ppisatiguys, how do i enable autologin?09:30
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ppisatiogra_: omap3 netinst didn't change since Friday, do you know why?10:10
ppisatiogra_: http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/quantal/main/installer-armhf/current/images/omap/netboot/10:10
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brainwaved> ubuntu waits for a keypress after booting, before displaying the login prompt12:01
brainwave<resurrected> I cannot find a way to make it go to the login prompt without that keypress12:01
brainwavehttp://imagebin.org/220061 The login prompt is displayed after that step, only after i press enter. is that normal behavious12:33
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janimoinfinity, hello good sir. I again have armadaxp kernels in incoming, longing for -proposed.15:14
ogra_does it have its passport and visa ?15:18
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infinityjanimo: Does that kernel include the changelog from the previous one?16:06
infinityjanimo: (If not, I'm not sure it's worth rebuilding...)16:07
infinityjanimo: Also, when it's ready to be copied to proposed, the "promote-to-proposed" task on the tracking bug should be set to confirmed.  Gives me a hint that I have work to do.16:09
infinityjanimo: (Accepted now, will fix overrides in the next hour)16:09
janimoinfinity, thanks, forgot about the promote to proposed tag, or rather I thought it is to be handled by The SRU Kernel Bot16:28
janimoinfinity, it should have the previous changelog entry too, the one that got overwritten16:28
infinityjanimo: I meant in the .changes (which is why you'd want to build with -v$old_old_version)16:33
infinityjanimo: Oh well.  It just means you get to close all the bugs between 1602.5 and 1605.8 by hand. :P16:34
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janimoinfinity, 1603 is in updates afaik, only one release got skipped by being caught up with in proposed by a newer one16:40
janimoso one bug to be closed by hand16:40
infinityjanimo: Oh, err, yeah it is.16:40
infinityjanimo: Went cross-eyed and looked at quantal.16:41
infinityjanimo: (Which is still on the same kernel as precise-release... Do you plan to do something about that?)16:41
janimoinfinity, about quantal. we'll probably sync the latest sru to it soon. Had some blockage about it having to have a different ABI than precise. ikepanhc is handling that16:45
janimolong term quantal is moving to 3.5 but that hangs on starting /bin/init at this point so not ready16:46
infinityjanimo: It doesn't need a different ABI than precise if it's literally the same SRU, I can just copy it over.16:46
infinityjanimo: But long-term, we want it to be 3.5, yes.16:46
infinityjanimo: Don't put any effort into repackaging 3.2 for quantal, that's a waste of everyone's time.16:47
janimoinfinity, Ike said something it needing to be 1800 not 1600 based but I do not know why16:47
infinityjanimo: Just remind me when I promote to updates/security to also copy to quantal.16:47
janimooh not repackaging, for sure16:47
janimonot sure why he said there'd be conflicts16:47
janimoeven with the exact same binary16:47
infinityjanimo: It's only needs a different ABI series if it's going to diverge or be rebuilt.  If we just copy it around, it's all good.16:47
cducloshas anyone experienced any file permission issues (with sudo commands, etc.) when booting fs from a usb hd as opposed to booting from a sd card19:40
cduclosI am trying to boot on a pandaboard19:40
cduclosworked fine with sd card, but things were slow. so I switched to a usb hd19:41
robclarkfwiw, I checked the obvious things w/ cduclos.. suid bit is set on /usr/bin/sudo, etc..19:43
robclarkbut he is using ext3 (I am using ext4.. I'm not sure if that is a requirement with precise)19:44
infinityext3 or ext4 should both work fine.19:53
infinityWas this installed from a d-i netboot image, or just copied over from a preinstalled SD with a bit of hope and prayer?19:53
cduclospreinstalled sd img.. I am using GLP1.6.3 if that makes a difference.19:54
robclark(that is 12.04, fwiw)19:55
infinityIf you plan to run from a hard drive, I highly recomment just using the netboot images to install directly to said hard drive, bypassing the error-prone copying to and from an SD.19:55
infinityrecommend, too.19:55
robclarkinfinity, permissions on stuff in /dev and /usr/bin/sudo look fine.. so I guess however it was copied, it looks like file permissions where preserved..19:56
infinityThat said, copying from SD *should* work (I've done it before), so no, I can't think of what the actual problem is that you might be having.19:56
robclark(ie. same procedure has worked for me before)19:56
infinityBut anything that looks even vaguely like filesystem confusion, I tend to just blame on SD cards until I have proof that I shouldn't.19:57
infinityAnd I'm generally right. :/19:57
cduclosinfinity, where would I be able to get a netboot image to install on the hd19:57
infinityzcat either boot.img-fb.gz or boot.img-serial.gz to an SD and go to town.19:58
infinity(fb versus serial should be a fairly obvious distinction)19:58
infinityThat'll get you a base (serverish) install, if you want a full desktop from there, "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" should fix you up.19:59
janimoinfinity, which tool exactly is passed the -v$PackgeVersionInUpdates to include extra changelogs in the .changes file?20:44
janimoah. dpkg-genchanges via the above20:45
janimoI am again amazed at what a rush of adrenaline after asking a question can do. Read the manpage paragraph again and found the answer in 5 seconds, where 5 min ago I did not see anything relevant after staring for considerably more20:47
janimoaka the Enlightenment after pressing Send effect20:48
infinityjanimo: Yeah, genchanges, via buildpackage and, if you use it, via debuild. :P20:50
janimoI use debuild, more high level, less typing too :)20:50
scientesdo you guys support the tegra 3 (Nexus 7 tablet)?23:50
scientesoooooo http://www.androidauthority.com/lg-f180-specs-quad-core-snapdragon-s4-100167/23:53

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