pleia2actually, I'm tired and I'll have time in the morning, releasing then02:50
pleia2The new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue27311:44
nhandlerNice job pleia213:07
pleia2thanks :)13:09
akgranernhandler, hey!13:37
akgranerpleia2, I've got a copy of Ubuntu Made Easy being sent to be for review - would you or anyone else want it sent to you as well to review?13:38
nhandlerakgraner: Cool. I also didn't realize Phil Bull was one of the authors13:40
akgranershould be a good book13:40
akgranernhandler, would you like it sent to you?13:41
nhandlerakgraner: I think I might take you/them up on that. It looks like a nice book, and it would be helpful once I'm done for introducing beginners to Ubuntu13:42
nhandlerDo you want to contact them? Or should I reply to their email directly?13:42
akgranernods - want a copy of the Offical Ubuntu Book as well (I know one of the authors really well :-P)13:42
akgranernhandler, I'll send it to you13:43
akgranernhandler, I replied and have already been talking to them - so if you can email me where you want Ubuntu Made Easy and/or The Official Ubuntu Book - I can get them both sent to you13:44
nhandlerakgraner: Sure (especially since Ubuntu Chicago probably won't qualify for a free copy if you do that again)13:44
akgranernhandler, gotcha  not sure how they are doing that part, but I have a couple copies to share - so I'm happy to13:45
* nhandler hugs akgraner 13:46
akgranernhandler, thx :-) and just shoot an email with the address13:47
nhandlerakgraner: Already sent13:47
akgranernhandler, are you still maintaining classbot?15:25
nhandlerakgraner: I'm not really actively developing. I'll fix the occasional minor issue and support the one in -classroom, but that is about it15:25
akgranernhandler, ahh ok - I'll email you....it's in LP right?15:26
nhandlerakgraner: Yep15:27
akgranergreat thanks15:27

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