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MetalGodWinHello, (Hope i found the right place?) What section does my app belong to if it's a development tool? I need to fill that in in the control file during packaging.11:08
JainAmberMetalGodWin, The list of sections is here: http://packages.debian.org/stable/11:10
MetalGodWinJainAmber: Thank you11:10
JainAmberMetalGodWin, See description for line2: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dreq.en.html#control11:14
JainAmberAlso, http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-subsections11:15
MetalGodWinJainAmber I came to the conclusion that my app belongs to devel. Thanks again :)11:16
MechanisMI'm did apt-get source somepackage, modified it and wanna generate deb from it. how to do it?11:21
MechanisMand also did apt-get build-dep somepackage11:21
arandMechanisM: Normally you'd use debuild (or dpkg-buildpackage)11:23
MechanisMwhich command I should pass?11:23
MechanisMok did it11:24
MechanisMbtw can I build on 32 bit ubuntu debs for all and for 64 bit ubuntu?11:26
MechanisMlike I seen some packages called packagename-all.deb or packagename-amd64.deb etc11:27
astraljavaMechanisM: You cannot build 64-bit packages on 32-bit systems. But the -all is another thing, it means that same package can be utilized on all archs, ie. it's arch independent.11:28
MechanisMokay, thanx a lot. btw currently I'm on 12.10 x32 but I have also 64bit 12.04 can I build 32/64 both on 64 bit os?11:29
directhexyes, but it needs a little bit of setting up11:30
MechanisMI have ia32libs and all related things11:30
MechanisMok thank you guys I'll investigate on this issue later. just wanted to make sure.11:31
directhexyou can't build a 32-bit version from "inside" the 64-bit os. you need a minimal 32-bit environment available, e.g. as provided by pbuilder-dist11:31
directhexit'll just create a 32-bit os tarball, and use that as a build environment. it's easy once you get it going11:31
MechanisMokay. I'll check this when I'll be booted into 64 bit os11:31
directhexremember that you only need different 32 bit or 64-bit packages if your code isn't cross-platform (i.e. it's C or C++ or similar)11:32
directhexpython or perl or java or c#, you should only need one "all" package11:32
MechanisMmine is python with c bindings11:33
MetalGodWinI'm unable to start my app once i've installed it to my system. It's written in python, anything else I should think of than following the guide @http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-new-software.html11:50
Zhenechposting the error you see when you try to execute the app from the shell might hekp11:51
Laney#ubuntu-app-devel is probably better11:51
MetalGodWinonly a can't find msg if I run the command <appname>. Tried python <appname> then it says it cant find the__main__ class11:53
MetalGodWincould it be that i've used capital letters for the .py files? My app-name is installed with a lowercase name or how you should put it11:54
MetalGodWinLaney: thank i will try that11:54
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nhandlerDoes anyone know where the little icons on https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/search/?q=rhythmbox are pulled from?13:06
chris_i see a lot  prerequisite articles to read before becoming so immerged in this MOTU stuff :)13:19
MetalGodWinI don't get any answer from the logged in ones at app-devel..  I've been stuck at packaging my python app for hours now. Read and tried several how-to guides, nothing works. Could really use some help.14:49
ScottKIt would be nice if someone would sponsor the fix for bug  958305 for precise.16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 958305 in unscd (Ubuntu Precise) "nscd crashed with SIGSEGV in _nss_files_init()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95830516:10
stgraberScottK: done16:35
ScottKstgraber: Thanks.16:35
lewtdsHi, I'm trying to package a software that uses waf as the build system. But when using pbuilder to build, when it calls waf, the command fails with this message "ImportError: No module named tarfile" (Python module). What should I do?16:38
ScottKlewtds: The best option is convince upstream not to use waf.16:38
lewtdsthat would be too extreme. Why is the tarfile module not imported? I thought that one is built16:39
lewtdsit builds fine outside of pbuilder thouh16:41
ScottKwaf is generally regarded as a less than sane build system.16:43
ScottKDo you build-depend on python?16:44
ScottKThe tarfile module is part of python2.7/3.2.16:44
lewtdsThanks, I'd probably try adding it.16:47
lewtdsThe codebase is in Vala. Do you have any suggestion on which build system that goes well with Vala without too much hassle?16:48
ScottKNo.  I've never done any vala, but !waf16:50
tumbleweedewww, waf16:51
lewtdsthanks, adding python2.7 dependency did the trick!16:51
LaneyScottK: fancy processing the backports waiting in $queues?16:51
tumbleweederr, you should rather be depending on python than python2.716:52
ScottKLaney: Did precise.17:05
LaneyI uploaded some to lucid too17:06
ScottKLaney: Those are done too.17:15
LaneyScottK: NEW too :-)17:17
ScottKOK.  I'll look there too.17:17
LaneyJust because I know how much you like using this new tool17:17
* tumbleweed 's INBOX is under a haskell seige today20:43
Laneythat's me wondering what I missed20:44
ajmitchis laney breaking something again?20:44
Laneyadconrad broke it. not me. nuh uh.20:44
Laneyseems someone is doing a transition21:59
Laneythis seems unwise.21:59
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directhexdoesn't ghc support linked libraries yet?22:52
Laneyin a rudimentary way22:56

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