PaoloRotoloGood morning05:58
coolbhavigood morning PaoloRotolo06:01
PaoloRotoloHi coolbhavi06:01
dpmgood morning06:11
PaoloRotoloGood morning dpm06:24
dpmhey PaoloRotolo, how are you? :)06:24
PaoloRotolodpm, fine, thanks :)06:24
dpmwow, lots of apps being submitted for the app showdown!06:25
PaoloRotolodpm, yes, 14 app in 7 hours06:26
PaoloRotolouhm, look this app: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1249/06:28
PaoloRotoloit looks like an terminal-only app06:30
PaoloRotoloGood morning dholbach06:49
dholbachgood morning06:49
dholbachciao PaoloRotolo06:49
dholbachcome stai? cosa fai?06:49
dholbachajmitch, the queue is pretty full :)06:49
dholbachajmitch, we've got to make a decision on what we do in terms of "we propose changes, they get overwritten next time 'quickly package' is run"06:50
PaoloRotolodholbach, yeah, only 14 app in 7 hours ;)06:50
dholbachPaoloRotolo, plus all the other ones which were in there already :)06:51
PaoloRotoloBTW, this looks like interesting: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1249/06:52
PaoloRotoloIt maybe a terminal-only app06:52
dholbachdpm, I broke the apps brancher on Friday and almost put it back together yesterday - I hope just a bit more time will sort it out07:14
dpmok, thanks for the heads up07:16
dpmRefactoring, refactoring.... :-)07:16
dholbachI almost rewrote it completely07:16
dholbachbut I guess that's just how things work07:16
* dpm hugs dholbach07:17
dpmdholbach, here's the bug I was telling you about last week re: p-d-e, it seems it is confirmed, it's not only me: the p-d-e version in -proposed makes quickly throw Unicode errors and fail - https://bugs.launchpad.net/quickly/+bug/102196907:18
dpmThe only related thing I can see in the changelog is  "auto.py: Fix crash when encountering an UTF-8 Python source code file.", but there is no bug # associated with that change07:20
dholbachdpm, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/python-distutils-extra/quantal/revision/41 maybe?07:20
dpmah, nice one, thanks07:25
* dpm looks07:25
didrocksneeding help? :)07:29
* didrocks just finished his email backlog07:30
didrockshey dpm07:30
dpmhey didrocks, help would be awesome :)07:30
dpmI think there are two things at play here:07:30
didrocksso, I saw an email about crash, let me look at it again07:30
dpmthe latest p-d-e in precise-proposed and quickly don't play along well07:31
didrocksyou are speaking about https://bugs.launchpad.net/quickly/+bug/102196907:31
dpmone thing is about Unicode warnings07:31
didrocksisn't it?07:31
dpmso looking closely at it07:32
dpmthe Unicode issue are only warnings07:32
dpmthe real issue is the debconf 6 or debconf 8 dependency check07:32
dpmI think07:32
didrockswell, let's look to fix them :)07:33
dpmawesome :)07:33
didrocksso, first thing first, the warning07:33
didrocksI'm on quantal07:33
dpmthere's bug 995653 on p-d-e, which might be related07:33
didrocksshould I just quickly create an app07:34
didrocksand try to package it?07:34
didrockssorry, started to lag…07:34
didrocks didrocks | I'm on quantal07:34
didrocks didrocks | should I just quickly create an app07:34
didrocks didrocks | and try to package it?07:34
dpmdidrocks, I could confirm the bug with a test app and just packaging it, yeah, but...07:35
dpmI assume the p-d-e fix is in Quantal, not sure about the last Quickly fix07:35
didrocksdpm: let me try, upgrading to latest first07:35
didrocksyou mean the commit that dholbach pointed at isn't in precise?07:35
dpmthe commit he pointed at is in precise-proposed07:36
dpmfor p-d-e07:36
didrocksso, I should get the same crash in quantal, one sec07:37
dpmpython-distutils-extra |     2.32-2 |       precise | source, all07:37
dpmpython-distutils-extra | 2.33-0ubuntu0.1 | precise-proposed | source, all07:37
dpmpython-distutils-extra |     2.33-1 |       quantal | source, all07:37
dpmBut for Quickly07:38
dpm   quickly | 12.04-0ubuntu1 | precise/universe | source, all07:38
dpm   quickly | 12.04-0ubuntu2 | precise-updates/universe | source, all07:38
dpm   quickly | 12.04-0ubuntu3 | precise-proposed/universe | source, all07:38
dpm   quickly | 12.05-0ubuntu1 | quantal/universe | source, all07:38
didrockslet me try try try :)07:38
dpmSo I'm not sure if the fix in 12.04-0ubuntu3 from precise-proposed is in Quantal07:39
didrocksok, getting the warning!07:39
didrocksquickly create ubuntu-application foo07:39
didrockscd foo07:39
didrocksquickly package07:39
dpmok, good, that's a start :)07:39
didrocksnow, let's see ;)07:39
dholbachdpm, I just deployed http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-app-review-contributors/apps-brancher/trunk/revision/64 - let's see how it goes07:44
didrocksdholbach: "deployed"?07:44
dholbachyeah, put it on appbot@holba.ch07:45
* didrocks looks the bzr history, something is weird :)07:45
didrocksthere is a bot running your lint app?07:45
dpmthey are two apps: one is the apps-brancher, which dumps myapps.d.u.c submissions into bzr branches for review - that's what the bot runs07:46
dholbachwhat is this?07:46
dholbachWaiting to hear from Launchpad about your decision...07:46
dholbachPlease set a password for your new keyring07:46
dholbachI never got that from py-launchpadlib07:46
