rick_h_hah http://www.flyingrhinocc.com/cycling-news/2012/7/8/chevy-commercial-filmed-at-waterford-hills.html00:03
derekvdo as I say, not as I do... don't try to do 20 burpies with no warmup after drinking like three glasses of water00:04
snap-lPhew. Sent off the Squeezebox article00:24
snap-lHopefully they'll like it.00:25
snap-l(and hopefully it'll pass editing muster, and not make some editor out there explode)00:25
snap-lIt's hard to do layout in plain text00:26
snap-lie: I sent a bunch of hi-res images along with the article00:26
greg-gsnap-l: who's it for?00:41
greg-gI guess I should take photos of both hotels I'm at in DC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotel_Rouge00:45
greg-germ, wrong channel00:45
snap-lgreg-g: Linux Journal01:10
snap-lgreg-g: Those statues in the Wikipedia article are creeeeepy01:11
derekvburpies to crossfiters, aka downups and a million other names to anyone who did highschool sports, and pretty much unknown to everyone else.01:12
derekvburpees I guess01:14
snap-lI have NFC what you're talaking about.01:14
snap-l(I was in band)01:14
derekvme too01:15
derekvive only known about them for a couple years01:15
derekvI may have overdone it tho01:17
derekvso is ruby bullshit or is it just bullshit on freebsd01:32
jrwrenderekv: rofl.01:47
jrwren20 burbies after 3 glasses of water is NUTS.01:47
derekvit was sloshing around01:48
jrwreni'll bet.01:48
jrwrendid you puke?01:48
jrwrentry 5 glasses next time, see what happens.01:48
derekv3 pitchers of beer01:49
derekvdas boot das burpees01:49
derekvhttp://beersandburpees.wordpress.com/ lol01:51
derekvjrwren: well anyways its not like I planed it out.01:52
derekvi'd still like to use octopress due to the fact I think it comes styled out of the box and its ready to go for github pages, also looks like it has more users, but blogofiles worked faster ...01:58
derekvstill can't get ruby 1.9 to work correctly01:58
derekvall of the static html generating "blog aware" frameworks seem to work with a very similar pattern ... but not identical01:59
derekvah nice finally got it rolling02:13
derekvthey see me rolling, they t-t-trolling,02:42
jrwrentryin' ot catch you coding dirty.03:19
snap-lExtremely interesting take on Digital Music business03:34
derekvhttp://derekv.github.com/ lame04:34
derekvoh well04:34
derekvi'm not really groking octopress04:35
Blazeixderekv: your resource paths have an extra 'derekv' in them04:36
Blazeixshould be "http://derekv.github.com/javascripts/ender.js" for example04:37
derekvBlazeix: yea I think I set it up wrong04:37
Blazeixnot "http://derekv.github.com/derekv/javascripts/ender.js04:37
derekvthat makes sense...04:37
derekvthere we go04:45
derekvI know what happened.04:46
derekvAll I really want, is a repo with markup pages, then something seperate that throws style on them and gives you a "blog" view showing the most recent posts04:52
derekvOh, you should always waste time when you don't have any. Time is not the boss of you. Rule 408.05:05
snap-lGood morning10:15
rick_h_anyone catch the name of the truck than ran over me?11:02
snap-lYeah, it was called Vacation Rental11:02
snap-l"Relaxin' your ass ince 1969"11:03
snap-lI'm happy that my article is done, though11:12
snap-land bonus: I don't have to ship back the review unit. :)11:12
rick_h_of the touch?11:15
snap-lYeah, no complaints there. :)11:17
brouschHello everybody!11:48
shakes808Everyone enjoying the cool down?11:49
shakes808brousch: You are from the GR area right? How has it been over there?11:50
brouschIt was nice yesterday11:53
brouschSome of us got a little cold at the beach11:53
shakes808lol I hear it. I was out at a beach and did some Kayaking. It was nice, but cool at times.11:54
rick_h_until it's < 80 it's still too hot, but thank goodness we're < 9011:54
shakes808HA HA11:55
shakes808I like it in the high 70s - to mid 80s. Breaking 90+ is just too hot.11:55
brouschThe cold was from the wind churning up cold water from the depths11:58
brouschrick_h_: That makes my head hurt12:01
rick_h_brousch: how so?12:52
rick_h_nice cassandra plug in there12:52
brouschThe lengths they go to for scale and reliability are beyond my ken13:03
brouschI shouldn't say that. They are beyond my knowledge and my current desire to learn13:04
* snap-l is listening to Miles Davis' Tutu.14:24
* shakes808 likes what snap-l is listening too.14:31
shakes808Listening to my Frank Sinatra station on Pandora. It is just that kind of day it would seem ;)14:32
