jeeves_mosshow can I install a cisco AIR-CB21AG-A-K9 PCMCIA card?  it won't show up when I run lspci00:08
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novatoBuenas noches04:24
novatoAlguien me pueden ayudar04:24
uvirtbotNew bug: #1022434 in openssh (main) "sshd server crashes on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102243404:26
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Guest24740Evening. I'm trying to setup apache2 on ubuntu, however there seems to be a problem with accessing subdirectories?06:03
Guest24740for instance, my CSS file is kept in a subdir (/bend) however I'm unable to access any of the files in subdirectories06:03
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Odium_xXxThat's better.06:04
greppyOdium_xXx: what errors are you seeing in /var/log/apache2?06:04
Odium_xXx[crit] [client] (13)Permission denied: /var/www/bend/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable, referer: http://localhost/06:07
daxAre the permissions wrong on /var/www/bend/.htaccess?06:10
Odium_xXxI don't beleive there is a /ver/www/bend/.htaccess06:11
daxAre the permissions wrong on /var/www/bend/?06:11
Odium_xXxdefine 'wrong' ?06:11
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* dax blinks06:11
daxWell, can a process running as www-data:www-data read files in the directory, for starters06:12
Odium_xXxok, that's way out of my league, sorry.06:12
Odium_xXxthis is my first attempt at linux/ubuntu06:12
Odium_xXxI've just come from windows, trying to setup my server in ubuntu.06:12
daxOpen a terminal, run "ls -ld /var/www/bend/", paste output here06:13
Odium_xXxit outputs /var/www/bend06:14
daxIt should look something like "drwxr-xr-x 40 username groupname 4096 Jul  8 21:02 /var/www/bend/", if you use the options I said06:14
Odium_xXxdrwx------ 3 root root 4096 2012-07-09 15:42 /var/www/bend06:15
Odium_xXx^ is that what you're after?06:16
uvirtbotOdium_xXx: Error: "is" is not a valid command.06:16
daxOdium_xXx: yeah06:16
daxTwo things to note there. The directory's owned by user "root" and group "root", and then the drwx------ bit at the start. the d just means it's a directory. The next nine spaces are user, group, and other permissions respectively06:16
Odium_xXxah-ha, alrighty.06:17
daxso what that's telling me is "there's a directory /var/www/bend/ that can be read, written, and browsed by the "root" user, and can't be read, written to, or browsed by other users in the "root" group or other users in general.06:17
daxand since apache runs as the "www-data" user, that's a problem ;)06:17
Odium_xXxthus apache is unable to acces anything in said subdirs?06:17
Odium_xXxaaah, I see.06:17
Odium_xXxok, so I can see the problem.06:18
Odium_xXxI wonder, am I able to change the folder permission for a new user / group?06:18
daxtwo options: 1) change the owner of the directory (and probably the files in it) to www-data, 2) change the permissions so other users can access the files06:18
Odium_xXxif I change the owner of the dir and containing files, will I still be able to alter them as root?06:19
Odium_xXxthat's a stupid question, I know, just want to be certain :P06:19
daxyes, root can alter anything, regardless of permission set06:19
Odium_xXxah ok, brilliant.06:19
daxdo you know about chmod and chown already, or shall I go through those?06:19
Odium_xXxI've used chmod before, i'm just googling chown now.06:20
daxchown is for changing ownership, as the name implies. Similar format to chmod: chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/bend/ will change the owning user and group on /var/www/bend/ itself and anything inside it to the user "www-data" and group "www-data"06:20
daxleave out the -R to just change ownership of the directory06:21
Odium_xXxah I see, that's fantastic.06:21
Odium_xXxI think i'll include the recursive flag06:21
Odium_xXxjust to be safe?06:21
daxI don't know what recommended practice is with permissions and ownership of stuff in /var/www/ these days; someone else in here might know that better. But yeah, if you want to make everything owned by www-data and be done with it, that'd be the easiest way06:22
Odium_xXxah look you've given me a fantastic lead for where to go from here.06:23
Odium_xXxHad me utterly stumped.06:23
Odium_xXxThanks so much,I appreciate it. :)06:23
daxYou're welcome :)06:23
greppyOdium_xXx: in general, unless you specifically need the webserver to be able to write to the data in /var/www, just make sure that it is readable by anyone on the system, chmod 755 for directories and 644 for files.06:30
greppy( sorry for the delay, I'm at work and got sidetracked, well, working :) )06:30
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Odium_xXxah great, thx greppy.06:33