dpmthe other app is arb-lint, which is run manually, if I'm not mistaken07:46
dholbachdpm, correct07:47
dpmdholbach, there is only one mention of a keyring in https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib/, not sure what the message above could be07:49
didrocksthe message it the "please ack this app with your credential in launchpad"07:49
didrocksthe one opening your browser07:49
dholbachit opened w3m07:50
dholbachand I put in all the data07:50
dholbachI hope it doesn't want a passphrase whenever I start the script07:50
dholbach... or I'll be a bit unhappy07:50
didrocksyou don't really need one AFAIK07:51
dholbachit needs one07:51
dholbachthis looks wrong too: https://launchpad.net/+authorize-token?oauth_token=<blablabla>&allow_permission=DESKTOP_INTEGRATION07:53
dholbachI don't think I want DESKTOP_INTGRATION on my server07:53
didrocksdholbach: that's weird, for all my bots, I don't need that, I just bound it once to launchpad and no passphrase07:54
dholbachyeah, same here07:56
dholbach<wgrant> dholbach: http://www.mail-archive.com/launchpad-users@lists.launchpad.net/msg01653.html07:57
dholbach<wgrant> "5. If your script is not intended for interactive use, pass in a credentials_file argument to login_with() to avoid the keyring.07:57
dpmdholbach, it seems https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib/#Authenticated_access_for_website_integration does not mention the credentials_file, though08:01
dpmIt also mentions: "You might have noticed that system is pretty hacky. It hasn't gotten much attention, because we don't know of any third-party websites that are integrating Launchpad functionality in a way that requires OAuth tokens."08:02
didrocksok, got the line about the warning08:03
dholbachok, it's running now08:03
didrocksoh got it08:04
didrockswe are forcing the utf-8 encoding08:04
didrocksand the string itself tells "it's ok, it's utf-8"08:04
dholbachI'm out to take the dog for a walk, brb08:05
dpm"XKCD Browser was submitted to the ARB"08:18
dpmnice :)08:18
didrocksdholbach: dpm: ok, got some chat with pitti about the actual issue , I'll file a bug, mark the current p-d-e verification failed, do a test case and fix it08:21
dpmdidrocks, wow, awesome, thanks!08:22
didrocksyw :)08:22
dpmdidrocks, if you've got some time to look at the 'quickly.templatetools.CantUpdateFile: debhelper (>= 6), was not found in the file ' crash on quickly 12.04-0ubuntu3, that would help us a lot too, as I've already seen 3 o 4 appshowdown participants hitting it08:25
dpmon https://bugs.launchpad.net/quickly/+bug/1021969, I mean08:25
didrocksdpm: yeah, let me look at that next08:25
didrocksdpm: doing some meeting, fixing p-d-e, then on that08:25
* dpm hugs didrocks08:25
didrocksdpm: I want to organize some public hangouts as well on how we can improve the whole thing08:25
* didrocks hugs dpm08:25
dpmdidrocks, oh definitely, I like the idea! We'll be a bit busy with the voting the first days of the week, but let's chat and we can organize some hangouts by the end of the week/start of the next one08:27
didrocksdpm: excellent!08:27
dholbachdpm, I think it's working now - search for "Name: 'teatime'" in http://appbot.holba.ch/log/log.txt :)09:06
dholbachit find the stupid text file, then finds the ppa info in there then branches the source package from there09:06
dholbachwe've got to sort out the submission process09:06
dholbachit's so error-prone :-(09:07
didrocksdholbach: fix proposed, do you fancy a backport for the SRU? I can do the quantal upload09:09
dpmdholbach, I agree, the "upload something" box should be replaced by something sensible09:09
didrocksor I can backport to precise if you want :)09:09
dholbachdidrocks, no time - I've got to get the brancher working and then start reviewing like 100 apps :/09:09
didrocksok, will do then09:10
dholbachthanks a lot09:10
dholbachthe next time we meet the first round(s) will be on me :)09:10
dpmyeah, thanks didrocks, and I'll get the next09:11
didrocksthanks dholbach, dpm :)09:11
didrocksok, once it's done, let's look at the next issue09:11
dpmdholbach, would it be possible to get a list of all apps in the queue with your apps brancher and with not too much effort, so that I can more easily find out which apps are part of the showdown? I can look at the Trello board and to mhall119's spreadsheet, but those are manually updated, and it would be nice to be able to cross-check with an automatically generated list09:13
dholbachright now all I have is https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-app-reviews and http://appbot.holba.ch/log/log.txt09:18
dholbachdpm, and the brancher currently still fails on some "special" submissions, so I'm fixing those issues as we speak09:18
dpmdholbach, ok, cool. No rush on me, I'll update either the Trello or the spreadsheet and if you've managed to do your fixes, I'll cross-check with the apps brancher output09:20
dholbachdpm, I'll set myself a time limit, so I don't spend all day trying to fix the brancher09:22
dpmok, sounds sensible09:22
dholbachbut I think I ironed out quite a few issues already09:27
didrocksdpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/quickly/+bug/1021969 is not the one about debhelper? right?09:35
