will__hey guys. i need a way to specify "prefer", "don't mind", "prefer not" and "can't" for each day of the week. here's my two alternatives i can think of: a grid of checkboxes, with prefer/prefer not etc. being vertical axis and days of week being horizontal01:29
will__or simply a combobox for each day of the week01:29
will__what do you think is the best out of the two? any other ways to let users choose?01:30
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Will123hey guys. I have a group of radio boxes, and the choices are "prefers to work the same days every week" or "prefers to work different days every week"03:45
Will123that's pretty inelegant. does anyone have any ideas about what would make better radio button labels and an overall frame label?03:46
Will123("Prefers to work...     [x] same days every week [ ] different days every week" seems a bit gross03:46
Will123getting a bit tense now05:43
dpmgood morning06:11
dholbachgood morning06:49
Will123i haven't slept in quite a long time06:52
Will123but i'm determined to finish my program in time06:52
Will123does the code quality matter at all in the judging?06:54
Will123there's stuff in here i wouldn't show my parents let alone feel comfortable showing you guys06:54
dpmWill123, we won't review the code, but for the app's stability, it'd be nice to have robust code. Crashes will obviously score negatively07:15
Will123dpm: yeah, that makes sense07:20
Will123unfortunately due to the time constraints i've had to rush a lot of things and add a lot of horrible hacks. obviously i'm avoiding crashes but post-competition i'd like to go over and touch it up07:21
Will123and bulldoze some of it down07:21
robotexI created app for Ubuntu Showdown08:58
robotexBut I used Qt4, not Quickly08:58
robotexSo, how can I create package?08:58
sigurdgarobotex: I'm lazy, but I would probably try to get your program to be started by the __init__.py inside quickly09:02
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Submissions/PackageQuickStart might help09:03
sigurdgaI'm using gtk, but without Glade or Builder, but quickly runs my python program just fine09:04
Will123sigurdga: have you tried any unity shell integration yet?09:17
robotexXB-Icon: is the filename of the app icon. (This must exactly match the icon filename added to the package meta-data in the debian/rules file.)09:26
robotexXB-Screenshot-Url: is the URL to a screenshot image. This is the screenshot image you upload with your review request, and the URL should be on https://software-center.ubuntu.com.09:26
robotexDo I must to download somewhere this images and writes URLs?09:26
robotexOr this is patches to images in repository?09:26
sigurdgaWill123: Only drop file to launcher icon (to open a file in the program), that's all I need, I think.09:27
dpmrobotex, don't worry about these, IIRC they are now handled by myapps.developer.ubuntu.com, so you can ignore them for now09:30
robotexso, don't add this lines?09:30
Will123sigurdga: fair enough :) i've not managed it myself09:31
robotexjust this lines or all XB- ?09:32
Will123guys, i couldn't get drag and drop in my application to work, so as a rubbish work around I have a button on the widget that you click, then you click on another destination widget (simulating the kind of thing you'd do with drag and drop)09:32
sigurdgaWill123: I have nothing that needs indicators or message popups or anything like that09:32
Will123however i've got nothing that makes it obvious that you're suddenly in the "associate this object with another one by clicking it" mode09:33
Will123any ideas? what should i do? have a big label that appears saying "you're now in such and such a mode"?09:33
sigurdgaWill123: that was what came into my mind as well (the big label)09:34
Will123sigurdga: glad it's not too crazy an idea then. :) where do you think i should put it? a status bar at the bottom of the window is too out of the way, and i don't really want to move all my widgets down to fit in a big label at the top. i don't know how to make a temporary popup (infact when i tried, it crashed everything horribly). i'm even considering putting it in the toolbar09:35
Will123sigurdga: (i've not got any use for indicators or message pop ups either)09:35
robotexabout rules file:09:36
sigurdgaWill123: I'm not so good at this, but I would put a label at the top. I think you can hide() and show() it to enable it when you want to show it.09:36
