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john-auggieSo, I can't get updates because I keep getting this message: 'E:Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list (dist)'07:21
john-auggiewhat to do?07:21
coolbhavijohn-auggie, paste your sources.list in a pastebin pls07:22
IlikeMooseim just getting used to ubuntu i had installed debian but the solution to getting my network adapter to work was more difficult than installing ubuntu07:24
IlikeMoosei'm having a problem with my cd-rom drive however i was hoping someone in here could help07:25
Krytarikjohn-auggie, Or just paste the first line, "line 1", of the mentioned file "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list" here.07:25
KrytarikIlikeMoose, obviously, you'd need to tell what exactly an issue you have with your CD drive.07:27
IlikeMoosewhat should i do if ubuntu either temporarily reads an audio disc but won't play it in rhythmbox sometimes it spins up the disc and won't spindown or eject the cd07:29
IlikeMoosei installed ubuntu just fine using this drive however07:29
IlikeMooseit just seems to not like my breakbeats :)07:30
john-auggiedeb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/stable_main07:30
IlikeMoosealso can someone recommend any good ubuntu books that i can pick up from amazon?07:32
john-auggieSo, I can't get updates because I keep getting this message: 'E:Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list (dist)' and line 1 is: deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/stable_main07:37
Krytarikjohn-auggie, you may not have got my previous message, dropped connection on my side: edit that file with "gksudo FILENAME", remove the underline between "stable" and "main", save it, and update via "sudo apt-get update", or whatever package manager you want to use.07:39
IlikeMoosewhat should i do if ubuntu either temporarily reads an audio disc but won't play it in rhythmbox sometimes it spins up the disc and won't spindown or eject the cd07:42
KrytarikIlikeMoose, did you get my previously sent message?: does the same -CDs- work with other OS'es then? As for your other question, their are lots of free resources and downloadable books (PDFs or HTML) available at the internet - you want some tips there?07:43
Krytarik*on the internet07:44
IlikeMoosedidn't get the last message, the cd works in other pc's in windows but i can't check other os's on this pc since it's only running ubuntu. also, i'd rather have books in hand but if all the books out there suck then i'll take down the net resources.07:46
IlikeMoosealso what's a good terminal application to install, it seems they left out a terminal app in the desktop installation07:48
KrytarikIlikeMoose, it seems like it's a hardware issue with you CD drive. For printed books about Ubuntu, I'd just browse Amazon and focus in top sellers, that's usually a good idea.07:49
IlikeMooseas to my first question, i know the cd's are good 100%07:49
IlikeMoosethe only thing that bothers me with it being a hardware issue Krytarik is that it's the same drive i used to do the install and it was flawless07:50
IlikeMoosenot a single glitch on the install07:50
KrytarikDifferent CDs, that is. ;-)07:51
IlikeMooseok well one last question.... i know terminal (gnome-terminal) is installed but i can't seem to find it in the gui to access it any suggestions??07:57
IlikeMoosei'm trying to search the file system for terminal07:59
KrytarikIlikeMoose, sorry, missed to answer that question, what session are you using, the default Ubuntu session, i.e. Unity or something else?08:00
IlikeMoosedefault ubuntu session i guess....08:00
KrytarikHit the the Dash button, with the Ubuntu logo, and type "term", then you'd see it already.08:02
IlikeMoosei'll be damned08:02
IlikeMoosethanks :)08:02
KrytarikLOL :D, NP08:02
IlikeMoosei have a kindle...where are these pdf's you mentioned Krytarik ?08:06
KrytarikGive me a sec.08:07
KrytarikFor example, here, also available in multiple languages: http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:08
IlikeMoosei need offline stuff Krytarik , i tend to tinker with operating systems to the point sometimes of knocking myself offline, scrambling the kernel and worse08:11
IlikeMoosebut this is a good start :)08:11
KrytarikIlikeMoose, you've seen that you can download that!?08:13
IlikeMooseyaya i'm reading it now, thats why i said it's a good start08:13