dpmdidrocks, I think it is, looking at the terminal output, I see "quickly.templatetools.CantUpdateFile: debhelper (>= 6), was not found in the file /home/crazycoder/testme/debian/control" - I think the latest Quickly SRU in precise-proposed looks for the debhelper >=6 line to add to the debian/control file, but p-d-e in precise-proposed or whatever generates the control file creates it with debhelper >=8 ?09:38
dpmso it cannot find the line to replace09:38
didrocksdpm: oh silly me, I stopped at the warnings :/09:38
didrocksok, so the same bug has 2 issues09:39
dpmI got distracted by the warnings too at first09:39
didrockshum, do we have his project?09:39
didrocksto reproduce the issue?09:39
didrocksit's mterry's update09:39
didrocksah, his update will fail with all new created projects :/09:40
didrocksdpm: I don't understand, do you know how 12.04-0ubuntu3 can be in precise-proposed where nothing was released in quantal?09:41
dpmyes, it can be reproduced with a new test project and p-d-e from -proposed09:41
didrocksyeah, I know why09:42
didrocksdpm: still wondering, did you have to pay the SRU team so that they let Quickly in without an upload to quantal? :)09:43
didrocksdpm: like, if I prepare another fix, will they let us do the same? (you can do your small magic, trick?)09:43
dpmdidrocks, it was a critical bug, as no one could use 'submitubuntu' for the app showdown. mterry was really helpful and fixed it really quickly and uploaded it to precise-proposed. Then I added the testcase and modified the description to qualify for SRU, and asked the sru team to approve the -proposed upload. I probably made a mistake in following the SRU rules09:44
dpmI can try :)09:44
didrocksdpm: let's see ;)09:44
didrocksdpm: I'll separate that in another bug report to make things clear09:45
didrockswe can argue, "it's a one line fix, what can it break?" ;)09:45
dpmfamous last words?09:46
dpmok, I need to drive someone to the airport, I'll be back in ~40 min09:47
didrocksdpm: yeah, famous last words :)09:48
dpmok, bbl!09:49
=== dpm is now known as dpm-bbl
didrocksdpm-bbl: when you get back, I will appreciate some tests from you on quantal :)10:17
didrockstell me, if it works, I'll push that to -proposed immediatly :)10:19
=== dpm-bbl is now known as dpm
dholbachdpm, I hope I just found the last really weird bug (apps having the suggested package name of '0.1')10:51
dholbachI'll re-run the whole thing again and hope it'll work - I'll take a break in the meantime10:51
dholbachif it doesn't meet our expectations, I'll leave it for now10:51
dpmdholbach, ok10:51
dpmdidrocks, I'm still on 12.04. Would it help if I test it there?10:52
dpmdidrocks, I'm getting this after applying the above patch to 12.04's quickly: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1082563/11:05
PaoloRotoloCan I help you?11:10
dpmPaoloRotolo, sure, we're trying to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/quickly/+bug/1021969, if you happen to be in Quantal and fancy applying that patch ^ and see if it works for you, that'd be helpful11:15
didrocksback before shower :)11:15
didrocksoupsss, my bad :)11:15
didrockslet me fix that11:15
PaoloRotolodpm, uhm, I'm in Precise11:16
didrocksdpm: add templatetools in front of CantUpdateFile please11:16
didrockstemplatetools.CantUpdateFile :)11:17
didrocksdpm: keep me posted ;)11:21
* didrocks takes a shower, bbiab11:21
dpmdidrocks, it seems it failed: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1082569/11:21
didrocksdpm: weird, it seems it applied it though11:22
didrocksdpm: can you pastebin debian/control please?11:22
dpmdidrocks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1082574/11:25
dpmah, wait11:25
didrocksthere is no Build-deps line11:26
dpmdidrocks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1082578/11:26
didrockshow is it possible?11:27
didrocksdpm: I guess mterry's patch never worked, right?11:27
didrocksit misses build-deps11:28
didrocksin the previous version for SRU11:28
dpmit did work with the stable p-d-e11:28
didrocksdpm: that's weird, were you using the version from -proposed?11:28
didrocksare you sure? I can clearly see what misses ;)11:28
didrockstrunk worked because there is not the typo11:28
dpmlet me give you the versions11:28
didrocksbut the version in -proposed has this typo11:28
dpmdpm@avenc:/tmp/foo$ apt-cache policy quickly python-distutils-extra11:29
dpm  Instaŀlat: 12.04-0ubuntu311:29
dpm  Candidat:  12.04-0ubuntu311:29
dpm  Taula de versió:11:29
dpm *** 12.04-0ubuntu3 011:29
dpm        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-proposed/universe amd64 Packages11:29
dpm        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status11:29
dpm     12.04-0ubuntu2 011:29
didrocksanyway, fixed11:29
dpm        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/universe amd64 Packages11:29
dpm     12.04-0ubuntu1 011:29
dpm        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/universe amd64 Packages11:29
dpm  Instaŀlat: 2.33-0ubuntu0.111:29
dpm  Candidat:  2.33-0ubuntu0.111:29
dpm  Taula de versió:11:29
dpm *** 2.33-0ubuntu0.1 011:29
dpm        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-proposed/main amd64 Packages11:29
