mhall119bkerensa: it's always hot in Florida in summer00:24
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dpmgood morning all06:11
coolbhavigood morning dpm06:15
dpmhey coolbhavi06:15
dpmcoolbhavi, regarding your question on judging the other day, I'm putting together the voting infrastructure with the list of all apps, and we'll send an e-mail with instructions to all judges and probably set up a call later on this afternoon06:16
coolbhavidpm, great :) thanks a lot!06:17
dpmno worries :)06:18
coolbhavi:) how have you been btw?06:21
dholbachgood morning06:49
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dpmhey dholbach, morning!07:13
dholbachhi dpm07:13
dpmcoolbhavi, oops, I hadn't seen your question, I've been good, thanks, just came back from a relaxing holiday last week. And yourself?07:14
coolbhavidpm,  np :) I am fine :)07:15
dpmcool :)07:16
nothingspecialor lots of output anyway08:48
khildinmorning all....09:30
khildinI have a small question...09:31
khildinI'm getting more and more involved in a community and want to learn more about community management.09:31
khildinbesides jono's book.... where could I look for that?09:31
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dpmimbrandon, around?11:43
dpmimbrandon, when you've got a minute, may I ask you to set the end date for the ubuntu app showdown to 00:01UTC Monday? The deadline is over, and people still think they've got like 10 hours to submit their apps.11:44
imbrandonahh yea its localtime on the users machine, will do now11:48
imbrandondpm: ok, Should read "Times UP!" once cache clears ( will read - : - : -  until then unfortunately )12:05
dpmimbrandon, that's more than good enough, thanks! Do you know when the cache will be cleared?12:06
imbrandonshould be less than 10 minutes12:07
dpmexcellent, thanks!12:08
imbrandonnp, i'll keep an eye out too but i'll be around all day should something not be right12:08
imbrandondpm: there we go, refresh page and it should be good now12:15
dpmimbrandon, awesome12:16
* imbrandon forced it by moving the JS and letting it use the the IMG fallback :)12:16
imbrandonbtw, when are you all shooting for announcing winners ? just curious12:19
jokerdinoafter they go through all 100 of them I guess? :)12:20
imbrandonhaha wow, that many, awesome :)12:21
jokerdinohonestly, I am more than excited.12:21
jokerdinoi only tried a couple of them. can't wait to see which one totally rocks. I hope every one of them are awesome on their own accord.12:22
imbrandonyea for real, thats killer, i'm esp excited to see that fogger app, not tried it yet personally but a Recient OSX convert myself ( on the desktop ) I used the app it it modeled after ALOT , will be nice to have it on Ubuntu12:22
imbrandonbut yea its gonna be tough competition, looked like quite a few good ones12:23
jokerdinoyeah, i would have died if I were one of the judges :P12:23
imbrandonheh :)12:24
imbrandonokies /me gets back to fixing up this charm, lemmme just ping should yall need anything :)12:25
jokerdinoright. that works well. i'll go back to lurking this room =)12:25
bkerensaoh jeez14:39
bkerensaI just got asked to talk at OSCON for Mozilla14:39
mhall119bkerensa: I'm sure nobody will ask about Thunderbird :)14:49
bkerensamhall119: I hope not :P14:55
bkerensajono: top of the morning14:55
jonohowdy bkerensa14:56
bkerensajono: So do you know when you will need help setting up on Saturday14:56
jonobkerensa, indeed, can you be there at 7am?14:57
bkerensajono: you bet.14:57
jonodholbach, all set?15:00
jonodholbach, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/2efc97ee8022fe82b1c2248099ae7e829bb13c95?authuser=0&hl=en-US15:02
jonodpm, can we go early in a few mins?15:07
jcastroman fellas15:07
jcastrolightread is so good15:07
jcastroI can't believe it's gtk15:07
dpmjono, sure, but I'm not finished with pasting the questions yet15:08
dpmjust sent me the invite and I'll join in15:09
jonodpm, np, this is just our weekly sync up15:11
jonodpm, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/3e547cf009d5a0a1e65b9c45f3860aef4083f398?authuser=0&hl=en-US15:14
dpmok, joining in15:14
jonothanks dpm15:15
balloonsjcastro, you don't use a web rss reader?15:15
khildinjono... do you have a minute?15:16
jonokhildin, hey, on the phone right now15:16
khildinnp.... :) as long yopu can answer... :P15:17
khildinwell... got question for you...15:17
khildinI am getting more and more involved in the Zentyal community.... you met Jose Antonio Calvo at UDS remember... he is one of the Zentyal defs...15:18
khildinquestion is: where can I find resources (besides your book) on community management....15:18
jcastroballoons: I do, but this one is so pretty, it makes me want to maybe switch back15:19
jokerdinoi feel like maybe wanna crash your weekly hangouts =)15:20