KrytarikOki doki. :-)08:14
KrytarikThere are surely many other good ones, but right now, I've nothing else at hand. :-)08:14
IlikeMoosethis is a good start i'll cross-reference it with the table of contents in the books on amazon and see what's missing that i need to learn about08:16
KrytarikOk, IlikeMoose. :-)08:17
KrytarikIlikeMoose, concerning the command line, you should fine some downloadable PDF in this wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommandLineResources08:20
SvGeigerhey i want to join the beginners-dev group, but don't know to who I have to talk to08:31
Nuclear-muffin27I lost a file how do i find it?10:20
aeoril-mobWhat os?10:20
Nuclear-muffin27ubuntu 12.0410:21
aeoril-mobfind directory -name 'filename'10:22
Nuclear-muffin27How do i find the directory if its missing...10:23
aeoril-mobIt will recursively search everything under directory and you can use * and?10:24
aeoril-mobTrash bin?10:24
Nuclear-muffin27Not in trash bin i checked10:24
aeoril-mobDo you think you deleted it or moved it?10:25
Nuclear-muffin27well it disapeared either after i renamed it or tryed to copy it10:25
Nuclear-muffin27not sure wich10:25
Akash_What is GTK?10:26
Akash_I tried searching it up in Google10:26
Nuclear-muffin27I have no idea what gtk it10:26
Akash_Thanks anyways10:26
aeoril-mobTry to search as indicated above with name the new or old name from a directory above where it might be10:26
Nuclear-muffin27oh my gosh10:27
Nuclear-muffin27found it10:27
Nuclear-muffin27after moving aperently its still hidden10:27
Nuclear-muffin27that was prob it was hidden10:27
Nuclear-muffin27thank you10:27
Nuclear-muffin27also where can i learn bash?10:27
Akash_Yeah, I wanna learn BASH too10:28
aeoril-mobGoogle bash tutorial or something10:28
Nuclear-muffin27when i had windows xp i did alot of dos and a little html10:28
Nuclear-muffin27ill look it up10:28
aeoril-mobThere are tons10:28
Nuclear-muffin27thank you bye10:28
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ubuntu86643Hi there, I'm new to ubuntu and would like to add debian packages to ubuntu 12.10 ... I have the lauchpad file but cannot find the debian package .... how do i install on my system , sorry in advance (n00b)14:54
raubvogelubuntu86643: I really do not know how to use the launchpad thingie, but a lot of times I just google package name and ubuntu and find info on said package.14:58
raubvogelor aptitude search package-name14:59
ubuntu86643raubvogel: thanx ..14:59
raubvogelThe reason I do the google thingie is because many times I want to see which files are in the said package14:59
raubvogeland which repository it belongs to15:00
ubuntu86643raubvogel: Can you take me through the process to install INKSCAPE as I am unable to do it successfully, please.#15:07
raubvogelubuntu86643: How did you try to install it?15:10
ubuntu86643apt-get install inkscape .... didn't work , thenm i found a package for debian, I couldn't compile it, then i tried to add a software source, and it didn't let me ... so i dunno, i really am hopeless.15:13
raubvogelYou did type "sudo apt-get install inkscape" right?15:13
ubuntu86643i'll try it...15:13
raubvogelCould you pastebin the error message?15:13
ubuntu86643but im probably not permissions or something ...hang-on ...15:14
raubvogelThat would do it15:14
ubuntu86643i think i have it .. wait a second ...15:15
ubuntu86643i cant find it when i look for it in the ubuntu search software panel ....15:16
ubuntu86643how do i do pastebin ??15:16
raubvogelgo to www.pastebin.com or www.pastie.org15:17
raubvogelPaste everything from the time you typed apt-get install to when it gets back to the prompt15:17
ubuntu86643http://pastebin.com/hWDYH51g i think ...15:18
Sidewinder1ubuntu86643, I believe that Inkscape is in the standard repositories; have you tried in Synaptic? It's (Synaptic) no longer installed by default, but I have always found it superior to Software Center..15:18
ubuntu86643how do i do that , please ??15:19
Sidewinder1Just my opinion.15:19
raubvogelubuntu86643: 12.04?15:19
Sidewinder1Go to Software Center; install Synaptic Package Manager. Then, in Synaptic, search/install Inkscape,..15:20
ubuntu86643its installing the Synaptic Package Manager15:21
Sidewinder112.10 Isn't even released yet and is not supported here, really. Perhaps try the #ubuntu+1 channel.15:21
raubvogelAccording to http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/inkscape, it is inthe main distro15:21