dpm        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status11:29
didrocksdpm: can you try to reapply the patch?11:29
dpm     2.32-2 011:29
dpm        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise/main amd64 Packages11:30
dpmdidrocks, sure, where's the new patch?11:30
didrockslike, reinstall the ubuntu-template package from -proposed11:30
didrocks(with --reinstall)11:30
didrocksand then, I'll give you the patch11:30
dpmah, gotcha11:30
didrocksdpm: sorry, I don't have a precise machine to test :/11:30
dpmdidrocks, ok, reinstalled11:31
didrocksdpm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082592/11:32
didrocksdpm: see the missing Build-depends in the diff?11:32
didrocksfor the first stanza11:32
didrocksnot sure how it could have worked without that11:32
dpmdidrocks, that is really weird - I wrote and verified the test case on https://bugs.launchpad.net/quickly/+bug/101803811:33
dpmanyway, let me apply the patch11:33
didrocksdpm: are you sure you weren't using a trunk quickly? ;)11:34
didrockswith the add_path11:34
didrocksit will take this one11:34
didrocks(trunk doesn't have this typo)11:34
dpmno, I tend to use packages for everything11:34
dpmso no quickly trunk11:34
didrocksdpm: oh wait11:34
didrocksdpm: there is an extra space11:34
didrockswith 2 spaces11:34
didrocksplease remove one the 4 trimes11:34
didrocksI can redo the patch if you want :)11:35
dpmno, don't worry, let me look at it11:36
dpmdidrocks, success! http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082598/ :-)11:39
* didrocks pushes11:39
didrocksdpm: I have clearly no idea how the previous version worked TBH in -proposed11:40
dpmno idea too, but it seems it worked for the app showdown submitters too11:41
didrocksdpm: ok, it's waiting the SRU team to ack in -proposed11:41
dpmcool, thanks!11:41
* didrocks is puzzled, maybe they updated first with something else and so it's silently skipped11:41
didrocksanyway, when running I had a lot of ideas for Quickly11:41
didrocksand make it entirely testable11:41
didrocksI'll write that down after my shower :)11:41
dpmcool :)11:42
dpmI've got https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/quickly/+bug/1021675 also queued up for either you or mterry, but it's not as important as the previous one, so it can wait11:42
didrockslet me have a quick look11:49
didrocksdpm: easy to fix, I can sneak that in the previous upload11:51
didrocksdpm: you didn't ping anyone yet to get it approved, right?11:51
dpmdidrocks, that'd be cool, yeah. No, I haven't talked to anyone yet11:52
didrocksbut if so, you have to my guinea pig again as I don't have the needed setup :/11:52
dholbachmhall119, dpm: I don't know why the apps-brancher does this, but at some stage it starts importing the same apps (from PPAs, I think) into different directories11:52
dholbachie.: "Successfully imported '/tmp/apps-brancher/tarballs/teatime/teatime-unity_12.06+bzr60~precise1.dsc' into '/home/appbot/production/apps-brancher/data/branches/tagplayer'."11:52
dholbachand I couldn't figure out why11:53
dholbachI'll give up and review stuff manually11:53
dholbach... after I grabbed a quick lunch11:53
dholbachif you're bored, lp:apps-brancher should have the newest code :)11:53
* dpm puts on guinea pig's hat to help didrocks11:53
dpmor should it be ears?11:53
dpmdholbach, ok, let me finish with the quickly bugs testing and preparing the apps voting list first, and then I can see if I can help in any way11:54
didrocksdpm: a hat is fine :)11:55
* didrocks wakes up his regexp foo11:55
didrocksfixed :)11:58
didrocksno need for guinea pig even11:59
didrocksI tried manuallly an a file11:59
didrocksshould be good11:59
didrocksdpm: it's waiting unapproved in -proposed, completing the bug, you can ping someone if you want12:01
dpmthanks didrocks!12:01
coolbhavidholbach, good noon13:06
dholbachhi coolbhavi13:08
didrocksdholbach: how many submission do you have to review guys?13:14
didrockshey coolbhavi13:14
didrockswaow, would you make some stats about the number of Quickly apps?13:15
didrocksor can I build building those stats?13:15
didrockswould be interesting to know :)13:15
coolbhavihey didrocks so we have our task cut out this week :)13:15
didrockscoolbhavi: I truly believe you :)13:16
dholbachdidrocks, dpm, mhall119: I think I fixed the apps-brancher13:53
dholbachwhat a mess :)13:53
dholbachI cleared all the cache again and it's going through the queue13:53
didrocksdholbach: what does the apps-brancher does? it downloads all the entries and project them in directories?13:54
dholbachit's a bit more complicated13:54
dholbachbasically it just tries to put all the incoming submissions into a coherent form13:54
dholbachit puts all of these crazy things into a bzr branch:13:55
dholbach - tarballs13:55
dholbach - source packages in tarballs13:55
dholbach - branches in feedback page comments13:55
dholbach - branches mentioned in uploaded text files13:55
dholbach - source packages from ppas mentioned in feedback page comments13:55
dholbach - source packages from ppas mentioned in uploaded text files13:55
dholbachthat's it13:56
dholbachits output is here: http://appbot.holba.ch/log/log.txt and here: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-app-reviews13:56
