Azelphurali1234: I just got the source code for the fan controller :)02:44
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DJonesMorning all07:14
jacobwmorning DJones07:31
jacobwdoes anyone know of a method of distributing incoming chats to agents from a jabber roster?07:40
diploMorning all08:00
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)08:03
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:24
DJonesOff topic and windows question, can anybody recommend an anti malware/spyware with realtime monitoring thats free, spent 4 horus removing one from my dads laptop yesterday evening and would rather not do that again, sadly he's too set in his windows ways to use ubuntu for any length of time08:27
diplonot sure about real time, but the two I use are Spybot which i think may have some real time08:27
bigcalmDJones: join VirginMedia. They then give you re-branded software from TrendMicro. Seems to work for my parents08:27
diploAnd the better of the two imo is Malwarebytes, may have real time in pro but not in free i don't think08:27
bigcalm(this may not be the answer you're looking for)08:28
DJonesdiplo: They're the two I was looking at08:28
directhexi thin k BT also give you some nonsense software. dunno, i rejected it08:29
diploOnly 2 i really use tbh, they seem to find extra stuff that others don't08:29
directhexalso your online bank might08:29
DJonesbigcalm: No cable where they they live, so not that worth changing, although good suggestion, they're on BT so will look at it08:29
directhexDJones,  http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumerProducts/displayTopic.do?topicId=2726908:29
bigcalmAlso, Microsoft offer free software for non server installs of Windows08:29
bigcalmI can't remember what it's called though08:30
directhexbigcalm, microsoft security essentials. AV, not malware.08:30
DJonesHe's got the free MS antivirus, that completely missed this one08:30
bigcalmdirecthex: fair enough08:30
DJonesBT offer BT Netprotect Plus for free08:32
directhexpretty sure i gave you the url for that08:34
gnuisnotlinuxVim, or emacs?08:34
bigcalmgnuisnotlinux: why stick with just one?08:34
bigcalmgnuisnotlinux: use what you find best for a given situation :)08:35
directhexbecause not enough people have the courage to admit that they don't understand vim *or* emacs08:35
bigcalmThough personally, I use nano and fall back to vim08:35
popey\o/ I generally use nano08:35
DJonesdirecthex: Yeah, same one, hadn't clicked on yet, was looking through different ones08:35
gnuisnotlinuxlol neither I still only use gedit :(08:36
* AlanBell is with directhex in the nano camp08:39
knightwiseanyone know if the nexus 7 is available in the UK yett ?08:43
directhexcouple of weeks08:45
directhex"SHIPS SOON08:45
directhexShips in 2 - 3 weeks."08:45
LaneyI definitely need to upgrade my computer08:46
directhexLaney, add moar rams! and a sheep.08:47
Laney4G of RAM and an e6600 don't cut it these days08:47
gnuisnotlinuxwhat can nano do though?08:47
gnuisnotlinuxjust edit and write textr?08:47
directhexgnuisnotlinux, pretty much.08:47
directhexLaney, core 7 extreme edition!08:47
directhexLaney, sadly, due to an intel pricing quirk, upgrading my CPU will cost more than £400 - cheaper to replace the motherboard and cpu at the same time08:48
Laneydue to a bundle?08:49
directhexLaney, due to an obscure "enthusiast" socket type08:49
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:49
Laneyunfortunately my cash stream has to be diverted to the "somewhere to live" fund for the near future08:49
directhexLaney, every generation now, intel sell consumer versions of xeon, on xeon sockets. was socket 1366 when i bought, is now socket 201108:49
bigcalmgnuisnotlinux: what do you require?08:50
directhexwhich are the enthusiast/xeon versions of 1156 and 1155 respectively08:50
Laneyman, i stopped paying attention to this stuff when i did this upgrade08:50
Laneywhich must have been 2008 :o08:50
directhexsounds about right08:51
Laneyafter some so-and-so decided that my laptop would be better of being his laptop08:51
directhexmy choice of CPUs for this motherboard is http://www.gigabyte.com/support-downloads/cpu-support-popup.aspx?pid=295808:52
diploLaney: Im the same, way out of the loop on hardware now :(08:57
Laneyjust have to stick your head far enough out to get your bearings every 5 years, then go back into hiding08:58
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MooDooHello All09:04
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:04
oimonwhy, if top is reporting that thunderbird is using 30-60% of cpu, but the system is only reporting 7% usage overall?09:29
Pr0ph3tHi all09:34
dwatkinsoimon: where is the 7% reported? loadavg? w?09:41
andylockranhowdy all!09:42
* andylockran is slowly turning into a PHP Dev :p09:42
dwatkinssounds fun, andylockran09:44
dwatkinsand good morning09:44
gordoimon: 30-60% of one core09:44
gordoimon: 7% over all cores09:44
gordmy guess09:44
