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bkerensaMarkDude: what up21:07
MarkDudePlanning for trip to Stumptown21:12
* MarkDude has details set for big party being held at bkerensa house21:14
philipballew_Ill bring my tux statue bkerensa !!!21:16
philipballew_Well all dance around it21:16
MarkDudeLinux cult rocks!21:16
pleia2I might be seeing you guys up there afterall21:18
pleia2I seem to have won an award :)21:18
pleia2need to talk to my boss though, coming back from one vacation to say "yeah, I need some time off next week too" is fun21:19
scientesoooo, where is party?21:21
scientesoh, up north21:21
MarkDudepleia2, you won the Open Source award?21:22
* MarkDude was pretty sure you would win21:23
MarkDudescientes, party at bkerensa house21:23
MarkDudeEven tho he objects21:23
philipballew_prteey much like a Nobel price21:23
pleia2MarkDude: "an" open source award, yeah (I assume there are multiple :))21:23
pleia2very excited21:23
pleia2and I'm in an airport about to get on a flight21:23
pleia2I was like "omg omg omg MJ!!!"21:24
pleia2then I emailed my boss21:24
* scientes is always up for a party, even one coerced out of the host ;)21:24
* MarkDude had someone nominate me for the OSCON Community Award, for me protesting the Distro thing21:25
MarkDudeKNew I would not win.21:25
scientesMarkDude, what distro thing?21:26
MarkDudeThen pleia2 's name was brought up as likely winner21:26
MarkDudelong story scientes21:26
* MarkDude will type or tell you another time21:26
pleia2I am quite honored :)21:26
pleia2bkerensa: btw, I went into a bookstore this week to find the issue of Ubuntu User with your article, but they still had issue 12 out :\21:27
pleia2ok, airplane #1 now21:28
MarkDudeGareth, still wins for having his pic on magazine last year21:28
MarkDudeAltgho..... being a SPEAKER at OSCON rocks bkerensa21:28
bkerensapleia2: yeah I check every Barnes and Noble in Portland and no go =/ I need to e-mail Rikki and see whats up21:48
bkerensapleia2: I nominated you ^21:48
bkerensaMarkDude: easy for you to say :P now I have to come up with a talk since its official and all http://www.oscon.com/oscon2012/public/schedule/speaker/12002522:01
darthrobotTitle: [Speaker: Benjamin Kerensa: OSCON 2012 - O'Reilly Conferences, July 16 - 20, 2012, Portland, OR]22:01
bkerensaI get roped into to much :P22:01
* MarkDude will be there toask questions22:01
MarkDudestuff not relevant to your talk also22:01
MarkDudeDo you like pie?22:01
MarkDudeThat sorta thing22:01
MarkDudeTell me about your childhood, etc22:02
bkerensaI have to answer questions too?22:05
bkerensaI thought it was just a talk :P22:05
bkerensaMarkDude: soare you confirmed coming? What day do you land and are u bring phillip?22:06
MarkDudeDrving there22:06
MarkDudetalking with people going *right now*22:06
MarkDudewill need to get back to you with details22:07
philipballew_bkerensa, I imagine with him ill be there thursday or friday, but if he and I dont work out im gonna come up Thursday via greyhound22:14
philipballew_So all is good in the hood22:15
bkerensaphilipballew_: Ahh of this week right?22:15
philipballew_I think, cls is this weekend correct?22:15
bkerensaphilipballew_: well good news is that I might be able to give you my 3 day pass + expo if all goes good22:16
bkerensabut either way you are covered for booth access and expo22:16
bkerensasince I am now speaking I think I get a speaker pass which is all access22:16
bkerensaIm kind of stoked because the Speakers Lounge is nice22:16
philipballew_I imagine, the scale speakers one had free food.22:17
philipballew_got your talk ready yet?22:17
philipballew_So I should give my pass to someone else then?22:18
bkerensaphilipballew_: not till I know for sure22:18
bkerensaphilipballew_: nope... I just got told I was speaking this morning... I wasnt planning on it22:18
philipballew_I trust a few sleepless nights will pump out a solid speech22:19
philipballew_If am trying to arange a friend from college to give me and kiilhead17 a tour of portland22:21
bkerensaphilipballew_: I have a t-shirt waitingfor u :D22:21
bkerensaphilipballew_: yeah he is worried about his motel... his work put him in a slum22:21
philipballew_He speaks English well I think22:22
philipballew_Hopefully they do not take advantage of him. Here in Placer county, people are always takin advantage of, and laughed at when they don't speak English22:23
bkerensaphilipballew_: he speaks it very colorfully ;)22:24
philipballew_Thats what I recall. I might offer to help him get around and what not22:24
philipballew_Im pretty good on portland slang after watching Portlandia22:25
bkerensaphilipballew_: good stuff.... I will be somewhere between working.. speaking and sleeping22:26
bkerensaand maybe some boozing if I find time22:26
philipballew_I say a minifridge at the booth22:27
philipballew_you can store all the booz you want!22:27
bkerensaphilipballew_: Bring sticky notes22:29
bkerensaphilipballew_: we will cover Fedora's booth while they are boozing with 10,000 sticky notes that say nice things about Ubuntu22:30
bkerensaMarkDude: ^ :P22:30
philipballew_I have 100's actually!22:30
MarkDudeSo will you just say sumthin nice about the Ubuntu drivers 10,00 times22:33
MarkDudeOr just write *awesome Community* that many times?22:34
philipballew_Maybe ill see if I can snag some ubuntu cola bkerensa and bring it upp22:35
bkerensaMarkDude: How they just work with every bit of hardware I have?22:36
bkerensaMarkDude: What drivers does Ubuntu lack? :)22:37
MarkDudeI figure a debate would be fair, as long as we dont go down the no win Gome 3 / Unity comparison XD22:37
philipballew_we have more correct?22:37
MarkDudebkerensa,  I mean Ubuntu has AWESOME drivers22:37
MarkDudeI mean stellar22:37
philipballew_I say we have a chair fight at oscon22:38
MarkDudeAnd that other Distros should not try to compare there22:38
MarkDudeSince they would LOSE22:38
bkerensaMarkDude: so you come up on Friday yes?22:38
* MarkDude was thinking *bar knuckle boxing*22:38
* MarkDude has fake handlebar mustache just for this purpose22:39
bkerensaMarkDude: you should use fiverrr.... I would pay you to make me a weird video :D22:39
MarkDudeAnd has also been praciticing his boxing skills with all my servants22:39
MarkDudeYou mean my specialty?22:39
bkerensawith cats22:40
bkerensaand a recliner22:40
MarkDudethe outakes from my video22:40
MarkDudeWere better than the actual video22:40

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