robotexYou must add a small piece to set up the app icon in the Software Center. (It's a bit ugly, but there's no other way to do it at the moment.) Define an override_dh_gencontrol target that copies your image icon outside the top-level directory (to "../myapp.png"), and then adds the icon to the package meta-data. The name of the file added to the package meta-data must exactly match the XB-Icon filename in the debian/control file. It has to be a09:36
robotexPNG icon, and not SVG or some other format.09:36
robotexis this necessary?09:36
Will123sigurdga: i'll give it a go, thanks :)09:37
robotex        dh_gencontrol09:39
robotex        cp icons/myapp-64x64.png ../myapp.png09:39
robotex        dpkg-distaddfile myapp.png raw-meta-data -09:39
robotexif this icon folder must be located in debian directory or upper?09:39
dpmrobotex, you can do 'quickly create ubuntu-application foo', 'cd foo', 'quickly package --extras' and then use the generated debian/rules and debian/control files for your example09:48
dpmassuming you're using PyQt or PySide09:49
robotexnot python09:49
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robotexin desktop file it must be only SVG icon?09:51
robotexCan I use PNG?09:51
robotexok, I'm doing debuild09:56
robotexbut see error09:56
robotexdebian/rules:13: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?).  Stop.09:57
robotexbut I don't have TABs in this file09:57
robotexwhat's wrong?09:57
robotexdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc failed10:01
robotexrobotex@robotex-laptop:~/workspace/mirrorcam-1.0$ fakeroot debian/rules clean10:01
robotexdebian/rules:13: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?).  Stop.10:01
robotexwhat's wrong?10:02
robotexthere is no Tabs in this file10:02
dholbachrobotex, try opening the file in vim for example - it should show you if there's tabs instead of spaces10:04
robotexis tabs looks like as red lines in vim?10:07
dholbachchange the tab to 8 spaces10:07
dholbachand configure your editor to use spaces instead of tabs :)10:07
dholbachand you should be fine10:07
robotexhow to input in vim? :)10:07
robotexI press space, cursor moving, but not inputing10:08
psychognitehelo evry one10:08
psychognitei have a project to submit in app showdown i don't how to submit it ..... please help me out.. !!10:09
robotex<dholbach>, no. Red lines is a spaces10:10
commandolinepsychognite: http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/ step 4, what's going wrong?10:10
dholbachrobotex, maybe the indentation is wrong?10:10
robotex8 spaces10:10
psychognitei used quickly to build a package from my project then dput <launcpadinfo>  doesn't work10:11
commandolinepsychognite: do you have an error message?10:12
robotex<dholbach>, you are wrong. I changed all to TABs and problem gone10:13
robotexbut I see next problem10:13
psychogniteby using quickly package i build .deb .changes .tar.gz .dsc files now what to do next10:14
dholbachrobotex, haha, yes, you're right - I misread the error message above10:16
* dholbach might need another cup of tea or coffee10:16
psychognitei have creates openpgp keys for launchpad and code of conduct10:16
commandolinepsychognite: try quickly submitubuntu , then it also handles uploading to the ppa as far as I know.10:16
psychogniteerror occured:10:18
psychogniteGet Launchpad Settings10:18
psychogniteLaunchpad connection is ok10:18
psychogniteNo Launchpad project set, leave blank to abort.10:18
psychogniteLaunchpad project name: No launchpad project given, aborting.10:18
psychogniteERROR: submitubuntu command failed10:18
robotexIt's compiling!10:20
commandolinepsychognite: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/158853/no-launchpad-project-set-when-running-quickly-submitubuntu10:21
commandoline(in short, creating a launchpad project like submitubuntu wants to have should work)10:22
robotexmy first deb package in a life ^_^10:23
psychognitesir i m out of my mind what should b my next step .. ?10:26
robotexhm, but when I successfully install this package I don't see the app10:26
robotexso, I get many files10:29
robotexwhat can I do with it?10:30
psychognitei have created ppa and don't know how to upload my files...... can anyone do help me out ... !!!10:30
robotexif it normal that I don't see my app in /opt?10:32