Odium_xXxi was just having some problems accessing my site files, that's just resolved them, :)06:33
greppy*nod* just keep in mind, if the files/directories are owned by www-data that means that the webserver can add, modify and delete files, so be mindful of what you run on it :)06:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #1020067 in puppet (main) "Ubuntu 12.04 resolving hangs when querying AAAA records against BIND (Ubuntu 10.04) DNS servers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102006706:36
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Davieyjamespage: good morning.. Have you seen collide?08:37
jamespageDaviey, morning - nope08:42
jamespageDaviey, context?08:44
Davieyjamespage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gq12bLbm54&feature=player_detailpage#t=119s08:46
Davieyskipped to the good part.08:46
jamespageDaviey, cool!08:48
Davieyjamespage: sweet spot between shared gnu/screen and etherpad08:49
jamespageDaviey, might make pair programming work really nice distributed08:50
Davieyjamespage: although.. lack of easy debugging seems a flaw08:52
jamespageDaviey, I guess that is a bit more tricky08:52
Davieyjamespage: and smoser will moan about lack of vi interface08:52
jamespageDaviey, I would expect no less08:53
* jamespage last MIR raised for ceph work this cycle08:55
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Davieyjamespage: \o/09:00
jamespageDaviey, 5 new packages for main09:00
Davieyjamespage: /o\09:11
RoyKnew day, new job, new possibilities :)09:16
jamespageDaviey, any chance you might get time to look at the thrift packages in NEW today?09:37
DavieyRoyK: congrats09:38
Davieyjamespage: without a doubt09:38
SadaleI've a question.09:48
SadaleI wonder whether there is a reliable way to identify a visitor of a website.09:48
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_rubenSadale: define "identify"09:53
Sadalesomething like IP, cookie.09:54
SadaleIt is used to ban bad users.09:54
SadaleThe problem is: IP can be changed. Cookies can be disabled, HTTP header can be spoofed/modified.09:55
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thisismynamegot a little problem here: i want to do ip tracing in a vm10:47
thisismynamesoi put the physical interface in prmoisc mode10:47
thisismynamethe bridge in promisc mode10:47
thisismynameset bridge_agingtime 010:47
thisismynamebut still... i don't receive every packet in the vm10:47
thisismyname i can see the younters climbing up on the physical interface and on the bridge... but not in the vm10:47
thisismyname(vm is attached to the bridge)10:47
thisismynameanyone up for some help?10:47
thisismynamebtw, using kvm for virtualisation10:49
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jamespageutlemming, smoser: add-apt-repository/python-software-properties needs some attention in the cloud images for quantal11:15
jamespagenot sure if you are aware or not11:15
Davieyjamespage: I've assigned smoser the bug.11:23
jamespageDaviey, marvellous11:23
jamespageDaviey, whats the bug reference?11:23
Davieyjamespage: bug 1021418 .. uploaded, but oddly FTBFS11:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1021418 in cloud-init "Replace python-software-properties Depends with 'software-properties-common'" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102141811:25
jamespageDaviey, hmm - must be using an out-of-date image then11:26
Davieyjamespage: no, the 'fix' failed to build.11:26
Davieyjamespage: I hit the magic retry button, just to see what it gives11:27
Davieyjamespage: Are you ready to berate smoser ?11:30
jamespage"ImportError: No module named setuptools"11:33
Davieyjamespage: does this make much sense to you? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Openstack%20Testing/view/Overview/job/quantal_folsom_python-glanceclient_trunk/21/console11:55
jamespageDaviey, I think the versioning of keystoneclient changed - we probably have a cruft 2012.x version in the local archive11:56
Davieyjamespage: i suspect we do. :(11:56
jamespageDaviey, want me to fix? its a quick reprepro remove command11:57
Davieyjamespage: it was bumped with an epoch.. are our scripts handling that?11:57
jamespageDaviey, ah - I see11:57
jamespageno idea - lemme take a look11:58
Davieyjamespage: quick fix > slow fix.. but we sould probably handle this gracefully11:59
smoseri'll fix ftbfs12:00
jamespageDaviey, I think the epoch is not being picked up by the automatic versioning12:01
jamespagewell its definately not as its based on upstream version12:01
jamespagesmoser, \o/12:02
jamespagemorning BTW12:02
Davieymorning smoser o/12:04
smosergood morning, mr da12:06
smoseri'll fix the ftpfs. i uploaded that friday night at end of my day. wanted to get it in. :-(.12:06