snap-lYeah, but later it's Pantera covers. :)14:34
shakes808:D Nice.14:35
shakes808Can't believe that it has been 8 years since he was killed. It doesn't even seem that long.14:36
shakes808What a trajedy14:37
snap-lYeah, definitely one of metal's worst moments14:44
snap-lone crazy fan ruins it for everyone else.14:44
shakes808and weren't they talking about getting together for one more album or reunion tour14:46
shakes808I almost had tickets to the show up here and was invited to the OH show but had to work and couldn't get it off.14:46
snap-lI don't think it would have happened.14:46
shakes808Why not? Grudges to deep with Phil?14:47
snap-lI've read interviews with Phil. Maybe it would have worked it at some point14:48
snap-lbut frankly it seems highly unlikely.14:48
snap-lThen again, I never thought Black Sabbath would get back together with Ozzy (and kick out Geezer Butler) so I know nothing.14:49
shakes808HA HA14:49
snap-lNot Geezer, sorry14:49
shakes808come on metalcast, aren't you supposed to have the insight on all things metal? ;) lol14:49
snap-lBill Ward.14:49
snap-lI spend my time not giving a crap about Ozzy. ;)14:50
shakes808ha ha14:50
shakes808too main stream for you?14:50
jrwrenbut Black Sabbath is good.14:50
jrwrenat least the 1969 album is :p14:50
snap-lshakes808: I find Sharon Osborne both a help and a hinderance for Ozzy.14:51
snap-lAny time the Ozzy camp does something bitchy, I imagine her behind it.14:52
shakes808snap-l: why is that?14:52
snap-lsee: Iron Maiden on Ozzfest14:52
snap-lThat said, Ozzy wouldn't be here if it weren't for her.14:52
shakes808didn't she help him get clean and stay clean?14:56
jrwrenwhat do you all use for backups?14:57
jrwrenanyone just using tar?14:57
snap-ljrwren: No, because Tar is bad for big backups14:58
snap-lshakes808: Yes14:58
snap-ljrwren: I use rdiff-backup14:59
jrwrentar is bad why? because you have to seek teh whole file?14:59
jrwrenrdiff backup to what? usb disk and then take the usb disk offsite?14:59
snap-lbecause if you compress it, you have a bad file14:59
shakes808jrwren: because it is thick and sticky. It helped to kill the dinosaurs ;) lol14:59
snap-lI rdiff-backup to a 2TB drive on my desk15:00
snap-lI don't have offsite backup15:00
jrwrenwhat do you mean if you compress it you have a bad file15:00
snap-ltry this:15:00
snap-ltar czvf filename.tar.gz something15:00
snap-lthen bring out a hex editor and change one byte15:00
snap-lyour file is screwed.15:00
jrwrenhrm, ok, that is true.15:01
snap-luncompressed tar is a little more forgiving, but you'll lose the corrupted file15:01
jrwreni could use a checksumming tool to suppliement. usenet style. par2 my tar.gz and be happy15:01
jrwrenthat is true of your rsync target too though.15:01
snap-lYou could use something like rar15:02
jrwrenif a file is corrupt, a file is corrupt15:02
snap-ljrwren: Right, but that's what multi-level backups are for15:02
jrwrenthat is what I'm doing with tar.15:02
snap-lat some point the pristine file should be there.15:02
jrwrentar -g15:02
jrwrenand --level=1 and 215:03
snap-ljrwren: It's your data. Frankly I wouldn't use tar for backups15:03
snap-lIt's pretty dumb15:03
brouschjrwren: I just copy to USB15:04
snap-land brousch also doesn't like data. ;)15:04
brouschRotate 14 drives for offsite, gives me 2 weeks backups15:04
derekvsoundcloud didn't work out.15:04
rick_h_jrwren: no, just using rsync for backups here15:04
rick_h_rsync, dropbox, and git repos15:04
jrwrenone of the reasons i want it in a single file is it is easier to encrypt and easier to upload to s3 or whereever15:05
rick_h_well and web services. All my pics on picasa now and all my music up to google music now15:05
rick_h_jrwren: yea, I've thoguht about it, but the cpu/memory overhead of creating a single tar ugh15:05
brouschjrwren: Home or work?15:05
rick_h_and then restoring so many unchanged bits on s3 double ugh15:05
snap-lDoes S3 handle encrypted FS?15:06
jrwrencpu memory overhead for a tar is trivial, for compressing it is painful. dedicate a cPU to it ;)15:06
rick_h_sorry, two thoughts there...storing so many unchanged bits ugh, storing ugh15:06
brouschAh, OK, that is different15:06
rick_h_restoring damn I can't type today15:06
brouschI just use Crashplan, but that requires evil15:06
jrwrenwhat do you mean restoring unchanged bits on s3?15:06
jrwreni'd use incrementals of course.15:06