robotexand I don't see it in dash10:32
robotexWhat?! Why package is empty? 0_o10:33
robotexWhat did I do wrong?10:38
jmlpsychognite: try 'quickly upload'10:41
robotexif it normal?10:48
robotexThis package has a Debian revision number but there does not seem to be10:48
robotexan appropriate original tar file or .orig directory in the parent directory;10:48
robotex(expected one of mirrorcam_1.0.orig.tar.gz, mirrorcam_1.0.orig.tar.bz2,10:48
robotexmirrorcam_1.0.orig.tar.lzma,  mirrorcam_1.0.orig.tar.xz or mirrorcam-1.0.orig)10:48
robotexcontinue anyway? (y/n) y10:48
=== dpm-bbl is now known as dpm
robotexwhat is the .orig file?10:50
robotexHow to create it?10:50
robotexSomebody, please tell me10:55
robotexIs it normal that deb file has size 2 Kb?10:55
robotexand no contains binaries?10:55
sigurdgamine is 15k10:56
commandolinerobotex: that's normal.10:56
robotexbut in deb only /usr/share/docs10:57
robotexcontinue upload?10:57
robotex<commandoline>, when package will contains files?10:58
robotexafter uploading to AppCenter?10:59
commandolinerobotex: the stuff you're uploading should contain your project files. Debs do, they just don't contain the requirements (those are already in the repositories)11:00
robotex<commandoline>, but where my app files? I opened deb by ark and didn't seen it11:01
commandolinerobotex: well, if your files are nowhere in there, there's something wrong I'd say.11:03
robotexoh god11:03
robotexwhy is it so difficult11:03
robotexCan somebody see my project http://ubuntuone.com/2y9yodNKHTiOlWqSreUlAr and say what is wrong?11:05
dpmthe fact that it's so hard is one of the main reasons we created Quickly11:07
robotexyes, Quickly is good11:08
dpmdholbach is a bit busy right now, but perhaps coolbhavi or ajmitch can have a look at your package and give you a hand if they're around ^11:09
robotexin archive I included generated files and my source dir with debian dir11:09
dpmrobotex, have you got your code somewhere online? It would help reviewers a lot. This might be helpful if you haven't published your code yet: http://askubuntu.com/questions/154129/how-can-i-publish-my-project-code-online-so-someone-can-help-me-with-it11:10
robotex<dpm>, if you want to see project code you can do this there https://github.com/NicholasShatokhin/mirrorcam11:12
robotexbut in my archive in UbuntuOne you can see also debian files that need for generating deb package and result files11:13
dpmok, cool, glad to see it's online, that will be useful for anyone who can help you11:13
psychognitesir i have uploaded my package on launchpad now how to indulge in app showdown competition11:14
dpmpsychognite, it's all explained on http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown. If any of the steps is not clear, please, let us know11:15
psychognitesir i have go through all but now i am struct where i could know my app is on compettion11:17
robotexcan anybody see my code at github? https://github.com/NicholasShatokhin/mirrorcam.git I commited debian files11:23
robotexhow to say debuild put files in bin dir, not in dir with sources?11:38
psychognitetata bye bye11:42
robotexwhat dirs must be in source dir before packaging started?11:55
MetalGodWinHello, I'm having problem with packaging my python-app, could use some help.12:01
MetalGodWinI've installed it with "sudo dpkg --install appyours_0.3-1ubuntu0_amd64.deb"12:05
MetalGodWinShouldn't I be able to start it system-wide running "appyours" from the terminal?12:05
Will123what happens when you try that?12:06
MetalGodWincommand not found12:06
MetalGodWinif i run python appyours it says "/usr/bin/python: can't find '__main__' module in 'appyours'"12:06
robotexOn the next shutdown I will try to write quickly for Qt4 + C++12:08
MetalGodWinI'm following this guide (http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-new-software.html) but it might not apply to python-apps?12:10
MetalGodWinFrom some guide: "If you're packaging a Python module, section should be python, but not for applications."12:16
MetalGodWinNot 100% sure on this.. as I got a python-app. Should I stick with devel, or use python instead?12:16
coolbhavirobotex, hey12:18
coolbhavidpm, sorry missed the ping :)12:18
coolbhavirobotex, why are you including cmake files inside debian directory?12:19
coolbhavioops sorry I took a look wrongly12:20