smoserdoes that look like the correct patch, Daviey ? i just would not have thoght i needed to explicitly depend on python-setuptools.12:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #1022541 in cloud-init (main) "FTBFS: cloud-init 0.7.0~bzr564-0ubuntu1 failed to build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102254112:31
ScottKsmoser: You can drop XS-Python-Version: all while you're there.  It doesn't do anything.12:42
rbasaksmoser: bug 1022101 (cloud-init python-setuptools ftbfs) is an earlier duplicate with a patch and already in the sponsorship queue12:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1022101 in cloud-init "cloud-init FTBFS in Ubuntu Quantal" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102210112:43
smoserthank you rbasak i'll fix.12:44
ScottKsmoser: That's a correct fix for that (and I see rbasak aready mentioned what I was about to)12:44
* Daviey wonders off.12:45
thisismynamehow can i debug my /etc/network/interfaces configuration??12:49
CirbriI was wondering, does anyone know of a good solution for systems graphing? And are there any particularly good ones that plug into Nagios/Icinga?12:50
Anomie21Where can I find mail headers for mail sent out with mail -s?12:50
thisismynameCirbri, nagvis12:50
Cirbrithisismyname: nagvis, eh? Sounds interesting12:59
* Cirbri wonders off to have a look.12:59
Cirbrithisismyname: Aah, I was thinking more system status graphing, i.e. to keep an eye on trends or resources and such -- rather than network diagram sorta graphs.13:00
CirbriAny ideas?13:01
colunHello all, I have a problem with my openvpn : in the terminal a obtain on the server : AUTH-PAM: BACKGROUND: user 'xyz' failed to authenticate: Permission denied. This is the pastebin of the different files : http://pastebin.com/qDS3nurN13:06
colunI already tested it with the root user of mysql and I have the same error13:08
colunI can't understand because active for this user is '1' and the password has been inserted by a php pdo in mysql.13:09
zulhallyn: ping13:38
hallynzul: .13:40
colunnobody for my bug with openvpn and mysql ?13:40
zulhallyn: so i have packaged libvirt 0.9.13 and im going to upload it this week but i need someone to do some sniff testing other than myself13:41
hallynstgraber: i'd say i got about 2/3 of the work for get_item and clear_item in the api done over the weekend.  hoping to do another hour or two tonight13:41
koolhead11hi all13:41
zulhallyn: im still having veth problems with libvirt-lxc problems with it though but thats another topic13:41
hallynzul: post me a debdiff and i'll take a quick look13:42
zulhallyn: ok i need to finish off what im doing here but it will be later this week13:43
zuljust giving you a heads up13:43
hallynzul: oh ok, cool.  i thought you had it right now :)  thanks13:43
zulhallyn: well i do just not a debdiff13:44
stgraberhallyn: cool!13:45
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hallynsmoser: utlemming: could you add setuptools to Build-Depends for cloud-init (see https://launchpadlibrarian.net/109659564/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.cloud-init_0.7.0%7Ebzr564-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz )13:55
hallyn(sorry, i'm horrid at recalling which of you does cloudinit :)13:55
hallynoh hey!  something i have upload rights to!13:56
hallynoh well, may as well wait for the experts in this case :)13:56
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thisismynamelol :)14:40
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1022612 in nova (main) "private instance IPs can only reach public IPs in other regions, not the same region" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102261215:56
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1021921 in quantum (universe) "it's not possible to  quantum-plugin-openvswitch-agent " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102192116:56
jMCgI'm trying to run my own repo (with reprepro), but I run into the following problem: I'm rebuilding packages and they end up with the same version number in different distros (lucid, precise, oneiric), so when I run includedeb on new packages, I get:16:57
znullhello, i'e installed lxc how do i enter in the container17:38
kyle__Making a kickstart file for the first time.  I notice all the docs on it say some interaction is still needed, to start the install.17:49
kyle__Are there any recipies out there for making a cd that boots and runs the install without a by-your-leave?17:50
pdtpatrickkyle__: why not use pressed instead?17:51
kyle__pdtpatrick: No reason I suppose.  Let me look at it.17:53
* glance have bin using fai allot17:53
* pdtpatrick uses the foreman + puppet 17:53
pdtpatrickkyle__: here's something in the wiki for preseed for ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html17:54
glancekyle__: http://fai-project.org/17:55