ubuntu86643sorry 12.04 then.15:21
Sidewinder1ubuntu86643, Then, for 12.04, my instructions above should work.15:21
raubvogelSidewinder1: it still is in main. Dunno why he is not seeing it. Can he do apt-get upgrade or something like that?15:21
raubvogelSidewinder1: yeah, unfortunately I do not use synaptic/software center much15:22
Sidewinder1raubvogel, Yes, apt-get should work as well.15:22
raubvogelSince it is in main, only thing I can think of is he needs to update the package list or something15:24
ubuntu86643ok Synaptic Package Manager... is installing inkscape ... but i really wanted to use apt-get .. hang-on some-it' is happening ....15:24
raubvogelapt-get is nicer if you are always in command line; which is where I am most of the time15:25
ubuntu86643i have inkscape .. thankyou ... everyone ....15:25
ubuntu86643?me slides raubvogel and Sidewinder1 a cold beer !15:26
* ubuntu86643 slides raubvogel and Sidewinder1 a cold beer !15:26
Sidewinder1My pleasure; I'm glad to've helped. :015:26
* Sidewinder1 Guzzles the beer.15:26
ubuntu86643is there a magical place where i get to see all the cool ubuntu packages that can be installed for a noobie ???15:27
raubvogelubuntu86643: soon *you* will be helping someone! Be afraid!15:27
raubvogelsynaptic should show the list.15:28
ubuntu86643ok thank-you.15:28
Sidewinder1Just select "All", in Synaptic; probably about 35,000 of 'em..15:30
Sidewinder1That oughta' keep 'im busy.15:30
ubuntu86643it is ... im on the documentation .. which should last a couple of hours ...15:41
ubuntu86643I esp. like the debian administrators handbook ... i have downloaded it ... but cant find it on my system ...15:42
ubuntu86643Sidewinder1: How do i do this ??15:42
ubuntu86643BRBack ... coffee required ...15:43
ubuntu86643raubvogel: You see my question ??15:45
rajuduanedesign,  how to clear the python shell ?15:50
duanedesignraju: hmm, good question15:50
rajutried clear() , but its wrong15:51
duanedesignraju: import os15:53
rajuduanedesign,  done :D , thank you15:54
rajucoolbhavi,  yo busy man15:55
raubvogelubuntu86643: which question? Sidewinder1 gave you a possible answer for how to get a list of programs you can get for ubuntu15:55
ubuntu86643it was for the debian administrators handbook .. but i cant find it once it has downloaded using "synaptic"  .... not sure.15:56
raubvogelHow did you download it?15:57
ubuntu86643it was in the synaptic under "documentation"15:57
raubvogelDo you know how the file itself is called?15:58
ubuntu86643no .. just debian administrators handbook15:58
ubuntu86643can i find it using terminal ??15:58
raubvogelubuntu86643: See if you have a directory called /usr/share/doc/debian-handbook15:59
ubuntu86643raubvogel: no .. its not there ... just debian files   .... no luck :(16:02
bodhi_zazenduanedesign: poke21:44
bodhi_zazenyou get my PM on the forums ?21:44
nlsthzno/ all you crazy people21:54
Unit193Howdy, how can we help?21:54
nlsthznMy computer is struggling with deb files... keeps trying to search the internet for an app that can run it?!21:55
nlsthznI know it is powerfull enough... it has an i721:56
nlsthznHow are you doing Unit193?21:57
nlsthznHow are you doing Unit193 ?21:58
Unit193Burnt.  As in when you double click?  What program searches anywho?21:58
nlsthznYup... Could it be because I am using 64-bit?21:58
nlsthznBurnt? Sun?21:59
Unit193Wouldn't think so, try doing a dpkg-reconfigure on gdebi(-gkt) if you have that installed, that should be handleing it.  Yes, was outside all day yesterday.22:00
nlsthzn:/ I would have thought this wouldn't be needed with the Ultimate edition :(22:01
Unit193Ultimate edition isn't exactly Ubuntu, and who knows what they put.22:02
nlsthznUbuntu? Oh... this isn't #windows-beginners... my bad22:02
nlsthznUnit193 seems to be sleepy today22:02
Unit193I was thinking http://ultimateedition.info :P22:03
Unit193Well, you *can* open it with 7zip. :P22:03
nlsthznI know :) - Waiting for the latest Gaming edition of that one :)22:04
nlsthzn7-zip will open a deb file... awesome22:04
nlsthznI didn't know that22:04
Unit193You didn't indicate it was windows, I was assuming Ubuntu/Unity. :P22:04
nlsthznI know... I was just messing with you...22:05
nlsthznbut I got to go... get some after sun lotion and stay cool Unit19322:06
Unit193Heh, have a nice one.22:06
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