robotex<coolbhavi>, are you so some wrong in configs?12:29
coolbhavirobotex, why is the source field blank in d/copyright12:29
robotex<coolbhavi>, debian/copyright?12:31
coolbhaviyes the copyright file under the debian/ dir12:31
robotexhm, my fault12:32
coolbhaviand your package requires qmake I guess12:32
robotexfor building12:32
robotexit's first package in my life12:33
coolbhaviok :-) it just ftbfs I found qmake missing on my system so installing it now12:33
robotexI think in debian missing some scripts that must copy binaries into deb package12:35
MetalGodWinNo one got a clue on what could be wrong? Can't run my app after installed it, if i use "python appyours" then it says "/usr/bin/python: can't find '__main__' module in 'appyours'"12:37
coolbhaviyes m just test building let me see the results12:37
robotexI added something and now debuild copy pictures into package12:37
coolbhavirobotex, I think you need qt4-qmake as a build dependency12:37
coolbhaviotherwise it fails to build12:38
coolbhavifrom source12:38
robotex/usr/share/pixmaps is it correct path for icons?12:38
robotexMust I add lib*-dev to build decencies ?12:39
coolbhavijust a moment m test building12:40
coolbhavigenerally pixmaps could do btw12:41
coolbhavifor icons12:41
robotexis debian/rules correct?12:41
robotexmust I add files <package_name>.install and <package_name>-dev.install or it's only for libraries?12:43
coolbhavino as of now I found just adding qt4-qmake to build dep in debian/control solves the 1st check12:44
coolbhavijust some time pls I am just building the package now12:45
wooohey can anyone tell me how much time is left for submission of  The Ubuntu App Showdown!!12:48
woooits urgent...12:48
willyou have until midnight, but i recommend getting it in before then12:49
coolbhavirobotex, also I found XB-Screenshot-Url:  missing in debian/control12:55
woooi have made application in c language.can anyone tell me how to package it and submit it??12:56
coolbhaviwooo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Submissions/PackageQuickStart12:57
robotex<wooo>, 8 hours12:58
robotexwooo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Submissions/PackageQuickStart12:58
coolbhavirobotex, and also try to wrap the long description in debian/control to 80 chars per line13:02
robotex<coolbhavi>, ok13:03
markus__hi all13:07
markus__im one of the App Showdown particiants13:07
markus__I jkust wanted to upload, now I read deadline is over?!13:07
markus__or is the countdown @ http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/07/ubuntu-app-showdown-deadline-approaching-get-your-submissions-ready/ wrong?13:08
markus__becuase several hours ago it said till midnight UTC13:08
markus__hi zoopster13:10
markus__when is App Showdon deadline?!13:10
willi hope the deadline hasn't passed13:13
willi'm still working13:13
zoopsterno idea markus__ it says 9 july13:13
markus__which time zone?13:14
markus__kk, I'll upload any way13:14
zoopsterdoesn't give a timezone13:14
wooomarkus__: on that website also it is mentioned 1 day left.13:14
zoopsterdpm: ^^13:14
sigurdgaI had the counter up from earlier, and it stated 8 hours plus. When I refreshed, it had gone.13:14
markus__i read time is upo :/13:14
willyeah I thought I had 10 hours left13:15
markus__yess suddenly it says no time no more13:15
markus__me too13:15
will:( i was juuuust about finishing up too13:15
willlet's not panic13:15
willokay, so does anyone here actually know when the proper deadline is? is there anyone we can message?13:15
sigurdgadholbach should know if this is a website mishap or if it has already passed13:16
dpmmarkus__, sigurdga, will, yeah, time is up, the counter has been updated, as it had the wrong end date. If you can get your apps ready in a few hours, we'll get them in too, don't worry, but please hurry up a bit13:16
dpmwill, zoopster ^13:16
markus__im trying to upload, however quickly share doesn't like me13:17
toabctldpm, is there a list with all available apps for the contest?13:17
dpmmarkus__, you should use quickly submitubuntu13:17
coolbhavidholbach, I am trying to build an app called mirrorcam from source from the package that robotex submitted but its ftbfs due to qmake not found last lines of the log here: http://pastebin.com/0QU2r0R213:17
dpmtoabctl, we're working on it13:17
markus__ah, k!13:17
willthanks for the clarification dpm13:17