rick_h_if you re-tar your /home to s3 you'll have a daily file of 400mb, 401mb, etc15:07
rick_h_well, good luck to you :) but no...not using tar for backups15:07
snap-lThat's where the levels would come i15:07
snap-lbut I have NFC how tar stores those, or how it might overlay those changes.15:07
rick_h_the more complicated the backup gets, the more likely it won't work, you don't keep up with it, or it costs too much.15:08
jrwrenwhat do you mean 4001, 4001 ?15:08
rick_h_jrwren: just meant that simplest means no incremental15:08
jrwrenoh no, i use -g and --level15:08
rick_h_but if you'll incremental it up so that you're not storing a 400mb file each day then cool I guess15:08
snap-lnote the "i guess"15:09
jrwrenthe level 1 and level 2 is in its own file, its not an append or overlay15:09
snap-lThat's code for "I think you're crazy"15:09
jrwrenso you have backup0.tar, backup1.tar15:09
jrwrenits why i'm asking.15:10
jrwrenanother reason i like it is that it is easy to use xz compression. i got my system down from 9GB to 1.7GB, which saves $$$15:10
rick_h_for me, I just have my large files (pita to backup) in cloud services, my important stuff (code) in git, and the rest I rsync to the NAS and if it goes away...that sucks15:10
snap-lIf you're going to compress, I'd recommend using bzip215:10
snap-lgzip has no error-correction15:11
snap-lbzip2 does15:11
snap-lNot fool-proof, but you won't be stuck with a fully corrupted file15:11
snap-ljust use rar and usenet and be done with it. ;)15:12
snap-l"No honey, this usenet subscription is REALLY important. It's my backup plan. alt.binaries.backup"15:13
brouschjrwren: Is there something wrong with Time Machine?15:14
snap-lbrousch: Other than being fully Apple, um, yes.15:14
* rick_h_ runs away from the troll bait15:14
brouschWhat? He uses apple, it comes with Time Machine for backups15:17
jrwrensnap-l: i'm using xz. bzip2 is sooo 15 yrs ago :)15:17
brouschI've used it in the past, it seems reasonable15:17
jrwrenbrousch: my work mac has an at work time machine to external drive. I'm looking at options for backing up my home server15:17
jrwrenhuge thanks to snap-l for pointing out the lack of integrity. I think I can run parchive on the tar and store those with the backups.15:18
brouschAh, home server15:19
derekvI need to work on simplicity .15:20
rick_h_derekv: ++15:21
rick_h_I was just having a discussion around simplicity with a co-worker15:22
snap-ljrwren: np, I'be been bit by that in the past.15:23
derekvSimplicity is my goal but I can overengineer in attempt to achive it.15:23
derekvMany programmers don't engineer at all it feels like... and thats really painful.15:26
derekvSo I engineer somewhat from the beginning, but then as my understanding increases it sometimes turns out I didn't need to.15:27
derekvThen the coders who think that everything should be in the view controller see my code and don't like it.15:30
derekvso it comes down to. like, OK while I didn't need to do what I did in retrospect, but its better to have some architecture then a big mess15:33
derekvBut ideally, there's some right amount of architecture/engineering that makes for simplicity, not adding complexity to the app beyond what tis nessisiary for readability, testability and correctness15:35
jrwrensimplicity is difficult15:46
derekvsimple != easy15:52
derekvwhen I engineer well, making changes to the program is like butter.15:53
snap-lyeah and knowing when you've churned enough to make butter is awesome15:54
derekvbut yea not everything I plan out ends up making things easier... and while its not really making it harder, its more for the next guy to get his head around15:54
derekvthats the goal... I'm talking about getting it right15:57
derekvI'm trying to figure out if it'd be a big mistake to error more on the underengineered side15:58
derekvIf I'm even able to do that.15:59
derekvI have FUD16:01
rick_h_derekv: so step 1: deal with the issue at hand.16:03
rick_h_if they're putting crap into their view controller ask them to test it16:03
rick_h_and let's see how long before it's refactored out of the view controller into it's own lib/model/etc :P16:03
rick_h_if they still don't get it, they don't understand code/testability and it's time to find their replacement :)16:03
derekvi'm in a sprint planning ... should I let "implement using code coverage tool" drop off the sprint without brining it up again?16:35