dholbachoh and runs pkgme if necessary13:56
dholbachsome of the imports were broken because it got confused by which import strategy it should follow13:57
dholbachbut I hope I fixed that now13:57
dholbachand it pushes with --overwrite13:57
dholbachso I hope we'll be fine once its done13:57
dholbachdidrocks, ^13:59
didrocksdholbach: oh wow :)14:00
didrocksyou did get serious about it :)14:00
didrocksthe comments on an entry is done in a special web?14:01
dholbachit'd be good if we just expected branches in myapps :)14:01
dholbachhttps://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/350/ → "Feedback" tab → https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/350/feedback/14:01
didrocksdholbach: so you prefer feedback inside a branch rather than in a web ui?14:05
didrocksdholbach: does anybody develop myapps still?14:06
dholbachyes, it's developed by the commercial apps team14:06
dholbachit'd be good to just have one branch we have to worry about14:06
dholbachdpm, mhall119: I set up http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi14:22
dholbachdpm, mhall119, coolbhavi, highvoltage: does http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi look alright to you?14:37
coolbhavidholbach, seems good here... :) thanks dholbach14:38
dpmlooks good to me dholbach, I'd just add the exact steps how to do: 'get the source of a app showdown submission'14:39
dholbachyes, that's just a little bit less clear right now as the apps brancher is still running14:40
coolbhavidpm, usually I have seen a source link or else I get it from a ppa if its there.. Please correct me if I'm wrong here14:41
mhall119dholbach: what is putting packages into ppa:ubuntu-app-review-contributors/ppa?14:41
dholbachmhall119, nothing, but arb-lint is there14:41
mhall119ah, ok14:41
dholbachI'll have a look at pictag14:42
mhall119coolbhavi: wendar: stgraber: ajmitch: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AofbdH5hl5CbdGxXQVFVXy1BTTI3NUY4a0F2bGFZSlE#gid=0 is what I've been using to track submissions so far14:43
dholbachdidrocks, I just had a chat with an app submitter about his app and it seems like somewhere during his app development, the /opt changes in debian/rules were reverted: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/109545227/pictag_12.07.9_12.07.11.diff.gz14:52
dholbachany idea what might have caused this?14:52
didrocksdholbach: it's reverted if he doesn't use submitubuntu but just quickly share or quickly release14:53
* didrocks notes down and "/opt mode"14:53
dholbachok, so this might mean that we maybe run into other cases where this has happened14:53
didrocksyeah, if people doesn't use the same command14:54
dholbachok, I'll bear that in mind for the reviews14:54
didrocksdholbach: interesting case, I'm adding a note about a swith to keep it into /opt :)14:54
dholbachI'll add it to the pad14:54
dholbachadded to http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi14:57
dholbachciao PaoloRotolo14:58
PaoloRotolociao dholbach :)14:58
dholbachcome stai?14:58
PaoloRotolodholbach, bene ;)14:58
dholbachdidrocks, do we have an example of a good --extras debian/rules online somewhere?14:58
mhall119dholbach: how does apps-brancher pick which package and version in a PPA to use?15:02
dholbachthe newest version and the package based on what's in myapps15:02
mhall119dholbach: um, we might have a problem...15:03
mhall119https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1141/ is for 'webbar', but when I click the uploaded file, it's got info for gtkreddit15:03
dholbachlet me have a look15:07
dholbachah yes15:07
dholbachit might be worth checking in with the CA team15:08
dholbachit might be some overly aggressive caching15:08
dholbachor a bug15:08
dholbachor a problem of the submitter (too much copy/paste) :)15:08
dholbachit seems like the apps-brancher finished, I'll have it have a go again and see what happens15:09
mhall119dholbach: looks to be different submitters, so I'm thinking a bug in the upload15:10
dholbachdidrocks, did we decide what we do with .rtupdate files?15:15
dholbachbah, barry and doko are still not around15:15
didrocksdholbach: well, it's not really needed TBH, but I see no objection of keeping it for now15:16
dholbach^ ajmitch, highvoltage, stgraber, wendar, coolbhavi: we have a bit of a problem with .rtupdate files - I'd like to have your opinion15:16
dholbachwe have for example files like usr/share/python/runtime.d/protoborsa.rtupdate15:16
didrocksand when the times come, we can see fixing that directly in dh_python15:16
dholbach...created by dh_python2 - it seems like they are only needed in case a new python is installed15:16
didrocksit is, I made some more research this week-end15:17
didrocksand it's the case15:17
dholbachI filed a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-distutils-extra/+bug/102120715:17
dholbachok, in that case I'll just write a small snippet to remove the file and make a note of it in the arb-lint warning15:17
dholbachso we can fix them15:17
dholbachand still get them into the software center15:17
didrocksdholbach: why do you want to remove them?15:21
mhall119dholbach: if you see another mismatch between submission app and uploaded file app, let me know and I'll file a bug against this15:21