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koolhead17hi all18:00
adam_gzul: did you re-enable the nova test suite?18:00
zuladam_g: yep i was trying to fix the tests18:00
adam_gzul: ah, any luck?18:00
zuladam_g: almost18:01
kyle__OK, I'm reading through the preseed stuff, and I'm a little unsure what it gives me over kickstart.18:03
bitmonkkyle__: a debian-based distribution. ;)18:04
* bitmonk ducks18:04
kyle__but 'buntu supports kickstart.18:05
kyle__And while the preseed doc gives LOTS of information, it never actually explains how to use it.  Bad docs!  Bad.18:07
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pdtpatrickUbuntu definitely supports kickstart but you need to have more hands in it18:10
pdtpatrickwhat are you confused on with regards to the docs?18:10
pdtpatrickit explains a lot in the docs, https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html#preseed-l10n18:10
pdtpatrickalthough partman is probably the confusing part.18:11
kyle__pdtpatrick: Well, for one it just goes into initrd, but doesn't explain if the process is modifying an existing ubuntu install image, or passing params in.18:13
pdtpatricklink please18:14
pdtpatricki think a good way to get a feel for it would be to run it in a VM and see what it does18:14
pdtpatrickthen you'll understand what is happening as you see it happen.18:14
kyle__There it is.18:16
pdtpatrickone second, i'll share mine with u18:17
pdtpatrickso the initrd points to the .gz binary, the auto url points to my preseed file18:19
pdtpatrickalong with some other variables18:19
kyle__pdtpatrick: And you do this altering the isolinux boot config on the ISO?18:21
pdtpatrickhere's my tftp directory18:22
pdtpatrickthe file i pasted earlier is from 01-00*18:22
kyle__Ohh ok, you're doing a pxe boot to install.18:23
RoyKbug 1010587 is *annoying*18:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1010587 in ecryptfs-utils "encrypted /home randomly unmount on vm" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101058718:25
monolivei would like to provide some info to cloud-init ( specifically the metadata_urls )18:26
monolivewhat is the best way ?18:26
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qhartmanHaving trouble with the default apt repo in AWS images, us-west-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com . It's giving me 403 errors on some files once out of every 5 or so times I try to hit it from my servers in us-west-1. Is anyone else seeing this?19:07
qhartmanThis happened a couple times last week as well, but then seemed to clear itself up after a bit.19:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #915506 in juju "juju-log and relation-set outputs {}" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91550619:26
alex88hi guys, someone is experiencing high cpu usage in mysql? i've just installed mysqld on fresh 12.04 openvz image and it's using 100% cpu..20:04
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SpamapSalex88: perhaps its busy doing things it couldn't do before?20:07
alex88SpamapS, found the solution, it's in #mysql topic20:07
SpamapSalex88: 12.04 bumps from 5.1 to 5.5, which includes a lot of concurrency fixes (though they're all related to multiple CPU cores..)20:07
SpamapSOh that one20:08
SpamapSyeah.. weird bug20:08
SpamapSstupid leap seconds20:08
alex88SpamapS, i don't understand what that means :) btw, it's fixed now, thanks anyway20:11
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henkjanSpamapS: alex88 was still suffering from the leapsecond bug i guess20:50
henkjanah, you are on #mysql also :)20:50
SpamapSwell only because he suggested it20:51
henkjanlots of clever mysql people hanging around there20:52
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uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 560839 in memtest86+ "error: too small lower memory (0x99100 > 0x98400)" [Unknown,Confirmed]20:55
koolhead17seems like 12.04 is affected by this bug too20:55
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kyle__A very strange problem: if I hit enter in grub, my systems boot.  If I let it timeout and autoselect, I get a black screen, and nothing.22:07
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* nrd chelas time!22:37
SpamapSkyle__: perhaps there's a race condition...22:37
kyle__SpamapS: What sort of race condition would cause that?22:40
SpamapSkyle__: something that is still initializing when you hit enter is causing problems when it is done initiailizing after the timeout22:42
SpamapSkyle__: you can disprove that easy enough, just lower the timeout to 1s22:42
SpamapSor even 0 I suppose22:42
kyle__/boot/grub/grb.cfg or somesuch?22:43
kyle__Interesting.  Appears to have helped.22:48
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