jhodapp_tgm4883: posted: http://www.doadjustyourset.com/2012/07/09/ubuntu-tv-weekly-update/12:58
tgm4883jhodapp_, nice. Planet Ubuntu?13:02
jhodapp_not yet, but mhall119 might be able to help with that13:02
jhodapp_go ahead and blog/post to Facebook, whatever about it13:02
jhodapp_I hope we can get some good Grilo contributions from the community13:03
tgm4883jhodapp_, Adding your feed to planet ubuntu isn't too difficult. Would probably take 5 minutes if you have the time13:03
jhodapp_tgm4883: oh nice, I didn't know one could do that themself13:04
tgm4883just adding a few lines to a bzr branch13:04
jhodapp_tgm4883: thanks13:05
tgm4883thank you13:06
tgm4883jhodapp_, ah, you are in as a separate screen name :/13:41
jhodapp_tgm4883: yeah, I'm in twice…I'm on my laptop right now watching my new puppy13:42
DooitzeCompaqwhen is their an alpha version by means of a USB-image released?14:49
jhodappDooitzeCompaq: unknown as of yet14:51
DooitzeCompaqis their any source available?14:51
jhodappyeah, check out www.ubuntu.com/tv and look for the contributor section14:51
jhodappbut it's the demo source14:52
DooitzeCompaqno problem, i was just curious14:52
jhodappDooitzeCompaq: in many ways this project is still in the design phase14:53
DooitzeCompaqi think it has a future i think14:53
jhodappthat's good, I'm glad you think so14:54
DooitzeCompaqin the video the platform looks really cool!14:54
jhodappand we are still learning how to engage and utilize the community of developers well for this project14:54
DooitzeCompaqokay, you can get me as promoter :)14:55
jhodappplease do, we just released a first blog post on a weekly status: http://www.doadjustyourset.com/14:56
jhodappfeel free to help spread that around14:56
DooitzeCompaqit is still in Unity 2d right?14:58
jhodappyes, but being ported to 3D14:59
DooitzeCompaqso that would make it even cooler?15:00
tgm4883I don't think that would make it any cooler, just because it's unity 3D doesn't mean it's going to pop out at you if you use 3D glasses15:11
DooitzeCompaqthats what I meant15:16
DooitzeCompaqbut what if you want watch 3D movies with Ubuntu TV tgm4883?15:19
tgm4883DooitzeCompaq, that should be fine I would think. Ubuntu TV would just send the 3D signal to the TV, which would need to be able to display the signal15:20
DonkeyHoteimodern 3d screens do not need absolutely require the glasses15:21
tgm4883DonkeyHotei, true15:21
DonkeyHoteithey are two superimposed lcd or led screens with an offset in between15:21
tgm4883DonkeyHotei, still requires a 3D tv though15:22
DooitzeCompaqSo it also would be a perfect platform for games (tv+console in one)15:23
DonkeyHoteiat uds, ubuntu tv was portrayed as being integrated into new tv's, so they could be 3d screens, or not15:23
DonkeyHoteipersonally, i'd like to see it on existing tv's, though15:23
tgm4883as would I15:23
DonkeyHoteithey have android set-top boxes now, so why not ubuntu15:24
DooitzeCompaqindeed, on a set-top box15:24
tgm4883I'd rather see it as an installable image15:24
DonkeyHoteiinstallable onto a settop box, yes15:24
DonkeyHoteiand android one15:25
DonkeyHotei*an android15:25
tgm4883installable on a box that I can build15:25
DonkeyHoteithat is passé15:25
DonkeyHoteipeople don't do that anymore15:25
tgm4883DonkeyHotei, don't build boxes?15:25
DonkeyHoteipeople don't build htpc's15:26
tgm4883DonkeyHotei, do you have stats somewhere?15:26
tgm4883some sort of reference?15:26
DonkeyHoteii could find it, but i don't see any real point15:27
tgm4883DonkeyHotei, so.... Should I just tell all the people using Mythbuntu that they are doing it wrong?15:27
DonkeyHoteii'd rather not engage in http://xkcd.com/386 atm15:27
tgm4883so you're a troll then15:28
DooitzeCompaqcan I quickly distrub15:28
DonkeyHoteiDooitzeCompaq: please do15:28
DooitzeCompaqI don't see internet browsing on http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UbuntuTV15:28
DooitzeCompaqI think that should be one of the high priorities15:29
tgm4883DonkeyHotei, you're wrong, but so are many other people so whatever15:29
tgm4883DooitzeCompaq, I don't think it's a high priority thing15:29
bilboedthe priority is reliably being able to watch TV15:29
bilboed(I kid you not)15:29
tgm4883at least not a core feature15:30
DooitzeCompaqbut medium priority then15:30
DooitzeCompaqbecause in common smartTVs van browse15:30
DonkeyHoteiweb can easily be an afterthought, because it's supposed to _be_ a tv15:30
tgm4883DooitzeCompaq, perhaps through a plugin15:30
tgm4883DonkeyHotei, in any case, if you ever do want to discuss that I would be happy to15:33
DonkeyHoteicurrently awaiting shipping of an android settop from china, which i hope will run ubuntu tv in the future15:34
DooitzeCompaqWhat libraries do I need to build it? tgm4883 jhodapp15:52
jhodappDooitzeCompaq: check out this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTV/Contributing16:06
colleenmy boyfriend wants a capture card for his bday, I don't know which one is linux. What would you suggest? I want a good one but can't afford anything too expensive. What would be the best one?19:48
tgm4883colleen, looks like you are in the USA19:49
tgm4883would this be for OTA, cable, or satellite?19:49
colleenI don't know anything about it.19:50
colleenyes, I am in the states19:50
tgm4883that makes things a bit more difficult19:50
tgm4883Best guess, is a digital card19:50
tgm4883what type of budget are you looking at?19:51
colleen50 to a 10019:51
tgm4883let me take a look19:51
tgm4883colleen, do you know how old his computer is?19:53
tgm4883or what kind of computer?19:53
colleenIt's a Dell inspiron 53 OS19:55
colleenThanks for your help :)19:55
tgm4883colleen, ok, so like I said, it's a bit difficult without some specifics, but this would most likely work http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681511603719:57
tgm4883The 530s is a slim machine, and that link comes with a low profile bracket so he could use it with that19:57
tgm4883I'm 90% sure that will work for him, but it's probably safer to just get a newegg gift card19:58
colleenGreat! Thanks so much, tgm488321:00
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