gary_postergmb hi.  I made an "approve" review of https://code.launchpad.net/~gmb/lpsetup/make-lp-lxc-ip-discoverable-bug-1019181/+merge/113955 albeit with a bit of muttering in the comments.12:02
gmbgary_poster, I think we should make a "kill doctests in lpsetup" card. The unittests I've found for inithost aren't all that comprehensive, and I'd started down the doctest road earlier... Might make a good branch for this afternoon, actually...12:02
gary_postercool, gmb, sounds good12:03
gmbgary_poster, So, would you rather have something like "if os.path.exists(path1): elseif os.path.exists(path2): else: explode?12:04
gary_postergmb, in a "that's yucky and inconvenient but more paranoid" sort of way, yes.  I'd lean that way.  OTOH, I could understand someone not leaning that way under the circumstances, which is why I approved as is12:05
gmbgary_poster, I'm easy either way - I just took the path of least ugliness.12:06
gary_postergmb, ack.  you choose.  reviewer privilege is to mutter, developer privilege is to decide when to ignore muttering. :-)12:07
* gmb adds that to the reviewer checklist.12:07
gmbgary_poster, I'll go for paranoia, just to get my paranoia out of the way early in the week.12:08
gary_poster:-) ok12:08
gary_posterbac benji gmb https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/e7868bb3734212293bb6e76928d75059512d29dc?authuser=1&hl=en-US12:09
gmbgary_poster, Is that at the end of our static URL?12:10
gary_postergmb, oh booh, I forgot12:10
gary_postergmb, are you there already?12:10
* gmb -> lunches12:41
bacgary_poster: i'm creating a hangout13:00
gary_posterbac try our shared one13:00
* benji reboots13:50
gmbbac, So, pre-commit.sh in lpsetup... does a lot of lint spewage mean failure?14:19
gmb(I'm assuming so, because my tests are passing but the branch won't land because pre-commit.sh fails)14:20
bacyes, it should not spew, gmb14:20
gmbbac, I see 139 lines of spew14:21
bacgmb: try running pre-commit.sh in trunk, after pulling14:23
gmbbac, Nope, still spews.14:24
gmbbac, You don't have some kind of global config for pocketlint do you?14:24
bacgmb: no b/c it passed in tarmac for me on friday, so there is nothing environmental for me that makes it work14:24
bacgmb: but it did fail on tarmac for you?14:25
gmbbac, Yes14:25
gmbbac, Ah, might be pep8 that's failing...14:26
gmb(Rather than pocketlint)14:26
gmbOh, no, it's both.14:26
bacgmb: your pep8 and pocketlint are both in /usr/bin?14:28
gmbbac, pep8 is in /usr/local/bin14:28
bacgmb: who owns that?14:28
baci mean dpkg -S14:29
gmbbac, root14:29
bacsorry, see above14:29
gmbpython-pocket-lint: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pocketlint/contrib/pep8.py14:29
gmbpython-pocket-lint: /usr/share/pyshared/pocketlint/contrib/pep8.py14:29
gary_postergmb, I just freshly installed everything and ran tests to try and help.  on precise I don't see the errors you got in trunk14:30
bacgmb: are the tarmac failures shown in your MP?  if so, which is it?14:31
gmbbac, Oh, actually... No, Tarmac is full of test failures. Which is disappointing but, I've just realised, to be expected...14:33
gmbSo clearly noise is on my machine, not on tarmac (I was looking at the log before, not the MP)14:33
gmbI'll look at that later, when I've fixed the tests.14:33
gmbMaybe _I've_ got some global config.14:33
gmbgary_poster, Haha. So, paranoia causes the test suite to break, because checking for the existence of a file that's not going to be installed on the test machine at import time is always going to fail.14:38
gmbSo I'm going to switch back to less-paranoid-and-more-elegant-anyway.14:38
gary_postergmb, ok cool14:38
gary_posterhey benji, you are running tests on inithost and bac and I just saw something we did there that could never possibly work.  I could make a card for it, but I suspect you'll need to change it yourself.  Is your branch fairly up to date--say, you have all the code from Friday?  If so, in inithost.initialize, there is a section with comment "# Set up Apache modules".  That needs to be dedented to be run as root.15:17
gary_posterbenji, are you already going to be fixing that, or should I make a card?15:18
gary_posterbenji, over here! :-) ok thanks15:19
bacgary_poster: https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/lpsetup/install-lxc-rename/+merge/11399215:32
bacwhy does the canonicaladmin leave calendar sort in reverse order by first name?  is that some kind of statement?16:01
* bac -> lunches16:01
bachey gary_poster, i'm trying to reconcile the card you created with the tasks in the hangout notes.18:01
bacgary_poster: this card just seems to be an expansion of item 3 in the notes.  that's how i'm proceeding.18:03
gary_posterbac, ok.  I *think it was 3 + 418:14
bacgary_poster: if 3+4 it will require a lot more than that card specified.  that's ok, just trying to ensure we're on the same page.18:17
gary_posterbac, I like small branches, small cards.  Divide up as you think would be best18:17
gary_posterbac, also if you'd like to pair again just let me know.18:18
bacgary_poster: sure.  now is fine.18:18
gary_posterbac, I'm in the "usual" channel--or I will be in a moment after I prepare18:18
gary_posterbac you left channel19:09
gary_posterbac you left channel20:46
gary_posterbenji, your test runner is so polite that it aplogizes if there is a failure! :-)  I have questions but will send on email so you can have an evening.  Thanks!21:21
bacgary_poster: rockstar accepted the tarmac fix and will merge it shortly21:24
gary_posterbac, yay!21:24

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