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roaksoaxrvba: howdy! did enlistment change for some reason?13:47
rvbaroaksoax: not that I know of...13:48
roaksoaxrvba: ok, I;ll check as robbiew reported some issue there in on of the latest bzr revs that I pushed last week13:49
roaksoaxrobbiew: could you confirm the enlistment issues you were seeing?13:50
robbiewwell, I suspect it was dnsmasq hokey ness....I'm using my laptop as the maas server13:51
robbiewso there's dnsmasq all over the damn place :/13:51
roaksoaxheh, maybe indeed. I haven't really tested enlistment yet. But will do and try to confirm whether there's an issue there13:52
robbiewroaksoax: okay...let me sort out this dnsmasq nightmare first, then I'll re-enable the ppa13:53
robbiewroaksoax: okay...so I just remove/purged it all, and will renable your ppa now15:12
robbiewthese remote access cards are awesome btw...web control and KVM access is sweet15:13
roaksoaxhehe nice!!15:15
robbiewI really think we need to figure out a better way to get dnsmasq playing nicely with existing processes on Ubuntu Desktop...it's PITA otherwise15:20
robbiewat least defaulting to bind-interface15:21
robbiew bind-interfaces15:21
roaksoaxwell I guess we could bind the interface that is being used for MAAS in that case15:46
roaksoaxthough dnsmasq will soon be removed once the bind9 support is added15:46
* roaksoax brb15:49
robbiewroaksoax: enlist failed17:26
robbiewRoAkSoAx: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1083114/17:27
robbiewI suspect this is the cause of the error17:27
* robbiew is using the testing ppa on precise...not quantal or bzr trunk17:28
roaksoaxrobbiew: ack. I'll look into that now17:28
robbiewcool, thx....I'll grab lunch ;)17:29
roaksoaxrobbiew found the issue will give you a patch after lunch :)18:32
robbiewcool deal18:32
robbiewRoAkSoAx: so ipmi over lan seems a bit broken...or at least I can't seem to set it properly in MAAS...cobbler complains everytime I try19:46
roaksoaxrobbiew: alright, I'll take a look19:47
robbiewRoAkSoAx: nevermind...helps to have ipmitool installed19:48
robbiewmaybe make that a depends on maas...or at least have it check for it somehow19:48
robbiewthe error message provided: "Unknown problem encountered with the Cobbler server."  doesn't help much :P19:49
roaksoaxrobbiew: hehe yeah it doesnt/ though I think the depends is missing in fence-agents19:49
roaksoaxwill take care of that19:49
roaksoaxI'll have your patch in a bit19:49
roaksoax(for the enlistment19:49
robbiewRoAkSoAx: agreed19:50
* robbiew ran the command in cobbler template...and boom! :)19:50
robbiewRoAkSoAx: still can't seem to mark IPMI-over-LAN as a power on option in MAAS.  I think MAAS is incorrectly passing an option to cobbler19:53
roaksoaxyeah seems that somethign is missing there19:53
robbiewagain...I'm using the latest in the testing PPA, so /could/ already be fixed in trunk19:53
roaksoaxI will get the latest trunk today too19:54
robbiewperfect, thx19:57
roaksoaxrobbiew: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083378/ apply that in /usr/share/pyshared/maas/ and restart maas20:08
robbiewRoAkSoAx:  assuming you meant /usr/share/pyshared/maasserver/ ;)20:17
roaksoaxrobbiew: ah yes :)20:17
* robbiew restarts and reboots one of the servers20:27
robbiew RoAkSoAx:  hmm....no change, but maybe I didn't properly restart maas...given there's no "maas restart", that's always a bit tricky to me20:31
* robbiew goes to do a system reset just to be sure20:32
roaksoaxsudo service apache2 restart should do the trick20:32
robbiewRoAkSoAx: worked20:40
roaksoaxallenap: still around?21:25
robbiewRoAkSoAx: things looking good...the ipmi stuff isn't *that* big of a deal, but would be a nice to have for the demo on Wednesday...but I can also talk my around it, if need be ;)21:33
robbiewjuju bootstrap worked21:33
robbiewso whoohoo21:33
roaksoaxrobbiew: cool, and yeah I already fixed the ipmi selection on the UI, but now I found a different bug related to that, so I'm gonna upgrade to latest trunk and test again21:34
roaksoaxso I'm guessing it should be fixed tomorrow21:34

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