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ubottuL3top called the ops in #ubuntu (Need2Grow)03:35
chuelky or bazhang: If you're around would appreciate some attention in #ubuntu (sorry, not sure who else is active at this time)03:44
chuActually, he finally did come across to #u-o, good.03:44
elkychu, i don't see where in #u you were attempting anything...03:45
chuelky: I wasn't attempting anything, just watching why L3top called ops.03:46
chuHe was handling it, no need for me to get involved.03:46
elkythe need2grow nick looks awfully familiar03:47
chuHe started off swearing, throwing in some stuff which was totally not appropriate, then went into some random tirade about why he should have listenned to his parents.03:47
chuBut, he came into #u-o, and is behaving himself currently (though still speaking randomly). Just as long as he's left #ubuntu I'm happy.03:48
* dax gestures in the direction of Gangsta in #ubuntu05:50
daxI don't plan on replying to their last, hopefully this will hush them up.05:51
daxOh, nope, they're PMing me asking where the leet haxor carder chats are. How droll.05:56
chuSend him to #defocus!!!1105:57
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vibhavAre custom colours allowed in all channels in the #ubuntu namespace?07:02
vibhavs/custom colours/colors in text/07:04
chuI believe only if the channel is in -c mode. Which is not *normally* the case.07:06
daxif we're talking in the technical sense of "allowed", then yes, +c blocks formatting codes like colors, and is usually set07:07
vibhavchu: What does -c mean?07:07
daxvibhav: +c is a channel mode that blocks colors. -c means +c isn't set07:07
chuIf you want a semantic interpretation, "Disable colour mode" I would imagine.07:07
vibhavSince, -c is not normally the case shouldnt the channel be set to +c and the !peace factoid rewritten in *normal* text?07:09
Tm_Tchu: no need to set +c on -ot currently07:23
chuDidn't F lannel set -c a little while ago (hence why !peace displayed in colours)?07:24
Tm_Thmmm, I thought the -c was norm in -ot07:26
Tm_TI see, interesting07:26
Tm_Tchu: thank you for being my eyes today07:26
chuTm_Tr: Not a problem :)07:58
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, Mkaysi said: !offtopic-#ubuntu-fi is <reply> #ubuntu-fi on Ubuntun tukikanava kaikille Ubuntuun liittyville tukikysymyksille. Ole hyvä ja käytä kanavaa #ubuntu-fi-offtopic keskustellaksesi muista aiheista (vaikka meidän sääntömme [ !guidelines ] koskevat myös sitä). Kiitos!09:11
ubottukcj called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()11:29
Myrttichu: do you want to play?11:29
chuAww :)11:29
Myrttielky is a partypooper11:29
chuI had just queried LjL to take me through the protocol :p11:30
Myrttiwhich client are you on now?11:30
chuI'm on irssi11:32
chudax recommended autobleh or something?11:32
jussichu: what happened to emacs!!11:32
chuWell, on this tiny netbook emacs' ERC doesn't like being in too many channels, and since I now lurk in a large portion of the Ubuntu namespace channels :p11:33
PiciI just use aliases.11:35
PiciI can customize them myself, and I don't need to bother remembering weird combinations of letters for autobleh11:35
chuHehe, mind moving these aliases into a pastebin?11:36
Myrttichu: mine were in the classroom transcript11:40
Picichu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1082601/11:41
Picimost of mine are there11:41
chuYeah, I should go back over that classroom transcript. I read it when I was using ERC, so I didn't bother following with the "irssi-specific" stuff, but now I have moved to irssi, I should go back over it.11:41
chuThank you Pici.11:42
PiciThe CS stuff is the important bit, as well as the numbers for quickly switching channels.11:43
chuYeah, I hadn't even thought of that (the quick switching channels) but it's quite genius.11:44
ikoniaI'm sorry but the level of people helping in #ubuntu is just terrible19:55
ikoniahow can I improve performance "buy an SSD" and "get a faster PC" no-one checks anything19:55
groupcatIt's well known and aknowledged that the ultimate computer solution is to throw hardware at it :p19:56
Fuchsnote that k1l is a local ubuntu op and not that daft, as an SSD indeed can increase performance quite a bit ;p19:56
ikoniathat's not really the point19:57
mneptokikonia: if you /part #ubuntu you won't see such stuff. that seems the first logical approach. ;)20:11
IdleOnethat appears to be a technical solution to a social issue21:19
IdleOneI like it!21:19

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