96y659yaftulmug18:17
giantpunetheres also good ole eth0 and wlan, which are really internet devices18:17
emniyetslm bu ubuntu 12.4un yenisi ne zaman ckıcak_??18:18
genii-aroundgiantpune: Yes, so cdc_ether is what it's using. So just use the bots !blacklist info to blacklist that driver18:19
giantpuneok, i added that line and disconnected/reconnected the phone and its still trying to use it as a modem.  do i need to manually unload the module somehow?18:22
genii-aroundgiantpune: Yes...sudo modprobe -r cdc_ether18:27
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giantpunewoot.  that seems to have fixed it.  thanks18:30
genii-aroundgiantpune: You're welcome. Good luck with the debugging!18:31
qw_hello all18:33
qw_help me please18:33
qw_i would like install Skype from my PC18:33
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga18:33
qw_first sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"18:34
qw_and second sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype18:35
qw_end ?18:35
genii-aroundqw_: echo "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-skype.list18:37
genii-aroundqw_: Then after a sudo apt-get update  should be available to install18:38
AknotIm trying to install ut2k4, i changed from properties to "is executable" but it says i dont have permission. In ubuntu it just asked for password, on kubuntu it doesnt18:47
genii-around!info gimp > genii-around18:49
bimmelut2k4 has a linux version? awesome?18:50
Aknotso how do i give permission to it?18:52
genii-aroundAknot: Is it owned by the user who is trying to run it?18:54
genii-aroundAknot: I have not tried to run that before, just approaching the usual problems like wrong user or permissions, etc.18:59
genii-aroundAknot: Have  you tried perhaps with kdesudo ?19:00
Aknotwhat is that19:00
genii-around( although if it did not need gksudo under regular ubuntu likely does not need kdesudo )19:00
Aknotin ubuntu it asked for password when i put "allow executing"19:01
Aknothere it just says no permission19:01
genii-aroundAknot: From konsole if you put ls -l filename    ( where filename is the ut2k4 file ) what does it say?19:02
Aknotlrwxrwxrwx 1 username username 36 Jul  9 21:59 linux-installer.sh -> /media/UT2004_CD1/linux-installer.sh19:03
genii-aroundAknot: since it's a symbolic link... what does ls -l  /media/UT2004_CD1/linux-installer.sh say?19:18
bimmelDoes Windows run on XEN? Does it have 3d support then? How do I install xen? What GUI is the best for it when just wanting to have both system running at the same time? How do you switch between them?19:22
bimmelIs there a better solution which does not require rebooting to switch? I have workstation, but it has no 3d support with radeon. It has with fglrx but fglrx makes my system incredibly unstable.19:24
CombatjuanHello.  I'm having kwin performance problems when: scrolling windows, changing window focus, changing virt desktop--basically anytime lots of painting is happening.19:31
CombatjuanI'm using the kubuntu proprietary nvidia driver with twinview.19:32
CombatjuanEven if I disable all desktop effects (except the kwin show FPS) these operations are still slow.19:33
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sekisushaihello, i would like to write a bash script which open a terminal and execute some commands19:33
sekisushailike "konsole -e cd/my path"19:34
sekisushaiit doesn't work of course, any help ?19:34
Combatjuansekisushai: Try adding the --hold option to your konsole command.19:35
sekisushaiExcellent ! thank mate :)19:36
CombatjuanNo problem.  Have fun!19:36
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i think i fixed the microblog issue19:37
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: are you there?19:37
sekisushaiCombatjuan : it doesn't work at the end : konsole --hold cd mypath19:51
DaskreechCombatjuan: could you ask in #kwin19:53
Jekyllsekisushai: konsole is a terminal emulator, not shell. Try konsole --hold -e bash -c "cd some/path;....."19:55
CombatjuanDaskreech: Certainly.  Thank you.19:56
Combatjuansekisushai: What Jekyll said.  I had done that before with -e ssh but failed to note that this worked because ssh is a shell, not just a command.19:57
sekisushaihum, the goal is to do a shortcut script to launch a bash program in a directory20:08
sekisushaiso i need to have a terminal open20:09
sekisushaii would like to open a terminal in a directory using a command line20:09
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: are you there?20:16
yofel_yes, but busy, anyting I can answer in 2 minutes?20:17
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: i have fixed the microblog bug20:17
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: need some to test the patch20:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: also need someone to test a kmix patch20:18
yofel_ah, can't do that now -> wednesday20:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: ??20:18
yofel_If you want me to test it it'll have to wait until the day after tomorrow, sorry20:19
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: can the two patches if approved in 2 days , can it make it to kde 4.9 final?20:20
yofel_tagging for 4.9 final is the 25th, so I believe yes20:21
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: ok20:21
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: whats special about wednesday?20:22
yofel_nothing, except that's the first day this week when I don't have a test in scholl the day after...20:23
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: :)20:23
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amarcodeblocks doesn't work on kubuntu21:43
amarany help?21:44
amaryo guys21:46
amar"sudo make install" fails22:17
amarwith two errors22:17
amaranyone knows possible reasons ?22:17
BarkingFishamar, without you paste up the errors somewhere, no.22:29
skreech_!pastebin | amar22:41
ubottuamar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:41
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EphosAlright guys.. I need to ask, since I've been using Kubuntu for a full week now without thinking about it -- but how is performance on Win7 x64 as a guest operating system in VirtualBox? Can I run all my Steam games?22:52
EphosGuess there's only one way to find out22:59
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L3topDepends on your resources Ephos.23:05
L3topI run XP32 in VB on a laptop, and it's lightning. Just a few seconds to boot.23:06

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