arsenthe key to understanding vim/vi is to remove nano ;p09:54
AlanBellarsen: I used to have a test of software back in the pre-gui days, if I couldn't figure out how to close it in under a minute it failed the test.10:10
arseni dont doubt that vi/vim are backwrads10:11
arsenim a big nano fan, but i think its important to be able to use vi/vim10:11
arseni wish i knew more of the in depth shortcuts that would make me more productive in both tbh10:12
AlanBellI have encountered it sufficient times to know colon w q is the answer (or :q! to quit without saving I think) and i to get into insert mode10:13
arsenwell theres lots of built shortcuts ive seen some serious experts use which makes them work through stuff incredibly quickly10:14
arsenbut im not sure i have the spare time to sit down and put it into practice in my regular use. nano is just wordpad via CLI which makes it naturally logical to use.10:14
diploIt's great, I don't know many of the commands10:14
diploShift a end of line10:15
diplo:set nu10:15
diploSet numbered lines etc10:15
diploo to append to a line, loads of 'Cheat Sheets' out there10:15
arsenit just doesnt really follow my brain logic sadly, shift A i can't relate to end of line etc10:15
diploWhat I used to have beside my screen until the ones I used daily sunk in10:16
diploBenefit is though as people have mentioned before is that vi is installed on just about every *nix variant I've been on, which you can't say for the others10:16
diploSo a little knowledge goes far10:16
arsenyeah, thats why i say it's important to udnerstand the basics.10:18
popeyAlanBell, i bought a pocket vi guide from amazon for a couple of quid last week10:25
popeyi should keep it on my desk with my pocket python book10:26
gordlearning vim isn't too bad if you just write down everything you want to do on a post-it and put it on your monitor10:26
gordthen its all about forcing yourself not to do things the dumb slow way and do it the fast vim way until it becomes second nature10:27
diployeah exactly what I had to do on AIX in my initial days10:27
diploWe weren't aloud to install anything on the box, so it was vi vi or vi10:28
Davieypopey: surely, by definition, you should keep it in your pocket?10:29
popeyi have no pockets that size10:29
Davieythen the fix is to buy clothes with bigger pockets.. not work around the issue.10:29
gordsaying all that, i never did get used to jkl; - i understand the concept, but i think the concept is based on being able to type properly. i rock my own style of typing and basically just use my index finger on my right hand and sometimes if that finger is busy the second finger10:29
popeyalso gedit ftw10:29
DavieyI genuinely prefer my vim setup to using gedit... Not to mention i can get the same experience over ssh as i can locally10:31
gordDaviey: seen, http://www.sublimetext.com/ ? those demos on the main site there are tempting me to swich from vim to a gui editor. seems like all the useful parts of vim + useful parts of gui10:32
Davieygord: doesn't look compelling enough to be payware?10:36
gordDaviey: well its nagware, you get a nag screen until you pay but otherwise fully functional10:36
andylockranheya all11:09
brobostigonhi andylockran11:12
andylockranhowdy brobostigon -  how goes things?11:15
brobostigonandylockran: not bad, my dermatologist to see later. not bad. and you?11:15
gordall these "hey this website uses cookies like every other website in the world" things are getting a bit annoying11:58
directhexgord, yep, but it's legally required to show that message11:59
AlanBelland if you say no, they can't drop a cookie to say you have already seen it \o/12:00
AlanBellsilly laws are silly12:00
MartijnVdSdirecthex: in the Netherlands they even have to ask permission to set cookies12:02
MartijnVdSas if browsers didn't have that feature..12:02
AlanBellMartijnVdS: it is a european regulation12:02
MartijnVdSAlanBell: some countries implemented it more strictly than others12:09
MartijnVdSAlanBell: the ask-for-permission bit isn't required by Europe, but the computerphobes in the Dutch parliament thought it was necessary12:10
AlanBellyeah, good job the web works like that isn't it12:10
MartijnVdSMost sites are ignoring it12:10
MartijnVdSThe regulatory body (OPTA, think OFCOM) said it won't enforce the rule because they have more important things to do or something12:11
AlanBellthe european regulation requires all the national governments to create legislation that implements the regulation, which is why all the countries do something similar but different12:11
MartijnVdSIt's still the wrong way to do it12:12
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diplodirecthex: Rather than reply on twitter12:51
diploMy mum has issues with sleeping and has been given this headband thing with speakers of sorts in there12:51
diploNo in ear part, can't get make/model if you are interested12:52
directhexmmm, worth a look12:53
