brobostigonhelo markjones :)10:55
markjonesi think my main Bouncer hs been bloxckd10:55
EspreonOh no...10:57
markjonesI'm getting it sorted11:00
markjonesoh, and I"m no longer in Cymru11:00
EspreonAnd I've never stepped foot in Cymru.11:01
markjones(Now I'm in Oxford)11:01
brobostigonmarkjones: i think i noticed you checkin on foursquare in sheffield recently.11:01
brobostigonmarkjones: cool, just down the road from me.11:02
EspreonAh, Oxford. Good place.11:02
markjonesbrobostigon: yes, it's on the X5/S5 bus :P11:02
brobostigonmarkjones: :)11:02
markjonesso I can come and see you some time11:02
brobostigonmarkjones: i am in banbury, about 20 mins train journey north.11:03
markjonesyup :)11:03
brobostigonmarkjones: good idea, yes,11:04
EspreonAnd I'm in a land far far away.11:04
markjonesI may well speak to ianto about a meet in Cardiff soon11:04
EspreonIf only I could teleport...11:05
brobostigonmarkjones: it is my birthday on the 27th, and we are having a party and pub crawl here, you are welcome if you want.11:05
markjonesbrobostigon: I'll see what I can do11:05
brobostigonmarkjones: ok, :)11:05
EspreonAnd I guess I'm just background noise. Heh heh...11:06
EspreonIt's not uncommon for that to be the case...11:06
brobostigonEspreon: no, not at all.11:06
markjonesEspreon: what brings you to -cym?11:06
markjones(I've been absent a while)11:06
EspreonI'm just a silly man who likes languages and likes to be around others that speak such fine languages.11:08
EspreonI'm from that weird country we call America, if you were curious.11:09
EspreonAnd yes, I do consider it weird.11:09
EspreonThen again, I myself am weird.11:09
EspreonI particularly like Cymric because it has the voiceless alveolar lateral fricative (the "ll" sound").11:10
EspreonI dunno, I think laterals are nice sounds.11:10
Espreon... which is why I also study Classical Nahuatl.11:11
Espreon... to an extent.11:11
EspreonThe fact it has dental fricatives is also nice.11:14
Espreon*non-sibilant dental fricatives11:14
EspreonYes, I also like non-sibilant dental fricatives.11:14
Espreon... very much.11:14
brobostigoni am not a study, so dont understand,11:16
EspreonNot understanding half the words that come out of my mouth is quite normal, I assure you.11:18
EspreonThese non-sibilant dental fricatives I speak of are also in English... the "th" sounds.11:18
brobostigonEspreon: i know the same feeling sometimes, when i speak about certain subjects to certain people.11:18
EspreonWhich subjects?11:20
brobostigonEspreon: IT and physics.11:20
EspreonAh yes, complete gobbledygook.™11:21
EspreonTee hee.11:21
EspreonEspecially the latter.11:22
brobostigonbut unless you know the subject, it can seem so.11:22
EspreonHmmmm, I really should get back to learning Cymric sometime...11:28
EspreonIDK how I managed to remember all those phrases and verbs after all this time...11:28
EspreonHmmm, well, the memories have faded a bit, so blegh.11:29
Espreon... but I also need to get back to Englisc.11:32
EspreonI juggle too many things...11:32
EspreonAnd yes, "Englisc" as in the Old English name for... Old English.11:32
brobostigonmultitasking, and not spending enpough time on one thing.11:32
EspreonAnd then there are the timesinks...11:33
EspreonThose nasty ol' timesinks.11:33
Espreonbrobostigon: Might you know of any good Cymric grammar books or webpages?11:40
EspreonI actually don't know a thing about the language's grammar.11:40
brobostigonEspreon: sorry no. http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Jessica_Alba11:41
brobostigonpaste fail.11:41
brobostigonEspreon: my apologies.11:42
brobostigonEspreon: it was meant for someone in another channel.11:42
EspreonTh'art forgiven.11:42
EspreonAnd yes, I say "th'art" sometimes.11:43
Espreon... but no one else in my area does.11:44
Espreon... for obvious reasons.11:44
brobostigonit is an old english word, much older than the american nation, but along time.11:46
brobostigonby along*11:46
EspreonIndeed, indeed.11:46
EspreonMore "thou" would be nice... but not with the nuance of say... Spanish "tú", then bringing it back would just be pointless.11:48
Espreontl;dr: Screw T–V distinction in pronouns11:48
EspreonNot following me?11:49
EspreonOh well.11:49
brobostigonno, sorry.11:50
EspreonDid that fancy term "T–V distinction" throw you off?11:51
brobostigonnot sure.11:51
EspreonWell, I'll rephrase. Moar "thou" would be awesome, but only if it doesn't act like Spanish "tú" and French "tu" in terms of politness.11:52
Espreon"thou" should just be second-person singular. Period.11:52
EspreonI hope it got to you this time.11:53
EspreonIf it didn't, then I just suck.11:53
brobostigonmakes more sense.11:59
EspreonHa ha. Good.12:01
EspreonHmmmm, I wish I had some tiramisù.12:03
* Espreon wonders what Cymruland's heartbreaking dessert is12:05
EspreonAnd yes, I just had to make up the term "Cymruland".12:05
Espreonhttp://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Cymry#Antonyms ... Adorable12:05
plodhi markjomes I think I was to pass a message on to you12:14
plodfrom ianto12:14
plodbut I seem to have lost the log of what it was12:14
plodsomething to do with someone private messaging12:14
plodthough I could have plucked that out of my arse12:14
iantoplod: Haha I think I left you a message for someone else ;)21:18
brobostigongood evening ianto :)21:19
iantoEvening ;)21:19
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.22:17

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