dholbachcoolbhavi, might be worth adding as build-dep :)13:18
dpmI'm tempted to re-reset the counter to the wrong end date to minimize confusion. Let's see if someone else brings it up first13:18
coolbhaviI tried to build with qt4-qmake as a build dep but it leads to even more weird ftbfs13:18
coolbhavill paste the log in a sec13:18
woooi am trying command   dh_make --native --packagename=geekchat_0.1 --copyright=gpl3     to make package of my app that i had written in c language...but i am getting following error...  Currently there is no top level Makefile. This may require additional tuning.Done. Please edit the files in the debian/ subdirectory now. You should alsocheck that the geekchat Makefiles install into $DESTDIR and not in / .13:21
wooosomebody please help!!!13:22
willdpm: i totally wouldn't mind if the counter got reset to the wrong end date :P13:22
MetalGodWinPackaging a python app, what should I type on depends in the control-file? Different sites says different things.. *confused*13:23
wooosomebody please help!!13:23
coolbhavidholbach, here it goes: http://pastebin.com/CV83Lm8X maybe some linking missing?13:24
MetalGodWinwooo im getting the same message at the end in return.13:24
dholbachdaniel@daydream:~$ dlocate /usr/bin/uic-qt413:24
dholbachlibqt4-dev-bin: /usr/bin/uic-qt413:25
dholbachthis might be missing13:25
MetalGodWinnot sure if works anyway.. you still get the debian-folder right?13:25
coolbhaviah ok thanks!13:25
woooMetalGodWin :  yaa i am getting the debian folder13:25
MetalGodWinwooo: I think it's supposed to behave like that. So that message is nothing to bother13:27
MetalGodWinon the guide im following that message appears in teh example*13:28
noneed4anickhey guys13:32
noneed4anickI'm wondering when the deadline for the UAS is? Is it 9th at 00:00 or 9th at 23:59?13:33
noneed4anickalso in which time region?13:33
markus__deadline is over, but they accept the ur project when u upload in the next hours13:34
coolbhavidholbach, still no luck :)13:34
dholbachcoolbhavi, what's the error message now?13:35
coolbhaviui_MainForm.h:13:27: fatal error: QtCore/QVariant: No such file or directory13:35
coolbhavicompilation terminated.13:35
robotex<coolbhavi>, are you include libqt4_core-dev?13:36
MetalGodWinargh.. what should I fill as depends on my python app.. except python itself. If my app depends on quickly (As in my app extends quickly) should i add quickly as a dependency?13:36
markus__then ur INLCUDE_PATH may be wrong13:36
dholbachcoolbhavi, libqt4-dev13:37
coolbhavidholbach, figured it out :)13:37
coolbhavirobotex, I guess you need to add whole bunch of packages to build-deps13:38
robotexOk, I will add this and then commit13:39
robotexwait for minute13:39
markus__quickly  fails @ "quickly package"13:44
markus__so i cant submit13:44
markus__it fails without ERROR message, just fails13:44
markus__i cant run quickly share, quickly submitubuntu. Is there another way to deliver without packaging?13:45
robotex<coolbhavi>, try this https://github.com/NicholasShatokhin/mirrorcam.git13:46
coolbhavirobotex, wait a min I get qt opengl not found now13:47
robotex<coolbhavi>, I added libqt4-opengl-dev to depends13:50
coolbhavirobotex, moved it to build dep13:51
robotex<coolbhavi>, yes, to build-depends13:51
wooohey for packaging our application did we have to make package of the whole source or we have to make package of binary file or something else????13:52
noneed4anickmarkus, can you run debuild -S ?13:53
noneed4anickin your project folder?13:54
markus__debuild: fatal error at line 627: cannot find readable debian/changelog anywhere! Are you in the source code tree?13:54
robotex<markus__>, do you have file changelog in debian dir?13:55
markus__noneed4anick so no i cant13:55
markus__i dont have a debian dir13:55
markus__shouldn't quickly do that?13:55
robotexmarkus__, changelog file13:55
robotexChange the release target from "unstable" to the current Ubuntu release "oneiric".13:55
robotexAdd the ARB version string "-0extras11.10.1" to the package version.13:55
robotexThe finished file will look something like:13:55
robotexmyapp (0.1-0extras11.10.1) oneiric; urgency=low13:55
robotex  * Initial Release.13:55
robotex -- My Name <myname@example.com>  Sun, 01 Apr 2012 13:20:56 -070013:55
robotexmarkus__, instead oneiric - precise, instead 11.10 - 12.0413:56
