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dholbachI just tried to allow a script on a server to use launchpadlib and it tries to connect to https://launchpad.net/+authorize-token?oauth_token=<blablabla>&allow_permission=DESKTOP_INTEGRATION07:54
dholbachI'm not sure if DESKTOP_INTEGRATION is a red herring, but it keeps on asking me for a keyring passphrase07:55
dholbachwhich I have to reenter everytime the script is run07:55
dholbachcan anyone help me with this?07:55
wgrantdholbach: http://www.mail-archive.com/launchpad-users@lists.launchpad.net/msg01653.html07:56
wgrant"5. If your script is not intended for interactive use, pass in a credentials_file argument to login_with() to avoid the keyring.07:57
dholbachI'll try that07:57
dholbachfor some reason I never had to do that07:57
wgrantLucid's launchpadlib is different.07:58
wgrantThis is new in natty07:58
dholbachthanks wgrant08:03
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MechanisMhello guys. I'm long time ago reported that chromium-daily ppa is not maintained anymore. So noone actually cares about it right?11:08
MechanisMit's so important for web-developers to have cutting age browser wersions to test things.11:09
maxbMechanisM: Launchpad provides the PPA infrastructure, but the contents and maintenance of PPAs are up to the individuals concerned.11:11
jpdsMechanisM: The proper people to ask are the maintainers.11:12
maxbThough, if I remember correctly, the chromium-daily PPA may be a bit "special"11:12
MechanisMyes but I'm just want to know if this will be maintained or I should forget about this option and upgrade other ways11:13
maxbI think it stopped happening after a period of ongoing pain which demonstrated that chromium simply takes too long to build for the PPA infrastructure to cope with11:13
maxbMechanisM: Then you're asking the wrong people11:13
MechanisMohh yep. big codebase actually11:13
MechanisMbtw I'm did apt-get source somepackage, modified it and wanna generate deb from it. how to do it?11:17
MechanisMohh and also did apt-get build-dep somepackage11:17
jpdsMechanisM: #ubuntu-motu is a better place to ask.11:19
zulhi how do i make a ppa private?12:12
jpdszul: Wrong channel. ;)12:12
zuljpds:  which channel do I need to be on?12:13
TheLordOfTimejpds:  actually, right channel, really...12:19
Roji need help to active  OpenPGP in launchpad13:12
Roji recive imail with code to active it13:13
Roji can not read email how i can active my pgp ?13:13
dobeyRoj: it is encrypted using the key you added to launchpad13:14
dobeyRoj: you must decrypt it to read it13:14
Rojno any why to active it with out encrypted mail i use any chrome and firefox add-ons but can not read13:18
dobeycopy and paste the body of the message into a text file, and use gpg to decrypt it locally then13:21
dobeyand stop pasting it in a privmsg to me13:21
dobeyi can't do anything wit hit13:21
bdmurraysinzui: regarding https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/201431 grub-pc is binary package provided by grub2.  I thought launchpad used to redirect from a binary package to a source package.15:05
sinzuibdmurray, I don't think Lp does that redirect. I thought apport knew which package the user has. Since packaging changes, lp would need more information to complete the redirect15:08
sinzuibdmurray, `ubuntu-bug grub-pc` certainly knows that grub2 is the sourcepackage15:13
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* mpt wonders if <https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+upstreamreport> actually works any more16:40
mptIt's timed out 100% of the time for me the past week16:40
dobeyError ID: OOPS-6f6ea6859b389c761c1a37754e49270017:03
Lasallwhy is there an dependency wait / unmet dependency? https://code.launchpad.net/~depict/+archive/depict-dev/+build/363986317:07
Lasallsee control file: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~depict/d-pict/depict-debian/view/head:/debian/control17:07
Lasallpbuilder works fine with precise17:07
dobeyLasall: i'd just get rid of the "valac (>= 0.16) |" there and have it just require valac-0.1617:27
Lasalldobey: good idea.18:18
woooheywhen i am uploading a package on launchpad by using command dput ppa:your-lp-id/ppa <source.changes> it is giving me error hecking signature on .changes gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.gpg: the signature could not be verified.Please remember that the signature file (.sig or .asc) should be the first file given on the command line.No signature on /home/manu/geekchat_0.1-0extras11.10.1_i386.changes.18:32
wooosombody pls help..its urgent!!18:32
woooanyone please help!!!!!!!!!18:34
Lasallwooo: sign your files with debsign18:36
woooLasall: how to do that??18:36
Lasallwooo: run: debsign <yourchangesfiles>.changes18:37
Lasalldo you have a gpg key already?18:38
lucas_Hello, I'm new to bzr/Launchpad and I've just create a new project. When I try to upload my local branch (made bzr init before, pure source code) with "bzr push lp:~lucasbetschart/qubuntuone/trunk" I always get the following error:    bzr: ERROR: Zugriff verweigert: »~lucasbetschart/qubuntuone/trunk/«: : You cannot create branches in "~lucasbetschart/qubuntuone"18:41
lucas_"Zugriff verweigert" means acces denied. What am I doing wrong?18:41
Lasalllucas_: you have to setup code hosting for your project first19:01
dobeyno, the problem is that he created it in a way that he doesn't have permissions to upload19:08
dobeyoh, and maybe code hosting does need to be configured19:10
dobeylucas_: you should not make your project be "part of" ubuntuone19:12
lucas_ah yes thx, that was the mistake19:13
lucas_because I made it part of ubuntuone19:14
lucas_I though this is just more for visuel categorisation19:14

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