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superkuhSo, the torrent http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/precise/release/lubuntu-12.04-alternate-amd64.iso.torrent actually downloads "lubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386" and not the alternate install CD.03:56
superkuhOr, at least it is named that. I'm downloading the alternate install via HTTP to compare.04:01
superkuhYup. The torrent does actually download the wrong iso.04:23
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furycd001Hey can anyone help me :?  I have installed lubuntu & created a custom openbox session. can anyone tell me how to remove the lubuntu session, login manager & boot straight to openbox :?08:34
test123Hi all.14:11
Jef91Does Lubuntu 12.04 use a PAE only kernel like Ubuntu 12.04 does?15:21
SentynelJef91: lubuntu uses the same software repositories as ubuntu, and thus the same default kernel15:26
Jef91Ahh so Lubuntu 12.04 doesn't install to non-PAE systems then?15:27
Sentynelas far as I'm aware pae is not the default in 12.0415:27
Sentynelhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE/ suggests PAE only becomes default in 12.1015:27
Sentynelah, the PAE kernel is provided by the installer if >3GB of system memory is detected15:28
SentynelI don't know if that feature is included in lubuntu's installer, though I would guess so, but I can't see it defaulting to PAE before ubuntu does15:29
smilebye :)18:27
silverarrowis there a way to connect to the internet with a laptop to laptop connection19:21
silverarrowI have a laptop running wireless fine, and one with only wired connection19:21
silverarrowhas anone manage laptop to laptop internet connection?19:23
silverarrowwhen I connect the wire from my lubuntu laptop to my windows laptop, nothing happens19:24
silverarrowmaybe it doesn't work with wired connection19:25
silverarrowI have no access to the modem19:25
silverarrowwhich is silly I know19:25
silverarrowbut there you are19:25
silverarrow...or I am19:25
Unit193Did you try http://askubuntu.com/questions/129579/creating-a-hotspot-in-lubuntu ?19:26
silverarrowi don't know why, but the power pc lubuntu is really anoying with wireless19:27
silverarrowneither of my usb wireless adaptors works either19:27
silverarrowno, I haven't asked there Unit19319:28
silverarrowseems there are no direct answer either19:28
gomiboysilverarrow: are you using direct connection, without a hub/switch?19:29
silverarrowso, it's called a hotspot?19:29
silverarrow...some futher googeling...19:30
Unit193There was a link to a guide, and the reason why the user couldn't get it.19:30
Unit193ad hoc.19:30
silverarrowwell, yes, it seems I have to have buntu on both computers19:31
silverarrowthanks for the link19:33
silverarrowi shall get to it19:33
silverarrowgomiboy: not sure, I just have a windows laptop connected to the modem with a usb wireless, and a cable from the lubuntu laptop to the windows laptop19:35
silverarrowI need a regular modem connection, should be less fuzz then19:36
silverarrowhi zleap19:38
silverarrowI have come as far as installing lubuntu on the ibook19:39
silverarrowseems to run fine, but I have to fix the wireless to get connected, and some booting issue19:39
silverarrowI have to give a blacklist comand at boot up for it to work19:40
silverarrowit might sort it's self out as soon as I get the updates19:40
silverarrowthe old ibook behaves, silent, smooth...19:41
silverarrowI like lubuntu19:41
silverarrowno need for more ram it seems, though I might get some19:41
silverarrowisn't 1GB a must these days?19:42
SkippersBossif you want a stable sytem it seems to be the case19:42
silverarrowoh, I do19:42
silverarrowunfortunately a lot of dismateling on the ibook I think, but it is a onetime thing19:43
silverarrowluckily I found a guide19:43
silverarrowI think there a two slots in this one, one is emtpy, and max is 1.5GB19:44
silverarrowdo anyone of you know what a "Linux b43.blacklist=yes" command is?19:45
silverarrowI don't think I will fuzz with it until I have done the updates19:45
silverarrowhoping it might sort it's self out then19:46
zleapi have lubuntu with 2gb works great19:47
