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me4oslavbrendand roadmr Guys, I am almost done with the home screen redesign :) A few minor hiccups to iron out are all thats left :P16:00
roadmrme4oslav: awesome, thanks :)16:01
me4oslavOk, roadmr brendand, here it is: http://i.imgur.com/klxsw.png And before you've asked NO the white borders around the top banner can't be removed :/16:45
me4oslavAnd NO, the banner is hardcoded (as it was before) and it is to stay, because of Ambiance and Unico faults :/16:45
brendandme4oslav, i think the border can be removed - but make the merge request and we'll have a look16:59
me4oslavbrendand Sure, let me just finish dinner. Btw, do I do the MR in the standard way - "bzr commit" and the "bzr push" ?17:16
brendandme4oslav, well push to your own branch and then create a merge proposal to lp:checkbox17:16
brendandme4oslav, don't just push to lp:checkbox17:17
me4oslavbrendand OK :) I call that standard MR ... dunno why17:35
me4oslavbrendand roadmr  there you go w/ the MR :) https://code.launchpad.net/~kokoto-java/checkbox/new-QT-home-screen/+merge/11402118:10
phillwballoons: ping21:25
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