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sagacihead_victim: 09:20
head_victimsagaci: pong10:52
sagaciwould it be worth investigating state locos11:11
sagacihead_victim: ^11:11
head_victimsagaci: depends on if you believe in "build it and they will come" I guess.11:12
head_victimMy logic is we don't have enough to staff a national loco properly so I can't imagine how well we'd go staffing individual state groups11:12
head_victimHappy to have some sort of trial for it, but I think we risk alienating most of the states11:15
sagacithe couple of people in each state?11:17
head_victimThat and the large number of states with only one or two semi regualr contributors11:17
sagaciI'd say there's a lot of ubuntu contributors but loco contributors?11:18
head_victimYeah, that's pretty much it. As well as vast numbers of Ubuntu Users not even knowing loco's exist11:19
head_victimMore than happy for you to put it to the list as an option and see what reaction it gets.11:21
head_victimIf we have 7 people put their hands up it might be worth a shot.11:21
sagaci7 per state11:23
head_victimEven one energised person per state is more than we have now11:24
head_victimI'd be completely against formalising entire councils for each state11:30
head_victimBut setting state organisers would be something worth investigating.11:31
head_victimMy view is someone who is responsible for organising events. Not necessarily running them all themselves but providing assistance in getting them off the ground.11:31
head_victimWe have lots of people keen but very few people putting up hands at the moment when it comes to event organising.11:32
head_victimI have to head off to do some other boring stuff but it's a good point you raise and happy to hear what others think on the topic.11:36
iktanyone got a huawei 3g usb modem to work on 12.04?11:53
sagacithe e1762 worked11:54
ikttha'ts the one i've got here11:57
iktit doesn't connect11:57
iktGSM connection failed: (32) No cause information available11:59
sagaciat least it used to12:10
sagacino fiddling but that would have been with 10.04/10, 11.0412:10
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iktsagaci, did you do anything special to get it working?12:36
sagacinope, just connected, and went through the network manager setup and used the internode as the apn12:59
sagacithe internode option from the menu12:59
sagaciI plugged it in and you have to wait a good 30-45 seconds sometimes 13:00
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