diplokk, will see her at 4pm or can text her now if you want ?12:53
directhexin-ear is kinda okay, it just needs to be secured some other way. in-ear buds are secured by resting behind a small ridge of cartilage which sticks up. in my ears the ridge sticks sideways not up, so there's nothing for ear buds to rest behind12:54
directhexi guess rubber plug style might work, i haven't wanted to "invest" to try though12:54
diploheh, these are the only things she has felt comfortable with so far, look a bit of a .... but they work according to her12:55
* Laney just got attacked by swans13:32
Laneygreedy beggars13:32
oimongord, dwatkins i only have 2 cores...something is reporting wrongly methinks14:08
gordoimon: two cores with hyperthreading?14:09
dwatkinsoimon: how do the numbers compare in top?14:09
oimoni imght try a reboot14:10
oimonfirefox and tbird are consuming all cpu14:10
oimoneven just showing the google page kills cpu14:10
oimonksoftirqd is v busy14:13
directhexleap second bug!14:15
oimondirecthex, oh, you're not joking :-\14:21
directhexoimon, am i ever?14:21
oimondate -s "`date`"14:22
oimonmy machines been a pig all day14:23
oimoni was on holiday last week14:23
oimonso i missed this story14:23
oimonwas there a furore about this?14:25
directhexhell yes14:26
directhexone VPS provider had their power consumption jump by a *megawatt* to deal with all the bugged VMs14:26
oimondidn't see anything about it on my g+ feed :-\14:28
oimoni had no mobile contact all week14:28
AlanBelldirecthex: yeah, we got mails from hetzner asking us to check and reboot our machines, but they all seemed fine14:43
andylockranhey all16:08
bigcalmpopey: have you ever had your webcam do this? http://discworld.cuth.eu/dump/webcam/webcam.jpg16:16
bigcalmGrr, fixed itself16:17
bigcalmSomething wrong with it though16:17
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bigcalmIt's doing it again! http://discworld.cuth.eu/dump/webcam/webcam.jpg17:08
kirrusargh, wrong shell :/17:11
ali1234bigcalm: my camera does that sometime too, i think it's a bug in the kernel18:21
ali1234but when mine does it it also goes green and/or pink18:22
ali1234that appears to be greyscale18:22
ali1234clouds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlgl0Z8Gjd820:09
Azelphuryay clouds.20:09
Azelphurali1234: that racing game your playing with looks quite fun :D20:10
* bigcalm returns20:11
ali1234some day i will finish it20:11
ali1234but i've been working on it for over 10 years now20:11
ali1234ogre didn't even exist when i started20:11
Azelphursounds like a duke nukem forever situation20:11
ali1234pretty much20:12
swattorevening all20:12
swattorthey did finish duke nukem though didn't they?20:13
swattorjust wasn't... that good.20:13
Azelphurali1234: if you ever do finish it, I can provide server space :p20:13
ali1234it's not an online game :)20:13
Azelphuraww :(20:13
ali1234unless we all have super low latency internet by the time i finish it20:14
Azelphurwho knows xD20:14
ali1234the original game makes CS surfing look tame, seriously20:14
ali1234eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dcPiEgwymY20:16
ali1234yes, he's intentionally falling off to get a speed boost20:16
Azelphurali1234: haha, that is indeed pretty fast20:19
ali1234given you go at 3000 km/h, 50ms latency gives an error of 40 meters20:19
ali1234and your ship is only about 10 meters long20:20
ali1234so forget collision detection in online multiplayer20:20
ali1234just isn't going to happen20:20
Azelphurhaha, indeed20:21
ali1234the game has to use fixed timestep at 200 updates per second just to not explode horribly20:21
ali1234i think original quake had an internal clock of 15 fps20:21
ali1234udp broadcast network games are a possibility though20:23
Azelphurali1234: UDP still has the same latency issues doesn't it?20:23
ali1234not 50ms20:23
ali123450ms is good for internet, it's terrible for LAN20:24
Azelphurthat's interesting, didn't realise UDP was that much faster20:24
ali1234it isn't, there's just no hops on a LAN20:24
Azelphurbut yea most time sensitive games use UDP20:24
Azelphurso it'd be "instant"20:24
Azelphurbut only in a LAN20:24
ali1234if i ping my modem, RTT is 0.5ms20:25
ali1234if i ping game.azelphur.com RTT is 100ms20:25
AzelphurI get 0.36 :P20:25
Azelphurali1234: btw did I tell you I got the source for the recon20:25
ali1234oh yeah?20:26
Azelphurgot it at like 3am last night havn't looked at it much yet20:26
Azelphurbut yea, fun fun20:26
Azelphurpython decompiles very nicely :D20:26
AzelphurI keep getting this really annoying issue with gedit where my text cursor disappears20:41
Azelphurit's still functional, I can click somewhere and type, but I have no indication whatsoever of where I'm typing :(20:42
Azelphurhave to keep opening and closing gedit to fix it, very annoying20:42
bigcalmCan you get webcam to store locally without having to make a connection to another machine (even if it's localhost)?20:44
