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dupondjebleh Thunderbird :(13:23
dupondjei'm still missing an awesome contacts gui in TB13:24
dupondjethat supports OpenLDAP & CardDAV13:24
micahgdupondje: openldap should be no problem, carddav requires a shim between the server and client AIUI13:24
micahgdupondje: I assume you've seen http://davmail.sourceforge.net/index.html13:25
dupondjeopenldap is read-only atm, which is quite a shame :)13:25
dupondjemicahg: well i'm not using exchange server :) But i'm using an IMAP/CalDAV/OpenLDAP server :) which I would like to use in TB13:26
asacchrisccoulson: hello ... http://support.google.com/maps/bin/answer.py?hl=de&answer=163079017:47
asacerr http://support.google.com/maps/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1630790 .... firefox 13 doesnt work here17:48
asacanything we miss in --configure to get webgl?17:48
micahgasac: wfm in 1417:53
micahgit's graphics card dependent (see about:support to see if you can enable it)17:54
micahgasac: ^^17:54
* asac checks18:10
asacmicahg: ok force_webgl and force_mesaos were set to "true"18:12
asacthis was the problem18:12
asacnow its on18:12
asac(e.g. everyuthing to default)18:12
asaca bit odd, but well18:12
asacanyway, seems i am struck by artifacts a bit etc.18:13
asacbut i think thats known issue for intel18:13
micahgI've seen some reports of artifacts, but idr if they were tracked down or not18:13
mdeslaurdupondje: see "SOGo Connector" here: http://www.sogo.nu/?id=34421:33
bkerensamicahg: do you know if the Moz announcement has had any effect on 12.10?22:07

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