balloonsit has a jcastro recommendation eh?15:20
jokerdinoare we talking about lightreads?15:21
jcastroballoons: I don't get how he got it to look so good15:21
jcastrocompared to other apps15:21
jcastrojokerdino: yeah15:21
jokerdinooh i liked it as well :)15:21
jokerdinohaven't tried it yet but it looks good.15:21
balloonsno in sc?15:21
jcastrono it's an entrant in the contest.15:21
jokerdinoapp showdown15:21
balloonsoffline google reader, +1 from me15:22
s-foxhey people, sudden wave of activity :)15:22
jokerdinoand balloons i can't upgrade my system to qq. upgrade-release tool crashes.15:23
jokerdinocan't get around testing for alpha :/15:23
balloonsjokerdino, ohh really?>15:23
jokerdinothere was a bug report on LP.15:23
balloonsgot specifics on the crash?15:23
jokerdinoi marked as affecting me.15:23
balloonsahh.. which one, do you remember?15:24
jokerdinoone sec15:24
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1020462 in ubuntu-release-upgrader "Precise to Quantal upgrade failed: do-release-upgrade -d failed with ImportError: No module named janitor.plugincore.manager in DistUpgradeQuirks.py" [Critical,Fix released]15:25
balloonswe wouldn't want little technical issues to prevent you from upgrading and joining in the fun :-)15:25
jokerdinohehe :D15:25
jokerdinooops it is ninja fixed15:26
balloonsyea, looks like mterry fixed things up15:26
jokerdinoyou guys are no fun any more.15:26
balloonsif you do upgrade successfully, can you add the result to the tracker? (success or fail?). This week is our cadence for looking at the isos -- including upgrading ;-)15:27
jokerdinoballoons: does upgrading from precise being tracked as well?15:27
jokerdinoif it is, i can help you on that.15:27
jokerdinoand i am getting a bunch of ISO to test on VM. so yeah15:28
balloonsyes, we have upgrade "tests" and although there's an automated test upgrader, it never represents people's live systems15:28
balloonslet me link you15:28
balloonstestcase is really simple15:28
balloonsjust upgrade :-)15:28
jokerdinohmm great. will report many more bugs =)15:29
jokerdinoi'll annoy you in U+1 room in the future =)15:29
balloonshaha.. while I still have you.. since your on precise, you can do the 12.10 kernel on 12.04 test ;-) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Kernel15:30
balloonsbeing on precise has it's advantages!15:30
jokerdinoi am a little afraid of custom kernel testing. i'll pass to someone more experienced than me15:31
jokerdinoor i might do it in the morning. what's the main reason behind this?15:32
balloonsjokerdino, it's actually really safe and not as scary as you think15:37
balloonsif things break, you can always reboot to the precise kernel your running now that is working15:37
jokerdinothat is a little soothing.15:37
balloonsyes, and of course everything else will still be stable preicse :-)15:37
balloonsthe point of having it is to help the kernel team deliver the updated kernel to 12.04.. They will continue to bring new kernels to support new hardware to 12.04 over the course of it's lifetime15:38
balloonsthis is but the first :-)15:38
jokerdinooh right. the hardware support.15:39
balloonsyes, hence the focus on that page of hardware as well :-)15:39
balloonsbut all hardware is a testcase.. so whether or not it's on the list, it should work if it worked before ;-)15:40
jokerdinoso, how do i get the kernel?15:40
jonomhall119, all set?17:01
mhall119jono: yup17:01
jonomhall119, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/dca3b7f5a8b02a740060cb70e7892c9dfbbd2622?authuser=0&hl=en-US17:03
jcastrobkerensa: ping me when you're around18:08
dholbachalright my friends - see you tomorrow18:10
balloonsbah! I noticed my backups haven't been occurring since I switched to quantal a month ago (for some reason all my settings got wiped by the upgrade?!), so I went to update the backup. Halfway thru, I get a read-only filesystem error. Awesome, my main hard disk just died18:18
paultagballoons: :(18:19
balloonsyea.. time to go pull out the laptop18:19
paultagballoons: Try to mount it read-only from a livecd and dump it, or dd the disk onto a secondary from a live cd18:19
paultagthen try to recover the filesystem18:19
paultagthat sucks, happened to me too a while back18:19
paultagfscking btrfs18:19
balloonsIt keeps seemingly happening to me ;-(18:19
jcastrobad drive?18:20
paultagyeah, I had ~4 HDs die in 3 years, there might be some issues with a few of the SATA drivers18:20
paultagI never bothered to debug it after I got my latest HD working with a changed MoBo18:20
balloonsjcastro, yes.. I bought enterprise drives from WD18:20
paultagyeah, that's what I had too18:20
balloonsthese guys are meant to go into raid arrays in data centers18:20
balloons5 year warranties, etc18:20
balloonsthis is the third death in 3 years18:20