zleapthe black list is something to do with drivers so they are not loaded19:48
zleapi think19:48
zleaptry man <command>19:48
silverarrowI have been looking at this neat Samsung laptop19:49
silverarrowmuch like the mac pros, very nice, light and solid19:50
silverarrowi mean, firmware seems well put together, both internal parts and casing19:50
silverarrowback later19:57
silverarrowoh, smilies19:57
silverarrowon irc19:57
zleapanyone here from canada ?20:30
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Guest78978hi yall22:23
Guest78978how do u sign in on the irc i got it registered but dont know how to sign in or what ever22:24
pv2b /msg nickserv identify <your nickname> <your password>22:25
Unit193Or you could set it up for your client to do it for you, what client?22:25
Guest78978xchat gnome22:41
Unit193There should be a server password input box, put username:password in there.22:42
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lubuntuHDDI've tried installing lubuntu 12.04 about 5 times now, and each time, the installer fails during the "copy files" portion -- I suspect hardware problems22:52
kanliotlemme guess you have 512 mb ram22:52
lubuntuHDDI'd like to test the hdd22:52
lubuntuHDDI have 512 or less, but alternate install fails as well22:53
kanliotdid you try test disc?22:53
lubuntuHDDI don't know how to test the HDD, or what other components could be causing it to fail22:53
lubuntuHDDkanliot: yes22:53
kanliotand how did the alt install fail?22:53
lubuntuHDDIt gave a red screen and said, "sorry, X package could not be installed" or something like that, and then asked me if I wanted to continue from a previous part of the installation22:54
lubuntuHDDbut it would always fail, but the package it failed at varied randomly22:54
lubuntuHDDThe CD drive would also eject randomly22:55
lubuntuHDDso I got a liveUSB instead, and used PloP boot manager to boot it22:55
kanliothow is your internet connection?22:56
kanlioti'm just guessing here22:56
lubuntuHDDI didn't set it up during the alt install22:56
lubuntuHDDbut it worked in graphical22:57
lubuntuHDDwhen I tried that way22:57
kanliotdid you try alternate from the liveusb?22:57
kanlioti mean alternate from the usb?22:57
lubuntuHDDyeah I understood -- not yet22:57
lubuntuHDDI really suspect a hardware problem though22:58
kanlioton the livecd22:58
kanliotthere is a memory test22:58
kanliotthat works pretty well22:58
kanliotbut you should be using alternate from the usb22:58
lubuntuHDDI can do that -- but what if the memory is ok and something else is wrong22:58
kanliotyeah could be22:59
kanlioton my system i run systemtester it calculates pi22:59
kanliotto test the cpu22:59
kanliotand my hard drives have smart monitoring22:59
kanliotand if that doesn't work, i repleace the ide cables22:59
lubuntuHDDthat could be the issue23:00
lubuntuHDDmine are very old23:00
lubuntuHDDand about a month ago, lubuntu was already installed on this computer, but just crashed and wouldn't boot up after that.23:00
kanliotthat sounds pretty bad23:02
kanliotmake sure cpu isn't overheating23:02
kanlioti guess that's obvious23:02
kanliotbut chekc anyhow23:02
kanliotlike with a clogged heat sing23:03
lubuntuHDDI can check -- and nothing is obvious... :p23:03
lubuntuHDDI just know enough about computers to be a danger to them lol23:04
kanliotshould i turn my pc off? are you that dangerous?23:06
genoobiehey all23:07
genoobietrying to install "minecraft" on ubuntu so my kids can play23:09
genoobiebut I think i am missing java virtual machine23:09
genoobiewhen I type this "java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame"23:09
genoobieI get an error "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/LauncherFrame"23:10
genoobie"Could not find the main class: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame"23:10
genoobieis that because of an absent JVM?23:10
kanlioti'd ask in the minecraft channel23:10
genoobieok, tx23:11
kanlioti'm sure there's one somewhere23:11
Unit193It's not -cp, it's -jar23:15
kanliothe left23:15
Unit193I know, but now so do you. :P23:16

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