coolbhavirobotex, now getting opencv not found error :) the list is growing big :)13:56
robotexcoolbhavi>, wait13:57
wooomarkus__: are you making the package of whole source folder??? if i have to include my executable file in it??13:57
robotexcoolbhavi, I made misprint in Build-Depends13:57
coolbhavirobotex, build depends is basically build/compile time depends to build the package13:58
markus__I'm sorry, iI don't get what u mean. I made my app with "quickly" and python.13:58
markus__quickly created a debian folder, so now i do a changlog file13:59
robotex<coolbhavi>, I commited13:59
coolbhavill check pls wait13:59
markus__ debuild -S14:00
markus__now works14:00
markus__dpkg-source: error: source package name `blubPhone' contains illegal character `P14:00
markus__how do I change the name in quickly?14:02
coolbhavirobotex, there is duplicate build depends field now in the git14:02
robotexwait what?14:03
robotextry this14:04
coolbhavirobotex, :) just paste it at the top :)14:04
markus__i was able to upload14:16
markus__i had to enable prerelease install 2 other packages and change the name to lower case14:17
robotexMaybe I need to compile binaries into bin folder and in debian/install add copying this folder14:25
robotexbut how can I tell debuilt to compile into bin?14:26
robotexanybody remember how to set compile destination in *.pro?14:29
robotexyeah, DESTDIR14:29
markus__thx, guys for helping me, mananged to upload all files.14:30
markus__is it enough, that i uploaded only one file @ "my Apps" @ developer.ubuntu.com ?14:31
markus__the files content is http://developer.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Ubuntu-App-Showdown-Participation-Details.txt14:31
robotexYeah! Worked!14:34
robotex<coolbhavi>, I undestood packaging dao :)14:35
robotexwait, I will commit14:35
coolbhavisorry was having dinner14:35
robotex<coolbhavi>, ok, I need some time to reorganize my repository14:36
coolbhavirobotex, sure brb14:36
robotex<coolbhavi>, what files except binary and icons must be in deb?14:36
ian__550Hi, I'm trying to package and app to /opt using quickly package --extras, but the program spits out an error when run that locale can't be found.  There's no /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/app/share/locale directory created. How do I fix this?14:44
robotexomg, I don't see timer any more?14:50
robotexCan I still send app?14:50
MetalGodWinStill could use some guidance on packaging a python app if anyone is up for it. Been at it for hours now14:57
robotexguys, where debuild gets paths for compiling? I moving sources, how to tell debuild where it?15:01
robotexanybody knows?15:07
markus__did have huge problems too15:07
markus__but got it after some hjours15:08
markus__MetalGodWin whats ur problem?15:08
MetalGodWinnot sure on what i should fill in on build-depends or depends in the control file.15:08
markus__did u do the python app with quickly?15:09
MetalGodWinnope, from scratch by hand15:09
markus__(quickly edit)15:09
markus__ah, hmm... okay... then I  can't help. I had huge problems with quickly submitubuntu, an thought that's the problem15:10
MetalGodWinwell, python coding from scratch.. could one soltion be to create a quickly app, then merge my sourcefiles with that project?15:10
sigurdgaMetalGodWin: That should work15:10
commandolinedepends is for dependencies when running, build-depends for dependencies while building the application15:10
commandolineMetalGodWin: that's probably the easier solution15:11
MetalGodWincommandoline, markus__ thanks. I'll try that.15:11
robotexanybody knows how to tell debuild where seek sources files?15:30
coolbhavidebuild -S -sa will build and upload with the src tarball15:38
robotexoh my god16:14
robotexapp icon not showing on Launcher16:15
robotexhow can I add icon to launcher?16:15
commandolinerobotex: did you install via the software center?16:29
commandolinebecause only the software center adds the icon as far as I know.16:29
robotexI not about this16:30
robotexI found decision http://askubuntu.com/questions/65054/unity-launcher-api-for-c16:30
commandolineok :)16:30
robotexCan we still send applications?16:37
sigurdgaI hope so, as I am about so upload now16:40
robotexare you using python?16:43
robotexsignal << "application://firefox.desktop";16:43
robotexif firefox, app works with firefox icon16:43