paultagballoons: I'm fairly sure it's the driver barfing18:20
paultagI was seeing the same behavior with a bunch of WD HDs I had18:21
paultagand I had ~1 die a year18:21
balloonsI'm getting smart errors, so I don't think it's a driver issue18:21
jcastrohmm, I would just try another brand next time perhaps?18:21
balloonsunless linux is killing the drive?18:21
paultagjcastro: yeah, after I switched18:21
balloonsi can see the headlines now18:21
paultagballoons: SMART isn't doing much on the driver level, it's tacked on (btw, SMART has been proven to damage drives, just FYI)18:22
paultagballoons: I was getting bitmask erorrs in my system log iirc18:22
paultagand on the tty, it had some spew there after it locked up18:22
paultagcan't really remember, it's been a while.18:22
balloonsyea.. I'm in the weird state were the kernel has me covered.. drive is read only now18:22
balloonsit may never boot again18:23
balloonsit probably will, but anything is posisble18:23
paultagit used to boot just fine for me, it won't start writing bad kruft to the disk anyway18:23
balloonsI've had it both ways18:23
paultagbut it would take a few minutes for it to lock up again18:23
balloonsone drive lasted months in a broken state.. the other died on the spot18:23
paultagjust mount it ro from a live cd18:23
balloonsnever to boot again18:23
* balloons goes off to find a spare drive18:27
jcastrofreezer trick!18:27
jonoballoons, ready in a few mins?18:27
balloonsjono, yea, my laptop is ready18:27
paultagjcastro: oven trick dude - http://xbox-experts.com/tutorial/oven-bake/18:27
jonoballoons, cool18:27
dpmcalling it a day, see you all tomorrow!18:31
balloonsjcastro, actually I'll just return the drive and get a new one under warranty. They've been good about replacing them18:33
balloonswhich I suppose is a plus.. I'd rather they just lasted18:33
jonoballoons, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/db91165a53806267edd72cde15cb6a3aac74e61b?authuser=0&hl=en-US18:38
jonoballoons, I lost you19:18
jonomhall119, man, they keep rolling in19:22
jonograbbing lunch...19:23
mhall119jono: tell me about it19:44
paultagmhall119: did you get your lintian checks working?19:44
mhall119paultag: dholbach wrote a separate arb-lint script already19:45
paultagmhall119: shame :(19:46
paultagit'd be nice to use standard tools, that way you can use, well, standard tools on top19:46
mhall119paultag: true, but he was already hacking on it before I asked you19:46
mhall119might be a good long-term project though19:46
paultagmhall119: if you want to see a creative way to add a new lintian-compat tool -- http://packages.qa.debian.org/l/lintian4python.html19:47
paultagmhall119: that adds a wrapper script / new checks dir, which you could just as easily added as a lintian profile19:47
mhall119paultag: I'll put it on my "to look at when I'm not crazy busy" file19:49
* mhall119 gets a ladder19:49
paultagyou need lackies, dude19:50
mhall119I need minions19:50
jcastroman, I say "um" way too much when I screencast19:58
mhall119me too :(20:05
jcastroI'm going to have to redo this video20:18
popeywhats the video about jcastro ?20:33
jcastropopey: it's a newer, simpler video explaining juju20:51
jcastrobut I think it's going to end up being a rehearsal20:51
jcastroprobably easier to reshoot it and have a sign on my monitor saying "don't say um, idiot."20:51
popeytalk slower20:53
popeyit helps prevent ums20:53
czajkowskijcastro: write what you need to say out before hand ?20:53
jcastroyeah I just got cocky and thought I could turn a one off into a proper video20:53
jcastro"I can do this in one take"20:53
popeysounds too scripted if you do that czajkowski i find :)20:54
jcastrothough maybe an outline20:54
jcastrounderneath the "don't say ummm"20:54
czajkowskipopey: can do, depends on the person.20:55
czajkowskiI have to write things out helps me slow down20:55
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bkerensajono: can you by chance bring some of the cool breeze from the bay when you come up this weekend?22:02
jonobkerensa, hah22:02
ajmitchbkerensa: I'll swap you22:03
bkerensajono: well its been 85-90 everyday for the last few days22:04
bkerensawith humidity22:04
jonobkerensa, same here :-)22:04
jonospeaking personally, I love it22:04
jonoI love the heat22:04
bkerensajono: really? SF showed 53 on weather channel the other day22:04
jonobkerensa, I don't live in SF22:05
bkerensaAhh I forget22:05
jonoI live in the East Bay - it is much warmer out here22:05
bkerensapleia2: send the cool then! :P22:05
* popey agrees22:08
popeyjono lives in a lovely part of town!22:09
popeywe need another UDS out there :)22:09
jonopopey, :-)22:09
bkerensapopey: on the boat22:11
jonomhall119, around?23:05

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