mhall119noodles says it's possible there's a race condition in the upload15:21
didrocksit's making no more harm than a desktop file AFAIK :)15:21
dholbachmhall119, cool15:21
mhall119a second example should confirm that15:21
dholbachdidrocks, the TB was unhappy with files outside /opt15:22
* didrocks will get the /opt killed soon :)15:22
didrocksit's really a hack15:22
didrocksnot supported15:22
didrocksI told it from day 015:22
dholbachso I'd prefer to get the app in before having to go through another few weeks of discussion15:22
dholbachdidrocks, you're not alone15:22
didrocksdholbach: I have strong args now :)15:22
mhall119didrocks: if you can kill /opt/, I'll buy you a beer at UDS15:23
mhall119two even15:23
mhall119and a nice beer, not the cheap ones15:23
* didrocks has 3 beers proposal today :)15:23
didrocksI will get drunk at UDS :)15:23
highvoltagegood morning dholbach15:24
dholbachhey highvoltage15:24
mhall119dholbach: please check https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-app-review-contributors/ubuntu-app-reviews/adbassist15:34
mhall119it seems to have code for a different project15:34
coolbhavidpm, I just copied you on a app submission mail query15:35
dholbachmhall119, in a sec15:35
dholbachjust need to update arb-lint for the .rtupdate thing15:35
dholbachI also updated http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi15:36
coolbhavimhall119, right it shows tagplayer15:38
dholbachmhall119, coolbhavi: adbassist fixed - please let me know when you should run into any of these15:39
coolbhavisure dholbach let me checkout15:40
dholbach(or: check out the apps-brancher, read the readme file and ./retry https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/<nr>/) :-)15:40
mhall119dholbach: thanks15:42
* dholbach will have a look at Slidewall15:42
mhall119coolbhavi: PM me your email and I'll give you write access to the spreadsheet15:42
dpmcoolbhavi, replied, thanks!15:43
coolbhavithanks dpm!15:44
dholbachI put another few small updates into http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi15:51
dholbachslidewall looks like it's ready :)15:54
* dholbach sent a vote mail to the ARB15:57
* dholbach has a look at lightread15:57
coolbhavihighvoltage, do we still use XB-Screenshot-Url and other XB fields16:04
dholbachlightread is unfortunately not ready yet16:05
* dholbach has a look at miv16:08
* PaoloRotolo has a look at cuttlefish16:13
PaoloRotolodholbach, arb-lint says that "the app might be too big to be reviewed by the ARB."16:13
dholbachPaoloRotolo, how big is it?16:13
PaoloRotolodholbach, It has 33 source  files and 3838 lines of code.16:14
PaoloRotolo(arb-lint says this)16:14
dholbachmaybe that's not too bad then :)16:14
dholbachfeel free to ignore what arb-lint says :)16:14
dholbachmiv is not ready either :/16:15
PaoloRotolodholbach, ok,thanks :) Can we change 'copyright' now?16:15
dholbachPaoloRotolo, it's not necessary16:16
dholbachwe talked about it a couple of days ago16:16
dholbachhave a look at http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi - I tried to clarify the process for reviewing a bit16:16
dholbachlet me know if anything on there is not clear enough16:16
* dholbach has a look at "correct me"16:17
PaoloRotolodholbach, I read your mail, and you have modified the copyright in Slidewall16:18
dholbachPaoloRotolo, ah ok, yes - you're right16:18
dholbachthat was just a few wrong entries16:18
wendardholbach: what's that with the .rtupdate files?16:18
dholbachnot an update to DEP516:18
PaoloRotolodholbach, sure, thanks16:19
dholbachwendar, they get created by dh_python2, seem to be only run (if at all) by the python{,3} maintainer scripts if an update to a new version happens - they are placed in usr/lib16:19
wendardholbach: we mostly don't use dh_python216:20
wendardholbach: we don't actually use any of its features for arb apps16:20
wendardholbach: and, it does have a nasty habit of leaving files outside /opt16:20
dholbachwendar, most of the current apps produced with quickly have it and the only files I found this time were these .rtupdate files16:20
wendardholbach: we can probably give those a pass for quickly this cycle16:21
wendardholbach: see if we can tweak quickly for next cycle16:21
dholbachwendar, so you'd say we just ignore the existence of the usr/share/python/runtime.d/*.rtupdate files?16:23
* dholbach has a look at TickIt16:24
wendardholbach: yes, I think they fit the general category of files that currenly only work outside of /opt16:25
wendardholbach: which, we have a general exception for16:25
dholbachok, works for me16:25
dholbachI'll update arb-lint to not complain about them16:25
wendardholbach: though, it's worth checking if they actually do work outside of opt16:25
wendarkeep the check in arb-lint though16:26
dholbachyes, I'll just rephrase it to indicate that nothing needs to be changed16:26
PaoloRotoloOk, cuttlefish is ready for me :) I'm writing a mail16:26
wendaror, can you make it skip the check on quickly apps?16:26
wendar(do you have a way to tell in arb-lint if you're dealing with a quickly app?)16:26
dholbachwendar, I'll test if there's a .quickly file16:27