robotexif I put my app name, I don't see icon16:43
robotexwhat's is wrong?16:43
robotexDo I need register my app somewhere in dbus?16:44
sigurdgai'm sending default icon, no more energy16:44
robotexhow to create default icon?16:45
robotexI don't see any icon in Launcher, only in Dash16:45
MetalGodWinhow do i change adress of my ppa when submitting with quickly??17:03
MetalGodWinI had 2 on launchpad.. deleted the first yesterday and created a new one today. No when im submitting to ubuntu quickly tries to upload to my old/deleted ppa... really annoying17:04
MetalGodWinDo I need to sign a new key or something...? Or what is it that connects the adress of this deleted ppa ?17:06
robotexI cant set icon to Launcher17:14
robotexeven when I drag it from dash17:15
robotexwhy apps can't pin to launcher?17:23
robotexwhat's probably issues?17:23
robotexif I delete appname.desktop, all ok17:27
sigurdgareally a lot of fields to fill out on the developer site17:34
robotexYahoo! Done17:51
robotexHow to send app?17:51
sigurdgaWhen you submitted on the development site, you should not upload file, you should make comment about PPA, using the defined format. But it is not easy to understand if you comment has been submitted or not, as it looks like it failed because of missing binary.17:58
sigurdgaGetting tired of all these forms, I was finished with my app several hours ago.17:59
robotexI don't understand18:02
robotexMust I turn checkbox I load my app later?18:03
robotexWhere do I must upload text file for showdown?18:03
robotexwhere must I put comment?18:04
robotexwhere can I get format?18:04
robotex<sigurdga>, can you explain what can I do?18:06
sigurdgaI actually got it now. You should upload that file. I'll give you the details.18:06
robotexUpload deb file?18:06
robotexOr txt?18:06
sigurdgaFill in this file, and upload it18:06
robotexupload instead deb file?18:07
sigurdgashould be named ppa-info.txt18:07
sigurdgayes, you have to upload to a ppa, and specify that ppa in this file18:08
robotexSo, I must fill, rename to ppa-info.txt and upload? I must upload in my apps or throught dput?18:08
sigurdgaI used submitubuntu18:12
sigurdgaquickly submitubuntu18:12
sigurdgait took a while, and there was a lot of stuff to do18:12
robotexI see in wiki two URL needed18:15
robotexbut in file only one18:15
robotexHow must calls second URL for Sources?18:15
sigurdgajust use that file, withour renaming18:17
robotexit's renamed to a ppa-info_3.txt18:18
robotexis it normal?18:18
robotexYour application has been submitted for review.18:19
sigurdgaand if you use the original filename, mine got _72 appended, so that is probably the correct thing to do18:19
sigurdgathat is what I have done18:20
robotexMust I add deb somewhere?18:20
sigurdgaNot if you have already uploaded to a PPA18:20
robotexI upload dput ppa:robotex/ppa mirrorcam_1.0-0extras12.04.1_i386.changes18:21
robotexis it enought?18:21
sigurdgaI think your looks more empty than mine: https://launchpad.net/~sigurdga/+archive/maps18:22
sigurdgaoh. my failed to build, so I'm still not finished :(18:23
sigurdgasome well known lib issue, it seems18:23
robotexrobotex@robotex-laptop:~/workspace/packaging/mirrorcam/1.0$ dput ppa:robotex/ppa mirrorcam_1.0-0extras12.04.1_i386.changes18:23
robotexPackage has already been uploaded to ppa on ppa.launchpad.net18:23
robotexNothing more to do for mirrorcam_1.0-0extras12.04.1_i386.changes18:23
robotexBut on my PPA page I don't see anything?18:24
robotexIs it normal?18:26
robotexSo, is job done?  Can I go drink beer? :)18:30
robotexGood night to all!18:36
sigurdgaI don't know18:36
robotexAnd goodluck with review!18:36
sigurdgashould it say .changes?18:36
robotexIt already updated18:36
robotexI see my app18:36
sigurdgaok. good.18:37
robotexI hope it will be accepted18:37
robotexgood luck18:37
robotexI go to celebrate :)18:37
sigurdgaGood luck to you as well!18:37
sigurdgaI hope you are more lucky with the build at launchpad18:37
gld1982ltdis anyone here today?19:09
toabctlhow can i push my app to my ppa with quickly when i use quantal but want to push for precise?20:55
guinea-pigI'm confused about the showdown deadline22:10
guinea-pigthe javascript countdown timer on http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown forgot to take into account timezones, i think22:11

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