Azelphurbigcalm: you mean you want to record from your webcam?20:44
ali1234don't use webcam20:44
bigcalmAzelphur: webcam is a package in usc20:44
ali1234actually i don;t know what to use instead20:45
bigcalmali1234: not really my question20:45
ali1234i used guvcview which records to mjpeg20:45
ali1234but you can't set the framerate in that20:45
ali1234you can set local in webcam.conf20:46
ali1234check the manual page20:46
bigcalmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM-E2f6i2OE :D20:56
bigcalmwebcam didn't have this video problem on the laptop20:58
* bigcalm tickles popey_21:15
popey_my virgin box seems to be crap with wifi21:16
popey_and my non-virgin router doesn't do bridging21:16
popey_which is annoying21:16
gordi also setup my webcam to watch the skies today, now we can all record the boring grey english skies  together!21:16
popey_we should setup a page on ubuntu-uk.org with all our webcams on it21:16
bigcalmThat sounds like a splendid idea21:16
bigcalmGrey skies of the UK21:17
gordthen suggest the torism board promote our webcams21:17
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dwatkins...and an image of my rat cage21:19
gordYES rat cage cam is *essential*21:19
dwatkinsRoger Wilco21:20
bigcalmI wish I had a pet I could put a radio camera on for a day21:20
dwatkinsso long as there are drivers for my IR-filter-less Logitech Quickcam for 11.0421:20
dwatkinsbigcalm: I have a radio camera, it's terrible quality ;)21:20
bigcalmdwatkins: not surprised :)21:21
bigcalmReminds me of the episode of Drop the Dead Donkey where they strap a radio camera to a badger with somebody's belt21:22
dwatkinsIt transmits a black and white image, even from very near-by it's very grainy, although it is a vew years old - I imagine with a pair of xbees you could do something much better now.21:22
dwatkinshehe, that series was very funny21:22
dwatkinsthey always seemed to have the occasional really up-to-date joke, too21:22
zleapah i tried that from the hack a day site (remove ir filter from webcam)21:31
zleapit failed21:31
bigcalmlibv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output error21:34
bigcalmv4l2: read: Input/output error21:34
bigcalmcapturing image failed21:34
bigcalmWould be nice if it were to restart if it dies like that21:34
* bigcalm tries a different webcam21:34
dwatkinsboo, silly webcam21:50
Twinkletoes|HAnyone suitkl awake>?22:12
Twinkletoes|Hstill awake even?22:12
Twinkletoes|HNagios in repos, is v3.2.  Nagios built from source is v3.4... and the change logs shows lots of bug fixes done between the two versions.  Which one is most sensible to use?  I normally stick with the repos, but is there any need?22:15
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ali1234as soon as you stop using the repo version you have to baby sit it yourself22:17
ali1234manual updates, bug fixes etc22:17
ali1234it all becomes your job22:17
ali1234so don't do it unless you really need some feature that is only in the latest version22:17
Twinkletoes|Hali1234: There was just such a lot of changes since 3.2 and 3.4 that I've been wondering if the 3.2 is ok to use or not?22:18
ali1234it's fine22:18
Twinkletoes|Hali1234: Ok.22:18
ali1234if it wasn't they wouldn't put it in the repos22:18
Twinkletoes|HThank you :)22:18
ali1234if there was a security bug fixed in 3.4 they would backport the fix to 3.222:18
ali1234that's the idea anyway22:18
Twinkletoes|Hali1234: good point22:19
Twinkletoes|Hali1234: I suffer from always wanting the latest and greatest - it's bnad of me - I know22:19
ali1234put it this way22:20
ali1234if a security bug is found, ubuntu developers will probably have backported it before you have patched your local version22:20
Twinkletoes|Hali1234: Yeah22:20
ali1234and quite possibly before you even find out about it22:21
* Twinkletoes|H has installed form the repos now22:22
Twinkletoes|HI know the error of my thinking now :)22:22
Laneyit just started raining really heavily22:26
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Kelly and Luke  a sneak preview - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2012/07/09/kelly-and-luke-a-sneak-preview/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=kelly-and-luke-a-sneak-preview22:28
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ali1234Azelphur: i updated to precise and clinfo now segfaults. any ideas?23:32
ali1234it was working with precise beta (or alpha)23:33
ali1234yes, opencl23:33
ali1234any opencl program now segfaults in libc23:33
ali1234[ 2148.375862] clinfo[10699]: segfault at fffffffffffffff8 ip 00007f78965acbc3 sp 00007fff05e01ca8 error 6 in libstdc++.so.6.0.16[7f789650e000+e2000]23:33
Azelphurali1234: I had an issue recently where I did an update and then had issues with opengl, rebooting fixed it23:33
Azelphurdumb answer, but may work23:33
ali1234i already rebooted23:34
ali1234like 100 times23:34
Azelphurno idea then, weird23:35

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