dholbachwill let you know in a bit16:27
wendardholbach: sounds good16:27
dholbachwendar, does http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi roughly look OK to you for reviewing the app showdown apps?16:27
wendardholbach: ack, sorry, I don't have my Ubuntu SSO password here at work16:28
dholbachhang on16:28
wendardholbach: that looks good16:31
wendardholbach: maybe a little more explicit that arb-lint errors, or missing the guidelines listed are reasons to hold or fix the package?16:32
wendardholbach: and then, include instructions on how to submit the app for vote16:32
didrockswendar: hey ;)16:32
wendardholbach: (no more complicated than sending an email to the app-review-board mailing list)16:33
dholbachwendar, yes, I guess that's what we're currently in the process of figuring out: what constitutes a "no go", what can be fixed easily in a separate branch and put to vote, etc16:33
wendardidrocks: hiya!16:33
dholbachI just started putting the instructions together a while ago16:33
didrockswendar: I plan doing some Quickly hangouts next week (once the review is near the end) on a big refactoring and focus change. I want the ARB to be onboard with this, will you want to join?16:33
wendardholbach: they look great, thanks!16:33
dholbachwendar, I changed arb-lint to stop complaining about .rtupdate files originating from quickly apps16:34
wendardholbach: if we're not sure yet what's a holdable issue, could the ARB board offer to be available on IRC to answer questions from the arb-contributors?16:34
dholbachsure, everybody who reviews these apps is currently in here, so I guess you'll be pinged :)16:35
wendardidrocks: next week is OSCON, so my schedule may be a little tricky16:35
wendardidrocks: but, if I know the times in advance, I can plan to find a quiet room for the hangout16:35
didrockswendar: hum ok, would you want to send an email? (or maybe we'll be able to do other hangouts later on)16:35
didrockswendar: let's try that :)16:35
didrocksI plan to have 3/4 ones16:35
wendardidrocks: (as long as it's not right during my talk :)16:35
didrocksthe first one being the ARB16:35
didrockswendar: let's try to be reasonable :)16:36
wendardidrocks: that sounds cool16:36
wendardholbach: hopefully, we can convert any questions into a helpful wiki page, so future arb-contributors have an easier startup16:37
wendardholbach: oh, and feel free to put your instructions up on the wiki in the AppReviewBoard/Review/... space16:39
dholbachsure, once they've settled down a bit :)16:39
wendardholbach: yup, whenever you're comfortable posting them16:40
dholbachwill do16:40
* dholbach has a look at indicator-odometer16:42
dpmit seems Facebook has now been open-sourced and moved development to Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/facebook :-)16:45
dholbachindicator-odometer is not ready yet :/16:47
* dholbach has a look at liberedit16:47
dholbachcrêpe suzette - this is an interesting build failure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1083044/16:49
dholbachdidrocks, ^16:49
* didrocks wants crêpe :)16:50
didrocksdholbach: shouldn't it be rather Gtk.TreeStore.new(str, str)16:51
dholbachdidrocks, I don't know - but I can ask the submitter - I was just surprised than any of this would happen during the build16:51
didrocksdholbach: oh, this can happens, because during the build, python-distutils-extra has to import the modules16:52
didrocksto detect the dependencies16:52
stgraberdholbach: for slidewall: No name for the copyright holder? Why is there multiple entries in debian/changelog? Pretty bad English in short-description/description. debian/compat and debian/control don't seem to agree on the debhelper version.16:53
didrocksso some code can run if they want code running on import16:53
didrocks(which is a bad practice)16:53
dholbachstgraber, multiple entries because of quickly, ppas, etc - sorry - I'll fix it16:56
dholbachlooks like it will be harder to get any of the apps in - I'll see which kinds of checks I can put into arb-lint16:57
dpmman it's now the 4th app I review for voting that has the participation details containing data from another app...17:00
dholbachdidrocks, can we have something which forces quickly users to enter their name and email address? :)17:03
didrocksdholbach: well, it's forcing to use launchpad :)17:03
didrocksand it has the email address then17:03
dholbachsome had their real name missing in debian/changelog, etc17:04
didrockswhy? people are not providing them publically on lp neither in the submission?17:04
dholbachbut maybe they were corner cases17:04
didrocksit should use as DEBEMAIL the name they put17:04
didrocksfor quickly :)17:04
didrocks(and launchpad ;))17:04
dholbachok, I'll keep an eye out to see if there's more cases17:06
dholbachstgraber, updated the branch17:06
* dholbach has a look at Qtiko17:08
stgraberW: slidewall source: unused-build-dependency-on-cdbs17:12
dholbachstgraber, fixed17:13
stgraberW: slidewall source: ancient-standards-version 3.8.3 (current is 3.9.3)17:13
stgraberdholbach: ^17:13
stgraberdholbach: similar to what I said to Paolo by e-mail, you also bundle a python/runtime.d directory in the binary package, the directory is empty but it still shouldn't be there17:13