derekvi sortof conceeded that, now I'm thinking its a bad idea16:35
snap-lNeed more data16:38
rick_h_bah, code coverage is easy to add and just having information doesn't change anything16:38
rick_h_so why not add it in? what's the argument against?16:38
derekvdunno, scrum guy wanted to drop it out of the sprint16:38
snap-lDoes he / she know what code coverage gets you?16:39
derekvI don't think so.16:40
derekvactually the problem is larger I think... bbiab16:40
snap-lMight be a convo to have16:40
derekvyou know... there's sortof a simplicicty issue with defining stories and subtasks16:50
snap-lSounds like you're in a project management hell16:56
snap-lThose meetings are always fun. "What are the subtasks? OK, step one: I arrive at work and sit in my chair"16:57
snap-l"TOo granular"16:58
snap-l"OK, I sit at my desk,a nd code falls out"16:58
snap-l"Too broad"16:58
snap-l"Minute 1: I pray for death"16:58
snap-l"Minute 2: I pray for death"16:58
snap-l"Minute 3: I pray for death"16:59
jrwrenthey are painful, but in a healthy dev org they are very valueable16:59
snap-lMinute 4: I scratch my self.16:59
snap-l"Minute 5: I pray for death"16:59
snap-ljrwren: Those moments are few and far between17:00
rick_h_yea, user stories, or personas are helpful17:03
rick_h_really aid in the framing of the discussion when debating features/tasks17:03
snap-lrick_h_: Usually the user story we got on a project was "I'm way too busy for these meetings"17:05
snap-land then they bitched when they didn't get what they wanted.17:05
snap-lonly a few of them really did get the purpose of the meetings.17:05
snap-lunfortuately they still didn't get what they wanted.17:06
snap-lbut that was a function of the process.17:06
rick_h_someone help me, I'm going to try to package up JS into a python egg...18:20
snap-lIs that legal?18:22
rick_h_I'm not sure...18:23
jrwrenwhich js?18:23
jrwrenoh, your client js. sure, that is fine.18:23
rick_h_no, YUI library18:24
rick_h_into a python package so I can pull it down via python dep tools18:24
rick_h_O..M..G http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/9965/why-is-there-still-case-sensitivity-in-some-programming-languages18:26
snap-lbecause we're not programming on fucking 3270s any more?18:26
snap-lor Atari 400s18:27
rick_h_case in-sensitivity is something that I can never ever get behind18:27
snap-lI can get behind it. With a baseball bat and bad intentions.18:27
snap-lSeriously, I wonder if people think before they post.18:28
snap-lAlso, Gama Bomb has a free album on earache's website18:29
snap-lI am enjoying thoroughly.18:29
jrwrenits not that bad.18:29
jrwrenits barely noticable.18:29
jrwrenif you are actually using the sensitivity you are probably doing it wrong.18:30
jrwrennaming 2 funcitons idostuff() and IDoStuff() is bad, mmmkay.18:30
snap-ljrwren: I have some COBOL that has your name on it.18:30
* devinheitmueller just spent the last five minutes looking up the entomology of the word "camel case"...18:31
rick_h_find anything interesting?18:31
devinheitmuellerIt's because the notion of uppercase characters mixed in with lowercase resembles humps on a camel.18:32
snap-lWhat is it? itsAVariableThatIsEssentiallyAGodDamnSentence18:34
rick_h_that's what the build step is for18:35
snap-lOh, that's another  fun one18:35
rick_h_jsmin **/*.js :P18:35
snap-l"Should I use tabs to speed up comilation instead of spaces?"18:35
_stink_i love it.18:35
snap-lShould I pogo-stick with a shotgun?18:36
devinheitmuellersnap-l: during compilation, the cost of figuring out how much to indent due to the tab outweighs just using spaces.18:36
snap-lIf it keeps your ass off the keyboard, please do18:36
snap-ldevinheitmueller: I know. It's the circle-jerk of productivity wasting known as programmers.se.com18:37
devinheitmuellerFor some reason my coworkers frown on my using the term "circle jerk" to describe certain things.18:37
rick_h_that's never stopped snap-l before18:38
devinheitmuellerrick_h_: it doesn't really stop me either.  They just frown when I do it.18:38
devinheitmuellerI have a "Corporate DNA" ethics directive that says to use "straight talk"18:39
devinheitmuellerI'm actually not kidding.  It's frightening.18:39
rick_h_well, in today's environment I think it's considered rude to exclude certain groups of people that might find an activity more challenging :P18:39
snap-lstraight talk? That is straight talk, yo18:40
snap-lrick_h_: You do not want to know why that statement is wrong. ;)18:40
