MCRHi. I am having troubles getting fglrx set-up on Quantal. Neither the patched version in the repositories nor the new fglrx 12.6/8.980 from the AMD homepage does want to work.08:28
MCRAnyone actually running latest Quantal with the proprietary AMD driver here ?08:28
MCROr no possibility for now and just gallium graphics possible ?08:29
MCRHi astraljava :)08:32
BluesKajHey all11:01
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genii-aroundDid anyone besides me running Kubuntu have updates today or yesterday that want to remove most of the kde subsystem?14:21
* BluesKaj checks14:41
IdleOnegenii-around: kde-workspace-bin kubuntu-desktop are going to be removed for me14:44
genii-aroundIdleOne: I let it run, then re-installed kubuntu-desktop but now it's groaning about other stuff, etc14:48
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