stgraberthe rest, AFAICT looks good17:13
stgraber(haven't run it, just checked pre/post build)17:13
dholbachstgraber, I just talked to wendar and she said that it'd be fine to leave it in there17:13
dholbachand fixed the standards-version too17:14
stgraberdholbach: so, I'm not against allowing the .rtupdate files as they are indeed useful in case of a python upgrade, but I'm clearly against shipping an empty directory17:15
dholbachok, I'll put the file back17:16
stgraberso you either ship it or remove it completely, but the current situation in both your packaging and Paolo is somewhere in the middle (letting dh create /usr/share/python/runtime.d/ but removing its content)17:16
stgraberdholbach: +1ed17:19
dholbachthanks a bunch17:20
stgraberdholbach: is that quicky generating broken packaging? I notice a lot of similarities between your packaging and Paolo's17:20
dholbachstgraber, some folks might have used older versions of quickly/p-d-e17:21
dholbachsome fixes are still in -proposed, etc17:21
dholbachthis app showdown was/is going to be a stress test for a lot of pieces in the puzzle :)17:22
dholbachmhall119, dpm: I updated http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi as far as I could and sent a couple of reviews in17:24
dholbachI'll have a quick stab at trying to fix some of the bugs in arb-lint17:24
dholbachbut then will soon go to grab dinner and call it a day17:25
mhall119dholbach: didrocks: did you guys see we got an AppArmour GUI as one of the submissions?17:42
didrocksmhall119: oh, I didn't! really really nice indeed :)17:42
dpmdholbach, ok17:44
dpmmhall119, I saw that one too, I thought it was pretty cool!17:45
dholbachcan somebody add http://pad.ubuntu.com/PHDShTbnFi for the app showdown review dance to the /topic?17:52
dholbach... please ... :)17:52
* dholbach has a look at pictag again17:53
dpmmhall119, the PPA column is now complete on the spreadsheet, so it should be ready for csv export. How are you getting on with the script?18:09
dholbachalright my friends18:09
dholbachtime to call it a day18:09
dholbachsee you tomorrow18:09
mhall119dpm: in progress, using a bunch of dholbach's code18:10
mhall119bye dholbach18:10
dpmmhall119, cool, thanks. So do you think it might work and might be a good way to install the PPAs?18:10
dpmwell, the packages from ppas, I mean18:11
dpmbtw, we've got nearly 140 apps for the contest!18:12
mhall119dpm: yeah, once I get the info I can make a script to do whatever we want18:21
mhall119143 known apps, 130 submitted18:45
mhall119FYI, we're having some problems with the uploaded file links: https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-portal/+bug/102269718:59
ajmitchso looking at the queue now, we don't get to sleep this week, I guess20:55
=== popey_ is now known as popey
stgraberajmitch: and for the next year or so ;)21:21
wendarajmitch: it's pretty intense21:27
wendarajmitch: I'd say the only way it's going to happen is if the arb-contributors handle it21:27
wendarajmitch: and also, that we (ARB board) should prioritize older apps, and apps that aren't part of the showdown21:28
ajmitchwe still nee to have time to review & vote everything that comes through21:28
wendarajmitch: dholbach has got a good handle on the showdown, and I suspect could bring some work hours to bear on them21:29
ajmitchright, he's done a lot for organising that21:29
wendarajmitch: true, but in theory they'll be lighter reviews, since they're (all?) quickly apps, and have already been arb-linted21:29
ajmitchwe're still the only people who can approve & upload :)21:29
wendarajmitch: and, if we find an issue, we can flag it and let the arb-contributors know to hold all apps that have that problem21:30
wendarajmitch: it's adaptive pre-filtering on what we see :)21:30
stgraberyeah, so far I caused 3 fixes in arb-lint today ;)21:30
wendarajmitch: still, agreed, I don't know how we're going to manage it21:31
stgraberI'll have to find new things to be picky about ;)21:31
wendarajmitch: and I'm pretty much out of commission until my talk at OSCON next week21:31
ajmitchthis app showdown has certainly found a few interesting bugs in quickly & related bits21:31
ajmitchwendar: fair enough :)21:31
wendarajmitch: though, after the talk, I've got nothing else but astrophysics on my plate :)21:31
ajmitchthat sounds fun21:31
wendar(in non-work hours, anyway)21:32
wendarit is fun :)21:32
* ajmitch has nothing except helping organise a conference - that doesn't take much time, right? :)21:32
wendarha, ha, famous last words :)21:32
wendarwhich conference?21:32
ajmitchkiwi pycon21:32
mhall119wendar: ajmitch: can you guys change "Suggested package name" in MyApps?22:27
mhall119or is that only for the submitter?22:28
wendarmhall119: we can't change suggested package name, but we set the actual released package name22:29
mhall119w 6122:33
ajmitchmhall119: running into issues with odd data being submitted?22:34
mhall119ajmitch: just people either not grokking the purpose of the field, or it just not matching the name of the package in their PPA22:38
* ajmitch did see some submissions where they put their own name in the application name field22:40

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