* genii-around wonders how far ahead of Ribfest to start the fasting18:29
BobJonkmangenii-around: You have Ribfest in TO?18:31
genii-aroundBobJonkman: The Toronto one proper is done, but the Scarborough one is coming up now18:31
BobJonkmanSupposed to be one in KW too http://www.kitchenerribandbeerfest.com/main2.cfm18:31
BobJonkmanCouple of weeks off for the KW Ribfest; won't fast for a few days yet :)18:32
genii-aroundOoo ribs *AND* beer...18:32
BobJonkmanLast year the lineup for beer tickets was over an hour18:32
genii-aroundMy friend and I have a sort of tradition now where we eat minimally 2-3 days ahead and then go totally glutonous18:33
BobJonkmanOTOH, I've been expanding my consumption capacity for years now...18:33
BobJonkmanFrom the pictures, looks like the same rib vendors in Scarborough and KW.18:35
genii-aroundI think they have like a travelling show like carnivals18:35

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