rick_h_snap-l: nope...I do not18:41
snap-lIn [1]: 776 * .1018:41
snap-lI <3 floating point conversion.18:42
rick_h_jrwren: so not sure if they'll fix it upstream: https://github.com/facebook/tornado/issues/559#issuecomment-679749218:49
rick_h_jrwren: but I'm getting convinced to port this app over from tornado and will keep this bug in mind during porting/rewriting18:50
rick_h_does the CSS fail to load for anyone else here? https://juju.ubuntu.com18:57
rick_h_as in it looks fugly and broken?18:57
rick_h_ok thanks for the sanity check18:59
brouschAnd "This page has insecure content"18:59
brouschsnap-l: I downloaded those free Earache albums too19:12
brouschsnap-l: Morbid Angel was on Earache, so I have a softspot for them19:13
snap-lbrousch: Let me know how the other two are19:13
snap-lI only downloaded gama bomb19:13
jrwrenrick_h_: yes, no css here19:42
brouschInteresting https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/598228-4-fine-linux-arm-distros-19:47
brouschrick_h_: What good is a github app that doesn't let you clone/pull?19:55
Scott_firebetaanyone know if Dell has released their Ubuntu ultrabook yet?  www.dell.com/ubuntu just lists a crap laptop19:56
brouschScott_firebeta: I posted a link where you could sign up for their beta last week19:57
nullspacejust get a thinkpad20:08
jrwreni'd like to try a samsung series 9 with ubuntu.20:08
nullspacejrwren: I thought you had gone to the apple side?20:09
jrwreni have, but that doesn't mean that I'd switch if there were something better.20:09
brouschApple has pattented better. No one else can make something better without getting sued.20:10
Scott_firebetaI'm trying to decide between an asus zenbook and a macbook air, and airplay might be the deciding feature20:12
jrwrenmacbook air is excellent.20:14
Scott_firebetaif I don't like OS X I can always install a linux distro (prices are similar)20:14
jrwreni have loved both of my macbook air20:14
jrwreni thought linux does not run well on a macbook air20:14
Scott_firebetaonly feature that I can find on the zenbook that the macbook air doesn't have is a 1080p screen20:15
jrwrenyou know Lion doesn't have any airplay features, you have to wait for mountain lion, right.20:15
jrwrenzenbook has a 1080p display? that is excellent.20:15
Scott_firebetafree upgrade to mountain lion if you by a macbook air now20:15
jrwreni highly recommend the macbook air :)20:15
jrwrenwow, $1099 for 1080p 13" zenbook... I'd definitely like to try ubuntu on that as my primary for a while20:16
Scott_firebetamacbook air (mid 2011) is pretty compatible with 12.04:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir4-2 , no article on the mid 2012 model yet20:17
brouschScott_firebeta: I have not been able to get Linux working 100% on Apple (MBP). In particular I have trouble with external monitors, and the touchpad doesn't work as well20:17
brouschDoesn't work as well as in OSX, I should clarify20:18
jrwrenmid2012 model is pretty much the same as 2011, just ivybridge instead of sandy20:18
snap-lI <3 this album: http://www.last.fm/music/Suicidal+Tendencies/The+Art+Of+Rebellion20:58
snap-l(yes, I know, it's a day ending in Y)21:00
brouschHm https://sites.google.com/site/thisisrebelcountry/chapter-2-the-gub/the-interurban-era22:39
gamerchick02brousch, that looks interesting.22:39
brouschbah, that's not what i meant to post22:39
gamerchick02well, it was a happy mistake because it looks interesting.22:40
gamerchick02wow. that's great news22:40
gamerchick02i wish Chrysler would do the same.22:43
brouschHeh, I forgot which company you geekers work for22:47
gamerchick02Chrysler here. well, RGBSI, but i'm AT Chrysler.22:50
jrwrenwow, that is risky and excellent by GM.22:58
jrwrenit could be really great for them, it could be a disaster22:58
gamerchick02i hope it's really great for them and improves their IT support.23:01
gamerchick02maybe the other major automakers will follow by example23:01
gamerchick02rick_h_ did you have any progress on that ivy bridge freeze bug?23:17
gamerchick02my computer is running smooth as butter today23:17
rick_h_awesome http://theoatmeal.com/blog/charity_money23:34
rick_h_gamerchick02: no, I was away all weekend away from the interwebs and catching up still23:34
gamerchick02rick_h_, i saw the oatmeal thing; that's so awesome23:35
gamerchick02and thanks for replying.23:35

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